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Thu Mar 01 16:46:23 2018 +0000
15334014dc6752581cab545eb7c9f94d725a8bc5ffxbld — Update configs. IGNORE BROKEN CHANGESETS CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release ba=release
fb732e4aebfc932ed17ff805c4bf0da09b128680ffxbld — No bug - Tagging mozilla-beta 971dff3337096a304e3329e9de7acc8c7af3a7d2 with FIREFOX_BETA_59_END a=release DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
23889a5416961e5830cff8b59c388b4d15971bc3ffxbld — Preserve old tags after debugsetparents. CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD a=release
87fcc2ab560790408d4eb99278d8183a4a40e369ffxbld — Merge old head via |hg debugsetparents 426ef843d356879b3d1079d0ea7d867ff5a71b8c 971dff3337096a304e3329e9de7acc8c7af3a7d2|. CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD a=release
426ef843d356879b3d1079d0ea7d867ff5a71b8cffxbld — No bug - Tagging mozilla-central e33efdb3e1517d521deb949de3fcd6d9946ea440 with FIREFOX_BETA_60_BASE a=release DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
e33efdb3e1517d521deb949de3fcd6d9946ea440Johan Lorenzo — Bug 1424482 - part 2: Remove upstream artifact when no path is defined r=mtabara a=bustage FIREFOX_BETA_60_BASE
0f8f71b0b9d84e7732c07f841e395de516b31b66Sebastian Hengst — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1441133) for build bustage in beta simulations at dom/clients/manager/ClientSource.cpp:402: unused variable 'wp'. a=backout
714ff834425c99e5521b7b0e3c3c736bf2f34916Sebastian Hengst — Backed out 6 changesets (bug 888600) for beta simulation failures: build bustage on Linux and Windows opt (bug 1442036) and devtools failure browser_net_view-source-debugger.js (bug 1441961). a=backout
cd9545935eb5223749b145b1785fa709a1e898d3Axel Hecht — Bug 1442145, update fluent to 0.6.4, r=flod a=nightly-fix
b996cabc7ef54bbe050d647494bf00d668ec52e6Jordan Lund — Bug 1431363 - Tracking bug for 2018-03-13 migration work, a=testing r=mtabara
17e47288c2249ac21bd2d0585b19c835984ed32bCosmin Sabou — Merge inbound to mozilla-central. a=merge
f558cf2238e47aa1b4f2b92e7bd2171fd5c48720Geoff Brown — Bug 1441869 - Specify DIGCF_DEVICEINTERFACE when calling SetupDiGetClassDevsW; r=milan
c72e09c45e938a42db70cc0b510df75eb3f27bd2Geoff Brown — Bug 1431125 - Increase max-run-time of test-verify and test-verify-wpt; r=jmaher
d443027a615ce256f2ddd67449ff918d9fad8743Ben Hearsum — bug 1432219: fix linting errors. r=me
58a2ebce44c3861da96b968fcbbf7ae6ef5e3da6Andrew Osmond — Bug 523950 - Part 10. Add mochitest for when we discard frames from an animated image. r=tnikkel
5bf2391a0e6ab6ce75e842aaf6cee9c15c010078Andrew Osmond — Bug 523950 - Part 9. Integrate AnimationSurfaceProvider with AnimationFrameBuffer. r=tnikkel
8170b0d61fc800d62f7662d87d4ac2edbe47ad46Andrew Osmond — Bug 523950 - Part 8. Add gtests for AnimationFrameBuffer. r=tnikkel
209a5b6b89b9f3f97c383203417809a862d156cdAndrew Osmond — Bug 523950 - Part 7. Add AnimatedFrameBuffer to manage storage and decoding of frames in an animation. r=tnikkel
e96c578f2a9e45e702d472bd735d3afd0036d8edAndrew Osmond — Bug 523950 - Part 6. Add DecoderFactory::CloneAnimationDecoder to clone an existing image decoder. r=tnikkel
88ff3387dd497fb1e9925584399cf4501de4902cAndrew Osmond — Bug 523950 - Part 5. Pass the currently displayed frame of an animation to its decoder. r=tnikkel
32b33a66cf6b224b155f93115b555eff8bc22988Andrew Osmond — Bug 523950 - Part 4. Expose new surface provider APIs that will help drive animation decoding. r=tnikkel
17802c1f71ac16b066b163afcf4a083e7040bd16Andrew Osmond — Bug 523950 - Part 3. Add preferences to control animated image decoding behaviour. r=tnikkel
3ae96eb621980b2f4b0ea3388d88c0cf0540163aAndrew Osmond — Bug 523950 - Part 2. Expose image decoder type and SourceBuffer to owners. r=tnikkel
7e19edf401e9c9512001dbee6a7125f962f53b4dAndrew Osmond — Bug 523950 - Part 1. Do some unified build accounting, missing headers and namespaces. r=tnikkel
d223f20b5762a08f02b71f22d8284afbe32e80dfBen Kelly — Bug 1440565 P2 Add a mochitest that verifies we throw TypeError for fetch() with a view-source URL. r=asuth
97943bfff925a01ef93f4b0e985b27bebcb89958Ben Kelly — Bug 1440565 P1 Make sure to clear any existing cache related load flags when setting the default fetch() RequestCache value. r=asuth
f520860f51c32446b0d36cfd612cec2d8fcebb52Ben Kelly — Bug 1440705 P3 Assert that a client and its controlling service worker have a matching principal. r=asuth
f5553746a801697648ca8062e116f4c4df2212d9Ben Kelly — Bug 1440705 P2 Separate ClientMatchPrincipalInfo() into a separate method and header. r=asuth
ccd5d37582caa0d17fbf3c9193f1e1d8417f2fa0Ben Kelly — Bug 1440705 P1 Make SWM clear the reserved client when performing an STS upgrade with child-process interception. r=asuth
2758556218659bd0f920974c1078f6dad7ad8b92Ben Kelly — Bug 1441133 P2 Verify inherited frames do not trigger service worker storage assertions. r=asuth
7a4546e25adca8da71f683b2f39a78ad42a85453Ben Kelly — Bug 1441133 P1 Don't assert storage permission on windows that inherit the service worker. r=asuth
07922a7fba8398d1d7605015837adc34fc721136Mihai Tabara — bug 1432219: migrate release checksums builder off of BBB to TC. r=aki, rail
40edf2fc223dd334f52712ebd928be4be0e6a2fcBen Hearsum — bug 1441185: use new update verify configs for final verify. r=aki
75b7c00e85822f8523887c0b265ad1fd49b57363Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound. CLOSED TREE
1bc5d8dfe84ad29bbe0b6248adacec7ac679f401Joel Maher — backout Bug 1435844 changes to schedule motionmark and h1 on windows. r=me CLOSED TREE
673b8d253e4db1469c8f752f5358ced4777cd340Joel Maher — backout Bug 1435844 for win10 hardware failures. r=me
5bc49a32f7060ff869116f1ab831394fca14b12cJoel Maher — backout Bug 1431161 for win10 hardware failures. r=me
5347f06b4438e0273bb6713f8a3352ce818382a8Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
99f75fa495ae4d85536525561d11516bf354aa83Jan de Mooij — Bug 1441587 part 2 - Remove AddObjectsForPropertyRead optimization. r=bhackett
ffc903ba2f04df4838d861e866e0baac48e707f9Jan de Mooij — Bug 1441587 part 1 - Track polymorphic call targets better in IonBuilder. r=bhackett
4abb98d61e993f425f3fc32e99e9141e459565b0Jon Coppeard — Bug 1440599 - Allow setting max GC heap size smaller than current size in the shell r=sfink
d69d6fe4a1b8bb3625d58e4e5334893b897a56c5Johan Lorenzo — Bug 1424482 - beetmover: Get rid of balrog_props in favor of task payload r=mtabara
3aea87ef84e9363f06000a22947a79b9b938f182Kai Engert — Bug 1432177, uplift NSS_3_36_BETA3, r=me
64d14e13f06ffbd221b2c27d7527f1fb47b3fa1aJim Blandy — Bug 1441038: Don't ignore return value of js_DumpCallgrind. r=jorendorff
7b649daec5fb72014a2e22327411ed34dd7c77f7André Bargull — Bug 1440309: Call String_repeat with int32 values to avoid repeated bailouts. r=jandem
f6729b7f033306e348d7196006110e5d265434bcdragan.mladjenovic — Bug 1432446: [MIPS] Reduce size of switch table entries to a single pointer; r=lth
1af2f214487e5ef24d3a2ff31b314e6ced8552d1Eitan Isaacson — Bug 1431466 - expose colormatrix in docshell. r=kats
9642127941a0e2f39231a6c91125ee81ac22f10dEkanan Ketunuti — Bug 1441496 - Add words to en-US dictionary. r=ehsan
6ee8e78667cc87381f236eb889fd05a7b0c1f810Ekanan Ketunuti — Bug 1431550 - Add words to en-US dictionary. r=ehsan
1b964f1092977acb4b9bbd64160f02ad988dfebfFranziskus Kiefer — Bug 1435713 - fix linter errors, a=bustage
0b7257b46e0fc64c53100eb4a066f097c640c6ddFranziskus Kiefer — Bug 1435713 - collect cert fingerprints for failed CS verifications, r=keeler,francois
b3c95e78fd757c06527180822b4f500511485331Cosmin Sabou — Merge autoland to mozilla-central. a=merge
0476c309909bcdca125e739170a6dc7e304278d1Simon Fraser — Bug 1441867 Fix stat call for udpate packaging r=bhearsum
9be131d9bc467263bf8ea86b41b5a294ab432900Tim Nguyen — Bug 1441727 - Use solid SVG icon in 'new bookmark' panel. r=dao
5d28f5409535a25b36b6bad15fa355e156960352Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 1441825 - Clicking CSS Error links in Browser Console throws 'onClick is not a function' r=nchevobbe
e9edf63c2aea997f44c6e22b26bdedb861687b02Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 1437848 - Enable browser_console_filters.js in new frontend r=nchevobbe
c88a04f0291b81c7771735f25b52e72e544b726fMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 1441112 - Stop including <iostream> in FStream.h. r=froydnj
023a3a83d667d1c10319def65340467cb64db086Bobby Holley — Bug 1438974 - Dispatch to the appropriate event target. r=smaug
dd55c414f2ad08734cc477a26aa3ea2ab3b3388bBobby Holley — Bug 1438974 - Make Servo stylesheet parsing completion async by default. r=bz
a100ab83e7a90732563b3bde5c9b88c01ee8ce7cBobby Holley — Bug 1438974 - Fix WebExtensions to block layout for pending sheets. r=kmag
84a95007749b4325b4c176664da1993ded096127Bobby Holley — Bug 1438974 - Make XBL stylesheet loading block onload on the bound doc. r=bz
76745afd3072c0c20c1796b88665dcf81c8793f8Bobby Holley — Bug 1438974 - Separate synchronous stylesheet parsing into a separate path. r=bz
4c1996495064f9c863885e76bceb5331ac5ee4b9Bobby Holley — Bug 1438974 - Shuffle some stuff around in ServoStyleSheet::ParseSheet. r=bz
40c130e79ebbab7ab76fe964d8e9070393c4f1b5Bobby Holley — Bug 1438974 - Separate the Gecko and Servo parsing paths in the Loader. r=bz
51fe30371a87fdc36404a99e5a7509bc092bb9e5Bobby Holley — Bug 1438974 - Add an explicit "being parsed" flag to SheetLoadData and remove mParsingDatas. r=bz
4b48465720bb75ef569951454ecf3da86515544aMarco Bonardo — Bug 1437514 - Remove remaining getIdForItemAt calls in test_nsINavBookmarkObserver.js. r=standard8
9d8ced63dfc6fcd8d63873984374829d712d0bf8Paul Adenot — Bug 1441500 - Remove smoothing of the delayTime parameter. r=karlt
020a45f8ebe75b3c35ce5760fef3a6f0b9623122Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1441613: Properly check for shell destruction instead of just nonsensically assert. r=hiro
8d4be00621c3b155b1d4978ef7cbf631f957468cBobby Holley — Bug 1441896 - Pass an explicit parent SheetLoadData for child stylesheet loads. r=bz CLOSED TREE
65c9ae7b75e3485a34d115feac3dc138fcb2b085Bobby Holley — servo: Merge #20146 - Stylo: Pass an explicit parent SheetLoadData for child stylesheet loads (from bholley:explicit_load_data); r=bholley
08a85550fb3b9eaae2974e53594600f9b5eb02ebEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #20138 - style: Only expose longhands to rust via iterators (from emilio:longhand-iterator); r=nox
ec4702fa1fc1325eeb5f8db72ae1d47b57233c6eAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #20141 - Replace ColorOrAuto by CaretColor (from servo:rm-color-or-auto); r=emilio
5ed5cde4cb2c746ece77517c778208a59b2f1de6Dão Gottwald — Bug 1441788 - Expose Reader View shortcut in the address bar button's tooltip. r=mikedeboer
b8da99694cb6a61ea346e6369333c3b88a283bdcDão Gottwald — Bug 1440877 - Remove mistyped --toolbar-gbimage variable. r=jaws
8d249a26e23a3edef78b1ecf31d4f88b7b81b0b2Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1382606 - Switch webconsole to new event-emitter; r=Honza.
9b72fe30a5e7a1145d777f5c010ae5f699b29b96Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to autoland CLOSED TREE
c73600671aaaa33064271fb6bc8e453010121bd6Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to autoland
2a88a895c98f238404aafb4102857b3938101448Julian Descottes — Bug 1441578 - remove developer button in disable devtools test for DEV_EDITION;r=ochameau
9268243e404075ec740e584ee977628a129111e4Margareta Eliza Balazs — Backed out changeset 283b2a4cb219 (bug 1422653) for bustage in /builds/worker/workspace/build/src/layout/base/nsCSSFrameConstructor.cpp:6840:26 on a CLOSED TREE
92ae989fbdcc6c231071d5a5a0f6e335c1e0c2b5Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1441527 - Adapt Task middleware to async functions. r=jryans
b4b3cf447ca11e2969927ea14021e3ea3e61bf8dServo VCS Sync — No bug - Revendor rust dependencies
b1edca07e95a03eabaf3ecf4cf2e6a2f13f77092Bastien Orivel — servo: Merge #20140 - Bump euclid to 0.17 (from Eijebong:euclid); r=SimonSapin
283b2a4cb2196dde012ee0cfdc9b6577d2333a11Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1422653: Compute whether XBL is involved in ChildIterator lazily. r=mats
c518398e5fd10943d41ac660ba05c978d52edfd1Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 1441218 - Remove componentWillMount() from the font inspector r=nchevobbe
7ce5b596279883bb34d36a48b6dcd95cb51c7318vprabhu — Bug 1437893 - Removed an unnecessary string initialization in cdm-test-decryptor.cpp r=cpearce
1795687786a6fd595555d1deb6f05cb36d59f1faMakoto Kato — Bug 1436285 - Part 2. Get a rid of nsIDOMNode version of GetNodeLocation, GetStartNodeAndOffset, GetEndNodeAndOffset and etc. r=masayuki
2e9e33c016a08b1826b438f39fcafa27a7b18c7eMakoto Kato — Bug 1436285 - Part 1. Don't use nsIDOMNode version of GetStartNodeAndOffset and GetEndNodeAndOffset. r=masayuki
9b69507f6511d1b23cbbe515d03a1750cf5156d3ffxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-302 - a=hpkp-update
ce82e2d625e41db68079785e3d9f5e96b56df162ffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-302 - a=hsts-update
c50f5f846c2e6b4c8da1e80b6790926ad84c3450Joel Maher — backout Bug 1435844 changes to schedule motionmark and h1 on windows. r=me a=backout CLOSED TREE
89023d3b54227c1353bc055debbca753b9345b39Joel Maher — backout Bug 1435844 for win10 hardware failures. r=me a=backout CLOSED TREE
c9ec0c37349c70eddd33a419d2bf167702b88ad9Joel Maher — backout Bug 1431161 for win10 hardware failures. r=me a=backout CLOSED TREE
f9cbd1358fb8aeeb60da53e4940d5434eb33a636Florian Quèze — Bug 1433175 - Fix xpcshell tests, 'Cc' isn't defined in that scope, so use directly, r=Mossop, a=Aryx on CLOSED TREE
3f83ced4a8a551cafdccc8e3e0ca1a60c35c5d15Florian Quèze — Bug 1433175 - enable the use-cc-etc eslint rule, r=Standard8.
3c2b0756aa87aa3a067148609daf834f042b3fd7Florian Quèze — Bug 1433175 - more aggressive scripted patch to replace remaining Components.classes, Components.interfaces, Components.utils and Components.results uses with Cc, Ci, Cu and Cr, r=Mossop.
3e44c465d268351b14433c70f4be57ffa801cde1Florian Quèze — Bug 1433175 - remove by hands some variations of Cc,Ci,Cu definitions, r=Standard8.
3c6de76d185556a74a822e1ee0a59ee4b04e9265Florian Quèze — Bug 1433175 - semi-automated indent fix, r=Mossop.
7bbd1a09eacb8a31f4caef5c1e526d8d32569ae9Florian Quèze — Bug 1433175 - scripted patch to replace Components.classes[, Components.interfaces.nsI, Components.utils. and Components.results. with Cc, Ci, Cu and Cr, r=Mossop.
ee326c976eebdca48128054022c443d3993e12b0Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central. a=merge
825fd04dacc6297d3a980ec4184079405950b35dBob Owen — Bug 1396984: When not generally processing native events, do single message pumps instead. r=jimm
ef7b22a78379bf809533d4061937d6205a8c3d33Lars T Hansen — Bug 1440330 - Disable a test on ARM64 that is invalid on that platform. r=ehoogeveen
4c96fc4ec2b0a3686a4d12e7c675a423ad223829Lars T Hansen — Bug 1437455 - Guard against assembler buffer overrun. r=nbp
33cf111a726576238a35fa42cfb688915e210024Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1431646 - Adding a completed boolean to know if the operation is completed in NS_ReadInputStreamToBuffer(), r=smaug
0e6a77b6684c2e6b210e59ac841c22989d09f35aAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1441502 - nsBufferedInputStream should not change the exposed interfaces, r=smaug
e9a048795bf6cc481590db9fd197e4f95da9091fNicholas Nethercote — Bug 1441714 - Respect the 80 line char style rule better in nsAtomTable.cpp. r=froydnj
b9d175b75ba44acb9208d35d1142afd1e7aa8f73Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 1441714 - Remove two unused AtomTableKey consructors. r=froydnj
cb5de5ee2eadee9421639d3eb72d42a0444e05dbNicholas Nethercote — Bug 529808 - Remove the static atom table. r=froydnj
1e97b5ef21b648fa1aa2f05d9c266c456a65c9e9Dragan Mladjenovic Bug 1441487 - [MIPS64] - Make simulator detect improper usage of 32-bit arithmetic r=lth
6f2c1264ab95bc661d14ef3f5c17c202f739cd12Dragan Mladjenovic Bug 1441487 - [MIPS64] - Improper usage of seb and seh insturctions. r=lth
8a60cb3337c129909bf4c62b27a3720ffef7e46fEitan Isaacson — Bug 1437332 - Don't speak after inner window was destroyed. r=smaug
c394578ac6678d28269709790c4f572cd017e0cbEitan Isaacson — Bug 1437332 - Stop narration on unload. r=Gijs
c0a9a2976d793e09d46d48c1d050de16dc118348philipp — Bug 1433396 - Restrict infobar about unsubmitted crashes to Nightly builds. r=mconley
65e4fa2d1e1fd9e100210a1ab86e041eb08a4d0aLiang-Heng Chen — Bug 1379072 - Intermittent failure of browser/components/sessionstore/test/browser_354894_perwindowpb.js, r=michal
3f62f2124ca1d0e4ee80ec0e4b5de64fe9d56186Mats Palmgren — Bug 1440962 - Fix '-webkit-fill' typo in tests. r=me
f9419024217dbfe3f337e965df3b039b1795ee7aMats Palmgren — Bug 1427608 - [css-grid] Adjust test expectations. r=dholbert
82bd129fd8059961fca6eca013cf7ed84ccee897Mats Palmgren — Bug 1427608 - [css-grid] Fix span=1 'auto' min-sizing for intrinsic sizing. r=dholbert
4ea447c2e10fe0f797a09bdd13edddc01c1732a9Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1441388 - Use BrowserTestUtils.waitForEvent in browser/components/enterprisepolicies/tests/browser/browser_policy_disable_masterpassword.js r=keeler
9ba48fdeecd533e32fdc8c8f65d8f3c77aaad557Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1435908 - Part 4: Pass the triggering principal when opening an URI in non-tab browser drag and drop. r=Gijs
5c38100787fc4c3a88d89cdb247b6b9e81c9e796Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1435908 - Part 3: Pass the triggering principal when opening an URI from location bar drag and drop. r=Gijs
c04b1745f4ae3fd4f0fcbfcf7733bb6be5f2587fTooru Fujisawa — Bug 1435908 - Part 2: Pass the triggering principal when opening an URI from new tab button and new window button drag and drop. r=Gijs
e15580a14db7fabbbf106b008e1055b54e020ad8Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1435908 - Part 1: Get triggering principal before loop, and use URI fixup to create URI from given string. r=Gijs
083f95ede8ff604ae269c44755112df03b6cfe58Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1319157 - Check each URIs for home button. r=Gijs
f3ff1926cc93e0300771d215bc037906d291570bTooru Fujisawa — Bug 1435910 - Part 2: Open either URIs or single search when dropping multiple-line text. r=Gijs
f6e8d6f7246d15e550ec8448b1895cb7dbfba8edTooru Fujisawa — Bug 1435910 - Part 1: Warn when opening too many tabs by drag and drop. r=Gijs
6331c25d7425cc1f1fdf72aa96376d26e503e3e5Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1435910 - Part 0.2: Add BrowserTestUtils.{promiseAlertDialogOpen,promiseAlertDialog}. r=Gijs
4e09c5d2d68487516af11877d9c69ced4f8266d0Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1435910 - Part 0.1: Move PlacesUIUtils.confirmOpenInTabs into new OpenInTabsUtils.jsm and add promiseConfirmOpenInTabs. r=Gijs,dao
24c4795c13be364230a324c525de51eabea481daAndreea Pavel — Backed out changeset e283310058ba (bug 1432446) for build bustage at /builds/worker/workspace/build/src/js/src/jit/x86/Trampoline-x86.cpp:185 on a CLOSED TREE
24cfdecfcc9314644907faf6c77aabe4c17566f1Nathan Froyd — Bug 1441584 - part 2 - declare some URI classes final; r=valentin
bd2ddd101d710bd34a99e9e91ce6edb096bb66a9Nathan Froyd — Bug 1441584 - part 1 - declare inner URI Mutator classes final; r=valentin
94094c6e6f8722371640a826a9933ecc5660f252Nathan Froyd — Bug 1439767 - add .mozbuild clang path to the toolchain search path on Windows; r=nalexander
5f73a7ca725dc8444763401a7aea8d968916c84bAaron Klotz — Bug 1437156: Fix corruption from bad auto conflict resolution; r=bustage
6eefe0f3ed6f343c58b6b8a7d8c7eca116978099Aaron Klotz — Bug 1437156: Clean up minidump-analyzer use of unicode on Windows; r=ted
e283310058ba4a0358fd3ea844d88cd66d72fd20Dragan Mladjenovic Bug 1432446: [MIPS] Reduce size of switch table entries to a single pointer; r=lth
54ad50a2582638cba1fd6c8236df539a252c01ecDhi Aurrahman — Bug 1427766 - Add a c++ test for GetHistogramName r=chutten
6188bb22f81e855084b4d266525d23fb8e1030bdJorg K — Bug 1439021 - Check for browser in loadFrameScript() to support Thunderbird. r=jryans
00ba29877dafcf59abeba25f8ab1597cdcf92323Honza Bambas — Bug 1363284 - HTTP/2 anonymous/onymous session (connection) coalescing, r=mayhemer
38fc9527e92a1aa98f0be7715e8c17a493e01bd3Michael Kelly — Bug 1440534 Include source code in JS error reports. r=Gijs
7190898a5b12b25dbf680c2b27e419f0f80321c2Jeff Walden — Bug 1440954 - Properly #ifdef a local variable only used in an assertion to avoid an unused-variable warning. r=sfink
0852d89a06a1edc09e4ecc70977b0d71bd90b2a4Jeff Walden — Bug 1038099 - Make JS_NewMaybeExternalString return thin (but not fat) inline Latin-1 strings when the provided chars/length will fit within one. r=sfink
8e44cbf5be82d0b949544ad5a40eced6c690b385Bogdan Tara — Backed out changeset b235338be4d9 (bug 1404297) for build bustages on /builds/worker/workspace/build/src/dom/base/nsDocument.cpp a=backout CLOSED TREE
b235338be4d99c2341184c39e96d46eb78342daeBlake Kaplan — Bug 1404297 - Change the way we iterate over our links to update. r=smaug
6d0e13ca41ea427c26ab198340acc54adb06c709Dylan Roeh — Bug 1439968 - Remove public String-based enums from PermissionDelegate and update documentation. r=snorp,jchen
9e8a6aa4f36bbe726d6b16ce9cdd8000f4bc3599Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1434447 - Update HarfBuzz to 1.7.5. r=jfkthame
49cb3c5cd110a4e3e7e339bb9b724ef777fe578eAndreea Pavel — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound. a=merge on a CLOSED TREE
81c0cc6fe4c46021c8f0c17b2ef6bd482ab95d7fGabriele Svelto — Bug 1307153 - Add stack traces to the crash pings in Fennec; r=jchen,ted.mielczarek
7a805b66dfcc73e00eea543252830efc1ff6eb81Jon Coppeard — Bug 1440739 - Improve gray marking assertions to cover more types of pointer r=sfink
9b1228043619f2f80b5fc60d4c081950bd21e9e9Zibi Braniecki — Bug 1435912 - Migrate Preferences::General XUL part to the new Localization API. r=flod,jaws
b246fb271c170d0bd481f27bd549301f9b7e554aCiure Andrei — Backed out changeset 30b928272f74 (bug 1373640) for failures on xpcshell-remote.ini:toolkit/components/extensions/test/xpcshell/test_ext_dns.js a=backout
8c6ddf756d2a02095c51a88586625bbbd4e44f30Tom Ritter — Bug 1441558 Do not compile the Poison IO Interposer on MinGW r=froydnj
53f2c8abb352ff7986b9c59072226a7d8fdedbd4J.C. Jones — Bug 1437754 - Add a pref and disable the Symantec distrust algorithm r=keeler
37d0425705d14c3463fb3ea29720b8a54f3d2e05Ciure Andrei — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1435912, bug 1441733) for for Fluent in Preferences::General::XUL bc failures. a=backout on a CLOSED TREE
05aaf7f46525408a1294b9ec313458faa5b64213Ciure Andrei — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1436680) for bustages on /builds/worker/workspace/build/src/obj-firefox/dist/include/mozilla/Telemetry.h. a=backout on a CLOSED TREE
1fa874194a00f7d562bb611889239bd174f27e89Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1441144 - Make browser/extensions/onboarding/content/onboarding.js handle non-printable keys with "keydown" event listener rather than "keypress" event listener r=mossop
66fb8813478c57245f4149af64c2397c03ad028fJeremy Lempereur — Bug 1436680 - Allow non-templated uses of AutoCounter. r=Dexter
4258b9e2ebfcaf70697e969f1ae05d29f34248c2Jeremy Lempereur — Bug 1436680 - Allow non-templated uses of AutoTimer. r=Dexter,janv
b1d62566a80bb05bc24175b26c84991a8cb66ad7Markus Stange — Bug 1439168 - Return profiled threads sorted by registration time. r=njn
30b928272f74408e58382fe4b36cfa96ec14b1c4Shane Caraveo — Bug 1373640 implement async dns resolve api for webextensions, r=kmag
ef43be3bcc7590c5c3bd60ab31c887de6925c2ddMarkus Stange — Bug 1437428 - Split ThreadInfo into three classes: ThreadInfo, RegisteredThread and ProfiledThreadData. r=njn
d2a379737c4bbd050ae86c2f7bca781aa8adbc53Markus Stange — Bug 1437428 - Make PseudoStack a member of RacyInfo instead of inheriting from it. r=njn
95eb6ee7690b0c326bfb1db0c12d37123fdc3fffZibi Braniecki — Bug 1441733 - Bustage fix for Fluent in Preferences::General::XUL. r=me on a CLOSED TREE
6ba30e00066492bdd9fe24d9db3e8bc5420a4e92Zibi Braniecki — Bug 1435912 - Migrate Preferences::General XUL part to the new Localization API. r=flod,jaws
c7cab5776a7d5769319db2dfa79928c156059593Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1437712 - Skip browser_dbg_break-on-next.js. r=bgrins
81cc9bdd0bfc6a58a874e5887f33d14303031630Thom Chiovoloni — Bug 1440334 - (part 2) Yield to the event loop more in SyncedBookmarksMirror. r=kitcambridge
91499c345038a915e50f52e64bfb005abb92e6a4Thom Chiovoloni — Bug 1440334 - (part 1) Add an iterator wrapper to services-common/async.js that uses a jankYielder for you r=kitcambridge
b5620eb0e2ab7318102a72a0ec4c77f0db1459abNils Ohlmeier [:drno] — Bug 1414176: make data channel readyState checks spec compliant r=jib
ba1808744ced3e0700950496f44e326c6e6ecf70Brendan Dahl — Bug 1439766 - Replace editMenuOverlay.xul by inlining and preprocessing. r=Gijs
539f995aea773168466ae400b9d70f8382819e75Michael Kelly — Bug 1439930 Wrap long pref checkbox labels in Privacy prefs. r=jaws
a20647d8a88765eb1e6d81305bba2057d31ab4a9Brian Grinstead — Bug 1431522 - Remove the 'thumb' binding;r=enndeakin+6102+6102
a3fce90849696d5d5f647db889cb0616f6095727Brian Grinstead — Bug 1440094 - Remove imports to Console.jsm that only access the 'console' object;r=mossop
3c562a1430861a1f06cde3e312e1867e97384a0cBrian Grinstead — Bug 1440094 - Allow `console` as a global for eslint;r=mossop
9ab890e2b9c543866bb83c65bb7794783807df96Kirk Steuber — Bug 1438925 - Select "Never check for updates" in Preferences UI when DisableAppUpdate policy is active r=jaws
ded8385fa2981a3650bdc044fd4f331fb04a7380Andrew McCreight — Bug 1441677, part 6 - Get rid of macros for nsXPTParamInfo flags. r=njn
c35703f90f60f6f43ce68858ad0ac99d5421aba3Andrew McCreight — Bug 1441677, part 5 - Demacroize nsXPTMethodInfo masks. r=njn
10ea4ebc9d54e1b5b8ffc646e225287294b90248Andrew McCreight — Bug 1441677, part 4 - Use functions to check XPTInterfaceDescriptor::flags. r=njn
5abfcbcd30d1c33f604f54ec360487c5f6bdd1eaAndrew McCreight — Bug 1441677, part 3 - Use a function to get the tag of an XPT type. r=njn
61913a1d556e2198bae9cb25160af1005a7b03bbAndrew McCreight — Bug 1441677, part 2 - Move things only used in xpt_struct.cpp there. r=njn
fbe29e607536c783d3ad7d1c95a5fbfbfefca81fAndrew McCreight — Bug 1441677, part 1 - Fix spacing in xpt_struct.h. r=njn
583d3a323785e1043a9613e91d05bf97f8cb34d5Ciure Andrei — Backed out changeset 7c6468a59407 (bug 1373640) for failures on xpcshell-remote.ini:toolkit/components/extensions/test/xpcshell/test_ext_dns.js a=backout on a CLOSED TREE
1b24d52edebbc2f5678387ac8d37a5912a355443Kearwood "Kip" Gilbert — Bug 1438044 - re-enable WebVR for macOS in release r=smaug
64dd755b940ce9f703849fa3cea952ded90b2feeAndrew Swan — Bug 1439600 Mark addons as incompatible if we can no longer parse the manifest r=mossop
ca979f23555f595b191ec8d187fb5b737556a45bValentin Gosu — Bug 1434766 - Make nsIFileURL attributes readonly r=mayhemer
7c6468a5940722980ee3db5709e48aac0cb25559Shane Caraveo — Bug 1373640 implement async dns resolve api for webextensions, r=kmag
a96df7af049ce576742888de668630a2cc604672Zibi Braniecki — Bug 1432338 - Introduce sync-brand.ftl. r=flod
ab8c5bc86ac6543ea41c176a20e68e67d8052befJared Hirsch — Bug 1440524 - Export Screenshots 30.0.0 to Firefox (code excluding translations); r=ianbicking
81c57d6ab455be8bd7b9fcee3d045a5d2a35b7b4Jared Hirsch — Bug 1440524 - Export Screenshots 30.0.0 to Firefox (translations only); r=flod,ianbicking
822867d9e17626eca8c4ddf1b60368bf63b3a4fbJonathan Kingston — Bug 1440709 - Disabling mixed content upgrading for now. r=ckerschb
8e1b5f09ce6dc5c939f5ef2f6ce4731829b6b088Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1441547: Make character data change notifications use a const reference for the info parameter. r=smaug
d2192f653b256c97b249764632bbe38ed33d97daMark Banner — Bug 1440761 - Enable no-unused-vars for global scope on jsm files in toolkit/. r=mossop
f9786c0617070f0c09eadcfb35fce5aa0a6ed298Bastien Orivel — servo: Merge #20137 - Bump gl_generator to 0.9 (from Eijebong:gl_generator); r=SimonSapin
e909f9d395b9e9bd9750a978e84148bd2f1de090Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #20136 - style: Make Servo deal with CSS property prefs more correctly (from emilio:servo-prefs); r=SimonSapin
06145412275073cce5e30b4f187f305d22e9dbffJosh Matthews — servo: Merge #20135 - Clean up after some disk-space intensive builds (from servo:jdm-patch-13); r=Manishearth
dcf2598e65e1fa7a882c2887cf16d7d5c1418f4bAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #20131 - Replace NonNegativeLengthOrNumber by a specific type for -moz-tab-size (from servo:moz-tab-size); r=emilio
22e2edc77ef9d5048b7a9fdfa18d7e41c095a656Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #20134 - style: Split out NonCustomPropertyId::enabled_for_all_content from allowed_in (from emilio:split-stuff); r=nox
546fb266153eb1757c35d4dfe3a69175fadbc0cdNick Alexander — Bug 1439742 - Allow {AB_CD} and {AB_rCD} in LOCALIZED_GENERATED_FILES. r=ted.mielczarek
1817640e5a09ab6cc025a30a2e09b8492d990b64Nick Alexander — Bug 1439742 - Pre: Lift AB_rCD to ambient Make environment. r=ted.mielczarek
d304b444c23ddc881a57998156a2537f93dbffb5Nick Alexander — Bug 1439742 - Pre: Remove unused MERGE_FILES and EN_US_OR_L10N_FILE{S}. r=ted.mielczarek
7cc679e17f5add6a5dc29dbe218ed76dae315edbJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1425246 - Don't round time when negative. r=rillian
ea212cb424e30cfbcdba8caba51f8270a2c8337dAlexandre Poirot — Bug 1441528 - Remove duplicated waitForMultipleChildrenUpdates from inspector head files. r=jryans
d8e3e0530ebc04c5265cdb44803f89f2534f272cAndreea Pavel — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge on a CLOSED TREE
d5be59a9f5fb9c8c474d7854f1b10017b889b925Brian Grinstead — Bug 1392352 - Part 2 - Translate the tabbrowser implementation into a JS class;r=mconley,r=dao CLOSED TREE
f5a63c04d6723cc757f7ca06eeef3aaeee217bfaBrian Grinstead — Bug 1392352 - Part 1 - hg cp tabbrowser.xml to tabbrowser.js;r=dao
d1c333aa68c58ace016ed5d6271519e4c66245fearthur.iakab — Backed out changeset 56336c4873fe (bug 1434766) for build bustages on a CLOSED TREE
7e9df457d4b783ae1e479c3e9e0795e3af382fdaMike Shal — Bug 1441275 - list outputs of correctly; r=chmanchester
bb14b807a77d3383abaa70b7f23bf70953290ae8Mike Shal — Bug 1441275 - ignore js/src/shell OBJDIR_FILES in the tup backend; r=chmanchester
179c83a1d28b731b2258bfb371247db53f0835f5Julien Cristau — Bug 1441484 - fix error handling in make_incremental_updates. r=bhearsum
ff968c3897dec8295ecf9b4b989375839f30770eMichael Ratcliffe — Bug 1204268 - 'appcache validate' command doesn't work when manifest is in outer directory r=miker
0036a7b80f680df0a56798a602443bad081f4576Mark Banner — Bug 1441460 - ESLint's no-define-cc-etc looks at the wrong property item when checking for Cc/Ci/Cu/Cr usage. r=florian
8dd669972fed40ff35dbba0f370d58b325496878Jan Odvarko — Bug 1434333 - Import an existing HAR file; r=ochameau
765bfffce2b4c077d11c2c874f074e2cdda270d7Mark Banner — Bug 1439841 - Update favicons for the default bookmarks. r=mak
56336c4873fea04e899159bbb3a97e07087af169Valentin Gosu — Bug 1434766 - Make nsIFileURL attributes readonly r=mayhemer
16f0fd2f54555220933709c293a7e17e1d7964cbAndrew McCreight — Bug 1441255, part 2 - Don't make an extra copy of the name string in xptiInterfaceEntry. r=njn
58b89afdcd14264b3ac1c3a039e7b14124f2246fAndrew McCreight — Bug 1441255, part 1 - Fix argument names for xptiInterfaceEntry creation. r=njn
c40bf199f6125473875ed3038fb7a57734aa4bebAlexandre Poirot — Bug 1440320 - Convert Task.jsm to async/await in devtools/shared. r=jryans
a32e89eb671223658b457105d2111267b8cde10eAlexandre Poirot — Bug 1440320 - Removed unused methods from async-utils module. r=jryans
daf9aa1852051ef82d8ce7fa9be5580f787adf90Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1441192: Clear ICE operations queue in PeerConnectionMedia::SelfDestruct. r=drno
5297541590781af40ff09e067646f3115960af75Andreea Pavel — Merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central. a=merge on a CLOSED TREE
f361cfca3755aae660df9131540d3b469f9e29e6Jon Coppeard — Bug 1359342 - Add missing read barrier in TypeNewScript::maybeAnalyse r=sfink
87e6042a409d0cd33d5fbf7a2abda73c046e796aJon Coppeard — Bug 1359342 - Record objects and groups that need to be barriered after being read from type sets r=nbp
c3d6247ece759ea353bf49815b3688406e6e37bfJon Coppeard — Bug 1359342 - Add delayed read barriers for JitCompartment stubs r=nbp
07cab6799ff4886551c16489bf17ca2578893738Jon Coppeard — Bug 1359342 - Pre-mark new allocations black during incremental GC r=sfink
e8f96cecee43287b6b5e205d6e9b4d885b67d1efarthur.iakab — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
83c87140dc3da6d521c9380beea85b30cb69c7b5Peter Van der Beken — Bug 888600 - Move ContentFrameMessageManager to WebIDL. Part 6: Mark some IDL interfaces as non-scriptable. r=bz.
2efb9b1753f63748fa547117c0665e8f3e705e08Peter Van der Beken — Bug 888600 - Move ContentFrameMessageManager to WebIDL. Part 5: Convert MessageManager globals to WebIDL. r=bz.
af53037819615484e614e7343256f31b237f1babPeter Van der Beken — Bug 888600 - Move ContentFrameMessageManager to WebIDL. Part 4: Convert MessageManager to WebIDL. r=bz.
79ef59047e638311f6249f82b528d6ab5d3a7666Peter Van der Beken — Bug 888600 - Move ContentFrameMessageManager to WebIDL. Part 3: Add message manager concrete classes for WebIDL. r=bz.
30d568d628dd2be0d8f928905a472a9a27bf2a18Peter Van der Beken — Bug 888600 - Move ContentFrameMessageManager to WebIDL. Part 2: Various test fixes to prepare for using WebIDL bindings for MessageManager classes. r=bz.
c7bd4c6c9741aca337592b50f8533ef9a30ff28dPeter Van der Beken — Bug 888600 - Move ContentFrameMessageManager to WebIDL. Part 1: Add infrastructure to expose 'system' names on a WebIDL global. r=bz.
724b51d7263fad10ec605a42db433fb784bba43eJon Coppeard — Bug 1439284 - Fix passing wrong callback type r=me on a CLOSED TREE
a43f49db6faf13cebd4ae567d1e09e8dd6021779Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1440512: Use the owner instance tier when checking imported wasm functions; r=lth
eeb50080d6de7e10d0d38e5ae48eb43e8498f700Marco Castelluccio — Bug 1434729 - Never optimize test suites for coverage builds. r=jmaher
4cbab279837a9799c0c05bfd3da48a3e877f534cMarco Castelluccio — Bug 1434729 - Make it possible to overwrite 'optimization' in tests transforms. r=dustin
07f09cd2e887af248f28b5c11800ba6a7efd759bDragan Mladjenovic Bug 1441443 : [MIPS] Fix build failures after Bug 1438800; r=lth
9dbf18bf5e08b28c63e686b90362614812d2fa56Jonathan Kew — Bug 1433060 - Support font variations in Moz2d recording stream on Windows, so printing with variation fonts works properly. r=lsalzman
34d3a58cafc25d01d081195d2a396bc77342bf2cJonathan Kew — Bug 1440943 - Ensure we don't try to look up script tags for codes that are not supported by the system ICU version. r=m_kato
03a12246dd84ae384f973e148cec64662383e588Jonathan Kew — Bug 1440943 - Make GetScriptTagForCode safely return UNKNOWN tag if called with a script code that is out of range for the system ICU version. r=m_kato
819f96a983479d77650b6a13fe05886ae95f45edJon Coppeard — Bug 1441152 - Remove obsolete GC_MAX_PAUSE_MS telemetry histogram r=sfink
55c6bbcc1b8d9d82c7a791ce890b1ff41ee59c54Jon Coppeard — Bug 1439284 - Preserve scheduled zones over call to GC end callback r=sfink
ff45c9f4245dd902bcd56c890f59031706e5bda0Florian Quèze — Bug 1434395 - Tentative fix for the browser_pageinfo_firstPartyIsolation.js low frequency intermittent failures, by starting to wait for load events before starting the page load, r=johannh.
946edc9a51dcd44917b85f0dc50a99e4adc3e380Florian Quèze — Bug 1439402 - Fix intermittent browser_pageInfo.js failure by waiting for the load of the correct URI, r=johannh.
fbc3980d00d3cf3165e20f987d3d761f32bdb84aFlorian Quèze — Bug 1355942 - Fix intermittent browser_pageinfo_svg_image.js failure by waiting for the load of the correct URI, r=johannh.
cce47c805f07bd39871f29c543df76bd5d864e0cFlorian Quèze — Bug 1399704 - Fix intermittent browser_pageinfo_image_info.js failure by waiting for the load of the correct URI, r=johannh.
b9dc720c70b867a24a4659b2a739fdf67e87faafarthur.iakab — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
c92a04d86490eb208e45511ea306c6272be82037Johann Hofmann — Bug 1433929 - Remove innerHTML usage from newtab/grid.js. r=Gijs
b656309da8c946f0a6cb236d704d2abaebc89250Frederik Braun — Bug 1433929 - Replace all innerHTML usage in the onboarding extension. r=Gijs
dd7085d49ceb83eb93360760c6760d6470e542eaFrederik Braun — Bug 1433929 - Avoid innerHTML in accessible/tests/mochitest/elm/test_shadowroot_subframe.html. r=johannh
746c468466f7f53353a25d7a4ff6666fef8275e5Frederik Braun — Bug 1433929 - Use createElement style with DevTools forms. r=jryans
2459452c3072b53c3f7db371d8b9b7d74b72f287Frederik Braun — Bug 1433929 - Drop forms when sanitizing HTML fragments for chrome-privileged documents. r=bz
b9c1325f674ac0d470ae57f07f2c4c593fc8d135Dragan Mladjenovic Bug 1437483 part 4 - Implement spectreMovePtr for MIPS. r=jandem
0e2abc1dfda734b310084dcb9f5d5f567fad221bJan de Mooij — Bug 1437483 part 3 - Enable Ion object type barrier mitigations by default. r=luke
f98081a3b999b24ef8499fc290ec336ab54ccd85sotaro — Bug 1441056 - Get D3D11 device from EGLDisplay in RenderCompositorANGLE::Initialize() r=nical
81ff01f63004d466910c058e97121237dfc2f236Andreea Pavel — Merge autoland to mozilla-central. a=merge on a CLOSED TREE
20ef5c2e432912991fb433a88a4172cb95e531a1Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1425759: Mark a devtools test as temporarily failing, pending resolution of bug 1441535. r=me on a CLOSED TREE
360486fecfe873af2dddb3163e5e85e62b5805c6Martin Stransky — Bug 1433092 - Add spacing around titlebar buttons, r=jhorak
1b30f674e78eef2a0b1aa0bb5bca82588811eac3Henrik Skupin — Bug 1438679 - [mozrunner] DeviceRunner has to override returncode and wait() to check for remote process status. r=gbrown
399e3160763a3b3e7cdbe27785015935b90b22d3Marco Bonardo — Bug 1432425 - Remove synchronous Bookmarks::RemoveFolderChildren. r=kitcambridge,standard8
d8ff7d316f7078d0b23455c591f388b46c7f5c1aEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1425759: Update test expectations. r=smaug,xidorn
2adcf8c3483a0dccb41583377dff1fe8379f5b08Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1425759: Make Shadow DOM not use XBL anymore. r=smaug,xidorn
a18fd12a7eaee2a4f1c890fb0bc3f6c10b57a0fdEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1425759: Make ChildIterator handle Shadow DOM explicitly. r=smaug
db24e045b5dba4bf02d9ab34f9f8519165200483Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1425759: Make Shadow DOM Stylo-only. r=smaug
d24a4454d076896ccc82a6a0fc3ef8e52fcd97caEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1425759: Simplify the style backend type setup. r=bholley
b8a5aa6f3a4dd5adeb0e8a1f97a972d4393a2af3Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #20133 - style: Make Shadow DOM not use XBL anymore (from emilio:kill-xbl); r=xidorn
dc2be3e41727114241cf787748ba95c86b9ed786arthur.iakab — Merge mozilla-central to autoland
77d5fc984c508722b33280df5a7e6673c0dd5d00Mark Banner — Bug 1434261 - Disable user actions on the places trees not in the library window to avoid accidential/unintentional actions. r=mak
b419a3421162969af2c8b4370b5a420922d766b4Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1439529 - Same resolution is also feasible. r=jib
a71537bbb29a49b7e2db785ae0a0d0906ba0e657Alex Fong — servo: Merge #20012 - Avoid `Window::GetComputedStyle` when checking for `display: none` (from alexfjw:avoid_Window-GetComputedStyle_when_checking_for_display-none); r=emilio
8a6479f41ba9b33973e48cb65f036a608e31669bJ.C. Jones — Bug 1439378 - Re-enable the imminent distrust browser-console test r=fkiefer,keeler
40237ca354be1eed7aeaf356614461fc899ca1b7Simon Fraser — Bug 1439860 update-packaging linting fixes and shell style updates r=bhearsum
eb170a9cf68ce56373689892903eaf901ab37c4darthur.iakab — Merge mozilla-central to autoland
b45ca837446a4382b7fdb8b23ca724076ad3f736Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1439395: Avoid leaving an stale restyle root if there's no servo data on it. r=bholley
15ba5a05f9abc52d415b9340fb637f87dd26a201Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1439395: Clear Servo data only when the DOM is in a consistent state. r=bholley
808d909f106b517ace7fb301303b1132ed60cbfbMichael Ratcliffe — Bug 1440740 - Calling PropTypes validators directly is not supported when first opening Memory Tool r=nchevobbe
59daaec35ff17562f119b3f06d04c67a0057d8f1Jan Horak — Bug 1440413 - Use original mouse event position when checking for doubleclick on titlebar; r=stransky
8e612e57fc498c4be3b33f97cc014a9dfa22e7b8Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1441019 - Add overviews and links to new API docs. r=whimboo
00b77f68b9fb96f239aef03c810bdfc8cf4c3bebAndreas Tolfsen — Bug 1441019 - Migrate sync module docs to RST. r=whimboo
ffbc1e20455e9b11487970929c9adfbc70325218Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1441019 - Migrate dom module docs to RST. r=whimboo
266b7514fc1f7e156ba0a4d6a6f89964ade7e5edAndreas Tolfsen — Bug 1441019 - Document Marionette error module. r=whimboo
0995940608cf2c0220678da70d07fd3d3bd81da2Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1441019 - Migrate cookie module docs to RST. r=whimboo
af130eb9481f612e19fc82e3d2daa18f6f1ea727Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1441019 - Add jsautodoc indices. r=whimboo
bc74d07ad0dac019ab5d41721d20fa763a55335bAndreas Tolfsen — Bug 1441019 - Add testing/marionette to js_source_path. r=gps,nalexander
bcf02942d86eff6174608a88af0d617576251235Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1441019 - Differentiate WorkerDebuggerTransport implementations. r=whimboo
7ec2b7ddb765341d616b3f494e315105d699eda7Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1441019 - Remove duplicate namespace declaration. r=whimboo
e490cf5bb284840a5425e38175e59490d6eee1b0Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1441019 - Remove "./mach marionette doc" command. r=whimboo
2148942fab8709c837768f1d592f800e91e3a558Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1441019 - Remove jsdoc config. r=whimboo
64aac0ce028bbec3f7d46918a0d66115828d1344Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1441019 - Remove pre-generated Marionette API docs. r=whimboo
5dd1b3a4ea85dc32387d744dcc2f19fb86f63fb0Andrew Swan — Bug 1402064 Switch to modern AMO metadata API r=kmag
bd9ef7ab37907ee1156756b0dfa68933dcb6d154Andrew Swan — Bug 1402064 Refactor compatibility overrides r=kmag
6ea0a25705f89880ce847c0295655a236b790c46Andrew Swan — Bug 1402064 AddonRepository spring cleaning r=kmag
b82ea31ddb2d6f4859beec1aa893599002c23203Marco Zehe — Bug 1439897 - Give the toolbox toolbar a proper role and label for accessibility, r=bgrins
80d2fbdf93c0955bc113567f8016fe0fd7dd9a97Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1440843 - Don't dispatch shipping*change events if requestShipping is false. r=jaws
b822096b6d78930cd2d2dad98896d4fbcc247b8bServo VCS Sync — No bug - Revendor rust dependencies
60f738c47df60adb6c01df2ef404f74c4b0b8344Glenn Watson — servo: Merge #20058 - Bump rayon to 1.0 (from Eijebong:rayon1.0); r=jdm
505bafeafb66b0083ce1fca8eec2d061f1a5ebb7Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 855eb2e4c43d (bug 1434666) for bricking installation on Ubuntu 14.04 (bug 1441449). a=backout CLOSED TREE
b184be59874080e96903183176c0f88dcbfafe25arthur.iakab — Backed out changeset 4abbfab77d40 (bug 1440309) for spidermonkey build crashes a=backout
bd6e200b5a6b2f9e5a9b31fcc92285aa7fc9afccarthur.iakab — Merge inbound to mozilla-central. a=merge
691c61d4dc61382e14098abf57ebff281b521c1csotaro — Bug 1441056 - backout because of build failure on MinGW
706c1a934a7d97932cceacfa8f818dd8c6df75f2Gabriel Luong — Bug 1441225 - Update Codemirror to 5.35.0. r=bgrins
eb8cb1ab5f49e86485451b9b14d07318829f576csotaro — Bug 1441056 - Get D3D11 device from EGLDisplay in RenderCompositorANGLE::Initialize() r=nical
2925f1f589eae3b12f4b774afff40ad67562c26fMatt Woodrow — Bug 1439807 - Extend displaylist_mutate to also test inactive layers. r=jmaher
79c46157cc8a82c8f66a18f956b77978df2e529cJason Orendorff — Bug 1426457 - In the js shell, support setting serialize(_).arraybuffer. r=sfink.
523ecd9f034b0fc9ba6e24d87cfba72518c05abeJason Orendorff — Bug 1440372 - StructuredClone comments. r=sfink.
9114315e792d29e3fc41a0748e683ded96f689d5Jason Orendorff — Bug 1432682 - Part 1: Remove the hack that causes the bad behavior. r=jimb.
77878d66cb1f61c508131b0e5b29aaa3883a3a02Jason Orendorff — Bug 1432682 - Part 0: Factor out some test code into a new lib file, jit-test/lib/stepping.js. r=jimb.
