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Mon Oct 28 21:59:28 2013 +0000
73ef4f13486f5d01686a9a6f025ff3eefb387e86Lukas Blakk — Merging in l10n changes NO BUG CLOSED TREE ba=release
2bd03097e14da2c6487f00abd13aa20a11ae180dLukas Blakk — Merging in branding changes NO BUG CLOSED TREE ba=release
1ff0f6219e0cb6580119554aed7eb1ad0f7d25e9Lukas Blakk — Merging in version bumps NO BUG CLOSED TREE ba=release
293bce73cadd7055df45f8c8c5a6f93eec137912Lukas Blakk — Merging old head via |hg debugsetparents b55a2df91c96 4df30f97564f|. CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD
b55a2df91c96f9b29bdac245b34f3da7df6def57Lukas Blakk — Removed tag FIREFOX_BETA_26_BASE
9d0053b0ea18e47e13542f02e5f2a057ca63d30cGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
1015675d91d0c9f5f8d925b36562a8e7dc4e3c32Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 909920 - Mixed content warning should not show on a HTTP site - tests (r=tanvi,smaug, a=lsblakk)
7c006c6b7dd7c63eca004e8268b9a3d3e2d48d68Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 909920 - Mixed content warning should not show on a HTTP site (r=tanvi,smaug, a=lsblakk)
cc371f7026a8d5a7ec1018c3ea1dcc6138616a09Szu-Yu Chen [:aknow] — Bug 919412 - Wait emulator cmd finished in tear down stage. r=hsinyi, a=test-only
d7a44a73156be4eee33355010d1278be25616e5fSzu-Yu Chen [:aknow] — Bug 916695 - Fix cancelExistingCalls. r=hsinyi, a=test-only
dba809d7ee668b4fc7778965b2000245503013c8Brian Hackett — Bug 928542 - Add placeholder CallGetProperty ops in definite properties analysis to avoid folding uses of 'this', r=jandem a=lsblakk.
13a85557d8a9dc8aab5a02c7a308c86c2480eaf1Jonathan Kew — Bug 894798 - Re-disable timer-based expiration of cached words (revert bug 889365) due to crashes. r=roc a=lsblakk
0fcff6f948f6010e9d0306946b976a02b70e378dBrian Smith — Bug 930811 - Update to NSS 3.15.2 RTM, removing private patch for false start, r=me a=lsblakk
ea1effdfb89cdae35db3a5898401c2e6d08b810eChris Pearce — Bug 930372 - Use WMF instead of DirectShow for MP3 decoding on Vista and later, to avoid regressing duration calculation. r=?
f3de4be1d6a5488539ebd1ac5811845bf89afaa9Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 928441 - Don't clip to the scrollport on root scrollframes if the CSS viewport has been overridden. r=roc,tnikkel a=lsblakk
ba246eae0c61b02916db670dfd87f5b480291ab0Jan de Mooij — Bug 927408 - Disable Ion float32 optimizations on Aurora. r=bbouvier
a3b1b556e0540058ba47a7af6ffc940550e16b5eJeff Walden — Bug 918083 - Disable function* parsing, as we don't want to ship it in a half-implemented state. r=jorendorff a=lsblakk
b76070f9b0842a26289e0bf7cae336a3d04f880aTrevor Saunders — Bug 915558 - "XUL UI completely broken in Windows: Tabs, menus, etc." [r=bugs a-mozilla-aurora=lsblakk]
cb69d5ffd60fda8441b6cd910b2af2554c382bb9Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset ff17250bcb88 (bug 904720 and bug 915757) because of build bustage
ff17250bcb8818884b33d0a4a0b51317a79a822bKyle Huey — Bug 904720 and Bug 915757: Count event listeners. r=smaug,njn a=khuey
5c3d00c8fc5d7d27bbbb5296afc4d1f2604eba4aGene Lian — Bug 915071 - Panel screen is still off while 2nd incoming call in dialling. r=hsinyi, a=koi+
87bfb72548fad71767c58984c3f3f04120124cd0Gina Yeh — Bug 913372 - Patch 3: Make a queue for active connection requests. r=echou, a=koi+
e24d53ad1badb52b85d5ebdcefe96768f93acf6cGina Yeh — Bug 913372 - Patch 2: Set mController to null before invoking callback function. r=echou, a=koi+
1c03d1fe7e8325b6ae08dc572d263818114caa83Gina Yeh — Bug 913372 - Patch 1: Refine the architecture of BluetoothProfileController. r=echou, a=koi+
6e33758daf1109521408e6ba8ac4fb6ec50cbc39Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
487ae2c502d2c26c517be9cd0ecc7c03a4dc019dGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
aa05718cf4d203094c4267406f015e59f5b5ea35Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
4a94d2ea9d373128f977a2c1665a5ca408b2a5b9Shih-Chiang Chien — Bug 926289 - Part 4: Separate recording status for each process. r=vingtetun, r=jesup, a=koi+
a5a671061a34ad436898c010fcacbf31e1d4fa22Shih-Chiang Chien — Bug 926289 - Part 3: Carry recording type and request URL in recording-device-events in Camera API. r=mikeh, a=koi+
a56ccf8675e0ae3c1adb3d2d9fa63508e56cd779Shih-Chiang Chien — Bug 926289 - Part 2: Carry recording type and request URL in recording-device-events in gUM API. r=jesup, a=koi+
e7922b4a6decb7ad2107d40b6a029538170d997dShih-Chiang Chien — Bug 926289 - Part 1: Add recording type and request URL in recording-device-events. r=khuey, a=koi+
7090e4028a66574ccca1f9dcb05a2eb88c216b77Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 382f3133d961 (bug 920160) for suspicion of causing Android reftest failures. a=backout
32bc5b2be9dd725b2fbda5615f286c0c83f5ed05Sotaro Ikeda — Bug 917444 - Enable fence with readpixels. r=vlad, a=koi+
f9931a182295b5c934bb5cc9f3e0b69d57830ff4Cervantes Yu — Bug 878366 - Don't send send out messages of PContendPermissionRequest if the managing TabParent is being destroyed. r=bent, a=koi+
c71d8cd3ddee0d468ab5e721dc951a75dfc1cfbcMark Capella — Bug 912983 - Text selection "cursor" persists on blur. r=margaret, a=lsblakk
382f3133d96188fd237692c537739fc72bc2266cGeorge Wright — Bug 920160 - Add prefs for SkiaGL cache size. r=snorp, a=koi+
a7cd08f87a54eda526e16f8f168bc96c23e0a8eaRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 921212 - Bustage fix. a=bustage
3aab2cb0a1a7f624c39ea54e6705fd225ffa7758Karl Dubost — Bug 911260 - Remove UA override for domains starting 2013-08-30. r=lmandel, a=koi+
f1c2b046a20165bfc87f552da44c4fbc9e965f07Mike Hommey — Bug 886736 - Disable on-demand decompression when latency to get into segfault handlers is too high. r=nfroyd, a=lsblakk
77d48a04eef0b7c9b3b7b7b338a0619b70649b0cBenoit Girard — Bug 921212 - Rotate buffer in place to avoid gralloc surface allocation. r=Bas, a=koi+
a466c52b48050397bec96079ed1e6a9909935e79Mina Almasry — Bug 914029 - Fix Assertion failure. r=smaug, a=lsblakk
e5d6daa4aa4c301bc783b24ada918fc5a1bf043eAndrea Marchesini — Bug 923310 - Crash in HTMLInputElement in B2G. r=jwatt, a=koi+
e145a1d09fac8436e41d363ce04fefef4e2b38dbSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 910882 - Change search suggestions background to a lighter blue. r=margaret, a=lsblakk
7c710add681eae1bf74b9e89a39b165ac8979f2cMartin Stransky — Bug 912959 - link fails - ToNumberSlow() is built as a hidden symbol. r=luke, a=lsblakk
43bce1bb6978ef2b8c176280cc06e175f8653838Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 914321 - Bustage fix. a=bustage
df153717f1ff2254c532d558c2e7521d964a6e98Edwin Flores — Bug 919572 - Refactor the MP3 frame parser. r=cpearce, a=koi+
561e09c7b506b66bf85d1a348a07fdeab39684d0Vicamo Yang — Bug 814556 - Part 2: Clean up MOZ_B2G_RIL in browser/installer/ and dom/base/Navigator.*. r=khuey, a=koi+
1a9770998e8488142b8c3d7eecc8391ca43dd20eVicamo Yang — Bug 814556 - Part 1: Move mozilla::dom::icc::* to mozilla::dom. r=khuey, a=koi+
60c2427efbca008b96e06c83f6082fd95c0a4213Vicamo Yang — Bug 915604 - Hide RIL DOM APIs from regular Web pages. r=khuey, a=koi+
20930d72a35f84ef7feb9408771111eced7d0e8cRobert Strong — Bug 914321 - Disable test_0102_background_restartNotification_staging.xul on Linux due to intermittent timeout caused by copying all of the files in dist/bin. a=test-only
cc12ac5d04394863acebbe09603f1ff4117feda6Jan de Mooij — Bug 921200 - Mark jit-test testOOMInAutoEnterCompartment.js as slow. r=terrence, a=test-only
4014052fada5871d7f0e79e6397db4a829001fa1Tomoaki Konno — Bug 908248 - Intermittent test_tcpserversocket.js. r=jdm, a=test-only
a1325abdf5eb6fa801f8776ab9d2dd6f4ab9c0c3Chenxia Liu — Bug 914377 - Avoid testShareLink intermittent failures. r=liuche, a=test-only
70f39c7345afd7a3adc6484badba470d0b8901e1Mark Capella — Bug 848671 - Intermittent testBookmark | bookmark added successfully - got false, expected true. r=lucasr, f=adriant, a=test-only
cdd327836fb41ab2c659a78dece341ecf46ded93Kai-Zhen Li — Bug 927291 - Fix system has no response if sdcard is full during download. r=jduell, a=hd+
4947996681ed28742b5e097da7a6e59ab1b146e4Michael Harrison — Bug 914888 - Reset geolocation provider accuracy when the last high accuracy request is shut down. r=jdm, a=koi+
0ac1262bd75fce2a53c8076d7e4dffa7ab0e2090Michael Wu — Bug 919845 - Really make Fira Sans the default font. r=jfkthame, a=hd+
50fe21f422201e70bca400e062409660c336d502Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
8c5185e4bb2180cc918e948e7e4f7fda857fbbf9Phil Ringnalda — Back out 52f24889dccc (bug 919845) for reftest-5 failure
52f24889dccc4d6a7f5f79e714419d9781e666eaMichael Wu — Bug 919845 - Really make Fira Sans the default font. r=jfkthame, a=hd+
382d9b1d13a831a202215800dc2bb4f39da5ca5bGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
bf402e1fe947459bc884b295a4c742866bc17a66Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
7f5c9b25baf401f5500fb5b6c6e34aa2d95288f5Gavin Sharp — Bug 925898: properly pass the "homepage" reason to getSubmission calls for about:home, r=MattN, a=lsblakk
edb4fed5e0e459c4926a2bb3e293f189ca8d14d9ffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-ec2-159 - a=hsts-update
87714e6ca5a1a5f3d95de713e694d699236dba39ffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ec2-068 - a=blocklist-update
780de7966fc053cf54139d27fcebf0c0c718dfd6Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 3 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
328cd24aaed6198571b6f872a062c3cf8dd8b58cBobby Holley — Bug 922009 - MOZ_CRASH when trying to transplant objects with SCSWs. r=mrbkap a=abillings
32dd7a496ce7fc1af1739d08b6e9e65b9b02f509Dan Gohman — Bug 926627 - IonMonkey: Remove the code for optimizing away truncates of MToFloat32. r=nbp a=abillings
027965e5fc5f497ec4b1f15ed74df074f89a2890Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 923482 - Fix an edge case where we might try to re-use a destroyed APZC instance. r=botond a=koi+
c03fca78a73f90fe1ea4dfa936ad8a39c3b00822Alexandre Poirot — Bug 921850 - Fix races in debugger client when connecting agressively r=past a=lsblakk
1f615d41599ebc393336beb4783a472ce9a99f12Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 26 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
0a278f7b0b3494b44ab50d6959987ea5e2be6909Olli Pettay — Bug 927901, bind .crypto to inner, not outer window, r=khuey. a=akeybl
2055faffc05d14360563a80f691ed569b87c611eFelipe Gomes — Bug 906134 - Implement xpcshell tests for the DownloadImport module. r=paolo a=gavin
bc11f51b72482cce4ec6ea2a13893e7c55e14f14Paolo Amadini — Bug 915214 - Fix possible crash when shutting down the database connection in mozStorageConnection.cpp. r=Yoric a=gavin
ea44c93520abdf1d004c59c046f854df9dd93335Raymond Lee — Bug 885319 - Implement the immersive process check in DownloadIntegration. r=paolo a=gavin
acc49061d197fe7d88126bf86647ccd45309b9aeRaymond Lee — Bug 926736 - Return path string for get directory methods in DownloadIntegration.jsm. r=paolo a=gavin
844d1594df32513bb01f4c3eade0b96cc39b5a52Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 4253a66382fa (bug 925898) for test failures
7d0eadd8576d2abf01ffe036c8158040354664ceMarkus Stange Bug 929362 - When refusing compositor animation during BuildLayer, set a property on the frame that disables all async animations on it forever. r=roc a=koi
f5422c59a1ec2602c795b612896090f2f7da5aa1Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
f8a6be5f607d2305e2274fb37d919077b319425aVicamo Yang — Bug 927432: fix 'finish() not called' in chrome js Marionette test cases. r=jgriffin a=koi
e346a58d6b6ab10aa7a345d3ecd401947eaf417fDave Hylands — Bug 928558 - AutoMounter mark volumes as shared a bit early when open files are detected. r=qDot a=koi
9ce74359001ef9592de6cc83ea642a9d3e835659Jim Chen — Bug 927429 - Set UA override update URL for B2G; r=fabrice a=koi
89196e7b35e7d29a536a2eef0ed17368a8cf95bePeter Chang — Bug 922510 - Extend GonkNativeWindow to support android JB 4.2.2, r=sotaro,gps
fedd1efd85fbdbc73ec4b77e7d245f3818e4cd13Thomas Zimmermann — Bug 924678: Stop MP3 parser if decoder got cleared, r=doublec a=koi
5ca44b2d50d5144c2c4bd630b9a0140bd239c219Thomas Zimmermann — Bug 924678: Explicitly clear OmxDecoder::mDecoder, r=doublec
b49020b90351040a5981407f4f63caf07fc75f93JW Wang — Bug 927322 - AudioDestinationNode should support weak reference.
