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Wed Oct 25 18:39:16 2017 +0000
921ae95a11f5bc29a129892d88e69e70264e20cfBoris Chiou — Bug 1303235 - Part 3: Enable test_restyle.html and remove the early return in CanIgnoreIfNotVisible. r=hiro, a=ritu
167961e9d88e1c3e2a2bf442c5c3df1a76b50feeBoris Chiou — Bug 1303235 - Part 2: Templatize CalculateCumulativeChangeHint. r=hiro, a=ritu
a3f558c2926173a6ff6adcf6f9f641662ed0fce8Boris Chiou — Bug 1303235 - Part 1: Add ResolveServoStyleByAddingAnimation. r=hiro, a=ritu
df3cc0ef0e479d928dc4d1e75bdd81089fe109afBoris Chiou — Bug 1303235 - stylo: Add an FFI to get the ServoStyleContext with an extra animation value. r=hiro, a=ritu
119fd95b6e842a6cba502cf849fddfe558ee38bcJames Graham — Bug 1404733 - Handle non-utf8 better in wpt logging. r=maja_zf, a=test-only
036b6ffa94c9852463c0726ce70ac79a6f65427eGabriele Svelto — Bug 1410165 - Make the test harness properly listen to crash events when running a test more than once. r=mconley, a=test-only
4005ce92f03ea6c8dc2a7a0e60756c43ce66427fGabriele Svelto — Bug 1393800 - Have mochitests expecting crashes wait for the crashes to be recorded before clean up. r=mconley, a=test-only