8a1f42c6d8f29401b93607de23739f9b7b205244Eric Rahm — Bug 1440808 - Cleanup error handling in nsXULPrototypeDocument::Read. r=mccr8
9943503f940c0aea922c714fbe444af43b19f120Honza Bambas — Bug 1440663 - Add a preference to limit document opening data conversion recursion depth to nsDocumentOpenInfo, r=smaug
b4a2ad927dcc3a17106d52acc82ff4e0c6e458ecJason Laster — Bug 1440550 - Update Debugger Frontend v19. r=jdescottes
4abbfab77d40b714eda67520584d1c3b097842a0André Bargull — Bug 1440309: Call String_repeat with int32 values to avoid repeated bailouts. r=jandem
99444f1ed75a990c746ac40ffe6371258f3eb01dMike Pennisi — Bug 1439411 - [mozlog] Document built-in CLI logging options r=jgraham
a5e59d9a81f94ebc4cd3ab14b74a5bbb005af8e5Arthur Edelstein — Bug 1434772 - Ensure throws SecurityError in PBM workers r=ehsan
6c26afcddaea20455d1c9f546a3072543e3b9d73Nicholas Nethercote — Back out 633b2c102c95 (bug 1438732) because it increases memory usage. r=erahm
2a30ffeb2f1d2dc59fae8c861d87057b097d3b03Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1438961. Make DOM binding bits build in a debug --disable-tests build. r=qdot
5d954f098bdde9b5b66e876b1682ff37a29e058dTiberius Oros — Merge mozilla-central to inbound. a=merge CLOSED TREE
8a8d89f6593bf300ac498501c87f0db19d5614b2Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1441241. Reget a KeyboardEvent constructor on each findbar keypress, because the findbar lives across navigations. r=felipe
a6a1918731313dc58091b69a9d8dd1589099e47dMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 1440630 - Reduce nsIFile::ResolveAndStat() calls. r=froydnj
1bfc4dd20e017002e6d75a46ee2c0c88cba671e1Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1440941 - FetchDriver should check if the operation has been already aborted when OnStartRequest is called, r=bkelly
c197ac2299bb624fbf1e28466736391683382162Nathan Froyd — Bug 1434671 - add a benchmarking macro permitting custom test fixtures; r=ted.mielczarek
05a9497b18e78dc8622a1ef05dd6263e1f059389Geoff Brown — Bug 1412349 - Avoid SETA optimization of SCHEDULES.inclusive suites, like test-verify; r=dustin
bc8ed6e3c7a23e46a3f281ebf6cf7f335d4ee8eaKim Moir — Bug 1412900 - Remove build/ r=nalexander
fdf5c4023c835fbe1aeb3dcf3b04b495c211098eKim Moir — Bug 1412906 - Remove config/makefiles/test/ r=nalexander DONTBUILD
d23e072f81c96e319e8373dac243044018c3dd73Ben Hearsum — bug 1433461: block push-to-cdns on update verify. r=aki
608b25c131db83c405aa93b1b96eaf79911f7292Andreas Tolfsen — NO BUG - Fix links in Selenium atom docs. r=me
2dc73317835082aac9cad0e71bf795b2e6c75efaAndreas Tolfsen — NO BUG - Update list of used Selenium atoms. r=me
d641d93fa513a88ef5052a6f0c2953c67dc3ed90Andreas Tolfsen — NO BUG - Improve flow of Marionette introduction. r=me
6568fdf9c0ee96c681a781b3d1741cd093ca07d8Andreas Tolfsen — NO BUG - Fix links in Python test docs. r=me
bf401fe9c95c34f150ae187613e755d718f86973Luke Wagner — Bug 1432345 - Baldr: add index masking for 32-bit wasm loads and stores (r=jandem)
a8e5b45eedde64ef114e7a0a5e3d6fafac3f723aKim Moir — Bug 1437695 - Add temporary stylo-only build job r=nfroyd
693c6849302bf4996f38c8343985140963b3ed69James Willcox — Bug 1410651 - Cleanup GeckoView javadoc generation r=jchen
c4425fcdfb5b3631f6eb465df9a15c61a8bd2786Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1439485 - Don't try to unthrottle transform animations that don't affect overflow region. r=birtles
4e1c789da3fc3018311a09bdf34e08a743f8905eMike Hommey — Bug 1441335 - Fix base allocator commit evaluation. r=njn
7ecadae9f269a152ebd9f2f6d0519b15644d9003Valentin Gosu — Bug 1433958 - Change code that sets nsIURI.scheme to use nsIURIMutator r=mayhemer
2246691a04f845d35b0a87e0040047600df24763Valentin Gosu — Bug 1433958 - If setting the host succeeds, SetHostPort should not return an error code r=mayhemer
d46afbe90f3c9dbeb0379d40f8292004dc5c6916Valentin Gosu — Bug 1433958 - Change code that sets to use nsIURIMutator r=mayhemer
91477a3eabdfdc53f1c942ce61f1f754cb03d240Valentin Gosu — Bug 1433958 - Change code that sets nsIURI.port to use nsIURIMutator r=mayhemer
2827f08f7b5327a530f8c5c9dbbd6cc14da6c2daValentin Gosu — Bug 1433958 - Change code that sets nsIURI.query to use nsIURIMutator r=mayhemer
d39e5d03e44688a2900eee3a77bc8b248a8e76b1Valentin Gosu — Bug 1433958 - Change code that sets nsIURI.ref to use nsIURIMutator r=mayhemer
b47076e8c5f8eba59affb5ef6704a91942aa643eValentin Gosu — Bug 1433958 - Don't fail when setting an empty password if the username is already empty r=mayhemer
a9d894cb521e5b07494413a1996787beb7f27867Valentin Gosu — Bug 1433958 - Change code that sets nsIURI.password to use nsIURIMutator r=mayhemer
0df1a74274d2c05c7c0da4fdd41d0eaff096ec58Valentin Gosu — Bug 1433958 - Change code that sets nsIURI.username to use nsIURIMutator r=mayhemer
b94f515b741c07a445962bff485a49b89f4e9b89Valentin Gosu — Bug 1433958 - Change URLWorker to use NS_MutateURI r=mayhemer
4b418abe7e7adfb173ab11641e97bf3a7ab1c00bValentin Gosu — Bug 1433958 - Change code that sets nsIURI.userPass to use nsIURIMutator r=mayhemer
b3dba84bd9385699210fe18143fad599e49bb521Valentin Gosu — Bug 1433958 - Change code that calls nsIURI.setQueryWithEncoding to use nsIURIMutator r=mayhemer
ac8bd801fea30e1950a787f79def1f8af050b25dValentin Gosu — Bug 1433958 - Change code that sets nsIURI.filePath to use nsIURIMutator r=mayhemer
26dc46bd3cccc934f5d8070cd8ba9a33d7a60cdfValentin Gosu — Bug 1433958 - Change code that sets nsIURI.pathQueryRef to use nsIURIMutator r=mayhemer
6c437b464d613af08b898df54fa9dcf056591d2dValentin Gosu — Bug 1433958 - Make NS_MutateURI methods warn immediately after calling method that fails r=mayhemer
f4ef1b2546d76a5c53801ae3d5510129da18266bValentin Gosu — Bug 1433958 - Change code that uses nsIURI.setHostAndPort() to use nsIURIMutator r=mayhemer
9438d4a380a25ec76ec6e465e06a6952fdcdb38cValentin Gosu — Bug 1433958 - Change code that uses nsIURI.hostPort to use nsIURIMutator r=mayhemer
ef3ac3531192f937ba2e4758bf137503f0c5d916Bobby Holley — Bug 1440824 - Enable multiple hashtables for atoms. r=froydnj
5d83e440bbb0d9c9039db6d19cced9c8952d8501Bobby Holley — Bug 1440824 - Overhaul the atom infrastructure to support multiple subtables. r=froydnj
973afb5d4909e524dca5e8faabc455836fad84ebBobby Holley — Bug 1440824 - Move some code around. r=froydnj
d798ddf4c17d6610d6b0bd05788b0c97e367993aDan Glastonbury — Bug 1440538 - P5: Vendor rust crates. r=rillian
765cdd7b0c46f0bea006a209c2a4c5f70f9448d2Dan Glastonbury — Bug 1440538 - P4: Update cubeb-pulse-rs to commit f58dc34. r=kinetik
6d9344794eb47976a0827984d76aefc2f899cdd7Dan Glastonbury — Bug 1440538 - P3: Update cubeb-pulse-rs r=kinetik
fb7e2f2bea092f1ddc4e20ab2d9d64cf34fc27f8Dan Glastonbury — Bug 1440538 - P2: Update audioipc to commit 933fb48. r=kinetik
34deadb4772f2f134feadb1d83855d2fba90694bDan Glastonbury — Bug 1440538 - P1: Remove local cubeb-rs. r=kinetik
19e03e2647078360aee7af46dd9834df33b784b0Mike Conley — Bug 1432509 - Allow async tab switcher to load requested tabs that are still warming. r=Gijs
6425eadbba7a31dc9f758a74e8eae69b0b150b5aKit Cambridge — Bug 1440467 - Add a pref to always connect to the Push server without existing subscriptions. r=mt
cb54a7344be220e35f57e5ab0820bc7eb3cc1489Csoregi Natalia — Backed out changeset bf5c890bbac1 (bug 1408551) for xpcshell failures on test_bookmark_kinds.js. CLOSED TREE
ef963ffb6d1b214b9c7f7687012a0698ab018a7bGrigory Kruglov — Bug 1408710 - Don't pass around GUIDs of individual record store success, just an aggregate counter r=rnewman
a2227052b4aa09a3b14aed01ff48f6e525904cb3Grigory Kruglov — Bug 1408710 - Serialize RecordsChannel r=rnewman
430a0bfcdb9372d4d56845ac5c7e330d96f421abGrigory Kruglov — Bug 1408710 - Pre: for clarity, rename session's delegateQueue to a more appropriate name r=rnewman
82986cd4578a8a93010c97ac69ccfd9805fdb930Grigory Kruglov — Bug 1408710 - Pre: Just use the delegateQueue in the downloader instead of creating a new one r=rnewman
42ccbb911db3b7f5393dbf5dae6c31c53d4887dfGrigory Kruglov — Bug 1408710 - Pre: Remove ServerLocalSynchronizer* r=rnewman
1ff022a3d2b7abd55a51f8d93a9db9dd591daed6Sylvestre Ledru — Bug 1438790 - Remove dead code r=Callek
4d345e3cfeb91cc9735c236747068d82076ec268J.C. Jones — Bug 1440029 - Add a test for TrustOverrideUtils.h r=keeler
70bd75b6aed96d737cdc619be91f8b7ca8a1181fKirk Steuber — Bug 1438243 - Improve the UI for pages blocked by policy r=Felipe
a8c0ea1bb08f31a80fd50125674e6e3207c2fc6cChung-Sheng Fu — Bug 1409973 - Update JS runtime default locale when pref javascript.use_us_english_local changes. r=Gijs
790b8ab1032b869cf8f449d069fa5db900965924Tom Ritter — Bug 1409973 - Add tests for Date.toLocaleString and Intl.DateTimeFormat.format fingerprinting resistance r=gandalf
03556f5a85d788fe55eed017d807b2d14fc7c1cfTom Ritter — Bug 1376865 Add a test for Canvas Image Prompts triggered by user inputs. r=baku
ba0944d01aa8b29f5f4a553e2418046983bf6d22Tom Ritter — Bug 1376865 Automatically decline the canvas permission if it is not in response to user input r=baku
f674159f8c52bb828f563549c45fd3333d53afc7Adrian Wielgosik — Bug 659610 - Remove nsGenericHTMLElement::SetAttrHelper and related helper macros. r=qdot
f0a0ac0e2c21b0a00842e30a603c8476ba3b89c6Ralph Giles — Bug 1440449 - Remove codegen-units limit for debug builds. r=froydnj
109cd0a34ffea65f7540dbd6d7feb9c6ca39ec55Edouard Oger — Bug 1434706 - Add identity.fxaccounts.enabled pref to disable Sync and FxA. r=markh
62d9bbdd6feeaec0153ed7ab65a14c77b7dcd032Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #20124 - Replace LengthOrNone by a specific type for the perspective property (from servo:perspective); r=emilio
bf5c890bbac17c2e21c0984ba3a5ab6a28cd4211Thom Chiovoloni — Bug 1408551 - Set hasDupe on outgoing bookmarks when using the buffer r=kitcambridge
0921ebb252629a328ad61a4e4b6dbf3ab922fc1bAndrew McCreight — Bug 1441217 - Use nsXPTMethodInfo instead of XPTMethodDescriptor in XPConnect. r=njn
f9658f61fbe2b6b46647f8fed78269627e60b856Andrew McCreight — Bug 1441205 - XPTMethodDescriptor::result is unused. r=njn
1d5ae4b0b826feea18dfb162d5b03bfbd652f547Felipe Gomes — Bug 1433290 - Remove Block parameter for InstallAddons and Popup policies. r=bytesized
4777312d11cdfa44ec7ced4514e6be676076a5b9Tiberius Oros — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
fcde688c911e2cf602516a3a67097f0a29ae9354Doug Thayer — Bug 1398845 - Handle null mBuffer in PaintedLayerComposite::IsOpaque r=mstange
33f5af992a674279aa1d667e1bae53e32ba8b5a3Sylvestre Ledru — Bug 1436354 - Enable modernize-use-bool-literals at review phase r=Ehsan
b96bf2121395692aa6e57ebfbf9bb0fe3cc2b5a5Sylvestre Ledru — Bug 1370794 - Use bool instead of integer being casted to bool r=Ehsan
2fae7bef0ce312d4f4ffaa8faee3cf2647afc17eSylvestre Ledru — Bug 1370794 - Replace some 0 by false in the dom bindings code generation r=Ehsan
ee70413814591848629fb6bdc53e4514f59ba6b4Nick Alexander — Bug 1440428 - Fix: Don't install Proguard JAR in |mach bootstrap|. r=jchen
eacdc0b781e2d60bac6549c6b2f3e05631c1a7b3Brian Grinstead — Bug 1440949 - Allow plain JS objects to request addon interposition;r=kmag
013496665183dfe7e9f7ffd033e71279ae962356Julian Descottes — Bug 1429185 - BlockAboutConfig policy should lock to false;r=Felipe
6e7a8511567ddee5ba33feded07f221ee2f53e07Julian Descottes — Bug 1429185 - Implement policy for disabling devtools;r=Felipe
166d98f786e8ab0e3bfc1614f5be69af034ea158Julian Descottes — Bug 1429185 - Add test for DevTools disabled by policy;r=ochameau
fcc02c1022c10b31e84ee02cad10303704db51d6Julian Descottes — Bug 1429185 - Disable all devtools entry points with devtools.policy.disabled;r=ochameau
cc147bc11c0e738cc1542532e431272a40155dfeKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1426118 - Turn on webgl mochitests for windows10-64 QuantumRender builds. r=dustin
b94346ccb352cd6e838e2793270c269853d58a8cNick Alexander — Bug 1440428 - Remove Proguard JAR entirely. r=jchen
a4b3c2b24e977eb263140c73140f75c1cc67c094Thom Chiovoloni — Bug 1435588 - (part 3) Avoid applying the bookmarks buffer if we failed to store all records r=kitcambridge
bc0a9ed100f5eb7ff30335dfb91463f2554f933fThom Chiovoloni — Bug 1435588 - (part 2) Request records oldest first with the bookmarks buffer r=kitcambridge
44915b513676f28a18187efe1283c2d333db0e2aThom Chiovoloni — Bug 1435588 - (part 1) Avoid inserting records one at a time when using the sync bookmark buffer r=kitcambridge
3d0a9dfcf5dfecdf1e81a2c9e8c0654d1d8af5faNick Alexander — Bug 1255924 - Remove mobile/android/base definitions. r=jchen
b48de6629c9d55f45aa3f9d4a544f1e24836682aNick Alexander — Bug 1440432 - Remove AAR exploding from configure. r=jchen
6b97e7bbe6b24dbe50a2fe275744f02feec8b9a0Nick Alexander — Bug 1440757 - Don't invoke aapt in mobile/android/base/ r=jchen
1fd78cd5d37c73331df79af3c92632163462d90bNick Alexander — Bug 1440743 - Part 3: Remove MOZ_BUILD_MOBILE_ANDROID_WITH_GRADLE from m/a/base. r=jchen
f9551fc4f0fd011e71aaccc34410a644b6c074ccNick Alexander — Bug 1440743 - Part 2: Remove most of MOZ_BUILD_MOBILE_ANDROID_WITH_GRADLE. r=jchen
8a8ed4b635f683d93a275724faa441f20606b97dNick Alexander — Bug 1440743 - Part 1: Remove for Android stumbler. r=jchen
14b9583e5a21a2ba7abe5477292d35d8b3729d16Nick Alexander — Bug 1440433 - Part 2: Remove ANDROID_APK_{NAME,PACKAGE}. r=jchen
46deff3705767adfb6e6403bab8a38e5cefa00ddNick Alexander — Bug 1440433 - Part 1: Remove mobile/android/tests/browser/robocop/ r=jchen
11a9aa48a220868a6d4c8b96043896e1dbc46039Ursula Sarracini — Bug 1440768 - Improve saved to pocket stories caching and updating r=Mardak
c1d4e29c9e3bb8ab502df0ad53b0e396418212aaJulian Descottes — Bug 1432416 - Consistent folder hierarchy for DAMP custom test pages;r=ochameau
7f42c0c27b2824eb519cf209a3bd0e3d5f1b5bf9Julian Descottes — Bug 1432416 - Add comments and documentation about adding new DAMP tests;r=ochameau
27d8719dc8c21b8949a2346b61b0e0b11c4dde4dJulian Descottes — Bug 1432416 - Add talos/DAMP test for inspector with many CSS rules;r=ochameau
10334968ce12a6564e6f9e2c33730ab4a64b5f91Julian Descottes — Bug 1432416 - Use DAMP test helper for;r=ochameau
42a3b4c113542cee47b388879e27163091eed356Aki Sasaki — bug 1438735 - balrog scriptworker push and schedule support. r=bhearsum
799d7dc72dc6978aeac96cc41cd2311f0e838cabJim Chen — Bug 1440111 - 4. Add ProgressListenerTest; r=snorp
6fe308e6c2feee45ffe0272b00471c449c6daae8Jim Chen — Bug 1440111 - 3. Add NavigationListenerTest; r=snorp
286d90158c05802b777acb88888c3e13f4ec9989Jim Chen — Bug 1440111 - 2b. Add loadTestPath call; r=jchen
db0daf069d53517923fff354bb4fce22877076b3Jim Chen — Bug 1440111 - 2a. Add delegate methods to GeckoSessionTestRule; r=snorp
8aff32bfe3884039d659eacd712fc03a632c7095Jim Chen — Bug 1440111 - 1. Annotate GeckoBundleTest as SmallTest; r=jchen
d04639eccb1871310307a9515f3b310536cb652eCsoregi Natalia — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1438679) for xpcshell failures on Android. CLOSED TREE
8f285b62e0358ad1487a62c303a152b4a8921fa0Gregory Wlodarek — Bug 1434427 - Replace string for preferences confirmRestartPrompt to use "cancel" instead of "revert". r=flod
b634845f959cdc477deccd9eb9c11f004a8cc9b8Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1441228 - Correct error returned for invalid input to capture.highlight_. r=whimboo
2fa454395a881fda0f284838e230ed0da0ae709eValentin Gosu — Bug 1436589 - Use nsIFileURLMutator::SetFile in nsWebBrowserPersist.cpp r=baku,mayhemer
a558bb4b9be52659f0be4dc49cea0c96b27cde49Edouard Oger — Bug 1363924 p3 - Record commands telemetry events. r=Grisha,tcsc
26f6e01a6c2c9af0f8e6e898ed6f9b7b43cf7418Edouard Oger — Bug 1363924 p2 - Move deviceID and uid to payload level in sync ping. r=Grisha
1187a3b7d4e474f7717780702bde2a24e15dec63Edouard Oger — Bug 1363924 p1 - Add flowID to Client commands. r=Grisha
923a5ace946a597e58bb14793cf20d1135c8b167Francois Marier — Bug 1362761 - Improve logging in PrefixSet. r=gcp
3a00711bb0e66315aed2077e1250b62be5832806Francois Marier — Bug 1362761 - Add checksum to nsUrlClassifierPrefixSet::mIndexDeltas array. r=gcp
1c46e9a24298cd10c3ecc19d05129f3d6bead7ddCsoregi Natalia — Backed out changeset 22901b9f9199 (bug 1434706) for browser-chrome failures browser_contextmenu_sendtab.js. CLOSED TREE
5d7a2c906875e26e2e09f874af703775d7559349Felipe Gomes — Bug 1440932 - Implement a runOnce helper function for policies. r=bytesized
b82d04b3bd6f886d1be3d55474f955800c3ffb68Felipe Gomes — Bug 1440932 - Add some documentation and other small improvements to the policy engine. r=bytesized
d35c034bf194e0cf88330157aa167a880c1e2b29Csoregi Natalia — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 1363924) for android-test failures. CLOSED TREE
22901b9f91994efdd039dc1a2d0ae0d0cd5f09c3Edouard Oger — Bug 1434706 - Add identity.fxaccounts.enabled pref to disable Sync and FxA. r=markh
0f79e397a3202e6579fb8a6b642e828ab2dff793Henrik Skupin — Bug 1438679 - [mozrunner] DeviceRunner has to override returncode and wait() to check for remote process status. r=gbrown
5685421d86eb245f16fc12dd6212a52b437d269eHenrik Skupin — Bug 1438679 - [mozdevice] processExist() has to return a boolean and not remote process id. r=gbrown
08747734c0fde411e95880d8349dd24e73452e46Edouard Oger — Bug 1363924 p3 - Record commands telemetry events. r=Grisha,tcsc
fbba0f58423783452a90f254dc261f2fe37d3e55Edouard Oger — Bug 1363924 p2 - Move deviceID and uid to payload level in sync ping. r=Grisha
d30f27293117c2b67fa139aa296bca4337980012Edouard Oger — Bug 1363924 p1 - Add flowID to Client commands. r=Grisha
e26e52de6a28b5159d9813b9180a9a9b46dcfa69Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1382607 - Use new EventEmitter in webide; r=jryans.
99f1ea44fc7915b8b7b33bce4732fa8765fd3ac2James Graham — Bug 1439170 - Add a long timeout to acid 3 test, r=gsnedders
580d833df9c44acec686a9fb88b5f27e9d29f68dTiberius Oros — Merge inbound to mozilla-central. a=merge
8443793228312aa70373f276dbba454f4e39a4d6Dorel Luca — Backed out changeset 39a35e2f37f9 (bug 1373640) for xpcshell failure on test/xpcshell/test_ext_dns.js on a CLOSED TREE
890ace79df90d6bf6e6c3dcc717dcb7cab540bf3Narcis Beleuzu Bug 1421238 - Disable browser_oneOffHeader.js on OS.X for frequent failures. r=jmaher
165bcd7fe2478b9e67678601cf82d42f3f448f92Andreas Tolfsen — NO BUG - Fix path dependency info for geckodriver release documentation. r=me
9cbe7647b34f5633bb0ae442d91513f00cf7010aAndreas Tolfsen — NO BUG - Fix bad language in geckodriver release documentation. r=me
ce68000786e8644bcfcca2001ea45d48187bbfbeCosmin Sabou — Merge central to inbound. a=merge
39a35e2f37f92172ebdeb7a19c47d8bc74dd7943Shane Caraveo — Bug 1373640 implement async dns resolve api for webextensions, r=kmag
e95a90f9a0bbaadac8face578cc26a5943cd9673Andreas Tolfsen — NO BUG - Fix links in geckodriver release documentation. r=me
1ba9e23a9735e511d635cff2beeb116b92e3d927Paolo Amadini — Bug 1440358 - Part 3 - Add tests for reopening a visible Library view. r=Gijs
bec44aee29ae61413c8a872aed6a0b761464692aPaolo Amadini — Bug 1440358 - Part 2 - Add tests for cancellation while opening a view. r=Gijs
209f0a2bb4514146ce5407c31a5b1ce6176324b4Paolo Amadini — Bug 1440358 - Part 1 - Add unit tests for PanelMultiView. r=Gijs
f5ebd515519547027d3d83bf832a0f57a6f7ca07Paolo Amadini — Bug 1440333 - Part 3 - Raise the ViewShown event after the main view is active. r=Gijs
547bb5af0355ad1fb39486408fb3f7b61e464964Paolo Amadini — Bug 1440333 - Part 2 - Rename the "current" attribute to "visible". r=Gijs
1ce794bcebdb85ca8f14426b51c56ff952fe6144Paolo Amadini — Bug 1440333 - Part 1 - Remove the "in-transition" attribute. r=Gijs
ba9e245003684320d69b47e44dda7b58a919a054Nathan Froyd — Bug 1439723 - use a temporary in Animation::Tick(); r=mattwoodrow
8934930b9199c69ec3d89ff119efafda87fef38cAndreas Tolfsen — NO BUG - Use ato's new address. r=me
6e0b46a7a0a05b1e3f1d46147a46bbe37a7f55f5Brindusan Cristian — Backed out 4 changesets (bug 1436074, bug 1436694) for frequent asertion failures at MediaEngineWebRTCAudio.cpp CLOSED TREE
ef89c3c179cd91f4a42c470957aa7544f34c4a4cLars T Hansen — Bug 1438113 - add missing include files, r=bustage ON CLOSED TREE
2c6c6849848672490205b4e3217dd15de1acea44Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1435317: Use masking for the first SIMD memory access too; r=nbp
d4f2192eb1205bdd22f92f1dbc21104b96ccd244Paolo Amadini — Bug 1441154 - Start the PanelMultiView sliding transition together with the height transition. r=Gijs
6e46ff4ff446e5548326e9d3468485c15934e088Lars T Hansen — Bug 1438113 - Make it possible to have wasm baseline without ion. r=luke
b24d7a6d720a9035690114de4b89badfb1bdf700Lars T Hansen — Bug 1436955 - ARM64 Simulator, bugfixes and wasm support. r=bbouvier
885e8ce07968ad2c961d6b19542eb509055ba321Lars T Hansen — Bug 1313336 - ARM64 miscellaneous masm instructions. r=jolesen
5b036f401b18d90154a2194e85115c668fd50cb3Lars T Hansen — Bug 1313336 - ARM64 atomic masm operations. r=jolesen
065a605a7909a95e3371e807c30419551c10a902Lars T Hansen — Bug 1313336 - ARM64 wasmLoad and wasmStore masm instructions. r=jolesen
9e7eddae76df333521802ce24469afbf040b655aLars T Hansen — Bug 1313336 - ARM64 register-register move masm instructions. r=jolesen
4ba21b2798caac54b3234eb13856325cccc8130cLars T Hansen — Bug 1313336 - ARM64 truncate-floating-point-to-int masm instructions. r=jolesen
48452a36fc1413862de66af9dc40a61926eecde6Lars T Hansen — Bug 1313336 - ARM64 floating point masm instructions. r=jolesen
a37627e154f3c3d599ce439b18ff2a7a5d4c6f94Lars T Hansen — Bug 1313336 - ARM64 integer masm instructions. r=jolesen
0d3462c103e91b79c79a58564582a866d4f5cbd6Lars T Hansen — Bug 1436953 - ARM64 assembler fixes. r=sstangl
d2ffffb30b31aaaaf4d1d5623eb77894b0455806Lars T Hansen — Bug 1439333 - Make AutoFlushICache::flush() do something on ARM64. r=jandem
63f61a9297cef37fe895e508acc7ac2d68900827Lars T Hansen — Bug 1437780 - Wasm baseline, remove platform dependencies. r=bbouvier
9f4a3fb51e9eeace806589512eb26bb923254113Lars T Hansen — Bug 1438800 - Introduce ScratchTagScope. r=jandem
1aff350b83b8d504dbaa3d5d8d4fe6cd99512786Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1436074 - Reduce turn-off timer by time since we turned on. r=jib
f5cc71d38e4a7c0e4db830242c1d454fcbdb9e48Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1436694 - Clarify that MediaEngineSources can be double-stopped. r=padenot
6c38cc382d2114199842dddb14097be8b6d9a961Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1436694 - MozPromisify device initialization and move it to SourceListener. r=jib
ae428bfb913fb929da4d83864e58727177ccd655Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1436694 - Make a PostTask variant that returns a MozPromise. r=jib, r=jya
1bfa2571aade15ec4de20a37d96cfd7bb1cf3b38Jan de Mooij — Bug 1437483 follow-up - Use mozilla::Unused to fix warnings about unused temps on ARM64. r=red CLOSED TREE
594ed5cfd631fe3aaad0ae37b57e0334e1023790Jan de Mooij — Bug 1437483 part 2 - Spectre mitigations for guardObjectType, disabled by default. r=nbp,luke
c34b095d74f1d61e52957a2772b4bf691bae26e4Jan de Mooij — Bug 1437483 part 1 - Add pref for Spectre mitigations for Ion object type barriers. r=nbp
bf3b07c9e5153154f1b1ac7170bac187a9e02298Brindusan Cristian — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 1440333) for firefox-functional-test failures on on a CLOSED TREE
723b390519dee8be6656e2609533f0e260f1a938Cosmin Sabou — Bug 1421150 - Fix the syntax for disabling dom/events/test/test_DataTransferItemList.html on a CLOSED TREE
2dad70b2a723e67b45563dd3ac254911dd193439Paolo Amadini — Bug 1440333 - Part 3 - Raise the ViewShown event after the main view is active. r=Gijs
c705b49c2bae3301998df83dc0b883d0fb4e5219Paolo Amadini — Bug 1440333 - Part 2 - Rename the "current" attribute to "visible". r=Gijs
9906b468eb78016aa4994b674da85bf7663c0285Paolo Amadini — Bug 1440333 - Part 1 - Remove the "in-transition" attribute. r=Gijs
a1c1afcb7f23a190abd37e8e1b8889976570cb3aAndré Bargull — Bug 1440315 - Part 1: Parse Unicode extension sequence by hand instead of using a RegExp. r=Waldo
b1a1f58b00b8f51eeb52b437235213820f9c3d67André Bargull — Bug 1440315 - Part 2: Remove regexp_{exec,test}_no_statics from selfhosting global. r=Waldo
37efe689362dc0532ec5e34f6716abe3feb77404Cosmin Sabou — Bug 1417052 - Disable browser/components/extensions/test/browser/test-oop-extensions/browser_ext_omnibox.js for frequent failures. r=jmaher
5684c810fb4b38df7571b846ded2557ab89139e7Cosmin Sabou — Bug 1421150 - Disable dom/events/test/test_DataTransferItemList.html for frequent failures. r=jmaher
cb01e88f0d6f303c0fdbfbc8b782be0eb4fb5ef7Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 1330529 - Followup to fix incorrect file path handling in PDFiumEngineShim. r=cpeterson
c1cb588d20d8bc7251dd973597183b2fe5f0ecb7Jon Coppeard — Bug 1440735 - Store script pointers using a private GC thing value in a couple of places r=sfink
cbb0873d74ca8fa5470f3b4f0eaf8c8ffda3d88dDragan Mladjenovic Bug 1440626 - IonMonkey: Move CodeGenerator::ToOutValue into jit/shared/CodeGenerator-shared-inl.h ; r=bbouvier
5a8dd647276c0304dd07f345efb1489258ba91b8Dragana Damjanovic dd mozilla — Bug 1439347 - Extend telemetry for TFO and http-auth dialog. r=valentin
eb1149743b446076c8aa38bb4be81623fe72845aRuturaj K. Vartak — Bug 1438457 - Autocomplete popup should autoselect the first element of the list. r=nchevobbe.
d7874deef1a5ebf93d4debce425f564b77f6d179Dragan Mladjenovic Bug 1436691 : [MIPS32] Use ldc1 and sdc1 for double loads and stores; r=bbouvier
cc6edcbe8361ba4278d0f4133fd030200237231ePaolo Amadini — Bug 1437512 - Part 2 - Remove the "panelmultiview" binding. r=Gijs
b2acd3d122757aa5834150715e2e2ec615fd0d1aPaolo Amadini — Bug 1437512 - Part 1 - Remove the "panelmultiview" binding construction. r=Gijs
1e070f3c236ed376fd08b046b3bb0e8e40dfe01eBrindusan Cristian — Merge mozilla-central to inbound. a=merge CLOSED TREE
ee3fdd1fb7beb534833a6677733a8fec44e05ec9Paul Adenot — Bug 1426129 - Take a reference to `this` when calling methods asynchronously in CameraChild.cpp r=pehrsons
49067f1358857a7f7e15e0a78b03a9ffe2edca69Tiberius Oros — Merge autoland to mozilla-central. a=merge
b818b7c1bebc72420792fa436fabe0854139f480Cosmin Sabou — Merge central to autoland. a=merge
3afb2a3363dbff281479edcd119f3b991876ad8fJonathan Kingston — Bug 1439651 - Fix uriloader/exthandler/tests/mochitest/test_web_protocol_handlers.html for builds that support not secure registerProtocolHandler. r=baku
c527412fc7de40b61c7d2cac452f4cd5ff246ba0Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 1441113 - Can only update a mounted or mounting component when closing Memory Tool r=nchevobbe
1905fd7872781d79f04d04e6cac16d1c2b286985BenDeBrasi — Bug 1434901 - Remove dependency to element_{top,right,bottom,left}.html in; r=whimboo
94346696a77317a42e195563380220e1a162fa11Valentin Gosu — Bug 1439931 - nsIIOService.extractScheme/net_ExtractURLScheme should lowercase its output r=mayhemer
2d6b9e45e9ba2f01cf9c0af52e9d079c84360d86Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #20123 - Remove TransitionProperty::All (from servo:rm-all); r=emilio
478608ccfa700a6fc46a0125f0bfd789bb4fc8a4Narcis Beleuzu — Bug 1441175 - Remove isDebugBuild - toolkit/content/tests/reftests/bug-442419-progressmeter-max.xul fails on win10-debug. r=jmaher
c9fd03a815bcbce19263597ce97b5ff1898ec2a2Patrick McManus — Bug 1439105 - Ban H2 Client Certs Post Handshake r=bagder,keeler
4ebf3007d14ffe8100fd04c1f2fbba134a29a2ceKit Cambridge — Bug 1440804 - Fix unused variables in `PlacesSyncUtils`. r=standard8
1c0478c4185c698b74b3cd29e2f301fa01579743Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 1441147 - Upgrade redux and react-redux to remove react-dev warnings r=nchevobbe
ca97ef07a045f4ec57790061c7d6c3518cc5e868Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1436117 - Keep aImage around until the WrappedI420Buffer is released. r=dminor
2018e0f39d9eb760636c083ef76884798df6365cNarcis Beleuzu — Backed out changeset 00b83d62b16b (bug 1441175) for reftest failures "SyntaxError: missing )". CLOSED TREE
00b83d62b16b9ddd27b76f144c9a8cf6d8ecfd19Narcis Beleuzu — Bug 1441175 - Remove_isDebugBuild toolkit/content/tests/reftests/bug-442419-progressmeter-max.xul fails on win10-debug. r=jmaher
e3cce6ae4b1569a180aba116908d432483fa7b04Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1440682: Make the XUL tooltip stuff saner. r=enn
0dfc8b69311128b0b4cf356a6b7151daf77fa986Mark Banner — Bug 1440379 - Tidy up ESlint no-unused-vars definitions wrt Ci/Cu/Cr/Cc usage for varsIgnorePattern. r=florian
3fa2cac0f4b8ec197c1a271b9fd2c1faed738665Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1439991 - Fix complicated.netmonitor timeout on windows. r=Honza
ffd6c09e8b0662289fa8cfff6b0c95d2befb6b86Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1439991 - Re-enable netmonitor test on windows. r=rwood
57a398ca3a4db155ffbe90b5293e731936cf2b22Johann Hofmann — Bug 1432745 - Merge the "persistent" column in the site data manager into the "usage" column. r=nhnt11
aa4476bff0eaa5cf1409a0ddc30b8101790eef79Francesco Lodolo (:flod) — Bug 1441146 - Sync DevTools plural-form.js with intl/PluralForm.jsm r=jdescottes
585f10df63501ccd0edf0584d548bbf8124456caJohann Hofmann — Bug 1431027 - Update disk space warning to reflect the latest preferences. r=nhnt11
3c49d3af0dd5f8d999a5ac5f5bb743edf1d13242Narcis Beleuzu — Backed out 10 changesets (bug 1410456) for Android mochitest crashes, e.g. in test_postMessages.html. CLOSED TREE
bf6a406689714c48184819231e06f9691314485fAndreas Pehrson — Bug 1440252 - Implement MediaEngineWebRTCMicrophoneSource::GetSettings. r=padenot
0a445c859bf83ffd883001f0b81ad7e918a8aa17Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1440968 - Turn on some of the talos tests for QuantumRender on windows. r=jmaher
409bb7cefb45aa6d9bcc45b86501ad5daafd6cdaKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1440968 - Use a different method for skipping talos tests on windows. r=jmaher
7ec175446efd35b2267a5c3c090bfc60000a1157Alex Chronopoulos — Bug 1410456 - Update cubeb from upstream to b1ee1ce. r=padenot
94457911bb249084262cf2ea1b75e107af3cd27dAlex Chronopoulos — Bug 1410456 - Add new files in script. r=padenot
5248a21216ae88f88703f710ddbff4a9b0937922Alex Chronopoulos — Bug 1410456 - Keep the old mechanism for the older versions that jni method is not available. r=padenot
f182ab7885db96b96de8a7d1cc87fae8bf7b6598Alex Chronopoulos — Bug 1410456 - get mixer latency from JNI instead of system library. r=jchen,padenot,snorp
e482347bdae34a9d40d15e5c08ffc73521a957f3Alex Chronopoulos — Bug 1410456 - remove preferred sample rate implementation because makes use of dlopen. r=padenot
f7b646045e0655f3e9d18283b6e9cb06b2c1ca9cAlex Chronopoulos — Bug 1410456 - remove get latency implementation because makes use of dlopen. r=padenot
6a8ed4bf5d2f08fadec626c43ffc4afa63ca4dcdAlex Chronopoulos — Bug 1410456 - remove get min latency implementation because makes use of dlopen. r=padenot
1a9c687ec2776ccaa879ef52461e833a38803d1fAlex Chronopoulos — Bug 1410456 - remove an unused variable that produces a compile warning. r=padenot
82f6667c67582cf86a7fee0c0eb086bc9981b3a9Alex Chronopoulos — Bug 1410456 - use jni methods in place of removed cubeb methods. r=padenot
7bf358e3e01b94ffc8f3321d18a8ad9e729fca22Eugen Sawin — Bug 1410456 - Allow OMT access to Android system audio properties. r=esawin
0f30b905da818203189172aa339b26bddb70f80cMichael Ratcliffe — Bug 1439673 - Fix React 16 warnings r=nchevobbe
673a847ac3609a5ea4a3916a78235ee281b6e225Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1353461 - Mark toolkit/content/tests/reftests/bug-442419-progressmeter-max.xul fails on Windows, r=jmaher
cc3f64bb1878208333862bde792e0b91b931772fAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 1353461 - Increase fuzzy-if for layout/reftests/svg/foreignObject-form-theme.svg with webrender, r=jmaher
6b584d340491159a28f7e7b3da4358a08dacce02Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1353461 - Chunk OSX debug reftests to 3, r=jmaher
3585c6359fa254d8a38970f68fe4604263a8a599Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1353461 - [reftest] Implement run-by-manifest for reftest, r=jmaher
c61a2a0ac22f454ae179cde042c70a4869526ad1Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1353461 - [reftest] remove the start-after-crash feature, r=jmaher
097761a4d06c8441fe7a35b601c0beae64e9b968Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1353461 - [manifestparser] Implement a chunk_by_manifest algorithm, r=jmaher
c855ee63e40c9d120fb9f91d377bf3341a6bea89Jan Horak — Bug 1441108 - Don't print warning for less than 1 scaling factor; r=stransky
a33432da0fe977b87dfee3caba6d090254400285Marco Bonardo — Bug 1432426 - Remove synchronous Bookmarks::moveItem. r=standard8
c18aca06e66d32ffb345f988ea52a3cb08f3f85bFrancesco Lodolo (:flod) — Bug 1441021 - Add Occitan (oc) to shipped-locales for Firefox 60 r=Pike
e3fea1e629c42bda0f1f2cf482356c41c4e99c3ePaul Adenot — Bug 1439046 - Guard against division by zero in DynamicsCompressorKernel.cpp. r=pehrsons
0c0eef1ad232ab1a38eb3061102faadf1c929d67Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 1437854 - Enable browser_console_webconsole_ctrlw_close_tab.js in new frontend r=Honza
ddde09c787dc7358fd24c82727f2c8bc9a14ebc9Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 1437850 - Enable browser_console_nsiconsolemessage.js in new frontend r=nchevobbe
f0526287f8c3331f250376ae26fd8c95304a6723Brindusan Cristian — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
efa7b8392cac064ece5674aaaff2d6a7d17358c7Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1439500 - Make devtools/client/shared/widgets handle non-printable keys and key combinations with keydown event r=jryans
789c6aac53c66631e2f7a94b8a1a18b4c48f44b5Zhang Junzhi — Bug 1438794 - Makes single-line text controls in vertical-writing mode vertically scrollable if they overflow vertically; and makes them horizontally unscrollable no matter whether they overflow horizontally. r=kats
314710c9de4ed6782e1c46e28a8852446a84bfa2ffxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-030 - a=hpkp-update
ddfebfc9bd21af7f276a0d222fbe70590c3106f0ffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-030 - a=hsts-update
6d72eade26af359ffc3cd3e381fd79c88922b9b8Cosmin Sabou — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 903519) for frequent assertion failures on js/src/gc/Cell.h:182 a=backout
02aa9c921aedfd0e768a92a6a8c5cba1b14191c1Cosmin Sabou — Merge inbound to mozilla-central. a=merge
28d25664945a0626e1ef0062d7815ba8a63a909eSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset d8d5e1376664 (bug 1426797) because it doesn't fail anymore on Windows
ea423e4b7856fdce3a8389cff8adf64b8312a796Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset ba4ac537f9a4 (bug 1428087) because the assertion didn't reproduce anymore
1c73a247fa443ca01ae9bb8f754d424d97df8c45Margareta Eliza Balazs — Merge mozilla-central to inbound. a=merge CLOSED TREE
5261ab013f200c7a40b7695a45f88dc60d9dc3d3Jason Laster — Bug 1440093 - Breakpoints at the end of a line are missed. r=jimb
d3084609beef97758cfac25e23c9981b44ccd467Jason Laster — Bug 1439711 - Refactor debugger server stepping tests. r=tromey
b3c5a9368be8582eb288780ced71daed78c98a41Cosmin Sabou — Merge autoland to mozilla-central. a=merge
5c6d1fa50f2548aaa4863aab2c65553606ea573bMarco Zehe — Bug 1439920 - Add a spoken label to the New Attribute button when editing a tag in the HTML inspector, r=gl
c39af4d010d51ad06339162c7b9a5f7c2c50553fpaavininanda — servo: Merge #20036 - Browsing context names (from paavininanda:BrowsingNames); r=jdm
de66caaad6daa6ebeded76fff25f392f580fcb3bMark Hammond — Bug 1435929 - refactor browserid_identity.js to be less confusing and error prone. r=eoger,tcsc
01e78c9fcb5df65d4b37daa016ba7e9a2dd47b49Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1441014: Deindent / Simplify some code for slot removal. r=smaug
c0ef85232ad3761f74dadc20aea2b69e9a7de2c0Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1441009: Use a bit less dangerous error handling in CanvasUtils. r=smaug
7019615c84b26751b5cf0d7109ec10f4d1d7d2d6Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1441009: Don't null-check OwnerDoc. r=smaug
f7a18f6299952784a95d6721aed377b7490cd5b7Xidorn Quan — Bug 1440221 - Track stale computed values and style structs held by undisplayed maps in memory report. r=emilio,njn
fc6f924977b409d2bd3a1f54af4f4636fba93bc9Connor Masini — Bug 1417880: Allow theming arrow panels(popups). r=jaws,mconley,ntim
521ceb5e9dffda6c0dd173f8ce2a6b9fdd43664cMike Conley — Bug 1434376 - Switch over all uses of BrowserUtils.promiseLayoutFlushed to window.promiseDocumentFlushed. r=Paolo
deaf7aae5dbc46a99937e3c6059a11f5f62ecb83Mike Conley — Bug 1434376 - Add basic tests for window.promiseDocumentFlushed. r=Paolo
0961e7b6ec480822c88b3bbe2a425e8e60b08b30Mike Conley — Bug 1434376 - Introduce ChromeOnly window.promiseDocumentFlushed to detect when refresh driver ticks have completed. r=bz
7208b6a7b11c3ed8c87a7f17c9c30a8f9583e791Margareta Eliza Balazs — Merge autoland to mozilla-central. a=merge
7744443168b89ba8fd188ecf4d27be29a712fca5Adrian Wielgosik — Bug 1440441 - Remove nsIDOMFormData. r=kmag,qdot
17857acb21a5106c605e2686bf7cbedbb7130a4eMike Conley — Bug 1401072 - Update browser_urlbar_search_reflows to accomodate DOM dirtying done in setTimeout. r=florian
89872bb30e1e595e5d412eb399e97a2b1c601648Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1440961: Make canvas style-related code interact a bit better with Shadow DOM. r=smaug
d48195c9d3e1853e637f19eb8f1cf32d3b5baf04Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 1432017 - Remove AccessibleCaretEventHub::PostScrollState. r=mats
f2c185a98cd6df885d1d1328149b9fe23b1ee51dffxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-302 - a=hpkp-update
484a423fd48b1a4804a4d8238de70a141c44afceffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-302 - a=hsts-update
b9d1e753f014d40667f6a944b1102d06780d9a1aAndreea Pavel — Backed out changeset ba1524e32b04 (bug 1373055) for causing a frequency uptick of bug 1430466
6980116aa15d1fbfc6aad106348a801904c6c082Andreea Pavel — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 1434376)for failing browser chrome at browser/base/content/test/performance/browser_urlbar_search_reflows.js on a CLOSED TREE
5f7512c0b66a0dcb31144e1955ffcb35fb17dc18Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1437714 - Wait for 'picker-stopped' event before starting the new picker in the next test case. r=pbro
f9feff68a41cc62c1b67e2bffd0a14ad7810b25eSebastian Hengst — Bug 1440956 - Don't use AppConstants destructuring in test_AboutNewTabService.js because property name and variable name don't match. r=Mardak
94ae899e916a2fdbf3c576428d9c2d8ac751e196Ciure Andrei — Backed out changeset 2e7cc4dc999c (bug 1435929) for eslint failure at /builds/worker/checkouts/gecko/services/sync/modules/browserid_identity.js a=backout on a CLOSED TREE
2e7cc4dc999c3975449b9dcf2be169690f7881caMark Hammond — Bug 1435929 - refactor browserid_identity.js to be less confusing and error prone. r=eoger,tcsc
319210e2f742b3935869ed06f76a27c49b011c5dEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1432490: followup: Fix mac-only bustage on a CLOSED TREE. r=me
01dbdfc733d262f13a10b205d9b725b071737abcEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1432490: Make nsComputedDOMStyle::GetStyleContext / GetStyleContextNoFlush not take a presShell. r=bz
b636251b75ab5280b1f473b0e8cf57853f846d83Mike Conley — Bug 1434376 - Switch over all uses of BrowserUtils.promiseLayoutFlushed to window.promiseDocumentFlushed. r=Paolo
fccbba9cb959f3944357cd52201e0ca6d5fa3edbMike Conley — Bug 1434376 - Add basic tests for window.promiseDocumentFlushed. r=Paolo
b5128504011c12e86e5e186e19950e57a9b60f51Mike Conley — Bug 1434376 - Introduce ChromeOnly window.promiseDocumentFlushed to detect when refresh driver ticks have completed. r=bz
2da204077c8f362666be52c916fb364feedc2590Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1438467: Don't reconstruct the parent when tearing down display: contents nodes with pseudo-elements. r=mats,bz
1c05b6a518d16828cddc58e196739d0e4addbf96janvipalan — servo: Merge #20115 - Dont make a network request when the media attribute of a link element is modified (from janvi-palan:NoNetworkConnForHtmlListMedia); r=emilio
fd7b1a798fa0c95bb5db777534320be0c700de1fEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #20117 - style: Somewhat miscelaneous cleanup (from emilio:misc-cleanup); r=nox
f81789c9866e03cdba52be10a6e779c80094ddf1arthur.iakab — Merge mozilla-central to autoland
71ce94bb5d5ce7d464ebd676197c1003977e7d76arthur.iakab — Backed out changeset 0ec115a54885 (bug 1440843) for failing browser chrome on toolkit/components/payments/test/browser/browser_change_shipping.js
0ec115a548858e4ce55d271dc900387a934476d9Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1440843 - Don't dispatch shipping*change events if requestShipping is false. r=jaws
ef984964576b10af234557b817e3398bb465b966Pyfisch — servo: Merge #20031 - Reorganise display list builder (from pyfisch:transform); r=mbrubeck
c1a45d6a53909e929f253fe5b6522ba2de3baaeeEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1439036: Fix some other miscellaneous issues with the caller. r=bz
1e9461ca597bc56959b02bda1c635b9bbe671c1aEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1439036: Stop passing bogus next sibling values into restyling / frame construction. r=bz
bfe62272d2a21f9d10d45e5aaa680f5c735604aearthur.iakab — Merge inbound to mozilla-central. a=merge
94526b17561f3469b1cf398ff6c09fb44ded10d9Botond Ballo — Bug 1440112 - Enable helper_scroll_overscroll_behavior.html for non-WebRender as well. r=kats
adb71752bca8564546ca873a3207b500cab46f95Botond Ballo — Bug 1440112 - Support CompositorHitTestInfo::eRequiresTargetConfirmation with EventRegions-based hit testing. r=kats
f08b503f9013395b98734f5aeae199256bf7663aarthur.iakab — Merge autoland to mozilla-central. a=merge
1ae7363be20bee66d23e031613249f7b9192d928Jonathan Kingston — Bug 1440073 - Clear images from cache to fix --verify testing of browser_no_mcb_for_loopback.js r=johannh
3e7d7988ab45ab8d752bd82cd2a248897c66b6f3Csoregi Natalia — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
39ab872960ff3e6e7eaabb11d3389cf82b037564Mark Banner — Bug 1440718 - Enable no-unused-vars for global scope on jsm files in services/sync/. r=kitcambridge
74102ba585b5fc0184e896ad5b2858ba86dbbce3Makoto Kato — Bug 1440535 - Remove HAVE_MBRTOWC and HAVE_WCRTOMB from js/src/ r=froydnj
fb85f0866cb86bb78a67b1e473021c77f9f2a0e3ffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-324 - a=blocklist-update
84bd250a67105ee5d9b971a713114b940ab633c4ffxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-324 - a=hpkp-update
a0eb6693432e4f563e8956a78aa5d04329a903dcffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-324 - a=hsts-update
1f44de15ffdb1c0ac9c2719efa2bbe12ea75d06bCsoregi Natalia — Backed out 5 changesets (bug 1379265) for GTest crashes on RsdparsaSdpAttributeList::GetGroup. a=backout
b3191953ccdabd335ffb383905a36b0062e547b2Csoregi Natalia — Merge inbound to mozilla-central. a=merge
a6329ea89ef83aa59f0706ed8a07529c097a6ce6Chris Peterson — Bug 1330529 - Part 5: Remove some Windows line endings from PluginProcessChild.cpp. r=jimm
572f3d9d98f00742924333d6005ea342a61c198bChris Peterson — Bug 1330529 - Part 4: Fold nsSetDllDirectory.h into nsWindowsMain.cpp. r=jimm
b539afa21a7cefc0b5a2665c1e41afa00f2d20b2Chris Peterson — Bug 1330529 - Part 3: Protect DLL loads in wmain instead of waiting until PluginProcessChild::Init. r=jimm
c7138c4369ebc77d064d3334b8c28d2107922150Chris Peterson — Bug 1330529 - Part 2: Remove unused SetDllDirectory workaround for Shockwave Player plugin. r=jimm
875a35f50af245bb7c4429c07c36828c845ade14Chris Peterson — Bug 1330529 - Part 1: Fix PDFium gtest by using absolute path to PDFium DLL. r=jimm
e8978f3fcfbe10125401cc222d71a904fe2bad7bSteve Fink — Bug 903519 - Allocate strings in the nursery, r=flagflip
0f4234c2132256cb80942d57eaeda2217fd559f9Jan de Mooij — Bug 903519 - Disable nursery strings in a Zone if too many get tenured, r=sfink
741225b427a8d15abc4bd8d7ce70dd2666b25cc6Steve Fink — Bug 903519 - speed up test that is dramatically slow with zeal + nursery strings, r=me
7dc8f7e2eee49af5f6d328f357f069b899f16ae8Eric Rahm — Bug 1439047 - Part 2: Cleanup StartupCache::PutBuffer hashtable usage. r=froydnj
1d4b5c48ed528673b222d940f7402737badb35bfEric Rahm — Bug 1439047 - Part 1: Make StartupCache::PutBuffer take ownership of the buffer. r=froydnj
2961b82173488450210206b87dea7d96da16f308Narcis Beleuzu — Backed out changeset c5e39b406004 (bug 1440534) for mochitest bc failures on browser_BrowserErrorReporter.js
0e0bb50a02b9aeaef5ed0feb2c4ef6c9c42e8909Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound on a CLOSED TREE
ae79bc0bbd31c6e7ac2fa430a2ca7c10382791c5Eitan Isaacson — Bug 1438017 - Update wr bindings with ColorMatrix filter and add filters to command builder. r=kats
2511fb2fd5cf966cad6a44e59fd71ed81d312922Narcis Beleuzu — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1439047) for Android build bustages. CLOSED TREE
03eed16ea12ef8e7cd29040f86120b55ed82711fNarcis Beleuzu — Backed out 1 changesets (bug 1427766) for GTest crashes on TelemetryHistogram::GetHistogramName. CLOSED TREE
0b9ff594f7711778efe033de8de9dda4bed451f5Eric Rahm — Bug 1439056 - Properly handle failure in nsXULPrototypeDocument::Read. r=bz
718961d941d4d495426e59c6b5044302059489f9Eric Rahm — Bug 1439047 - Part 2: Cleanup StartupCache::PutBuffer hashtable usage. r=froydnj
7f0cedfb4bd85bfe1a523168019864c9c6c0e665Eric Rahm — Bug 1439047 - Part 1: Make StartupCache::PutBuffer take ownership of the buffer. r=froydnj
633b2c102c95325b4038c37adb9b56f738165a9bEric Rahm — Bug 1438732 - Use nsClassHashtable for prefs hashtable. r=njn
51d604ea785bbc46db7f88235faef597f57e671fJason Orendorff — Bug 1440431 - Part 3: Add baselineCompile() testing function. r=nbp.
d6d01ad35d89de3aad2afdfbe71622f9089118b5Jason Orendorff — Bug 1440431 - Part 2: Factor out ReturnStringCopy convenience function. r=nbp.
3c0037ba793b7d393449036987767a44423bf346Jason Orendorff — Bug 1440431 - Part 1: Move ValueToScript into the engine. r=nbp.