9e0f572766931a0584958d8b799b8a1965a093c9Robert O'Callahan — Bug 903340. Make nsDisplayScrollInfoLayer::ShouldFlattenAway side-effect-free. r=tn a=koi
65cca6c736ee7cfd781cafe296538c5ac17ee53cFabrice Desré — Bug 927959 - Cannot preinstall a hosted app with appcache in a SIM customization variant r=ferjm a=koi
f93851154cf0ff2e232bd6a40aa7d5b2b561e98cJed Davis — Bug 924696: Expose count of createObjectURL'ed blobs in about:memory. r=njn a=koi
4253a66382fa080f2b5b0b902d1bd84c54bb765aGavin Sharp — Bug 925898: properly pass the "homepage" reason to getSubmission calls for about:home, r=MattN, a=lsblakk
651537e2968a32bfbab112b7c8b32ecb16fb54b8Paolo Amadini — Bug 928349 - Add a build-time setting to use only the JavaScript API for downloads, and enable it in Firefox for Desktop. r=enn a=lsblakk
cc6e947e42843f261c76e47c3488a7116ee1f39fTim Taubert — Bug 928630 - Wait for the initial window's delayed startup to be finished before restoring a session; r=smacleod a=gavin
1bdc81de3c4250747beebe781b7ae2babfc106c4Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 5 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
a97da152757be722fe229a4c1a40b1dcec79c3feGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
5eabd267ef047bde7dbbe270e901e5e053faf702Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
373b508433cb56cf22ddea7413355baa1e550e3eGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
ea8e3d9d10ca9c8ca594d9bd708b1426c03cbf48Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 925902 - Ensure that the old ROOT_SCROLL_ID property is cleared when a new one is being set. r=tn,botond a=koi
371b06430e3b40e62560ce949502b4695889c4dbAndrew McCreight — Bug 928655 - Set dom::Exception::mThrownJSVal to null in Unlink. r=khuey a=lsblakk
6398665935630a03459b2a471bc14374f6e0aef0Camilo Viecco — Bug 918120. Reduce-ocsp-timeout soft fail to 3 secs. r=bsmith a=lsblakk
0f06a8ffc7e34d48cf17f9fdda1dff8b583eb7cdRichard Newman — Bug 922694 - Part 7: use standalone prefs to avoid racing with startup. r=ckitching, a=lsblakk
d33289e6f1c548d4d2b7cc5578c2b087a0ca7263Richard Newman — Bug 922694 - Part 6: follow-up to fix test. r=nalexander, a=lsblakk
829e7017e1af8908e063d29ba46a6bf2d329cf69Richard Newman — Bug 922694 - Part 5: grab distribution ID in FHR. r=mcomella, a=lsblakk
959978f2aca86500be58708928e6c535b7fd0c2cRichard Newman — Bug 922694 - Part 4: grab Accept-Locale pref in FHR. r=mcomella, a=lsblakk
c91d799e46ffe3c28ce43e1695072cda858a888fRichard Newman — Bug 922694 - Part 3: FHR changes for distribution and locale. r=mcomella, a=lsblakk
28bbf913f9a549437359039e57f57b0ee3c9dad1Richard Newman — Bug 922694 - Part 2: expose distribution ID. r=margaret, a=lsblakk
9f3393ae0d5bf1014555a80061b9e63de9719efcRichard Newman — Bug 922694 - Part 1: split Distribution class to allow for use from FHR, use buffer when expanding zip contents. r=margaret, a=lsblakk
1dab242204a688bc503b95ae8cb3e27ab43d92e2Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
a23c1a92efe457db867d23ea5745c322f439c03cJoel Maher — Bug 920757 - consume talos.json for talos tests on pandas. r=kmoir a=test-only
88fc2da6856b5d1a916b1f764a4034abde586274Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset ec442fac77c5 (bug 909129) for marionette test failures
ed279034d0661e7886c3abcb21e04e5758f25ce6Fabrice Desré — Bug 924032 - Followup to close the loop r=me a=koi
ec442fac77c552085a95948ee6ffe3d031d0640fMalini Das — Bug 909129 - stop leaking imported scripts and don't import duplicates, r=jgriffin, a=test-only
0bbc34014227310301e7f55f7d36ce4ded9219e7Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
4acca23684c4da57d41435b5ef80df9fc583cb48Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
bb33e2fe109cd251a9f2ca01bfd2e75e5fc7798dGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 3 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
0a6854786c965ed15f900ca404f7fb87120e1959Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 34 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
51b7db60a11745c8254f761038a631986496dd84David Burns — Bug 819050 - Marionette response containing JSON object with element details instead of raw ID; r=mdas, a=test-only
a73aa637d09f8282516160dfbbfbf37db665073cFabrice Desré — Bug 924032 - ~40ms delay from app.launch to mozChromeEvent r=vingtetun a=koi
9c084e528b8da37d05aec0b40fe9207eafa4751aGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
f958ee30973dbdfb4501b861b59678dd906ebebeMatt Brubeck — Bug 928439 - Show HelperApp pageaction for selected tab only [r=wesj a=lsblakk]
37471d163234e371efee7bfc24f988d63baaf207Matt Brubeck — Bug 925796 - Fix bookmark creation for Metro l10n repacks [r=gps a=lsblakk]
c23fabebe5b1131cf323cd608f2e069dc89c1332Malini Das — Bug 927592 - add modal dialog handling when document is ready, and only in B2G, r=jgriffin, a=test-only
35f615c071e9c44ab64fc1b705cde84a0df23451Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 3 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
3dce1991faeeb9babf2d9f0bbf612f5b3e13623cGeorg Fritzsche — Bug 853694 - Fix test file locations. r=me a=me
86b5bcccc9899baa597db6726cbdb390fd6324a2Georg Fritzsche — Bug 853694 - Cannot send crash reports for click-to-play plugins. r=jaws a=lsblakk
8b776d213187989fa010d25e0a1d9637fc9c50ecGeorg Fritzsche — Bug 922349 - Removing iframe with plugin content breaks doorhanger. r=gavin a=lsblakk
5c9c6fb8b1b60f0d699e52761064517fcbc990f2Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
10ad35596239c83079b3e4a9226c2338da76dd7aTim Taubert — Bug 929097 - Check window type in SessionStore.onOpen() to ignore non-browser windows; r=smacleod a=gavin
ff149163d8e098dd65740691f50607d3787b1458Lucas Rocha — Bug 920507 - Uncaught exception / crash when Clear private data -> Browsing & download history, r=lucasr a=lsblakk
87072df529bbed97db4f6a8d0f1da992ca59b045Brian Nicholson — Bug 925012 - Force execution of pending BrowserSearch fragment removals before re-adding. r=lucasr a=lsblakk
b849074cee927af9b1ad6c6333790f9b113886b6Paolo Amadini — Bug 928947 - Typo in onProgressChange in the DownloadLegacy component. r=enn a=lsblakk
1cb44a39126e3719e49118fcb0987dc1c054709eSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 925068: Bookmarks folders are lost on rotation. [r=lucasr] [a=lsblakk]
5bd7c307b8a559bade1c141873bb862be153026cSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 926574: Use a new constructor for CursorAdapter. [r=mfinkle] [r=lucasr] [a=lsblakk]
9c524d4d834a6a5d4f297389d62711e9b11825afSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 920317: Banner cuts off TopSitesPage. [r=margaret] [a=lsblakk]
92d60b740d289dfacda9b41a75e4155570aebdabChenxia Liu — Bug 919704 - Remove empty screen for Top Sites. r=sriram a=lsblakk
7453a764f9a91bda79a50f22d9656eae24c74af1Tim Taubert — Bug 853779 - Ensure we don't lose sessions when starting with a private window only; r=yoric a=lsblakk
bfe92ec66b670b2c05eaf3766df527ae2d5b27fcBenjamin Smedberg — Fixup for bug 927174 - use the preexisting pref instead of a custom one a=lsblakk
b5f655f3300dba94ba8adbac9d7e46a228f4f85fBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 927174 - Add a "More Info..." link to the plugin click-to-activate panel which links to SUMO, r=jaws
e8a103f335f9f1142fe208925509b44868d69dfcAki Sasaki — bug 928021 - point unagi+mako builds at v1.2 manifest branch. r=catlee a=koi+
24480f0cfcc76b7a696eb3733f386bb9297ed8eaGavin Sharp — Bug 908844: add UTM parameters to Mozilla logo on about:home, r=dao, a=akeybl
667c15f173a98e82f7f746c9e29a992c53f4d487Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
d585fe28cd556410e16d8cd1e97109b86e8cd0e3Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
9429bda1f6cb627516bc9ec439d5a035b40ae9c7philringnalda — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host slice - a=blocklist-update
9b997ce02039b4382d4a233ea910b36288650238Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
08e1cf38074c42021593f0a75356fa5e6d9cd636Jeff Gilbert — Bug 922921 - Consistently check attrib accesses in WebGLVertexArray. Also rename a few things. - r=jgilbert, a=lsblakk
50750097f7b3c19701471261c857485e74bdbb24Ben Turner — Bug 890841 - Intermittent dom/workers/test/test_closeOnGC.html | application crashed [@ libsystem_c.dylib + 0x19bd9]. r=sicking, a=akeybl.
9ebf58ded1fa274222685912ac8632a18729dcf2Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
46a4d9b8aacd77f37dc59357c9b3242023951bbdFernando Jiménez — Bug 924971 - [Contacts] Trying to add a contact as a recipient opens contact details instead of returning to Messages app. r=fabrice, a=koi+
e5ccef4f479fbea19481e7f8b3e3064c1f738d74Fernando Jiménez — Bug 927398 - Missing call to .uninit() in DOMRequestHelper. r=fabrice, a=koi+
d26ba3e1683b36de811e7f33da4fbe7248a676a6Shih-Chiang Chien — Bug 919149 - Maintain child process lifecycle for recording status. r=jesup, r=khuey, r=vingtetun, a=koi+
225a25c01d0950c55abcb1cea67dc5dfe5dad366Lucas Rocha — Bug 917350 - Enable loading unconditionally in BrowserSearch. r=margaret, a=lsblakk
d0abcb6e1fffb511c2161af3bfb8f13601b2008cLucas Rocha — Bug 917350 - Move loader init() implementation to SearchLoader. r=margaret, a=lsblakk
1e866af000e82df91090a175b40f041c0ae79261Lucas Rocha — Bug 917350 - Factor out method to create SearchLoader arguments. r=margaret, a=lsblakk
1cfa9e04efb77cbb8ce1743a69257dc9f0ab591bMargaret Leibovic — Bug 925427 - Fix order of search engines in settings page. r=liuche, a=lsblakk
28acf9adf06941579f1939c8b26ee8451fbc543dAlexandre Poirot — Bug 925219 - Fix app validator caching issue. r=paul, a=lsblakk
ae0bba31d96770bc8b15d3f901ede60fd53a7906Jed Davis — Bug 921817 - Enable sandbox in non-preallocated child processes. r=kang, r=bent, a=lsblakk
eb6bfb3ab0d3bdcfff1c32c8bf5c0733238cf627Georg Fritzsche — Bug 920927 - Skip reftest 580160-1 on Android, it doesn't work there. r=jmaher, a=lsblakk
8d79bd551eb3aa287f34afb1425f2398b2108a7eGeorg Fritzsche — Bug 920927 - Update plugin overlay handling on mobile. r=margaret, a=lsblakk
a62b94423cacb3c6875f0b6efeeb2a402d60a8cbGeorg Fritzsche — Bug 920927 - Fix plugin overlay handling. r=neil, a=lsblakk
2718af9506b3b25f01ccfc9bd209935ce91a3a46Marco Bonardo — Bug 914294 - Don't throw exceptions from the history result end batch macro to retain backwards compatibility. r=mano, a=lsblakk
eaea6570492ffd1d8792a3f314e0b56838401bc4Jed Davis — Bug 919078 - Add js to async profiler start options. r=BenWa, a=lsblakk
0857b261c4e1310112153df96a151e0c22fb4e9dMark Finkle — Bug 922329 - HelperApps.getAppsForUri does not check for empty results and throws. r=wesj, a=lsblakk
89458280a982bc2863f5e02d68dd43f359a3541fMark Capella — Bug 917944 - Remove "Most recent" header in history page. r=margaret, a=lsblakk
9e5e23f67e318511b385f0d29be78e149417f286Margaret Leibovic — Bug 912994 - Update top sites query to exclude reading list items. r=wesj, a=lsblakk
f081b1e1b442910bdf1d60b502a404d510a12028Georg Fritzsche — Bug 790483 - Fix dependency on stale plugin enabledState in accessible tests. r=surkov, a=lsblakk
618d9395bfbdfb81b461b933aa520b5fcdb5c02bGeorg Fritzsche — Bug 790483 - Click-to-play plugins fail to show placeholder after resizing. r=jaws, a=lsblakk
9d6d3d4f27279de9bb28d5ce75b9673430963be7Wes Johnston — Bug 925538 - Import fireDialogEvent method into FilePicker. r=mfinkle, a=lsblakk
80572c953f4a67ec7c902f6fa771b6fe7d2bbfe9Lucas Rocha — Bug 918044 - Block layout requests while handling focus changes in TopSitesGridView (r=sriram) (a=lsblakk)
f3c46c1e3aa5fba5042bb55361baf1dfb1003731Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 906227: Last tabs with switch-to-tab should not create new tabs. [r=margaret] [a=lsblakk]
b51c179370c9c482bbcdb7023d14a5afba39263bSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 917947: SearchEngine icons are small in the dialog. [r=mfinkle] [r=margaret] [a=lsblakk]
99604e27f4a49cf44dd84f8f4b5963a723d2110bSteven MacLeod — Bug 900910 - Initialize SessionStore earlier to catch windows opened immediately after startup. r=ttaubert a=lsblakk
838fe637ae0c322788948375e6fdf589ee4ac307Steven MacLeod — Bug 925771 - Generate consecutive window IDs to avoid collisions. r=ttaubert a=lsblakk
747145639df6037e84ec08d1b75aea2aa99f42bfDavid Burns — Bug 807282 - Update marionette command/response to match that of the WebDriver spec; r=mdas, a=test-only
026d6795f97d2ba4615d6796d56d8b5102c22d2dRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 014c984c7d51 (bug 927322) for B2G crashes. a=backout
34b2b21296940e932f2b713afc5fa9d3be6c2f86Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
6dda5c6088a56782400ac99b20437b1c88ebd6f0Edgar Chen — Bug 912902 - MMS/SMS: retrieve GSM MSISDN / CDMA MDN correctly. r=gene, a=koi+
56ec10275771ca6bf470dbd9dcb8b1123f6eda6fFabrice Desré — Bug 927493 - Fast-path for certified apps CSP. r=geekboy, a=koi+
daca92e426413473fb22bb679705f71df7331065Dave Hylands — Bug 927961 - Add ums.status so that settings app can determine if files are open. r=gwagner, a=koi+
b0d9654813fe9b9b51e3de2e1231a17e20f0ee05Timothy Nikkel — Bug 916125 - Clip scroll layer items to the scroll port so the resulting layers have the proper clip. r=roc, a=koi+
014c984c7d51f486274dc9a201ce56dbc14efd37JW Wang — Bug 927322 - AudioDestinationNode should support weak reference. r=ehsan, a=koi+
5ae9a7f6cba8432a4b65ced8099fd91c6f5237e6Sotaro Ikeda — Bug 925381 - Fix mpeg4 video seek failure. r=nical, r=doublec, a=koi+
7bbdb999c0be283ea827de4af12dbac7641bf8f3Chuck Lee — Bug 914685 - 0002. HMAC authentication test case. r=vicamo, a=koi+
ccbb7ab73787f0b6dd9dcb7d234b554aa73d035eChuck Lee — Bug 914685 - 0001. Support GSM network pin authentication. r=vicamo, a=koi+
ce3af266f47b037ea02ce0b387c90a63fca1183eKyle Machulis — Bug 915002 - Convert optional notification arguments to webidl dictionary, add directional/lang arguments. r=bz, r=fabrice, a=koi+
1cb1ca523d16b6d7d6f49305987ebfc070d13619Yury Delendik — Bug 914667 - PDF viewer doesn't resolve base URIs properly. r=abillings
e465bd05d4ef22cc4e26a01729e4bb4c8d2c847eRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 968f4dec5f9d (bug 916226) for causing bug 926116. a=lsblakk
5ae001f5da385321316d945d39b656b0b4147c53Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
2664ac2969826ade6a7621823523db6ecfe943bdPhil Ringnalda — Back out ce79da6bb7ca (bug 807282) for permaorange b2g mochitest-7, a=broken-test-only
ce79da6bb7ca090299f9efc9d1bc6c5505fa9bcbDavid Burns — Bug 807282 - Update marionette command/response to match that of the WebDriver spec; r=mdas, a=test-only
c3a6190a6d6431fc6b4da9249482ad082486b245Olli Pettay — Bug 918864. r=bz, a=abillings
44da28b278bedbf7c453ccd5b5266833b82a2ce1Trevor Saunders — Bug 881636 - Don't try to update accessibles without their own content in DocAccessible::UpdateTree(). r=surkov, a=akeybl
cdd3326336eb5ec8d355c24bd4887f57f0c711feGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
9ca74e12ff653c0702da3c3fcb9f2787c0a5dcb7Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 919838 - Specialize ToInt32 for Float32. r=sstangl, a=lsblakk
3e6beea89ea23e1aed5b60913b65c30011e6e7bdGregor Wagner — Bug 927201 - Add null check before trying to close observer service. r=mrbkap, a=koi+
6c8fcc1e8f84f53aedad8939e0a22842c64c9c1eGregor Wagner — Bug 924378 - [Contacts API] Error in finding matching contacts for international number (00). r=bent, a=koi+
778f774dbde2c641c46e4dca04130e5b77e6fd11Marco Chen — Bug 924787 - [AudioManager] The checking condition should be "leave here if settings name is not for bt_sco". r=mwu, a=koi+
ab9457c487435f7a342f50d7550169aceb2b7898Marco Chen — Bug 915507 - Modify class Agent to inherit nsSupportsWeakReference then circular reference between Agent & AudioChannelAgent can be released. r=baku, a=test-only
ef0f77bda0be84a1ca353507666b104ccd0fefe4Steve Workman — Bug 920725 - Return with error in nsHtml5StreamParser::WriteStreamBytes if mLastBuffer is null. r=hsivonen, a=akeybl
420a47d418ec92e81efc45d3de3516c619b62d7dJim Chen — Bug 917685 - Let complex overrides take precedence over pref overrides. r=dao, a=akeybl
a93bf8a2d13702034a501185bcb26dd2d0600a24Jim Chen — Bug 917685 - Catch error thrown by nsILoadContext.associatedWindow. r=mfinkle, a=akeybl
381e38e1d23d79f4d9936bb7a174c94419186425Olli Pettay — Bug 926361 - Make sure mutation observers can't see the parent when unbinding. r=jst, a=abillings
b0f3b4a99461442ff14ea197a89f77e34ed083e2Jan de Mooij — Bug 859892 - Rename JS_CANONICALIZE_NAN to JS::CanonicalizeNaN. r=Waldo, a=akeybl
5477dceeb910227d8b13874afe9723e9e9d6494fMalini Das — Bug 779284 - Implement B2G Modal dialog handling to Marionette, r=jgriffin,mdas, a=test-only
cdee8d48910139d25bde1c2b9bdc4fec62931097Peter Van der Beken — Bug 914017 - Initialize members variables of the document hash correctly. r=sicking, a=abillings.
