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Thu Jun 13 13:39:01 2019 +0000
7222059b69403e52b9b35e045ad0d9aa3afbd581Mark Hammond — Bug 1550967 - ensure sync's username pref is set whenever FxA has a user. r=tcsc a=jcristau
9d6ef6164ec1cdc79d1420def6f40ad28d5bd7ebMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1557996 - Make `HTMLEditor::GetSelectedElement()` not treat an element as selected when it's followed by a <br> element r=m_kato a=jcristau
0c663b927b277a56270923e22fb22911b8f5ada5Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1557324 - Fix JSTerm keyboard navigation in old input. r=Honza. a=jcristau
1f1e0fc04cdc9b79a97037f61cf09ea170e3325cKenny Levinsen — Bug 1548499 - Set EGL context before call to eglSwapInterval. r=sotaro a=jcristau
c6f045553e3ed87b7aa1e83aeef576da9f52f361sotaro — Bug 1553969 - Do not disable WebRender at ImageBridgeChild when gecko uses WebRender r=nical a=jcristau
f2fce0eb3d26339f6f40aae062b66202765c2d68Luca Greco — Bug 1556389 - Show report action only on currently supported addon types. r=mstriemer a=jcristau
fa39f1f84dbd753fb836bd12063f744912ef5351Rob Wu — Bug 1555012 - Skip about:addons in browser_aboutURLs.js r=rpl a=jcristau
0f9cc16a870b5ae16f88139e069c8ec609b18f44Rob Wu — Bug 1555012 - Enable abuse reporting at about:addons by default r=rpl a=jcristau
e5f23ab4c98d50b3fedbeff19e9e88f1bd2e5193Rob Wu — Bug 1555012 - Enable HTML about:addons by default r=rpl a=jcristau
b4a6eae77dcef08cbfafb77adb86360f01347006Henrik Skupin — Bug 1504201 - [marionette] Re-enable test TestScreenCaptureChrome.test_formats. r=webdriver-reviewers,ato a=test-only
a8b7e99e3f6cf77e4e95112833841f708677dad1Henrik Skupin — Bug 1558763 - [marionette] Disable "browser.tabs.remote.separatePrivilegedContentProcess" by default. r=maja_zf a=test-only