37f8ff509e9d97ff58a9c98bea9719ee473ca7c8Dhi Aurrahman — Bug 1427766 - Add a c++ test for GetHistogramName. r=chutten
f0bc692c54980b06e4cc508a417dd4bf9b9c07e4Dragan Mladjenovic — Bug 1439619 - [MIPS] Remove virtual methods from CodeGenerator. r=bbouvier
ed6b43fa64c94be9c5d42005e5d3e94d03300392Dan Minor — Bug 1436959 - Update generated files; r=jesup
8ea48542a4b625514a35ea8c659d43b5dfbd6f5eDan Minor — Bug 1436959 - Use correct avfoundation library in video_capture; r=jesup
7b7a710fdf77d511e3abdf271f4ba2b6a6ba9534Chris Manchester — Bug 1436959 - Use the correct case-insensitive sorted iterator when sorting lists in generated GN files. r=dminor
c5e39b406004e1d37646239525ec6785308964e0Michael Kelly — Bug 1440534 Include source code in JS error reports. r=Gijs
a60fe594955b266cb426958b1b22ed00eac1b864Yura Zenevich — Bug 1438870 - add a check for keyboard action when new selection is handled in markup view. r=gl
bbceec48f282e25504ce27a6313329c69b61643eBotond Ballo — Bug 1440164 - Detect a subtest URL not resolving and give an error message. r=kats
da952030e9e4215596c3e2ee4f527cbf12acb7d8Botond Ballo — Bug 1440164 - Call SimpleTest.finish() in runSubtestsSeriallyInFreshWindows() even if running subtests failed. r=kats
e81cd3e834c34338e60ee8f6af3981cd04fb503eKyle Machulis — Bug 1440872 - Fix CSS issue with MIDI Notification Icon in patches for bug 1201590; r=qdot
683e5aafae7c35798ebe01e4f8a6dabd251c4217Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to autoland on a CLOSED TREE
353d68d27cd8bf25bdb49b91467a702df0ac05d4Felipe Gomes — Bug 1428924 - Policy: Allow creation of bookmarks in the Bookmarks toolbar, Menu, or a folder inside them. r=mak
8b156da986eeaeb427afd88b18f5136df29249c5Kyle Machulis — Bug 1201590 - Add icon for WebMIDI Permissions; r=johannh
21fc5c9ae6288bb9fe16b3cf44e38afb3fab6f00Kyle Machulis — Bug 1201590 - WebMIDI Mochitests; r=baku,padenot
a84ef21b6b36193d56d5fe470cd27074b810391aKyle Machulis — Bug 1201590 - WebMIDI device access permissions prompt implementation; r=baku,johannh
e908708fda6b1bdcb356084dfd6548a1069d791aKyle Machulis — Bug 1201590 - WebMIDI Parent/PBackground implementation; r=baku,padenot
63de8ef246cc1d306ae4825ba3eda458def0572fKyle Machulis — Bug 1201590 - WebMIDI Content implementation; r=baku,padenot
6464e4c6f27f4280ede1753aa3a125595b3a845cKyle Machulis — Bug 1201590 - WebMIDI Utility classes; r=baku,padenot
608f52e1da69ede1957852e8b7dd5f00d36a0093Kyle Machulis — Bug 1201590 - WebMIDI IPDL files; r=baku
ba8fc92e202f662ccda22d49c69b71bd9f97015eKyle Machulis — Bug 1201590 - WebMIDI WebIDL files; r=baku
69c3b8eeba6383653db47a78ff7a35a685099e42Nicholas Hurley — Bug 1429973 part 3 - Remove hidden pref to allow plaintext server-timing. r=bagder
4bc56ae6d0fe2fac78b8d89e7bb7cdce26c61a67Nicholas Hurley — Bug 1429973 part 2 - Move server-timing tests into http/2. r=bagder
446096b9960dd7bcd41e2cd8130e3c1156a939a9Nicholas Hurley — Bug 1429973 part 1 - plumb through trailers in h2 to support server-timing. r=bagder
8438cc4db7709b106a68a392bef840a504eeea7dNicholas Hurley — Bug 1429973 part 0 - Update node-http2 to v3.3.8 for required bugfix. r=bagder
8c0beb6eb43a3396ce92cfeb5f9f174372b9de1aBotond Ballo — Bug 1440118 - Mochitest for scrolling over unlayerized subframe with overscroll-behavior. r=kats
b938517fe114fe02a3ce540701d0ec9586a2d97fBotond Ballo — Bug 1440118 - If the APZ content response timeout is set to zero, use the fallback (timeout) behavior unconditionally. r=kats
6b64cc96f1b8719839ddcf8f58f3294acb269fcbEd Lee — Bug 1440772 - Add Section menu, Pocket highlights and bug fixes to Activity Stream. r=ursula
770b1ed74e15504f3c06e777cd25e0189a1ee5c7Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 1437851 - Enable browser_console_open_or_focus.js in new frontend r=jdescottes
1aec20fe2d4e240de7a2acf63402acf3358c7861Doug Thayer — Bug 1433593 - Skip test_maybeImportLogin on Android r=MattN
00fde1af50bfd33269cffa2b8edfe7dda1f0f599Doug Thayer — Bug 1433593 - Clean up usages of LoginHelper.maybeImportLogin r=MattN
19bdbac4010cec32896545e4afee87b48487b6a6Chris Manchester — Bug 1440507 - Remove wrapper script for linking xul. r=nalexander
42025f27cee1bef47901d98dfbcff614cd45b5ddBrian Grinstead — Bug 1440132 - Remove unused bbox style;r=enndeakin+6102
1056e048072c9b07df1a6304c5d9554a0bd92fadSebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central. a=merge
b599a95ce057712c6b7804f7f108c9c4acff7e6dFlorian Quèze — Bug 1440284 - change this.EXPORTED_SYMBOLS back to var EXPORTED_SYMBOLS in JS modules, r=mccr8.
addf903ba0158f04e78b57ac98856d3ef291b02eDan Minor — Bug 1379265 - Add RsdparsaSdpParser to sdp_unittests; r=bwc
51f51dfe609594ac5d42427bc3e25a2a14036256Paul Ellenbogen — Bug 1379265 - Add RsdparsaSdpParser to JsepSessionImp; r=bwc
443378a6ed7aff51b4572c167611a986e5bdf76bPaul Ellenbogen — Bug 1379265 - Add C++ bindings for rsdparsa; r=bwc
0ea22b05610559dd88b606c2d7349fe596216366Paul Ellenbogen — Bug 1379265 - Add C API for rsdparsa; r=rillian
d85d78ba8ccd9de6fd0d3f429f3f1f64ebbe63e3Dan Minor — Bug 1379265 - Import rsdparsa; r=rillian
69d8aad5b82faa650fc1312aecf1e8bc50d05664Narcis Beleuzu — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 903519) for crashing on "Nursery::clear"
b808fbc1b43931613aa2188afaab45b08270a732Joel Maher — Bug 1438848 - fix accidental change for webrender fuzzy-if in box-shadow test. r=me, a=test-only
a1a5245ff819ff827c95c8ee7d47fc291dd58ce5Ted Campbell — Bug 1438086 - Use ShapeGuardProtoChain for EmitReadSlotGuard. r=jandem
481fcece2fc719f516cf542478d6be63bc89baddBen Kelly — Bug 1439879 Add some more SW preference checks to e10s http channel code. r=asuth
ba1524e32b04bfb0140d2e3ae1d8b972790cf6faArjun Krishna Babu — Bug 1373055 - Unload crashed background tabs instead of flipping their remoteness and sending them to about:blank; r=mconley
66423f1a20001acc19b6ab9fdd015082f87a57d1moz-wptsync-bot — Bug 1440390 - [wpt-sync] Update web-platform-tests to 68a256f49be380ca4add535ce8ece9de28820e6b, a=testonly
239bbb57d2a8dfac0ca0f102f8cfbf6f7c16423dmoz-wptsync-bot — Bug 1437034 [wpt PR 9356]- Update wpt metadata, a=testonly
7d2ee8a67b714972f5f83e60e5e56b3d424fa597Darren Shen — Bug 1440390 [wpt PR 9356] - [css-typed-om] Combine all the IDL tests into one., a=testonly
7ab2c2f8a7116d9f1d34ef57d4f6c5875f5b51b1Jared Wein — Bug 1435105 - Rename 'shippingRequested' class to 'shipping-related' to make the name clearer as well as follow file conventions. r=mattn
cc27f207449530ba6aa3e20ee10d82499ec2571fJared Wein — Bug 1435105 - Vary the payment request address label according to 'shippingType'. r=mattn
624ce4190bce840d294a467917fe2032d486d1f5Jared Wein — Bug 1440530 - Move dialog setup code out to a helper function for the webpayments mochitest-browser tests. r=mattn
b281723b73dd7f9f7bef2f36056e2fdecc13e445Jared Wein — Bug 1429189 - Show shipping address errors on the summary screen. r=mattn
8d1e97e0569c09e0904e3f2f41806f3adb2d8b23Yura Zenevich — Bug 1428433 - added role 'presentation' to shared component elements that do not have any semantics. r=Honza
ca6b74831ec3db204e024b07f200b0d1ce93557eBrian Hackett — Bug 1437507 - Fix JSObject::setFlags to call ensureShape before checking for dictionary mode. r=jandem
c9f0ec7b3f114d122cf4226a1bd8c1b32d81b803Steve Fink — Bug 903519 - Allocate strings in the nursery, r=flagflip
2d3891634ce0a8e76af0e7227ff36ebbeae124d2Jan de Mooij — Bug 903519 - Disable nursery strings in a Zone if too many get tenured, r=sfink
c28735015441a504cdba617b65c2aed51f4e25c5Steve Fink — Bug 1366083 - Diagnostic assert for ObjectValue(nullptr), r=jonco
7a9f2cf4ca3fa16ac9b2691c127ad6fa3d9fc6e7Steve Fink — Bug 1426006 - Do not expect ion scripts when ion is unavailable, r=bbouvier
aad76c5c2995c5979ec7276f57c8da6eb48f571aJoel Maher — Bug 1438846 - fix accidental fuzzy-if change in clipping-3 test. r=me, a=testonly
10b3853d4c069bd8908b056af9949e487f5b5ddbCoroiu Cristina — Merge mozilla-central to inbound a=merge on a CLOSED TREE
f9ec9a7399faf4dd1e18bb43ba04d456a2ed23d0Jon Coppeard — Bug 1438827 - Fix tracing of ARM macro assembler r=nbp
f701ae6821301b585d5759e006eed13d877d5f10Joel Maher — Bug 1436719 - uses deprecated r=rwood
b739a29db88ea70c2cc7980fe5777d22ac4f4f32Joel Maher — Bug 1436726 - ensure gecko profiling works for new tests like stylebench and motionmark. r=rwood
02b7aa62e2c8b0ce28ad166b321bbb676670893eJoel Maher — Bug 1436818 - enable motionmark on windows for try/mozilla-central. r=rwood
b0484c90364e7534e48527f1d66fc2c136549766Kris Maglione — Bug 1439177: Throw ExtensionError rather than Error when appropriate. r=zombie
7887449c528ac16d50cd245c4eee7ffb0373ac4dKai Engert — Bug 1432480, Land NSPR 4.19 into FF 60, r=me
2d8a49c03cad4956348e3dc91518159b50858c2eTed Campbell — Bug 1438086 - Add TestMatchingHolder to CacheIR. r=jandem
e379efa4ff54e48138e28de17e2d7b59e9724789Ted Campbell — Bug 1438086 - Cleanup TestMatchingReceiver in CacheIR. r=jandem
b494bb88b01ca0c28db17cb0f5fbaf56ffe561ebGeoff Brown — Bug 1440674 - Simplify some code in; r=jmaher
a5fdaf6da588414deb6eda32d1f27345dfa7a17eGeoff Brown — Bug 1440684 - Fix 'mach robocop' bustage for grant_runtime_permissions; r=snorp
25cb6ef45deebcc334f36fcba47a6c0e2988728bGeoff Brown — Bug 1339568 - Re-enable some mochitest-media tests on linux/debug and linux/asan; r=whimboo
9d5118022be045122a4cca613e932c3543116389Joel Maher — Bug 1435844 - run windows 10 reftests on new hardware and taskcluster. r=rwood
6bd9ddbd4fa888044fd1b28fac1c4914f88493c0Joel Maher — Bug 1439638 - border-collapse-opacity-table-row-group.html fails to pass on new windows 10 hardware. r=gbrown
b5e1c608135cba4445f9bc7b47f4187fee3ceddfJoel Maher — Bug 1438941 - 7 reftests from layout/reftests/w3c-css/submitted/masking/* fail to pass on new windows 10 hardware. r=gbrown
f7fec7c6e94521d3acee1d50f290beca3a57af9aJoel Maher — Bug 1438936 - clip-path-circle-017.html reftest fails to pass on new windows 10 hardware. r=gbrown
5c05fbb0460c7c86ddfffbb21f3133967da51507Joel Maher — Bug 1438934 - 6 layout/reftests/svg tests fail to pass on new windows 10 hardware. r=gbrown
e49da311746aeb5f01aedf48be54e2caedff020dJoel Maher — Bug 1438933 - second-filter-uses-SourceAlpha.svg reftest fails to pass on new windows 10 hardware. r=gbrown
f1b332821280cb48104bc08da02662e8cbabc2bdJoel Maher — Bug 1438903 - 2 svg filter reftests fail to pass on the new windows 10 hardware. r=gbrown
392ea71eb0933865d5c5f331e486cfff0d5b2784Joel Maher — Bug 1438887 - layout/reftests/svg/filters/css-filters/invert-half.html fails to pass on new windows 10 hardware. r=gbrown
738a7c747c4eff499fdff43d41b5c5cd984230eeJoel Maher — Bug 1438883 - svg/filters/css-filter-chains/long-chain.html fails to pass on new windows 10 hardware. r=gbrown
52c79b262e3b460c2e90e6650f5e5247d1b0070cJoel Maher — Bug 1438877 - 5 svg/as-image/ reftests fail to pass on new windows 10 hardware. r=gbrown
028188810fc6426c5038d43da7bc7b2628a16eb3Joel Maher — Bug 1438874 - dynamic-shape-outside-1.html reftest fails to pass on new windows 10 hardware. r=gbrown
8f70b311168266c129930c234b55e07ff0a8f6fcJoel Maher — Bug 1438861 - 2 css-gradients reftests fail to pass on new windows10 hardware. r=gbrown
31425baf8ce20970d3c6ba5259445311a2322e58Joel Maher — Bug 1438860 - 7 css-blending reftests fail to pass on new windows 10 hardware. r=gbrown
31aca760eba32858c1cf534d9ce43fb9b16421a6Joel Maher — Bug 1438853 - 5 canvas reftests fail to pass on new windows 10 hardware. r=rwood
bba8187c791fc9bfeca2e4c30272189bd97e15a8Joel Maher — Bug 1438851 - 9 tests in layout/reftests/bugs/ fail to pass on new windows 10 hardware. r=gbrown
391e4460758fbddcc7886131eaa3f1d06a3c4cb5Joel Maher — Bug 1438848 - 2 box-shadow tests fails to pass on new windows 10 hardware. r=gbrown
352353d90060731cb478fcc8d842b6178fcfec4bJoel Maher — Bug 1438846 - many border-radius tests fail to run on new windows 10 hardware. r=gbrown
b87e318213571061d0ee6355093368fedaf36c0aJoel Maher — Bug 1438841 - 3 async-scrolling reftests fail on new windows 10 hardware. r=gbrown
343991da562a3988a1688c792e60fc35502fb3acJoel Maher — Bug 1438838 - download-svg-1[ce].html fails on windows 10. r=gbrown
987db5ada99fa976966bacde58c409a96bcf42e5Joel Maher — Bug 1438647 - dom/vr/test/reftest/change_size.html fails on windows 10 new hardware, adjust fuzzy-if. r=gbrown
038690d5805c7e28941e19fcf0ec319c235f6268Joel Maher — Bug 1438638 - global-alpha.html reftest failures on windows 10 new hardware, add fuzzy-if. r=gbrown
9d8357f7a1cbd3d0d37a83636f2b99b124b57ad0Rail Aliiev — Bug 1398796 - Fix bouncer check configs r=mtabara
9140f4e82b3b065098217ec7f756bbc6539ef07aLee Salzman — Bug 1440559 - don't multiply DataSourceSurfaceRecording stride by bpp. r=jrmuizel
99f373203aea5c8de21c7672169f128a5d4ea601Jim Chen — Bug 1422019 - Follow-up to fix import package; r=me
e12ed9dcb464d1297ce9e4eb295feec1bbb5d535Jim Chen — Bug 1439410 - 6b. Follow-up to add some small improvements; r=me
e3960334b2f4754f387703e700d9a847a982bbbfJim Chen — Bug 1439410 - 6a. Follow-up to fix import package; r=me
51fe9a44a5d3f1448cd7a2e50077e80ef919a3f3Jason Orendorff — Bug 1439063 - Part 2: Remove some unnecessary uses of js/Printf.h. r=jandem.
0ceb91c42b0ff876a61ed23f5e587ba3a2083bcfJason Orendorff — Bug 1439063 - Part 1: Move several public headers from js/src to js/public. r=jandem.
7089df4b037451cd7cfa6176a0011ec50048d91cJason Orendorff — Bug 1439063 - Part 0: BitArray.h uses memset and therefore must #include <string.h>. r=jandem.
03a00bb49a69b334c06c567a3c2bc198686f229eJason Orendorff — Bug 1440043 - Remove jsversion.h. r=jandem.
e657516be4498ff0fc3c88e4adee2aa84c3c5f27Jason Orendorff — Bug 1439936 - Change to support sorting "util/Windows.h". r=sfink.
78db99b1350b06b24a4db39500a2307bfd31d486Jonathan Kew — Bug 1440659 - Update OTS library to latest upstream code (currently at f7238234966c466c5e3d11ee822e9760be0c527a, release 6.1.1 + recent changes from trunk). r=fredw
a35f1b78fd2ac5743dc8242f13b137a2d590b490Jonathan Kew — Bug 1440658 - Update woff2 library to latest upstream code (currently at 1bccf208bca986e53a647dfe4811322adb06ecf8, release 1.0.2). r=fredw
ff135d4dc797776720a4aa61436ba9b3e55d33deJonathan Kew — Bug 1440656 - Update brotli library to upstream release 1.0.2. r=fredw
1960b018c1f502d5920a5e411427aed2568bd169Narcis Beleuzu — Merge autoland to mozilla-central. a=merge
ff21aa9788a5b4ff09479ef37dd1c135571cd9f4Adrian Wielgosik — Bug 1440741 - Remove all members from nsIDOMHTMLFormElement. r=qdot
3b82dc57cc73cf19ce8816220a5a89c44cceb047Cosmin Sabou — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 1434376) for build bustages on SystemTimeConverter.h(177)
96d20e4d0a56c1ff6770862eeeeeb5130a41bd89Marco Bonardo — Bug 656936 - Remove Bookmarks::GetRemoveFolderTransaction. r=standard8
2ed5aefc5bc26b72eef307bfe489c57cb7b0d19cMike Conley — Bug 1434376 - Switch over all uses of BrowserUtils.promiseLayoutFlushed to window.promiseDocumentFlushed. r=Paolo
1b474fb6d7981de578cb1338c636d897a8b5a28cMike Conley — Bug 1434376 - Add basic tests for window.promiseDocumentFlushed. r=Paolo
4e6a21e50be0d839a2262dfc212b9910cfc1c3abMike Conley — Bug 1434376 - Introduce ChromeOnly window.promiseDocumentFlushed to detect when refresh driver ticks have completed. r=bz
bb3669ec71912e787894be858e525101f05af37eMarkus Stange — Bug 1170312 - Don't let the desktop background influence the vibrancy effect's backdrop for context menus. r=spohl
7eddfdfce55f65d089189c94d89d146a91c54ea8Cosmin Sabou — Backed out changeset a2147499c437 (bug 1434706) for frequent mochitest browser chrome failures on browser_contextmenu_sendpage.js
4da204a6b8374f1c6b4877fd96e0fa4e3202b2c1Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #20112 - Include non-upstream metadata changes in WPT sync (from servo:jdm-patch-11); r=asajeffrey
ca30d7a852e7d962bca270dd27e976aa7b33111dEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1440258: Flag doc level anonymous content instead of guessing. r=bholley
cdf9965aa9b9337ab76cfbec9c44231319ddba1cMatt Howell — Bug 1325121 - Add some installer documentation to the tree. r=agashlin
f89b5611098e65a40ebea9ced8483133fd908c59Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1440405 - Fix faulty assumption that only one log handler can be installed in |mach test/mochitest|, r=froydnj
c59239cde97d059bcb747f039d517635d4804a2cNick Alexander — Bug 1440430: Disable --without-gradle configure option. r=chmanchester
1b6ba1c15366fb08dc376b403210615505422966Bastien Orivel — servo: Merge #20067 - Update clipboard related dependencies to use xcb 0.8 (from Eijebong:clipboard); r=nox
8d222af1686c464f40ab77e81a87dc2fdc8145c1James Teh — Bug 1440564: mscom::StructToStream: Free the buffer when destroying the instance. r=aklotz
3f81f2c8d4bb7964599873cf09789f76d4bf0c79Marco Zehe — Bug 1439899 - Make the button for the active developer tool distinguishable for accessibility, r=bgrins
a37ada12bcf738b3102d27077af1d56777bd7f58Brendan Dahl — Bug 1440532 - Use xul for the default namespace of styleeditor.xul. r=bgrins
365803398ab64cf786547d9cefea2be13696566fCoroiu Cristina — Merge mozilla-central to autoland a=merge on a CLOSED TREE
7f5e205a73ed5a46cee96379bf1d13d1079b1a4cshindli — Backed out changeset 8cf686bb2f72 (bug 1435988) for failing revtest in moz-range-progress-1.html
cdfaf636da2f0c9de4dbfd7ad533796eeb802971Zibi Braniecki — Bug 1439452 - Use `width` instead of `min-width` for `Find in Preferences` box. r=flod
dc2195c2b23914521c48fa21d40fea1a2db0db54Mark Banner — Bug 1440711 - Enable no-unused-vars for global scope on jsm files in accessible/. r=surkov
c9f3519a5cb4284c3c8e45608aa424a90f460e51Marco Bonardo — Bug 1432427 - Remove synchronous Bookmarks::insertSeparator. r=standard8
1b5aaaf2917eec75c693d735510d16daa9123803Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #20107 - Clean more build artificats (from servo:jdm-patch-10); r=emilio
0255e91bb5c1332b01017b85997685d1746c92b7Coroiu Cristina — Backed out changeset d200d50fb66f (bug 1436096) for failing media3 at dom/media/webaudio/test/test_pannerNodeAtZeroDistance.html
a2147499c4378cb5b500b2f12c60c9a7cbe1b0a0Edouard Oger — Bug 1434706 - Add identity.fxaccounts.enabled pref to disable Sync and FxA. r=markh
58c8931ca2904f72672d1cf57df8372876521647Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1432232 - Implement prefix support in new console frontend; r=bgrins.
49f6727e3e08e5251422223e75610a85304ad57cLuca Greco — Bug 1435705 - Fix WebExtensions options_ui hidden. r=aswan
d200d50fb66fbf37946df035f275af8fc1aa8906Alex Chronopoulos — Bug 1436096 - In PannerNode noop optimization for equal power is valid on stereo source. r=padenot
079080b40f5e1bd986a819517f5727b66e8339d2Mike de Boer — Bug 1440670 - Make the timeout before showing the connection status in the Browser Toolbox longer and hide it whenever the connection is established. r=jryans
5eb19c81c7fd7d5ffbc3eac211cf20136c02c3d7Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1439565 - Update reftest annotations for changes in WR PR 2445. r=jrmuizel
3a32ca63e3809daa76845770e344bd80040ad212Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1439565 - Update webrender to commit 8a19316a733a484bf9bafb8257e3008b1418bfe4. r=jrmuizel
d49f13abd54ad351ee1665a639127f14b938bc25Brian Grinstead — Bug 1440491 - Remove [persist] attribute from elements without IDs in browser.xul; r=Gijs
b8bfa3b81685884a91683734eab96c1366607402Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1440361 - Reduce unnecessary IPC traffic from RemoveExpiredFontKeys which can produce empty resource updates. r=lsalzman
5309823830e6bde797423044044834d9b17df5a3Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1439682 - Guard against large chunk allocation failure. r=nical
36b8974d32de913a1d3fb43bd3b504ad32b5bc0bKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1439525 - Reset the cursor when swapping the shmems out. r=nical
cc82773113d1958ec5515b869ba17895f6ebb1efKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1439525 - Remove spurious "continue" statement. r=nical
d1241d870e3e7551eda55782d004611c2c61473bKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1439525 - Fix freeing of allocated chunks when an allocation fails. r=nical
efd8c840416c8077a007f7f7f132b8a44fd0ce34Marco Bonardo — Bug 1433307 - Remove synchronous Bookmarks::getKeywordForBookmark. r=standard8
8cf686bb2f725e784f5a61a6b7c1738db92a4a23Kevin Brosnan — Kevin Brosnan - Bug 1435988 disable border radius styling on the range element - r=snorp
21d50f9ec4f924c689143f5653d54676f4cb003fMarco Bonardo — Bug 1434607 - Remove synchronous Bookmarks::setKeywordForBookmark. r=standard8
ad3c6f89d67752309a473e57a47fb88f9da37683ffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-302 - a=blocklist-update
f0a7d0d54802a651979286d4bc963301abc0ba71ffxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-302 - a=hpkp-update
2c47cf027a61ebb8467fa525cd233c77ba4feb4cffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-302 - a=hsts-update
64b0835fd507bb7a6884c4dcd0bb33d5b9291ca9Coroiu Cristina — Merge inbound to mozilla-central a=merge
da9185249c90abe7539af85c77fc76bf0be28991Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1440347 - Lock while modifying mAllocations. r=padenot
432bf6294e07003e4ec469bbd638d3765582612fDragan Mladjenovic Bug 1440369 : [MIPS] Port changes from Bug 903519; r=sfink
f2165bbee8a08128fb7ae8e9f0c6fe1ba6a1ed7eEmanuel Hoogeveen — Bug 1440417: Determine JS_64BIT at configure time. r=froydnj
36f9602d7654390e1fc72e3129c927890bc23744Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1350349 - collect data for feed reader usage to evaluate its future, r=mak,data-review=liuche
db5174f56c8c6d7950cdb2b07fd91f828f9c82bfBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 1439898: Consider unreachable state before br_table in wasmBinaryToText; r=bustage on a CLOSED TREE
09fd35f1024fc030542e1d7b8b9f3c6998f63842Ben Hearsum — bug 1398799: switch to in-tree mozharness update verify config creator. r=aki
fd83ed92fe2530e80b442c0d0c2cbc03ca02aa91Ben Hearsum — bug 1398799: mozharness script to create update verify configs without relying on patcher configs. r=nthomas
3368337b2a5c942a26f3e8835a244df7036c7affBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 1440519: Check for SIMD existence on the global object in test; r=jandem
9e4bcef778b3d3e68d6c8428c75a1d1cb0f1f495Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1439898: wasm: Don't render more unreachable items; r=lth
c2b7f9b83e531f8cedbb17039f770e029b21f1d0Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1439898: Special-case RenderResizableMemory for memories of UINT32_MAX bytes; r=lth
7fa45832949d8b3e2b7fefa075f06ba550e8eb7ashindli — Merge mozilla-central to inbound. a=merge CLOSED TREE
9e189d5ae8290f9dc5be645c7519c9ced0cab544Jonathan Kew — Bug 1439937 - For font-matching reftests that test localized names, force the font-name loader to run eagerly so that we aren't dependent on how long the browser has been running. r=jrmuizel
41492f00c669b1e9d707c0c2d34f1f21f7ebc668Tom Ritter — Bug 1430841 Re-enable the Reduce Timer Precision pref for CSS Animations tests r=birtles
9c10a641e698c732402d5762543a904ac8ee81a0Tom Ritter — Bug 1430841 Eliminate float fuzziness in ReduceTimerPrecision r=froydnj
369ecd04363611e34a3ed32621d6795141d65764Tom Ritter — Bug 1430841 Refactor ReduceTimePrecision and add (failing) gtests r=bkelly
77b6661a3618890dc88ca07a1392357e945f3190Michael Kaply — Bug 1440308 - Add Qwant to French Firefox. r=flod
24bbb77b58a2a04cb1e5f9664a6a02f31777bbc6Dão Gottwald — Bug 1440508 - Remove obsolete setTabTitleLoading method. r=Gijs
12d5f88351d1ec0c808d51e84ce683f40cf332fcJohann Hofmann — Bug 1333468 - Part 2 - Add tests for paused/disabled sharing state indicators. r=florian
4052f793407410421c8c3c9315872ba762dc34ffJohann Hofmann — Bug 1333468 - Part 1 - Move WebRTC sharing indicator into the identity block and add a paused state. r=florian
7d73206bcde2886a5be0f99e994ba54d331f32eaHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1440556 - Drop reftest-wait in opacity-animation-in-fixed-opacity-parent.html. r=birtles
bd876f6cfc077e29607949c1d06bfceca0fcee03Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1440613: Flush pending media feature values changes before initializing the shell. r=dbaron
ce6adae0faa1a40db9e0015d880c3d086f755d23Johann Hofmann — Bug 1436568 - Make "clear your recent history" a button instead of a link. r=nhnt11
36be9b83bcc9928cd06ebdd3402939e152582fffJohann Hofmann — Bug 1432743 - Move cookie settings to the Site Data section and remove the cookies dialog from preferences. r=Gijs
c7ffbaaf8c2e3ac13577da6413aa14fcf73ee151shindli — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
bf6ce57855d5cf604bf8cfd3ce96931aa2c0f438Edouard Oger — Bug 1408092 - Do not run the bookmarks merger if there ain't any remote and local changes. r=kitcambridge
c3b5aa75b8ac3d8e21c576bb401dc64121ce5a62shindli — Backed out changeset 6e3058771f18 (bug 1434706) for bc6 and X failures in browser/base/content/test/general/browser_contextmenu_input.js and services/fxaccounts/tests/xpcshell/test_accounts.js respectively on a CLOSED TREE
31c59ada523a20b7330fe55c2bc8907cefd177a1Jan Horak — Bug 1439881 - Avoid returning monitor scale 0; r=stransky
3701ed1b61bb93f05551726af8610d4af7d14a1eSylvestre Ledru — Bug 1438471 - Remove dead code: r=mstange
a41cadccb3ae2882dc486e722fd9f6dec15bf722shindli — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1364025) for wpt2 failures in /css/css-tables/table-model-fixup-2.html on a CLOSED TREE
6e3058771f18095d54e387713f60c15a6ff55feaEdouard Oger — Bug 1434706 - Add identity.fxaccounts.enabled pref to disable Sync and FxA. r=markh
88503c645f6a6310e30607ef4e3df9df52aa4627Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1429205 - Implement the Payment Request processing screen. r=jaws
9d9d274ee33699c3c1a85ec689e0491d71431f3fMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1429205 - Add a sendMessageToContent helper for paymentDialogWrapper. r=jaws
d3363d47276bf078c00d6d3bd9d231ebbce4c4b4Mark Hammond — Bug 1437416 - remove dead code that attempted to provide a default salt and verify the code actually works regardless. r=rfkelly,rnewman
946a3f94fc70a7f1ba31467c21a24710a7958921Michael Kaply — Bug 1433136 - Basic GPO Support. r=Felipe
d2a26faa304293e281cf1745e468ebf3026ca3baXidorn Quan — Bug 1364025 followup - Fix Payment Request interface IDL test to not check dom.idl. r=bz
8f43644be461fc85d12226b6d35cb078cb5c4b8dXidorn Quan — Bug 1364025 - Add Unscopable to Document.fullscreen. r=bz
b2b3d3364296bf705e7c8d8b24e24dc78f01ddb0Jonathan Kingston — Bug 1440265 - Update mixed content site identity icon to ensure it is always grey for overriden certs. r=johannh
6661c077325c35af028f1cdaa660f673cbea39beshindli — Merge inbound to mozilla-central. a=merge
a6801ade61b29eb501ab87d470753928d307a03asotaro — Bug 1438759 - Update debug flags in RendererOGL::Update() r=nical
d2627872300c7bde621eafb4ddb3891317b7b702Paul Bone — Bug 1440205 - Print the nsStringBuffer bad canary value in hex r=jonco
c351e7dca893a025a533a06b8641697674c8d637Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1439974. Pass actual keypress events to the finder's keypress method, even in the e10s case. r=felipe
dec7c40f3be3fc3e2b0a7c7f968757a9541b5efbMatt Woodrow — Bug 1436904 - Part 2: Lookup DisplayItemData during display list building when the frame is already in cache. r=Bas,mstange
d8fa6d30c99b19953e9fa16178288323c4ea0d95Matt Woodrow — Bug 1436904 - Part 1: Add a static constructor function for display items. r=Bas
5840eb29b8238c1e4321e51d81738854bfd5074dCiure Andrei — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound. a=merge CLOSED TREE
86f758b98fdbdfb38b55b3db695eb33f6d9a9e22Nick Thomas — Bug 1435638 - initialize repo using an ssh clone, r=jlund DONTBUILD
607de876681e8b523bacd3c9a29676eb066ec338Ben Kelly — Bug 1440407 P2 Remove some unnecessary nsPIDOMWindowInner QI to nsIGlobalObject. r=mystor
65cd02963e834f7608bd8a0eaea6d1c19127cac9Ben Kelly — Bug 1440407 P1 Add nsPIDOMWindowInner::AsGlobal() to cheaply cast to nsIGlobalObject*. r=mystor
3f5051381b551cbbae2bf094b6950ca745eb9eebCiure Andrei — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound. a=merge CLOSED TREE
5cfd2a4b70cc671949d72db463ea2f3f0d4a4e42Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1437921 part 2. Switch document_idle to use the documentReadyForIdle promise. r=kmag
ce6f309f8dd8f836b1ad341960968d94eb87ddafBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1437921 part 1. Add an attribute on document that is a Promise that resolves when the document has fired DOMContentLoaded _and_ maybe started layout. r=mystor
baa64816c8a038ba8111c7fccc92cfa84a4f169eFlorian Quèze — Bug 1438233 - Make the output of reflow tests more usable, r=mconley.
ca314f76eb1cea65c3999a42960d57ef0eb3e78fTooru Fujisawa — Bug 1437377 - Use dedicated error message when using "in" operator on non-string/non-object. r=jwalden
4b263e3c54ee64f59dc0e33633590fca3fc614e3Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1439471 - Emit EVENTS.TIMELINE_EVENT after adding timing marker. r=Honza
6b4514506318e472a8fb6b2b01ebd115dd0b5dedAndrew Osmond — Bug 1427639 - Part 2. Fix misleading image memory reporting on Android. r=tnikkel
99fdbfa4eb210a5bae01f42c7984a4b1a39a70daAndrew Osmond — Bug 1427639 - Part 1. Add preferences to control image frame allocations in volatile memory or the heap. r=tnikkel
724e9da4d3182a23fddb5a80eed8be6bf1fa8bb2Tim Taubert — Bug 1439856 - U2FTokenTransport interface should use WebAuthn*Info types defined in the .pidl r=jcj
fbdc8aa469379986c43ec5e26dfd3db0d2e8eca8Jonathan Kew — Bug 1440411 - Remove the obsolete gfx.font_loader.families_per_slice pref (no longer used by any code). r=jrmuizel
b85566707940cf6cfdc8a92e910c1aa0fef42debJonathan Kew — Bug 1439954 - Make gfxPlatform::ForceGlobalReflow when called in a content process trigger reflows only within that process; it should not try (and fail, with an assertion) to affect the parent or other content processes. r=jrmuizel
bebe83ac3b646047cc7f9a19271b8b8f78af1388Ioana Crisan — Bug 1410818 - Add a test to verify the menu options for a default top site. r=Mardak
01e3d1408dbe8552f22ebb2f1d71d86e11bd7f14Paolo Amadini — Bug 1439358 - Part 8 - Change how visibility is controlled so knownViews can be removed. r=Gijs
60dd06c598f31e14a5eabe5e4a0e8af54af269bcPaolo Amadini — Bug 1439358 - Part 7 - Close the main view synchronously before opening it in a different panel. r=Gijs
98edf86dec131e0e42d1a789f6c416a753029668Paolo Amadini — Bug 1439358 - Part 6 - Decouple view events from view visibility. r=Gijs
b817cfb3367f9ee3a8bcb6ca8d7c3e7c68b24847Paolo Amadini — Bug 1439358 - Part 5 - Handle panel hiding during ViewShowing events. r=Gijs
3de93b4c00b2a55517bd414a856e9f487ec3f3cbPaolo Amadini — Bug 1439358 - Part 4 - Open views before the transition and close them after it. r=Gijs
525b36047e168f0a5853ba39984b11327a99549cPaolo Amadini — Bug 1439358 - Part 3 - Always raise ViewShowing events and don't update the "current" property. r=Gijs
28ff0b51399f003319ccd26b2aa2f67c0876ffd0Paolo Amadini — Bug 1439358 - Part 2 - Don't use the "current" property when restoring focus from the blocked downloads subview. r=Gijs
ca3804ac094ec55c30ef5b30517e2a03892f3830Paolo Amadini — Bug 1439358 - Part 1 - Support "panelview" elements located anywhere in the document. r=Gijs
9fa8ab27780461ce89f6c67d3ab63cbe4097dbe8shindli — Merge autoland to mozilla-central. a=merge
9ccb5c3d91f70603443a43ff11c7126995884853James Teh — Bug 1382199: On Windows, prevent the System menu bar from triggering when F10 is released. r=jimm
ab557f4a92a50bc39d647692c269a287acf4ce8dJames Teh — Bug 1440527: Remove unused sNtTestAlert from widget/windows/WinUtils.cpp. r=jimm
f3d48bc656e8fbf5e92b30c7ad0e2616889c8fa0Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1440215 - TSFTextStore::FlushPendingActions() doesn't dispatch eSetSelection event r=m_kato
c6a22782eeb4406bd7d864a8dae9df130a1ebe21Andreea Pavel — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1429205) for failing toolkit/components/payments/test/mochitest/test_payment_dialog.html on a CLOSED TREE
242aa23ce731991e86a42feb1e5a9841e456c49cHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1439428 - Call UpdateCascadeResults() directly instead of RestyleRestyle() at the end of Gecko_UpdateAnimations(). r=birtles
ea14b0cfc082c53a44c9037eab66cc8e67798f3aHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1439428 - Make EffectCompositor::UpdateCascadeResults public. r=birtles
3ab43ccebcdebfe946c451e82b4798db019d474eAndreea Pavel — Backed out changeset 771e1f428eea (bug 1428924) for failing mochitest browser chrome at browser/components/enterprisepolicies/tests/browser/browser_policy_bookmarks.js on a CLOSED TREE
3f8c4cb7982f3b8ef0915b4e274c4135ffcac6b8Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1429205 - Implement the Payment Request processing screen. r=jaws
ced4c7041d8e6edf21709e736e867fa30bc07e96Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1429205 - Add a sendMessageToContent helper for paymentDialogWrapper. r=jaws
197404819c146857fbf1b5525a9e319a94ceebc0Jim Chen — Bug 1439410 - 5. Add test for GeckoSessionTestRule; r=snorp
275ec40988ba67fde557d5f410b092aabad67f5fJim Chen — Bug 1439410 - 4. Add JUnit4 rule for testing GeckoSession; r=snorp
6ff70c4ce49cb9f7d152bdc0638fd08e45bbb00dJim Chen — Bug 1439410 - 3b. Add GeckoSession.getScrollListener(); r=jchen
bcda392921ff6220f08754461e8290b2bd1c2509Jim Chen — Bug 1439410 - 3a. Make GeckoSessionSettings.Key<> public; r=snorp
6dfd2228e3fdd23d781d8e300f92832d5024ccf3Jim Chen — Bug 1439410 - 2. Add copy constructor for GeckoSessionSettings; r=snorp
6a8a4bc838ab3bdfc7851dda335386d8506b8eadJim Chen — Bug 1439410 - 1. Enable Kotlin for geckoview tests; r=nalexander
45cd14a34ee24916732ec77b6825563e72d1c012paavininanda — servo: Merge #20089 - Revert previously merged code, better implementation for Default selectionStart and selectionEnd (from paavininanda:RevertChanges); r=jdm
dcfba10b551c2e60056dc83dbb05bb9611ba2fefHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1439803 - Add reftest-no-flush flag to stacking-context-transform-none-animation-before-appending-element.html. r=birtles
a46655064652c3247d2b8f5f125aa6d667537f04Nicholas Hurley — Bug 1438183 - Fix predictor telemetry configuration. r=bagder
ec4ad0ab47e961504afd7c9ac201826fcae7e851James Teh — Bug 1437417 part 2: Don't block accessibility instantiation for newer RealPlayer builds with accessibility performance fixes. r=MarcoZ
799a9c8323feda6667264e041f6ea6fb0e083fffJames Teh — Bug 1437417 part 1: a11y: Fix some issues in IsModuleVersionLessThan and make it reusable. r=MarcoZ
89972fb33cc0669fbcf1ba5f28ebb5ab761bfb46Ciure Andrei — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
65f4ba78ba4ae3b887f3a5393b7d7e26fb2f8dc7Mark Banner — Bug 1005420 - Re-enable browser_visibleTabs_bookmarkAllPages.js as the intermittent failures seem resolved now. r=mak
39e9b069c41563d643db57b01f0c4ea109759f73Mark Banner — Bug 658744 - Re-enable browser_sidebarpanels_click.js for everything but mac debug, as it was only intermittent there. r=mak
afd291850b8021bf103678d808514530c84895dfMike Hommey — Bug 1440037 - Add support for R_X86_64_PLT32 relocations in elfhack. r=froydnj
771e1f428eeaa7d360b17857bfff1fa29deb91b2Felipe Gomes — Bug 1428924 - Policy: Allow creation of bookmarks in the Bookmarks toolbar, Menu, or a folder inside them. r=mak
036a9783e6e50f6cab8e9f8a601597b362d725feJosh Matthews — servo: Merge #20086 - Add debug output to doc build (from servo:jdm-patch-6); r=aneeshusa
e7d8e299023a7cbf6c2bf7fea0c9d1368f0a0227Andrei Oprea — Bug 1428108 - Set browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.debug by default in local builds. r=Mardak
f7c5598e45c323547dc6d030bf8442850c15813bCiure Andrei — Merge autoland to mozilla-central. a=merge
966a5b11a065512e0f2af89e729f70be08de4c9cRob Wood — Bug 1440444 - temporarily disable talos tp6 on win due to failures; r=jmaher
e912232f4b2b6439c6557ac809a37e7b607fb07dNick Alexander — Bug 1440425 - Turn off --without-gradle Android builds and tests. r=gbrown,snorp
1218f0cd72df90ec988a8028e04393065201b9bfEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1439285: Hack around bug 1406134. r=bholley
90dde2f81fa039d4a3ed63736cde73b8fc7b9b30Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1439285: Make the old image request arrive to FinishStyle if we come from ResolveSameStructsAs. r=bholley
7b841ad898468532e9dcd9b7ddbcee9d82096e7fNupur Baghel — servo: Merge #20068 - added AutoCloseWorker for closing related workers when a page/another worker is closed (from paavininanda:autocloseworker); r=jdm
2d731c03025ffc7abb06998efbeb3f15d884de9cAlex Gaynor — Bug 1440034 - fixed reporting of annotations at the time of crashes on GeckoView; r=rbarker
5facafd6e4a6c51e29cdb935c77b691e1f0ca657Brendan Dahl — Bug 1434077 - Inline indicators overlay. r=Paolo
f92273643f7ac022502f5a315d375ce441ce7e39Brendan Dahl — Bug 1434077 - Inline downloads overlay. r=Paolo
85bcf88552cfe953d1eb4d8458d414d49a621710Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #20106 - Add font cache debugging to isolate cause of IPC failures in CI (from jdm:font-thread-shutdown-debug); r=emilio
fca4d1626c28bafb2764b7288522511f63aac98fAndreea Pavel — Backed out changeset d8ffc9e58ff1 (bug 1432232) for mochitest devtools failures at devtools/client/webconsole/new-console-output/test/fixtures/stub-generators/browser_webconsole_check_stubs_console_api.js on a CLOSED TREE
c8d05dc037dbc25f4e90088a0f5de3d477273e48J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1428816 - Show reload help on first RDM open. r=ochameau
dc1bd6cc0ade6954d74e5e0b3f58c33857b3d1c7J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1428816 - Add RDM UI to control whether we reload. r=ochameau
8cd33fe4b971a3d2116d3db1a761001905ffe873J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1428816 - Rename deviceListState to loadableState. r=ochameau
213725db126c51c7dd4af9b28b833254755ac0c6Rob Wood — Bug 1431161 - Temporarily turn off coalescing on new win tc h/w; r=pmoore
0160e724e11111297e4218fc4626aa0aa98ab671Rob Wood — Bug 1431161 - run windows 32 and 64 bit builds on windows10-64 hardware for talos performance tests; r=jmaher
9d5cf31fee15fe12d992bc4548c777e94be01664Jon Leighton — servo: Merge #20051 - Disallow mutating the internals of TextInput (from jonleighton:prevent-invalid-selections); r=jdm
169b1ba48437d5ddc0a4a1828177770b598f7c05Ciure Andrei — Merge inbound to mozilla-central. a=merge
05a8ecb88424cbc51bc705f077ab41867f22619aBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 1435317: Bounds check index+size before index for SIMD memory accesses; r=nbp
74307e838816a908b5ec10af987b4b8dff19225adragan.mladjenovic — Bug 1428453 : Fix mips32/mips64 simulator build; r=luke
945321756118df0b59b238246bbb07680ad6a7bfRuturaj K. Vartak — Bug 1439242 - Headers filter in netmonitor broken. r=honza.
93b63582b6798b088f01a184d8d859de9950646cDragan Mladjenovic Bug 1434843 : [MIPS] Emulate FCRS Cause bits; r=
19eff992b4bba54c5b7afcdf053688caaf542612Dragan Mladjenovic Bug 1434843 : [MIPS] Use FCSR to detect inexact conversion to integer; r=yuyin
c9de0227411a83f9c76b9bc40062e22bf1b6a14bDragan Mladjenovic Bug 1434843 : [MIPS] Make clampDoubleToUint8 less branchy; r=yuyin
57b5316a4c119e9fe2a6c506725afa72579f79e4Dragan Mladjenovic Bug 1434843 : [MIPS] Cleanup MacroAssembler::branchTruncate*MaybeModUint32 ; r=yuyin
1214c83e6724b9181e1f59819fc84dcc837d79deDragan Mladjenovic Bug 1434843 : [MIPS] Cleanup wasm truncate ; r=yuyin
ef2229b002f9a71c1a9fb6bee9eb7e212da13cf2Dragan Mladjenovic Bug 1434843 : [MIPS] Remove SecondScratchDoubleReg; r=yuyin
5c10e3f4e008003c4d5767c1084642be92c45ff2Joel Maher — Bug 1437425 - disable ares6 on osx. r=rwood
6f4aed8caae8d18f2808ea868fb0e8e3802b9bc3Joel Maher — Bug 1438292 - add JetStream benchmark to talos. r=rwood
8fff7b57ab62a240f30648f2b942b5e830a6305eJames Willcox — No bug, followup for linting failures r=me
ac961aa9d307ca6057246eb90f05803e2c119298Dorel Luca — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
ba294856f63485c7f58ab6dfb88c556a7e77faf3James Willcox — Bug 1291387 - Make mochitest and reftest work against TestRunnerActivity r=gbrown,jchen
cd590aea9d0442f03a026e3e3a89194dc5b16be2James Willcox — Bug 1291387 - Handle errors when using EventDispatcher.sendRequestForResult in GeckoView JS modules r=jchen
137940af492428e84d2acf13036dea8106443a4dJames Willcox — Bug 1291387 - Reply with an error in GeckoSessionHandler when no listener registered r=jchen
7a8075cf4a689b463cd3660c4764f9b10039b5afJames Willcox — Bug 1291387 - Log GeckoThread state transitions r=jchen
f6b12d0f6505e025b410ea89bdff363fb265451eJames Willcox — Bug 1422019 - Stand up initial GeckoView tests r=nalexander,jchen
1687a5347f759d59f606640ae307bcc0740e02b3Nick Alexander — Bug 1422019 - Fix errors in |mach android archive-geckoview|. r=snorp
403529fe19ff3dbac1e24f71c5e90de8d7ae5985Nick Alexander — Bug 1422019 - Fix diagnostic requiring |mach package|. r=snorp
0f10d22a791ecf8ede79c42b2860b1a1c391ecd7James Willcox — Bug 1422019 - Make resource://android/asset work again with GeckoView r=jchen
335b6a4547e8aae8b47e94dd19347c7d457eeeb1James Willcox — Bug 1439747 - Add GeckoSession.ContentListener.onCloseRequest() r=jchen,droeh
d39e77de7c54d04e6c47f482a4ec15e4c203ed87James Willcox — Bug 1432485 - Add GeckoSession.NavigationListener.onNewSession r=jchen,esawin
b1420da362d944178077224087400c16dece2e8aTim Taubert — Bug 1433015 - Turn AllocReplacement gtests into death tests r=froydnj
2b09e9751108e0a2485deafdd677c2da735de8aeTim Taubert — Bug 1439805 - Implement CredentialsContainer.preventSilentAccess() r=jcj,smaug
11edb4e3cdec7d892177accc745be3486c46bea7Daniel Stenberg — bug 1438947 - mutex nsHostRecord::mTrrA[AAA] accesses r=valentin
311e10f7befbd0e6104e30032ee7337c28e72c50Dragan Mladjenovic Bug 1440226 : [MIPS64] Fix Baseline stack alignment asserts ; r=jandem
462c61a4d44421763825716a6d9958670154fa8aThomas Wisniewski — Bug 1439022 r=baku
c4de1162741eacc436221facc3444481e6065390Dorel Luca — Backed out 6 changesets (bug 888600) for Valgrind and build bustge on a CLOSED TREE
2b1e9910c6038b71c8dec54180f0aaafcb7d7a69Tim Taubert — Bug 1406471 - Fix WebAuthn WPT bustage for .getClientExtensionResults() r=me
d1f6650b52d2d5d38da6efdfc2992277dd32e8d0Jan de Mooij — Bug 1437862 part 4 - Ensure guardObjectType has different object and scratch registers. r=nbp
7c8ebeb71a5f467b3c2d11aca5f61c36a9c180d4Dragan Mladjenovic Bug 1440224 : [MIPS] Preserve FCSR state during wasm interrupt ; r=lth
227ad4438ccfd8b9738f65e34602f3faf19529c6Dorel Luca — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inboud
7c8317f4ad481a3376169f7b35c011c2bb64f520Peter Van der Beken — Bug 888600 - Move ContentFrameMessageManager to WebIDL. Part 6: Mark some IDL interfaces as non-scriptable. r=bz.
5b990735f1ad01f4f15380d55771d0eb0fe597b7Peter Van der Beken — Bug 888600 - Move ContentFrameMessageManager to WebIDL. Part 5: Convert MessageManager globals to WebIDL. r=bz.
9eafe225b8048c24f0878e0d0bcb0e091fe1c5a2Peter Van der Beken — Bug 888600 - Move ContentFrameMessageManager to WebIDL. Part 4: Convert MessageManager to WebIDL. r=bz.
16af80d6cd93d194bc9bd496ed29e053bb234602Peter Van der Beken — Bug 888600 - Move ContentFrameMessageManager to WebIDL. Part 3: Add message manager concrete classes for WebIDL. r=bz.
a109987af625889aadaed85346e0dcec0e1ea1a9Peter Van der Beken — Bug 888600 - Move ContentFrameMessageManager to WebIDL. Part 2: Various test fixes to prepare for using WebIDL bindings for MessageManager classes. r=bz.
0949dba396adfcaca5c5d94e2d15203ea62b577ePeter Van der Beken — Bug 888600 - Move ContentFrameMessageManager to WebIDL. Part 1: Add infrastructure to expose 'system' names on a WebIDL global. r=bz.
9c37023a88f59890a6cee72a81e84db49d2c85a6Makoto Kato — Bug 1431570 - Use Malgun Gothic as default font of Korean on release channel. r=jfkthame
4e7b58f7be3dd7cbb28d84a6946f97d7966a872dGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1439405 - re-enable telemetry histogram for sync blocklist loads, r=florian,chutten,data-review=liuche
59ee514b96fcf9e325367fc8f5d61ead7f930b79Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1439405 - attempt to make blocklist code slightly nicer, r=florian
08ed16352ece53a465ff375f64c2b8875f578f1cTim Taubert — Bug 1406471 - Web Authentication - Implement FIDO AppID Extension r=jcj,smaug
b35f149bf4abc9232471bd3011ea6b205c4e8e00Simon Fraser — Bug 1436369 Add docker entrypoint for periodic file udpates r=catlee
f594c12c6441179cd23b878e14823b2caeee1a62Simon Fraser — Bug 1436369 Migrate HSTS and HPKP update scripts to docker image r=keeler
abbaec76d9819420fb8a3a004b038d67392070e4Simon Fraser — Bug 1436369 Docker image for periodic file updates r=catlee
2301d04f9cf0bfac46f260df04530d501aea20c8Ciure Andrei — Merge autoland to mozilla-central. a=merge
8cd3573fb83bf887ce088a889932fe4c944fc080Ursula Sarracini — Bug 1440389 - Invalidate Pocket cache when blocking a link r=Mardak
56ebb683fa91a3e2a7253a28f093d1f24592568eMarco Bonardo — Bug 1434414 - Locking the 'sanitize on shutdown' pref causes sanitization to happen at every startup. r=johannh
046ffe057251eb6f021b0cec77eeeaf143055f5eDave Hunt — Bug 1438253 - Add Python 3 support to mozunit. r=gps
8ed76de9d7eb9f7cea825a4a2dca3a081da9a111Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 1437849 - Enable browser_console_hide_jsterm_when_devtools_chrome_enabled_false.js in new frontend r=Honza
03fb2429290e50d577e049deef9d884ebb86561dMichael Ratcliffe — Bug 1437855 - Enable browser_console_webconsole_iframe_messages.js in new frontend r=nchevobbe
2e44a7285ccddce48e794db74ce59cd98fd1ae9farthur.iakab — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 1428816) for Browser Chrome failures on browser/base/content/test/static/browser_misused_characters_in_strings.js on a CLOSED TREE
443f765f134ae65e27d9ba549cbfe0e2d53d2114Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1439155: Be consistent about what does readonly apply to. r=smaug
d8ffc9e58ff1256cad9a92a04e23d8a4e2b8dadeNicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1432232 - Implement prefix support in new console frontend; r=bgrins.