71669c1c97f5770d9502d892118070bb7792e998Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
07c7b0e4c663b294107e56d9f647e4f107110e52Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
59b1961fd4ef44c41ec630c17d0ed4af5545ed56Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
7ca5d1e81d377b046a3bc96b27508962764c541aPhil Ringnalda — Back out 7125de67dab5 (bug 779284) to investigate the effect on the permaorange b2g mochitest-7, a=broken-test-only
896009f4bac53c8d3496dff149f5b2e4af29a91ePhil Ringnalda — Back out 83b6e9e75e83 (bug 807282) to investigate the effect on the permaorange b2g mochitest-7, a=broken-test-only
fd6f68c4ccb4536b563b97bf2ac576db3bb84a5eGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
7b18d2da341473c0f2f5924cf1680bc9bc9b3e25Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset cc0306c09d59 (bug 914888) for frequent xpcshell failures. a=backout
3149b6e8d64763ad68f3118be46d61a8bb30d966Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
2769f814a0bbd8c83d716ada1ea6e08f959bb64aRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 915938 - Increase fuzz for text-not-in-doc-test.html. r=gw280, a=bustage
d14d91e9fca4423049957e043b891b8e7e1b05bcRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset d204b52c966d (bug 919838) for jit-test failures. a=backout
83b6e9e75e83b75702956edb765acdbb911e2d65David Burns — Bug 807282 - Update marionette command/response to match that of the WebDriver spec; r=mdas, a=test-only
7125de67dab5b775fde2ea3e4c5e0d6b41abf773Malini Das — Bug 779284 - Implement B2G Modal dialog handling to Marionette, r=jgriffin,mdas, a=test-only
6a569e8830c13f4a2026747b0621e3d2d0efaa2eGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
bea15f8d30989477004fb2eccb83334219d0e92dKartikaya Gupta — Bug 924791 - Follow-up to fix bustage from 396f4f51ae40. r+a=me
136e16b5acf96400a578250bb1375840fd3be51dGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 42 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
396f4f51ae40e1d37258618479e72226a4049c59Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 924791 - Ensure hover event refpoints are converted from CSSPixels to LayoutDevicePixels. r=wesj a=akeybl
e332f0f11ce78a6689e224e9f6588e87afd3ccb5Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 925459 - Blocklist bitguard.dll for crashes. a=akeybl
cc0306c09d59a7c85988182b22122790cc2bf9a6Michael Harrison — Bug 914888 - Reset geolocation provider accuracy when the last high accuracy request is shut down. r=jdm, a=koi+
45a6b62a0c566ccdc4435f68050bb6385052a1bdKarl Tomlinson — Bug 923106 - Recompute frequency dependent parameters when OscillatorType changes. r=padenot, a=akeybl
f72c378bc3e8ec71a2d97d3bad0d491a78683c23Marco Chen — Bug 923173 - Use NS_WARNING for unexpected name to avoid crashing. r=ehsan, a=koi+
375edf59197af0784e0bd2fc8cb7fef91057872cAryeh Gregor — Bug 891904 - Un-schedule full spell check when checker is disabled. r=ehsan, a=akeybl
22472f19a48936aa403c4984145443f90c56acdcEric Chou — Bug 925663 - Establish HSP connection if and only if HFP service record couldn't be found. r=gyeh, a=koi+
d204b52c966d2ce3b919b65f7732cdc4f1ec0db9Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 919838 - Specialize ToInt32 for Float32. r=sstangl, a=lsblakk
88ba0bbae1ce6a581ef5aa2812be227829f5b9f4George Wright — Bug 915938 - Honour the glyph rendering options set by the platform when drawing text on a <canvas>. r=jfkthame, a=akeybl
36c99527ce971f60c427fe5bb3bdcbaeafc12199Kannan Vijayan — Bug 912534. r=nbp, a=akeybl
e49eac40b0bf371ae4a08301411e0f95bfcd3eb2Mike Hommey — Bug 869406 - Really enforce non-parallel build of ICU. r=gps, a=akeybl
1b107b19790d4ad085bd43fa0455e878b2529ac6Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
c34b0dd3e3a4c8a791ffa42c015d1ec30df431c7Olli Pettay — Bug 926690 - Crash in mozilla::DispatchAsyncScrollEventRunnable::Run(), r=khuey, a=koi+
2ab9415ab2881df79e8bbd7045baa2e1b25f7a40Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
75b0b968f3eddabb39df13f3a0741967dcbba0c7Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
8d2350db842c576603228c29310b06ef4a48c38dBruce Sun — Bug 855208 - Allow one newly created content channel to play in the background. r=mchen, a=koi+
0926d285be960a4d0c0902a798e7850a0cfcee9fChuck Lee — Bug 917070 - Fix misplaced condition flag. r=vchang, a=koi+
bbea2bbc46eace0b31a7c531a25a171764a6d4b6Paul Rouget — Bug 925199 - Move touch-events.js to /toolkit. r=ochameau, a=lsblakk
69175fe3bd87fa2ece9f21d94b13ca141c502d33Panos Astithas — Bug 916458 - Ignore failures to get the lastPausedUrl when a tab is closing. r=fitzgen, a=lsblakk
fb1206d6a41caee144aa74ba50948404cbea3e0bPhil Ringnalda — Bug 922976 - Skip gfx/tests/crashtests/394751.xhtml on Tegras for constant failures to load. a=test-only
4064fe2323f918d4d6bcfa387a59fa05a43716e9Mark Capella — Bug 923764 - Intermittent testBookmark | added as a bookmark - got true, expected false. r=lucasr, a=test-only
3b057c4ac36cdacda57a45f6b641b604eac56c59Brian Nicholson — Bug 897162 - Lower Gecko thread priority when showing Top Sites page. r=lucasr, a=lsblakk
95916243dc36c353e2911bc44b389dba6a6bcfeeGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
f80fd27d367f881da591e2f605ec5772f1638d8dNicholas Cameron — Bug 854873. Keep scissor rect enabled. r=kats,nical,a=lsblakk
e4a0cae3e151c5a09a950a1c6a04a5553a982128Jan de Mooij — Bug 925067 - Fix infinite loop in BlockMightReach. r=bhackett, a=lsblakk
45a0303e9b5004601d77dc9865ebd74baf5c5a5fGarrett Robinson — Bug 925186 - Update test_bothCSPHeaders.html to catch the case where an invalid prefixed header fails closed. r=sstamm, a=lsblakk
7b483e309add857a6ba3caa6a404a4716ce76046Garrett Robinson — Bug 925186 - Fix regression in handling the simultaneous use of pre-1.0 and 1.0 CSP headers. r=sstamm, a=lsblakk
a73d0546a814c2d653f446e43e84467ec02e50b6Paolo Amadini — Bug 918466 - Residual file left after canceling a download. r=enn, a=lsblakk
8003468490368711f72c82ed5e6a052d4a12ebbdMargaret Leibovic — Bug 917273 - Fix PinSiteDialog to handle pinning user-entered terms. r=wesj, a=lsblakk
6c3224b0b2a794f1f0cfd0cc28cafd7bde70b7c8Paolo Amadini — Bug 920017 - Race condition in BackgroundFileSaver when setTarget is called multiple times in append mode. r=mcmanus, a=lsblakk
d38bb5b38b7f94742eef65f491fd8c1eefa79263Paolo Amadini — Bug 917012 - Too many mainthread stat() calls during downloads. r=enn, a=lsblakk
5ce2322ee9100cf6d8502f6bb44b5909191ab428Doug Turner — Bug 923618 - Pref off native core location geolocation backend. r=jdm, a=akeybl
f1afcd8a4d5b1a33c395cab7b12b1bd4f6a01843Markus Stange — Bug 902591 - Choose the number of linear gradient repetitions in such a way that the whole extents rect is filled. Substantial parts of the code in this patch were written by roc in bug 508730. r=mattwoodrow, a=lsblakk
2243db5c1a3e4539bb33ad6e1a9453e01010c84dBrendan Dahl — Bug 921409 - Proper glyph selection for CIDFontType0C fonts. r=yury, a=akeybl
7c4e44bb22344a5e0f6e3a7572c35288d495f75dOlli Pettay — Bug 915210 - Follow the COM rules when flushing a presshell. r=bz, a=akeybl
2a1d0c72e8649cab23073365ad38d241c733e307Richard Newman — Bug 919645 - crash in android.os.NetworkOnMainThreadException. r=bnicholson, a=lsblakk
b7f30d84fa9f64dee9786a5762d178d1c3c9155fGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 6 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
8ff026eb8754095d9f24560ee1b05caf2a99e91ePaul Adenot — Bug 899050 - Add rudimentary support for multichannel files when using WASAPI. r=kinetik a=lsblakk
690f28662ace6b59fde1cdab845e4d3185434cdeGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
818ef9b4096c5e9a4f391f49361416e24a3030a4Eric Faust — Bug 922493 - Allow cacheing slotful unshadowed DOM proxy accesses in idempotent GetPropertyICs. r=djvj, a=abillings
97fcc7f2dd6b09829cbd4948e8522a06cc177069William Chen — Bug 916640 - Add memory reporter for message manager listeners. r=njn, a=koi+
1bb943019c5ee097a7eb32339dcd763212f3da54Michael Henretty — Bug 915726 - [Web Notifications] follow-up, change notification properties from Constant to Pure. r+a=gwagner
c21265711c0f2fd36a8a795d6af755e2fe833893Brian Nicholson — Bug 923407 - Set list adapter to null when destroying BrowserSearch view. r=lucasr, a=lsblakk
24502fc769cd2fc1640bf3c45d648ab4624a778fPaul Rouget — Bug 924568 - Validate hosted app URL before adding. r=ochameau, a=lsblakk
9b9076bdd9f5b6560523618535830e8382be82c4J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 921222 - Make App Manager disabled buttons look disabled. r=paul, a=lsblakk
10dce69feec7fdec1cfc11742c4c5f31ea74598aDão Gottwald — Bug 921639 - duplicateTab needs to treat aDelta being undefined as 0 (just like nsISessionStore::duplicateTab). r=ttaubert, a=lsblakk
e37fc2634e46a189ab02d18b3a04864c87d387e9Paul Rouget — Bug 919496 - [app manager] Once an app has been installed, it doesn't show up in the 'installed app' tab. r=ochameau, a=lsblakk
ed7ca8db112394a53b64c5e2a0c90168395aa6b8Adrian Tamas — Bug 899182 - Re-write testBookmark to work with the new about:home. r=lucasr, a=test-only
267a8bf617b30d67a867ae886247251e34417c54Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 923472 - Use memset instead of block field assignment to fix a compile error. r=cpearce, a=lsblakk
290d6d1241d57a474163ffd6a678b3681b0cf589Chris Kitching — Bug 922116 - Don't clear FaviconView image data in formatImage. r=lucasr, r=margaret, a=lsblakk
a088f42b312b1531602ec12d6327e2b60d8e8c6eLucas Rocha — Bug 919516 - No need to account for header views in Bookmarks page. r=mfinkle, a=lsblakk
e391dad00380f2c15af336d3c75e086f0a66ec4eEddy Bruel — Bug 916845 - Make Debugger.Source load the source text if it is not retained. r=jimb, a=lsblakk
1bd10c46501f21e52e937f6fe5a860dcee486029Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 918682 - Fix the check for finding the root content document's root scroll frame. r=tn, a=lsblakk
290cfc45840defce1b4dd1cab0fbc854015af4bcChenxia Liu — Bug 919384 - "Text reflow" robocop test checks for the wrong RELEASE_BUILD boolean value. r=gbrown, a=lsblakk
ffd5dbcf417707aab29c7238e23e8310aa409279Steve Workman — Bug 915905 - Prevent multiple concurrent calls to OnInputStreamReady. r=jduell, a=lsblakk
65d553f4186cf68b942b84caa61c618336e804cfBenoit Girard — Bug 918581 - Extend to support secondary threads. r=vlad, a=lsblakk
331b31231aa1dfc4f416d20a71723448f287678dShu-yu Guo — Bug 917401 - Fix incorrect blocked register assignment in LSRA. r=jandem, a=lsblakk
b3ca57c97999652bf1e3024bb78b892fd1d76c96Olli Pettay — Bug 916576 - Follow the com rules when calling LoadURI. r=bz, a=abillings
50d134c566c4b3070d85e33ad45e4e7235fbca7aMike de Boer — Bug 916536 - Backout findbar e10s refactor. r=evilpies, a=lsblakk
0a7556df975daa76366f157a262902d35e826e9dGavin Sharp — Bug 918514 - Back out the temporary What's New page for Windows 8 Metro advertising. a=lsblakk
0dd4f8f0c703a5a1170ee1a6fb1f04212c409372Victor Porof — Bug 919155 - After editing a source, it takes multiple page refreshes for the text contents to get updated in the debugger, r=rcampbell, a=lsblakk
cf7f2c1c241b573f7995e9e9fbfbe32513615e35ffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-ec2-322 - a=hsts-update
e78a73708c7ac254fb1e6627e5647ffbe62e6d53Richard Newman — Bug 919768 - Slowdown and OOM hit visiting top-sites in about:home. r=sriram, a=lsblakk
968f4dec5f9de6ef146012374e3d00f6fbd3aa6eCamilo Viecco — Bug 916226: Add support for ECDHE_RSA_AES_GCM and ECDHE_ECDSA_WITH_AES_128_GCM ciphersuites. r=bsmith, a=lsblakk
d3c9e1256c6516918efcc8b02ad6cadb4e92e30fTimothy Nikkel — Bug 919129. Fix nsLayoutUtils::UpdateImageVisibilityForFrame so that it doesn't expand the image rect so much by replacing it with the scroll port rect. r=matspal a=lsblakk
b3194ce087659e5ddbee3be972feafc9c8e8e579Jed Davis — Bug 912822 - Enable sandbox logging on Android without setting NSPR_LOG_MODULES. r=kang, a=lsblakk
2140044eba7d3845ec1822406c99f5d08dffc35bVincent Lin — Bug 921369 - GonkDisplay takes care of Framebuffer supporting only BRGA format. r=mwu, a=koi+
ed4d1b23e356bca192d3a49aab3181f1078b4428Axel Hecht — Bug 915721 - Package limited set of localized files for b2g. r=wesj, a=koi+
3791f9bc201fec9869c94432a6ec333447398e10Peter Chang — Bug 915077 - Change the debug log level of HWC. r=nrc, a=koi+
8b98d09d2077b80829bd46c17aeeeb83de1c0299Alexandre Poirot — Bug 917331 - Fix exception on b2g desktop about undefined AdbController object. r=fabrice, a=lsblakk
1e701acdecca5266be9a086a20b8e19931dbf2e3Tim Taubert — Bug 919532 - Make sure we don't lose state when quitting early without being notified. r=Yoric, a=akeybl
6cfb2b0f594b6dbaeaea0e46cd258d673cd53fa4Dan Gohman — Bug 916580 - Fix bugs related to the usage of calloc. r=luke, a=akeybl
43cc27cc3ea839feadf4044b782017337bfd92a0Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
7f42c13d9cc660e0e5c299aaf3fec33bf64bfd1aGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
c0b221056d4440c827081b4e5cf2a8b651f899d3Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
2b9fbbc19dd97eafe1fe1d2d336b75eabe99c272Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 10 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
c8e97fd5b94dbbc000e8784006af03bda6a1ed35Cameron McCormack — Bug 916704 - Always initialize SVGTextContentPaint::Paint and check SetupCairoState return value in nsSVGTextFrame2::PaintSVG. r=longsonr a=abillings
0b755d7d58e3ce345ec019fef258b2bcab89cb1cGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
829a06f8d05834051152596dcaff866d04f526ecDrew Willcoxon — Bug 924651 - Log crashes as a telemetry completion reason in BackgroundPageThumbs. r=markh,froydnj, a=gavin
86d2f433a7ca52d38e8b73981fbcc34b4ea6a578Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
db3d9b76252d41c84a7c3a72c25ce8113dd674e2Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
e87c5779660a96ae2e0d68be665665b6e65c43b2David Keeler — Bug 914034 - Cache stapled OCSP responses on the cert verification thread. r=briansmith, a=akeybl
1444db55ea3c74c11f8667a24b9b210facac0751Thomas Zimmermann — Bug 916848 - Add .oga to the Device Storage's list of supported file types. r=doublec, a=koi+
de66802f05aa7d780686c06268ec924f38225c2bAsaf Romano — Bug 912855 - Can't remove check-mark on "Load this bookmark in the sidebar". r=mak, a=akeybl
8320c2fdf24093115072baeec5804b358d550c46Jeff Gilbert — Bug 917160 - AssureBlitted before switching EGLSurfaces with MakeCurrent. r=bjacob, a=akeybl
c186283ffd5cd167e2253e14d2f088d3e2bfa87cRaymond Lee — Bug 886054 - Ensure that the {Promise} is returned before checking the "icon" case in checkItem(). r=Mano, a=test-only
f14bc3ab62a94adcf1f06fadd28bb744649464c1Ed Morley — Bug 918299 - Disable content/media/test/* mochitest timeouts on B2G for causing mochitest-3 runs to abort midway through. a=test-only
3f16dc100b1f4e6bb57e8c2959b9fa0cc249f624Benoit Jacob — Bug 914823 - Use a WeakPtr to the SurfaceAllocator - r=jgilbert,nical, a=koi+
5c2a7c96df5284687054fce166179535e6396168Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
0c2d59fa11897840b6f28a933a755b3ec37903ffGeorg Fritzsche — Bug 916542 - Guard against non-plugin elements in DOMWindowUtils.plugins. r=jaws, a=lsblakk
d99f74d026c78a477027189348f3e30ad62c18a1Andrea Marchesini — Bug 874508 - Web Audio is connected to AudioChannelService. r=ehsan, a=koi+
577a375a3217de3e377ca054f9600954ca6a1e21Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 2789478ca50d (bug 890841) for bustage. a=backout
ed0fcc621de46402ce1cd257bd8ff3d5539be713Matt Woodrow — Bug 903296 - Copy the entire device pixel size of MacIOSurface when reading back to an image surface. r=BenWa, a=akeybl
77e2a30105dfdad03cc4a21f317717fb5b3141d8Jim Chen — Bug 909940 - Disable updating the URL bar type for HTC keyboards. r=cpeterson, a=akeybl
76d7bbf97925941a273f311d16d784cd82dca0b4Milan Sreckovic — Bug 916535 - Avoid using repeating gradients for tiling when it won't work. r=roc, a=akeybl
2789478ca50d53b5201ebbcae05c4d5de7bbccd1Ben Turner — Bug 890841 - Intermittent dom/workers/test/test_closeOnGC.html | application crashed [@ libsystem_c.dylib + 0x19bd9]. r=sicking, a=akeybl
40f633294e89438f3f0a67ab25e4292a1c370db0Drew Willcoxon — Bug 555390 - Fix intermittent failure in browser_bug419612.js by waiting for location-change notification after tabs are removed. r=mak, a=test-only
647090a079020e22ec6a03060af68147eb794338Raymond Lee — Bug 811287 - Intermittent test_bookmarks_html_corrupt.js | null != null. r=mak, a=test-only
53cb95cfe6dccea99f142771afaf81ed920f910aMs2ger — Bug 920043 - Update DOM tests from web-platform-tests. a=test-only
9b349fca4874945f44910fbb75715fa77504e947Benoit Jacob — Bug 913603 - Re-inline SaturatingUnionEdges and remove the unused SaturatingInflate - r=mats, a=lsblakk
472e707d5b726f0fbc25cdae258aa8d3b1fd9f3bGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
e5edb484e2a9503e5152f3cf4289a82dc34e76ddGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
268ad269c4ba030da36538a617dec0387ec0fb0eGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 27 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
6c1ea36a42e634f5ae9ffbb24d709c8ec7f5a3ffRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 4bb7318a5a31 (bug 899182) for panda perma-fail. a=backout
ed7fc15243accc88e6e3870e7d0fa6429d2ef5bfHsin-Yi Tsai — Bug 917922 - Temporary CLIR mode not working. r=ferjm, a=koi+
4bb7318a5a3178fdaf85c74aee167017fe1f38abAdrian Tamas — Bug 899182 - Re-write testBookmark to work with the new about:home. r=lucasr, a=test-only
e5797cbf3b838c03157e369760767a7c4a871c0fMargaret Leibovic — Bug 910106 - Replace loadUrl with inputAndLoadUrl in PixelTest. r=lucasr, a=test-only
3d9f6b93d300cee7e977fa5b0aa94f26583078d4Margaret Leibovic — Bug 913683 - Part 2: Remove about:home from testSystemPages checks. r=gbrown, a=test-only
f89590e5824a1731c879d23a33a066bc81ff51ddMargaret Leibovic — Bug 913683 - Part 1: Verify home pager is hidden before checking to make sure the page is painted, and increase the time we wait to make sure these things happen. r=gbrown, a=test-only
decf58f0d59656ffd2944a7c71ced2ca23a4bc64Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 87138e223c91 (bug 916542) for mochitest-bc orange. a=backout
bbb0113e12169c814487fe8df76c680a191b8192Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 2ed182212ef3 (bug 922429) for bustage.
