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Sat Mar 09 04:18:49 2019 +0000
93d78ef4e591cb9b980605691051abadaca9d773Bogdan Tara — Bug 1528097 - U2F doesn't work on Windows 10 19H1/20H1 Insider builds r=jcj, keeler a=lizzard
c4d0a83454a291d01e5c8d2f9215a2d43c890562Bogdan Tara — Bug 1522092 - Disable PanelMultiView's keyboard navigation code for the Site Identity panel. r=johannh a=lizzard
0bc584b08a5f13eef5686c63cca8bfd3698b8c6eNeil Deakin — Bug 1530594 - treat menulists as always being leaf frames. r=tnikkel a=lizzard
fb07e38d917f7d605c23dec973b5811b9b9bd9a9Logan Smyth — Bug 1530423 - Ensure breakpoints are added to newly-cloned JSScripts for existing sources. r=loganfsmyth a=lizzard