5de6951d543f5203e493fce8215ee947093d975dMarco Zehe — Bug 1439925 - Make the breadcrumbs container a proper toolbar for screen readers, and fix the localization include for its label, r=gl
2081e0e6009612f175d692cbbbc29a79cabc5040Jon Leighton — servo: Merge #20021 - Lazy load fonts in a FontGroup (from jonleighton:lazy-font-group); r=mbrubeck,glennw
bc4c0d5fc5691bbb3fc603edaf6e94685033f509Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1438702 - Skip test_credit_card_autofill_section when CC autofill is disabled. r=jaws
75cd2c0a8af95c7d6b076fbb77b8f4d09d5beef1Luca Greco — Bug 1435100 - Ensure preloaded css and script caches are cleared when a WebExtension is shutting down. r=mixedpuppy
31e12673218bf3b8fb88f32b38c361ce65a2ca18J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1428816 - Show reload help on first RDM open. r=ochameau
a6e7a7b21cf386be95c8cf19da32f4f3af9b425eJ. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1428816 - Add RDM UI to control whether we reload. r=ochameau
0d00eabc8b83c9de503e3ea4c2c551e4dc1ba6e9J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1428816 - Rename deviceListState to loadableState. r=ochameau
fe7d933ae3ec0ec3e134153f6db48ca7e1a1a10fDorel Luca — Merge mozilla-central to autoland
5257a444bcdb8a55ff62b73852b0e1970ac8b8b2Kit Cambridge — Bug 1435354 - Invalidate cached keywords when applying synced bookmarks. r=mak
a460a637d35272a8f87c68a099a8f4292dcc4cb0Kit Cambridge — Bug 1435354 - Remove the keywords cache observer and implement cache invalidation. r=mak
1ea36f17be38b5531792bc4afe0daa20ed23143aKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1440256 - Regenerate webrender_ffi_generated.h with cbindgen 0.4.4. r=jrmuizel
f14dbddb40c16a1ef1e065c2c31da6d1bf5dc996yurket — servo: Merge #20083 - enable css paint api and remove forked duplicates (from yurket:19840_enable_css_pain_api_and_remove_forked_duplicates); r=jdm
042d7adef0bdb9dc80e825c3997ace7519477c42Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1433463 - WebDriver:ElementSendKeys should not run unfocussing steps. r=automatedtester
829efffc6c49ca28567d71865564edf741c44acbAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 1434974 - [mozlint] Create a SummaryFormatter to help triage paths, r=jmaher
a3aaddfe73845ef31ce3c74a353e635dfad9d849Aki Sasaki — bug 1438023 - stop running old-id android builds in `promote_fennec`. r=bhearsum
e1524438c37200e2c8b3e099a6d93ff3279c48d8Mark Banner — Bug 825739 - Re-enable browser_bookmark_titles.js on Windows as the intermittents seem to have gone away. r=mak
a7df35ca198189acd9d608773c24d628df905b39Zhang Junzhi — Bug 1259168 - Resolves the table cell misplacement problem when row group width exceeds table's computed width in vertical-rl writing mode r=jfkthame
e0296ca41d841edb196ce736f69bbdd0543508b9Daniel Stenberg — bug 1440234 - show TRR column in about:networking for DNS names r=baku,valentin
41610b4bc488977734d1f170ee1ccbf18c250ab3Jon Leighton — servo: Merge #20105 - Make FontTemplateData's Debug formatter more concise (from jonleighton:font-template-data-debug); r=emilio
d2696b9ab43f5b5a5815500f442e1cb6ca9bdb1dJan Horak — Bug 1439857 - Fix too big fonts when devPixelsPerPx is set; r=stransky
adb97ba593ad8fa6ac9affc67d9284e09f1fb721Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #20104 - Replace PositiveIntegerOrAuto by ColumnCount (from servo:rm-pointless-abstraction); r=emilio
813c5fa332be6321d2fe773a9de722a86a775e46Tim Nguyen — Bug 1439789 - Menu bar light/dark themes should have glass text-shadow on Windows 7. r=dao
e4132d0abd225f1c08ab7789dcb05343e379b9cfDorel Luca — Merge mozilla-central to autoland
eae44106ddb6ecb93785d627ebb41537338d0490Jonathan Kingston — Bug 1440002 - Update mixed content icon to ensure it is always grey for overriden certs. r=johannh
a177d975a0bb564e0d70ba764a7b7b0792a3eff6Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1439837: Regenerate the devtools css database. r=me
6b8016311fccd41956ea14d2ca5ff2c99a27a3a6Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1439837: Hide ::-moz-math-anonymous from content. r=xidorn
e688c3a1939d81d01ff2f5d946d5730d168ac835Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1439837: Fix logic to disable pseudo-elements. r=xidorn
b8a3654668a2bee9ee0c2c1f31c804957156f208Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #20101 - Remove a use of rooted_vec in Document::handle_touch_event (from servo:rm-rootedvec); r=asajeffrey
43f6075d028ea136010a394fe35ab2306916d982Chris Pearce — Bug 1439433 - Length check FileBlockCache::mBlockChanges access. r=gerald
d2a43ef3a3a6a3c3d6faa4fb354cec5bea9d0187Chris Pearce — Bug 1439473 - Improve logging of HTMLMediaElement JS API calls. r=kamidphish
3f474e48db7f7b0f1c2c090f812290a8d9a21650ffxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-324 - a=hpkp-update
837270765c2aca22cad029c936e7425499402af9ffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-324 - a=hsts-update
5e9bd04333f20e00911b8c1dfbf2b2e070c61e2dDorel Luca — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 1436904) for many crashes see bugs: 1440281, 1440302, 1440303, 1440313. a=backout
ea3da643422c58d65335f1778dd6c89c09911585Dorel Luca — Merge mozilla-inboud to mozilla-central. a=merge
ca3d342c3b1584692d1ba6d521d0d81f486484f6Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1439677 - Console.assert() should print the stack to stdout, r=bgrins
b192696c08a254b4a52fcac4bdd5ebd7538c78e7Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1439686 - Console API should print logs on stdout when used by chrome code and if browser.dom.window.dump.enabled is true, r=bgrins
c0260c67218a901452602a1fbf2b6ebfd66abaa3Aaron Klotz — Bug 1424505: Block osk.exe from UIA instantiation; r=Jamie
93501da7b1f6969cb9718960a2f2e6a61c7c1f47Felipe Gomes — Bug 1429163 - Policy: Disable Pocket. r=nateweiner
039350faf3b43719612acb8e8574480408a15bddFelipe Gomes — Bug 1440194 - Sort list of policies alphabetically. r=me
38bf9bbc878b73579a8e9e06a34b51cc7180c215Felipe Gomes — Bug 1440030 - CamelCase existing policies to match industry standard. r=mkaply
5c41bd6711b5e18834300cba65b36b126d81bc50Petr Sumbera — Bug 1439828 - Name collision between Solaris queue(9F) and C++ std::queue. r=botond
69a621b7ba500dbe57c9c57e693967a9c6d8f0eaArthur Edelstein — Bug 1438795 - Spoof KeyboardEvent.which for privacy.resistFingerprinting. r=masayuki, r=smaug
54b20676b4c4a884c5964f3d583aa5f46e72204cJason Laster — Bug 1434792 - Disable browser_dbg-sourcemaps-reload.js on windows. r=jmaher
a4f510195124b1c2bd74aea3438acb02df29deb7Dan Gohman — Bug 1439004 - Fix more build breakage when ENABLE_WASM_SATURATING_TRUNC_OPS is not defined. r=luke
31ea2689701e6bbae44401b1696609469187d1c4Jeff Walden — Bug 744965 - Implement mozilla::NumberEqualsInt32 in a way that doesn't depend on undefined behavior casting an out-of-range floating point number to int32_t. r=froydnj
48977151fa793476357ce67869f6261274bf8235Makoto Kato — Bug 1437087 - Call Disconnect on Unlink of cycle collector. r=masayuki
1da08053c5d60b91b00d6c07cf9822e924408d53Xidorn Quan — Bug 1439507 followup - Don't do null-check for nsXBLPrototypeHandler::mHandler.
556842bfe8e2931ac491458aa05742eebf761fe1Matt Woodrow — Bug 1440144 - Let retained dl ride the trains. r=miko
27f0762d44720882ea0499473d2baf96e5e97514Matt Woodrow — Bug 1436904 - Followup to part 2, add hunk that got lost during rebasing.
60e0b03bcb63c1c46830019a2b9d7041c893bc70Eugen Sawin — Bug 1432235 - [1.2] Move GeckoView API classes to org.mozilla.geckoview. r=snorp,jchen
71cb2d1f1941c884bc6bbaf16f822fcb3b62b77cMichael Kelly — Bug 1438693: Skip browser_privacypane.js if not a Nightly build. r=Gijs
7c2547cc8f13fa750eb646874ee89fa66f43cfedMichael Kelly — Bug 1437696 Reset console after BrowserErrorReporter tests. r=gijs
210554e2bad443880d6c12f210e08cc9a48c6375Csoregi Natalia — Merge mozilla-central to inbound. a=merge CLOSED TREE
c85c2391e247ca943f13c0e73ba619f19f7f0ac8Jordan Lund — Bug 1423058 - intermittent - funsize-update-generator docker image hangs while installing packages, CLOSED TREE r=bustage
aed3425ebf17be3a3edd5e1aeac400331d89b6f5aselagea — Bug 1423058 - intermittent - funsize-update-generator docker image hangs while installing packages, r=jlund
20d1242828ef7e64541810e39f9b9d2a259e9fe0Steve Fink — Bug 903519 - Allocate strings in the nursery if enabled, r=jonco
bb347a5cbc8c8023bb8afb8c8e1002550a590990Ryan Hunt — Update the github repository for cbindgen in comments. (bug 1439953, r=kats) DONTBUILD
976ffd186f5b48f439d9302d6223e25890120b58Jason Orendorff — Bug 1439665 - Part 2: Remove jscpucfg.h. r=sfink.
d94bdb98167cf77b416faf3c741771778a2ff7ebJason Orendorff — Bug 1439665 - Part 1: #include some headers directly in files that use them. r=sfink.
396b5879a7ea49e0f32f677a4f2bc3584108b5b9Jason Orendorff — Bug 1439663 - Remove declarations that are redundant with vm/JSAtom.h. r=jandem.
9cc657edcd0e015bd37ad2ec13c6db4f61bda7d3Jason Orendorff — Bug 1439626 - Remove js/public/LegacyIntTypes.h. r=Waldo.
5675db58f9e9b343067a3afa12bb0d6b788875abBen Kelly — Bug 1438541 P4 De-duplicate code in DOMEventTargetHelper::BindToOwner() methods. r=smaug
26cad18f73fa3286a302abd18d648e2f577a26f0Ben Kelly — Bug 1438541 P3 Allow nsIGlobalObject::ForEachEventTargetObject() callback function to abort iteration. r=smaug
9a2fc66acc13134ec5025fa65ed226e196e30a2eBen Kelly — Bug 1438541 P2 Make nsIGlobalObject::GetOrCreateServiceWorker() use the DOMEventTargetHelper list stored on the global. r=smaug
a1d30eced092547c59253e12383fee05c0284b04Ben Kelly — Bug 1438541 P1 Track DOMEventTargetHelper objects in the nsIGlobalObject base class and always call DisconnectFromOwner() on them. r=smaug
c1c444858b3282080681201db1dc7082e64e7108Xidorn Quan — Bug 1440141 part 3 - Avoid invoking GetAsGecko when old style system is disabled. r=emilio
2cdeb899bb11a84dacb5d247ea296c7750b6dd25Xidorn Quan — Bug 1440141 part 2 - Move some headers around. r=dholbert
f1f351b97729f6170855728665ecc19be8d575a0Xidorn Quan — Bug 1440141 part 1 - Move GeckoStyleContext::TakeRef to nsStyleContextInlines.h so that header doesn't depend on the Inlines.h. r=emilio
70e645dff837e68595784a8f2579d18414c1fbc6Nico Grunbaum — Bug 1439076 - P2 - csrc-audio-level jsep gtest fixes r=jib
337513e93e5f8581854811ce7efd660a5bfc99ccNico Grunbaum — Bug 1439076 - P1 - negotiate csrc-audio-level RTP header r=mjf
1b0c3a015ba27cc568b356ac8ea6e5c4976a4144Nico Grunbaum — Bug 1439041 - tighten up RTP sources mochitests r=mjf
966a069151ea02794c283cb97538206222fcd077Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1438521 - Disable Firefox source docs job for non-Trunk trees. r=gps
9ff8aa7fdf52ec4d59c82bc8c670a679ece12169Csoregi Natalia — Backed out changeset 3237c9532102 (bug 1440034) for breaking Android builds. CLOSED TREE
6cd2792d5ebcc80b29de7ee48738c565a28d21a7Prathiksha — Bug 1433513 - Correctly handle new expire type (EXPIRE_POLICY) in the Site Identity panel and Page Info window. r=johannh
3237c9532102e87bd57505e5aa7b48589837280dAlex Gaynor — Bug 1440034 - fixed reporting of annotations at the time of crashes on GeckoView; r=rbarker
b456c43d706ba10d042728b01b1135221c144748Alex Gaynor — Bug 1440019 - removed some dead code from ContentParent::InitInternal; r=jld
b7936df55ee1891ce796b653b991c283f9279e65Adrian Wielgosik — Bug 1439751 - Cleanup HTMLInputElement some more. r=qdot
f5f0ac66542e7bfed4435c5a5f4a11a92d534357Adrian Wielgosik — Bug 1439751 - Remove all members from nsIDOMHTMLInputElement. r=qdot
b2e9d1ed15f439f5eb84b0ea1591321fc7913481Adrian Wielgosik — Bug 1440039 - Remove nsIDOMCanvasRenderingContext2D. r=qdot
39320b74091db92d31db3802ddfc5f9a441bb527Zibi Braniecki — Bug 1440188 - Fix eslint error from adding intl/l10n to eslint. r=gandalf
647ee5497377c03fef78e9ec1578b5d1acf64a82Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1439269 - Call RequestRestyle() if the display property is changed from 'none' in the case the element has script animations. r=birtles
e8657fae79d05e4eba0ec97e173a88a3c9be6adeHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1439269 - Add a new sequential task flag for display propery changes from 'none'. r=emilio
ee1367eae85061af9398260253e0c28574dead04Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 1428258 - Disallow nsIFile::GetNativePath on Windows. r=froydnj
e28a37787c938b78a435422d4830cd05487815ebMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 1428258 - Stop using GetNativePath in Telemetry.cpp. r=Dexter
e3b034c3ac976c423b0b712e337fecb6ac48689fMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 1428258 - Stop using GetNativePath in gfx/. r=jrmuizel
3089af2474ef23d5edd96c3e5f027a22ab217e21Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 1428258 - Stop using GetNativePath in nsAppRunner.cpp. r=mossop
c87bbb86f8432be41c554e1a612e80db69e76ebcMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 1428258 - Stop using GetNativePath in url-classifier. r=mossop
ffa5068067a72025ff10d1db8e0ce04d88d83942Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 1428258 - Stop using GetNativePath in chrome/. r=mayhemer
a68ac318d8da8dd2687a4e6a6f47b933ee5b46d8Csoregi Natalia — Backed out changeset c5285ff72ac4 (bug 1439433) for build bustage. CLOSED TREE
1e76d991fe6ccf655bb75ddf75d8dd7e365a27b1Csoregi Natalia — Backed out changeset 2d7a7976ee3a (bug 1439473) for bustage HTMLMediaElement.cpp:4032. CLOSED TREE
c5285ff72ac4a20435415f7d484ac6c3b6057a5aChris Pearce — Bug 1439433 - Length check FileBlockCache::mBlockChanges access. r=gerald
9665d7248cc5ceeb357f5dad5a03dcc98b78298dMike Hommey — Bug 1439470 - Remove some now unnecessary checks. r=njn
31f9d7d3f703e8b42fa5a47892db82e5dede156dMike Hommey — Bug 1439470 - Turn TreeNode(nullptr) into a "virtual" sentinel. r=njn
f56735818e28b9eb16d9a78393133c001cf000d2Mike Hommey — Bug 1439470 - Turn TreeNode into a smart pointer-like type. r=njn
62ef813d8e36f640efa61a2252285cec69018ffdHiroyuki Ikezoe — servo: Merge #20102 - Request restyle display changed from none for animations (from hiikezoe:request-restyle-display-changed-from-none); r=emilio,birtles
2d7a7976ee3a5579845076a23c512729438a0581Chris Pearce — Bug 1439473 - Improve logging of HTMLMediaElement JS API calls. r=kamidphish
6dcb673ced56dba5f1eeb2fad212abf2ad6c74b0Edouard Oger — Bug 1438451 - Query UIState.jsm instead of FxAccounts in sync onboarding code. r=markh
23605d8d11e9a2bcc855aa52f2a893e79d1bce31Chris Pearce — Bug 1439437 - Tests for autoplay gesture activation in new windows/frames. r=kamidphish
7ba3850e05a443f3c9eeb5e40367a7d6545d4af5Matt Brubeck — Bug 1341102 - Update Cargo.lock files
2a34dd4ed3e384d031da4a0aa70290b0707bec35Zibi Braniecki — Bug 1428769 - Add intl/l10n to be covered by eslint. r=Pike
3175dabf16c53c48249a4c6cff45a14fc3aa4c74Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #20088 - Fix license metadata for servo_arc crate (from mbrubeck:license); r=SimonSapin
a94434a6f077b1d16d1a6d573c25a3736b74c464Botond Ballo — Bug 1425573 - Require target confirmation for events that hit unlayerized scroll frames with non-default overscroll-behavior. r=kats
4d760ffc052761047cf30b54fcecd1ebb5ee07b5Botond Ballo — Bug 1425573 - Introduce InputBlockState::ShouldDropEvents(). r=kats
7be69993e8dcb4987289a1018cd30715ef1ca9ffBotond Ballo — Bug 1425573 - Make the underlying type of TargetConfirmationState uint8_t. r=kats
bc444482c4a1cbbcf218db5e36e8325cf3b6fb75Botond Ballo — Bug 1425573 - Introduce a TargetConfirmationFlags struct. r=kats
4811958605344320a594b99c8caa955ec0d5f35cBrian Grinstead — Bug 1438487 - Restore the Browser Toolbox using session store;r=jryans
d17b9126dca6bb1f04a9bc454367159c7c10c861Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 1420130 - Remove React Proxy Monkeypatch r=gregtatum
ff4c0d600d07c9a5e0fe503a326db767962ea052Thom Chiovoloni — Bug 1433823 - Fix incorrect async handling during TPS login flow. r=markh
e96d94228dc83ab60f60e8277ee9080bf3aac69fMike Conley — Bug 1440082 - Make string in about:preferences more precise. r=jaws
289248c75931237e963c80f7854e81ef56821702Nico Grunbaum — Bug 1439736 - AudioLevel RTP header ext. send/recv mochitest r=mjf
e05b1640aab74a2f57d07b0283b3eb10766c1139Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #20098 - Avoid dropping arbitrary animation callbacks without running them (from servo:spurious-raf-optim); r=pcwalton
dced0221e5df52a19ee5886296ee61e147c1fd86Johann Hofmann — Bug 1431029 - Show a "last accessed" column in the site data manager. r=Gijs
963a227648afe5d8d4544b8d3878f7a3bf062acfJohann Hofmann — Bug 1431029 - Expose timestamp for quota managed storage. r=asuth
33318adf48fcd9b00158dc4e428efcb02df92d57Jared Wein — Bug 1435101 - Wrap some lines to under 100 characters to make eslint happy. r=MattN
6c2b9768775dab62f72e78f80803bc369ebb3bf1Jared Wein — Bug 1435101 - Only show the shipping options and shipping address if requestShipping is true. r=MattN
f0a6945be22cbff36c06c85fbf88579663565d36Zibi Braniecki — Bug 1431260 - Migrate Extensions tests to mock locale availability. r=aswan
dc3f1141af957b96076f69640c518ed89e20a3f3Zibi Braniecki — Bug 1431260 - Switch Android code to read multilocale.txt. r=rnewman
5dae26ba399f28facf16ea6b74caf026810201f4Zibi Braniecki — Bug 1431260 - Switch multilocale.json to multilocale.txt in the build system. r=gps
f0e06a115f0f58c252625684b007912f49c2db0eZibi Braniecki — Bug 1431260 - Migrate LocaleService::AvailableLocales from ChromeRegistry to multilocale.txt. r=jfkthame
6f787e71c76f7dbc62b6e0e4a0dbee2759e5bfe0Mark Banner — Bug 1439838 - Enable ESLint rule no-unused-vars for the same directories in mobile/android as no-undef. r=JanH
cb9d2116b32d9242c3b6cce4caf7df3dae82e7a1Andrew McCreight — Bug 1440072 - Eliminate unused cases for XPTConstValue. r=njn
3d93e8bb528756f31c5a7af34115b7d76c20960dCsoregi Natalia — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
dbd1c8bcb2466c5cb43904d40713d30c4fb52db9Mark Banner — Bug 1437310 - Fix moving bookmarks across special folders. r=mak
df46a62ed521a42fb0a3708b0fde364533753535J.C. Jones — Bug 1434300 - Add the DigiCert whitelisted SPKIs r=keeler
1252e0f10727c926bc5bb205d4611d00375e70fcJ.C. Jones — Bug 1434300 - Change Symantec Distrust Algorithm's whitelist to SPKI-matching r=fkiefer,keeler
09e82ace662c1de1769dfb2ea68db28e2add9ffaJ.C. Jones — Bug 1434300 - Add a utility to match certificates based on SPKI r=fkiefer,keeler
ae7617faf7f7a3cf67a791d7ea7f9c94a805bba0J.C. Jones — Bug 1434300 - Disable the b-c imminent distrust test r=keeler
23ad5230b111513b21a2a9aaceae109f0507269dJ.C. Jones — Bug 1434300 - Implement the Symantec distrust plan from Bug 1409257 r=fkiefer,keeler
301e943a2b4dbf17604d0f120e55d3ef5e9710ceJ.C. Jones — Bug 1434300 - Update Imminent Distrust status for future Symantec sanctions r=fkiefer,keeler
a76c022653b53dfc5866dc0ddcaa5e5fbaa9e8f5Jim Chen — Bug 1439610 - Fix origin under e10s in GeckoViewProgress; r=droeh
44ad70613f510dd0f955c8f7a0ec36f2d66d9378Martin Stransky — Bug 1418770 - Truncate DBus names used for remote service to DBUS_MAXIMUM_NAME_LENGTH, r=jhorak
8455df429711e560ff70b4047617b7baafb9dfe4Botond Ballo — Bug 1434593 - Ensure that browser.xml does not send APZ back a notification after APZ notifies it of canceling autoscroll. r=kats
103600892a2e45308252a48688381e425fc2c8d3Ursula Sarracini — Bug 1439684 - Add caching to NewTabUtils for saved to Pocket items r=Mardak
6fd6890d798ff1ac2be5376cddff66e2c38139b7J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1438962 - Add diagnostics during Browser Toolbox startup. r=bgrins
38c6b0c07b2aad7e958418f7b49bbc950e1b018dJ. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1438962 - Convert Browser Toolbox window to async / await. r=bgrins
878d64506602a00a86f0c8e2eb970909a0276949Csoregi Natalia — Backed out changeset a1711e96c622 (bug 1431161) for talos performance test failures- task payload invalid. CLOSED TREE
5bfc52432613eced11ad5920e593479b6ad76a5aManish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #20097 - Do not mutate if let (from Manishearth:mutate-if-let); r=asajeffrey
4a2e77d5fc7aad3888101a6864be4688e6f8e5d2Thom Chiovoloni — Bug 1439772 - Avoid truncating operands when reporting failure for Assert.deepEqual r=mikedeboer
a1711e96c6227cb839be7dee8e6c0d6ec9ae1750Rob Wood — Bug 1431161 - run windows 32 and 64 bit builds on windows10-64 hardware for talos performance tests; r=jmaher
308f2a530cd1ba24eeb79d454bd1880322515e20Francois Marier — Bug 1439468 - Improve error reporting in Safe Browsing protocol parser. r=gcp
106b66081b0df1dfbdebfdbeac5988c7f444943eDimiL — Bug 1254323 - Reduce identical gethash requests done by the URL Classifier. r=gcp
d418ce8a05644edb16f317c13fc1c8cd2b6c3c2fFrancois Marier — Bug 1435859 - Fix OOM crash on filenames without extensions. r=gcp
994a684a7564c2735d98d6910a78d079a68f0b25Csoregi Natalia — Merge inbound to mozilla-central. a=merge
ba1d6f897a923b561bd9458f77bd3f7f63b99573Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1438180 - don't update the url bar search suggestions pref directly, r=jaws,f=myk
4560309df57b52d4946e309d12c150ddef61ef66David Keeler — bug 1439732 - fixup for backing out bug 1415991 post bug 1421084 (so Firefox 60 only) r=jcj
6bbf8dc0b86e3e229f90ad38c50f0f56da3a1a11David Keeler — Backed out changeset 0a5795108e0a
9fc0c79890cb95ea48d83cd358b19e8f90e030ccKris Maglione — Bug 1438988: Cleanup some error handling logic. r=mccr8
182c9af3ed1acd7a4459966f73043093312c32c2Geoff Brown — Bug 1433485 - Update test prefs for telemetry; r=mythmon,dexter
655aa8e5fb99216d49b112ed0cc427f05d773ed5Cosmin Sabou — Bug 1419183 - Disable toolkit/components/extensions/test/xpcshell/test_ext_management.js for frequent failures. r=jmaher
46dd3f988d67d448eb8ffaa27454010edb304cf2Jon Coppeard — Bug 1439908 - Simplify Linker::newCode to remove unnecessary AllowGC parameter r=nbp
f598880f97c15a7801c9a97ca6fbb4eefc0c2e03David Major — Bug 1439762 - Make configure fail when using clang-cl with a broken SDK. r=froydnj
fa4bede5ed1f5db55fcfcfcbf0a2ee6a245d896cGurzau Raul — Merge mozilla-central to inbound. a=merge CLOSED TREE
134bfa14acf96909c6754201dde7df6cd2cd37acMartin Stránský — Bug 1434621 - part 2: ignore vertical titlebar padding from the Gtk+ theme since we set it with CSS on #titlebar-buttonbox. r=dao
cf8ac6e2c5e0c6afe251839b85cce2ced7bffe44Dão Gottwald — Bug 1434621 - part 1: vertically center title bar buttons on Linux. r=stransky
bb3c9990840a0fae2afc840b5952d7874785b112Ben Kelly — Bug 1437760 P2 Add a reftest that verifies svg images with fragment based targets renders properly when service workers intercept. r=xidorn
c6b9c2cb220d504dd68263f8d7291d4cdaa0f54cBen Kelly — Bug 1437760 P1 Propagate the FetchEvent.request.url fragment to the synthesized Response.url. r=asuth
6de1bb4f3df3c039c109cbbcbf0e95e24e6ee218Ted Campbell — Bug 1439336 - Make guards consistent for TypedObjects. r=jandem
d3fbff4246c3239ab5771f288702f7b820e83612Jon Coppeard — Bug 1439416 - Relax line number assertions when creating module objects r=anba
fb41cefd7f700afe2a73d8fa6ec43e23f979d68dMilan Knežević Bug 1437039 - [MIPS32] - Simplify 64-bit branching. r=lth
a5b71b35fd1f4fc3e4c30df22ea0fc793ead2896Milan Knežević Bug 1433406 - [MIPS32] - Simplify 64-bit arithmetics. r=luke
2c38198fec8a7654862e491884db41b852ac367cGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1439396, r=mak
5acde28f0ac0b99935c3cc8a513f1b49ec866948Joel Maher — Bug 1439637 - skew-1.svg fails to pass on new windows 10 hardware. r=dholbert
4da181c6e0538ece8e10a052f2ff18d914432124Csoregi Natalia — Merge autoland to mozilla-central. a=merge
c9dc10752a478322dc99201b0b215c7fd1d7a44bFelipe Gomes — Bug 1429148 - Policy: Don't let a Master Password to be set. r=keeler
ffe15fb2541cc5999f6fcee6c13e6075e4f0feb7Felipe Gomes — Bug 1429148 - Add nsIPK11Token.isInternalKeyToken. r=keeler,MattN
0c3184f918f0da21aa730d0577c2bdd8810ce2dcFelipe Gomes — Bug 1429148 - Policy: Enforce choice for the Remember Passwords setting. r=MattN
c79437be5a27e3b34bee47d1b3351968a409b3d7Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #20034 - Handle table cell backgrounds during display list generation for <table> (from Manishearth:table-backgrounds); r=mbrubeck
1682b050cbeb08c81dc91f7018206a8b19eed371Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1438308 - switch reader mode shortcut to F9 on Windows, r=markh
ef10b7961997543bff11320a88dbbb616f3f7153Mark Banner — Bug 1439949 - Update eslint to 4.18.1 to support async iteration. r=mossop
2fb648c1639459bbdd2e2993c1132eb115e6b11dBrian Grinstead — Bug 1411032 - Remove 'bulletinboard' alias for the stack element;r=enndeakin+6102
35468f80ede7a895099f83d7b17b89e2a2296e70Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1438118 - Do not show open in netmonitor context menu entry in browser console; r=bgrins.
4a08e2f469f793a28b3a01bc177c006f4c447dfaGurzau Raul — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
d853ce9b3dd3e2d4ac66c6e12b6ed2425513b91aJed Davis — Bug 1438389 - Quietly disallow chown() in sandboxed content processes. r=gcp
275404b9ec613bd75b1a7178f2fa26b4b90079baJonathan Kingston — Bug 1435733 - Upgrade mixed display content pref. r=baku,ckerschb,francois,mayhemer
040b6b7bc9f85575fb85390038a13638d1fe356aDão Gottwald — Bug 1404469 - Don't take pinned tabs outside of the scrollbox when there are no unpinned tabs. r=Gijs
8c1b6b21bcaad3b3d7aea66262d6a1f5d1f1c65dAndreas Tolfsen — Bug 1439582 - Use mutex to ensure tests for set_max_level are not racy. r=jgraham
4aa002ab5d4027abf5061f2cdc432a2ed1829476Chris H-C — bug 1438335 - Record when we have to clamp large Telemetry accumulations. r=Dexter,francois
afef6b06366a4d360721def2d9b6ee1c1dc4988fChris H-C — bug 1438335 - Test edge-of-representation accumulations to Histograms. r=Dexter
a06841d0b44aa983377e0267075456483654b29fChris H-C — bug 1438335 - Document Histogram accumulation clamping behaviour r=Dexter
01f045f12c5ced6f064ddc27524893dfd044dc11Chris H-C — bug 1438335 - Clamp the samples accumulated to histograms. r=Dexter
f0668098ade08cc866719a26627b43866ef8a7adMark Banner — Bug 1437250 - Bookmark url queries shouldn't return folder shortcuts. r=mak
5815afde6794b4f09ee57299c832dbddf46a3b0cSebastian Hengst — Bug 1439923 - Fix typo which prevented accesskey in console's 'Open in sidebar' context menu entry to be applied. r=nchevobbe
28d364d49f99709bf0b419a58eee856354e022b8ffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-326 - a=blocklist-update
8d6afe5292cb6a10d5c6ce39d0511023a3c5fe74ffxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-326 - a=hpkp-update
436f638433c8a181d07fb6295cebe83c0c95caefffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-326 - a=hsts-update
3904c3f9314fd040828c5f1cf1fcc86fd8adfe3eGurzau Raul — Merge inbound to mozilla-central. a=merge
1162b0f53b85870409c6ffcf9075e43321da5588Bob Clary — Bug 1437215 - Measure WebRender memory usage on Linux x86_64 using AWSY tests, r=jmaher
bb629a5223e1c1569962d4d87360aba8ba746904Jason Laster — Bug 1439763 - Update Debugger Frontend v18. r=jdescottes
380b630d362a8998baadb2a580abefd4c9c6cd49Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1434357: Test allow insecure redirect to data: URI through WebRequest API. r=jkt
416adbc7c8e71938dd28da6cecd92c4930238090Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1434357: Exempt Web Extensions from insecure redirects to data: URIs. r=kmag,mayhemer
57d02e04afd5fc46359952067a5c674ecf856f1dCosmin Sabou — Bug 1435394 - Disable browser/components/sessionstore/test/browser_upgrade_backup.js for frequent failures on Linux debug & asan. r=jmaher
391296e5323f723fd9c31fbbd91c2f758037c4e6Cosmin Sabou — Bug 1438663 - Disable browser/components/extensions/test/browser/test-oop-extensions/browser_ext_popup_focus.js for frequent failures. r=aryx
a5e1cc926177e5781614beac480780d4bf30737aGrigory Kruglov — Bug 1429735 - Pre: cleanup some unused helper methods r=nalexander
443bc564024c876703e86dfce36fdb8c0d224581Tim Taubert — Bug 1439326 - Add U2FTokenTransport::Drop() to better handle U2FHIDTokenManager destruction r=jcj
8c32453794b9413cd0cd518717e45f988e55352cGurzau Raul — Merge mozilla-central to inbound. a=merge CLOSED TREE
9680ddb02478f7ceb9a4bba2b3b6085659889777Jan de Mooij — Bug 1344539 - Make committing executable memory fallible. r=luke
b585bd1a5168379ea6420c7286ae1e4d24aba1fbJan de Mooij — Bug 1438569 - Simplify/optimize DataViewObject::create and remove a bogus assert. r=anba
84214cf75b8861fb101fee30b7197157878b7616Jeff Walden — Bug 1438750 - Remove mfbt/double-conversion.h, and change existing users to instead do #include "double-conversion/double-conversion.h" themselves. r=froydnj on a CLOSED TREE
742aab314d75930531b3320a945600de658f4cf1Cosmin Sabou — Backed out changeset 1fcc972d445b (bug 744965) for assertion failures on TestFloatingPoint.cpp on a CLOSED TREE
a91f342669fd909981f0ce975019c47d6a4e0df6Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1439200 - Get rid of URLMismatchError.htm.ini, r=qdot
e4a67f7ddcde6cd99348e9104bd7ed07074da44aAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1439198 - Fix workers/name-property.html WPT test, r=qdot
39518a5011af6aa8295e6a40a7c5dc214d510bdcGurzau Raul — Backed out changeset 66c1c1596bea (bug 1438750) for assertion failure at TestFloatingPoint.cpp on Windows platform
32bf2817fb7a4b35dc1cbb66ffac8e1f0658c68fMatt Woodrow — Bug 1423528 - Recompute shadow visible rect for ContainerLayerMLGPU in case it has been changed by async animations. r=mstange
27640f52e1881c77df02c051c26c2291bb2596e2Matt Woodrow — Bug 1436904 - Part 2: Lookup DisplayItemData during display list building when the frame is already in cache. r=Bas,mstange
2b4d117c27dcff97d8fb3c5a613f76de72d841cbMatt Woodrow — Bug 1436904 - Part 1: Add a static constructor function for display items. r=Bas
102c8a3bbaf6cfa860efbf74058efa999c957451Matt Woodrow — Bug 1435648 - Part 2: Preallocate the mAssignedDisplayItems array to the size it was last time. r=mstange
c95aade6802429126bf35b3c75795cae87cba88eMatt Woodrow — Bug 1435648 - Part 1: Share storage between mClippedDisplayItems and mAssignedDisplayItems. r=mstange
66c1c1596bea7cfb2316e78c940e52679b595efaJeff Walden — Bug 1438750 - Remove mfbt/double-conversion.h, and change existing users to instead do #include "double-conversion/double-conversion.h" themselves. r=froydnj
1fcc972d445b035a86907702d6d53c8430d6b6b8Jeff Walden — Bug 744965 - Implement mozilla::NumberEqualsInt32 in a way that doesn't depend on undefined behavior casting an out-of-range floating point number to int32_t. r=froydnj
d09a45f02c78fd51a0aaf1026baf5d50b99d0f40Zibi Braniecki — Bug 1439018 - Temporarily disable bidi isolation in Fluent due to Microsoft not supporting FSI/PDI. r=stas
21955c76eee1cd35786a2b16c507aae6c9c39442Emilio Cobos Álvarez — No bug - Remove always-false argument from a binding function. r=me
ba27cf3b85203a5ab0ba513586f57ffe1eff1510Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #20082 - style: Cleanup always-false argument to Servo_ResolveStyleLazily (from emilio:ignore-existing-styles); r=bholley
a43a60bb3a90032950ff76cd6fb153562930c246Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1439027: Simplify PresShell::Initialize. r=bz
0b55eb19edbc11c7fb340fdb1bee0ba9e1efea1aTom Ritter — Bug 1439726 Add patch to the MinGW Dockerfile r=glandium
9bbac632c7d192d75dc0d81b723cfeffc19e35b7maekawatoshiki — servo: Merge #20096 - Fix typo (from maekawatoshiki:master); r=emilio
1d5900e45d27101931b850b55d87bd388e7a125cJan Odvarko — Bug 1438482 - logErrorInPage should produce an error log; r=bgrins,jryans
d4766ca1cbe3972cc157ba337f9e9de01b1db3b9Chris AtLee — Bug 1439847: Stop setting MOZ_MAKE_COMPLETE_MAR in l10n jobs r=Callek
9c21c92c1b3dde532f3d4a8d80f409de6834879aEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1439793: Remove unneeded nullcheck, and ifdef a debug-only loop. r=xidorn
9cffcaa222296b920255eb4d74fd999d0057e887Raymond Forbes — Bug 1439793: Crashtest. r=xidorn
601daa76d78093d7bc2320adf6a615b97db2664dEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1439793: Handle correctly a reconstruct generated from additional style contexts. r=xidorn
2e6fed1f75aee8ff76c7ea4d2ba4189b758c0b15Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1439793: Simplify nsStyleChangeList::PopChangesForContent. r=xidorn
c67f82baba03f18239716a4362e0dfe8decee534Gurzau Raul — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
2931f4f700efb1d4d2b913440b743fc0a297420bEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1439223: Stop ShadowRoot::Host from being a useless function call. r=smaug
690c1b3c488085627fd49d7d77ea27aa90e7f324Makoto Kato — Bug 1439812 - Move noscript methods of nsIPlainTextEditor to TextEditor. r=masayuki
280bf2bdcda14eb973b0462853e6ca608f2e113dMartin Stransky — Bug 1433068 - Titlebar/Linux - load and draw HiDPI titlebar icons on HiDPI screens, r=jhorak
76ab16daf148be1bc301874082940673be4e44b8Martin Stransky — Bug 1433068 - Reload WidgetstyleCache when theme changes, r=jhorak
01328de0be21dfeeef394b2b0f048fc8d6994e6cEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #20081 - style: More serialization tweaks (from emilio:more-longhand-stuff); r=nox
f0e351b326220c91e8da3dc33398a9f895b43944Gregory Szorc — Bug 1430878 - Use larger EC2 instances for Clang toolchain tasks; r=glandium
dd6caba141428343fb26f3ec23a3ee1844a4b241Gurzau Raul — Merge inbound to mozilla-central. a=merge
671b0faa7112e687712dff4c99e9e5e788e78f01Geoff Brown — Bug 1439115 - (follow-up) Annotate more css-disabled/select reftests so they pass reliably on Android; r=me,a=test-only
99e3fc75f9c7cef1921b527cbbd65dcd4c59485fChristian Holler — Bug 1431443 - Add BinASTReader fuzzing target (BinJS). r=yoric,jandem
689995322a89a666a7c62cbad1e31787a75562b6Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 107264 - Add error recovery to the prefs parser. r=glandium
a837bfff20dd30cf1dfee28abf9de7379b0b064aNicholas Nethercote — Bug 107264 - Make prefs parser errors louder. r=glandium
a90bcec86dac22977b81950344ee9c11ffea7383Ted Campbell — Bug 1438086 - Cleanup shape teleporting optimization. r=jandem
1501ec7b3b37f6401dee9017135762bcf98ceb58Ted Campbell — Bug 1438086 - Cleanup IC group guards. r=jandem
0586b21d0709d7a6911d87324dd8f88e4aaddf36Nathan Froyd — Bug 1439355 - use static_assert instead of NS_ASSERTION in nsBinaryStream.cpp; r=mystor
b8963fdd3a90e10b2a75307f59508672e6b69aa3Nathan Froyd — Bug 1439593 - micro-optimize read/write of nsIID to binary streams; r=mystor
4d953971506f55a263776c2192136a70e1bed756Geoff Brown — Bug 1433163 - Increase android reftest test chunks; r=jmaher
42248666ddf6dcd211d330c5724a7018f918c805Geoff Brown — Bug 1439115 - Annotate css-disabled/select reftests so they pass reliably on Android; r=me,a=test-only
cdf244d72f44500bb0dd5de524b0449dd3d1b2f3Dan Gohman — Bug 1439004 - Fix build breakage when ENABLE_WASM_SATURATING_TRUNC_OPS is not defined. r=luke
4cdb6db37198e0033184d5b2b0674174a0bc012eJonathan Kew — Bug 1439629 - Add testcase to check that element with visibility:hidden is skipped when reporting used font faces. r=dholbert
28552a0c965f493b9f3b0a47800138ef1bae8277Jonathan Kew — Bug 1439629 - When collecting used-fontFace information, skip textframes where IsVisible() is currently false. r=dholbert
5f797d4d040abba6e0aa93092ca71c88153b25afJonathan Kew — Bug 1439524 - Add testcase for getUsedFontFaces that exercises multiple DOM nodes and whitespace collapsing. r=dholbert
c755e956453d33abc78c049db0abb80b9c953c0bJonathan Kew — Bug 1439524 - Clamp glyph-run offsets appropriately for the current frame's content to avoid potential failure to create the Range. r=dholbert
2e14ee07de8a0dd69a9a8a2a5bb1b5cd6617f757Josh Matthews — Bug 1437140 - Replace some uses of NS_DispatchToMainThread/NS_DispatchToCurrentThread with more specific event targets. r=mystor
91b807639ce3ab9b02a3d5f11b9dfaea497d526aPaul Silaghi — Bug 1437433 - Add a test for checking that a website can be bookmarked from a private window. r=standard8
760d011572dfca2ea39efafbced6518be22c513cHonza Bambas — Bug 1434609 - Add TFO_DISABLED as one of possible states after finishing TCP Fast Open (TFO) connection, r=valentin
e09d310a14b269778f40c1cc563db28ed93c68f2Dão Gottwald — Backed out changeset 29569f02015d
080fed1bd67fdbdf53f4f665959e47d768f5733ashindli — Merge mozilla-central to inbound. a=merge CLOSED TREE
a7a34d672b95353eebcfa97f5434ec86a6791040Ben Hearsum — bug 1398799: upgrade update verify docker image to Ubuntu 17.10. r=gps
bb0271610fd8705197ce50d3286db0e5a07fee72Gurzau Raul — Merge autoland to mozilla-central. a=merge
097cade856eceed3a6537707e8a1d911ce9dfccfMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1036008 - Use alternative ASCII capable keyboard layout information to decide keyCode even if the key produces an ASCII punctuation character r=smaug
b95d386bf5fcc709306142bceffd198fd0956166Andrew McCreight — Bug 1219081 - Remove undefined reference to libxul_sdk_includes from XPIDL makefile. r=glandium
0ded66b373f96cf5ba66aa8df1580d3a5b5ee6bfMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1437838 - Narrate module should listen to keydown events instead of keypress events r=eeejay
643b8b663b0c55700e00ff18b44baece5c50ef81Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #20095 - Set CARGO_HOME for Windows builders (from servo:jdm-patch-9); r=jdm
5caa81103c0070a52d1b2a30b854352e462dc5b3Valentin Gosu — Bug 1435671 - Reduce binary size by making NS_MutateURI.Apply not be a templated method r=mayhemer
b1e9af56de01731293f7c242228702f71523d52cJ. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1438696 - Stop Inspector from rebooting on RDM toggle. r=ochameau
7bf58604467435c97bdcfeadf89d6b296736a936J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1438697 - Add inFrameSwap property on page transition. r=mrbkap
2c23d6d439b26faf5ff931fe5de10fc1f8b07df2Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1388557 - Call RequestRestyle(Layer) in the case where we attach orphaned animating element to the document. r=birtles
61220454ebfb34c79fa601b80bdd4f60a1163742Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1417354 - Clear pending restyle requests for the element and its pseudos where the element is detached from the document. r=hiro
86f379eb10150d5e57af350881d024103ec6b438Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1417354 - Add a method to clear all pending restyle requests for a given element and its pseudos. r=birtles
3790c8adcba31c0a49bda55161777a7992fbfb4aHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1417354 - Introduce nsIDocument::GetPresContext(). r=smaug
d82b5673e4b6c040aa440198dfbdc9874cc39448Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1417354 - Drop unused presshell and prescontext in nsGlobalWindowInner.cpp. r=smaug
f991fdfb4ca4c4e283d594fa09ab7a7c6481263aXidorn Quan — Bug 1439507 - Add more XBL binding stuff to memory report. r=njn
51341e7c00c5905d7f1cd0d0eece16d437b5a6bcAndrew McCreight — Bug 1439770, part 2 - Inline constant argument to InterfaceDescriptorAddTypes. r=njn
486abdc9fc6a9208e88151d2e5a2095090265559Andrew McCreight — Bug 1439770, part 1 - Fix integer overflow in InterfaceDescriptorAddTypes. r=njn
dece9cd799b531d92fb7afaca547bc7d5d73fcf6Sebastian Hengst — Backed out 6 changesets (bug 1434300) for frequent GTest in AllocReplacement.malloc_check
23c05132214083d03b15969638cc5dfbd4a5135eFelipe Gomes — Bug 1439418 - Policy engine - Properly support optional and required fields in the schema. r=mossop
1f4e9b5602aedae3dc0ff949a5c1a765fb9e38f0Andrew McCreight — Bug 1438700, part 2 - Deduplicate XPT strings. r=glandium
961d5d58bab7cdc5e82cdb53d53715115d5d569eAndrew McCreight — Bug 1438700, part 1 - Do writing of XPT names to a file via a helper class. r=glandium
4a0f2f9776f826533df08f10f9d94c80b603d0ccJared Wein — Bug 1434415 - Move all hard-coded PaymentRequest strings to localization files. r=MattN
b3946f6cb5f2a639101e405358bfb4049ca574a9Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1439082 - ensure shield checkbox is disabled when about:preferences loads while FHR/Telemetry is preffed off, r=myk,mythmon
58a485627c5ec33226a4cd066e1a1185e9264f14Valentin Gosu — Bug 1439538 - Convert nsHostResolver::m{High,Medium,Low,Eviction}Q to LinkedList<RefPtr<nsHostRecord>> r=bagder — Backed out changeset 84ab509808e7 (bug 1420130) for mochitest failures on /browser_fontinspector_expand-css-code.js
3b1aa6958142dd4f4d418cc061fce905f7840eb5Jared Wein — Bug 1427947 - Dispatch `shippingoptionchange` when the shipping option is changed. r=MattN — Backed out changeset c9dcce0a1068 (bug 1435671) for build bustages on nsIURIMutator.h. CLOSED TREE
c9dcce0a106868a6ec567ab46a776db3f922c7dbValentin Gosu — Bug 1435671 - Reduce binary size by making NS_MutateURI.Apply not be a templated method r=mayhemer
23485791d3e188f55f1905e0fe95a33e0556cdddJ.C. Jones — Bug 1434300 - Add the DigiCert whitelisted SPKIs r=keeler
73a952303caeb975e651902f166e7d58785d4b32J.C. Jones — Bug 1434300 - Change Symantec Distrust Algorithm's whitelist to SPKI-matching r=fkiefer,keeler
61b168663a54d4b5da46de34d318da43cc10a71cJ.C. Jones — Bug 1434300 - Add a utility to match certificates based on SPKI r=fkiefer,keeler
ea372af453ef6162499632e53f7511d6c9a75189J.C. Jones — Bug 1434300 - Disable the b-c imminent distrust test r=keeler
d8517bfe9eb2896a49ffa24ed9f3bdadea2aba51J.C. Jones — Bug 1434300 - Implement the Symantec distrust plan from Bug 1409257 r=fkiefer,keeler
603b92a0ebd5d50bbf50b09c2d3add7b8629404aJ.C. Jones — Bug 1434300 - Update Imminent Distrust status for future Symantec sanctions r=fkiefer,keeler
84ab509808e785f6408b97d594aba6c1f2fa7ac7Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 1420130 - Remove React Proxy Monkeypatch and see how it affects DAMP r=gregtatum
dcb4baced77adc95a3b8b458d53519040c222b18Kit Cambridge — Bug 1439061 - Stop tracking on engine finalization and clean up in history engine test. r=tcsc
4bee139e29a10b49bb145a20ee9c36895ef07a25Nico Grunbaum — Bug 1439001 - AudioLevel RTP header ext. send/recv sense reversed in xceiver r=drno
a2910ffab8c0eb5b5742ec778a22b75701f651c6Thom Chiovoloni — Bug 1439675 - Fix invalid JSON in TPS's all_tests.json r=markh
5eeff2b968025bda429f6a7310566157d3ec0b9fTom Ritter — Bug 1438953 Increase the epsilon on timer reduction tests r=froydnj
f57e04801a922a8f680f892b41e6f2b4811709cashindli — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1433593) for xpcshell on /tests/unit/test_IE7_passwords.js on a CLOSED TREE
a8300f975833c8ddd95cb1537343de8634a42d37Mark Banner — Bug 1437584 - Enable ESLint rule mozilla/use-services for testing/. r=jmaher
ecb24bcac0cf500f3bb66705a5f947b74b1e1ab0Rob Wood — Bug 1384272 - Add a talos test that tracks the performance of opening about:preferences; r=jmaher
bfc24ecd424676ad804b36d0d080d2f898d979c0Adrian Wielgosik — Bug 1438956 - Modify HTMLMediaElement::Seek to avoid undefined behavior. r=bz
63e144e6ac83dbec7a6f99a638bcf75df216bec4Adrian Wielgosik — Bug 1438956 - Add inline Start/End TimeRanges methods for C++ users. r=bz
86e9709e94b370c1527b6c0c0f4f266fd598ae90Adrian Wielgosik — Bug 1438956 - Remove nsIDOMTimeRanges. r=bz
383cf4909bfba3a5ddd4c1814a33bba842d7766dThom Chiovoloni — Bug 1438445 - Refactor bookmark validator to be simpler and more correct r=kitcambridge,markh
7bf249f18dedaf2ed91fe2cdd53b0748d292e8b5Ethan Glasser-Camp — Bug 1438973: Update version of kinto.js to 11.0.0 r=MattN
4e2e6beaf2bb00d9e788a54b181f0773d23dd8d7shindli — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
ed39e473b31e17d58e828427668eea626cdac6a1Nick Alexander — Bug 1439459 - Expose MOZ_ANDROID_GOOGLE_PLAY_SERVICES to AndroidManifest.xml. r=Grisha
3fef64d3e7a9a422cd6bd95e8c5d2856026fd580Kirk Steuber — Bug 1429123 - Create an enterprise policy to prevent access to the Add-ons manager (about:addons) r=bz,Felipe
3ec5b80c7677c777307ccbe681c35978ebc2fd2cDave Townsend — Bug 1438614: Remove unused createDefaultProfileForApp. r=florian
f27a86a05cb55331b56eda04d7c41c6a36313af9Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #20079 - Replace IntegerOrAuto with ZIndex (from servo:ZEH-INDEX); r=emilio
c06d68b9961d928a759ec5e4e7137e85481f1fdaDave Townsend — Bug 1438620: Don't offer to delete profiles that are currently in use. r=florian
c1b0ea577728f27afeb30406d03bc9c0d226ec0bDoug Thayer — Bug 1433593 - Skip test_maybeImportLogin on Android r=MattN
96327b595b918d83f24131a2c0d34087a22c23ecDoug Thayer — Bug 1433593 - Clean up usages of LoginHelper.maybeImportLogin r=MattN
c4420500cda8ce75074b7fa5972c7c922002693cDave Townsend — Bug 1438615: profileCount should actually return the number of profiles. r=florian
b80453dc653f1242cb4d28e030cda96657278186Andrew McCreight — Bug 1438707, part 6 - Remove nsXPTConstant. r=njn
6e3cc809579c90edc3076cd0e30b31d6506cdbdfAndrew McCreight — Bug 1438707, part 5 - Replace XPT_ASSERT with MOZ_ASSERT. r=njn
eaddf501ff6a4dc6e599c7be4e4416cff259c19bAndrew McCreight — Bug 1438707, part 4 - De-macroize more XPT stuff. r=njn
e6734d35011cce6813e3a47f7cf231eb9fe920ddAndrew McCreight — Bug 1438707, part 3 - De-macroize CURS_POINT. r=njn
31a3d9ae3ed1c8479f0c9b1b0ba04026d68523a5Andrew McCreight — Bug 1438707, part 2 - Rename CHECK_COUNT to CheckCount. r=njn
9e096038bd581718463c892ded095ba08c496b73Andrew McCreight — Bug 1438707, part 1 - C++ize the XPT modelines. r=njn
ec2261548c49fe1d9cda4b19898f50b9a771d23cDave Townsend — Bug 1438611: Remove unused mDirty property from nsToolkitProfileService. r=florian
b4a269445e958d9c4deab2b028ccb9bfa80ee70eJosh Matthews — servo: Merge #20085 - Clean target directories of linux builders (from servo:jdm-patch-2); r=emilio
b327b9ee01a6666d298e2cd54ed3d7ac7b8b2fbeFelipe Gomes — Bug 1438577 - Add API to fetch bookmarks by GUID prefix. r=mak
0030dd5ce5e098e88c6fcd37fa68569991027005Marco Bonardo — Bug 1435711 - Remove controller support for tree autocomplete. r=Paolo
861067332bac96a44bbf41ef366f58a30476057bffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-302 - a=blocklist-update
e273c83967b89ce28dce0b14a15abb5579382c07ffxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-302 - a=hpkp-update
000fd2201a58858d4823ccb18d8c432296c7e5c4ffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-302 - a=hsts-update
b03d9c87bbf6b9b73883758ce494dd971368b5c9shindli — Merge inbound to mozilla-central. a=merge
4fbb23dba529e3d694948d63dc8bb81012d0e1a6Jan de Mooij — Bug 1437862 part 3 - Refactor guardTypeSet and guardObjectType to be a bit simpler. r=nbp
d3fd4aff7c7956a23978d9adf71116344d83647aJan de Mooij — Bug 1437862 part 2 - Make guardTypeSetMightBeIncomplete debug-only. r=nbp
6fac52eb6527c7880af268b06e90ba48fe791c9aJan de Mooij — Bug 1437862 part 1 - Clean up register allocation in generateArgumentsChecks. r=nbp
318cb586911e4a74d24c61eb24c2769b5a76a154Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1439634 - Update pdf.js to version 2.0.385. r=bdahl
8444543efa99ee2d3b884c28f8024870bd0790f5Tom Prince — Bug 1439258: Set SCCACHE controlling environment variables on windows workers; r=dustin
e3ad5ddda361c477feb75aef1272b884ff0c8d5dTom Prince — Bug 1421062: Use correct scope prefixes in repackage signing tasks; r=jlorenzo
0e7c060d72ebdf2fece3def0c96d7c887c8ee33eDavid Major — Bug 1427808: Link clang-plugin against clangASTMatchers.lib to fix build. r=froydnj
d7fe8178c1d91edd5688fc9765d3ebbc655d270fJoel Maher — Bug 1438641 - dom/media/test/reftest/ fails on new windows 10 hardware, add fuzzy-if. r=bryce
8dcb0af91b0ca8c050f8268e7190a62db52a39cdJoel Maher — Bug 1438944 - 3 tests from layout/reftests/w3c-css/submitted/shapes1 fail to pass on new windows 10 hardware. r=dholbert
189364f02193ddcad488215cfd8bd6a9b0733ce9Jason Laster — Bug 1438930 - Update Debugger Frontend v17. r=jdescottes
29569f02015d1f85d91417c5b9283cd0a5eb87c9Connor Masini — Bug 1417880: Allow theming arrow panels. r=jaws, ntim
fe6cdef6373287718150f3b7230e953f8e268adeCiure Andrei — Backed out changeset 25a1c4b0e2af (bug 1439411) for linting failure. a= backout on a CLOSED TREE
25a1c4b0e2afc2d2650a59efe81ddc8c981f064fMike Pennisi — Bug 1439411 - [mozlog] Document built-in CLI logging options r=jgraham
6d34a39d393b22fc62fde2a75e4822ea5bbd5487Milan Knežević Bug 1284414 - Wasm Baseline MIPS32/64. r=lth
90ea666c885edad8a0a663fe71715b0d5b83e943Jon Coppeard — Bug 1439361 - Simplify helper thread dispatch r=jandem
c48157464464906beaa14cd5d6c922a673fd0fedJon Coppeard — Bug 1439361 - Simplify ParseTask and derived classes r=jandem
d9b31bde966ec94fab94459ef67734a09a0d3ddfJon Coppeard — Bug 1439361 - Simplify StartOffThreadParseTask and ParseTask initialization r=jandem
e39070fcfd686160d97e44106b9e79cff014e57bJan de Mooij — Bug 1425580 part 13 - Simplify LWasmCallBase by inheriting from LVariadicInstruction. r=bbouvier
a6805a4f647118d4d72c3a26f974618a18a02fbbBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 1439234: Use the correct segment when initializing a debug-mode cloned Code; r=luke
56a805f8ce42532d6c735e8818d14823f8e9fa0aCiure Andrei — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound. a=merge CLOSED TREE
9cd1539c04f9ed36465d84348c23fe8fe0be81dcJonathan Watt — Bug 1432409 part 2 - Make RemotePrintJobChild::OnStatusChange no-op if initialization failed. r=dholbert
bd244079d11a95e00a0c01de562f7735075e07dcJonathan Watt — Bug 1432409 part 1 - Prevent nsDeviceContextSpecProxy using RemotePrintJobChild if initialization fails. r=dholbert
665ae9280a3214db0c065266179f24a2f8ffecadLuke Wagner — Bug 1428453 - Baldr: fix tests/wasm/profiling.js (r=me)
aa95a3a1d4bdcac0fab0441b7aedbdfcfddfa774Luke Wagner — Bug 1428453 - Baldr: use new traps for bad indirect call signature trap (r=bbouvier)
f5e1970ca33797f0da32fcc45321cbd74b86e91fChris Pearce — Bug 1392747 - Backed out changeset 6524c2d721db. r=backout
a98e72b7a79517f88dfeb3044ee6e7ccc649894cKartikey — Bug 1011480 - Remove CommonUtils.laterTickResolvingPromise() and replace it by Async.promiseYield() and Async.jankYielder(). r=eoger
ae61245586f76a1f9dab62d4a22c8f31b5ae9fd5Kit Cambridge — Bug 1439038 - Merge `Engine` and `SyncEngine`. r=eoger
3ae40dfba5168c3f1c0784bfb6391809bf4c9c7aByron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1290949: Test that removeTrack does not remove the associated sender. r=jib
e8b95716f05c0efa41285ddfa850d2afccfb5746Jan Horak — Bug 1431337 - Skip hidpi test of startup images because they overflow in Linux r=stransky
f969c4ecfd05b5c8eafb0dbded9d772367e1a18eJan Horak — Bug 1431337 - Scale content for the actual monitor, not the first one; r=stransky
56763cbe3a0b3c1d9ae288a00c73d8f5a3de0544Brian Grinstead — Bug 1439371 - Close the top window (browserconsole.xul) when the close key shortcut is used in the Browser Console;r=jdescottes
2abeb62e94dc1d859f2a743aaf5de8a13dd95387Andreea Pavel — Backed out changeset 3ab4e934cd7f (bug 1439395) for crashtest failures at tests/layout/style/crashtests/1400936-2.html on a CLOSED TREE
7819788b6f0962fee80d82cae527f2bd9a7e4397Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1438892 - Update bindings for API change in WR PR 2435. r=jrmuizel
6af5eb37f1e4fc50eae541f3544ea538001a8d1aKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1438892 - Update reftest results for changes from WR PR 2423. r=jrmuizel
abdec0a841387f3a9a18083cd786e41e56f6fa6dKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1438892 - Update annotations from WR PR 2426. r=jrmuizel
01b824331acd1e3ccc26a84afac5718b67aa17a9Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1438892 - Update reftest fuzziness for WR PR 2405. r=jrmuizel
3327445e7dacb06d23dada3e1faa007ffe3f10a5Glenn Watson — Bug 1438892 - Update rayon usage in webrender_bindings for version bump in WR PR 2431. r=jrmuizel
2f0342644d576df1d1c0bda70a629c019187e6f4Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1438892 - Update Cargo lockfiles and re-vendor rust dependencies. r=jrmuizel
7b1107be0b7408386eb7f4287ea5ebe5e81be0fbKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1438892 - Update webrender to e8d2ffb404a85651fe08a6d09abbece9bd2b9182. r=jrmuizel
0acceb224b7d7fd23402a75655b8aeff45d5aaceFernando Jiménez Moreno — servo: Merge #20080 - Minor cleanup of element.innerText (from ferjm:innertext.cleanup); r=emilio
f5fa46ea1d22db2997b4bfb2ef085aab6c8031a4Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1436352 - Enable turning microphone off on track-disable by default. r=jib
e7b57f8eeec3e00a8ffd27d9458ff697f3f0b5a9Jan Horak — Bug 1417847 - [CSD] Doubleclick event on draggable area restores/maximizes window; r=stransky
ad3678a2943b860a240de123dc57520cf622572cAndreea Pavel — Backed out changeset 5db4200c90a8 (bug 1438953)for mochitest failures at browser/components/resistfingerprinting/test/mochitest/test_animation_api.html
6c45d8cec7d81a815234e26ebb20a6244cac8c6fTom Ritter — Bug 1439365 Add a MinGW Opt Build r=glandium
3ab4e934cd7f77664d37ff9061c37843597cb0c4Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1439395: Clear Servo data only when the DOM is in a consistent state. r=bholley
136296cea37a772545863c9531193f466246eebfAndreea Pavel — Backed out changeset b33237dcbabf (bug 1439365) for mochitest failures at browser/components/resistfingerprinting/test/mochitest/test_animation_api.html on a CLOSED TREE
6496c32d75a24e7994572785eccedfa2da38cf92Mark Banner — Bug 1439380 - Remove uses of Promise.jsm from mobile/android. r=nechen
dd415a96999278ab235246b6d921972e28c66badAndreas Pehrson — Bug 1438538 - Fix SourceListener::CapturingAudio logic. r=johannh
bfca7256e3f4f7d641be0768d6335d1c5998351bEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #20078 - style: Rejigger serialization of a declaration block to not look at the shorthands length (from emilio:decl-block-serialization); r=nox
d32d276d2917d39471d8aa45192436f8819c5df0Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1439016: followup: Reuse AssertNoStaleServoDataIn in CreateShell too. r=me
4999e2acadcc4f70a4c1d48057e3d441f65eca46J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1438596 - Unix line endings for docs outline. r=sole
9e0b9e25bbf5a39c24c6cb893ac3c11e81adf48aJ. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1438596 - Push test docs higher in outline. r=sole
5708a33674f0a7646e4fd3624ba734e557b1bca8Johann Hofmann — Bug 1414751 - Disable frequently failing task in browser_siteData.js. r=nhnt11
2ce4b946d3ac80abfaff4a2c783a7955c5dd3708Daniel Stenberg — bug 1439067 - let TRR access TRRService through the null-checked global. r=valentin
a13152330b64654647491499664f7022eb6886c3Francesco Lodolo (:flod) — Bug 1437583 - Split plural forms for Delete/Add bookmarks in separate strings r=standard8
67203041d4c9a4dd8f8579df928baeeae084c4baJohann Hofmann — Bug 1439184 - "Clear All Data" button should read "Clear Data..." instead. r=dao
be033090d62ad73cb15da9993f855c91c8bdc78cAndreea Pavel — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 1439470) for failing on a CLOSED TREE
b33237dcbabfbf765d1c84ecf95fb47e0b696e5cTom Ritter — Bug 1439365 Add a MinGW Opt Build r=glandium
5db4200c90a80fd7e966daf0b30e1742ab6e56daTom Ritter — Bug 1438953 Increase the epsilon on timer reduction tests r=froydnj
ab3dd0846b7b0e247919def69d43b2cdc7886590Tom Ritter — Bug 1435329 Improve the HashKey function in the Resist Fingerprinting Component r=froydnj
3569be928c234cfff4f06ed60bc3e2c1ed6b2547Martin Stransky — Bug 1433866 - Rename CSD_SUPPORT_FULL/FLAT to better names, r=jhorak
041b0a0ece72b58fca950f50da937269c69d3e29Marco Bonardo — Bug 1439313 - delay loading Places treeview.js until necessary. r=florian
5adb9a9328d7654b396f4d055855c2c8d22cd968Martin Stransky — Bug 1423985 - Force CSD titlebar mode when GTK_CSD is set, r=jhorak
c0b4ca69376c1b8cd1c22a202100363631b5b9a6Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1434837 - Make autocomplete and satchel listen to keypress event at the system event group r=mak
8fa7c8455f707d4fa36a01469ae24af6ad0cde02Daniel Stenberg — bug 1439302 - repair the *RESOLVEAGAIN logic in nsHostResolver::CompleteLookup r=valentin
fa721c35fc3fd89c0acf8b55a625425bda70d7c7Valentin Gosu — Bug 1438332 - Change RCWN test to expect the to account for very fast code execution r=michal
f21e0c72bebffcddc221627ada72b0f1ec87f90dEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1438911: Avoid doing changeset changes off a runnable for stylo. r=bz
84dbe2d215f78534b9cd22e1e39e4b4104586fdfEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1439016: Remove dead code from Shadow DOM v0. r=bholley
b8cd6601b7539547f05598524607d312207181e9Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1439016: Crashtest. r=bholley
6ec2d0d818ce6d41d63e08a7322d1059f9b7d03cEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1439016: Assert that there's no stale servo data in shadow roots either. r=bholley
577a507f9ee1b970382008c46d5402970eb82632Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1439016: Clear servo data on slot changes too. r=bholley
47ac350879d518a00e64841bde3d7d890bd67983Ciure Andrei — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
c43ee00c3e6b611b21f6a51db79f5f86df110e91Mike Hommey — Bug 1439470 - Remove some now unnecessary checks. r=njn
cf9d008621491196c377fa567a9d7af265ca65a1Mike Hommey — Bug 1439470 - Turn TreeNode(nullptr) into a "virtual" sentinel. r=njn
f95559ae3134b82e0e8c5cbac8907192d44e1d15Mike Hommey — Bug 1439470 - Turn TreeNode into a smart pointer-like type. r=njn
57b6da7f66e10c81da22afc934a03a3c1c3c9006Makoto Kato — Bug 1439435 - Initialize mIsListeningToEditActions. r=masayuki
7a63a457c8e89edc417ea384f24102c988feb3d5Xidorn Quan — Bug 1417138 part 2 - Enable stylo-chrome by default. r=bholley
1f08bf9a7a50ba60ee81ba2f480bbc9b34978d7aXidorn Quan — Bug 1417138 part 1 - Skip about:downloads in about url test. r=Gijs
7f2dd59744eb4041bc5de60657d931d1a2e9859aMike Hommey — Bug 1439474 - Make double-free crashes more identifiable. r=njn
66b5612991853471be152cc55394de6f2d2fcd60Jim Chen — Bug 1439406 - Add consoleservice.logcat as early pref; r=mccr8
2c000486eac466da6623e4d7f7f1fd4e318f60e8Ciure Andrei — Merge inbound to mozilla-central. a=merge on a CLOSED TREE
a35fe8a4a82de45e10627b6fc760dd13d5df64a8Lee Salzman — Bug 1427118 - make RecordedFontData use fallible allocations. r=milan
184418c5611982b3aabfeb762c7db7e045dd8676Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1414674 - Do not enter the compartment of the target window when calling KeyframeEffect and KeyframeEffectReadOnly constructor via Xray. r=bz,birtles
10b275865d07cd4ee2a8cf28e11ba2a0cb71a31carthur.iakab — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
76ccc4224a254074a8693e35162f34cce021310fDorel Luca — Backed out changeset a95360977f76 (bug 1428453) for arm build bustage
a95360977f7635ca900c4001c3a69af6fd00920dLuke Wagner — Bug 1428453 - Baldr: use new traps for bad indirect call signature trap (r=bbouvier)
1874ac39b41cbeaee0dd9b2442aacfd7c3731735Ben Kelly — Bug 1439212 Make ServiceWorkerRegistrationWorkerThread::ShowNotification() check for nullptr mWorkerPrivate. r=asuth
a2ebde19d2781370ea487c93ce9a7a0c7d6b263fBen Kelly — Bug 1439099 P3 Remove ServiceWorker::MatchesDescriptor() in favor of Descriptor().Matches(). r=asuth
3c0e2869bb10216d07548322aa94f5585b35df4bBen Kelly — Bug 1439099 P2 Remove ServiceWorkerRegistrationInfo::GetByID(). r=asuth
e645473ee112196fe72083441762fa6e004c1000Ben Kelly — Bug 1439099 P1 Make ServiceWorker::Create() get the ServiceWorkerInfo using a full descriptor match instead of just by ID. r=asuth
ab4200b426149ca70c7e579039a556cf5ee46e7dEdouard Oger — Bug 1439194 - Implement a separate state for login failed in the sidebar. r=markh
240ccd1d0375156ab80ac5ea431040a46c67255eXidorn Quan — Bug 1438497 part 3 - Add XUL prototype cache to memory report. r=njn
2c061c1f331949f319deb928d76cc16cc1bf561eXidorn Quan — Bug 1438497 part 2 - Do not report bindings which are cached in XUL prototype cache. r=bholley
534f4bcfb3bd3fbc7e50f9f1200a0395e2876479arthur.iakab — Merge mozilla-central to autoland
51a44c186dddd2ae9a9f244372251dd8c5bf47beMiko Mynttinen — Bug 1439375 - Always create a new nsDisplayCompositorHitTestInfo for stacking contexts r=mattwoodrow
92d362925563bf9dfb056255d5d018a84c63bc44Dorel Luca — Backed out changeset 38577c007450 (bug 1424371) for Marionett test failure on testing/marionette/harness/marionette_harness/tests/unit/ CLOSED TREE
a75f30d856c949c557b59607e411a1b37ea2b5f0Dorel Luca — Backed out 9 changesets (bug 1410456) for Mochitest failure on mobile/android/tests/browser/chrome/test_media_playback.html
38577c007450d641cfe792a974787cde0bbe1410Milan Sreckovic — Bug 1424371: Use BaseRect access methods instead of member variables in dom/ r=qdot
58cf8ba79e970d40cec74c67a82ea923cdb4d48dNicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1438542 - Fix rendering of non-cached message issued from logStringMessage; r=miker.