c53578f24a062f95f88911a4126efbf1a74799aaPaul Rouget — Bug 919981 - Dispatch app (un)install events via the webapps actor. r=fabrice, a=lsblakk
2ed182212ef348b7044e265ce7c43ded56f137f0Brian Hackett — Bug 922429 - Don't leak GSN cache memory in IonBuilder. r=jandem, a=lsblakk
026be7d9708aa4cd755814a0a9412ae9c2a126edJeff Muizelaar — Bug 922807 - Always draw images with OVER. r=roc, a=lsblakk
0fefe52765346b92645352636dc01c80de0b8e5bLuke Wagner — Bug 922096 - OdinMonkey: prevent multiple concurrent parallel asm.js compilations. r=sstangl, a=lsblakk
90ad9f7c9795f189a93398f34354a9eccd3d3eaePaul Rouget — Bug 917479 - Starting a simulator changes host and port settings. r=ochameau, a=lsblakk
adc42c51d961ea637cb14b86666802ec04897c9cLucas Rocha — Bug 906230 - Hide the Reading List page in about:home on low memory devices. r=sriram, a=lsblakk
9d4cfa77ea435ac397545568439f020cab2785dbLucas Rocha — Bug 906230 - Add HardwareUtils.isLowMemoryPlatform(). r=kats, a=lsblakk
78ec5899d0449493f70560e6f3841caa67ed3599Mark Hammond — Bug 920397 - Ensure PContentParent doesn't close process handles multiple times. r=bsmedberg, a=lsblakk
5626e0382661d8a8d34ea622f2d8733a42cd3eb4Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 47cb296e2627 (bug 919838) for Android bustage. a=backout
0b59969495787490829092c714b429f97fca99baGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
fe28048c6ac047f458fcf547270cd5a4731fc97fPaul Rouget — Bug 920509 - [app manager] Don't use hiddenDOMWindow in styles.js. r=dcamp, a=lsblakk
7964ac2c0dc642e3025818afdcfed25f194167e9Chris Kitching — Bug 918917 - Show no favicon until load fails, then show default favicon, or the result. r=margaret, a=lsblakk
3192366c3d703690c3ef066c4685b2ad059fed48Carmen Jimenez — Bug 919469 - Change the default value of the dom.webapps.firstRunWithSIM preference. r=fabrice, a=lsblakk
47cb296e2627e928ccaab230428cc15c5d3f5277Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 919838 - Specialize ToInt32 for Float32. r=sstangl, a=lsblakk
11994bee127d837bfe0f95efed1b238649633b85Alexandre Poirot — Bug 919831 - Fix support of packaged apps with custom origin. r=paul, a=lsblakk
87138e223c910508ffb860ef52b48f8802434e77Georg Fritzsche — Bug 916542 - Guard against non-plugin elements in DOMWindowUtils.plugins. r=jaws, a=lsblakk
37c5080673ea04f348c114e4ea98115dc93ba176Matt Brubeck — Bug 900072 - Work around line wrapping bugs in flyoutpanels. r=sfoster, a=lsblakk
8beb80c4e8e3b08fc5d1702df39776fbcb34c010Georg Fritzsche — Bug 903386 - Make all delayed PluginModuleParent tasks revocable. r=aklotz, a=lsblakk
5933872ba6ba1a658463f6eb75e3e35957cf03a9Mike Hommey — Bug 921822 - Use existing install manifest for make install in js standalone builds. r=gps, a=lsblakk
373bbcc04658cd26dcc4bdafe33f6cf9ea5838ffMike Hommey — Bug 921770 - Avoid doing things with js/src from top-level when building --with-libxul-sdk. r=gps, a=lsblakk
5532bfeb1a1755252a3b2aebd8c14be9bb509698Daniel Holbert — Bug 921522 - Use already-established flex container content-box main size to determine packing space, instead of checking reflow state. r=mats, a=lsblakk
1767b159729a35624a535ba2e209e6143f1ef69eJed Davis — Bug 919090 - Let content processes use sigaction and tgkill if profiling enabled. r=kang, a=lsblakk
6d32335e66e7af1165a625a0ca9ff20073555672Benoit Girard — Bug 918833 - Improved profiler thread register. r=ehsan, a=lsblakk
0b375eef59f9e0ccea4f3608fa4eb58cc44dc4a0Matt Brubeck — Bug 891056 - Support "snapped view" in Windows 8.1. a=lsblakk
b20e12690dcba81d9d608a5ce59bd31bc5acf072Seth Fowler — Bug 920621 - Part 2: Tests for zoom with the svg:image element. r=dholbert, a=lsblakk
6a2632a328b3b4359593bc414a79f8acca381b4cSeth Fowler — Bug 920621 - Part 1: Correct for full page zoom in nsSVGImageFrame. (Partial revert of bug 600207). r=dholbert, a=lsblakk
d6e2c73a4ea608c88f7831583b19a27fe138ec65Bobby Holley — Bug 914618 - Reimplement XML pretty printing with events. r=smaug, a=lsblakk
d628f443792965acde48679ad203163acc8bd4adGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
89d5ff09a24c80d590cd17aa14beed7690ab7782Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
f067799dff06c6d3ae9b71dc6ef3cad75843357fGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
7b4da5638a7d76960c6384c3469f22f6a9d14347Fernando Jiménez — Bug 915598 - Allow strong references to DOMRequestIPCHelper message listeners. Part 4: Tests. r=fabrice, a=koi+
d3523f3b0bcb751b8f025a33e49acb4ed78c97e3Fernando Jiménez — Bug 915598 - Allow strong references to DOMRequestIPCHelper message listeners. Part 3: Webapps usage. r=fabrice, a=koi+
aaa2ff538d5e237a5d0868f758146ae6a1a8b17aFernando Jiménez — Bug 915598 - Allow strong references to DOMRequestIPCHelper message listeners. Part 2: Add Ci.nsISupportsWeakReference were needed. r=fabrice, a=koi+
1160d240c83a3717a768b109d743a49d231d5fadFernando Jiménez — Bug 915598 - Allow strong references to DOMRequestIPCHelper message listeners. Part 1: DOMRequestHelper. r=fabrice, a=koi+
57e9a22e8eeb39ab1f3a3cb359b4f52afed55ab3Victor Porof — Bug 860349 - Don't do a thread dispatch when performing the test in browser_dbg_chrome-create. a=test-only
8b4152d366c3010d512b281f58661a5883283ac8Shih-Chiang Chien — Bug 918054 - Deny the GetUserMedia while in call. r=jesup, r=fabrice, a=koi+
74e15e692c0de8a8df18ae2e39ec19e13e7f6971Sotaro Ikeda — Bug 922334 - Add zero division check and prevent unncecessary mp3 parsing. r=doublec, a=koi+
14a9e13e8c653875c1fb78f71761f6ef4bf0e774Robert O'Callahan — Bug 898444 - Wrap nsDisplayScrollLayer only around the scrolled content. r=tn, a=koi+
ca696fc3d418875b83a391a59f17b1d9fe276307Lucas Rocha — Bug 911695 - Use correct dppx values for HDPI and XHDPI devices. r=margaret, a=akeybl
f8a5867aef495ba18692885a6f90582858ccd48bMargaret Leibovic — Bug 921023 - Properly re-enable mixed content blocking. r=mfinkle, a=akeybl
b3ca2e186bafef3186c2f66131dd3f34d4f04d86Blake Kaplan — Bug 917515 - Check for null before checking the document. r=ehsan, a=akeybl
8853bb1050b6a1abac6181e5c5d6269ba52d7751Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
e1eabf852c0b7afd754767ded06f97f3dcd987b5Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
6c0400c992ea73839dfc8da854b39ec25aeeec03ffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-ec2-376 - a=hsts-update
6e75af74a6e3c181448c76fb3dbe02a150d80660ffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ec2-486 - a=blocklist-update
a4b7282df517a70e0d7ad3930065abf71d125d30Boris Zbarsky — Bug 906166. Make sure to initialize the "succeeded" outparam of XPC_WN_Helper_DelProperty. r=bholley, a=akeybl
7dfe4a77553120545ccb6f59a1f0e7c73f14d8ceKarl Tomlinson — b=910174 add DelayNode's tail-time reference as soon as the engine receives sound r=ehsan a=akeybl
1405a08b51e23a55c91fb0284f1f436c12fb9f53Karl Tomlinson — b=921675 use maximum instead of current delay for tail time because delay can increase faster than time passes r=ehsan a=akeybl
c87b736b65faf310e872f06cb5cf83807403509dKarl Tomlinson — b=912474 use speex_resampler_process_int on platforms where speex_resampler_process_float expects samples in the range +/-32767 r=ehsan a=akeybl
e09697b6e9517b723604195ae6060d7a3ef0fbccPatrick McManus — bug 922109 - spdy/3 settings frame does not restart window starved streams r=hurley a=akeybl
e9b9a61a32369a02d3596f83aa44d566e3a736f3Tim Taubert — Bug 906462 - Remove noise backgrounds for about:newtab and about:home; r=dao a=akeybl
41fca29db6eaf814e040b6f0e7f9635c3a12bb23Tim Taubert — Bug 918981 - Add missing makeURI() function to browser/base/content.js; r=felipe a=gavin
746c71b8f8eb4000c407149742d182f44c5ba2c2Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
69714dcef6e886bdcc1a4eef6099cc5cb988b008Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
008b7b5d0c0d971a361650ec42141d11d171ef99Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
7633181b98778aac95aa9d37183b0a4f2a8224bfGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
b955a00f41674adf9c9435dd0d13e67ed2323746Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
6ceec89689308eba49c6b7424e34178ffd37dc60Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 12 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
ee295442876872ab55045cdc049475e37ef42d85Steven Lee — Bug 918056 - Return errors when the mic is occupied. r=rjesup, a=koi+
e6472281dabf6ced89c4d4d3cb19fbffb2eee6e9Sotaro Ikeda — Bug 914870 - Reduce mp3 parse chunk buffer size to 32KiB. r=doublec, a=koi+
2c8195814437d16a656137ad35dd54f71209215eGina Yeh — Bug 913374 - Use nsRefPtr for BluetoothProfileController in profile managers. r=echou, a=koi+
acdf04eaaceb6ac55cadbdb40affec2b0a55ebb4Szu-Yu Chen [:aknow] — Bug 897940 - Extend timeout. r=hsinyi, a=test-only
061938a3b99001b032890d55400c38760f0ac0bfMichael Ratcliffe — Bug 913983 - Split browser_telemetry_buttonsandsidebar.js into 5 tests due to timeouts. r=jwalker, a=test-only
3eeec6a3090d56cea4ce0e3299367c363fb7b2a5Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 52 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
844587e80414f1442cd3663aa3e9db9a473b38e6Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 916379 - Remove a content repaint request that was clobbering the right frame metrics with the wrong one. r=BenWa, a=koi+
eb1b2309837f84503c899be922f0a2d2ca4f3c5dFabrice Desré — Bug 914854 - BrowserElementPanning causes sync reflow by quering scrollLeft/Top. r=bz, r=vingtetun, a=koi+
772abe4f65ec0bd2c6dc2e112b438df2acf03ea5Fernando Jiménez — Bug 919429 - [Message manager] We must not force weak listeners to implement Ci.nsIMessageListener. r=smaug, a=koi+
5689e4237ab7e2ad291e4c9ff249399318e01076Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
23aa697cf2a9c46aeb1a7d20a4c833f4d6b70176Yuan Xulei — Bug 920831 - MozInputMethod's init should only return undefined. r=bz, a=koi+
0ce69d7707783219b3a2efccb6aa3d5be1a598b6Shih-Chiang Chien — Bug 918523 - Prevent rec_queue overrun. r=jesup, a=koi+
5721fe0d5284a2eae80212bf23331fc866a643caViral Wang — Bug 908058 - Add orientation keyword 'default' to express normal orientation. r=mounir, r=blassey, a=koi+
a7c7fa46bd9e1093ec2d11e39cf374be218571ccBrian Hackett — Bug 920782 - Don't trigger GCs from threads with an exclusive context. r=billm, a=koi+
5347bbc42e0c97edd6c66a0cb038494e6ba1fe51Jan Jongboom — Bug 906096 - Move InputMethod API behind a pref instead of build option. r=kanru, r=sicking, a=koi+
65523793a6bf433395c46ffdea6d29cfa64b1a1fNicolas Silva — Bug 916116 - Rename CompositableQuirks. r=bjacob, a=koi+
9e8d832f13b83d0f4ae517a8e2348974bdda0cfdNicolas Silva — Bug 916116 - Avoid some code duplication in Gralloc textures. r=sotaro, a=koi+
844e6581a96884250216807a80d85a5112895565Nicolas Silva — Bug 916116 - Move SetCompositableQuirks to AddTextureHost. r=sotaro, a=koi+
4f05f70b425ccd62686c65aa1039fa4da17914fbNicolas Silva — Bug 916116 - Remove useless #if 1. r=bjacob, a=koi+
1f0a499a8e1c418079771e1f67b99090b732817dMarco Castelluccio — Bug 855765 - Move test_bug_795164 to dom/apps and avoid UI confirmation. r=fabrice, a=test-only
e0a96465890cab1f20078baaacdced5b585ce8f0Margaret Leibovic — Bug 919228 - Update top sites thumbnail placeholder text to "Add a site". r=sriram a=bajaj
0a14b7023a95c56646554e7cb839f9dd8f8b8238Chenxia Liu — Bug 917398 - Include test for new top sites. r=margaret a=lsblakk
607a8726ced14cbb8358bd4b3640a24b96a1dbe9Chenxia Liu — Bug 917398 - Update tests for the new tabs in about:home. r=margaret a=lsblakk
832d9813c147ef4511a5b9094ec3f012f916d0e6Lucas Rocha — Bug 917455 - Implement missing getInt() in TopSitesCursorWrapper (r=sriram, a=lsblakk)
0fcd50e19460dd22ed8df2d225f78219413f68b0Lucas Rocha — Bug 918377 - Remove unnecessary extra touch handling from BookmarksListView (r=sriram, a=lsblakk)
92f0f575ff07b56ec9391e9d1333b5b2e2f250caLucas Rocha — Bug 918377 - Move and update header divider code to TopSitesPage (r=sriram, a=lsblakk)
74ae5aed92b3f6ff5d6aa1014fe161c267cb5febLucas Rocha — Bug 918377 - Misc layout fixes on new tab layout in about:home (r=sriram, a=lsblakk)
3671241aeed4203325c8d58666838fe6c336c5f6Lucas Rocha — Bug 918032 - Top Sites query should include display, bookmarkId, historyId (r=wesj, a=lsblakk)
d7e3b0bb444834ae0541193c6f71832865e31796Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 917455: Use a single cursor for the grid and the list. [r=lucasr, a=lsblakk]
c444238cb90a011d0fa0e389e10b4d20ecba0861Lucas Rocha — Bug 917455 - Update top sites behaviour for about:home's Top Sites panel (r=wesj, a=lsblakk)
7951523d9b542c10c7925df9e13e6b604f6b0df8Margaret Leibovic — Bug 917455 - Revert getTopBookmarks back to getTopSites. r=wesj a=lsblakk
40b02c6fdbb22ccfd1fefb7ed986a62f04194f00Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 917396: Crash in resetting the loader. [r=lucasr, a=lsblakk]
c44623ea46eae29ccb7479fbaa8d096b4a84b416Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 833800: LinearLayout of android doesn't have the third constructor in pre-ICS. [r=margaret, a=lsblakk]
ad6e4eda7e5c3a133a94d25b9e1dd710948c1912Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 917396: Move the grid to "TopSites" page. [r=lucasr, a=lsblakk]
cdd031129be5daca8aabdea8e8d3be426fc2253eSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 833800: FadedTextView should handle compound drawables. [r=lucasr, a=lsblakk]
067c524d378fb355f7b633c8c55c464d4e6e1b9cSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 833800: Change the pin to be an image. [r=wesj, a=lsblakk]
757bacb00499ba76a54ff9a0be53bb567a2dcac2Lucas Rocha — Bug 917394 - Rearrange about:home tabs as per new design (r=sriram, a=lsblakk)
75e1f0a7290c624384d849853a6546322ffcd0dcTim Taubert — Bug 586153 - Avoid tab panel ID collisions by using a monotonic counter. r=dolske, a=akeybl
4c72e82e825faae3062e9b4c861cb8828dc60c9aBlake Kaplan — Bug 921519 - Really disable the slow script dialog on b2g. r=bholley, a=koi+
f45c9cf22f329ef6d800b6b7588a94f46febd2cfShih-Chiang Chien — Bug 917544 - Don't remember audio-capturing permission in a session. r=fabrice, a=koi+
3d333503a19acdd3cb1a28abf1d19d779bda300bShane Caraveo — Bug 919803 - Fix panel sizing by not removing panel iframe unecessarily. r=markh, a=lsblakk
7f60b667c7e1129c4c3f11197b4b4e2ad77fdef5Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 915903 - Convert Float32 before truncating them in StoreTypedArrayPolicy. r=sstangl, a=lsblakk
9a3d4289913d96b10201f634f7054c441dac91f0Marco Castelluccio — Bug 919506 - Fix browser.bookmarks.autoExportHTML not working due to bug 910885. r=mak, a=lsblakk
3234e28582d36846cdd312e31d988160afd2b7c0Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 919118 - Convert Float before conversion to Int32. r=sstangl, a=lsblakk
afd59cdec0d13eb03f2b8359e38855dff2f22c9fJan Beich — Bug 918177 - Make sure <iosfwd> symbols are visible with gtest. r=glandium, a=lsblakk
4c5effe7e3589190b6af1cc7b56c8e37f9b2420bMihai Sucan — Bug 916997 - All lines are joined into one line when copying text from the Web Console. r=past, a=lsblakk
500b46d8c38ac08d89b4d642e4dae5960e0e8a2cGarrett Robinson — Bug 916446 - Pass reportOnly to CSPRep.fromString so invalid pre-1.0 CSP headers aren't accidentally enforced. r=sstamm, a=lsblakk
be48daf28d42a92621c2fb4caeb1a4c0431f4f1dJeff Gilbert — Bug 916816 - Disable broken ANGLE divisor support. r=bjacob, a=lsblakk
02e6cc010fcf550cc0ca934174695b5ce97fdf7eDouglas Crosher — Bug 917800 - Odinmonkey: Correct rounding up of the heap length. r=luke, a=lsblakk
a98fdbb5d68d827897c16dde5ee72cf140007260Marco Castelluccio — Bug 917310 - Fix broken apps install path on B2G desktop for Windows and Mac. r=fabrice, a=lsblakk
e35292fe5eafbdd12f9d10766ad93c6a9575277cNicholas Nethercote — Bug 917489 - Fix an observer leak in about:memory. r=mccr8, a=lsblakk
59532fdbd8f508c56a73e2b1a762a4bc672c78aeSebastian Hengst — Bug 919188 - help.intro in app-manager.dtd should use 'i.e.', not 'i.e' (dot is missing). r=dao, a=lsblakk
e0353f4ef66296c06440b980f87007cab1da75aeKartikaya Gupta — Bug 921477 - Fix typo causing certificate usage failure. rs=wesj, a=akeybl
