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Thu Mar 28 15:23:34 2019 +0000
0b745b93a430983cdcd6c748e6e2098d012e1969Alastor Wu — Bug 1537554 - part3 : do not collect negative length cue for other cues. r=jya a=pascalc DEVEDITION_67_0b6_BUILD1 DEVEDITION_67_0b6_RELEASE FIREFOX_67_0b6_BUILD1 FIREFOX_67_0b6_RELEASE
00a14c57b0ad27c22f5301f8a8a50ed8c274f91fAlastor Wu — Bug 1537554 - part2 : let track track handle adding `current cue` and `other cue` if it's not disable. r=jya a=pascalc
3f25e13283021c46039f566437967260e5cf4e32Alastor Wu — Bug 1537554 - part1 : add debug logs. r=jya a=pascalc
0e7912ebf4946d6fb185c17e88f81ae6cb871e9eMike Hommey — Bug 1537707 - Don't use full build symbols artifacts when MOZ_DISABLE_FULL_SYMBOLS is set. r=chmanchester a=pascalc
216a721a0b8cda07c6da016c741563e15d19ed14Mike Hommey — Bug 1527463 - Get full artifact build symbols for aarch64 EME builds. r=mshal a=pascalc
7c3c3ffea0a4fb284e99afecdd15bc37bfeec12cMike Hommey — Bug 1527463 - Enable EME on win64-aarch64 nightlies. r=tomprince a=pascalc
9b874010673d878cb9772770bc8ba7f6572ee693Mats Palmgren — Bug 1535986 - Skip recomputing the position for frames that have a pending reflow. r=dholbert a=pascalc