36f6b40dfa8881839bcbc4053094b7bdfb944277Alex Chronopoulos — Bug 1410456 - Update cubeb from upstream to 84e9568. r=achronop
19f3248502d9f066883be6c8df528eb4cd644500Alex Chronopoulos — Bug 1410456 - Add new files in script. r=padenot
18ef18999175f7f66b614a74a64e02926ec53968Alex Chronopoulos — Bug 1410456 - get mixer latency from JNI instead of system library. r=jchen,padenot,snorp
0ec75a56b4c7d164b2419e9326ca9da948c54645Alex Chronopoulos — Bug 1410456 - remove preferred sample rate implementation because makes use of dlopen. r=padenot
f7eae1545d5e215081780c894340654d9781b698Alex Chronopoulos — Bug 1410456 - remove get latency implementation because makes use of dlopen. r=padenot
d59060ecd24c545fef8bb9a9197aaac66da7ef81Alex Chronopoulos — Bug 1410456 - remove get min latency implementation because makes use of dlopen. r=padenot
f996b9dce4a69bf8d03e92746251bf3560a2166fAlex Chronopoulos — Bug 1410456 - remove an unused variable that produces a compile warning. r=padenot
1f75636b5bce590ab6b16384ba26a0d8a0dbcbd1Alex Chronopoulos — Bug 1410456 - use jni methods in place of removed cubeb methods. r=padenot
c170d37b1a04906273272ecb3ce080713e0a7d54Eugen Sawin — Bug 1410456 - Allow OMT access to Android system audio properties. r=esawin
48fb17a12bb4da5b2e423ea2596941e2a7454a7aNicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1438442 - Fix styled console.log issue with empty style; r=Honza.
dc70d241f90df43505ece5ac12261339e9694c50arthur.iakab — Merge inbound to mozilla-central a=merge
176fb0d46b643a81168d22165c55e25c5e158081Csoregi Natalia — Merge mozilla-central to inbound. a=merge CLOSED TREE
040692f892ab2c8c7c748e65a3dc9da2c553cf07André Bargull — Bug 1438618: Remove unused using declarations. r=Waldo
a75849374bdc9580d902be7eee21926f964c3f73André Bargull — Bug 1438303: Update steps and step comments in Intl files. r=gandalf
9929099d4c410e5e46750232856349564f6a9ab4André Bargull — Bug 1437530: Cache template literal objects per call site again. r=arai
6c863dc8093fda2c712700033be9ebbab7b36afaphilipp — Bug 1043775 - Put old versions of GDATA GDKBFltDll64.dll on Dll blocklist. r=marco
66815ce7cfc9c48d7879d6939a2f4fde93c94a16Florian Quèze — Bug 1403648 - set the 'focused' attribute on the urlbar by default, and remove it when we are unsure, to avoid flickering of the urlbar-history-dropmarker, r=johannh.
e992be21e7e9c307e3e0a92f1b65ea345c16cbaaFlorian Quèze — Bug 1403648 - set urlbar focus and about:home favicon in the DOMContentLoaded handler to reduce window open flicker, r=johannh.
0435bcb13e06783dbd9b33c9cdc3a84e05d14e83Florian Quèze — Bug 1403648 - focus the urlbar at first paint without waiting for a promise to resolve in most cases, r=johannh.
43b8d13b99614f5929174d1d1c5bb147458e738eNathan Froyd — Bug 1439362 - make nsBase64Encoder slightly less malloc-happy; r=valentin
4e4ea471e2d1c8db0c5f3a766bcb989bf95b76adarthur.iakab — Merge autoland to mozilla-central a=merge
737477b7b0c6973eb65de3634c8fdf04056c0288Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1438531 - Remove leftovers of mocha test from netmonitor. r=Honza
3d23b4bd60d9d4d950bce01931610818dc72b313ffxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-302 - a=hpkp-update
9277883336541408e7427830e23b0f49af2f824cffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-302 - a=hsts-update
f60cfdc81e946cf052cc29b8beae7c50613a3039Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 1425219 - Stop using GetNativePath in ffvpx. r=jya
12b8e4ad2fdc00a75fb9852cacf7d4b72f2b8bfbAndreas Pehrson — Bug 1430856 - Default to two default capabilities when a camera can handle anything. r=jib
445276274143b5e2d4dcf8f0afc13df28530e378Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1430856 - Cache CaptureCapability in CapabilityCandidate. r=jib
5b8dd2380f3eda126be82974414577a53ca64a27Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1436670 - Devtools Reps: update bundle to v0.20.0; r=nchevobbe.
43390eee81420fcd1c462b3e775e8926ae407ca8Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1438463 - Fix click on location in browser console with new frontend; r=nchevobbe.
75e8d75c3de9c10effd6e98388868509674d4593Tim Nguyen — Bug 1437230 - Remove feed binding and build DOM using JS. r=Gijs
c8833b3f97ef18e3f845703956ea76337377d0d2Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1439331 - Upgrade mozrunner log dependency to 0.4. r=jgraham
4e34120e1c1d29f87d2768a18530929a0fb9e763Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1439329 - Bump crate dependencies for zip 0.3. r=jgraham
35b76e379b5eeca33fba8615a669b001b18d9851Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1439329 - Upgrade to zip 0.3. r=jgraham
25c8cf91317569de5e92207417073ffb057b2fe6Daniel Stenberg — bug 1439340 - lock addr_info in nsHostRecord::RemoveOrRefresh r=valentin
673079f35a2fc57b87e202255e9bc5f45d728f1fAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #20073 - Remove some useless manual layout optimisation for KeywordSize (from servo:keywordsize); r=emilio
387d87eb05f8a5917657e2a42f21d56dc735e6d3Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1396819 - Improve error messages from capabilities matching. r=whimboo
ca5ab7d0c716eed612ef41fb433806de231dce4eGurzau Raul — Backed out changeset 1f94fa48c7dc (bug 1396819) for build bustage
e2d9024ddc20e91c3394cde0d1c9650ae27bce22Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1438297: Unship the legacy syntax for -moz-transform. r=xidorn
96d27461ce92630aea43572c68bea2846b4feb91Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #20072 - style: Unship the legacy syntax for -moz-transform (from emilio:moz-transform); r=xidorn
1f94fa48c7dc1452be45418ef956caf6de054c29Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1396819 - Improve error messages from capabilities matching. r=whimboo
1274d9304cecea8ab5a1093bcc20afaaf351a173Cameron McCormack — Bug 1439288 - Remove synthesizeCompositionEvent. r=ato
d0406024a77bdbc9e1b868fc985e26ae97436aceCameron McCormack — Bug 1439288 - Remove unused synthesizeText function. r=ato
804713551b703c1c221d362c8334831326ebafb9Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1435092 - Fix mocha tests broken due to changes to prefs; r=bgrins.
b0460e52172b43528504269c49a3a67b2ddf50afNicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1435092 - Add a util object to manage preferences; r=bgrins.
e1ac6bfbb020275f1b1994e0ce11db0fb7599c2aMike Yusko — Bug 1434904 - Delete testSize.html test case r=ato
022b0205b80ef91d441838a2d2b55d6cafd5465cMike Yusko — Bug 1434904 - Remove dependency to testSize.html in r=ato
1f5f5fe0abea007f339aa361970fd75ab0b84589Martin Stransky — Bug 1434572 - [Wayland] Implement Gtk+ clipboard shortcut for copy->paste between Firefox windows, r=jhorak
4943df550a2d717e9fcff2374e2814e3ee7c6930Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1439224: Make shadow root style changes not restyle the whole document. r=xidorn
8c6cf91d4a4da618e6984664ed6cb305da62a3a6Csoregi Natalia — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
67191cda45ff67071ad055be9d9b688930746b84Martin Stransky — Bug 1419442 - [Linux/Titlebar rendering] Add optional drag space above titlebar, r=dao
befae37d1035c97b512fbf44f3d17c454420263dXidorn Quan — Bug 1438497 - Add bindings into memory report. r=bholley,njn
720647f95790216766298539040e59ad7f22d129Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #20070 - Add sizeof for AuthorStyles (from upsuper:authorstyles-size); r=bholley,njn
d0d3693d9beff5477175a441fdb06e281e8b7f17Csoregi Natalia — Merge inbound to mozilla-central. a=merge
477829f02dd7f26d94e3b0076a62932f2ad7e4adMakoto Kato — Bug 1431336. r=smaug a=abillings
5c26e5d346800ba720f32d0a8f1a872c34f31184Dan Glastonbury — Bug 1428947 - Check plane width & stride constraints. r=mattwoodrow
07e8cd273ed69cc74a0d0e12a394f897cc5e81acCosmin Sabou — Merge mozilla-central to inbound. a=merge on a CLOSED TREE
bf662dbf4bc7eb0e0ea23b1241809b19cee24ffeTom Prince — Bug 1429603: Removed unsued `virtualenv_python_dll` mozharness config; r=jlund
9d349b06ca8b9372589fdcb7d29a6b407dd94a79Margareta Eliza Balazs — Merge mozilla-central to inbound. a=merge CLOSED TREE
fc7f1c7fb15730e008f86b72f5d53c9d02c2d5feHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1439279 - Drop needless requestAnimationFrame in reftest for web-animation. r=birtles
04c3f7e2f6fe78a7af9f9cc282373f29a0e98807Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1439279 - Append animating element after animation gets ready. r=birtles
b37d7ac91008532d5c0c760390b2a48230baecb9Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1439279 - Drop needless requestAnimationFrame that waits for applying new transition. r=birtles
d071f1a3ace473f5d5c292ae7a704da892165107Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1438866 - Mark empty filenames not interesting. r=emilio
a42f1a25f0886b626df78ff4a4cf79d1a0e1ef9aKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1438866 - Add some utility code to help with debugging. r=emilio
a04f505f94540b4297f34a0704cbfad7b7d6bb79Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1438866 - Use proper path separators for windows. r=emilio
3a82b23762e8e7b5e602d06f6e6d04fdbdde2e7dKit Cambridge — Bug 1438740 - Add a consistency check to ensure the synced bookmark mirror matches Places. r=markh
2ff1d57860b67bdd7fec1648c92e135971e44393Cosmin Sabou — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge on a CLOSED TREE
50d6fe2d0bca50837dd34eb4a79957885c55bffcMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1438157 - part 2: Remove unnecessary second argument of EventUtils.synthesizeKey() r=smaug
a9313b86c72f9ea594da0bd4ba65a53c23a299a0Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1438157 - part 1: Make EventUtils.synthesizeKey()'s second argument, aEvent, optional r=smaug
e38073a64f0ba898b436ceeac72802b376004530Johann Hofmann — Bug 1438806 - Set correct default permission when showing blocked popups in the identity popup. r=prathiksha
a762bc86c38e51320a2007ecd2a15df0687544e4Margareta Eliza Balazs — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
ad133cd410a719c0b67e61b8d3b1c77a32fd80a9Cosmin Sabou — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1437428) for frequent xpcfailures on marAppApplyUpdateStageOldVersionFailure.js a=backout
5b52d51bbaf2f6c8c6388b5bc22b0b8fe1172ebaCosmin Sabou — Merge inbound to mozilla-central. a=merge
917a211c3efa92df32dc1d629e35a9c5fdbf3941Robert Longson — Bug 1435477 - Make the SVG dom code use the WebIDL constants from the bindings r=jwatt
38626987c0cfd6e715cfcc6f4f1a1209191a03c5Tom Schuster — Bug 1431095 - Change Content-Type-Options: nosniff allowed script MIME types to match the spec. r=ckerschb
7d759872b1743c1ab44acfd984536f6bb4d35064Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1438599 - Part 2: Import fdlibm from FreeBSD (revision b21ccf63f28a3a4692d8a31419e0a725a1b1a800). r=jwalden
724ddaceae8c7347cbd85c81b89950d3355e042eTooru Fujisawa — Bug 1438599 - Part 1: Rebase local patches for fdlibm. r=jwalden
b42d3420019f925a6371a9f2b9ced3f53d815462Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1438599 - Part 0: Echo the applying patch in fdlibm update script. r=jwalden
d4aa33646f8bb62025644f240b71af17a854fccaSebastian Hengst — Bug 1432358: Fix test annotation. r=bustage-fix
9f37220bc5360c91a80278119a1ce2a4940d9aecChristoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1432358: Disable test_ext_contentscript_triggeringPrincipal on win debug for timeout failures. r=aryx
93dcf59ff87e075acefb7fd7634c270519a857f8Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1432358: Allow certain top-level pages to be agnostic to CSP. r=smaug
a8b53e720ac7c35192eada9bf7c174df78105504Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1432358: Update OverridesCSP to account for systemprincipal. r=kmag
fc871960d805efc5b3c4ac9e0682312d7bb23bdaChristoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1432358: Make resource URIs subject to CSP. r=gijs
e93c3591c5425dab2bf4919cec272aaea83acba4Cosmin Sabou — Merge autoland to mozilla-central. a=merge
cb4185c40f3d2445850029e4785d324783375497Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1438133 - Ctrl + Enter should cause keypress event even though the key combination doesn't input any character r=smaug
fb881aff4e4ee6eaf84d37b7c129a62e6bda4741ffxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-302 - a=hpkp-update
68df373ad7ba5ccd9943360dbe4298c29298ab16ffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-302 - a=hsts-update
48b635e3d4472483d4f91f3b9a715582d2f31bf4Margareta Eliza Balazs — Merge inbound to mozilla-central. a=merge
7faf85adc8988c19f9d5a1b396d129c84e6b28f9Miko Mynttinen — Bug 1438165 - Ensure that all display items have a unique type r=mattwoodrow
473f8e78ebf9cbfc94f94771b07717f4d9ad7b81shindli — Merge mozilla-central to inbound. a=merge CLOSED TREE
51b090021867a02e33366b639c7814353c494f00Honza Bambas — Bug 1433557 - Add a null-check for transaction when setting TCP Fast Open state on an associated connection, r=valentin
11e086a7d4634a6e8f33f288422233a93734d601Sebastian Hengst — Backed out 6 changesets (bug 1434717) due to issues determined during fuzzing
34d3b357c86707050c08f7b1e1239d9161d484a5Miko Mynttinen — Bug 1438527 - Use non-empty bounds for nsDisplayCompositorHitTestInfo to ensure proper layer assignment r=mattwoodrow
3b4db655a2318dd0daf61a7ff2879e360a792294shindli — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
a46fa982caed74729b7980e96beae648e3900c6fOriol Brufau — Bug 1437178 - Fix various pageAction visibiltiy issues when using show_matches and hide_matches r=mixedpuppy
81c5d1e20e9a9e7474e23b75702523bfcae2f3e4Prathiksha — Bug 1434976 - Stop setting web-extension install prompt message details dynamically. r=johannh
e7438140bb208aba474a74bdab428fc55962491cshindli — Merge inbound to mozilla-central. a=merge
13aea3b64e17ad4994e327bb6c551d8dcdd81799Kris Maglione — Fix typo JSON.serialize -> JSON.stringify. (no bug) r=trivial
0a00e515def32e3a4b194967e6080abfc629d315Chris Peterson — Bug 1436263 - Part 5: Add a mach lint for virtual function declarations with multiple specifiers. r=froydnj r=ahal
8f706e7a3934ab8b58b98a04361ef9503c828987Chris Peterson — Bug 1436263 - Part 4: Remove unnecessary `virtual` and `final` from non-overriding final virtual function declarations. r=froydnj
b7634d84216c16379ff045db5c155894457506fbChris Peterson — Bug 1436263 - Part 3: Remove `virtual` from final virtual function declarations. r=froydnj
6064b17b6be60caaf9a1ddfa84df95c41b9ce0fbChris Peterson — Bug 1436263 - Part 2: Replace `override final` virtual function specifiers with just `final`. r=froydnj
d864fe04c3eae42674b4265d8e3aa6eaef4c3172Chris Peterson — Bug 1436263 - Part 1: Replace `final override` virtual function specifiers with just `final`. r=froydnj
2a0bd14b1bfd40a6fb18e21f7ecaae45d30fed31Andreea Pavel — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound. a=merge on a CLOSED TREE
7742669c40dbb2b66970981e95577aabae244702Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 1439005. Add PushLayerWithBlend. r=Bas
bb75a5c7f4cc69ae9b9fd520d6028c69a25f2c32Tooru Fujisawa — Backed out changeset c3f16a179c93 (bug 1414674)
c2b3a9f871a37bc2cf82cd42568bd2eff034bd3eDaniel Holbert — Bug 1433339: Apply single-item fallback behavior for 'space-between' more directly, in flexbox code. r=mats
d9f11f7aab0bdd947e452d3b739a7b31ee0a7952Andreea Pavel — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge on a CLOSED TREE
3ae4195fba9785117f76bdbe2cf3775cbb806a46Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 1438511 - Copy top window's uidensity attribute in sidebarUtils.js instead of forcing gUIDensity.update(). r=florian
be58311261fcad925faeaceefe3303ceb1653865Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 1438511 - Don't update sidebar UI density before SidebarUI is initialized, or if the sidebar is not open. r=florian
dd83069445a7eade7cd751b56e64f44b5a3b3bedAndreea Pavel — Merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central. a=merge
48f24f31126e921105177d9e8d1d9b35dfb7d09bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 619092 indentation fix followup.
c3d8569f3a93a06b092a2764d6495b9dcdd066dfPaolo Amadini — Bug 1437811 - Part 3 - Add a safety timeout for blockers registered by event handlers. r=Gijs
57250accd697ede24c28195a5f9d9f5164490ea4Paolo Amadini — Bug 1437811 - Part 2 - Prepare the main view just before opening the panel. r=Gijs
fd2948cdf0a5d04695e80c52d6923dab6eadb8aePaolo Amadini — Bug 1437811 - Part 1 - Fix test that didn't wait for PanelMultiView events. r=Gijs
32fd01f00b9964f33cfbceb1b96ea87864eaaddaRichard Marti — Bug 1437284 - Fix the spinbuttons in in-content pages. r=dao
2f2c5fc3296899118c471d9c88532e8104c6d639Dorel Luca — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
2ad6019ed5ce8fda34be421de06b228ce085359cJonathan Kew — Bug 1438522 - Cherry-pick recent FreeType fixes for variation fonts and flex rendering. r=jrmuizel
c3f16a179c93d9b75dd4581280967fa6ef364cc3Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1414674 - Do not enter the compartment of the target window when calling KeyframeEffect and KeyframeEffectReadOnly constructor via Xray. r=bz,birtles
220f302f894852a72dd172837955b5bdbd63d3b0Steve Fink — Bug 1439003 followup - avoid asm(), ignore hazards
1002608a4d1a73349cd3f9d8eef7c153ce051bcbSteve Fink — Bug 1439003 - gdb prettyprinter develoment aids (better stack traces), r=jimb
c8444b07c96e5ffc5e42afc3aa99e27430fe81a3Steve Fink — Bug 1439003 - gdb prettyprinter: update for spidermonkey changes and gdb's switch to Python 3, and resolve breakage due to unwanted optimizations enabled by unified compilation, r=jimb
90e5ccdd8c5fbd87e427e16dd5fd226fe79cedf6Andreea Pavel — Merge autoland to mozilla-central. a=merge
6cfa628374192bc053d5837c892fc5d6f44a6778Marco Bonardo — Bug 1433938 - Move Synced Tab matches above general history matches in the Address Bar. r=adw
3f96ca5e9d2deeaa6206313c981fa32d46062725Jonathan Kingston — Bug 1429732 - Use a pref to disable registerProtocolHandler in insecure contexts. r=baku,dao
440015f7003f1566ca3da2d91035c77178df85c4Dorel Luca — Merge mozilla-central to autoland
b915e160a690eb75d647c3681682064f87869f10Markus Stange — Bug 1437428 - Split ThreadInfo into three classes: ThreadInfo, RegisteredThread and ProfiledThreadData. r=njn
0fcad4eaabb63afc6987d46dc4aba31764eebf34Markus Stange — Bug 1437428 - Make PseudoStack a member of RacyInfo instead of inheriting from it. r=njn
eca0907980d2769c449894a6277c60c1a306792fAshish Kulkarni — Bug 1438833: fix web platform tests for XMLSerializer r=bz
1fd674ed91f96c8f0bbb36c827d74108dee0146fffxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-302 - a=hpkp-update
5c4a256c6280886e89271fbecd9a736ae465bda1ffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-302 - a=hsts-update
dde7eb1a589f1ec5221ad2a8c78007094f3b3b01Dorel Luca — Merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central. a=merge
19d0b0f36ccea9d991eb1891e6cb88b4e82f5d92Bas Schouten — Bug 1437492 - Part 2: Based on profile data, use the simple-matrix optimized matrix class in some places. r=mattwoodrow
b618a66fc348b4e8c82af76692d68e4790144e24Bas Schouten — Bug 1437492 - Part 1: Add a Matrix class with optimizations for simple matrices. r=mattwoodrow
2e16779c96ccde81cc863a984d132e3132e5f7d6Gurzau Raul — Merge mozilla-central to inbound. a=merge CLOSED TREE
4cf00a56d9766d93acbd241d68bba2d62f6c9fdfGurzau Raul — Backed out changeset b2fe34d6f8a0 (bug 1433163) for reftest failures on Android
29223aed98f36328b8c004ffea430ce659a1ab33Jason Laster — Bug 1436151 - Breakpoints at the beginning of a line are missed. r=jimb
b3ee97dce95a8d672f6a7445a132389cfeeb53ebJason Orendorff — Bug 1438278 - Part 6: Remove unnecessary #ifdef XP_WIN guards around #include "util/Windows.h". r=jandem.
091e9b26d9a14feba8f49355a3b03e185d253152Jason Orendorff — Bug 1438278 - Part 5: Rename some files into js/src/vm. r=jandem.
3ceed0fcb88258a867879388d84b3a41953da431Jason Orendorff — Bug 1438278 - Part 4: Rename some files into js/src/util. r=jandem.
08702628464616ad69c49390f121e9342e9d625fJason Orendorff — Bug 1438278 - Part 3: Rename some files into js/src/gc. r=jonco.
249a7398961afcefa7a6c1f2b9172d8c85e9104aJason Orendorff — Bug 1438278 - Part 2: Rename a template because there is another global template with the same name in jsgc.cpp. r=jonco.
745176a7ab4a5197f3e2b77c749b4559a7a5b4c4Jason Orendorff — Bug 1438278 - Part 1: Rename json.* -> builtin/JSON.*. r=jandem.
02d24f7856d50c678016cd33292882217ce29f36Jason Orendorff — Bug 1438278 - Part 0: Fix places where bug 1429206 left old filenames in comments. r=jandem.
2b7d400749d3553191958dd5d4a39ba324d6530fJeff Muizelaar — Bug 1438631. Use a similar drawtarget when painting masks. r=mstange
3907766823e6d2a4baa9fb507ab8915299d22392Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 1438631. Fix typos in IntoLuminance recording event.
2dc56cddadcd2e0a428a08b0b00f5544057da4cdJason Orendorff — Bug 1438670 - Tweak gc/GCIteration filenames one more time. r=jonco.
e9b8c798e67de86db459ce020218664487744270Jonathan Kew — Bug 1438674 - For non-OpenType/TrueType fonts, use synthesized glyph origin & advance for vertical shaping, rather than just refusing to use the font. r=dholbert
b593a217bb5a4bd160dff15f1fc1577b95f06778Jason Orendorff — Bug 1437955 - Part 2: Remove unused ParseNodeKind::Nop. r=Waldo.
e21126825c41be2a70bb6759e2dbdc7190621608Jason Orendorff — Bug 1437955 - Part 1: Split ParseNodeKind::Semi into ExpressionStatement and EmptyStatement. r=Waldo.
faf0193d3f644e6061def13571ee4bc600fd103eGeoff Brown — Bug 1427236 - Disable mochitest layout/base/tests/test_bug607529.html on Android/opt for frequent intermittent failures; r=me,a=test-only
35987648d470d2168df13d6d7c992cefc2c74184Olli Pettay — Bug 1430301 - Implement ShadowRoot.elementFromPoint/elementsFromPoint, r=emilio
90b727b890e0bcd772fe1c7734fc3413ca43418bTom Prince — Bug 1429603: Remove always false `update_gecko_source_to_enUS` from L10N mozharness scripts; r=Callek
27f83ac88526a1e058cc6a64a8060ce4f867cc45Tom Prince — Bug 1429603: Remove subsitations in `upload_env` for desktop L10N mozharness scripts; r=Callek
c550de20b6c79a607a0166d14f70b863390b43a4Tom Prince — Bug 1429603: Get rid of unused builduid in mozharness; r=jlund
0aec8ceb112f10d3e7fea88da94d05e9dfb8ae81Tom Prince — Bug 1429603: Set `hashType` in balrog properties in one place in mozharness; r=Callek
8f1b4a72d48a712abbc1f7d25c3c14c1175beef9Tom Prince — Bug 1429603: Stop looking at properties from buildbot when generating balrog properties in mozharness; r=jlund
aec7c335eab176ff63f069592560e5f7be5d8c0fTom Prince — Bug 1429603: Simplify generation of balrog properties in mozharness; r=jlund
ee3ea2965a24731fb8fcf7ba988c815d45ef783bTom Prince — Bug 1429603: Remove support for construct `POST_UPLOAD_CMD` in mozharness builds scripts; r=jlund
7480609a95aeae638d59a47003dd934603f7a530Tom Prince — Bug 1429603: Remove unused `ssh_key_dir` and `stage_product` from L10N mozharness configs; r=Callek
a8123dc4f1f2e7e53d6657d1c1476636860ce5bbTom Prince — Bug 1429603: Remove unused `post_upload_extra`, `upload_environment` and `base_post_upload_cmd` from L10N mozharness scripts; r=Callek
9ec320951dc9fae87cf0c7cae13d6c735a8c1623Tom Prince — Bug 1429603: Remove old staging release mozharness L10N configs; r=Callek
8025f5e9be27476609a558826f59d0ced4d4933cTom Prince — Bug 1429603: Remove overriden `upload_env` configuration from L10N mozharness configs; r=Callek
5181c7bdd6007128360402fa25d6303755f1d5e7Tom Prince — Bug 1429603: Removed unused balrog code helper methods from mozhanress; r=jlund
ce4939c349a9b95cd5251b2186fe8b636fb51c29Tom Prince — Bug 1429603: Removed unused balrog code from mobile L10N mozharness script; r=Callek
7ceaba8f41d0eb7eb92f68844872792e351496ceTom Prince — Bug 1429603: Remove code for uploading artifacts from buildbot to taskcluster; r=Callek
89e1f667f279d8a840dc32a57a4fb803338b6912Narcis Beleuzu — Bug 1438797 -Disable on Win_CCOV Perma devtools/client/debugger/new/test/mochitest/browser_dbg-babel.js | This test exceeded the timeout threshold. r=jmaher
52f1dfd75ff7641d966f1bdae12b97d889c65cd8Matthew Gaudet — Bug 1434717: Part 5: Connect UnaryArith IC to IonMonkey r=tcampbell
286c42a171d891d29c4afc214a34a806cb65f0bbMatthew Gaudet — Bug 1434717: Part 4: Remove UnaryShared IC support r=tcampbell
bf1d9d0ebbe7f81b6b928b60f00df13ef1d9c8deMatthew Gaudet — Bug 1434717: Part 6: Implement UnaryArith IC for doubles r=tcampbell
5c5ec856f0a6c47adba9208e2c8de09c9f255e81Matthew Gaudet — Bug 1434717: Part 3: Switch to using CacheIR for Baseline ICs. r=tcampbell
43a875bf1c8a3140619501a87615b4a088090140Matthew Gaudet — Bug 1434717: Part 2: Implement CacheIR IC for unary arithmetic operators r=tcampbell
7fd6eaf7fc97dbb1e9a72d4cdbb7fbaf0defee99Matthew Gaudet — Bug 1434717: Part 1: Implement GuardIsInt32 r=tcampbell
f7aa5f2af7e485841162a5539f2ee40391ff72e6Honza Bambas — Bug 1438583 - Shutdown test node server during --verify at the right time, r=gbrown
fb0c12a38e03ad49c40eb64df23885037d26053dTed Campbell — Bug 1438645 - Prevent XDR from reading past its buffer. r=nbp
c02157675069bd85d016dfd51202decd4bf93384Alejandro Rodriguez — Bug 1426139 - re-fetch only the relevant pref when a pref changes. r=chutten
d1a033a5fab7e1ad80272c819bed694fc7de009aAlex Chronopoulos — Bug 1438888 - Update cubeb from upstream to 1d53c3a. r=padenot
28f2431abd8379e56eaf5ee3ba7ff52ff8f1c5f2Jan de Mooij — Bug 1425580 part 12 - Remove LNode::accept, devirtualize CodeGenerator. r=nbp
e0377b6627678a8ddf69480cf8fd8e3725eb2c1cJan de Mooij — Bug 1425580 part 11 - Devirtualize LNode print/dump methods. r=nbp
b2fe34d6f8a054fc0f4f64740ad4f984cf647510Geoff Brown — Bug 1433163 - Increase android reftest test chunks; r=jmaher
1040dbe5d494cbf9498c4bcbeb91cd11fb8ea4adGabriel Luong — Bug 1438002 - Add title tooltips to the inspector sidebar tabs. r=Honza
50a26bd1c5af69f7aa710a6b5513e37753201be4Yaroslav Taben — Bug 619092 - Truncate wyciwyg URLs on Reload to prevent exposing them; r=bz
961f1ab676325920e326e4f313a3c6cb006e8517Yaroslav Taben — Bug 619092 - Refactor code for removing wyciwyg scheme from URL into util method r=bz
64f840ae00a95e3e0f81fd02e61b5251bb1de895Yaroslav Taben — Bug 619092 - Add testcase to ensure wyciwyg URL remains hidden r=bz
f2669a2b5934ac8e5637c3b96ab1f1dcdf502c00David Keeler — bug 1437214 - if PathBuildingStep::Check fails due to a problem with the subject certificate rather than the potential issuer, set keepGoing to false r=jcj
09cda613b1c46ebcc84c3095e88b2c543f5bd100Daniel Stenberg — bug 1438947 - avoid unnecessary timer cancels + clears r=valentin
df193243863ecaf558682fa6cb4f15d77653dbdeJ. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1439000 - Remove *-actor suffix from inspector actors. r=jdescottes
715fefcb01d708a310fc39eb83eff558c7e10617Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1439009: Declare a function in ServoBindingList to keep --disable-stylo happy. r=me
18960f25ad22e983eb1aab1c15b17333bdcf45f7Gurzau Raul — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
54f47b42fbf4f48aae142d265d0dea98e203e905Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #20065 - style: Cleanup GeckoElement::note_explicit_hints (from emilio:note-stuff); r=nox
8ea15f2aab7f00f6a5d6ef6add315d7506184bf8Ed Lee — Bug 1438821 - Fix drag placeholders, Pocket labels and bug fixes to Activity Stream. r=ursula
9eb712d119047b1ad2712151947e53741df9113eKirk Steuber — Bug 1429176 - Add enterprise policy to prevent access to about:support r=bz,Felipe
1cb0d5a14e4ac5122f127b03a4dd2b534e280044Kirk Steuber — Bug 1429176 - Add enterprise policy to prevent access to about:profiles r=bz,Felipe
5f9b1f5a1955545c5011bf89db019352d47be85cByron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1437741 - Part 2: Map datachannel to an m-line after all RTP transceivers have been mapped. r=drno
1ece6d0a7605caf12c2b5578f3573d854cc95c84Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1437741 - Part 1: Expect datachannel m-sections to be last. r=drno
97908780b56a4498eea6857df76eaa5a9a398be4Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #20064 - style: Trivially cleanup length parsing (from emilio:cleanup-length-parsing); r=nox
1684292955256a9392ed2ef153e3e51d10d706a5ewhite7 — Bug 1393609 - Add a test for line-height in console.log custom style; r=nchevobbe.
9b0cf7518d66126b66ef609078784b0c60b18297Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1405352 - Split browser_webconsole_jsterm.js in multiple tests; r=Honza.
cc0584b347b09cb336cc8d46f189b6b493a87565Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #20062 - Remove a single use of rooted_vec (from servo:iamroot); r=emilio
bbbd357dcb92b05153d6c9a1304b5f3954fb3415Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1307899 - Remove renderComponent and switch consumers to using Enzyme instead; r=bgrins.
1c45fa02b3a09b5d2e1a5140e4ad22ff388cdba1Rob Wood — Bug 1438340 - Only install talos pageloader addon when required, not by default on all tests; r=jmaher
bd967c4c3c166053088a0c823935c36d8caf9cf6Mark Banner — Bug 1438489 - Enable ESLint rule mozilla/use-services for devtools/. r=jdescottes
d5b9dd35e70aee67e71e2829dc22d77707eabfb7Matt Brubeck — Bug 1438954 - geckodriver: Upgrade to lazy_static 1.0.0. r=jgraham
d30a1e6932f914af9a2d548da0cb82715087ef50Doug Thayer — Bug 1432529 - Exit spinEventLoopUntil when canceling migrator r=Gijs
51d774eb06aea89b69127555fbea3008398ef376Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1438811: Remove the remaining bits of the traversal telemetry stuff. r=manishearth
9f4beb4471fbb6f32f75e1a4798ac4e2f5543c6eMarco Bonardo — Bug 1438130 - Disable preloaded top websites suggestions in the Address Bar until ready. r=Gijs
cbad25b1fee32022f41766991c94439c72c3ee6fDrew Willcoxon — Bug 1438329 - Problem(s) with delayed key handling in urlbar. r=mak
c4d818c138689a66a397393fe1dd259ef0943b35Gurzau Raul — Merge inbound to mozilla-central. a=merge
076438033e3397e40b17bec02114fde442ecb87aNathan Froyd — Bug 1438673 - avoid some refcounting when initializing URIs from mutators; r=valentin
c69ec6a80fa2eaa31ad6d69526a9371d7d576c70vinoth — Bug 1399990 - Files added for New Categorical telemetry SCRIPT_BLOCK_INCORRECT_MIME_2 and same origin check done r=ckerschb,mayhemer
fa3b9f40e77b970992686c064a1a8c368eb8b5d5Andrew Osmond — Bug 1437886 - Prevent shared surfaces from being used without WebRender. r=nical
45b2ae093db8ad9cf5186292b58dca1b5443b286Rail Aliiev — Bug 1398796 - Do uptake monitoring in TC r=mtabara
a81d9de925d84a8d434a20bc71277ae0bebee01aCosmin Sabou — Bug 1434777 - Disabled toolkit/components/extensions/test/mochitest/test-oop-extensions/test_ext_contentscript_devtools_metadata.html for frequent failures. r=jmaher
38557fb9f1118a256f53bc9b0d4c7de877b2badeAndrew Osmond — Bug 1436247 - Part 3. Fix image/DecodePool.h inclusions. r=tnikkel
e65b7fee0060c8e4ad79320f7ec2a99e249f64faAndrew Osmond — Bug 1436247 - Part 2. Shutdown idle image decoder threads after the configured timeout. r=tnikkel
7c913713301fd1fe75b082c572f23687a8f3e5d5Andrew Osmond — Bug 1436247 - Part 1. Spawn image decoder threads on demand, rather than at startup. r=tnikkel
42eb9bb1033e11e2f3c8c8cdbaaced162bdb2f59Jon Coppeard — Bug 1399866 - Add gray marking asserts to proxy write functions r=sfink
4cba9e37198385b69d473e9d7bec14795013c8c9Andrew Osmond — Bug 1438207 - Finalize the current frame of an ICO decoder correctly. r=tnikkel
030adb36e3da68064d5e17d7df064f0a7077a938Gurzau Raul — Merge autoland to mozilla-central. a=merge
fcfdf000a8f39815193875af1bffe2ce6e6e8a13Brendan Dahl — Bug 1418403 - Remove viewing source in a standalone window. r=jryans
a7f80d59de443854464dc6c4635b5d0a3650a05dBrendan Dahl — Bug 1418403 - Remove old view source window title test. r=jryans
7ea185f4bce1e1ddaa8927b4e0f4e5068d04d8caJim Chen — Bug 1438682 - 2. Implement dummy closeConnection; r=esawin
f066f679fb044cef576f467979808003a63e8de0Jim Chen — Bug 1438682 - 1. Cache initial selection offsets; r=esawin
8976a2e3a3b5683403febdcda896adb9a0d86a86Mark Banner — Bug 1432614 - Remove now unnecessary updating and maintenance of Places' root folder titles. r=kitcambridge,mak
ed39a38f8647e094616752efd2a1f8f408b35ab8Nupur Baghel — servo: Merge #20041 - Added extra bool in Window object to know about its Mutation Observers (from paavininanda:mutflags); r=jdm
06c8e6e3303cb4787fb15038d074301e84342726sole — Bug 1404877 - Migrate browser_webconsole_bug_658368_time_methods.js to the new frontend. r=nchevobbe
81617ea852ba672742f87dd247c0182f151aa882Oriol Brufau — Bug 1438274 - Fix browser and page actions clearance when navigating r=mixedpuppy
7b08a8b076fdc347fb507f923d243ab1c23b1f78Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1438476 - Fix launchpad configuration for console and netmonitor; r=jdescottes.
01e06518eb958b8decdc90156b61d8b7e416262cNicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1438476 - Fix mocha tests broken due to React 16 update; r=ochameau.
9610e7e1386533f4c3f61ae920743903defda25dNicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1438476 - Fix and document webconsole test's package.json; r=jdescottes.