f7271bceffa15e053bdd8803a3182013f68390aaBrian Nicholson — Bug 917538 - Fix Fennec Restarter flags and remove System.exit(0). r=blassey, a=akeybl
f75dbfe92bcc1a2ddcf37f5e236795bf2f5e96d1Robert Longson — Bug 919900 - Correct bounding box calculations for empty text elements with svg.text.css-frames.enabled. r=heycam, a=akeybl
d9f5ddccb15ebfbe2ff6fb3225ea07c4c406db95Drew Willcoxon — Bug 874847 - Fix intermittent failure in browser_lastAccessedTab.js by including some fudge in the comparison. r=ttaubert, a=test-only
891eaf3a213e096f86bc2c49602f3d1aee8b6185Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 918372 - Use RAII and JNI Frames for when we cannot attach+detach the JVM. r=blassey a=lsblakk
bc7b5e1c60a2543f79e415fb6a77eb108a69b8ceGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 918372 - Allow debugging early Android WebRTC functionality. r=blassey a=lsblakk
c8abbbef2a6785e10bbba79f0a9e36b7f49734daGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 918372 - Allocate a single GlobalRef for the Android Context. r=blassey a=lsblakk
af8bc8ef89c49c8dd30b7360d2271757e7f37e35Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 918372 - Add some debugging assertions for Android WebRTC. r=blassey a=lsblakk
48faa2668dd8e3340237d01518249d4f5b288f4bBrian R. Bondy — Bug 911158 - Removal of URL Protocol from FirefoxURL causes problems for some users. r=rstrong. a=lsblakk
079df240029a8a9383348b2cff64d67635e812eeJ. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 918588 - Properly support off after once with EventEmitter. r=paul a=lsblakk
e3ca1451d061df04b8aad7a077e643d8f822a604Alexandre Poirot — Bug 920092 - ensure printing human readable error message on app install error r=paul a=lsblakk
bef0f42eeadae38e1dbcdaf7c475d3a1b99807b9Alexandre Poirot — Bug 918383 - Fix app debugging when connecting to a simulator app that isn't installed yet. r=paul a=lsblakk
a02ef3b1129fc75d050a4e90a992fe7ee64bef35Paul Rouget — Bug 918004 - B2G: Can't see remote stylesheets in Style Editor. r=ehsan a=lsblakk
8551e8776edee061011ade05b11d61419056af01J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 920337 - Use promise to ensure we don't miss project load. r=paul a=lsblakk
446c4bbfa38fadb29be5f862dec72a281207d4ccPaul Rouget — Bug 920495 - don't scrollIntoView when the basic inspector is used. r=mratcliffe a=lsblakk
673782b4bb7a3741651b37afb6c7fdd142f17b4bJ. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 919681 - Remove duplicate simulator connected handlers. r=ochameau a=lsblakk
bb3cf62469e64e5175861248958364cd1490bbd1Tim Taubert — Bug 897095 - Don't call restoreHistory() for closed windows; r=smacleod a=lsblakk
32699185be1221944da72ef77b2943b667ad098effxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-ec2-428 - a=hsts-update
902a03993618c8fdccf068256e43c33a2e818e0affxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ec2-338 - a=blocklist-update
af05b2a644b80b3418aa871a569820b66eb107d3Brian Smith — Bug 920248: Temporarily disable TLS false start, r=keeler, r=wtc, a=akeybl
9b885e13dfe75622aa7345f20b0fc822b1bc30faJared Wein — Bug 920803 - Blocked plug-in click-to-activate doorhanger is too narrow for some locales. r=dao a=lsblakk
f963196e00622981356668eb660b9f74c524a52fRichard Newman — Bug 916316 - Speed up FHR date formatting. r=mcomella, a=lsblakk
8e61e0ea0c30ceeeee4dff2cc36985bcd990c532Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 921071 - Add in-tree configs for B2G emulator-ics. r=aki, a=NPOTB
2c4b019897b6cd0515ebb10b1be151315ac39afdJan Jongboom — Bug 916740 - Expose Keyboard.jsm to shell.js. r=kchen, a=koi+
ad676365b814cbabe3353163687fe41034b22f67Blake Kaplan — Bug 916404. r=mccr8, a=abillings
a684bd944d90a0a2a0368f197a42c8de98fb2113Olli Pettay — Bug 916685 - No need to store empty event handlers. r=bz, a=abillings
e6486528e9382d53efd42a31dce9a2c40164b234Chris Pearce — Bug 916836 - Handle jumps off the end of the buffer in MP3FrameParser. r=padenot a=akeybl
7eebf2d654297ced6b72750be1b1848e21f829c5Christian Holler — Bug 917242 - Symbolize ASan traces in automation. r=ted, a=akeybl.
06f04002d3fdd48c4310e97e68ad5fd72735e6b7Ben Hearsum — bug 803531: renew authenticode certificates in september 2013 - update authenticode issuer in tree. r=rstrong, a=lsblakk
00c23047048ab2b201d8bd7081910f1412971e6fKan-Ru Chen (???) — Bug 914541 - Assign higher priority for mozapptype=inputmethod. r=fabrice, a=koi+
6b26687b1b1ed7c3d080721acfb2cdf0bd70bab3Ed Morley — Bug 895390 - Disable browser_privatebrowsing_cache.js for too many intermittent failures. a=test-only
c45984eabb6e7f5caf23580c621609c2231e673bGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
caa6b17647c5c0369f3a48cdad6aa7db7b508a4cBenoit Jacob — Bug 914823 - Reorder the ScreenBuffer teardown so that the SurfaceFactory is destroyed last - r=jgilbert, a=koi+
cd4ec57115ab42eff704295e3558ee8a9eebfa1eRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 915961 - Fix bad path. a=test-only
2cc042cdf1d64712e3aa9c61f7ce508353c5b4a3Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 907908 - Mark 776265-1a.html as random-if on Android 2.2 for too many intermittent failures. a=test-only
f118e296f4e9305102bb3eccd1b889340522c1f2Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 907905 - Mark 647192-1.html as random-if on Android 2.2 for too many intermittent failures. a=test-only
1e2f35a9c027b16448a310d430dc18b9d7a5a749Ed Morley — Bug 907903 - Mark 759036-2.html as random-if on Android 2.2 for too many intermittent failures. a=test-only
257a2950268554532df2610b90b960bc570773d7Ed Morley — Bug 907899 - Mark 759036-1.html as random-if on Android 2.2 for too many intermittent failures. a=test-only
56e145d04df12f7d5947e0f00c0bd0729de55d1bFernando Rodriguez Sela — Bug 908098 - Randomize UDP listening port. r=nsm, a=koi+
d2cf008c007ecd50cbdb8b043ff07b2eb8a64054Boris Zbarsky — Bug 904202 - Make sure we remove our nsContentLists from list caches during unlink. r=smaug, a=lsblakk
8b631dd9c02a26a1cce9c7d7966869c6526cc1e1Benoit Jacob — Bug 900020 - Renew the surface when we hit an incomplete default framebuffer in the compositor. r=nrc, a=lsblakk
14f03ae49fbc03bbd2fe14ef7a083eb10a116835Mark Finkle — Bug 906039 - 'New Guest Session' doesn't deserve a toplevel menu item. r=bnicholson, a=lsblakk
30c00918c184e092d65fc9c3efa69d0e3cf0e912Dão Gottwald — Bug 919030 - Status panel should track the mouse position over the content area, not across the whole window width (e.g. it shouldn't move when moving the mouse over the bottom of the bookmarks or history sidebar). r=mdeboer, a=lsblakk
4baf5c9bfeeba82726a8bb839738dee5d69fb3ccGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 902431 - Don't clean up references to global Android WebRTC objects. r=blassey, a=lsblakk
276c9c1c8e16adb51bd8e252f8ec2e263a940185Brian Nicholson — Bug 919207 - Remove thumbnail from share intent. r=mfinkle, a=bajaj
d2c10408cf819fb2b9f32b471a0036f090d10887Brian Nicholson — Bug 890392 - Include page thumbnail when sharing. r=mfinkle, a=bajaj
156b17634a9d1d55a1fa69bab6ea0707891f157bBrian Nicholson — Bug 890392 - Replace the page title when sharing. r=sriram, a=bajaj
cc7e304e596d806e19e7942440ad84c95ba9bf58Mark Hammond — Bug 915961 - browser_save_link-perwindowpb.js now checks the observer is for the URL being tested. r=mmc, a=test-only
21eb441fa7900f39a14dabeef3108e7330de8261Ed Morley — Bug 874429 - Disable test_form_autocomplete.html for too many intermittent failures. a=test-only
b357c5acdc06eb48cae247e54af1625a5c13739bGene Lian — Bug 917167 - [Buri][T-mobile 51612][MMS] The device cannot send MMS. r=vicamo, r=ctai, r=Guoqiang.CHEN, a=leo+
9569d4d10cec8947f532fcb4be6a219302390bf7Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
997e9a86b388e7325f83486d062adfa02e65ac50Michael Wu — Bug 914776 - Fix touch event coordinates when rotated. r=m1, a=koi+
fd7036a63e64d9a713154afe4c4783f851a494b7Bobby Holley — Bug 912379 - Unwrap before translating StopIteration. r=mrbkap, a=lsblakk
d5921452f1617de6c3902792ccd1fe631111de11Kyle Huey — Bug 914014 - Use WrapObject to wrap nsIExceptions rather than manual XPConnect gunk. r=bz, a=lsblakk
17069a4903198f936227c7889862c731772953e2Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 892214 - Rename DOMConstructors to GlobalProperties in SandboxOptions. r=bholley. r=mossop, a=lsblakk
d08fd5abd6a2eded968b580a2190fc64cbf0f276Brian Hackett — Bug 903802 - Give a singleton type to the global scope polluter proxy. r=jandem, a=lsblakk
2f3a72f707c9ee4374388b69923f5e4cd4d1a5cbJeff Gilbert — Bug 890432 - Limit expression complexity on Mac+NV. r=bjacob, a=lsblakk
ba33700519a933b4eded6644f97374f10fee7573Shane Caraveo — Bug 914926 - Fix workers on startup when social disabled. r=markh, a=lsblakk
8de120cd08dc3f9784a63eb008d8d37c75e368c8David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 914005 - Tweak storage warnings on shutdown. r=mak, a=lsblakk
8739bac221a5d441fa6b04ecea543650a84946a5Margaret Leibovic — Bug 905262 - Create a JS add-on API for adding content to the promotional banner. r=wesj, a=lsblakk
bd33971cc395946b127cde8c7923884c5b921f42Lucas Rocha — Bug 905685 - Clear favicon until the new image finishes loading in TwoLinePageRow. r=sriram, a=lsblakk
3fde1bdc6d01658db541466d83ca3888d4fcd682Lucas Rocha — Bug 905685 - Don't try to load favicons from cursor in TwoLinePageRow. r=sriram, a=lsblakk
59d9eff1d3ed3a8f4168f277e6a46f2a261773c9Lucas Rocha — Bug 905685 - Implement incremental favicon loading in about:home. r=sriram, a=lsblakk
fa50f923db953d4ac52a79c1ce08c071feac2df3David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 914581 - [Session Restore] Plug into AsyncShutdown. r=ttaubert, a=lsblakk
9c9acece841f8b31475e4dad524608fec53086bbVictor Porof — Bug 916747 - Request longer timeout for browser_dbg_breakpoints-contextmenu.js. a=test-only
1c81ce75a9b5feecabe76d9411a6aeab95c6d3a9Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
4b833aca87d4d6e34d3470f56f8e70722a57affcRalph Giles — Bug 865256 - Part 4: Implement custom waveforms. r=ehsan,padenot; a=lsblakk
da050f22d76a4e437c9d3940ce623902c66069e3Ralph Giles — Bug 865256 - Part 3d: Port blink's PeriodicWave to gecko. r=ehsan, a=lsblakk
856ffe6736695cecc8d318a1a4cd996c1831582cRalph Giles — Bug 865256 - Part 3c: Import blink's PeriodicWave. r=ehsan, a=lsblakk
54540fd082e3fae0a3a7f68832beaca7bea04095Ralph Giles — Bug 865256 - Part 3b: Add a complex->real ifft to FFTBlock. r=ehsan, a=lsblakk
e543dc7ed4a89d66b5432148b26ca2ce86f98531Ralph Giles — Bug 865256 - Part 3a: Add AudioBufferPeakValue utility. r=ehsan, a=lsblakk
fb764e648a8f059c4fe312ed01af50cff1bd600dGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
7fd3ecd37910eb7e43e9d4a36cea4d8ec53c81a4Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
e9608604afb8d011bc4acbb739d8c53e46da4241Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=gaia-bump
227ace83cdbd98ef1c8523aa50a0d2e8ed8ccf93Yuan Xulei — Bug 905573 - Add setInputMethodActive to browser elements to allow gaia system set the active IME app. r=fabrice, a=koi+
4cb0a48b757422c7ebdbebe208b52dd0e0cfb9d0Sotaro Ikeda — Bug 918839 - Extend ThebesLayerBuffer's height to more than 32. r=jmuizelaar, a=koi+
a59d0e8196a05f54c876ed3def373108a53e5d57Jim Chen — Bug 917965 - Don't apply or save invalid updates. r=fabrice, a=koi+
034e248039f617b0c5935550196e80b17810069dPaolo Amadini — Bug 911474 - Fix intermittent test_DownloadIntegration.js failure. r=enn, a=test-only
43e20177618b69e4555fa48f63a17f3176f8ce6bChristian Holler — Bug 915384 - Use a longer timeout for browser_thumbnails_background. r=markh, a=test-only
d9e7ac9084be3953cd1bd048e8ef62ced40a2066Christian Holler — Bug 919438 - Disable thumbnails test in non-crashreporter builds. r=markh, a=test-only
67bfd1bd311554b7669fa776a61f0a40df14bf49Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=NPOTB
12802f082fff3ca1339441b31fe2082f9fab553aGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=NPOTB
b34384409be65f44124e43d50bc999f1d022136aGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 8 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=NPOTB
e5c91b47542de0eff3c60f7fd3c5fc40ab6f1becPaul Adenot — Bug 916773 - Initialize mLatency in SharedBuffer's constructor. r=ehsan, a=akeybl
a242430fb69a69a1a83a20a45a83e9096574ebecPaul Adenot — Bug 881959 - Handle self-connection. r=ehsan, a=akeybl
f6cb1041ec9591f725809c4da6cb74dd5afa64a5Paul Adenot — Bug 881959 - Clamp the DelayNode.delayTime to 128/AudioContext.sampleRate when in a cycle. r=ehsan, a=akeybl
8ee7e9982dc42121f754597a0a649589abc9faccPaul Adenot — Bug 881959 - Tests for cycles in WebAudio graphs. r=ehsan, a=akeybl
f9d9a5720f13825cd7fec5ae1a303e8ccdad4210Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 881959 - Tell the MediaStreamGraph when changes to the graph occur. r=roc, a=akeybl
367b18c23eb2cd963e7c93d4ae03c258be5bc53dPaul Adenot — Bug 881959 - Mute WebAudio nodes that are part of a cycle that contains no DelayNode, and make cycles work. r=ehsan, a=akeybl
a38cdd7084aed9fd8ad3b040b4cc2dac645bb402Karl Tomlinson — Bug 917260 - Null check mDestination in AudioContext::Shutdown(). r=ehsan, a=akeybl
9e39424ba481e41dee808ecc94aa9f5d335eace7Paul Adenot — Bug 917260 - Nullcheck Destination() in AudioContext::DestinationStream. r=ehsan, a=akeybl
809e28f021c145a801e5c5ca0886ec17a90f327dPaul Adenot — Bug 908669 - Use band-limited impulse trains (BLIT) for OscillatorNode. r=rillian, a=akeybl
c9cd3bec15fe314ff2929d60b76f389822aaa4edKarl Tomlinson — Bug 910171 - Register tail references with the AudioContext so they can be removed when the rendering is complete. r=ehsan, a=akeybl
2350d1dd113370c7d25c67f6904d1578f04e2e18Karl Tomlinson — Bug 910171 - Add a general means to keep active nodes alive from the AudioContext. r=ehsan, a=akeybl
5e11a411141e3cc8314e8a8b102af1e543c61c16Botond Ballo — Bug 898478 - Have AsyncPanZoomControllers pass overscroll caused by panning on to their parents. r=kats, a=koi+
8977ee4184dcc3e9dc22a8f2610272b3bd1f1f55Botond Ballo — Bug 898478 - Have AsyncPanZoomController keep a pointer to the APZCTreeManager. r=kats, a=koi+
e9e0d1bf1425f75629752c84b76ba5c1c29ecb55Brad Lassey — Bug 918645 - Rash in java.lang.SecurityException: WifiService: Neither user 10061 nor current process has android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE. at android.os.Parcel.readException( r=mcmanus, a=akeybl
5a81435e6cc7ba54a1d648c981ef7e63bc485a65Olli Pettay — Bug 918223 - Make sure to save persdict.dat. r=ehsan, a=akeybl
c01876298cb0d5565bd502c2655c66b973530e96Marco Castelluccio — Bug 859631 - Move test_uninstall_errors to dom/apps and avoid UI confirmation. r=fabrice, a=test-only
51cf3d1d796826459f1c80e819e2cc7927e8549bShane Caraveo — Bug 904104 - Fix window.close usage from chat and social panels. r=felipc, a=akeybl
8de790b4863acaca0f8012bea80c11049e40c544Brian Nicholson — Bug 896281 - Part 2: Remove Sync pref for guest session. r=wesj, a=akeybl
2ac0639bf26733ded42f0ef6765a9613f81bb776Brian Nicholson — Bug 896281 - Part 1: Disable synced tab for guest session. r=sriram, a=akeybl
0efe81875158f82c3ac2c23e5ab21a7e59764f32Kai Engert — Bug 917391 - Update Mozilla 25 to use NSPR 4.10.1 RTM, r=wtc, a=akeybl
cf30adef42d3bbea82b931a841dae1c05ec39e41Boris Zbarsky — Bug 918450 - Back out the fix for bug 911333, since trace hooks are in fact used in workers. r=khuey, a=abillings
7e17d8af3ce309dd034575a2f3dbfe69896f6024Mihai Sucan — Bug 918210 - Fix for intermittent browser_webconsole_bug_613642_maintain_scroll.js | Test timed out. a=test-only
07a29b018edcdce7b9135cd4e17cf9ddd88ab260Mark Banner — Bug 916026 Set the expected plugin state at the start of the test to avoid issues with different apps having different preferences set. r=dkeeler,a=test-only
63a505ec015c3c842ac4474a42474d918325f130ffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-ec2-032 - a=hsts-update
00c473108a23b76a783f34f2f1f06125285fa21dffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ec2-132 - a=blocklist-update
20fe34362674e41e7fef8ec4a0766cc0b6e2cf0bMike de Boer — Bug 914180 - Backout moving findbar to the top. r=dao, a=gavin
6390b48034566c438d5f733cc38d3a8bb2bd7b42Jim Chen — Bug 916205 - Add and package UA override list. r=fabrice, r=glandium, a=koi+
955c13b47bc53ff7d3352e00e7b89556a003d550Mihai Sucan — Bug 908878 - Fix for intermittent browser_webconsole_bug_595350_multiple_windows_and_tabs.js | Timed out while waiting for: 4 web consoles {opened|closed}. a=test-only
9d3e90597a773ce2af08de37c1d807b58c4af35bNeil Deakin — Bug 621399 - Disable some more of the test on windows 8. a=test-only
bae0da42633b2698ab13bbc749187482e0910d73Ed Morley — Bug 917817 - Make several more python test harness failure modes TBPL parsable. r=jmaher, a=NPOTB
0ff4dcd55258297515f5e447c426e00a9a3c921bSam Foster — Bug 903866 - Ensure the appbar and url input field start life as visible. r=mbrubeck a=bajaj
297e85ecf6a21b5acc654dcdfc6eb769a1998535Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 10 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=NPOTB
cfea8a18f1777f631ce8eccdb48983d4629cee1eBen Hearsum — bug 803531: renew authenticode certificates in september 2013 - update hotfix fingerprints. r=mossop, a=lsblakk
ffc70004474ce38b1a6aec7a6298df20560fcf46Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 909525 - Prevent the scroll offset being picked up from the wrong element in some cases. r=botond, r=tn, a=koi+
274c79cdb75924867ae830939bf8d6745c46ec1bJW Wang — Bug 894249 - Add ability to associate video with a channel so that it can interrupt the background content channel. r=mchen, r=kinetik, r=bent, a=leo+
46b216260c1d76ec715a3652f4da20b5dccc22a3Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=NPOTB
0f3e5fbcc0bf65517ad361c6122491dab9ddff44Chris Kitching — Bug 916588 - Show default favicon when we bail in FaviconView.formatImage. r=margaret, a=lsblakk
eb106e9876fdef97be287163ffe8d63dc6d1d53ePaul Rouget — Bug 916166 - [app manager] Disable the network monitor. r=ochameau, a=lsblakk
ef734225adc863ff2611e025adc56463805ef42bJ. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 915372 - Clean up inspector front and actor when reusing connection. r=paul, a=lsblakk
c464b1da13508bcfad54ae3cde28771ed9fa06cePaul Rouget — Bug 913722 - Last project remains displayed after deleting. r=ochameau, a=lsblakk
51a7fba55698665f661185800de9c84b139518dfLucas Rocha — Bug 910191/913402 - Don't use OnPreDrawObserver on pre-HC devices. r=sriram, a=lsblakk
89e6cb534865247c1af77f61066e77cb30ba537cEKR — Bug 917619 - Fix setup direction when a=setup is missing. r=ehugg, a=lsblakk
c638f5733b14ea68874ec2c1ea714110499eb928Eitan Isaacson — Bug 917399 - Use settings API for enabling/disabling AccessFu. r=yzen, a=lsblakk
c1bfb0a8c0a5cf7a39bfcb91ab43058dd883496fNicholas Nethercote — Bug 917646 - Unbreak reading of old memory report files. r=khuey, a=lsblakk
e94c5d22c44e462f1e9351a9a420593081552c83Brian Grinstead — Bug 915910 - [markup view] UI updates following refactor in Bug 855523. r=miker, a=lsblakk
df382c3067170d16142ed37196c98ffd2edc2c6bJonathan Kew — Bug 838105 - Don't rely on key lookup to remove items from the user font cache, as the principal could have changed. r=jdaggett, a=lsblakk
960b18afe35342ba030956d026197b2384f934fcAlexandre Poirot — Bug 917365 - Fix an exception when starting a simulator. r=paul, a=lsblakk
fc8be763d914070abc21d0be4f606ba1da0b2534Sotaro Ikeda — Bug 916264 - Delete texture to unbound from texture. r=nical, a=koi+
f9163b5efff8426f22572a4935b388c5917cb40fBobby Holley — Bug 914939 - Don't assert against OOM in XPCWrappedJS QI hooks. r=gabor, a=lsblakk
c64b37f395e2f67588db757368146dcf0cf12ca7Brian R. Bondy — Bug 916233 - External links in Metro should open in Metro. r=jimm, a=lsblakk
8422f9e7e1c98cf65c7452e417b7bc3917b90128Brendan Dahl — Bug 915993 - Revert pdf.js string change. r=flod
330b68ae15832f0b1b2f97802404f68f32ffd95bGavin Sharp — Bug 918107 followup: disable tests that don't like the temporary hack, a=bustage
7822b300adf405df38b5b72edfa504dc63e0d782Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=NPOTB
d122cdd8d0f686e283957ed8482a13fe9d709205Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=NPOTB
41979bbdb1517e0e53f536808f2633fb116405baGavin Sharp — Bug 918107: show a whatsnew page for updates to Aurora on Win8, r=jaws/mbrubeck, a=bajaj
dfd9d8839b38704328d787bd65396b40e1e5b78fJim Mathies — Bug 915771 - Pref off async zoom on aurora in metrofx. r=me, a=lsblakk
a32fcd93d0b2d44622e0f1b690ffb7ee61ded8d3Paolo Amadini — Bug 906620 - Implement the taskbar indicator for downloads. r=enn a=gavin
04a42db395f2eb54c31e19731990518ce61bfd59Benoit Jacob — Bug 916714 - Fix a faulty assertion in TextureHost. r=jrmuizel, a=lsblakk
1eee5e8e71332d8098912164ee635952de45d525Alexandre Poirot — Bug 916237 - Enable inspector actor in b2g parent process. r=paul, a=lsblakk
6dedfabac6906f06e27deab9b0abb6465fedd455J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 914403 - Part 3: Clear selection on remote inspector destuction. r=paul, a=lsblakk
a72a845b6892e034c089df25d90430f2404847e7J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 914403 - Part 2: Convert basic highlighter test to Task.jsm. r=paul, a=lsblakk
b7c012b45bf6cb702c2e479a7806dd3ee246acf2J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 914403 - Part 1: Fix explicit selection removal with remote highlighter. r=paul, a=lsblakk
cd61e189b895193d1cacd235b150825f84559cc5Douglas Crosher — Bug 916755 - visitClampVToUint8 creates unused oolTruncateDouble code and does not bind a return label. r=shu, a=lsblakk
23db27f2be5b8110f2f000fc6a68d15a0825abf9Douglas Crosher — Bug 916413 - Odinmonkey: Disable attempts to hoist bounds checks when compiling asm.js code as it is not applicable. r=luke, a=lsblakk
65f593f311f8a5935ae155ba794bf7721d844ad3Douglas Crosher — Bug 911254 - Odinmonkey: Support a wider range of heap lengths rather than just powers of two. r=luke, a=lsblakk
9c001497df0f17b4b1471e8500121fccb95870dcAndrea Marchesini — Bug 917254 - Only enable MessageEvent.ports when MessagePort is enabled. r=smaug, a=lsblakk
f01213f71771c86ba673ea9d45a026dea643bde1Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 916662 - Fix failed assertions and correctness errors on ARM. r=shu, a=lsblakk
10c8613564e30a87a54b15e4cc7f060f505c94aeBrad Lassey — Bug 918378 - Restrict WiFi permissions to nightly and aurora. r=mfinkle, a=akeybl
e1bed78a75d62bf65d30e6309fadf960a3a4e04fBobby Holley — Bug 874502 - Part 6: Remove IsCallerChrome path for tearing down windows synchronously. r=bzbarsky, a=lsblakk
37bb3ce8167c0cf794d71ca9de5f6d76d9d03b66Bobby Holley — Bug 874502 - Part 5: Fix JP test-windows to handle on{activate,deactivate} after close(). r=mossop, a=lsblakk
78eabb4925da9820940adb3cc92fcc1a7ab7c767Bobby Holley — Bug 874502 - Part 4: Fix private browsing tests to not assume synchronous window closing. r=jdm, a=lsblakk
13307bc59a22b6de965bbf565cbf2da4128cedbbBobby Holley — Bug 874502 - Part 3: Fix a11y tests to not assume synchronous window closing. r=tbsaunde, a=lsblakk
d56994dcad2cd40d633e0b2b652d9fa75850e129Bobby Holley — Bug 874502 - Part 2: Fix addon sdk to not assume synchronous closing of windows. r=mossop, a=lsblakk
73a6fb82f2a8e68405cc85d13630b15e7d59af72Boris Zbarsky — Bug 874502 - Part 1: Fix browser-chrome tests to not assume synchronous closing of windows. r=dolske, a=lsblakk
3a26eee37c0dd4ace73dbf6ed224b616d421e14eMargaret Leibovic — Bug 906041 - Part 2: Dismiss editing mode if the user is loading a URL from an external app. r=lucasr, a=lsblakk
de6a9e7523313c5a33495b4013e4a834639efb52Margaret Leibovic — Bug 906041 - Part 1: Don't change the visibility of the home pager if we're in editing mode. r=lucasr, a=lsblakk
290e1e44e8b3b34bb206f7c69861780a24df393fBrian Hackett — Bug 916753, Bug 916531, Bug 916504 - Fix various deadlocks. r=billm, r=jandem, a=lsblakk
59170fb446848fe76b45a6d408c46e3d6d5eb6a3Tom Schuster — Bug 916534 - Test for find highlight should work in subframes. r=mikdeboer, a=test-only
0129db608054cd541c4bb1ab0e301dc17a26a1d7Tom Schuster — Bug 916534 - Find Highlight should work in subframes. r=mikdeboer, a=lsblakk
35e3080191c99fca5a660607d2e3d9ad09d8c960Tom Schuster — Bug 916864 - When blurring the findbar, remove the selections and don't focus content. r=mikedeboer, a=lsblakk
6743d9993e6794edb5ca24ce19a29cc0199d1e39Douglas Crosher — Bug 916539 - ARM: Integer multiplication by a constant negative power of two is incorrectly optimized to a shift operation. r=mjrosenb, a=lsblakk
ad33a1cc4aabd9978dab523acc9628053e36b8ffCameron McCormack — Bug 915439 - Use longer timeouts for test_value_computation.html and test_value_storage.html. r=bzbarsky, a=test-only
ddb56f039dc6fe2c2779cbb660ce7ee8d0d029a6Mark Hammond — Bug 914615 - Use http://mochi.test:8888 instead of to test same origin in social tests. r=gavin, a=test-only
c84479d3622355affd5b3e0b2a42336191b3896bVictor Porof — Bug 917498 - Make sure the correct source is shown after performing reloads in browser_dbg_breakpoints-disabled-reload.js. r=me, a=test-only
ccd7b83e62d004d752f00c2ab82c866a51d11969David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 916687 - Leaked directory detection, increasing test timeout. r=yoric, a=test-only
0b5e84aa74bddec054aa712758b3fb2bc265690bBill McCloskey — Bug 899697 - Try to silence spurious Windows jit-test failures. r=terrence, a=NPOTB
2a903a84368e61b8bdebfe1bbc7f69d68cf0c08dVictor Porof — Bug 917211 - Intermittent browser/devtools/debugger/test/browser_dbg_conditional-breakpoints-01.js | This test exceeded the timeout threshold. r=me, a=test-only
9635324eac4060fc08ceabfb58b7d202e66ac8dcVictor Porof — Bug 853003 - Clear the scrolling interval when cleaning up in browser_dbg_stack-03.js. r=me, a=test-only
c3cd681e553d44d30773b4a13078eac2f63cc85cNicholas Cameron — Bug 917576 - Disable failing crashtest for Cipc. r=bholley, a=test-only
ded6ef58e8a3530cfde0b443653b9240a9402d53Nicholas Cameron — Bug 917576 - Parse non-string pref values. r=ahal, a=NPOTB
70ca362429c598b1b6ca3892116046a0511f0f30Patrick Wang — Bug 912861 - Don't assert mActor when getting a remote blob in GetOrCreateActorForBlob(). r=khuey, a=koi+
583b22cae8d0e642b13957a0da0deaced47cc814Hsin-Yi Tsai — Bug 915638 - Part 2: Test case. r=vicamo, a=leo+
3610c586bd957d5ee7414d553de863415a9c0173Hsin-Yi Tsai — Bug 915638 - Part 1: B2G RIL: telephonyCallGroup.onstatechange isn't fired when a conference call is becoming empty. r=vicamo, a=koi+
19d3cfc6cb92258f8b3142324bd2ead77123205fBenoit Jacob — Bug 915869 - Let the GrallocBufferActor keep an _array_ of backrefs to TextureHosts referencing it. r=nical, a=koi+
9a3414b0640c51f21157970dbbe538248cb72881Benoit Jacob — Bug 915869 - Let the GrallocBufferActor inform its old TextureHost when it's switching to another TextureHost. r=jrmuizel, a=koi+
c8ad73df84fa3ba0698437ac1cbcd237c7ebb205Sotaro Ikeda — Bug 916220 - Fix encoder flag on ICS gonk. r=mikeh, a=koi+
30aa92ae05796c25d2204aab4da5a988a38685e6Jessica Jong — Bug 909688 - B2G RIL - Test cases for data loss. r=vicamo, a=leo+
cd1fef972e2d8ae6dfd1b7913b0829b3b47512fcJessica Jong — Bug 909688 - B2G RIL - handle data connection state changes properly. r=vicamo, a=leo+
2e560c5ce351909b0d39fa9c3b75481fb07301e5Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=NPOTB
8751c62f0a982a87e9aa75409094f459169c3f46L. David Baron — Bug 911786 part 3: Add an assertion to check that part 2 only changes things for position:sticky. r=dholbert approval-mozilla-aurora=debug-only
916b70165ece36c4d8514e2956306649cd2e3aa1L. David Baron — Bug 916751: Do not use nsIFrame::MovePositionBy from nsLineLayout. r=dholbert approval-mozilla-aurora=lsblakk
9d622582bd5249b4bf76c43421ef540ec70feba5L. David Baron — Bug 917021: We should not store the NormalPositionProperty on all frames, only relatively positioned ones. r=dholbert approval-mozilla-aurora=lsblakk
be02e65a456bbb624da98fc8febce5c6ee75ef2bGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=NPOTB
46038eb67f0c129244646e6cccc5e9931d26359fEitan Isaacson — Bug 904687 - Introduce Svox Pico speech synthesis service. r=smaug f=gps a=lsblakk
c5918944333487d3d5a215fc68a8866ace132962Neil Deakin — Bug 908256 - Stop downloads when suspending or going offline. r=paolo a=gavin
dcbf915db2452affa76796b9d3c65ae60c7add8ePaolo Amadini — Bug 910236 - The Downloads Panel shows one extra download for the number in "+ X other downloads". r=enn a=gavin
913d5bfbb13589ca0d38c3e4cd591b0d8c4f4769Paolo Amadini — Bug 899102 - nsExternalHelperAppService should notify when cancellation is complete. r=enn a=gavin
6c862ae466a55fee2fb71b3a51f554631b736b11Paolo Amadini — Bug 916433 - The task in the "tail.js" file of the Downloads API tests is not executed. r=felipe a=gavin
b63d1249e70cbbd3a4664485a1c7472b10b9e5caPaolo Amadini — Bug 916430 - General Downloads API review. r=enn a=gavin
8b7eff0e2906544c7cfadc9ebc63cb8c3d9eb08cPaolo Amadini — Bug 913110 - Add a combined summary of public and private downloads. r=enn a=gavin
3c6244bf768668a45c89c0c9d096c4f8877e94a9Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=NPOTB
87cef35acaf9eaa4ad767cbbd3e028dbce21ca39Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-1_2 revision(s) a=NPOTB
0322470077b79abdf3268d68155beab2a52bbe73Nicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 917360 - Fix more ParallelArray test bustage rs=test a=test-only
6f0f535a5eae6def63332925880d8ca52a3ec352Chris AtLee — Bug 913992 - [Tracking bug] automation support for B2G v1.2.0. r=rail,a=akeybl
39f7ace6f518bcbf3826f89581d9525022af8d93Nicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 917360 - Fix tests in case that BINARYDATA or PARALLELJS is not enabled r=nbp a=bustage/akeybl
f18f9c05e3df2184cec4ae5b828c59a4a96d2b8aEhsan Akhgari — Bug 917348 - Part 2: Use NS_ASSERT_OWNINGTHREAD instead of using _mOwningThread directly; r=bsmedberg a=myself
4d1892b38d9365f747d40d6537ce797be52453b1Ehsan Akhgari — The rest of the patch to bug 917348, a=me
3b28f561358cb98bcf050d24ebae9d44611666bbEhsan Akhgari — Bug 917348 - Make NS_IMPL_CYCLE_COLLECTING_AGGREGATED build on non-debug configurations; r=bsmedberg a=myself
9edd56e694b04ee239f54e434257bfe770dd0396Alex Keybl — Merging in l10n changes NO BUG CLOSED TREE ba=release IGNORE BROKEN CHANGESETS
170942a60077bfb6b4f34a0dbb8933981ddf8904Alex Keybl — Remove dtrace & instruments in mozconfigs on Aurora as per bug 748669 CLOSED TREE ba=release
c15429ccd9d80fbc420532f1523cda6fee9af789Alex Keybl — Merging in branding changes NO BUG CLOSED TREE ba=release
b1dab288af641a4617c007cfe40db5770370b017Alex Keybl — Merging in branding changes NO BUG CLOSED TREE ba=release
b801754576b73c86db27fc84297efdded7d639fcAlex Keybl — Merging in version bump NO BUG CLOSED TREE
2520866d58740851d862c7c59246a4e3f8b4a176Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out 2 debugging changesets (bug 916757) to avoid uplifting, now the failures have been identified; CLOSED TREE FIREFOX_AURORA_26_BASE
1d27c4c9871f357612afd79c452ffcde5cbeee69Phil Ringnalda — Merge m-i to a CLOSED TREE m-c
e50c18dc2122f55ed362675eee10d6a80bbce60dEdwin Flores — Bug 899420 - Disable accidentally enabled Android x86 media tests on a CLOSED TREE r=bustage
ef0f3d62cbb22c11ede41df23149681c31c0523bRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 4d44bc8da75c (bug 913110)
1fbc1a15e4bb68bedf93e4ffbbff608f0e3e364fRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 0d92b16a748b (bug 906620)
ee7366ad46984e40e3e716dc0b52055846776060Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset a04d4a573863 (bug 914435)
1c73bcaef990ebd6c89ee74af0c6de7fe21b6b61Phil Ringnalda — Backed out changeset 1d12266ddc4c (bug 914927)
d2280ea7c8ccd51b811d25e5a9d548f0ef94d798Phil Ringnalda — Backed out changeset acce93fb65a1 (bug 914926)
acce93fb65a1e38798a91a759abcca4161765e81Shane Caraveo — Bug 914926 - Fix workers on startup when social disabled. r=markh
e739e49b953c44dbe6722d7222e7c4b4e2313163Ryan VanderMeulen — Speculatively backout changeset 926d081e02d6 (bug 904104) for causing intermittent Windows XP debug mochitest-bc crashes.