5d12c0ceb2a517aebc6b1664d21b50baad1c55f3Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1437912 - [moztest] Add some missing subsuite definitions, r=gbrown
45810ed08842231bfe4f3555f40ecc0f45e18b69Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1437912 - [moztest] Map flavors and subsuites to a suite definition, r=gbrown
22bc43ba68709c2fc009e92c0d3f96de3b16bfbcAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 1437912 - [moztest] Make TEST_SUITES aliases case insensitive, r=gbrown
b73138cb7494428a333b100c7cc9971bc470d599Ursula Sarracini — Bug 1438658 - Allow pktApi.jsm to archive an item r=Mardak
ea26341dbc8a6d0fa767f78e3baf156174898457Alex Gaynor — Bug 1438209 - fixed Windows builds with the crashreporter disabled; r=ted
751d00a65e68ad9075071de8bd72e37488c398eaKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1437572 - Update reftest fuzziness from WR PR 2408. r=jrmuizel
37d984fce90fc8c3355da99a7d91fa73712bfc6aKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1437572 - Update webrender to 4af31b8aa79d5a1f3c0242dea6be4876c71075c5. r=jrmuizel
0e1ed4c7224223059730320c6de910947337c216Marco Bonardo — Bug 1313188 - Multiple bookmark keywords for same (uri, postData) pair possible. r=kitcambridge,standard8
aa5d85f2a7ec876d9d35f4123445b8e1e9344b61Csoregi Natalia — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1417138) for failing test_message_manager_ipc.html on Android. CLOSED TREE
9f1b9c33846a2a7260878d840504ed776c1d34cfEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1436059: Cleanup a bit after ourselves. r=xidorn
99d75ed01742cd938c61ab5da22ea52369917419Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1436059: Fix inspector. r=xidorn
aeca8702a854546d527205281948fb739e5f0cf6Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1436059: Make XBL / Shadow DOM use AuthorStyles. r=xidorn
64edd64d9df88580a0a9bfb23aca634858f84156Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #20061 - style: Make XBL / Shadow DOM use something more light-weight than a Stylist (from emilio:author-styles); r=xidorn
560e1ce075054819e1d5c9ae98edbbe4f34c887dSebastian Hengst — Bug 792808 - switch to webidl XHR: add missing comma detected by eslint. r=eslint-fix on a CLOSED TREE
88a0a583d4ca8965dc82f51796e1de4cd9fef28bThomas Wisniewski — Bug 792808 - use XMLHttpRequestBinding::STATE consts in the XHR subclasses and remove XMLHttpRequest::State enum class; r=baku
2c9c1b0ef8c305fac3407ad4d75a69374d894701Thomas Wisniewski — Bug 792808 - Purge nsIXMLHttpRequest, nsIXMLHttpRequestUpload, nsIXMLHttpRequestEventTarget, nsIXHRSendable XPCOM interfaces; r=baku
b23feec78952168733c75a191c115c85f138086bThomas Wisniewski — Bug 792808 - Migrate BodyExtractor away from using nsIXHRSendable; r=baku
73a52aae80bcbbe2f227328810b0a610d05c983aThomas Wisniewski — Bug 792808 - Migrate nsXMLParseEndListener away from nsIXMLHttpRequest interfaces; r=baku
9feca4755b7ea47ef9e22655af0437fe7a9c55c7Thomas Wisniewski — Bug 792808 - Migrate XMLHttpRequestWorker away from using other nsIXMLHttpRequest interfaces; r=baku
53963f486f1589357f6e3f60c9bf259bef9ac2c3Thomas Wisniewski — Bug 792808 - Migrate XMLHttpRequestWorker from using the XMLHttpRequestEventTarget and nsIXMLHttpRequestUpload interfaces; r=baku
05e1fd3789a8b30465d4f12da61f3f8e3913974dThomas Wisniewski — Bug 792808 - Migrate XMLHttpRequestWorker from using the nsIVariant send() XHR method; r=baku
a4b33f7c71beb35c9693dfe0b6faf2d9e3493006Thomas Wisniewski — Bug 792808 - Migrate XMLHttpRequestMainThread away from needing nsIXMLHttpRequest's constants; r=baku
b4d46a5196fec93a482cbbd00cf5d4d7018f2206Thomas Wisniewski — Bug 792808 - Change test_SpecialPowersExtension.html to import and instantiate XHRs from global properties rather than using Cc.createInstance(Ci.nsIXMLHttpRequest); r=mrbkap
89ffff270fb7da538c09f3d38690e6da4bcfe616Thomas Wisniewski — Bug 792808 - Change pktApi.jsm to import and instantiate XHRs from global properties rather than using Cc.createInstance(Ci.nsIXMLHttpRequest); r=Gijs
56f9de9da69ae1fea95ae18be730b65f5386de59Thomas Wisniewski — Bug 792808 - Change PdfStreamConverter.jsm to import and instantiate XHRs from global properties rather than using Cc.createInstance(Ci.nsIXMLHttpRequest); r=mossop
27b15eb83e9d22c868f8a486b4257870f40fd94eThomas Wisniewski — Bug 792808 - Change asan-reporter bootstrap script to import and instantiate XHRs from global properties rather than using Cc.createInstance(Ci.nsIXMLHttpRequest); r=froydnj
ed441df27dadbf9dab6909f1292404a0142890a6Thomas Wisniewski — Bug 792808 - Change browser/[components|modules|experiments] to import and instantiate XHRs from global properties rather than using Cc.createInstance(Ci.nsIXMLHttpRequest); r=mconley
eafbaf250b12b49985043fa61dd795878282e190Thomas Wisniewski — Bug 792808 - Change js/xpconnect to import and instantiate XHRs from global properties rather than using Cc.createInstance(Ci.nsIXMLHttpRequest); r=bz
4d3bc187d05c62dffe50132f328b71220db3f884Thomas Wisniewski — Bug 792808 - Change mobile/android/ to import and instantiate XHRs from global properties rather than using Cc.createInstance(Ci.nsIXMLHttpRequest); r=sebastian
b2aa9ec1a16389df69befa4960d0f1d3aebd5619Thomas Wisniewski — Bug 792808 - Change devtools/ to import and instantiate XHRs from global properties rather than using Cc.createInstance(Ci.nsIXMLHttpRequest), and the same for FormData; r=Honza
2caa8dcfef0f6ac8c95c6ed0dd81fb3a5381213fThomas Wisniewski — Bug 792808 - Change dom/push to import and instantiate XHRs from global properties rather than using Cc.createInstance(Ci.nsIXMLHttpRequest); r=bz,dragana
41e250a79eeb0295f951ec5c73633a70cb02ef40Thomas Wisniewski — Bug 792808 - Change dom/system to import and instantiate XHRs from global properties rather than using Cc.createInstance(Ci.nsIXMLHttpRequest); r=bz,jdm
96efd7a65055c8836cd6db46c569b2e412bf11d5Thomas Wisniewski — Bug 792808 - Change dom/[base|tests|url] to import and instantiate XHRs from global properties rather than using Cc.createInstance(Ci.nsIXMLHttpRequest); r=baku
8ad43afebd6563a8a9dd9f1df4eeea6bf0d7b5feThomas Wisniewski — Bug 792808 - Change security/manager/tools scripts to import and instantiate XHRs from global properties rather than using Cc.createInstance(Ci.nsIXMLHttpRequest); r=keeler
654d03b562b3afe8a4f6b879ec5d512de42e6dc0Thomas Wisniewski — Bug 792808 - Change netwerk/ to import and instantiate XHRs from global properties rather than using Cc.createInstance(Ci.nsIXMLHttpRequest); r=valentin
d8198d56a4604dd21e1a7105ddb58bc8e67aa185Thomas Wisniewski — Bug 792808 - Change toolkit/ to import and instantiate XHRs from global properties rather than using Cc.createInstance(Ci.nsIXMLHttpRequest); r=aswan
2f76fdc4ee3ef4648e1edf001f923859b648373bMichael Kaply — Bug 1438559 - Add Ecosia for German Firefox. r=flod
0de748c25f49eb1076867cd99c98ddf0673c045bTimothy Guan-tin Chien — Bug 1234008 - Recompress some png images with zopflipng r=Dolske,Grisha,jryans
2b2b6233aa0bd3a7ad2dc5228529cbdba3811e14Greg Mierzwinski — Bug 1435040 - Remove object iterator implementation from CoverageUtils.jsm. r=bz
0264b78fe72bf4b780ac74afd541f48fe30eac09Xidorn Quan — Bug 1417138 part 2 - Enable stylo-chrome by default. r=bholley
c559b013b02501f1732cad5aa0e251e733f1ed54Xidorn Quan — Bug 1417138 part 1 - Skip about:downloads in about url test. r=Gijs
907a3ecfa24c4ef9c55e12bee57fcafb5c40db60Jesse Schwartzentruber — Bug 1421728 - Add a macosx64 fuzzing-asan build. r=dustin,froydnj
841865bb1ee82a560dd4ca0163a37f87908d3df1Narcis Beleuzu — Backed out changeset 2de04e1a46bd (bug 1431872) on request from marco for running ccov builds also on autoland and inbound. a=backout
f084649dce30aba28687d8259905c684de66c685Fernando Jiménez Moreno — servo: Merge #20054 - Implement element.innerText setter (from ferjm:innertext.setter); r=emilio
799ef07581c3c78e140e96e1084a76094420c25bNarcis Beleuzu — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge on a CLOSED TREE
da198449d15e25a8b3df5529d676d445caabd961Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1437147 - report warnings when the sanitizer removes stuff for chrome documents, r=bz
7c9182876dfd94e87587a6272aaa3d086e8ffd66Alexis Beingessner — Bug 1437620 - mark tests as newly passing under wr. r=kats
48056396963a0eaa51a2e7698dcf6be60eb1392aAlexis Beingessner — Bug 1437620 - Webrender: fallback on non-trivial text-combine-uprights. r=jrmuizel
c76cfa405b0e4b96e290d440cecdae8691f077deCosmin Sabou — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge on a CLOSED TREE
e78ab9a72984a252764331675cf1afed7347020cBrindusan Cristian — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
24117c13a4043ea2ec4e56d55569e8d643446e82Sylvestre Ledru — Bug 1437482 - gcc 8 has no-sanitize but not the {un,}signed-integer-overflow option r=Waldo
f529bbfd0f59e08b9f9f53165e590c251e2ce847ffxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-324 - a=hpkp-update
f593ed756427f083a69b404f3db334665322ddb8ffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-324 - a=hsts-update
928f0f09172fae67f6ec00e7a63969f7b28bd12eNarcis Beleuzu — Backed out changeset 2de04e1a46bd (bug 1431872) on request from marco for running ccov builds also on autoland and inbound. a=backout
8cf35a5cc0773e4c0ff0a67f6685dbbbe6b97105Narcis Beleuzu — Merge mozilla-central to inbound. a=merge on a CLOSED TREE
287ae6668ed2a94ba5c04b84655a7fbc377cdef0Matthew Gaudet — Bug 1435569: Give the "NotAttached" case a name r=evilpie
114d2a3202c0ddf706461952d63a14d35611f734Matthew Gaudet — Bug 1435569: Change CacheIRSpewer to allow less redundency in spewing. r=tcampbell
1bd07bb7833c6326d8d128dce9df6618431922efKathy Brade — Bug 1433523 - Disable Session Restore in Permanent PBM. r=mikedeboer
0be0607b050e9eeaff114166618b0e486dcaa79bBrindusan Cristian — Backed out changeset e51946bbcce3 (bug 1306696) for bc failures on dom/html/test/browser_fullscreen-newtab.js on a CLOSED TREE
a274eb9c8f1f980668fb53a60e10df2b3cbb718eBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 1422043: Don't use LookupCode for the interpreter entry in wasm profiling iteration; r=luke
b0db89ec8e9700b63779372d473c91900e6beb17Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1422043: Repurpose Code::lookupRange to only target function code ranges; r=luke
12219bfe0748a9bef50559e5c8eefca83655627aBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 1422043: Put all tiered data into one new data structure wasm::CodeTier; r=luke
bdeee319fd1a6ae8e99c08913d7c10d8622ebfddBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 1422043: Use pointer arithmetic to determine a wasm function index; r=luke
5f2344531e28852f2daf6cf5a5871cc5a94e4040Brindusan Cristian — Merge mozilla-central to inbound. a=merge CLOSED TREE
e51946bbcce31799dfd5032193f4c186bfc19664Xidorn Quan — Bug 1306696 part 4 - Add test for this bug. r=smaug
941681a0ddc64f46dda9c2e69ea36a78bc307deeNarcis Beleuzu — Backed out changeset a8aa7e2af130 (bug 1436151) for xpcshell failures on /test_setBreakpoint-at-the-beginning-of-a-line.js. a=backout
f01d1def46fb53a6523768c6e9188e66b89e664eCosmin Sabou — Merge inbound to mozilla-central. a=merge
0adb6b91b758fc7e45bd0476a2fbadc913adeee0Dão Gottwald — Backed out changeset f23ac3f571cf
90e960e02981918a06ff08fc410db764ac8c6af7Dão Gottwald — Backed out changeset c03c60285f5d
0ffbe7e6f0b22f102189a2eb7c38a336b4a6f394Dão Gottwald — Backed out changeset 9833d3aa5451
9eaebbcc33fd3824876db1b8b33750e997c02f7bNarcis Beleuzu — Merge inbound to mozilla-central. a=merge
2d086c21b2a17715efed3b8d08350b26deacb150Markus Stange — Bug 1385998 - Fix a typo in a comment.
bf6a4f1f64c1aa0e36f6a603a2558bbcfe95546cJashank Jeremy — Bug 1438120 - Fix non-MOZ_GECKO_PROFILER build by adding the missing AUTO_PROFILER_LABEL_FAST declaration. r=mstange
2f9f219db59c3e1d421324699aac0a71eb1b58c8Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 1436863 - Only send possibly-changed prefs to content processes. r=glandium.
25ce4e94746b43c0cb7998bd9a56364714577c69Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 1436863 - Factor out several calls to ContentPrefs::GetEarlyPref(i). r=glandium
1616ad6c800b3fa6d1017de5dd22372517fdc608Luke Wagner — Bug 1428453 - Baldr: use new traps for indirect call to null trap (r=bbouvier)
8b6ab11ede4c51e77863a3314742fc2937694ebaLuke Wagner — Bug 1428453 - Baldr: use new traps for the already-reported trap (r=bbouvier)
e9b25860d4f91e99dcff111819d9a15724e05cb6Luke Wagner — Bug 1428453 - Baldr: use new traps for SIMD conversion trap (r=bbouvier)
75c054ccb1d5f9e21dee80d9f20bcdb7d3bd6bd6Jeff Walden — Bug 1437970 - Use mozilla::Abs in js::powi rather than unary negation, to avoid signed-integer-overflow issues with INT32_MIN. r=anba
c2ba48e8eb787213c112a40d58b7797eae7ef92fJeff Walden — Bug 1437729 - Make fdlibm::atan2(y, x)'s handling for |x == 1.0| not potentially invoke signed integer overflow. r=arai
6902e5dc198cf250f7f788d8f4617bd489cdf277Jeff Walden — Bug 1437731 - Convert a |uint16_t * uint16_t| to |1U * uint16_t * uint16_t| to avoid integer promotion of the original two operands resulting in signed integer overflow given the right runtime inputs. r=froydnj
4d4d38e826db359a39b7511cd541dbf3ae0461bbJeff Walden — Bug 1437739 - Don't blacklist the entirety of the JS engine for the signed integer overflow sanitizer. jstests and jit-tests only report two runtime signed overflows, so the problem appears easily well corralled enough to not exclude the entire engine. r=decoder
f6136cfc3e9a7b43fa4a47c76091bc4c6bcafc0dRalph Giles — Bug 1430928 - mozboot: install rust 1.24. r=froydnj DONTBUILD
784c1815c3c4131c0d5ed8b83988cdf7958cc54fJan de Mooij — Bug 1438232 - Handle lazy scripts in CanReuseScriptForClone without forcing a delazify/clone. r=shu
0a84902451470ab29d1f907e91c4fdd78f4b4a2dsotaro — Bug 1438408 - Shutdown RenderThread if it exists r=nical
8cc483ee3ffb5a3b1af9b511c6c147b805eae877Dylan Roeh — Bug 1432233 - Eliminate GeckoBundles from public APIs in GeckoSession. r=snorp
142b57a7b01cd14c712d00950129344e8e5fbdaeMargareta Eliza Balazs — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1438292) for multiple failures in /builds/worker/workspace/mozharness/mozharness/base/ on a CLOSED TREE
0db116b21ac09675a37a4904fa75777b6bc19b3dJeff Muizelaar — Bug 1438425. Delete DocumentRenderer. r=jesup
8508dc544f8b56d647e076e82537f4de626db089Joel Maher — Bug 1438292 - add JetStream benchmark to talos. r=rwood
a9db2b954595da03b7ca54fd1b9d76d9953564b0Joel Maher — Bug 1438292 - add JetStream benchmark source to tree. r=rwood
a7d2a49f46fbbe9e39650ea1e9acd457b01f8337Margareta Eliza Balazs — Merge mozilla-central to inbound. a=merge CLOSED TREE
64db6b9c2139dbb7aec1850187516058e85e29cdDavid Major — Bug 1333126 - Add #include to fix non-unified build in Win64ModuleUnwindMetadata.cpp. DONTBUILD
8a15c2c921d8c00f139e4967c8e83b83a46b0448Matt Woodrow — Bug 1437374 - Don't intersect the rebuild rect with the frame's overflow area if we're about to take the displayport into account. r=miko
f8e7b9e6ab8888f5a931fa226ce2d027d876a3b1Robert Strong — bug 1438428 - Use Cc, Ci, Cr, and Cu globals in updates.js. r=mhowell
ec6f1b3c13170bb2ab8d1e22d4f28691cbc5be17Robert Strong — bug 1417254 - don't print all update download onProgress messages to the console when logging is turned on. r=mhowell
f1b8cac2508c35bb96d54385af9f99f630a3f383Robert Strong — bug 1438424 - make it so the test_0085_error_patchApplyFailure_partial_complete_staging.xul test pass when all tests are run with --verify. r=mhowell
761e1bc8ac964f80813131186a418fae4a0142c4Robert Strong — bug 1438423 - make it so the test_0171_check_noPerms_manual.xul and test_0172_notify_noPerms_manual.xul tests pass when they are run with the ability to elevate. r=mhowell
4eac0c22e52681e3acab186ffaa2aae430b00582Eugen Sawin — Bug 1437930 - [1.0] Avoid redundant image shrinking and scroll position resetting. r=bz
24f191972279a7fcac58aaa55d6f85a08a4ef115Noemi Erli — Backed out changeset db673a3d83f9 (bug 1437140) for speedometer crashes on a CLOSED TREE
e48b1c8130b99041eb384d1043cd998bfe6612a7Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 1438502 - Add error reports to CacheEntry internal methods. r=anba
3ed4ca56120b74ffc0c5745c83e773692241bb0eJonathan Kew — Bug 1435989 - Test for the InspectorFontFace.ranges attribute. r=dholbert
df945031ffcd0a2602cc59f7fa9cb741e7380112Jonathan Kew — Bug 1435989 - Add a 'ranges' attribute to the InspectorFontFace object, to expose ranges of text that were rendered with a specific font. r=bz,dholbert
b206e4fb63ec6f38439d405955b20398faf27ea0Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1437118 - Null-check principalURI returned by URI getter. r=froydnj
d6316698d32875eed243c3960234b01ad80e1c17Dan Gohman — Bug 1438251: IonMonkey - Avoid dereferencing an end iterator. r=nbp
25900f3b9936a16486a36473517e14a6e8a1f4b9Dan Gohman — Bug 1435369: Implement non-trapping float-to-int conversions for WebAssembly r=luke
e480e3b7819d5b7494d612839c442985e6d66a88Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1437728 - Wait for a tick before removing tab in BrowserTestUtils.withNewTab. r=gijs
0745a2d7319bf4c92cfdab2a3979e5bccbe480fbJoel Maher — Bug 1438291 - add ares-6 benchmark to talos. r=rwood
f61ca44f701a061b7119f94b5e1486c34e427a71Joel Maher — Bug 1438291 - add ares-6 benchmark to tree. r=rwood
4a5043e1601a2496386cb0f09000eedb8bd8febbTyson Smith — Bug 1432853 - Crashtest.
7d47e64db8a8f5bd63608f0e2bf443b6152a6b2cMats Palmgren — Bug 1432853 - Disable 'page-break-inside:avoid' on abs.pos. frames for now. r=dholbert
2de04e1a46bd141011f6bd390214c34623f25a5fMarco Castelluccio — Bug 1431872 - Set run-on-project for Linux and Windows coverage builds. r=jmaher
b73e82f1a5898e789aff897c14de0dcd41737a84Andrei Ciure — Bug 1425323 - disable on Windows pgo and opt r=jmaher
da5d7ba9a855c52f3a73a27b01f6f6d61371968fDavid Major — Bug 1402915: In clang-cl builds, use MSVC paths for INCLUDE/LIB/etc. r=froydnj
54679984f078c4158d357c2968e464bb8c01f98bShane Caraveo — Bug 1324255 make webextension panels focused when opened, r=Gijs,rpl
5626666b65bb27fe974d42b0997c47ec4e1a1daaAndreea Pavel — Backed out changeset cfd98003fc0f (bug 1438502) for spidermonkey build bustages at /builds/worker/workspace/sm-package/mozjs-60.0a1.0/js/src/jit-test/tests/self-test/cacheEntry.js:9 on a CLOSED TREE
bcc2e391c8208908e44f76783416ea10491e8323Andreea Pavel — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1435569) for build bustage at /builds/worker/workspace/build/src/js/src/jit/CacheIR.cpp:1906 on a CLOSED TREE
e976b6442e9fe73692fb1933d41dd3b43986827dDylan Roeh — Bug 1438342 - Fix context menu for media elements in GV. r=snorp
9659c9a29139b0b66e1cfdeb26dd7735f4846006David Parks — Bug 1415160: Part 2 - Add mitigations to plugin process if not running from network drive r=bobowen
e6fc425cf9b479597aacc8646b1d21b2c529e299David Parks — Bug 1415160: Part 1 - Enable new NPAPI Windows Process Mitigations; r=bobowen
855eb2e4c43d209acd2addb0c598fb9a7603c058Arthur Edelstein — Bug 1434666 - Avoid path aliasing in AppendToLibPath r=rstrong
fa3a632406656d0676d1065e33fe1dd09aaf5ee0Matthew Gaudet — Bug 1435569: Give the "NotAttached" case a name r=evilpie
7cff9cca3774c19713e6092a63e8bbeb8a623462Matthew Gaudet — Bug 1435569: Change CacheIRSpewer to allow less redundency in spewing r=evilpie
cfd98003fc0f68673f6053d2800e3d0fa99868a8Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 1438502 - Add error reports to CacheEntry internal methods. r=anba
a8aa7e2af130f28442a965188abdf80c30a737aaJason Laster — Bug 1436151 - Breakpoints at the beginning of a line are missed. r=jimb
db673a3d83f9e7ac6b1951bad05bc0ca7ae25aecJosh Matthews — Bug 1437140 - Replace some uses of NS_DispatchToMainThread/NS_DispatchToCurrentThread with more specific event targets. r=mystor
8ea3a251c92029284d3f1368719858465f23afdfJorg K — Bug 1437222 - fix forceComplete after switching to autocomplete-richlistbox. r=mak
46525743d531d50bda46ea95dfcf12a49800a17dDragan Mladjenovic Bug 1437448 : [MIPS] Add stub methods for Bug 1434230 and Bug 1435209; r=jandem
97a46127a94e9c8395e172d9e0da344805a7d033Dragan Mladjenovic Bug 1437491 : [MIPS] Fix build after Bug 1319203; r=bbouvier
d9a51ff0f45a1084a9669ada31beeb04f0e13334Dragan Mladjenovic Bug 1437926 : [MIPS64] Fix MacroAssembler::unboxPrivate; r=bbouvier
3ea77e5cbfa245fe58db6d763e492392a2048b57Nick Fitzgerald — Bug 1438040 - Remove unused PromiseDebugging builtin devtools module; r=jimb
ad99b2cd5f187ea1e6d79f7b85e7b18f1ebd4f5cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1438512. Bring back nsITreeBoxObject::SetView, because Thunderbird uses it. r=gijs
9a425e7816bb5ea0adf77f8c36e900124d4f4521Jon Coppeard — Bug 1438139 - Enable <script type="module"> by default r=smaug
2318302b664ef9d165cb096e39de73100d936db7Ryan Hunt — Don't repaint content we copied from the front buffer when tiling without component alpha (bug 1438321, r=nical)
6ba349d419dd67074dcfffc56ed8fa38337511daDaniel Holbert — Bug 1438704: Adjust some flexbox reftests to use special Ahem character rather than border-color to signal directionality. r=mats
0854548560aa2310ca47b53fe41d9b9651391db5Noemi Erli — Backed out changeset dd4694fdd87b (bug 1417138) followup- backout for failing in slave/test/build/tests/reftest/tests/layout/reftests/xul/menulist-shrinkwrap-2.xul r=xidorn on a CLOSED TREE
7194edc95a6e3fddb782154e757e5f6b01ca1ab1Margareta Eliza Balazs — Backed out changeset ebbcdc3e642d (bug 1433593) for X failing in toolkit/components/passwordmgr/test/unit/test_maybeImportLogin.js on a CLOSED TREE
eeae793339e7e909bfe3fbcc8cf9732552d02c5dNoemi Erli — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1417138) for failing in slave/test/build/tests/reftest/tests/layout/reftests/xul/menulist-shrinkwrap-2.xul on a CLOSED TREE
5dc5ecd683c8475459f911a7250e58321e1a2733Ralph Giles — Bug 1438692 - Build sccache with rust 1.24. r=glandium
57abd8e4ab25bc21d9c75dbf43546e7272fddf0eHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1432396 - Add assertions that we don't allow reinitialization of variables that were reset in nsDocShell::Destroy(). r=bz
f0f5a81b193f8c8851b0a6448e86c03457966c1aHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1432396 - Do not process nsDocShell::Destroy() if the docshell is already being destroyed. r=bz
9446148c32a3696f68a643c12aebfefb884604b5Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1432396 - Stop the newly create orphaned viewer when the docshell is destroyed in nsDocShell::CreateContentViewer(). r=bz
b78cfbdf3ccac7cba768ba2ba734b1ef90db24a7Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1432396 - Bail out if the docshell is being destroyed due to pagehide notification. r=bz
9a74a8c4a8c05ca6968d90594b86ec8b7d0706d8Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1432396 - Check the docshell is being destroyed along with the tree owner at the top of nsDocShell::CreateContentViewer(). r=bz
62c3218a09210f8e867bfa8de20c83775a232068Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1432396 - Call UnblockOnload only if we've already blocked load event. r=bz
f1487d25e019dd13454840e29b416ca441e79344Xidorn Quan — Bug 1134099 part 3 - Add meta data for the counter-style tests. r=dbaron
5dbdefe68aee3946a785a200912f34cb31aa89a1Xidorn Quan — Bug 1134099 part 2 - Move counter-style tests into w3c test folder. r=dbaron
9c3b38283d00a19f91969f32b95e70aca90c27cdXidorn Quan — Bug 1134099 part 1 - Separate UA-specific reftests. r=dbaron
dd4694fdd87b96501619b6f5fecb3f10a416c29cXidorn Quan — Bug 1417138 followup - Update reftest manifest for stylo-chrome.
bd31027a9006945d27ef2ae1aff7a6354777f69bMike Cooper — Bug 1426161 - Add app.shield.optoutstudies.enabled pref to TelemetryEnvironment r=gfritzsche
efa367c096c01f060c8df356a06f8f933b2b0c92J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1438654 - Fix typos in async tab switcher docs. r=mconley
37b91f33d4f3c98a99268fc35a85cbe857b565eeJ. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1361618 - Remove unnecessary calls to FlushPendingLinkUpdates. r=dbaron
ebbcdc3e642dd03221d41dabd8fd398681a24a75Doug Thayer — Bug 1433593 - Clean up usages of LoginHelper.maybeImportLogin r=MattN
20f5d2bcf89ba7fcca20af30331b9558054b9583Kyle Machulis — Bug 1407040 - Remove nsIDOMHTMLMediaElement; r=bz
ce66cbae301e0544d18b19a8409494f7159a3e11Kyle Machulis — Bug 1407040 - Remove C++ usage of nsIDOMHTMLMediaElement; r=bz
a3587827db593f06469a0077b9cc12604b6531a4Kyle Machulis — Bug 1407040 - Change HTMLMediaElement QIs to FromContent calls; r=bz
9485ece3ea1562618f19c9a34aca63cfadcbf230Kyle Machulis — Bug 1407040 - Change nsIDOMHTMLMediaElement QIs to Media/Video type checks; r=bz
14f3eecff54f9bed82256ff39d7d5df8234922eeKyle Machulis — Bug 1407040 - Change HTMLMediaElement XPCOM Enums to WebIDL Enums; r=bz
9688823d23fd1de1ec3a09fec65082ae562b1a12Panos Astithas — Bug 1435458 - Preprocess the official firefox-branding.js. r=glandium
7951a2b5842586db274803d2415deacaed6a412aEd Lee — Bug 1438651 - Expose the locale that activity stream uses for content pages. r=ursula
412e0f6a151c6cdbc250293e8b408b92db56143bSimon Fraser — Bug 1438415 Re-order mbsdiff hook to allow exit values r=catlee
769fbce64db8a4229ad1eeb8146e21094efd9e2aKirk Steuber — Bug 1421707 - Implement a system for disabling about: pages via Policy r=bz,Felipe
4e0d4c91940bb09ead646ef82c8666075175e69aXidorn Quan — Bug 1417138 part 2 - Enable stylo-chrome by default. r=bholley
92fa88d94170eb1a52a912038bd4363b37872dacXidorn Quan — Bug 1417138 part 1 - Skip about:downloads in about url test. r=Gijs
9e7df0a6dd52ead7f973b2920567c8252bdc0d5dXidorn Quan — Bug 1437796 - Add two valgrind suppressions for stylo-chrome. r=jseward
19f8463d3f9d74bfd5ab9f20a38de37107bd726aRalph Giles — Bug 1430885 - Update builders to rust 1.24.0. r=froydnj
c1b8f65ad2ed30ad5626589c8edcdead87980108Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 1437852 - Enable browser_console_restore.js in new frontend r=bgrins
cb1d0640b36e7147c2b014e8dcff572fb022d507Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1405087: Also nix -moz-user-input: enabled. r=bz
aad5349b3458bc3414e274b33fa86a1123901ff2Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1405087: Test that click events are properly dispatched to non-disabled form controls in presence of dynamic changes. r=bz
f0b997d205917e1eaebbbaccd9c359bdc6e597fbEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1405087: Make nsGenericHTMLElement::IsDisabled not virtual. r=bz
3e305428625d74cf5d2d040ab9eb943506d03549Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1405087: Nix -moz-user-input: disabled. r=bz
20305af66e39b0cd36de6f13c6927c652b717368Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1405087: Don't use -moz-user-input: disabled to decide event handling stuff. r=smaug
51ec07de48374f00af24e690f123eb0ec43efe60vprabhu — Bug 1335161 - Removed specific_tests_zip_dirs functionality from mozharness. r=catlee
a1b14e3e4fd9f187c52296e5aebd3139ac462399Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #20056 - style: Remove -moz-user-input: enabled / disabled (from emilio:moz-user-input); r=bz
da3f01a609c06d5d8cf0c4f9d3e852b7f5952055Margareta Eliza Balazs — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
5fa6e41a00df136d72b6b4f669d107eaf137b69cRob Wood — Bug 1438339 - Remove the talos_* pageloader browser preferences after each test run; r=jmaher
3b06c176e18dee55b119dd4137e159782da68f5dAlexandre Poirot — Bug 1437828 - Convert Task.jsm to async/await in devtools/server. r=jryans
0e527d53161edc667ae1c708ba5beda9b666c73bDão Gottwald — Bug 1438573 - Remove obsolete lightweight-theme-optimized notification. r=MattN
00c1b135cf04a90430d94abed4722b54b4e890d0Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1438508 - Allows running brower_browser_toolbox_debugger.js more than once. r=jryans
69bcdd9e841fad40ef586a3338ba139b2c6b73acAlexandre Poirot — Bug 1438174 - Fix race during test shutdown in browser_browser_toolbox_debugger.js. r=jryans
8cb84f4afeb83aaf90604d6c18473b4642a08f0bDão Gottwald — Bug 1438504 - Ignore bogus overflow events. r=bgrins
6776d69d2f03814fcd1d93e0912df2598d32a357Daniel Stenberg — bug 1434852 - introducing TRR (DOH); r=mcmanus,valentin
76a698b6e418d1b847ac116995798b115eba7a8bMike Cooper — Bug 1435838 - Show a notice on about:studies if Studies are disabled r=Gijs,glasserc
c587f4c124a5d4f32b09bdc663e996f2b832d39dEmilio Cobos Álvarez — No bug: Update webdriver version in Cargo.lock, and revendor rust dependencies. r=me on a CLOSED TREE
3fcca926d1b5afb64a689b9ae3147c9883ef71f0Michael Kaply — Bug 1371367 - Treat langpack search engines as default. r=florian
5093b65f67bba1b26060c210715933f04e1913cdBastien Orivel — Bug 1438195 - Update log to 0.4 in webdriver and bump version. r=ato
1ee24bbfd93e4164fd26e9db6516613d4a5f0920Bryce Van Dyk — Bug 1438348 - Init MochitestDesktop's self.manifest to None to prevent attrib error. r=ahal
9dcf26ff6a6e910ed28745ea3604319a5536fcb1Jed Davis — Bug 1434528 - Adjust sandbox feature detection to deal with Ubuntu guest accounts. r=gcp
2ceaf4e011853a521788424e461a1a0c661e3b58Brian Grinstead — Bug 1438579 - Refer to the tabbrowser element as gBrowser instead of #content;r=dao
b314ccf28a2fd4dadfbe7969fb0339475e91a459Razvan Caliman — Bug 1438127 - Prevent shape editor from being triggered from overwritten or disabled properties in the rules panel. Hide editor swatches (aka icon triggers) from showing up on disabled or overwritten properties. r=pbro
c78e7ceb43b2a66b1d348bc8902eee6555450a77Andi-Bogdan Postelnicu — Bug 1438566 - pass clang-format from ~/mozbuild/clang-tools to clang-format-diff. r=sylvestre
1e5a696fe608ae91c35dcd3eb416550920f86e57Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1438449 - Remove unused feature property from crate override. r=jrmuizel
66c3ef09ef933394cbcb7aab89dce6d2a18057bcNils Ohlmeier [:drno] — Bug 1173851: renamed DataChannel -> RTCDataChannel in mochitest. r=smaug
74f4974ee014ccabab47ee1fb6e86a2d4844c21fNils Ohlmeier [:drno] — Bug 1173851: re-enable passing WPT tests. r=ng
2762e7c17577355760587e9e23dcd01bedb82971Nils Ohlmeier [:drno] — Bug 1173851: rename DataChannel to RTCDataChannel r=jib,smaug
2d1f497a1fff3c2023241f7f18b36a2c3495c063Jared Wein — Bug 1436575 - Remove autofix from rule since it is not reliable in all cases. r=standard8
9439baa123a9f93634e681ac59a66e31b5f7ea75Jared Wein — Bug 1436575 - Add exceptions for cases that cannot be simplified by negation or !! coercion. r=standard8
a40adad0e66ddd911d086eb23288d811fd1b5201Jared Wein — Bug 1436575 - Manually fix the errors from no-compare-against-boolean-literal that the autofix couldn't change. r=standard8
7234fe36aac276047071a68c6c77cd9be4a6b5bdJared Wein — Bug 1436575 - Clean up some of the autofix changes from no-compare-against-boolean-literal. r=standard8
89f7592e2b4615819374e347aed69333bc3a8a72Jared Wein — Bug 1436575 - Autofix errors from no-compare-against-boolean-literal. r=standard8
7ee5aabe89ef6ea406157bec38c060fa91a9153bJared Wein — Bug 1436575 - Prevent ==/!= comparisons with booleans as they aren't necessary. r=standard8
088e727e5cf7591efaa542cfb256e83992388b13Ed Lee — Bug 1433324 - Part 3. Assume true for browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.enabled. r=ursula
f3069763fab63f7c39d1cff9c54b1f32caf2ef5fEd Lee — Bug 1433324 - Part 2. Get auto migration tests running with activity stream enabled. r=Gijs
ad6392e366d4f97206dd8e1c97f7c094d8f972d9Ed Lee — Bug 1433324 - Part 1. Assume true for browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.aboutHome.enabled. r=ursula
994a8d6eccbcdc6106794705bd77e3ac5f031be2Margareta Eliza Balazs — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 1429824) for frequently failing devtools/client/netmonitor/test/browser_net_autoscroll.js (bug 1438412) a=backout
3200dd2ad6b0dffccdc9274b02d8632920edc9efffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-302 - a=blocklist-update
3fee849845a1e8452f6288d212d6b266d0a5d85fffxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-302 - a=hpkp-update
a9abb75c68aad3ff452b89278496376f5a1bd7adffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-302 - a=hsts-update
ee717948a600e8e7bcf7465d3eb0983344e02c18Noemi Erli — Merge inbound to mozilla-central. a=merge
a061e3873df00f9d786aed1bb534d06702b57787Jon Coppeard — Bug 1437602 - Fix bustage due to missing explicit keyword r=me on a CLOSED TREE
cff37914d62559151f471b0f7a29dbed8bf6feccAndrew Osmond — Backed out changeset 2ffed9c081fa (bug 1437886) for test bustage on a CLOSED TREE. r=backout
287eb5a23aef83b0fba5347f5822250368e70132Geoff Brown — Bug 1437420 - Use posix path to specify test for test-verify; r=jmaher
9c6d7da0f083fdb0e77e7456535ada207fedece6Geoff Brown — Bug 1432246 - Update some safe-browsing prefs for reftests; r=jmaher
5a7cc519c961da642d200fffbdabc8fffe64a981Jon Coppeard — Bug 1437602 - Move all scheduling related data structures to a new gc/Scheduling.h r=pbone
40bbf952db46abbf1766bf383e089152ab42b0f6Jon Coppeard — Bug 1437602 - Split out zone and compartment iterators from gc/Zone.h r=pbone
7598d4ba066f264ab0c4f08cf562a7b8c089b09eJason Laster — Bug 1438014 - Update Debugger Frontend v16. r=jdescottes
2ffed9c081fa87f45604036485502255b721c22dAndrew Osmond — Bug 1437886 - Prevent shared surfaces from being used without WebRender. r=nical
bac997577acd18c496aaa3fc3937da61bb3067b4Andreea Pavel — Backed out changeset ab54d7ef9a67 (bug 1306696) for failing mochitest browser chrome at dom/html/test/browser_fullscreen-newtab.js on a CLOSED TREE
cfc9afe916091e6449f7d748991e2a19187dc817Valentin Gosu — Bug 1334465 - Set mIPCClosed to true before calling SendDeleteSelf in order to avoid race r=bagder
48b9f6671588c3c2b8d3b4ea6ba1267f5e297f83Valentin Gosu — Bug 1334465 - Make HttpChannelParent::mIPCClosed atomic r=bagder
93227b85dd4425e59eee6958c0db9669dfb01414Cosmin Sabou — Bug 1429361 - Disabled devtools/client/webconsole/new-console-output/test/mochitest/browser_webconsole_network_messages_expand.js for frequent failures. r=jmaher
2da5a026626897d745c2b7b512ba1c2d1e239c8bJon Coppeard — Bug 1342416 - Preload module scripts r=baku
77f86d6cf76f9257edb72e9b366a1546cffe90e7Jon Coppeard — Bug 1342416 - Add JS API to associate scripts with DOM elements after compilation r=nbp
ab54d7ef9a6706a485fdf9d3b0117360beca0a57Xidorn Quan — Bug 1306696 part 4 - Add test for this bug. r=smaug
0784b2fa14b42d540c3f31ffa9334eb433795648Paolo Amadini — Bug 1434877 - Rework default styles for richlistbox autocomplete. r=mak
99dd8c88ef305a76954cc6f488cb9dde7030fd94Paolo Amadini — Bug 1436876 - Fix the value shown for the first suggestion in the search bar. r=florian
7fe3e62d6413a53e1ee4522b48a63af799b7acdbJohann Hofmann — Bug 1421737 - Part 4 - Update site data manager tests to include cookies. r=Gijs
d9aa01a177517a7b0bdf1fb18b3fa8b634b56584Johann Hofmann — Bug 1421737 - Part 3 - Simplify the "remove selected sites" dialog in site data management. r=Gijs
4a9b1b488c9426d5a9f07ca143e22486f67e2c77Johann Hofmann — Bug 1421737 - Part 2 - Convert the siteListItem XBL binding to plain JS and add a cookies row. r=Gijs
0a00a0ef8bfcb309fc1f67e94b33d248f82f061bJohann Hofmann — Bug 1421737 - Part 1 - Include cookies in SiteDataManager.jsm. r=Gijs
515a82d2ec7bb7ab02e72970f0b2e3b2835e0c6dJan de Mooij — Bug 1438126 part 3 - Don't release small ExecutablePools when they're still in use elsewhere. r=tcampbell
303215766a6fb28fc64da9317bc690af824cd1a6Jan de Mooij — Bug 1438126 part 2 - Use mozilla::EnumeratedArray in ExecutableAllocator to track bytes per kind. r=tcampbell
bdeae8c5eeb9f1d5c75e1677dd7825e7adb9e291Jan de Mooij — Bug 1438126 part 1 - Make CodeKind an enum class. r=tcampbell
4697cdd9969f81a4da170f6b89ecbe549b06f6caJonathan Kew — Bug 1436997 - Add reftests to check that we accept the *-variations format strings iff the variation-font pref is enabled. r=jwatt
12b89457c62313feacba9ed2f0cd55af8dd58a36Jonathan Kew — Bug 1436997 - When variation-font support is enabled, accept new CSS Fonts 4 format-hint strings for variation fonts. r=jwatt
99495614cba7396c358b78b3e50aea1b38937c59Andreea Pavel — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound. on a CLOSED TREE
3219cd61e87b4f3003079154c437efa87080a917Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1435566: Make sure to drop frames for manual NAC from display: contents nodes. r=bz
15d9502b0ff0c3ca92d3bd0f316df428aac5cfe6Olli Pettay — Bug 1413102 - Ensure Shadow DOM boundaries are dealt properly in event handling, r=masayuki
e3e179fc84564d091c78332a218a822d88a31d7fOlli Pettay — Bug 1438357 - MozDOMPointerLock:Exited is dispatched when DOM is at unstable state, r=baku
233264cbd1693ca54bbe70e28e54acedb7b822ccCiure Andrei — Backed out changeset b8eeddf07480 (bug 1437374) for failing builds/worker/workspace/build/tests/reftest/tests/layout/reftests/display-list/1437374-1.html a=backout on a CLOSED TREE
16fab079284bafd48ab6b89ae4b235f063444c8dKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1437949 - Follow-up to make the GL context current before poking the WR renderer. r=sotaro
44c8aaf99adc1e79005883a0a213f70bc3809585Jan de Mooij — Bug 1425580 part 10 - Devirtualize LNode::numSuccessors and LNode::getSuccessor. r=nbp
f1e31bd4313c12d0ccbae5489718e1b360bbe648Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1438163 - BroadcastChannel must release the IPC actor using a WorkerControlRunnable when the worker thread goes away, r=smaug
4661476ec0a08a55bfbfe93975a174fa7f31ae68Lars T Hansen — Bug 1437780 - Wasm baseline, remove platform dependencies. r=bbouvier
b8eeddf074805dd9657eba62349f53f47ae4bbc8Matt Woodrow — Bug 1437374 - Don't intersect the rebuild rect with the frame's overflow area if we're about to take the displayport into account. r=miko
dc9ba6649af7290170dc76be598ea669a169c6a2decltype — Bug 712130 - Simplify focus stealing prevention for autofocus. r=bz
a87c09c4434a670d51bc949b3906899177bdce76decltype — Bug 712130 - Defer autofocus until after frame construction. r=bz
0208069d01216e1166810214585d2f0e9f59216bdecltype — Bug 712130 - Add reftest in case autofocus element is seen after PresShell init. r=bz
302d513bcb404722f0488de5bb0fbb43017b28ebdecltype — Bug 712130 - Add reftest to ensure the first autofocus elements gets picked. r=bz
ebc312ac3d390133cafbb1c5538055ed2a6c0d0eMark Striemer — Bug 1412873 - Disarm JSONFile when trying to discard changes in preferences tests r=aswan
c4b14a5665b439ab07b9b796bb18912870c8fdffMike Shal — Bug 1420119 - avoid issues with make's timestamp caching; r=nalexander
913378d620dff84aceb753308bec9d7c3dc3eda0Julian Descottes — Bug 1405649 - enable browser_webconsole_split_persist.js;r=Honza
10d0ac990b609028c5f30cdb8a67201e6095be27Julian Descottes — Bug 1405648 - enable browser_webconsole_split_focus.js;r=Honza
cd43c8ae2714ba863156c3c502a4cd0d75943370Julian Descottes — Bug 1405647 - enable browser_webconsole_split_escape_key.js;r=Honza
c25eaa199ff8899cd4eec799bf1624b07705c372Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1438097 - nsXBLWindowKeyHandler::HandleEventOnCaptureInSystemEventGroup() should mark keyboard events which won't be fired on content in the default event group as "wait reply from remote process" r=smaug
3ffcad22d632d1cd97285b3a54cb469227bd1df1Andreea Pavel — Backed out changeset cf44885dc2ac (bug 1431337) for failing mochitest browser chrome at browser/base/content/test/performance/browser_startup_images.js on a CLOSED TREE
58d315ce1f1b2a855174a4e309afa1f3f6578569Tim Nguyen — Bug 1404688 - Make headerURL optional and remove text-shadow when there is no headerURL. r=jaws
f349f28b9689446dfe45b63fd6bbeaa428bdaf44Julian Descottes — Bug 1405245 - enable test-csp-violation.html for new webconsole;r=nchevobbe
37f69ad9559fa036df5496d49f09b9527f090eb1Julian Descottes — Bug 1405245 - webconsole PageError component read repeat from props;r=nchevobbe
0453e02a04c0a4ddb38f3e172e528af34bb124d5David Teller — Bug 1427233 - BinParse checks whether the argument is an ArrayBuffer;r=jandem
407ae28b996c8c51bc864256fa4387541c9f81fdSylvestre Ledru — Bug 1437891 - Enable readability-redundant-string-cstr & readability-redundant-string-init checkers r=andi
30f5526389d4009041da3d19bba5c56953a52556Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #20047 - Move some font code around (from servo:derive-all-the-things); r=emilio
2eecb43376bae5c0520247c7b1df2c34ad40336eHenrik Skupin — Bug 1438035 - [marionette] Add Unicode support for profile path in switch_profile(). r=ato
ccfb3473baff618bfdfdcba5976eb1d555b7f949Henrik Skupin — Bug 1438035 - [marionette] Remove case-sensitive check for profile path. r=ato
cf44885dc2aca866ed9345b28337d146b02e1371Jan Horak — Bug 1431337 - Scale content for the actual monitor, not the first one; r=stransky
d4937a53d8261e603b9fbb3f1393e2a509b3e96cMartin Stransky — Bug 1423851 - Enable titlebar/menubar drag on lightweight themes, r=dao
3e332972119f8f76c5c523157c7e5cb2b987fab2Andreea Pavel — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. on a CLOSED TREE
e8d05c7218c66151e2e30dcff2fabdf9bccae40eJohann Hofmann — Bug 1422160 - Merge cache and site data in about:preferences. r=jaws
f070cbe872957b98fd214a1820fc1ec8a51715cbMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1430551 - Make editor use <div> as defaultParagraphSeparator even in release channel r=m_kato
6404740a29d339a8ffa7be87d644a5479b8d00f1Prathiksha — Bug 1438070 - Capitalize the I in the control center site security message alerting a user of insecure connection. r=johannh
64c97623410097090ddcb9b653ddaafa3f78858dTimothy Guan-tin Chien — Bug 1422386 - Remove toolbardecoration, toolbar, and toolbar-base binding, r=Paolo
d9543f62a0f3dd632d7242ff8546783f1765e63bDaisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1416106 - Part 13: Remove extra margin-bottom. r=gl
481dab8f36707756c83796d53ce9ece126202e64Daisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1416106 - Part 12: Add tests. r=gl
d717511990c418ad5bb5df663ffe12295163cfc6Daisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1416106 - Part 11: Implement keyframe markers. r=gl
f20d1625e15bd501a5e36a85f9b30544ae35114aDaisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1416106 - Part 10: Implement easing hit. r=gl
5df3265bb6097c870156423561b9d85598e3e83bDaisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1416106 - Part 9: Set styles to graph. r=gl
0070a351a4a4512adfe1dc1d68daad620ce63dc1Daisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1416106 - Part 8: Implement discrete graph. r=gl
b1365cf5d62ba82520e20be02b10d4152c6c04e1Daisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1416106 - Part 7: Implement color graph. r=gl
729b7060c1e7f111e2282c41dc7a89d3ca4b59d2Daisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1416106 - Part 6: Implement distance graph. r=gl
3f449e2f4ef19d2021331354eff65f86e723a3eeDaisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1416106 - Part 5: Implement base of keyframes graph. r=gl
3801cbab320d71ab651a7299b1d198559f31716dDaisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1416106 - Part 4: Add test for property name component. r=gl
8e8ce20893411b98c784b3b33a64aa7b6f25acb1Daisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1416106 - Part 3: Implement compositor warning. r=gl
1a0183c9ee732d99e1f056a33e121ba891455e18Daisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1416106 - Part 2: Implement compositor sign to property name. r=gl
5371c9a632fc6be31a6e0869e0a78ae4551bbc77Daisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1416106 - Part 1: Implement base of property name. r=gl
37910654ac3141968bbd39d864fdb6d8fb7a6e86Snowrries — Bug 1435060 - Allow keyword bookmark as search query; r=JanH
117cd9ec7414392ccc3f46ff0a3e2bb217c85316Mike Hommey — Bug 1438427 - Fix wrong change from bug 1412722 in RedBlackTree::Remove. r=njn
8592fd84fc79597063b8ea3b19af8f8528bd02b8Jan Odvarko — Bug 1429803 - Fix test; r=ochameau
83a578a1c62dd990167d555e25c17ebe9a722956Jan Odvarko — Bug 1429803 - Properly populate response header columns; r=rickychien
9b69cc60e5848f2f8802c911fd00771b50eed41fAndreea Pavel — Merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central a=merge
e0ac728caeaa88cddaf54f0bd0936587158151f3Yura Zenevich — Bug 1428443 - allow panels to override picker functionality when they are active. r=pbro
1980472ad0854bda24d089bcc32d92df0a579c4cNicholas Nethercote — Bug 1438088 - Store a Pref* in each hash table slot instead of a Pref. r=erahm.
1647b6d2973f6c5b04372f5f9aeca70f1923fc3bsotaro — Bug 1436020 - Disable WebRender profiler UI during readback r=nical
cc739b7afd0416e7a7a0c9f2d7df409136868763Eric Rahm — Bug 1437693 - Stop warning about unknown content lengths. r=bkelly
ec9f62910277ae252c3fb32166358419afb96b34Eric Rahm — Bug 1436768 - Avoid initializing LogModuleManager more than once. r=froydnj
fd94c4c474d3d3d658d33c5ebc49f22ac0fad0faDorel Luca — Backed out changeset ab4aab822769 (bug 1426467) for Mochitest failure on dom/workers/test/test_suspend.html
82135389f392b0b3f8c50ff03328f1e038650c00Andrew Osmond — Bug 1433646 - Allow ContentChild::Recv(Re)InitRendering to fail with the GPU process. r=rhunt
466db29799d8af8f16183f8aee75d6900240d281Luke Wagner — Bug 1437546 - Odin: check MaxParams and MaxLocals when asm.js emits wasm (r=bbouvier)
de9ee66eea5b05c3f5856a9757ef24afb1f19c74Luke Wagner — Bug 1437534 - Odin: ensureBallast in EmitCallArgs loop (r=bbouvier)
0cd7406c124f4f11eca9cc898bd42a3531456c0bDorel Luca — Merge mozilla-centra to mozilla-inbound
de9ee841daffadd0d0c0237ee8d8db743ed17867Coroiu Cristina — Backed out changeset 7953b08f4886 (bug 1437374) for reftest failures at reftest/tests/layout/reftests/display-list/1437374-1.html
5adf396b4503aed14034ef3e9bc299c4733d968bJim Chen — Bug 1391268 - 4. Display message when APK is corrupt; r=snorp
564e277ecce1755c79f6766f3d2d658b5f12a867Jim Chen — Bug 1391268 - 3. Detect corrupt APK when loading libs; r=snorp
08726d7c7b2c377e6a967ff2d847b822ed3ae1deJim Chen — Bug 1391268 - 1. Add call to verify CRC; r=glandium
7953b08f4886fe4fc18f07423e0ba059ffb20b78Matt Woodrow — Bug 1437374 - Don't intersect the rebuild rect with the frame's overflow area if we're about to take the displayport into account. r=miko
9833d3aa5451a17b0e6824446989d3bfde55eef3Florian Quèze — Bug 1403648 - set the 'focused' attribute on the urlbar by default, and remove it when we are unsure, to avoid flickering of the urlbar-history-dropmarker, r=johannh.
c03c60285f5db6a16c05c61165e78783fbe9f83bFlorian Quèze — Bug 1403648 - set urlbar focus and about:home favicon in the DOMContentLoaded handler to reduce window open flicker, r=johannh.
f23ac3f571cf78bdd68352b8802ebab4786abe63Florian Quèze — Bug 1403648 - focus the urlbar at first paint without waiting for a promise to resolve in most cases, r=johannh.
5654cb32980ed777f1f45011f797d88b3ff5de9eFlorian Quèze — Bug 1437825 - browser_urlbar_*search_reflows.js tests should force CustomizableUI.jsm's deferred resize code to run before the actual tests starts, r=mconley.
dfbef1b7e813a29822826fe16df5487105d7a206Gabriel Luong — Bug 1438073 - String mixing plural and singular in markupView.display.contents.tooltiptext. r=pbro
f9b1a56d918bca104bdb6d721ece96ffe5a7d87dAndreas Tolfsen — Bug 1437571 - Bump winreg dependencies. r=jgraham
8920ee351e025dd99708d9dae9c502fd888433a9Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1437571 - Upgrade to winreg v0.5.0. r=jgraham
f699c4a7fa057245531cdbf7296023d166c84fd0Jason Laster — Bug 1437055 - Re-enable some debugger mochitests. r=jdescottes
45dae5243befb90515adeba7d206b74fc55f0f45Richard Marti — Bug 1436100 - Let the apps use their own ThemeVariableMap.jsm constant. r=gijs
ab4aab8227693119b5e10cebc2490a99e12082a6Jim Blandy — Bug 1426467: Re-enqueue messages from workers when debugger pause ends; don't run them immediately. r=bkelly
dbd3f732b46ba87e66bbbec63407563567941ca2Apoorv Goel — Bug 1436717 - Replace with r=chutten
575415a1d05578991f8174c693bf3f18d1979504Ioana Crisan — Bug 1433901 - Add a test for checking that bookmarks can be removed from toolbar and from library. r=Standard8
af6635d0a52aa0256c4d049b387dd6d6e1376cebTed Campbell — Bug 1431015 - Make assertRecoverdOnBailout test more predictable r=nbp
e5d0f8fbf8cafcd19e4956ad5d4bd95d0933b747André Bargull — Bug 1407588 - Part 6: Update IterableToList to access the next property only once. r=Waldo
db5fd0e0cb41ef6932fd0c091678fd395d4f29cbAndré Bargull — Bug 1407588 - Part 5: Update tests and enable previously skipped test262 tests. r=Waldo
f8478e479e23c1319805ab823c9a604e1236801bAndré Bargull — Bug 1407588 - Part 4: Update Async-from-Sync iterator to access "next" only once. r=jandem
03c9683a4cc52400bb5d3a3ae7078db43c46c1ebAndré Bargull — Bug 1407588 - Part 3: Update ForOfIterator to only access "next" once. r=Waldo
29cf7805a59564c36d7e5e5754b5d0a7f23ddfceAndré Bargull — Bug 1407588 - Part 2: Relax class checks in IonBuilder::inlineGetNextEntryForIterator. r=jandem
be2a8b7e6ed2de38e6240a3cc288b4e1cb495da2André Bargull — Bug 1407588 - Part 1: Implement iterator "next" protocol changes in the BytecodeEmitter. r=Waldo
405e4d2846f33353cac80f9ec1df900b7c576053Ben Kelly — Bug 1434701 P11 Make ServiceWorkerDescriptor use an Inner class with main and worker thread implementations. r=asuth
142e6dc5ea6d8744c1d231986e01fec8b5f4df58Ben Kelly — Bug 1434701 P10 Fix ServiceWorker*Descriptor assinment to not crash when assigning a descriptor to itself. r=asuth
9c150999cc4b8ad471ff05b7074f14bf3717de70Ben Kelly — Bug 1434701 P9 move UpdateViaCache() into ServiceWorkerRegistration. r=asuth
cbeeb35b0c8ee2207f82897377a13389ece8e446Ben Kelly — Bug 1434701 P8 Make ServiceWorkerRegistration own the ServiceWorker references itself and handle the descriptor update. r=asuth
2ffbafa802557ffa281af9cd1530a90b45e48b29Ben Kelly — Bug 1434701 P7 Store the registration descriptor in ServiceWorkerRegistration. r=asuth
1746f05ce7e6a048729d555b3346220dea16a12cBen Kelly — Bug 1434701 P6 Make ServiceWorkerRegistrationListener updates take a ServiceWorkerRegistrationDescriptor. r=asuth
1538099138c19d8f4581f9f305a1826a057f045aBen Kelly — Bug 1434701 P5 Move main thread and worker implementation code into ServiceWorkerRegistrationImpl.cpp. r=asuth
d2f19419e6cc0ef97f9afbcd38e60dd47299e85fBen Kelly — Bug 1434701 P4 Move ServiceWorkerRegistrationListener into its own header. r=asuth
14e52519867e49f110376d6b81b37906d4687c9fBen Kelly — Bug 1434701 P3 Pass ServiceWorkerRegistrationDescriptor to ServiceWorkerRegistration::CreateForWorker(). r=asuth
ef90ec65a2e380c40df11f63d0e081fb6641bc9aBen Kelly — Bug 1434701 P2 Don't expose internal IPC headers in ServiceWorkerRegistrationDescriptor.h and other minor fixes. r=asuth
84f2405b197addc94032af65bdaa91696884a6a7Ben Kelly — Bug 1434701 P1 Make ServiceWorkerRegistration::CreateForMainThread() take a ServiceWorkerRegistrationDescriptor. r=catalinb r=asuth
9dd1395b937eeafce2888c4d502e512fa38549d2Eugen Sawin — Bug 1436887 - [1.1] Add GeckoView prefs file. r=snorp,jchen
56c8882ff0b26e1a5025033f8c1ec61eb843afceDorel Luca — Backed out changeset 2320b7fd9266 (bug 1413102) for Mochitest failure on dom/tests/mochitest/pointerlock/test_pointerlock-api.html
532bca04e4090f2e9cfd9bb952a4e84979d3079eAndreas Tolfsen — Bug 1436830 - Drop slog dependency. r=rillian,jgraham
4c521b8c4a28adb3690ae432be4c68ec271f0379Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1436830 - Roll own log::Log implementation in geckodriver. r=rillian,jgraham
2f5f91da6438d708d4a58a2a1e174de451f85f93Steve Fink — Bug 903519 - Implement AutoSuppressNurseryCellAlloc to avoid nursery allocation just before offthread parse startup, r=jonco
ed48a62b2cb4c1e372f7a03c670a5982bc7eb908Steve Fink — Bug 903519 - Register nursery string buffers to be freed, r=jonco
39a1573c32ba70151adc0b0b1b66b76b2241b5acSteve Fink — Bug 903519 - Split out string nursery pointers from object nursery, r=jonco
203171ae082818f87bd485ff78a5d3bf767240a3Steve Fink — Bug 903519 - Strings in the nursery: JIT, r=jandem
59ec7474c6a1d3afdccb41202b0f1e90921d1688Steve Fink — Bug 903519 - Tenure strings that are checked for in about:memory test, r=njn
a8e71c7c7da01bc5805302aed2d4e28b4bf88a9aSteve Fink — Bug 903519 - Default nursery strings to off, add ability to enable, r=jonco
4f68a4776fb7d88091c79b192ba5aa99b186eb14Steve Fink — Bug 903519 - Change Relocated marker to not confuse string vs object bit, r=jonco
9529b33306772faedf4ffa5d988dadc2dc781e43Steve Fink — Bug 903519 - Strings in the nursery: MIR node, r=jandem
0a3caa89b2986aebf77797c72773bbe7df541043Steve Fink — Bug 903519 - Strings in the nursery: allow any thread to access zone of permanent atoms, r=jonco
1de96c3211a5b5b533760cfde825905ee111bb7cSteve Fink — Bug 903519 - Discard nursery keys from EvalCache, r=jonco
cb864cb39b98cc3804907c2a8c4c471e2a423d64Steve Fink — Bug 903519 - Strings in the nursery: barriers, r=jonco
af8459e4365bf42e228f6cdf5d3afffd2e26fa7bSteve Fink — Bug 903519 - Strings in the nursery: tracing and tenuring, r=jonco
8b11814dcd953756076f82f481d87768acba9e50Steve Fink — Bug 903519 - Remove verifier assumption that only objects are in the nursery, r=jonco
e0fad5abd109adb52b7bc329caca74934f11aa06Steve Fink — Bug 903519 - External strings can morph into plain ones while still in EXTERNAL_STRING arena, r=jonco
d33c2ce0eed1d6d45a6e45607c55fb2512d89b57Steve Fink — Bug 903519 - Strings in the nursery: allocation, r=jonco
bcbc5c16f43625ac8f72a0b431f5981243280100Steve Fink — Bug 903519 - Avoid atomization for string size tests, r=jimb
5c9e104fbc92a1964b8ff5639a5387f64b6d92a8Steve Fink — Bug 903519 - Force non-atom strings to have their low flag bit set in order to distinguish them from JSObjects in the nursery, r=jandem
84c7cf744deca855af00faf04c0d4bb859c8de31Steve Fink — Bug 903519 - Make js::Allocate cast strings to requested type, r=jonco
a59293001f00865439b5fe73f7796af1b7bdd04dSteve Fink — Bug 903519 - Reparent JSString from TenuredCell to Cell, r=jonco
5acea87ec5dde79c71f2b97a699dea8a9b6e34bcSteve Fink — Bug 903519 - Separate out AllocKinds for nursery-allocatable strings, r=jonco
fbb2249059faa4acd6829a4033859a05fabc6e87Steve Fink — Bug 1435455 - Only use --enable-stdcxx-compat for in automation, r=glandium
702b062142c5866f233f61342456de22816fba0cJonathan Kew — Bug 1437267 - Remove the svg.paint-order.enabled pref. r=jwatt
d46482c09fc0f5048982071cee9973ef2d7ad740Kim Moir — Bug 1411731 - Remove gfx/cairo/libpixman/src/ r=nfroyd DONTBUILD
89fa0342f282abc7ee66c6368400518365e9d5a3Chris AtLee — Bug 1437158: Remove proxxy support from mozharness r=rail
0054d892b106cfc60874dc1662a7278c74108b03Jason Orendorff — Bug 1429206 - Part 8: Rename jsatom* -> vm/JSAtom*. r=jandem.
609eb4880073d3b1ff1a198ec68737dce50bcb3fJason Orendorff — Bug 1429206 - Part 7: Rename jscntxt* -> vm/JSContext*. r=jandem.
212a88df0f3d598edf04df824d568667c20c5fecJason Orendorff — Bug 1429206 - Part 6: Rename jscompartment* -> vm/JSCompartment*. r=jandem.
711c111e333087942d9e5c7310a342ddffbcfabbJason Orendorff — Bug 1429206 - Part 5: Rename jsscript* -> vm/JSScript*. r=jandem.
23d76102a2e8acd0e79c26faa44eec833db58529Jason Orendorff — Bug 1429206 - Part 4: Rename jsfun* -> vm/JSFunction*.
eabb74b1c3bd181ff74c9d41003bc2b9aee6fe68Jason Orendorff — Bug 1429206 - Part 3: Rename jsobj* -> vm/JSObject*. r=jandem.
301c61b644c24acc65c4d0b379736d1d3c7999a6Jason Orendorff — Bug 1429206 - Part 1: Use js/TypeDecls.h instead of redeclaring certain types. r=jandem.
4d7a22f4a198b0397c9540cdcc2fc3bfe8b5e3e2Jason Orendorff — Bug 1437876 - Remove JS_ARRAY_LENGTH and JS_ARRAY_END. r=jandem.
8bb8cd8cd6917b8bb806ad6a5b6665099766908cJason Orendorff — Bug 1429212 - Add --fixup mode to r=sfink.
7fe5144564bcd624e42128f6545a790650620d6dAndrew Swan — Bug 1431371 Only grant activeTab to urls that match <all_urls> r=kmag
d60680f8627c01e89e4a6356b0aee1cd1e733bceBoris Zbarsky — Bug 838521. Don't preload scripts of unknown type, just like we don't load them normally. r=baku
ce006d43344b502ccae795cf4666babac3793a9fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1437654. Drop the nsINativeTreeView stuff, since it's all not working anyway. r=gijs
2320b7fd9266924ccd4ca51c6f0f43183482d9b3Olli Pettay — Bug 1413102 - Ensure Shadow DOM boundaries are dealt properly in event handling, r=masayuki
c01dfd3d21b8beddd8076b479ca2c2bceb921027Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1429379, r=aswan,bz
f3ea2731b10b7a6a251f43e96c588a954bb11c62Nathan Froyd — Bug 1437932 - fix unused variable error in non-diagnostic assertion builds; r=baku
026401920e32e641eb42b068a16d7dd9e86c66a4Jan Odvarko — Bug 1311171 - Implement the API event; r=jdescottes,rpl
1ab257b6d0d94649056595dcce6d0c133b6ff7edMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1438349 - Disable credit card support for Form Autofill in Beta 59+. r=Dolske
a281dd360b0a92a4eb0492a88170ddbf2a30ec74Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1438397 - Don't process RepaintSelection() if the presshell is being destroyed. r=masayuki
ac9440a7256caa96064e9a7b259c89630a5aa50eMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1406726 - HTMLEditRules::WillInsertBreak() should reset mNewNode with caret position r=m_kato
9c6aa0a5ec8d084a499eb3ff85f676ee29476769Dorel Luca — Backed out changeset eedbb054f2ae (bug 1437694) for failing Browser chrome on browser/components/search/test/browser_searchbar_openpopup.js
eedbb054f2ae340e53723235b437598b10782619Botond Ballo — Bug 1437694 - Gracefully recover from hit testing bugs affecting scrollbar dragging. r=kats
8c6dc94629fc116689e5499424319403307d6e3aCoroiu Cristina — Backed out changeset 067ee834b07b (bug 1404688) for xpcshell failures at toolkit/mozapps/extensions/test/xpcshell/test_LightweightThemeManager.js
067ee834b07b32bc0fd3023ef510cbea6dad1aa2Tim Nguyen — Bug 1404688 - Make headerURL optional and remove text-shadow when there is no headerURL. r=jaws
6d4e050bc4068b475fd98d5052d14d24e9fa4e30Michael Froman — Bug 1436759 - Release NrIceMediaStreams on sts thread in transport_unittests.cpp. r=bwc
63e930c8b30829b1f0dd2301b8bfd7fc1948fbc8Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1429962: Don't add frames / reframe text that is going to get reframed anyway. r=bz
55dddaa9b77ce9314f788b3890c01934a143c390Francois Marier — Bug 1433636 - Put a limit on the length of Safe Browsing metadata values. r=gcp
780f43334807c1a094b67a8074d7382338e6c8f7Zibi Braniecki — Bug 1437427 - Workaround promise/microtask bug with a callback in Fluent runtime. r=Pike
1082bb7dbc526b11b32794bbc5d0f0501dcf3477Brian Birtles — Bug 1436659 - Use updatePlaybackRate in DevTools; r=daisuke
0b4efe60e6ec6bdc23d44f86f65a4bd0ace7d9e8Brian Birtles — Bug 1436659 - Support pending playback rates on compositor animations; r=hiro
3fc608432c52da556e179d5a36ce15f1a8a031a7Brian Birtles — Bug 1436659 - Implement pending playback rate mechanism; r=hiro
2be0189e2e8e2e5c03a23b64771f49f76c15f207Brian Birtles — Bug 1436659 - Add Animation::GetCurrentTimeForHoldTime helper; r=hiro
e11bc080108c4362a2f2afc828f4a1cfc7cd33c2Brian Birtles — Bug 1436659 - Factor out static time calculation methods on Animation; r=hiro
5ec4adb145cfadbd26a906d04d0aa3d984280578Brian Birtles — Bug 1436659 - Add Animation.updatePlaybackRate WebIDL definition; r=bz
7465cb110ae5ec2e2ca73182caf5293f0efc8fd5Brian Birtles — Bug 1436659 - Add tests for Animation.updatePlaybackRate; r=hiro
a1a5840a6bb53e305ba02bcbeb215659342d0edbBrian Birtles — Bug 1436659 - Further divide up finishing tests; r=hiro
44ddf14fd3346658c3223f13652073fafbfa48faBrian Birtles — Bug 1436659 - Tidy up tests for "finishing an animation"; r=hiro
b86e1331cb36634fd33677043b61fc0c1d8485bcBrian Birtles — Bug 1436659 - Move finishing tests to timing-model; r=hiro
b93a8879555d2fa7e7d4e00a275513a3a6338b35Brian Birtles — Bug 1436659 - Simplify playback rate setting test; r=hiro
c2c352456a4cf62dcc12f851138b04397675a445Brian Birtles — Bug 1436659 - Move playback rate test to timing-model; r=hiro
c8ee4a012dae506ae06bb5b2ad50942b04c1aaaaBrian Birtles — Bug 1436659 - Use async/await in timing-model/animations tests; r=hiro
0634cd8f08ebe0905a9188fb1398c7b5f889c5dcBrian Birtles — Bug 1436659 - Rename tests in timing-model/animations to match spec section titles; r=hiro
8d28b9f2d0abd7b694364ec874522102a77ff04dMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1438306 - Disable CA & DE country support and RTL support for Form Autofill in Beta 59+. r=Dolske
7903281904534c34e1c73781f30d55711322f13cZibi Braniecki — Bug 1438055 - Switch Fluent Localization class to use weak observers. r=mossop
02896a1245a546f6202a2c1b01ee72b35d3daf50Henrik Skupin — Bug 892902 - [mozprocess] Enable unit tests on Windows. r=ahal
81aafa6d326ae71e7575f160cb36bd391d32c5dbHenrik Skupin — Bug 892902 - [mozprocess] Ensure that process returncodes are positive on Windows. r=ahal
720afff2d5e57a0049dcfd0a6f0fdda064c87711Henrik Skupin — Bug 892902 - [mozprocess] Returncode for kill() on Windows has to be set from wait(). r=ahal
61753b98b547f24d0fdeedd0ec0f0fe14da9d67fHenrik Skupin — Bug 892902 - [mozprocess] Remove dependency of psutil for pid exists check. r=ahal
a26e2e7c3746ead3e3dd1f519b8be0bbdcdac5a4James Teh — Bug 1433046: mscom::Interceptor: Don't destroy an aggregated interceptor before releasing its interface. r=aklotz
7e74601cabde2990de9ba0efd152549bfb60f3a1Zibi Braniecki — Bug 1424682 - Migrate the chrome of Preferences to the new Localization API. r=flod,jaws
7d87cf855dea46cceaf0469cb169ec8e3c45b50aShane Caraveo — Bug 1436720 use sessionstore to track controlling extension, r=Gijs
f7c315627ca4a8b009a94369a3d61c96d0ffe6f6Botond Ballo — Bug 1434846 - APZ mochitest for hit test on scrollbar thumb of scrollframe inside float. r=kats
0e1283be874466cfa5e154d9b3642ffce716913aBotond Ballo — Bug 1434846 - Factor out some utility functions for testing APZ scrollbar hit testing. r=kats
8eb7b1aa7dde8d24cae4c442ba8d737c7b5f88b8Ralph Giles — Bug 1437351 - Update callers for mp4parse v0.10.0. r=kinetik
6c85a4075713df2a6d1321e4ae6e4c2dbfefe840Ralph Giles — Bug 1437351 - Vendor deps for mp4parse v0.10.0. r=kinetik
69d1e55f1c570defee5dae3fb0879133b872a642Ralph Giles — Bug 1437351 - Update mp4parse to v0.10.0. r=kinetik
a1104f76eb2222ef3884898967cdea0f60044059Ralph Giles — Bug 1437351 - Update mp4parse import script for v0.10.0. r=kinetik
18d26380ad3d1fa89c4b428170a458bc97b06bfcDorel Luca — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1173851) for Mochitest failures on dom/tests/mochitest/general/test_interfaces.html. CLOSED TREE
223a0551c4e0a4e1a4243c8d7b6de0a774aec829Dorel Luca — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. CLOSED TREE
e0ad971db3e7e73e35a6cab94652b31a1936c403Coroiu Cristina — Backed out changeset 301951ce868f (bug 1428108) for xpcshell failures at browser/components/newtab/tests/xpcshell/test_AboutNewTabService.js on a CLOSED TREE
af0f71f70a18b758041ae69bead2811c44e30ffcMilan Sreckovic — Bug 1438284: Annotation web-platform reftests for WebRender on Linux. r=milan
684f8415581ee3763d5c896e8212ce24ff6c4a47Ethan Glasser-Camp — Bug 1388830 - upgrade kinto-http.js to 4.5.3. r=MattN
aba40941f0274fb7b47a896fc6519875174e1f1fNils Ohlmeier [:drno] — Bug 1173851: re-enable passing WPT tests. r=ng
36e6f059546183aa8e93d4de4112745cf2ea4730Nils Ohlmeier [:drno] — Bug 1173851: rename DataChannel to RTCDataChannel r=jib,smaug
36480ec73c274b6e671fcf4498d051410e318434Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1437790: No need to reframe synchronously on chrome-flush-skin-caches. r=xidorn
7080e442652d1a3725b68f7ce36348360276aa73Brian Grinstead — Bug 1432950 - Remove the scrollbar-base binding to prevent XBL JS from running on scrollbars in content;r=dao,smaug
ab50bf89a3ac2937572aa2fc176acbf5cc52682eDaniel Holbert — Bug 1438020: Add some includes for "Inlines" headers to address clang build warnings in non-unified build. r=mats
a0a032ce94f89b2a738037aa4bd71cf9277948e9Chris H-C — bug 1437120 - Ensure pings sent after net shutdown are persisted to disk r=Dexter
0bb9c745a9dfc887c40118923e3818bfb502d133Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 1428568 - Stop using GetNativePath in libjar. r=mayhemer
a20b068b82f7338db3f565bde5cad4c6f0a7b172Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1437832 - Part 4: Remove unused function from PeerConnectionImpl r=jib
2040187280ad289759fbfd5e61fedb43a8c46a2aByron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1437832 - Part 3: Remove unused function from PeerConnectionImpl.webidl r=jib,smaug
57b2226d05e8516cc46cf14c4d362d254f0570f6Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1437832 - Part 2: Use the same C++ logic for replaceTrack, removeTrack, and addTrack (when on a pre-existing transceiver). r+jib r=jib
ec7939040da763bbfe29824cc615ee0168596af1Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1437832 - Part 1: Test-case for addTransceiver, then addTrack, then removeTrack. r+jib r=jib
7eef30ef2103434125bd8d23de3af644eec2cebeEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #20049 - style: Cleanup serialization a bit (from emilio:cleanup-serialization-a-bit); r=SimonSapin
4eab912e9f421ba541322033c17fbf10772c09b1Francesco Lodolo (:flod) — Bug 1430075 - Add readmoo to searchplugins shipping in Firefox desktop r=mkaply
f86256e3a26ee645a27de17a61c52eaff5c49f2dAndrew McCreight — Bug 1437978 - Add memory reporting for scriptCountsMap. r=nbp
8ed6a4bfec68227c2aa576a907579aff8a9a6bcdBrian Grinstead — Bug 1438309 - Remove `#ifndef MOZ_XUL` from nsXULLabelFrame;r=nalexander
84611d1652f2454af2b6c0595fd9f21fea094ea2Adrian Wielgosik — Bug 1438270 - Remove nsIDOMDocumentXBL. r=bz
d6a1c905d383768b19380f113a943ece2dc013eaJared Wein — Bug 1437879 - Set the currency-amount properties as attributes on the shipping-option so they get copied to the cloned option. r=MattN
d8bb0ab25ecbb2a8d67a37dfbc4e0a64fee1c575Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1437570 - Upgrade to rust-ini 0.10.2. r=jgraham
1d864693c47c8c791a3c8cd8e84860ecf6351aa7arthur.iakab — Backed out 14 changesets (bug 1436659) for Eslint failures on devtools/server/actors/animation.js:876:12 on a CLOSED TREE
7270c9ee964b72cd9aaf6fc2b483d67633baef90Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1436830 - Drop slog dependency. r=jgraham,rillian
cbd3741a4bb09d20268d80c8b975fcbb3139f5eeAndreas Tolfsen — Bug 1436830 - Roll own log::Log implementation in geckodriver. r=jgraham,rillian
623b184072c9920fe641e1eae2d7b53ba4b59f12Razvan Caliman — Bug 1435368 - Implement precision when rounding polygon coordinates on Shapes editor. r=gl,pbro
659180649c656959ac5ef06197a22f241145e8adDaniel Marshall — Bug 1434906 - Removed dependency to datetimePage.html in; r=whimboo
46cd93930b4e004de102af8c0439518c50cc6a70Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1434045 - avoid errors when XBL destructors fire without the constructor having fired, r=florian
301951ce868f1df6d05699e03ab753559d7b31d1Andrei Oprea — Bug 1428108 - Set browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.debug by default in local builds. r=Mardak
00bb6658c45ad73d0f71ed8b2b65fb766c173ee6Mark Banner — Bug 1401527 - Remove unused 'Recently Bookmarked' strings. r=Gijs
0b6f87dae8adf7fc137763af4196c6217b2fedf5Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1403450 - Add test cases from browser_webconsole_repeated_messages_accuracy.js to mocha; r=jdescottes.
43c9ac3ada6cb28c360a015b8352462a2047df6fAlex Chronopoulos — Bug 1431056 - Stop using fake constraints in a media mochitest. r=pehrsons
63cb513100655ae9bf51e42566803005f9693f9fEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1438129: Remove ShadowRoot.applyAuthorStyles. r=smaug
500836846f62a16ad39523efe44c48c7f8356070Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1429824 - Try to prevent races in browser_net_autoscroll.js. r=Honza
e3d4ec2c18b5e758be98ddef04362acae8ca75beAlexandre Poirot — Bug 1429824 - Always use a valid transformation against the waterwall. r=Honza
cf796a41ff7d836e75b21d19c5be25c9dad4ee04Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1429824 - Prevent reflows related to scroll to bottom feature. r=Honza
62480b7ea9f98e9873f4c6f3d2e400e3647038f1Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1438103 - fix UI for error reporting pref, r=Pike
a21c8910699f324d9a0748d25ebaf910eed9966fMark Hammond — Bug 1437242 - don't drag browser-sync.js into places.xul. r=tcsc
47453e1bdac16475ce11150dde641ec953cf5af2Prathiksha — Bug 1431242 - Use popupnotification's built-in bolding for webextension prompts. r=aswan,johannh
96c6eef5f48b8c0e7000779bf5c346b26535e7f3Jan Odvarko — Bug 1435048 - Wait for async UI update; r=ochameau
6447e0e0d81b854098d02dd1d7916df2dd16e3fbEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1436855: Flush notifications via the document in AsyncScrollPortEvent. r=bz
e2e875344af82b0ed7d36dfcc910a73714f419d0Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1436690 - Fix mocha tests due to React and Enzyme updates; r=bgrins.
bb5aaa6697ec6169fcc8ba1acb35c10bbd33fb4eNicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1436690 - Fix React 16 warning in NetworkMessage component; r=bgrins.
2685a80e518203bdf8689d680046d07f7d74ffbcNicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1436690 - Remove unecessary amd load for Reps in GripMessageBody; r=bgrins.
b7a08fdfe4e0309b31be35f54a4b1e4db3de69ddNicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1436690 - Switch react (et al.) to version 16.2, and update dependencies; r=bgrins.
04f9bdfbff97c5daa0a4c9b0d950fb5134213c03Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1436690 - Add a webconsole tests dedicated package.json file; r=bgrins.
a2890507d13a9812cbe2b5761a6103f58a39eb51Brian Birtles — Bug 1436659 - Use updatePlaybackRate in DevTools; r=daisuke
c653d7a1b3ef042bf7b2cc06ea340378dc34d546Brian Birtles — Bug 1436659 - Support pending playback rates on compositor animations; r=hiro
4ae911f19aee5b6738ed4bd405e1d75acd428358Brian Birtles — Bug 1436659 - Implement pending playback rate mechanism; r=hiro
e9381081ab6a3354c236096453735f93aa68b870Brian Birtles — Bug 1436659 - Add Animation::GetCurrentTimeForHoldTime helper; r=hiro
7301bfeeb65c5d7840a86bcd9406d21df83b3c31Brian Birtles — Bug 1436659 - Factor out static time calculation methods on Animation; r=hiro
607dccfa8387c5b28eaf5d6663d1c759df98bf6bBrian Birtles — Bug 1436659 - Add Animation.updatePlaybackRate WebIDL definition; r=bz
8f61bf3de90affb12962bd6556a6ee5530c15c5fBrian Birtles — Bug 1436659 - Add tests for Animation.updatePlaybackRate; r=hiro
920aa51ae3a22c858daaad63b54d520259b856d2Brian Birtles — Bug 1436659 - Further divide up finishing tests; r=hiro
bfa0d1a4bf1cc49f63ad1aee3c4ab5edc5a0f529Brian Birtles — Bug 1436659 - Tidy up tests for "finishing an animation"; r=hiro
467dd218d3d32373191863a79e5d6716b45ad043Brian Birtles — Bug 1436659 - Move finishing tests to timing-model; r=hiro
737ff1676ff0776b213b71a5d44784bd3dcd1aa7Brian Birtles — Bug 1436659 - Simplify playback rate setting test; r=hiro
071666b6c7e9c6de8a6ec20ba138ee18fd1972e3Brian Birtles — Bug 1436659 - Move playback rate test to timing-model; r=hiro
c2932cd4839fd8d93b73860bf50b20b8499a4986Brian Birtles — Bug 1436659 - Use async/await in timing-model/animations tests; r=hiro
a9777027b7ad5daed663df32ce3fcc9cb6502b9dBrian Birtles — Bug 1436659 - Rename tests in timing-model/animations to match spec section titles; r=hiro
3f3cb58582407658199c7cf6ae1cd2a50b9a2a65Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 1437965. Remove some unused functionality from StackingContextHelper. r=kats
aee4e152f0ccf26aac17ec91aaab82a595ec37eeAndrew McCreight — Bug 1438257, part 4 - Remove duplicate definition of nsID.h. r=froydnj
72f721eccfd66df9e00acbc33f14e695994f478fAndrew McCreight — Bug 1438257, part 3 - C++-ize XPT files. r=froydnj
bbd19bc1e35cf46a1a525f944c66b3afd2a56702Andrew McCreight — Bug 1438257, part 2 - Get rid of extern. r=froydnj
ecd835b0fae74fc30748c1ec150a80326df2b202Andrew McCreight — Bug 1438257, part 1 - Get rid of useless XPT_PUBLIC_* macros. r=froydnj
e68b99992d20abf911254f63a07c8939b7417d97Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #20046 - style: Move most of allowed_in to NonCustomPropertyId (from emilio:less-dumb); r=nox
0b7ae7a92e2be896a74f2b728c7fb8362dac8b98Dorel Luca — Backed out changeset 85e30806ade1 (bug 1404688) for Browser chrome failure on browser/base/content/test/general/browser_compacttheme.js. CLOSED TREE
66de6bae080af1545ecc788b3fb5f7aacdd054fdMatt Howell — Bug 1436475 Part 5 - Add a readme and a patch file with our changes to the 7-zip directory. r=agashlin
2a1c370690be790ac4b4beda07d9cd5136164b22Matt Howell — Bug 1436475 Part 4 - Add the 7-zip SFX binary compiled from the new code, and related resources. r=agashlin
354ea5121c9c05c7f137f1775559a7cb75fcc315Matt Howell — Bug 1436475 Part 3 - Port our customizations forward to the new 7-zip code. r=agashlin
1f6f1636a5009cecaed201462f038d6b7c1bb9f0Matt Howell — Bug 1436475 Part 2 - Add the 7-zip 18.01 code. r=agashlin
0ee15b723c4ae21f39a3005ce199a5ef79a7b4d4Matt Howell — Bug 1436475 Part 1 - Remove the old 7-zip code. r=agashlin
077920036d7c41e9de0daef2eb48903276eefb0aArjun Krishna Babu — Bug 1430060 - Hide Security tab in Page Info when you are on about: pages r=johannh
17b07b91a470f57b24d2f1326d1eeef12a9b9ae4Adrian Wielgosik — Bug 1437300 - Remove nsIDocCharset. r=bz
22fa2b14913abf70cd39f9206f930988c100606cNick Thomas — Bug 1425571 - remove deprecated pulse-notify config for jobs that moved to tc-notify, r=aki
6f856b4b8e276ac9c0978d2b8cc79b2cce146f92Nick Thomas — Bug 1425571 - switch to taskcluster-notify for all but the notify tasks, r=aki
db67b849d3d0f88ee28fe4ef922cf7db4cc67e50Brendan Dahl — Bug 1434381 - Inline the layout debug overlay into browser menu bar. r=dbaron
1abd8bf0d997cd4ed76f5b75cf0f5b3f4a99d3a2Bob Silverberg — Bug 1436165 - Change extensionControlled strings for home page and new tab page, r=jaws,mstriemer
85e30806ade11c6b7b7ba8aba07693266f326a85Tim Nguyen — Bug 1404688 - Make headerURL optional and remove text-shadow when there is no headerURL. r=jaws
8899c1b08ed8b5769564032e6a122f9001385a69Edouard Oger — Bug 1434670 - Synced tabs panels adjustments. r=dao
27fd083ed7ee5782e52a5eaf0286c5ffa8b35a9eDorel Luca — Merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central a=merge
04b90b86ce92b4f2859e968e61fc7d1a3bcbd6ecNathan Froyd — Bug 1435916 - use a const array in nsTextFormatter::dosprintf; r=tromey
100460d7a9aff798075903e56714d2021eb32641Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1437640 - Implement nsIThreadRetargetableStreamListener in MutableBlobStreamListener, r=smaug
8fdd2ef1e1c0c3f8843c80be05801213f00499ecAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1437896 - Get rid of a #ifdef Status in WorkerHolder.h, r=smaug
c47ba61ce442211227ccf909eee6101841e5aa94Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1436808: Apply Meta CSP to content privileged about: pages. r=gijs,freddyb
0babcbf5ff1e263916684965996092fc7600364eOlli Pettay — Bug 1430305 - Implement ShadowRoot.fullscreenElement , r=mrbkap
af441cafff7086ffdd0ea8c4700f738fdf3261b9Jon Coppeard — Bug 1437554 - Release the exclusive access lock when not collecting the atoms zone r=sfink
6d15b284662e7fc9403a25e9260727885e8065d3Gurzau Raul — Merge mozilla-central to inbound. a=merge CLOSED TREE
f1e39e547b29ee6eb323ff5fe18c5084791c8da1Margareta Eliza Balazs — Backed out 4 changesets (bug 1436247) for c2 failures in dom/events/test/test_DataTransferItemList.html on a CLOSED TREE
284c21b1d5e4c6ec9a2e91243e95aa50b462ca13Aaron Klotz — Bug 1437309: Delayload crypt32 and wintrust in mozglue; r=glandium
04ed54caac204afa2541277e26c381f4ac0911bdDylan Roeh — Bug 1391076 - Update GeckoSession.setActive to focus/blur as appropriate. r=snorp
0541e57dfa185b4068bbbb52587c9cd387a5dbdaNathan Froyd — Bug 1437606 - part 2 - use NS_IMPL_ISUPPORTS in modules/libpref/; r=njn
98c4ffa07c96fe4ffd4b80c4947ca534cac0f889Nathan Froyd — Bug 1437606 - part 1 - use NS_IMPL_QUERY_INTERFACE in modules/libpref/; r=njn
7e563407a9e9bc3161b94e581027bf3fc0b0791eNathan Froyd — Bug 1437605 - part 3 - use NS_IMPL_ISUPPORTS in js/xpconnect/; r=mccr8
281b91e312244c4ccac98987e04185123a1a3ceaNathan Froyd — Bug 1437605 - part 2 - use NS_IMPL_QUERY_INTERFACE_CI in js/xpconnect/; r=mccr8
39aadaccd235417316601f4334cdbd0c7c923172Nathan Froyd — Bug 1437605 - part 1 - use NS_IMPL_QUERY_INTERFACE in js/xpconnect/; r=mccr8
be009d297bc6c4883a1bbf522001d9bbbc847331Ryan Hunt — Make FilterNodeSoftware intermediate surface caching thread safe (bug 1436723, r=mstange)
bd4ee2af36737babed1c2d8bf683526f476741d1Ryan Hunt — Restore FilterNodeSoftware intermediate surface caching (bug 1436723, r=mstange)
96115b59fa4db7d4d235982f6993c396aaeb7453shindli — Backed out changeset bf20a59521ad (bug 1436100) per developers request on a CLOSED TREE
858d629f761ddb77258cbb3e5c557df1ead5b2dfAndrew Osmond — Bug 1436247 - Part 4. Fix image/DecodePool.h inclusions. r=tnikkel
4ce2bfe462a08e004300a002fadb7d44e2e780ffAndrew Osmond — Bug 1436247 - Part 3. Process image decoding tasks in a more predictable order. r=tnikkel
3650631487c779979d0b2c693864617d5351c516Andrew Osmond — Bug 1436247 - Part 2. Shutdown idle image decoder threads after the configured timeout. r=tnikkel
c32ead4e35257a9067fa2fa73a96fafca4acdacdAndrew Osmond — Bug 1436247 - Part 1. Spawn image decoder threads on demand, rather than at startup. r=tnikkel
e7519d21db96d2e0e48b84668ed8ac47b1e59b9aJan de Mooij — Bug 1437471 - Use singleton type only for big typed arrays created with an existing buffer. r=bhackett
246493ebf8627765eaa25e1ad4ce91c7acff8354Paul Adenot — Bug 1422820 - Don't recurse too much when shutting down cameras. r=pehrsons
425d921fee55b5798d45a081c6b504130cec38d3Munro Mengjue Chiang — Bug 1426129 - Hold CamerasChild via promoting "this" to a RefPtr. r=jib
cdb66b98f4bc7f6550dea2056e60715ea311425dBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 1437499: Commonize CalledFromJitExitFrameLayout and use it for wasm too; r=jandem
0e1e3fb7d63a15281557e9ddf9d86b7b45766b87Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1437501: Ignore wasm::FailFP when unwinding jit->wasm frames; r=luke
7cc1ab26945b9bfbbbd4305c37bccbcd21f35500Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1437481: Mark wasm functions as builtin functions; r=jandem
9c669d852f878fdb76e90da0fbaa090b348401c5Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1437575 - Better shutdown hang reporting: all the notifications must be received, r=smaug
7e5705b331383cdd2b70af5d85c7881ea5e43f3cJan de Mooij — Bug 1425580 part 9 - Devirtualize LNode::setSuccessor. r=tcampbell
5119d035bf2788336c638596590877978a7c05b5Jan de Mooij — Bug 1425580 part 8 - Devirtualize LNode::getDef and LNode::setDef. r=nbp
aae0a2c15e00898c4f0a920b548afbf700edfc3aJon Coppeard — Bug 1437489 - Split out implementation of atoms table out into vm/AtomsTable.h r=jandem
dda8825a8038386075fc1108adfd46d55357feb3sotaro — Bug 1437750 - Update debug flags in WebRenderDebugPrefChangeCallback() r=nical
bf20a59521ad778870cb0da31be56de1e23e574dRichard Marti — Bug 1436100 - Let the apps use their own ThemeVariableMap.jsm constant. r=gijs
9e19b58d64947fceb81a7d8713e4d5dc1308cf0cArthur Edelstein — Bug 1433030 - Stop nsTransferable writing to /tmp in PB windows r=jdm
996deca6cc2d893514d9552d9097365ea7de71e6André Bargull — Bug 1382253 - Part 4: Split maps for preferred-values in language tags. r=Waldo
2c6c9489d9de9f55ed584a6e00cc6697ca45b0d2André Bargull — Bug 1382253 - Part 3: Use a structured object for language-tag canonicalization. r=Waldo
cd80bec8de581a42012e06d5fd8f81bd1102febfAndré Bargull — Bug 1382253 - Part 2: Remove regular expressions to validate language tags. r=Waldo
99dd9444c2df831c340d84730e4e3f0b013c3171André Bargull — Bug 1382253 - Part 1: Remove regular expressions to validate currency digits. r=Waldo
e9ac867e3e3752422ef146c4247b7d19ac147462Arthur Edelstein — Bug 1344613 - Avoid possibility of null pointer crash in nsSOCKSIOLayer.cpp r=mayhemer
e598d410f8cffb22e43e26751dcaec25fef87f45Noemi Erli — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound. a=merge CLOSED TREE
72e9066eef540ea5ebb82081a85718a5aa50e739Brian Stack — Bug 1437738 - Update actions to new repo scopes,r=jonasfj. CLOSED TREE
ce4306093f2a12c73f733f013a04a845b003c286Phil Ringnalda — Backed out changeset 221bee012f86 (bug 1364025) for wpt failures in payment-request/interfaces.https.html
53218d52fdfb4ddc4dd223f644ed3ad445e05cd9Yura Zenevich — Bug 1428432 - Fix for mochitest chrome failures at devtools/client/shared/components/test/mochitest/test_tree_12.html. CLOSED TREE
221bee012f8648f0d93d5adc27a7917c946fefe5Xidorn Quan — Bug 1364025 - Add Unscopable to Document.fullscreen. r=bz
2f7e769b59422126015b4017b0fd48ae27b80faaYura Zenevich — Bug 1428431 - added accessible highlighter classes for content and chrome docs. r=pbro
034c72b76050e6a0e65567724e4f32b4f3c529dbYura Zenevich — Bug 1428432 - further improve keyboard accessibility for VirtualizedTree. r=nchevobbe
e1a06c67ea6a6b28fc2e5606ca8f0e751f599c8cYura Zenevich — Bug 1428432 - prevent unnecessary VirtualizedTree render when the client height does not change. r=nchevobbe
f81606cd29582cceb6a339c122336fefbe80ae15Yura Zenevich — Bug 1428436 - further improving TreeView accessibility. r=Honza
d719873a21a9de87308434fdab2ac87b827a8af6Yura Zenevich — Bug 1428442 - enabling tab highlighting for more than one tool at a time. r=gregtatum
9284d8cfa1e7618836fb630288d780eca3d07a9cDorel Luca — Merge autoland to mozilla-central a=merge
e27e05f77f82a66269b1d8f2cca2d5c2f01058daJ. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1434155 - Remove extra container around RDM browser. r=gl
4d777d5f3adcbb3b78b01860d3c6c5378473f067J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1434155 - Create RDM viewport as iframe component. r=gl
88bcff60aab119ded4ee1a80de790a54f197a047Haik Aftandilian — Bug 1436566 - [Mac] Land disabled-by-default sandboxing for the Flash NPAPI plugin process. r=Alex_Gaynor,jimm
ada56375e68469e055b336cb61bb8223e7a33be6Kirk Steuber — Bug 1429150 - Create an enterprise policy to prevent the application from checking for app updates r=Felipe
121d786078de71aeed151faca915b411b74859d4Kirk Steuber — Bug 1429150 - Make the path to the root of the test data directory available via a pref r=ahal
325d132b59213a9a27e5393028e38367b69b26a1Kirk Steuber — Bug 1429150 - Change nsIApplicationUpdateService::canCheckForUpdates implementation to respect new enterprise policy preventing app update r=Felipe,mhowell
0457cb937b8ee64887925e3a8a869fbc1f24a90cAdrian Wielgosik — Bug 1438024 - Remove nsIMenuBoxObject. r=bz
cfa6d11fe2866bda809ea633da3923c3032880afAdrian Wielgosik — Bug 1438024 - Remove nsIScrollBoxObject. r=bz
a72b573940c8ce0df8ca5ac21b90c154303bf957Adrian Wielgosik — Bug 1438024 - Remove nsIContainerBoxObject. r=bz
26101dcb2ecee47b91637fb053f63c2412c59ad3Brian Grinstead — Bug 1436765 - Include global.css in browserconsole.xul to restore window border;r=Honza
17454f8c2ea8a1a600a95207b6856976178494a7Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 1403454 - Migrate browser_webconsole_script_errordoc_urls.js to the new frontend r=jdescottes
f7e2a78331801fd50fddc617fc08e422f7f5cf25Xidorn Quan — Bug 1437774 - Mark stylist dirty when author style disabled state changes. r=emilio
4cecfca0155ba996b9161b4ef427846e1d2b998eAlex Gaynor — Bug 1405088 - Part 2 - Don't even setup the temp directory in content processes on macOS now that it is unused; r=haik
6d46b232c926c875b1162c911df68c88632549ffAlex Gaynor — Bug 1405088 - Part 1 - remove file-write permissions from macOS content temporary directory; r=haik
2c081ff593c6ef33a5874c72381b2e35abc82d6dMiko Mynttinen — Bug 1436415 - Part 2: Enable nsIFrame::BuildDisplayListForChild() fast-path when using simple event region items r=mattwoodrow
ac5114349a31700de00d1b5166a451aae89fcb2fMiko Mynttinen — Bug 1436415 - Part 1: Reuse some local variables in nsIFrame::BuildDisplayListForChild() r=mattwoodrow
074032cf52d688f69fd30a28583c875657980aa4Nick Alexander — Bug 1437201 - Part 2: Install llvm on macOS when bootstrapping mobile/android. r=froydnj
dbbea0d61dbe320b5d6d19f74320805a93f51426Nick Alexander — Bug 1437201 - Part 1: Don't try to use target as host with clang for Android. r=froydnj
55fff88d6d890cf0ab3c7a0e421c4d8d8485086aNick Alexander — Bug 1437201 - Part 0: Use toolchain clang for host compiler on Android. r=froydnj
12e36be8f26008904e67b48f2da01707dbfacce3Jim Chen — Bug 1434469 - Add ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION to list of permissions; r=snorp
35d9bc4727d2405f78b86020d99164f99781d8a8Drew Willcoxon — Bug 1437967 - "Microsoft Translator" image in "Translations by" checkbox in translate/language preferences is vertically stretched, has wrong aspect ratio. r=jaws
ee10aee44d26bf6eb3ddc5f54ddbbbb4fdeb4b0dDavid Keeler — bug 1231203 - ensure OCSP responses to requests from private contexts aren't cached on disk r=jcj
90e713cb6c434d2b6fa8b7fe764bb1131a30f9a8Mike Cooper — Bug 1437668 - Fix parameter name of resetValue for user-preference-changed case r=Gijs
45251f75803b713340591aea63bede2e5c4a7038Zibi Braniecki — Bug 1424683 - Introduce brand.ftl and migrate brand-short-name to it. r=Pike
93a52bcf07362f9d9037a0a6433fa00d4dae7c48Zibi Braniecki — Bug 1437950 - Update python-fluent to 0.6.3. r=Pike
37935fa7ffc2cf28fbe7da8fff78543a5b912b62Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1437949 - Make the wake_up WR notification poke the renderer. r=kvark
86af6b6108d8e844cd101efe1585aae27fb8bf69Brian Grinstead — Bug 1434401 - Remove the "root-element" binding from :root and create the LightweightThemeConsumer directly from browser.js;r=dao,Gijs
24721e406e2096648a8565789591ae765af1159dServo VCS Sync — No bug - Revendor rust dependencies
c54159f5458a2784f273715c29cf10021ff29b62Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #19925 - Use cstr macro for ffi literal strings (from upsuper:cstr); r=emilio
dca79860f5ba70e74fbf1dc293de9ce9482578a1Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #20040 - Change how some clamped types are animated (from servo:derive-all-the-things); r=emilio
c8318693f1d9667eaf3c1c2e9ee84d5809c84cc5Emilio Cobos Álvarez — No bug - Revendor rust dependencies. r=me on a CLOSED TREE
2b4451a45ed7c26e7fd4e4b2cb2fa245485ded71Jonathan Kew — Bug 1435984 - patch 8 - Apply variation settings from the font entry in the Linux (fontconfig) back-end on a CLOSED TREE. r=lsalzman
773e30e83ce10f75e1c9905aa13f9303a5e2eb08Jonathan Kew — Bug 1435984 - patch 7 - Apply variation settings from the font entry in the gfxFT2Fonts (Android) back-end. r=lsalzman
dc462be5c9a67b6f3b14cab88951c6563b327896Jonathan Kew — Bug 1435984 - patch 6 - Apply variation settings from the font entry when instantiation fonts for DirectWrite. r=lsalzman
cecc23e078c60fcfe8a9967a7067da877d1f2a23Jonathan Kew — Bug 1435984 - patch 5 - Apply variation settings from the font entry when instantiating fonts on macOS. r=lsalzman
0e636a5b909afd66d727c447ea930feb1582fd82Jonathan Kew — Bug 1435984 - patch 4 - Expose variationSettings on the FontFace webidl interface. r=bz,jwatt
cb6b4a2f5170c43b7c6c776e6fae265d8ce93686Jonathan Kew — Bug 1435984 - patch 3 - Store variation settings from the @font-face rule in the gfxFontEntry for user fonts. r=jwatt
3f431418dfe951f6762dc34e1c41edd77f34ea7aJonathan Kew — Bug 1435984 - patch 2 - Support the font-variation-settings descriptor when parsing @font-face in the old Gecko style system. r=jwatt
8ce0b5c90b11e34180db4d3517856dea64f7aef6Jonathan Kew — Bug 1435984 - patch 1 - Cache the font-variations.enabled pref in StylePrefs for ready access in descriptor parsing. r=jwatt
890893e95355cd064a1876283e515d85bf782f0bXidorn Quan — Bug 1435984 - patch 0 - Add binding function for setting float value to nsCSSValue. r=emilio
04ddbc05db8726325f396db617a0741d056309acNicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1437856 - Enable new frontend in browser console in new console test folder; r=miker.
e4c62105bc00f18227dca8fef28547d41b5a758eDaniel Holbert — Bug 1437723: Preemptively fix unified bustage in layout/style by adding missing includes/namespaces/forward-decls. r=emilio
5acf2f6a2b5b1b5fc95250c2462855eede27ffbfDaniel Holbert — Bug 1437623 part 3: (layout/painting) Add missing includes/namespaces to preemptively fix unified bustage. r=mattwoodrow
0085ad323bd69f0431badf6a5caabeeaf379762bDaniel Holbert — Bug 1437623 part 2: (layout/base) Add missing includes/namespaces to preemptively fix unified bustage. r=mats
c7b77328d11f9d840067b1dd680bc828893a4735Daniel Holbert — Bug 1437623 part 1: (layout/generic) Add missing includes/namespaces to preemptively fix unified bustage. r=mats
b1aba58ebcddae563f4b949d357c9193b2d78897Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1436926 - part 2: Remove unnecessary KeyboardEvent.code specification of callers of EventUtils.synthesizeKey() r=smaug
b6768ec01e5a081fe99ba1d005f61d36571b5847Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1436926 - part 1: EventUtils.synthesizeKey() should guess KeyboardEvent.code value if it's not specified explicitly r=smaug
c15438b50b816625d8652c760bcba74a84e50418Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1436625: Whitelist the assertion for the throttled animation flush. r=hiro
80659584e5d7a7beeb860f7da4d954b5a50ac182Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #20044 - Remove initial values from font-face descriptors (from upsuper:font-face-initial); r=SimonSapin
f88ab27ed42a201ad796123904a3eda33aa6981eXidorn Quan — servo: Merge #20042 - Integrate font-variation-settings descriptor with stylo (from upsuper:font-variation-desc); r=emilio
63f56f0215ef007a60ad3013e6a7e24948bb71f4Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #20038 - style: Avoid an intermediate buffer in Servo_Shorthand_AnimationValues_Serialize (from emilio:no-need-for-strings); r=nox
d4e18373df7f56d644fa4c5f44f44b6d5326a6fbBastien Orivel — servo: Merge #20022 - Update syn, quote and synstructure (from Eijebong:syn); r=nox
0ad9403b418ebf2a09e4aebc7412efc14d480da4Patrick Brosset — Bug 1437548 - 3 - Add a section that displays other fonts used in the page; r=gl
99e4a73636a10bf7b4eff2712d587e2c8906ed0dPatrick Brosset — Bug 1437548 - 2 - Collapse font-face css rule sections by default; r=gl
270d44332b5d10ba2fb45a78fcc813d353d19ce4Patrick Brosset — Bug 1437548 - 1 - Simplified font inspector layout; r=gl
57b4c9bc875a6b7d61ced24ee06bce7cd6585f30Cosmin Sabou — Backed out changeset 9878ed59f9a6 (bug 1432105) for permafailing at /webdriver/tests/actions/ on a CLOSED TREE
f028ec193bb30ec14202e085e345dbb33e499a14shindli — Backed out changeset a8a0ca1b2ea5 (bug 1435458) for failed Deleting file '../../../dist/bin/browser/defaults/preferences/firefox-branding.js on a CLOSED TREE
a8a0ca1b2ea520541f296670db9aa9f50d0c1df0Panos Astithas — Bug 1435458 - Preprocess the official firefox-branding.js. r=glandium
5ede77fd6d7875bf1ad7e4b2458a59238eae683dEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #20039 - style: Use consistent formatting for functions in the glue file (from emilio:indent); r=nox
24cd8e6e5b2a6ee6a6767f4111b119f9f795b601Simon Fraser — Bug 1436977 Disable partials diff caching for macosx r=rail
0aab6c91fb14a2a9c6dce7bad92709fdb3b366cePatrick McManus — Bug 1437529: --verify shudown node h2 server for phase2 r=gbrown
9878ed59f9a69362e5fb423767560377a8364e9fMaja Frydrychowicz — Bug 1432105 - Stop pointer action tests from restarting Firefox; r=whimboo
dfcfef9a322db951210fbf7f86d77badb489b8caPaul Rouget — servo: Merge #19975 - Kill browserhtml (from paulrouget:killbhtml); r=mbrubeck,emilio
365a91ab41e21db14bed86a705536bd222bccfcdAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 1436639 - [lint] Make sure flake8 is run with same python as |mach lint| was, r=jmaher
21e0ed25f05a5f7c7b8213016511d0577708efbeJ. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1418469 - Simplify device pixel ratio testing for RDM. r=ochameau
ff7175ca8486b5c8ca18d547eb938acd71c5c643ffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-302 - a=blocklist-update
c57b90ec6182d62783be16750eb0ba9ddbcec89cffxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-302 - a=hpkp-update
12e8e34430cc39aad75e1cca0fcbcfc255278c9cffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-302 - a=hsts-update
375d162649d2fba6cf967b1062163cb87790dd87Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1438103 - fix UI for error reporting pref, r=Pike,a=Aryx on a CLOSED TREE
e293877d13a5236119adb706c97c55ea9e11868bL10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Fennec l10n changesets DONTBUILD r=release a=l10n-bump
c48e46d5edbfb04ae9b54aa37b61aa254420a837Gurzau Raul — Merge autoland to mozilla-central. a=merge on a CLOSED TREE
7398b884c9ebb706fdc789a1c36b7d12f743b837Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 1437802 - Create selectNodeText(node) in new web console test head.js r=nchevobbe
3fd159786be142ce63c41024a253405d11fbd54eMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 1428557 - Implement wrappers in FileUtils. r=froydnj
badef7a8ef702bf5d73afd8de765f96146acc0b5Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 1428557 - Stop using GetNativePath in xpcom/. r=froydnj
ce0cc721f03ea1cd2081bfbb3f7d8d66d3e53910Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 1428614 - Implement mozilla::IFStream and mozilla::OFStream. r=froydnj
46a5b62580f6184ae1423527688f40ae3932c326Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1436978 - Stop using Promise.jsm in devtools/server in favor of DOM Promises. r=jdescottes
f3bfda748e339695fee5912acd12cd0c7a913b58Henrik Skupin — Bug 1436857 - Upgrade psutil from version 3.1.1 to 5.4.3. r=gps
1b0fa4897edcafe3d799dc1bb5a31e29f8844fb6Martin Stransky — Bug 1434544 - When launching remote instance without profile name search for already running firefox instances, r=jhorak
fbcf450dfbaf49982f2ae5315ba261d61a4cbdb7Andrew McCreight — Bug 1437689 - Add basic memory reporting for gNameToHistogramIDMap. r=gfritzsche
ef64ddb693f462bda7742bb7840f93d249ebe64fNoemi Erli — Backed out changeset 719333bb05af (bug 1417880) for failing in toolkit/components/extensions/test/browser/browser_ext_themes_arrowpanels.js on a CLOSED TREE
0fc7fa8752601f55d4254f20d8039c92e1efd5b5Mark Banner — Bug 1437651 - Remove unused simulated-places-node references. r=mak
436c339d3305183f066d6b123d38f5ddc4278c73Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 1404844 - Migrate browser_webconsole_bug_623749_ctrl_a_select_all_winnt.js to the new frontend r=jdescottes
1393a9de14bdbf2c382b940dd0a3df781f66fa8dEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1437244: Try to assert a bit more about stylist accesses. r=hiro
43679b41bece563cc07b032b325b274bcbe2b229Tom Ritter — Bug 1429647 Switch privacy.reduceTimerPrecision and privacy.resistFingerprinting to use Relaxed Semantics r=froydnj,mystor
1a8f7940e10800387d3de28e3538ac4004c7bc14Mark Striemer — Bug 1429590 - Only allow one homepage to be set by extensions r=aswan
b0deb6af3dfb09da428c5dae40d67a486b8acf0bJesse Schwartzentruber — Bug 1425406 - Add a linux64 clang 6 (pre) toolchain with the macosx64 native sanitizer dylibs. r=froydnj
9f075ca0c8698af33d2307b67e3d074bba41d042Makoto Kato — Bug 1437795 - Reset TextInputListener on nsTextEditorState::Clear(). r=masayuki
3478356d49534d5251842d9f934e7312f3631ab3Martin Stransky — Bug 1434565 - Put some meanigful timestamp to nsRemoteService::HandleCommandLine(), r=jhorak
9ce4a74db79390abaa052f4537b6721cdaa3beafNicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1436110 - Add pageError and evaluationResult tests for thrown strings; r=bgrins.