a7d471ec56624270209bed016582875588ec4cb1Ryan VanderMeulen — Speculatively backout changeset bc8d1b9545c5 (bug 914926) on suspicion of causing intermittent Windows XP debug mochitest-bc crashes.
1713de7449902b4421becd15d584fa1cdc58dadeMatt Brubeck — Bug 916757 - More logging to find out more about the error (CLOSED TREE)
861e1c86d75902ab1149a6296c009e1a852bfc0dEhsan Akhgari — Debugging patch for bug 916757 to get some information about the case where the failure happens
2a4109a72ff7f2ec9b55551d835779dc97b1bc33Phil Ringnalda — Backed out 5 changesets (bug 904720, bug 915757, bug 902909) for b2g bustage
6a16ae20601751299bec39198a744a3afced8da3Irving Reid — Bug 911621 - Ensure that XPI and AddonRepository JSON is completely written before shutdown. r=Unfocused
26b48b6dbff4ca8d83b81307da0eea5e3663f41dBrian Hackett — Bug 906371 - Don't UnblockOnload when dealing with scripts parsed off thread until after they have executed.
2980ed8667f3fa8f65699d0c9644410aad3eb6e8Kyle Huey — Bug 902909: The third time is the charm. r=me
e56638da129b88e00bf25d15860cbde04d278fcdRobert O'Callahan — Bug 907048 - Skip colorlayer if other opacity layer just covers the colorlayer region, r=roc
17b85e9029dcfac06435072e2ed6c99b21da6a5dRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
8c6ea94c7a9ed512198860adf8dcab174bafac61Kyle Huey — Bug 902909: Followup to make it compile on clang. r=me
2cd9d6be6dc26d428776984a0932d084b770f93dKyle Huey — Bug 902909: Make some content-controlled allocations fallible in IndexedDB. r=sicking
c00c7a77c130de81e05f7e45936668475ebc43e0Kyle Huey — Bug 904720: Take a census of event targets and listeners. r=smaug,njn
e385645fb787a4666ecf79f45fe5bfb8a5034234Kyle Huey — Bug 915757: Split GetListenerManager into two functions for more const-correctness. r=smaug
39d11ad40510628e40e8f694c2d3d97563f1f910Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 916610 - Minimize the #includes in layout/style; r=roc
2f0e38f796101dd2d7ca173030b59e542e50bb89Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge b2g-inbound to m-c on a CLOSED TREE and DONTBUILD because it's just pushbot stuff.
aa45a878901e6cbc1a6cc2dbb4f89ae47dd87401Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
40d4a085c50cf0b65659ffb37e2ca7ea28a536c5Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
fd157bc89a51ff26a75d793546278a01ebb03deeGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
cf1ab22df2a9fd824cfef718ffad6de48a11103bGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
5af518fbf1fdb7532794262ece1bcb66c470a3c3Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
e7ae31f19a8e04dbeeb99ab315e3d15c785b7a88Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
a3331f45857b38fb43f5406ccac044ac5f65c055Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia-central revision(s)
623b26811b8a394719264b214ca215a9561e748bGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
daff2e132adcd01ef4848dd6cedfee06f12fd47fGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
91e742d4da185fd29498a800f502fab3b28c7eabGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
d6deb428359b7d80152d7453d162f5f8dd17239bGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia-central revision(s)
ee699bf4d15735fdcce08eae4aeb348df40166c0Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
f7510000dbd5798a6323307d870346f52110bdc7Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 3 gaia-central revision(s)
930160cca8e6bc0f8a985968560cf50b2cc2ee35Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge fx-team to m-c on a CLOSED TREE.
7b5b8819ac5675926ae82dea5dca8c815caf1b0eAlexandre Poirot — Bug 914594 - Fix Services.settings being undefined r=paul
b4368686595665c2b7b61ddb096676b68f3b41a0Paul Rouget — Bug 916698 - [app manager] 2 connect buttons. r=me
cb091c9fe504b7fedbf3b308780947aecd4145e4Dão Gottwald — Bug 914748 - Let openURL call openUILinkIn rather than browserDOMWindow.openURI, as the latter may do nothing and return null. r=felipe
3ec60fd59b9cc1ac952216e00e714175991c5e04Dão Gottwald — Bug 914748 - openURI and openURIInFrame should not throw exceptions in the OPEN_NEWTAB case when they didn't create a new browser. r=felipe
73c2063e2ab74785e2a6be7f0900a8f840b15117Alexandre Poirot — Bug 897969 - Support `origin` manifest property when pushing an app to the device r=fabrice
09b50d116090c847e3e9d1a9298d3cea8f9291f1Alexandre Poirot — Bug 912475 - Use promise for async install request instead of sending events. r=past
c63bb927cf786388fffb779032bbd0b00ce57199Alexandre Poirot — Bug 914604 - Convert webapps xpcshell test to mochitest-plain and cover app reinstall and redirects manifest property r=fabrice
dc909122bcf5465392a73e4440bea8a4780818e9Ed Morley — Backed out changeset acf80b86d630 (bug 904617) for compilation failures
320ad574006f38bc5b9a21d2d304168f7d48199eEd Morley — Backed out changeset 9cc6dd50c93a (bug 904617)
0e8ce62c84c2b3c1d09a0c022c12ccbce894cb69Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 81cee5ae7973 (bug 904617)
744da56423ba54ee5f4ba1ca8f8bbe4f099ddf23Ed Morley — Backed out changeset a317a2d59ed5 (bug 904617)
a317a2d59ed50b5868fa1014caeeac66b14eefefPaul Adenot — Bug 904617: Part 4 - Add windows wasapi latency entries for cubeb r=kinetik
81cee5ae79732d1ef7e18e1f189a9a26b2e7a015Paul Adenot — Bug 904617: Part 3 - Log latency, and adds a python script to understand the log r=padenot,jesup
9cc6dd50c93a3d520c8b28dcaae4ac782dbce9daPaul Adenot — Bug 904617: Part 2 - Expose Audio Stream Latency r=padenot,jesup
acf80b86d630f56ba13e47dac5c8e0e6c1c3c68fPaul Adenot — Bug 904617: Part 1 - Add a way to get cube latency r=kinetik
c4bcef90cef941654ebdd87dab7cf2c7b9bcc954Randell Jesup — Bug 882145: Mirror desktop UI changes for Android (bug 916609) r=jesup,jib
078d8f2908794d2beac53cc10d54e5ec3e23732bRandell Jesup — Bug 915705: reland changesets f6402ce2b67a and 5bdec1cb1428 r=bz
843ab845502889491f5b8da96c839a26d99d66e2Randell Jesup — Bug 882145: reland changesets bc4ee7cbd7bd and cf373e408a6b r=bz
7cb2b73c7d2525b870db3236f68205311532aadeRyan VanderMeulen — Merge b2g-inbound to m-c.
b9258a1e425910f457e040a30739e8952fb7e10bGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
faebb7418847d59f34bf9187ae18ba836b7f61fcRyan VanderMeulen — No bug - Add B2G fuzz to max-prop.html.
7ef136a2624793392f5c307cd2e09fdd1f8bc57fGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
90d1ee648304a32ba54bc83d312c3478b8bb893bGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
1b3bc11219b4c633ebe5371d527a710de285ac97Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
446911b3fda141b0f9068042eb204e8ad4dc7533Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
db175301a3fce32549fef0b2f278873f57c7fd84Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
9cf2be195a9a83a2179c4071c21f6443a7b602b7Georgia Wang — Bug 908075 - Part2: USER_ACTIVITY stk event xpcshell test. r=yoshi
288b2a3c063bf25f5ab66e85f4892fcb20e6b7a1Georgia Wang — Bug 908075 - Part1: "USER_ACTIVITY" event implement in RIL. r=yoshi
72c352e6ee3888de1bc3355be41f8afd993b4bcdYoshi Huang — Bug 915987 - Part 3: test case for r=vicamo
1a4154829e67c3a0a4286322a1b9d7595bb644f3allstars.chh — Bug 915987 - Part 2: Update recordId for USIM contact. r=vicamo
bb2c8956f37b4d93bc3fa48c82c6b0ea621e6590allstars.chh — Bug 915987 - Part 1: reuse r=vicamo
dd6495277f48da5a1e76550c44944d10c57e1289Yoshi Huang — Bug 915986 - Part 2: test case for pin2 is null. r=vicamo
aa19c3362c67bd44dd72cb1bca11557347157e53allstars.chh — Bug 915986 - Part 1: Check pin2 in RIL. r=vicamo
cb094f8a5e2696f915f47c1e2bfdcc8a5305ba5bRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to b2g-inbound.
95d5c7efbf9270c05c353d9caa01c16ab096877cMartijn Wargers — Bug 916158 - Remove spurious setIntPref. r=jmaher
c7d7ef2761271a063e83f1fc3a4e3c96b3b3b142Antonio M. Amaya — Bug 903291 - Part 2: Update newly created objects on childs with changes on parent. r=fabrice
5b79d1417556530d2dae0987311ad36292432161Carmen Jimenez — Bug 893800 - Unit tests for the Single Variant Apps. r=fabrice
a308c1857b9ecb432438816f2229e40d22b94da2Carmen Jimenez — Bug 893800 - Install single variant apps the first time a SIM is detected. r=fabrice
3e27a204c8502e4717d98f3bcf5f4eac2c937c0aMilan Sreckovic — Bug 916112 - Turn tiling back off. r=blassey
813902236d3a2021fe213f61fa01b18f5bdf3c33Marco Chen — Bug 823273 - Part 5: Music volume should be faded when notification sound is on going - Update tests. r=baku
39408bd9b8132f1681971c8a7421c935de51349eMarco Chen — Bug 823273 - Part 4: Music volume should be faded when notification sound is on going - FM Radio, Camera, Phone clients. r=rlin
583edf914fd7339c10c1e3d94eac2b4ecd3e745bMarco Chen — Bug 823273 - Part 3: Music volume should be faded when notification sound is on going - Media element. a=kinetik
7b4046fcaf530b4ad96a042e5e51ad2818ab093dMarco Chen — Bug 823273 - Part 2: Music volume should be faded when notification sound is on going - IPC changes. r=baku
fd8ca2b2cbdb91f3af8f77145076aaee04a86d4aMarco Chen — Bug 823273 - Part 1: Music volume should be faded when notification sound is on going - AudioChannel changes. r=baku
78d4dffa7b983d652a6b5d473c3f2eb7e4d08f5aRyan VanderMeulen — Merge inbound to m-c.
14a4dbb53c37aa571587b97f3848fb861cedf0bbNicholas Nethercote — Bug 916531 - Backed out changeset 47e05e8df03b (bug 915482, part 4) for causing hangs on Windows. r=me.
62c338adb0fb253b7a607b325d645a07a6958e13Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out 7 changesets (bug 902525) for B2G reftest failures.
4d39ed6fb69c6999deb3d536d593b189cd8c6638Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets f6402ce2b67a and 5bdec1cb1428 (bug 915705) because it depends on bug 882145, which was also backed out.
c833bcf12ad82572049af72beda94f91cdace473Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets bc4ee7cbd7bd and cf373e408a6b (bug 882145) for causing bug 916609. r=jsmith
557c33ea680da8d4657d4bd8e72cc4e64ee84e3fPhil Ringnalda — Bug 914919 followup followup, increase the assertion range for everyone
f6402ce2b67aa34879d365318ade3412beebc64dShih-Chiang Chien — Bug 915705 - Part 2: Add gUM request handler on FirefoxOS. r=jesup
5bdec1cb142883d4e61c3d9821e5e1644d1a5b15Shih-Chiang Chien — Bug 915705 - Part 1: Add audio-capture in PermissionTable.jsm. r=fabrice
bbca63772c832a859cfbc685c8c2537e17ce139eRik Cabanier — Bug 902525 - Part 7: Fix to turn off text anti-aliasing. r=roc
edb386989dbddf59ab2236d5995e55e104879916Rik Cabanier — Bug 902525 - Part 6: Some basic test files for HTML blending. r=roc
3137dadb4fcd0de4015e16e8dfef7f17de950b9bRik Cabanier — Bug 902525 - Part 5: Fixes for blending of HTML elements. r=roc
e562afcb3c895fc1139b553da6a8fcf885dd7b04Rik Cabanier — Bug 902525 - Part 4: First set of testfiles for SVG blending. r=roc
8ef3a516bd68078a5d4272c7fa2891125a142029Rik Cabanier — Bug 902525 - part 3: Create a layer for content that stores the blend mode. r=roc
520fcd4221504bedc00911e04d421c8cadd75041Rik Cabanier — Bug 902525 - Part 2: Create layers for isolated groups when blending is involved. r=roc
4e553e8da44ee2936e9b4586749c484aadd74004Rik Cabanier — Bug 902525 - Part 1: Layers changes. r=roc
41104c4a62ee0da726f0be3d895f16a17fc6a4bbBrian R. Bondy — Bug 877225 - Transition from snapped view shows stretched page for a moment. r=bas
72f8d310a7235e48d1a6656295cd1a72b5a30240Timothy Nikkel — Bug 915526. Take into account display port and scroll port clamping in image visibility. r=roc f=kats
d46ddeb2962728f154aaf6a679574d228b87ce16David Zbarsky — [Bug 914955] Fix build warnings in Moz2D r=bas
75196fdc7e21d61206312b3bfb3003bbb61c5250Tanvi Vyas — Bug 913710 - When a page has mixed active content blocked and mixed display content loaded, show the same site identity message as you would when a site just has mixed display content loaded.
6de097e252beb940ead8bdd0ac9aa4b31d70a61ePhil Ringnalda — Bug 914919 followup, increase the assertion range for Windows
e67dad88f86054c1d90adb48ce671177a3d6f119Corey Ford — Bug 914919 - Downgrade BaseRect::Set*Edge assertions to be non-fatal. r=dholbert
0d87616d0acf6600513ea6574d424711e30235c2Brian O'Keefe — Bug 865673 - Convert to objs.mozbuild. r=gps
dd8abf7ff87fcbd0f86bc2f57f802685bfdf6a4dDaniel Schattenkirchner — Bug 477462 - margin-collapsing test suite, wave 6; parent's and last-child's bottom margin with min-/max-/height. r=dholbert
1189b6cd74b9ed43ffa79f1751f6cb04ffd38bdeMihai Sucan — Bug 916601 - Remove Ctrl +/-/0 zooming shortcuts from web console; r=harth
91b7634a29d7a199894a60c05579c6688a975d69Paul Rouget — Bug 916597 - [app manager] Fix locales in help.xhtml. r=ochameau
5cfd1ce18d07928318e201174e568ee945513246Sunny — Bug 913060 - Pretty print should use devtools.editor.tabsize. r=fitzgen
e13b2b7c34a444a32889f1c52479e2cdabf19c17Phil Ringnalda — Back out 2bdc2ba16e56 (bug 856470) for making bug 910521 permaorange
de540bd0137ed19e612ae4f777f32216534ba70fMarco Castelluccio — Bug 914857 - Stop showing the progress if an error during the installation occurs. r=felipe
5b5ea858446092a3c753a32891dc311b9a120f94Girish Sharma — Bug 900418 - Inplace editor should not destroy itself when the focus is lost to the autocompletion popup, r=mratcliffe
ab2036982463841ac9153823c74e2e0a1e959208Girish Sharma — Bug 900430 - Tab complete and cycle through the completion suggestions in the markup view, r=mratcliffe
e50ef9cabb1f75103b4fdde8f3fa58abbfdc98acHeather Arthur — Bug 892268 - Zoom devtools with Ctrl/Cmd +/-/0; r=dcamp
2bdc2ba16e56b208e2e3c10782181585db58b024Justin Dolske — Bug 856470 - Password manager no longer requires initialization at startup. r=mfinkle
8a08b73e7616202f0b3f1471d5aa10fa2eb430ebRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to fx-team.