719f138bc9d8ccd986f5a28ccb55d11e2366bbb2Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1436110 - Fix stub generation and update existing stubs; r=bgrins.
5d3f2a7dfdc9ee36c43fcdf04e25b49e426c908aNicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1436110 - Fix rendering of thrown string in evaluation results; r=bgrins.
f26d2eac74fba21b4b1c9f5475035148962ed18dTawny Hoover — Bug 1420749 - Allow browser.bookmarks.openInTabClosesMenu to work with containers as well as single menuitems r=mak
b61c885acf48ba69d2d0916e9bc0fd946114bf3cMichael Ratcliffe — Bug 1404359 - Migrate browser_webconsole_bug_586388_select_all.js to the new frontend r=jdescottes
719333bb05af84c0f87065b33105f7a4b0da535cConnor Masini — Bug 1417880: Allow theming arrow panels(popups). r=jaws
86ddf1e9b78742f37debc3b635bc39adaae8a07aFernando Jiménez Moreno — servo: Merge #19754 - Implement element.innerText getter (from ferjm:innertext); r=mbrubeck
e43f2f6ea111c2d059d95fa9a71516b869a69698ffxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-302 - a=hpkp-update
7b747843a8974be98e47941b936641ccf3924f6fffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-302 - a=hsts-update
38b3c1d03a594664c6b32c35533734283c258f43Noemi Erli — Merge inbound to mozilla-central. a=merge
a6088a5f48ee299386a84d2f771902267d7355b1Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1437255. Use a null prototype for @@unscopables objects in the DOM. r=qdot
1757b17e21b52cb6020d80433ff72c855e28e6ddBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1436902 part 5. Change generated event classes to use NS_INLINE_DECL_REFCOUNTING_INHERITED when possible. r=mccr8
f9e3ae4647ac24614cd7086ac05de1e15a26dfc2Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1436902 part 4. Refactor event codegen a bit to make it easier to tell whether the event class needs cycle collection. r=mccr8
91d647c847e56cb0db2be19647507cec207b1d08Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1436902 part 3. Replace usage of NS_IMPL_ISUPPORTS_INHERITED0 with NS_INLINE_DECL_REFCOUNTING_INHERITED when possible. r=mccr8
606c47199b309415485694446b5ccf99d6ee0350Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1436902 part 2. Use NS_INLINE_DECL_REFCOUNTING_INHERITED for some classes that have otherwise-empty QI impls. r=mccr8
68bab9b6f40b820fb8bb387c995720f18eaf150aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1436902 part 1. Add a new NS_INLINE_DECL_REFCOUNTING_INHERITED macro that declares addref/release only for logging purposes. r=mccr8
4ca928e3c74008885671e122dd05cee40432fc98Luke Wagner — Bug 1428453 - Baldr: use new traps for float-to-int conversions (r=bbouvier)
b54df6ca0ab8b8dc7bdfa65e32ca1e0f367bb754Luke Wagner — Bug 1428453 - Baldr: use new traps for idiv (r=bbouvier)
18e4d706ecdfe1c7794f581f614ad1f3a1c0ec86Luke Wagner — Bug 1428453 - Baldr: use new traps for integer overflow (r=bbouvier)
d6eac58c8e76a28182664ff0dea2a9cfb9963ac8Luke Wagner — Bug 1428453 - Baldr: use new traps for stack overflow (r=bbouvier)
5d5573fa9395781efe61e370c44d083ff94d868dEric Rahm — Bug 1437188 - Part 2: Only try to retarget if the listener is retargetable. r=bkelly
1a9343b61df96a1b366d2563beb0d121d4173f12Eric Rahm — Bug 1437188 - Part 1: Remove verbose fetch related warnings. r=bkelly
e4213d1706e9f0784523c4ad10c6c725ac784e2cJeff Walden — Bug 1434429 - Change TokenStreamCharsBase::appendMultiUnitCodepointToTokenbuf to TokenStreamCharsBase::appendCodePointToTokenbuf so that the idea doesn't require knowledge of multi-unitness. r=arai
11ead800137e9b0345f5b6541588de76615d28acJeff Walden — Bug 1434429 - Use the current offset, not the offset of the start of the current token, when reporting errors for unterminated string/template literals. r=till
db889f5da38e34ea95c30b006b0ffe6b58aebb29Jeff Walden — Bug 1436150 - Make debugger-controller.js properly handle watch expressions, containing syntax errors, where the error message for the syntax error contains U+0022 QUOTATION MARK within it. r=jimb
ee08c9bea0d109c7bb49f071bfd97cfbbdf954aaCiure Andrei — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound. a=merge CLOSED TREE
781aefd3280d6e537cecc8cb64fd192e57425bbfTim Taubert — Bug 1437616 - Fix more Windows bustage on a CLOSED TREE r=me
4e519da1bde559af12bdf44396e53285c96cb227Tim Taubert — Bug 1437616 - Fix Windows bustage on a CLOSED TREE r=me
1e14bc2ba524fb9c2ce4d373c008760fcb44ed11Kyle Machulis — Bug 1437226 - Fix text-disable linter message; r=ahal
c8d461ef1437641ae7d4ea1d21e1e60cd62910b0Ben Kelly — Bug 1436763 Fix detached-context.https.html to not timeout due to promise reaction callbacks not firing for detached globals. r=catalinb
2691d37904d028c86ef7e7e733777eabd69d945dTim Taubert — Bug 1437616 - Use proper WebAuthn result types defined in the .pidl r=jcj
d33f2acef1ed12be6bce66e8a615fa17b1d9be9bAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1436744 - Get rid of WorkerCheckAPIExposureOnMainThreadRunnable, r=catalinb
f77dacd4aa63747b87c2937d17b0795efe1b159cAndrew Osmond — Bug 1437648 - Make image/test/test_animSVGImage.html yield the full log. r=aosmond
8b32778925cfb71be68a0ec457fc28c2a95fa757Andreea Pavel — Backed out changeset a16ba1ee8371 (bug 1436763) linting failure at builds/worker/checkouts/gecko/tools/lint/wpt.yml:None
9f1e65e5bd011ae26fae877058546d1af971f56aAndreea Pavel — Backed out changeset cda1f013a78a (bug 1436763) wplint failure at builds/worker/checkouts/gecko/tools/lint/wpt.yml:None
15884c8faf5358d3e82a6406b5baeffef03d1440Nathan Froyd — Bug 1437604 - remove NS_INTERFACE_MAP_END_THREADSAFE; r=mystor
e491f731de97e88845c62e66aa4aa5df319a4c93Michael Kelly — Bug 1426482 Report browser errors in Nightly to Mozilla. r=gijs
a16ba1ee8371c9a933b95a031e29aff0b43d9160Ben Kelly — Bug 1436763 P2 Update wpt lint.whitelist to account for wait_for_activation_on_dummy_scope() moving to a new file. r=me
3b6f8783a2400e84b7ce0e82fdd9bc7d9c995c32Noemi Erli — Merge autoland to mozilla-central. a=merge
d9317a029044ef59a5fd5782e2341299032199b2Phil Ringnalda — Backed out changeset b3104c135520 (bug 1437427) for windows leaked until shutdown in browser_datachoices_notification.js
2d7c898128db7c1d4ff50380577ad384457cb26eTimothy Guan-tin Chien — Bug 1436351 - Ensure tabs binding initialized after tabbrowser. r=dao,Gijs
628a783730cb3844607145deec7664d28cdc8a35James Teh — Bug 1431404: Remove some accessibility related diagnostic crashes on Nightly. r=aklotz
f41883aac00094cb24859ad0690e4cd4aba48590Chris Manchester — Bug 1437182 - Take IPDL/WebIDL generated sources into account when associating object files with linkables in the emitter. r=gps
caad7f97fe387118827508c2279525a13107b61cChris Manchester — Bug 1437182 - Note object files associated with linkables in the emitter. r=gps
0743a6a82eeb1bdc2e16ebfed58f85c8665587ceHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1237454 - Unthrottle transform animations in visibility:hidden element periodically only if the element is scrolled out. r=birtles
d57b9784043cdb9962724eb8d8538ae6718b7d6fHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1237454 - Throttle animations on visibility:hidden element. r=birtles,boris,emilio
2588e518b520591c9a7f594c9b45e2fe480ffc96Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1237454 - Test for an animation on visibility: hidden element which has grandchild. r=boris
3217309b2105eea97bbe92604566a2d62e0fb31dHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1237454 - Test for an animation on a visibility:hidden element which has a child. r=boris
3948591d0a91d2d36f5dc5d3509bdeda9e88d4c9Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1237454 - Test for an animation in the parent element whose visibility is changed. r=boris
25517928b230786f4256f6d380626e718280ad12Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1237454 - An additional check that an animation on visibility: hidden element starts restyling when the element gets visible. r=boris
79a183e59e6cdb4c4ade812267a44ba99cd25c37Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1237454 - Add VisibilityChange change hint. r=emilio
725a9e3cf82847cb2a32392eac6bb2d4a5ea62aeCameron McCormack — Bug 1437362 - Remove nsIDOMWindowUtils.focus. r=bz
4b8c961c0a25bbb44c5231da23ca118d5ed1dfdfAndreea Pavel — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1437182) for gecko decision task failure
588efc6f352087699feca72841c7a1fa0f8438d1Chris Manchester — Bug 1437182 - Take IPDL/WebIDL generated sources into account when associating object files with linkables in the emitter. r=gps
19497c8c5b6f391a3b84734e75dbca461b7d373bChris Manchester — Bug 1437182 - Note object files associated with linkables in the emitter. r=gps
8f2efa0387b68f054be4fc4fad2f825cca3ff173Andreea Pavel — Backed out changeset e68169412c0b (bug 1431404) for failing mochitest browser chrome at browser/base/content/test/general/browser_datachoices_notification.js on a CLOSED TREE
04a85bd02d1e98362d6a107fec51ec6f64f9ff74Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1437680 - Don't change media feature in the callback for MediaQueryListEvent. r=jryans
b45b854d09ea1cb0e0fcab3dfd46bd6779319887Dustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1437710: fix spelling of zstd; r=gps
f740058b4be05dd51adf5b2cd91b67177faa05bfXidorn Quan — servo: Merge #20033 - Output unquoted family name as a series of identifiers (from upsuper:font-space); r=emilio
e68169412c0b9058b45b9be98f5556831bbb43b5James Teh — Bug 1431404: Remove some accessibility related diagnostic crashes on Nightly. r=aklotz
b3104c1355200b744d2de4af2ee20ec936d88d1cZibi Braniecki — Bug 1437427 - Workaround promise/microtask bug with a callback in Fluent runtime. r=Pike
42a6e972fa249f8e609085e59b7fdfbdebb99dbepaavininanda — servo: Merge #19963 - Correct default SelectionStart and SelectionEnd (from paavininanda:Issue#19958); r=<try>
4ef11ae5666ad2c1bf88adf8a3f65393c0db2483Daniel Holbert — Bug 1437625: Promote a few nsCSSRendering.cpp static functions into exposed static methods, since another .cpp file is already using them. r=mattwoodrow
992ac762b498bd5280a19dbd2536dad649bfa080J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1430919 - Enable grid highlighter writing mode support. r=gl
4be3d42520c1f1514ecccdd5a0011875eaed02e9Ciure Andrei — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
5e234a362e5528001688fabd62f095a9d91769f0Adrian Wielgosik — Bug 830221 - Remove nsIDOMDOMImplementation. r=bz
f1cc283d848558ef6e477bb4b8bd33770555ca92Jared Wein — Bug 1427945 - Implement a Payment Request Shipping Option Picker. r=MattN
850a68535455e5eedc65ac441c3451417d3f0cf0Daniel Holbert — Bug 1437655: Remove unreachable "return" statement in nsRuleNode::SetDefaultOnRoot. r=bradwerth
749e2fa440acd5784606ed6e77876a848a6cd723Markus Stange — Bug 1434965 - Take 'streaming generation' into account when de-duplicating JIT frames. r=njn
c074ed11b5dc2658efdc3146ab87cdbe3b8c02afMarkus Stange — Bug 1434965 - Don't store a JSContext pointer in UniqueStacks; pass it manually to the functions that need it. r=njn
cf5aea056d7eb79069949cb68ed8b5a591fd5d9cMarkus Stange — Bug 1434965 - Eliminate custom StringKey class by using nsCStringHashKey. r=njn
31a366f730ab31575ac120e71071b9c9e08d1fb6Markus Stange — Bug 1434965 - Add ForEachTrackedOptimizationTypeInfoLambdaOp. r=njn
7d482ab2b5b8be9b689fe7ba6b975f337d334c8dMarkus Stange — Bug 1434965 - Create an implementation of JS::ForEachTrackedOptimizationAttemptOp which takes a lambda. r=njn
ffa3422ee9e2b7075ffbc421f6fa311e25a7994dMarkus Stange — Bug 1434965 - Add AutoArraySchemaWriter::FreeFormElement so that FillUpTo can be private. r=njn
b3fdcf1aabe30adc1bffb08f628665a137aeaab7Markus Stange — Bug 1434965 - Remove AutoArraySchemaWriter constructor that doesn't take a string table. r=njn
19ee2c8eb9a48798111362600628e04d0ba08d07Markus Stange — Bug 1434965 - Remove OnStackFrameKey and solve frame canonicalization differently. r=njn
51b62e61e969b322637c154127024536c1bad4acMarkus Stange — Bug 1434965 - Split StreamFrame into two different implementations for JIT and non-JIT frames. r=njn
af243ffe2e85e08c25eb8116da9e638abb1aec20Markus Stange — Bug 1434965 - Remove Stack class and use intended-to-be-immutable StackKeys. r=njn
b99f2166a10b9809d789c6da2f11f1c919a8a1ceMarkus Stange — Bug 1434965 - Replace callback-based API ForEachProfiledFrame with an iterator-based API called GetProfiledFrames. r=njn
55f89e248047b9aadd27e6704656f6f82c69cf14Jan Henning — Bug 1437388 - Don't set different session store write interval while in background. r=esawin
4d58eb12ec21a870a7e49f13076d69cae34ac6caDustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1437562: only use ..:branch:default role, not :*; r=bstack
4403805b3b66f4a130f21d0d2ae036b8fc9d6f5bBrian Stack — Bug 1437738 - Update actions to new repo scopes r=jonasfj r=pmoore a=Aryx on a CLOSED TREE
6d8f470b2579e7570f14e3db557264dc075dd654Ciure Andrei — Merge inbound to mozilla-central. a=merge
744c2e1e71b594975a7981d3b06a37f693528361Tom Ritter — Bug 1435296 Address xpcshell test failures from increasing timer precision r=baku
2e184083b2f4ccc8a6566aac77be3e1239454612Tom Ritter — Bug 1435296 Remove unneeded script import from test_timeOrigin.html r=baku
e6b4604bbee2f3f4fa018ceec782fedebecf2d48Tom Ritter — Bug 1435296 Clean 0ms durations in stub generation r=nchevobbe
0c07e0f235a9530543bd3452769bcec820092345Tom Ritter — Bug 1435296 Update the CSS Animations tests to handle our new Timer Precision decision r=baku
312fea6ab87f732916136072f302cd53e2313da3Tom Ritter — Bug 1435296 Address test failures caused by bumping timer precision to 2 ms r=baku
3171a2575b4efae71c994a41d3c06391d3c868f5Tom Ritter — Bug 1435296 Do not apply timer clamping to CSS animations. r=birtles
f1a4536966c48cecb55856e1e3722f5aec7257d0Tom Ritter — Bug 1435296 Bump the default timer precision resolution to 2ms r=baku
cda1f013a78a76a111406db16a6faa8c6ff17b28Ben Kelly — Bug 1436763 Fix detached-context.https.html to not timeout due to promise reaction callbacks not firing for detached globals. r=catalinb
f4b1eccde367b86d34795e52f3a548666735b6e5Eric Rahm — Bug 1384638 - Remove another NS_ENSURE warning from ShouldEnableTracking. r=gcp
1354d17a426bcafeff3fb433036abec1b458f133Eric Rahm — Bug 1293375 - Annotate sql index warnings in nsDiskCacheDeviceSQL. r=mayhemer
2f524b12dff0a3ae9bd7f333216c516e929ab7bfKim Moir — Bug 1407364 - Remove xpcom/tests/ r=nfroyd DONTBUILD
6a4f5392b77eaf530f162781e386ac68af8226aaCoroiu Cristina — Merge mozilla-central to inbound a=merge on a CLOSED TREE
5d726f46260f0d96dba2ec23d5b01375f588c6e1Sebastian Hengst — Backed out 4 changesets (bug 1432358) for failing xpcshell's test_ext_contentscript_triggeringPrincipal.js
53e773480417e480224ccf9b9d0cc559bf955354Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1437152 - NS_ReadInputStreamToString doesn't reallocate the string if the size is passed, r=me
f49cf3d147dee2eb1fd2b726cfbae6d01b719d55Sebastian Hengst — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1334465) for frequently failing marionette\
39b39fc61d53e08fc6371e612195beb71529c70aJon Coppeard — Bug 1436983 - Don't GC while linking JIT code r=nbp
75b746a5d92cf7c7b67b27bf8721f1039660e0abAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1437114 - ExternalHelperAppChild should send data to the parent actor in chunks, r=froydnj
5c126d7831a3c83bc5b92ac36fb4ae6a0e2815afAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1437152 - NS_ReadInputStreamToString doesn't reallocate the string if the size is passed, r=froydnj
fc4ad53516e01095be35542fd979c9e16d6e6b16Valentin Gosu — Bug 1334465 - Set mIPCClosed to true before calling SendDeleteSelf in order to avoid race r=bagder
de8a9bb319a0d470fa586e962ab7f8e82da5e9c2Coroiu Cristina — Backed out changeset 42deb2563aa8 (bug 1426467) for ESlint failure at /devtools/server/tests/mochitest/suspendTimeouts_content.js on a CLOSED TREE
d0756076b7b98667b5bd583213369e5be7328064Coroiu Cristina — Backed out changeset 93cd1cffb54e (bug 1284414) for build bustage at src/js/src/wasm/WasmBaselineCompile.cpp on a CLOSED TREE
cfa04a602eba10042b034b621d8fcdd0618fa861Geoff Brown — Bug 1393326 - Enable runByManifest for Android mochitests and run Android mochitest-chrome in more chunks; r=jmaher
e221a4e7b13c98091df7efdfd2c359b248e3039aHonza Bambas — Bug 1437058 - Add LOG for CacheEntryHandle::~CacheEntryHandle to track its lifetime correctly, r=michal
aad65073f7569d72c33eb0930a7a162b2d12d0a0abhinav — Bug 1434018 - Remove references to old (SeaMonkey) overlays from layoutdebug code. r=dbaron
42deb2563aa81a5f248392a2337d788c56b742f5Jim Blandy — Bug 1426467: Re-enqueue messages from workers when debugger pause ends; don't run them immediately. r=bkelly
93cd1cffb54e5eeb6b05e11323f0eda5f3ba3f68Dragan Mladjenovic Bug 1284414 Wasm baseline jit MIPS32/64 r=lth
22b661e7c5a43cfc37cce61b6bd2dde90e545e5cRyan Hunt — Add 'layers.omtp.dump-capture' for logging DrawTargetCapture (bug 1435938, r=bas)
48a7b3be6436ff4451125ed0099aec39f71a6671Ryan Hunt — Add basic DrawTargetCapture logging ability (bug 1435938, r=bas)
d1b78b3cafc7185b05cd7701f721712f412e671eJan de Mooij — Bug 1425580 part 7 - Clean up LWasmCall* a bit. r=bbouvier
03331b05ee1fe25b49688b27f80cbb9f86af2cceJan de Mooij — Bug 1425580 part 6 - Devirtualize LNode::getTemp/setTemp. r=nbp
226ade1626def4a37f969fffa201f9a2c6fa6dc2Tim Taubert — Bug 1437487 - [u2f-hid-rs] Allow passing an empty key handles list r=jcj
772a11f3103b621c19717a024f8edbda5de3f267Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 1437125 - Remove operand read of JSOP_DEFFUN from inspectOpcode. r=tcampbell
d12cc905dbcdd92e7bb60f2d492441c8c91ca1bdNicolas B. Pierron — Bug 1436773 - Initialized BumpChunk memory as non-accessible instead of undefined. r=tcampbell
47b2a7db1ac316ca61d17ec01560b0209e03935dNicolas B. Pierron — Bug 1436773 - Clean-up mem check instrumentation of LifoAlloc's BumpChunks. r=tcampbell
06a6ef1bb701521a1eb359fc938aa4ce15d4cc14Sylvestre Ledru — no bug, Align the \ at the end of the #defines DONTBUILD r=froydnj
e1daef0276f6506fd41a31fe2f9a10e7187c2934Olli Pettay — Bug 1026714 - Don't mark nodes in the shadow tree as orphan nodes , r=mrbkap
87ba2465c82e5b354d8f4aafe37deba610cf192bAndrew Osmond — Bug 1432375 - Part 2. Images decoded into an SourceSurfaceSharedData should be shared immediately. r=nical
07e679fc2e70dc451f8d2c129d11f0bcfd247dd0Andrew Osmond — Bug 1432375 - Part 1. Add ability for SharedSurfacesChild callers besides display list building to share surfaces. r=nical
ef112ee9750a1ffa90529eefbb6b6133eca49448Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound. CLOSED TREE
c4186ddf8be0bd4804ed5f396b6c4438a7d891d0Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
ab6206b87f59e6662e602239d15369e6a40f235fJon Coppeard — Backed out changeset 1890d7511040 (bug 1436983) for failing jit-test
50145ed826265cd5e228fb7d973b871359ca2213Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1422043: Split CodeSegment into two classes for future usage; r=luke
37c5d7afbe4b63ec796fa1a1cb4eec4cb03fe6d3Jon Coppeard — Bug 1436697 - Fix GC heap growth factor limits r=pbone
1890d75110406cb0c9b074e4b88857ff6999fd89Jon Coppeard — Bug 1436983 - Don't GC while linking JIT code r=nbp
ef7b8eef07c1181cec03246e40807d6051f971c9Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1432358: Request longer timeout for test test_ext_contentscript_triggeringPrincipal. r=aryx
2fa11c525da3d0c7ca58a593241c1902f2849528Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1432358: Allow certain top-level pages to be agnostic to CSP. r=smaug
a67e95bd0ccf13faa26aaa6b56fd1d826a7608ecChristoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1432358: Update OverridesCSP to account for systemprincipal. r=kmag
91c948c94506089d6f40dc59d13c75ab78ce914dChristoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1432358: Make resource URIs subject to CSP. r=gijs
8bf9a34a715453d93239ff476ad9c3b17c2270e7Jonathan Kew — Bug 1436535 - Attempt intra-family fallback even when the first-matched face was Normal style, as other weights may have a different character repertoire. r=m_kato
8aa3f5db3d4e9adae273e0a57c65d11f2561bcaeFranziskus Kiefer — Bug 1436948 - update cbor lib, r=keeler
a0afa134baa396194b2187d6435a34100fb75828Ciure Andrei — Merge autoland to mozilla-central. a=merge
168e7da279d577da4e8d72d712b578571c0de00dJulian Descottes — Bug 1403196 - rename and enable browser_webconsole_object_inspector_key_sorting.js;r=bgrins
391bc7cd19b96f8c67392378f13ea112ad2ca733Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1437484 - Pin and hash all requirements for |mach doc|, r=gps
d8b74f789f8c97f3a3145ab527a6179b3ae07501Julian Descottes — Bug 1403205 - rename and enable browser_webconsole_object_inspector_while_debugging_and_inspecting.js;r=bgrins
c9bb64098fcd79b765b0461ccb5da2457e71b7b3Julian Descottes — Bug 1403200 - remove browser_webconsole_variables_view_while_debugging.js;r=bgrins
18f32284c48e96e7dd98c900615a127b586fb612Andreea Pavel — Backed out changeset 62b6738695de (bug 1432037) for talos damp crashes on a CLOSED TREE
fbd6ca22f8417eb5833e2f7c585f69252de10216Markus Stange — Bug 785440 - Disable warning C4324 when building security/certverifier. r=keeler
1236752bf2245168d61d42bedb31d3d7fdeb6dcaMarkus Stange — Bug 785440 - Add profiler labels to WebIDL bindings: getters / setters / method calls. r=bz
d2dea7eb260f4fc5123b9aa0251c0d646db8a834Markus Stange — Bug 785440 - Add AUTO_PROFILER_LABEL_FAST. r=njn
ecfe33a4bb62c76815592ea9a4a8d9d955a22b03Markus Stange — Bug 785440 - Add js::GetContextProfilingStack in such a way that it can be inlined into non-JS code. r=sfink
c0a7cb6d1b61de31f913dcaf1744d11ff71ec6a0Markus Stange — Bug 785440 - Move profiler_is_active() implementation (and RacyFeatures) into GeckoProfiler.h. r=njn
cfb7b221b021d8af1212a6d91ece5c30aead1731Mark Banner — Bug 1437096 - Remove deprecated nsIFile arguments to importFromFile/exportFromFile in Bookmark HTML/JSON code. r=mak
fc2aa42ecf9d273b23c7193b9a5e65c2ab2e2350J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1430918 - Rotate grid outline for writing mode. r=gl
dfa8cc56e469092f16c8e72c16e2c904a9fa2a6dJ. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1430918 - Draw grid outline from origin. r=gl
a8e1fa44ff6498e36a8ec3c2d5f43ea0c0830695Daniel Holbert — Bug 1437599: Remove unreachable 'return' statement from nsIFrame::GetShapeBoxBorderRadii. r=bradwerth
c72fcea8dc04ffec65e0d1680ec4b687c584f7eaCoroiu Cristina — Merge mozilla-central to autoland a=merge on a CLOSED TREE
62b6738695defa58dbee72681146af2f0cc65c5cAlexandre Poirot — Bug 1432037 - Wait for tab animation end when closing test tabs. r=bgrins
f53e340b051cec79c3dab594fe87e8e805ba2fabNicolas Silva — Bug 1436058 - Don't remove a WebRender pipeline if we re-created one with the same id. r=kats
a408b8f2f7ab1eed9023ff549f3d80d4c052e83bNicolas Silva — Bug 1436058 - Remove async image pipelines when the renderer notifies pipelines removed. r=kats
cacc7bcb3220254672b6261d6ff08d8cb48d42f4Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1436058 - Update for log 0.4 bump in WR PR 2385. r=jrmuizel
9cca7938b734df92088d35729dbfe69243570ee6Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1436058 - Update Cargo lockfiles and re-vendor rust dependencies. r=jrmuizel
a4dc7628629924b778c6409743836b539017cd86Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1436058 - Update webrender to 342bc314db94aa439b2001249c5f24ccfcbccc22. r=jrmuizel
9bc3906d3dc9535d26c4d172df8457d853b86d2bAndreas Tolfsen — Bug 1375637 - Make test_async_script_timeout less likely to fail. r=automatedtester
e458f8679b88977f8f171b0d5c4b75b50f425832Marco Zehe — Bug 1437431 - Give the Rich autocomplete panel a proper role to override the default popup XBL binding of menupopup, r=Paolo
4630caa9a87a01ba259edd3ace70dcb9fc9f3283Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #20025 - Merge similar arms in AnimationValue::from_declaration 🐉🐲 (from servo:derive-all-the-things); r=emilio
47a5027e0b512fcb0d1cc46163bf82c34c57bac4Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1169290 - Guard navigator.webdriver behind dom.webdriver.enabled pref. r=bz,maja_zf
9ddfd21554293dec5a4bf2e5375ae4f3c9f2ded0Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1169290 - Add navigator.webdriver attribute. r=bz,maja_zf
05abef0a4f0a6eefc0f9101562e9d2038f4b4c02Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1169290 - Allow nsIMarionette to be initialised from C++. r=maja_zf
fb6cc1b9e730144f4c6a0d94b8107558b2f305b4Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1169290 - Make Marionette component safe to load in child process. r=maja_zf
5f35bfdac21d0fd8dd7fd5885e7e138adfe8dadbAndreas Tolfsen — Bug 1169290 - Reintroduce marionette.enabled pref. r=maja_zf
fd299ab7f1c74ccba608c5231f5d260fa4d1f1a6Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1169290 - Handle -marionette flag in observe function. r=maja_zf
2365c2d010cb9fba123bb16574c83c98a40a3861Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1169290 - Fire remote-active observer notification in component. r=maja_zf
0f9e1fe6e905e58dd0189a2e386a2006a4e95d54Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1169290 - Tell running state from whether server is alive. r=maja_zf
103ae77be7b89e927d7b2b5f72350f374639769aAndreas Tolfsen — Bug 1169290 - Convert MarionetteComponent to a class. r=maja_zf
348c46e5edd168cc26c45369e8b43eef2a4c1238Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1169290 - Define log level conversion table in function scope. r=maja_zf
e92ad5128f3c9292650a0f9f52fc28f1df1e91b5Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1169290 - Improve getPrefVal readability. r=maja_zf
eb0ddcf7bf57be68d5062ce72cdcb0eeb3b1e076Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1430157 - Move geckodriver to use in-tree mozprofile. r=jgraham
d6e62f28bb6085c1caacd2342303f07d75262dbaAndreas Tolfsen — Bug 1430157 - Move Rust port of mozprofile to central. r=ahal
0d4283f23786d00725f7193bde04de7cdc80af02Rob Wood — Bug 1437028 - Disable DAMP's complicated.netmonitor on Win; r=ochameau
1c6f14a7398b411846afe0a33df26bc782bf86a9Alex Gaynor — Bug 1435434 - remove usage of enablePrivilege in talos which was solely for calling loadSubScript; r=jmaher
642c48b909df945bf79829de6bd09155116b7234Dorel Luca — Backed out changeset cead139b13a7 (bug 1432509) for Browser chrome failures on docshell/test/navigation/browser_bug343515.js and many more. CLOSED TREE
bf4397214a887ae75ba0b8e4e146cfc65157c1d2Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #20024 - Propagate error code from fetching WPT changes (from servo:jdm-patch-17); r=emilio
af0ba0c0a055d5114ab4ab20b363e95125a6c93eMichael Kaply — Bug 1436468 - Send downloads to the correct directory. r=jlorenzo
bcc0a91dd43feae18d4bf04d7db3d146035aa416Alex Gaynor — Bug 1407693 - Part 2 - when a child process crashes, write extra annotation data to a pre-opened file descriptor instead of creating a new file; r=gsvelto,rbarker
202bc739dda8746e28808470a77a3892444e2483Alex Gaynor — Bug 1407693 - Part 1 - Expose method for sharing a HANDLE to a child process in the sandboxing API; r=bobowen
61d324b24f9893589465f85ddb80f28c23b169d5Johan Lorenzo — Bug 1436445 - Use icon included in the snap r=mkaply
0f14e2c1aba3a44fced747e97a473a684236b48fJulian Descottes — Bug 1404832 - remove unused support file;r=nchevobbe
1e36136d7dda14351dc8a2945410e6faa735b021Julian Descottes — Bug 1404832 - rename and enable browser_webconsole_loglimit.js;r=nchevobbe
89a7c485c35f3ef8a4d8398b4bb9740b31d91393Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #20030 - style: Remove useless code after #19994 (from emilio:useless-return-is-useless); r=nox
cead139b13a730262a52c5decb81e707137e50f4Mike Conley — Bug 1432509 - Allow async tab switcher to load requested tabs that are still warming. r=Gijs
98d71952c33ad1a5a0f2ac7f231206b8f62367d5Jeremy Lempereur — Bug 1432791 - Remove the Microsecond AutoTimer resolution. r=Dexter
48b37a1bc455b6986b75335fbbba2c58642ff381Marco Bonardo — Bug 1437040 - Remove synchronous Bookmarks::GetItemIndex. r=standard8
f0e9bf0f4eef518bd2da3139022754eb7dff81ceServo VCS Sync — No bug - Revendor rust dependencies
43073730dcb382047c9d943771cab44d52da3c52Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #20027 - style: Back out ordermap (from emilio:bye-ordermap); r=nox
955d0aaa5846fb5a1b00eddb5cfb7489ca9253faMichael Ratcliffe — Bug 1406028 - Migrate browser_webconsole_console_trace_duplicates.js to the new frontend r=jdescottes
271b99e87e46ed2710a067751d1e6c4902640e7cDaniel Stenberg — bug 1437513 - do not require push cache for ::OnPush enabled transactions r=mcmanus
84ef4e4f8804ebf928e22eb84a54b7454b8387f1Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1405641 - Enable browser_webconsole_output_copy_newlines.js in new console frontend; r=jdescottes.
a8e0ed7f3b747ee48dbdf06bd9b2198d9d7cf4fcMike de Boer — Bug 1337869 - Optimizations for the modal find-in-page highlighting: don't render range cut-outs when scrolling big pages or results in iframes, ignore the paint event when the highlighter caused it to fire and pause the highlighter when the document is hidden. r=jaws
4d5c3fa215602dd850bf4a994e19afc2065d74b7ffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-302 - a=blocklist-update
6bbc63c8e114f90a4c1ebafa2d01a7a5de613779ffxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-302 - a=hpkp-update
5430084cd079ee4cb332237e048e7782a28665ebffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-302 - a=hsts-update
165474ef313b106f0364cf1941a0030c41855876Coroiu Cristina — Merge autoland to mozilla-central. a=merge
30f89b1eab1c62a08eacfb1c3ad5316df6bdbc66Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1437486 - don't reset the forget button duration when the popup is visible, r=johannh
efd7d596ff1bc5b5a9c2c4ac7d5488a97a626eebSebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to autoland. CLOSED TREE
21ef6615a67ef5f37eebf7225e4cf98e97eb9c49Johann Hofmann — Bug 1433511 - Properly handle default popup permissions in the site identity popup. r=prathiksha
c905daaec20a3a07b629b8288e5665299d513511Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #20026 - style: Use more CascadeData and less Stylist for XBL stuff (from emilio:less-stylist-xbl); r=upsuper
b3c010d9f5d7ec4e64246e425d271270ae78ce40Coroiu Cristina — Backed out changeset 9eb8652389f2 (bug 1427635) for clipboard failures at dom/browser-element/mochitest/test_browserElement_oop_CopyPaste.html
3a6ec1c503aa3d30e194203674fb9adb4c27ec99Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to autoland
9842bab5fcf8790922d2fe415ed720e917ef1997Simon Fraser — Bug 1437473 Don't cache smaller partials diffs r=mtabara
a376ec6568c7db41ed60bd411658c39e6f0f7392Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #20017 - Optimise more AnimationValue methods 🐉🐲 (from servo:derive-all-the-things); r=emilio
80c32bd74840faa161ac44e807eb5a7390d11111Chris Pearce — Bug 1182329 - Allow pages which have camera/microphone permission to autoplay audible media. r=jib
b87ab99b0db5c0d5201fa83b07689b4d2ef163ddTiberius Oros — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
15c2e4c690700c6c115f8afe5e44ded10d943538Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1434924: Extend font-feature-settings-serialization-001.html to cover bug 1434724. r=dholbert
429bcb315828c04838b7a9f9a399c60b23c431b4Nupur Baghel — servo: Merge #20019 - Added derive(ToCss) for Content and removed manual implementation (from paavininanda:deriveToCss); r=emilio
9eb8652389f242ca583005e5eabdc1629d3982e8Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1427635: Fix DoCompareTreePosition frame tree version with null aCommonAncestor. r=xidorn
88b42bd5847abac58a62c4d6b33c1509bfce5f3dEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1424878: Not having cached style data doesn't guarantee we don't need to update media query stuff. r=bz
80dbdb06f915aaebff02b31e38ed4d9776735fbaEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1394233: Quirks mode changes can happen after a flush. r=xidorn
fb8a4af357571d2521fe5738bbc2bb9bfb0f40feEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #20018 - style: Handle quirks-mode changes correctly (from emilio:quirks-mode-flush); r=xidorn
6bdf613e5305adcb36d294446c6d5e1cbfcad587Narcis Beleuzu — Backed out changeset 5e81474b90dc (bug 1417880) for ESlint failure on /browser_ext_themes_arrowpanels.js
5e81474b90dcb5bde84d309e2b630b3e1f388778Connor Masini — Bug 1417880: Allow theming arrow panels(popups). r=jaws
7369f0c49008b83d522c75943e5c265c8a609f9dJonathan Kew — servo: Merge #20016 - Remove reference to the Gecko pref svg.paint-order.enabled (from jfkthame:master); r=bholley
db42a5fc758778ce332dac0c9026ced63ab42a95Sebastian Hengst — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1334465) for frequently failing marionette\ a=Aryx
bad527a1b855a4fd3ff5ede91ddd8434026f7639Valentin Gosu — Bug 1334465 - Set mIPCClosed to true before calling SendDeleteSelf in order to avoid race r=bagder a=Aryx
3ee38289dac8838fe848f7234d75f3cef5d3dbc7Matt Woodrow — Bug 1436189 - Part 2: Make sure we descend to the modified frame so that we descend through the containing block and mark out of flow frames for display. r=miko a=mass-reftest-fix CLOSED TREE
2222c721dfe565780f4e8dfa4b33eee49d1c4ae9Matt Woodrow — Bug 1436189 - Part 1: Add testcase. r=miko
85c8836573c55d5267a5226b966d5abdaa1c095dMatt Woodrow — Bug 1429932 - Part 7: Restrict dirty regions in ComputeRebuildRegion to the overflow area of the current frame so that we discard invalidations that aren't visible. r=miko
dafcb34800488241925e0f0a681a193919a95d8aMatt Woodrow — Bug 1429932 - Part 6: Attempt to skip Layer building if the display list hasn't changed. r=mstange
9e98dcb8a01be42bb05d41d0034b0d0b0728abfbMatt Woodrow — Bug 1429932 - Part 5: Move the Layer building section of nsDisplayList::PaintRoot into a separate function. r=mstange
74ecc0facfae41e40d88161bf9a5c575573cc991Matt Woodrow — Bug 1429932 - Part 4: Determine when AttemptPartialUpdate made no changes, and return the result to the caller. r=miko
6c8471656b8a1f8cdb140d6eb46898ed59ab3d2fMatt Woodrow — Bug 1429932 - Part 3: Refactor RetainedDisplayListBuilder::AttemptPartialUpdate to have an early return instead of a nested scope. r=miko
7d241f7f2c90c75876d298dea6c3ceb9e877f35cMatt Woodrow — Bug 1429932 - Part 2: nsDisplayMask can paint images and shouldn't have the TYPE_RENDERS_NO_IMAGES flag. r=mstange
8c32e7b0d01805f75d09880fb4086d78a1628ed8Matt Woodrow — Bug 1429932 - Part 1: Remove mFireAfterPaintEvents and use mTransactions instead. r=tnikkel
49c3cc4cc7fc9a6f0438fe3fa79f935bb40e9a76Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central. a=merge
978fec77e003f9dd3b96bdc31f599531efd49a66David Anderson — Record paint phase timing for small frames. (bug 1430897 part 2, r=mattwoodrow, data_r=rweiss)
357eed96928481c8ade20c44ab2a3a15ba2dc6daDavid Anderson — Reduce data sent for CONTENT_LARGE_PAINT_PHASE_WEIGHT. (bug 1430897 part 1, r=mattwoodrow)
4aa9b74724b8326d5f13cad627ea1fddc9bcaf47Matt Woodrow — Bug 1435649 - Don't deference the display item when attempting the early return in ComputeGeometryChangeForItem to avoid a cache miss. r=jnicol
f840f8d4b7b13206a25e2e69702b966f2674a612Matt Woodrow — Bug 1435650 - Cache the offset from AGR to reference frame in ProcessDisplayItems. r=jnicol
d42e83a8ffb4d3404065242d68e61f01cd3fa754Matt Woodrow — Bug 1435643 - Remove no longer needed layer flattening code. r=mstange
818afccb3106049c8fd520f747d2cb0a1ecf6361Tom Prince — Bug 1429603: Get rid of mock references in desktop L10N mozharness script; r=Callek
d9c658eefef9b9226c61e6f2dcef776f45c2c334Tom Prince — Bug 1429603: Removed unused balrog code from desktop L10N mozharness script; r=Callek
4497aaf5a3c1d6ddaf06c785c6e7883e1c1ea27dMatt Woodrow — Bug 1420480 - Build display items infront and behind a stacking context if the size might have changed. r=miko
b2d105096bbd9d46fc34e55d008d636b2191f9c7Matt Woodrow — Bug 1420480 - Add testcase for modifying the size of a stacking context after a partial build. r=miko
8fae9e55fd403fdfa3b2db4ba496c68e519f38b6Martin Thomson — Bug 1429286 - Keep critical push and notification telemetry indefinitely, r=rweiss
de4f8d1893d2e23239f34f8fd8086cee8ebdf806Tom Prince — Bug 1434365: Allow repackaging thunderbird installer with mach; r=nalexander via IRC - DONTBUILD
9a34aa0f20af906db0c436a26e4c69ae148239c9Tom Prince — Backed out changeset 9f602face4f8 (bug 1434365), didn't tag the reviewer correctly.
5cd9cebf800b3b941731c608d89b71ce1897f6a0Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 1436643 - Use a PLDHashTable `initEntry` function for Pref. r=froydnj
9f602face4f8b7e8f0f56476159cfcd90e861ecdTom Prince — Bug 1434365: Allow repackaging thunderbird installer with mach.
82b91994188e3080e55adb7ebeae5913be82454cTiberius Oros — Merge mozilla-central to inbound. a=merge CLOSED TREE
46a579031752973691bbb354f9a4a087af206b04Cosmin Sabou :cosmin_s — Bug 1421183 - Disabled browser/base/content/test/tabs/browser_reload_deleted_file.js on Linux/OSX for frequent leaked windows. r=gbrown
ce347894199325955b101c305f8c877595a13cb6Cristian Brindusan :cristian_brindusan — Bug 1434590 - disable browser/components/extensions/test/browser/browser_ext_tabs_lastAccessed.js for frequent failures r=gbrown
cb9b9f2707a33a1a85d5c2e74e2cd75a8afa337earthur.iakab — Backed out 7 changesets (bug 1429932) for frequently failing layout/reftests/table-background/backgr_layers-opacity.html a=backout
dad27b0cda4e57846f422517bf4ff5430f62581darthur.iakab — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1436189) for frequently failing on layout/reftests/table-background/backgr_layers-opacity.html a=backout
e78a36e944d2a1f6cd3b4dcda24920e523c326f3arthur.iakab — Backed out changeset 4ebdab0e3328 (bug 1334465) for frequently failing marionette\ a=backout
9a0655ea8ae02f4d96bf23a607a94641f1c57f1bTiberius Oros — Merge inbound to mozilla-central. a=merge
3b56f86f8a494dc23b293b859afada4e7bdb06b0Jonathan Kew — Bug 1435684 - Enable the paint-order property for HTML text. r=dbaron
cd9b76bd5a5279cc5db71240b0ca264df5cf7ba2Brindusan Cristian — Merge mozilla-central to inbound. a=merge CLOSED TREE
1c374077bcfef70999d7230b3307413d6ac3a93dZhenghong Qian — Bug 1432029 - Highlight the justify-content area in the flexbox highlighter. r=gl
220bceaba4fdc9413c58ba4ffd408b37917c390eTiberius Oros — Merge autoland to mozilla-central. a=merge
4ebdab0e332892378558817e30d0138c95199ce5Valentin Gosu — Bug 1334465 - Set mIPCClosed to true before calling SendDeleteSelf in order to avoid race r=bagder
216fac39a9f44b708a4242a47a8ee8296eed3a34Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1436663 - EditorBase::JoinNodeDeep() should set result after actually joining the nodes r=m_kato
b600272d00bb410771ae45e967b1053f77d6bdb4ffxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-302 - a=hpkp-update
4d27404fd3f2b01dc6a2c9a584c6c480ed79b7bcffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-302 - a=hsts-update
2b7d42d527af582a465e49187fe387442d524a7cZibi Braniecki — Bug 1426063 - Add PLATFORM built-in to Fluent in Gecko. r=Pike
346018e93a218e86f344d509a41a93e2087d1abaMarkus Stange — Bug 1436924 - Group mUniqueStacks, mSavedStreamedSamples and mSavedStreamedMarkers into a PartialThreadProfile struct that's heap-allocated on demand. r=njn
57f10073ac604636a144eff33f32cafaab724cd0Markus Stange — Bug 1355566 - Make sure js::EnableContextProfilingStack(cx, false) is called before shutdown collection. r=njn
f5282133fa2088f320e3fb67ffdf27762950cc64Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1436642 - Make target element size larger to be unable to send transform animations to the compositor. r=jaws
9d1ff0a1233976037991ebfe3d096b5e4fced071Margareta Eliza Balazs — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
64cdff8ffa9b52a271cc6030d53f295c236d72e1Suhail Alkowaileet — Bug 1432854 - Fix Tab counter doesn't show native numbers for non-arabic numeral languages r=JanH
99b902c972a84a97acf22773bfc18a1398f30b6aServo VCS Sync — No bug - Revendor rust dependencies
3a69a5ec766f375e704d19fc9cb36019dd29b017Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #20014 - Optimise some AnimationValue methods for size 🐉🐲 (from servo:by-the-power-of-void); r=emilio
80ca8e45becbf8f38a06d94d14899947ed834c4dMargareta Eliza Balazs — Merge inbound to mozilla-central. a=merge
fbf54020043bd09c162530907b2a1091a10f4f92Daniel Holbert — Bug 1324042: Fix trimmedOffsets arithmetic in GetRenderedText(). r=mats
2cf5dea887c3dff0048575b9f043fd357306f46fFlorian Quèze — Bug 1336227 - Show about:blank as soon as possible during startup (pref'ed off), r=mconley.
0417e1acfc103971da991c86314749b4bc6eb41aBogdan Tara — Merge mozilla-central to inbound. a=merge CLOSED TREE
4ad4e15fed408dd842664fd7117d27290d294133Adrian Wielgosik — Bug 1437177 - Remove nsIDOMModalContentWindow. r=bz
fa2042520eb9252f535ba369b7dcb678c1c96703Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1436276. Bindings should create their return promises in the current compartment even when called over Xrays. r=bholley
e916c1a73ff54248d2ede3a0791af28aa83ee923Margareta Eliza Balazs — Merge autoland to mozilla-central. a=merge
ccb72c7fa363a2153832845ff5dce5dd81302d55Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 1437184. Inline FillAzure() r=bas
9f354b89b323879bba4d959a23db58a01ba90f60Jamie Nicol — Bug 1429508 - Allow created mask surfaces to be clipped to the necessary size when replaying a recording. r=bas
3ca1c8feda04b8623f77485af2ba89eb52847552Jamie Nicol — Bug 1429508 - Make SnapshotTiled::GetDataSurface return a surface the size of backed tiles only. r=bas
ad06ada05e4532130541273b46e3a3eb686b1042Jamie Nicol — Bug 1429508 - Mark DrawTarget::GetSize as const. r=jrmuizel
cd37018808153d1421c6ab842c5640c73d702850Marco Bonardo — Bug 1432434 - Remove Bookmarks::getItemDateAdded and setItemDateAdded. r=kitcambridge
419a034ad4855c9e053e87f7c6bace189d854a81Ciure Andrei — Backed out changeset d6e7f810f7d3 (bug 1424878)for failing reftests related to usercss/usercss-uppercase.html a=backout on a CLOSED TREE
a7613be6bcd21f4ee8b7e49034c4c18b0b9d163dEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #20010 - style: Cascade pres hints after normal user rules (from emilio:pres-hints-cascade); r=bholley
c1ea84b7d9b22460de822d7ef24c0e137bb02e43Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #20011 - style: Tidy Stylist::compute_for_declarations (from emilio:cleanup-for-declarations-stuff); r=Manishearth
d6e7f810f7d301cb928b6ed16837a3b4f660a069Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1424878: Not having cached style data doesn't guarantee we don't need to update media query stuff. r=bz
fa386052255aaafab09ca505be09b1211fbf9732Jared Wein — Bug 1436749 - Backout support for button_background since it was not supposed to be supported. r=dao
5212d4f7b2b9ed82767ac29c984cb16b90e4e6acMichael Ratcliffe — Bug 1405650 - Migrate browser_webconsole_trackingprotection_errors.js to the new frontend r=jdescottes
d3718f3707373d34c548e79ba1ec123d27ed579dAndreea Pavel — Backed out changeset 50705220c972 (bug 1437226) for failing linting opt at tools/lint/test-disable.yml:3:81 on a CLOSED TREE
9718ade1ceb63fe7cf6f9deb0e828a691063df74Bogdan Tara — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
03d139086ace13575d00863456134a010751ad97Xidorn Quan — Bug 1435139 - Don't call SetCSSDeclaration when removing non-existing property. r=bz
977c4997720247488f97bc9a9e9111a5bb173685Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #20013 - Return whether property was removed from Servo_DeclarationBlock_RemoveProperty (from upsuper:remove-prop-bool); r=bzbarsky
ac305af315a9738439a82fe88239a30f0e7c8258Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1437248 - Disable privacy.reduceTimerPrecision on test_restyles.html. r=arai
50705220c972c17516eba90f49b37969318bbd23Kyle Machulis — Bug 1437226 - Fix text-disable linter message; r=ahal
9102f74f19f7dbf8846caed03a0d5436c8ee1c2fffxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-305 - a=hpkp-update
43584ea74973225730e7899e322611e1c13b4a8effxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-305 - a=hsts-update
a8e153c55eeee93a11e87d325fb20c644421036fBogdan Tara — Merge inbound to mozilla-central. a=merge
1f3a5b496acd2288cc8cf0c32af86cb35157ea4eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1435596. Give cross-origin objects (windows and locations) a 'then' property in all cases. r=bholley
deea96928bddafcc4ca2924368b70cd1cbdc6c3cTooru Fujisawa — Bug 1431960 - Forcibly construct the frame for browser to construct browser binding in preferences subdialog. r=bz
352ef85382eab811036e19ff2505c83a7a1c9916Eric Rahm — Bug 1435924 - Part 2: Remove nsSubstring.h. r=dbaron
e945fa4f3c1f54493ca0757700cf9f6818a8b98dEric Rahm — Bug 1435924 - Part 1: Switch from nsSubstring.h to nsAString.h. r=dbaron
64da0b7f79308269c604d4b8bf1e91136025a93aEric Rahm — Bug 1437173 - Remove warning that node is null in GetInLink. r=bz
a8d45c8ab1ae69c9b07ed1fb46bc4f8beff438cfDorel Luca — Backed out changeset 76ce84e66313 (bug 1437088) for mochitest failure on dom/performance/tests/test_worker_observer.html on a CLOSED TREE
70c39ef867018954055fd0271a1806cdaee099d4Josh Matthews — Bug 1436742 - Expose docgroup used to dispatch events when possible. r=froydnj
848c2234cb27c6e0d821a545d0dd5700e7bc440aGeorg Koppen — Bug 1433507 - Forbid GIO supported protocols by default with --proxy-bypass-protection r=mayhemer
84075ce9cbe8f8f8cedd18407262ef7a3134e218Kathy Brade — Bug 1432907 - Disable network tickler with proxy bypass protection r=mayhemer
2bd2d30e69c00f39b10c5c77b4a6e881bfc9731aDaniel Holbert — Bug 1186147: add crashtest for this bug (now that it's been fixed by a dependent bug). (no review, crashtest-only)
00e6bf10a75b03980ba64f73c379ef6d57dca86fsotaro — Bug 1436466 - Set dirty in CopyableCanvasRenderer::ClearCachedResources() r=jrmuizel
76ce84e663134d8aa3f583f50c253a11903c894bRandell Jesup — Bug 1437088: Remove memset(this...) and use c++11 initialization for base class r=baku
ede9e6ccc610bc59e10d1202bc290020a9e619a0J.C. Jones — Bug 1434936 - Rework ChainHasValidPins to use nsNSSCertList r=keeler r=fkiefer
cab650790a7120d6651e28c12590799c5cc6b9eaJ.C. Jones — Bug 1434936 - Use nsNSSCertList in NSSCertDBTrustDomain::IsChainValid r=keeler r=fkiefer
55a95e2eb1c382b38ae59160e608a36d41dcc295J.C. Jones — Bug 1434936 - Add method nsNSSCertList::GetRootCertificate r=keeler r=fkiefer
209ac1955df708d1ec0b96e2798d7d0d51a7138csotaro — Bug 1436908 - Fix EGLSurface leak at RenderCompositorANGLE r=nical
0f5910e5ca66773211a13080e6b06a12bb092124Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound. CLOSED TREE
a824791e0d28623e928f9b5314cb6d948b2218efSebastian Hengst — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 1432358) for failing xpcshell's test_ext_contentscript_triggeringPrincipal.js on Windows debug. CLOSED TREE
026a0eec0d5f3d2adedcec61ebd72f2fc915ae26Geoff Brown — Bug 1434423 - Check for installation of correct test application when --app is passed to mach; r=jmaher
784e9f86bb03fd3ddbfc94cbdf27c4777d65dcc8Ben Kelly —