986c3e80530c24ee9d1fc64e3234db4418bc1fcfAlexandre Poirot — Bug 914633 - Implement SpecialPowers.loadChromeScript to easily add new chrome features without having to modify SpecialPowers. r=ted
dcfaf38904f789704f08a0e6fa827ef02da1b697Mihai Sucan — Bug 916329 - Use proper plural forms in messageRepeats.tooltip. r=robcee
69b30be06df3849ba17ea6699f9d6604015ef25fDave Camp — Bug 909121 - Inspector breaks when navigating backwards. r=bgrinstead
30e000af2b13dc60e1334ea7b7e652f7e2cfdf9eJonas Finnemann Jensen — Bug 902587 - Fix missing destructor in IOInterposer.cpp ifndef MOZ_ENABLE_PROFILER_SPS. r=aklotz
9366ee0396451492b3097fbb499b20fc5c63b82bRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 47a8380519cc (bug 916255) for tp timeouts.
1f7fddaf46fdbc196bb8a5f92a23dc9584755a6cRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
daa9550337abd1993711dd5d6056d9fb658aef2bTimothy Nikkel — Bug 847223. Part 10. Make the new code work when we have the image visibility analysis prefed off. r=mats
f2ff265af286887be976495d151fb8534afa9b07Timothy Nikkel — Bug 847223. Part 9. Try to avoid asking for a decode of an image whose network request finishes before painting is unsuppressed. r=joe,mats
412e57718425328be0adee851a5877c624e0ff11Timothy Nikkel — Bug 847223. Part 8. Use a bool to track if FrameCreate has been called. r=mats
8f08b1cb5fbad017c2a4d434de119869ce97134cTimothy Nikkel — Bug 847223. Part 7. Stop assuming all images are visible on frame create. r=mats
c6dcd4d77085928729299bdaf88373f2b973494fTimothy Nikkel — Bug 847223. Part 6. Use the first reflow of relevant image frames to add/remove them from the visible list. r=mats
f824604ba8dc9f7a125d718e0f04420d9183420bTimothy Nikkel — Bug 847223. Part 5. Make AssumeAllImagesVisible usuable outside of PresShell. r=mats
890f8c06d8aaabff2877ba0e80587319196719daTimothy Nikkel — Bug 847223. Part 4. Tweak the ExpandRect function to not expand in a direction that we cannot scroll. r=mats
15151e852274a7808332612ed7dc951f26f3c2c0Timothy Nikkel — Bug 847223. Part 3. Factor out the expand the scrollport code so we can use it on individual images later. r=mats
cdb5c593fa83e1482ac85b3942008023d1465a17Timothy Nikkel — Bug 847223. Part 2. Add a function to remove an image from the visible list. r=mats
5e6df5d3c9f7c53a1c52366e8965c455ff8221e0Timothy Nikkel — Bug 847223. Part 1. Use a hashtable instead of an array to store list of visible images on the presshell. r=mats
9afc5c57e4149e6303cfc87a2153983de897c856Timothy Nikkel — Bug 863658. Replace mozilla-banner image use in reftest for bug 28811 with a plain blue image. r=jmuizelaar
6a5d5e9c5fdd5176190b0c28defe016ab08ca347stefanh — Bug 916491 - Remove -moz-mac-alternateprimaryhighlight. r=mstange.
47a8380519cc481cba1160132f5d4d2b5419cf37Brian Hackett — Bug 916255 - Allow multiple in flight off thread parses at once for each script loader, r=bz.
014958e3c8c902365f99d51ec0a386778d0a603fMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 914182 - Hide Telephony API behind a pref except on B2G. r=vyang,khuey
1e577fe9355753a92aa854303ec99d9eea29d6a3David Zbarsky — Bug 915813: Remove nsIDOMUserProximityEvent r=smaug
c7b36d884c5b8b9ea7782a3831243cc4efb057b5David Zbarsky — Bug 915813: Convert DeviceLightEvent to webidl-only r=smaug
2b8f9312e064e49fc1aed4d31522503558651971Jonathan Kew — bug 871961 pt 4 - on xpcom-shutdown notification, release any SVG-glyphs documents held by fonts. r=roc
bd6256823ad622ff83607e84830178244fbffda7Jonathan Kew — bug 871961 pt 2 - add text-svgglyphs subdirectory to the master layout/reftests manifest. r=roc
765efd2602e8859966629a80f84fbf5067978664David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 913899 - An implementation of shutdown phases;r=froydnj,sr=bsmedberg
7b1b70e7efe078181bc7b1c6dd1bf6ef5aeac60aDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 913899 - Plugging OS.File to AsyncShutdown;r=froydnj
f9c7040dddba2fa56ba7665fba55d5c000be2e9aDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 913899 - Plugging OS.File to AsyncShutdown (tests);r=froydnj
bc4ee7cbd7bdc90069832d670ce55fc9e793edc5Jan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 882145: Implements gUM constraints. First constraint: facingMode. r=jesup
cf373e408a6b2ce0d05fadde2611140aee2ec624Jan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 882145: gUM constraints converted to webidl + gUMDevices() takes constraints. r=bz r=jesup
cc5d2c0c692e14c64fc565e3b1b8975160c702dbRandell Jesup — Bug 916426: Remove increment of SCTP port number when building SDP answers r=ehugg
59e20a5404363009dfe829ed4341ce4526dd2950Jonathan Watt — Bug 915794 - Remove the pref for <input type=range>. r=mounir
60ba9b28408c104e8270a711378a5243ac58f108Jonathan Watt — Bug 915758 - Split out <input type=number> to be behind its own pref. r=mounir
ae560f8f4c78aceb679f3496e733730a9b6e42e2Jonathan Watt — Bug 913292 - Make sure that nsIFrame::AttributeChanged is only called after any final changes that Element::AfterSetAttr may make. r=bz
655c83236aabcdf4de60e926031e6886842af974Jonathan Kew — bug 916048 - update text-svgglyphs reftests for font-specific unitsPerEm. r=roc
ad42e99b60f30b6abf479ee40e1dabdfbe480f57Jonathan Kew — bug 916048 - SVG-in-OpenType glyphs should use the font's unitsPerEm value. r=roc
0040a5dd7c62078676819070a7f38eb4488f051aJonathan Kew — bug 798843 followup - update property values in the default svg stylesheet. r=roc
e576ec4af14b3c5254fbcea3e404dda8afc47f42Makoto Kato — Bug 915973 - Need -FS option for parallel build on VS2013. r=ted
a43be719866ef0c25042a1893377f84c054dc7d3Shu-yu Guo — Bug 915495 - Support float32 optimization in typed array SetElem ICs. (r=bbouvier)
311794c74d453a15fcc761b3ad80c865f5b4317eJan Beich — Bug 916216 - Add missing platforms (NetBSD, DragonFly, GNU/kFreeBSD) support to webrtc from ipc/chromium (bugs 753046 & 901414) r=jesup
e66d28e87ce13c962040b5cc75304dc56c97ce9bWes Kocher — Backed out changeset 422937706171 (bug 915495)
4229377061715d21073aa2c2bd747b77f2295537Shu-yu Guo — Bug 915495 - Support float32 optimization in typed array SetElem ICs. (r=bbouvier)
853f3f44cb3bb8ff7290a266c5290272695982f2Wes Kocher — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 916257) for bustage
182cb77cc3e951b0b461800bac10813a0556a4a8Ted Mielczarek — bug 641829 - add a Quitter extension for r=jmaher
5dbc327401617a3569089f2d72585157232fb44bMasayuki Nakano — Bug 912956 part.1 Rename all event stuff in mozilla::widget to mozilla::* r=roc
aa691853d349c7c77f11eb0368ecae065ec5099bJeff Muizelaar — Bug 914195. Improve type safety in cairo_win32_surface_create_with_d3dsurface9. r=benwa
e068176c481409155464da7cf527e797beba2320Nathan Froyd — Bug 916257 - part 3 - write ALL_IPDLSRCS and CPPSRCS in one go; r=gps
e9a59bc50ffb2e0ae373d4d85c2865d92430d8faNathan Froyd — Bug 916257 - part 2 - separate out files-from-this-ipdl logic from writing CPPSRCS; r=gps
a8da12b9e73fda3af2310c029eaff65499630903Nathan Froyd — Bug 916257 - part 1 - convert writing to use mozbuild.makeutil; r=gps
59f890ddd95ffcae16973f5da097201620c0559bWes Kocher — Merge m-c to inbound
0f8456871319a88b833419b58728edd319be7d1eEdwin Flores — Bug 914479 - Pref on AudioToolbox MP3 backend on OSX r=cpearce
3a40aa00819eac5d25fd36d776df6a3230635291Edwin Flores — Bug 914479 - Improve MP3FrameParser duration estimation r=padenot
260b69b01dc1325bdb3d20e69adfcebce83075daEdwin Flores — Bug 914479 - AudioToolbox MP3 backend on OSX r=cpearce
21256dcd970928a210c51030fc084ba561b774e8Edwin Flores — Bug 914479 - Build changes for AudioToolbox MP3 backend on OSX r=khuey
baaf2a3e77231216fe25005d2116e4c91ff80d96Olli Pettay — Bug 916373 - Allow atomless JSEventHandlers, r=nsm
9700eb116b608f20cae2a856ce69ee0facaba780Tom Schuster — Bug 910436 - Electrolysis: Pass PBrowser to the PExternalHelperAppParent so that we can get a window for the download box. r=jdm
f2f92034bfb22f84ca3900e559159f0c8b0e2733Tom Schuster — Bug 666816 - Implement the new e10s message passing code for the findbar. r=felipe
574bc42c68c5474cb3495aeb56221d01bd49155bAndrew Quartey — Bug 897504 - Implement region API for Gecko. r=giles, khuey
dbb0d3946a928fc064e9c40b175b5215d098254eMatt Brubeck — Back out bug 916257 on a CLOSED TREE (DONTBUILD)
60933bd9e217412963eefbd075282f8da02515abNathan Froyd — Bug 916257 - part 3 - write ALL_IPDLSRCS and CPPSRCS in one go; r=gps
8dfc5c8b3c8bc355feb4294654d60d6e1265e399Nathan Froyd — Bug 916257 - part 2 - separate out files-from-this-ipdl logic from writing CPPSRCS; r=gps
046a32ac913187487516fa38f9c8a0c8001660beNathan Froyd — Bug 916257 - part 1 - convert writing to use mozbuild.makeutil; r=gps
180712bf3fbdc4e8fe35f6c33df3ef71f5b4ff3aJeff Walden — Bug 915805 - Refactor TryConvertFreeName to be more readable, and to not decide whether it can convert in one single huge |if|. r=jorendorff
64e01f43e027e03ab7b34eee201afce2d79fa258Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge fx-team to m-c.
e256831552b9cd199f51d7d5b60e71533f08972dChris Kitching — Bug 895423 - Use a FaviconView to display the icons for the customise search menu. r=liuche
2260a05fdb3588b6fcf082b99a288cc628175811Victor Porof — No Bug - Fix 'browser_dbg_variables-view-accessibility.js' for finding an unexpected focused item, r=me
bc8d1b9545c5516d4a11ef6953f25a5a4af7201fShane Caraveo — bug 914926 fix workers on startup when social disabled, r=markh
1d12266ddc4ca4ee0da3444b1689d281cfc1f402Shane Caraveo — bug 914927 change string for enable/disable social menuitem, r=felipc
926d081e02d64683215361ce72368def495d803dShane Caraveo — bug 904104 fix window.close usage from chat and social panels, r=felipc
a04d4a5738638f353756acb2bcede42f03db9fc4Shane Caraveo — bug 914435 fix toolbaritem handling of ambient frames, r=markh
f5b6ac16445bdd964f9cf5d088c4d965c4b5c139Paul Rouget — Bug 915740 - Integrate adb helper addon into the app manager (UI part). r=ochameau
fac8738604f562a3ba3ca5c8a961103783b2a137Alexandre Poirot — Bug 915226 - Merge all refresh/start/stop/debug buttons to two buttons called update and debug r=paul
feebbf7ef38eccd3f5a7c066849b036bbd3ff6f9Paul Rouget — Bug 912887 - [app manager] first run experience. r=ochameau
0d92b16a748b7ed3d97e3565955bab5a04a34ecaPaolo Amadini — Bug 906620 - Implement the taskbar indicator for downloads. r=enn
7ec66af65872aef0a91bf0ec307556e35a619b88Victor Porof — Bug 901271 - Add a test, r=fitzgen
851e60b68784f333003aa2754b6a6bcb98199e0eVictor Porof — Bug 901271 - Preserve disabled breakpoints and re-add them in the views after a target navigation, r=fitzgen
87860bf001242e030f97bd02eac5c98551a6a4c4Victor Porof — Bug 901271 - Fix breakpoint tests that were depending on the actor id being used as a node id, r=fitzgen
c5c140cca0cf6855079dccbb2717238b306adb94Victor Porof — Bug 901271 - Remove actor id dependencies from the debugger breakpoints view, r=fitzgen
4d44bc8da75c412dd2499cbee2df2969aff49f75Paolo Amadini — Bug 913110 - Add a combined summary of public and private downloads. r=enn
d60477f4cb2061b03c7cb98196fc895d83699597Victor Porof — Bug 916391 - Make testRemoveTab properly return a promise in browser_dbg_multiple-windows.js, r=me
37452cc13fa16d4d1360ec01cfe3cbeabaaf1d0eWes Kocher — Merge m-c to fx-team
c33d415d991ecd8b9bf948913926f5491c2641c9Adrian Tamas — Bug 907734 - Create the DataBaseHelper and StringHelper classes. r=margaret
1e43abeecacebce2079dcb8df3c4b3ac83017799Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge b2g-inbound to m-c.
e63b6d17fbfd966d2ad77c2d4cd8dbaf1efbf2e8Ben Tian — Bug 915628 - [Bluetooth] Define new log levels and add logs in profile controller, r=echou
13e8f5eb231e8d65c055aa9ce52727a3b176e3efWes Kocher — Merge m-c to b2g-inbound
fbe852fb2ef1ad89b376bbc2f575a5ca9dee1cdfMihnea Dobrescu-Balaur — Bug 912909 - Call setLD_LIBRARY_PATH in runtestsb2g. r=jgriffin
e026125d26387223cca1acd75cf11366cc3b5a55Vicamo Yang — Bug 912442 - Part 5 : fix test_ril_worker_sms.js. r=allstarts.chh
dac3d1df51cfaa87a8186073742f34229484639fVicamo Yang — Bug 912442 - Part 4: move buf specific contants into Buf itself. r=allstars.chh
d30b98249891db40f667fc9c39b87c41052363faEdgar Chen — Bug 912442 - Part 3: Remove m prefix from worker_buf.js and fix the tests. r=allstars.chh
bec7d3a9ad7ca2145907b9735573671ee787593eEdgar Chen — Bug 912442 - Part 2: Fix test_mms_pdu_helper.js. r=gene
76a80defebfa3bcabbaf3b9d720ea48f0d1e4ad7Edgar Chen — Bug 912442 - Part 1: Fix header_helper.js. r=vicamo
99c4c030f10000192ec0e0578ce8986765e6e7d5ffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-ec2-101 - a=hsts-update
81af7a75991debab12ecca41bf4fcf21a0d4d78bffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-centos6-hp-008 - a=blocklist-update
53d5e43e23cc12d8d2d48d191e4d0e7685000e3aWes Kocher — Merge inbound to m-c
da5496557024272d121e9e61d68bc5875bc5e142Boris Zbarsky — Bug 913855. Fix consumers of window mediator to be more consistent in their checking for closed windows. r=dolske
e16e1dae3315de70f3d42fbcff7db0789748d975Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out 6 changesets (bug 914826) for bustage.
a4a029c13179412562f4b770a200d069662bc394Nathan Froyd — Bug 914826 - part 6 - don't include basictypes.h or nscore.h in ipdl headers; r=ehsan
d16460fc05182bc4e4ac0f65211c3e5b9feb1b9fNathan Froyd — Bug 914826 - part 5 - provide for cpp-only include files, starting with nsIFile.h and GeckoProfiler.h; r=ehsan
b28cb0ae1853e4ebca6edacb6c1d8e65da117c38Nathan Froyd — Bug 914826 - part 4 - fix source files that were bootlegging XPCOM do_* functions via generated ipdl headers; r=ehsan
5b4ce1d4d09baabd2db6fc4da4a71cdadfbf6c21Nathan Froyd — Bug 914826 - part 3 - forward-declare nsIFile for GetMinidump() declaration; r=ehsan
58d96448609a9478904a17734e99b037facf60dbNathan Froyd — Bug 914826 - part 2 - rename builtinIncludes to builtinHeaderIncludes; r=ehsan
52b319afe96567de56f105171546120ebf51a578Nathan Froyd — Bug 914826 - part 1 - use static_assert instead of COMPILE_ASSERT in IPCMessageStart.h; r=ehsan
fb9df2cda8228d584750da40287bec61b9dd92afNathan Froyd — Bug 913640 - sprinkle MOZ_CONSTEXPR on gfx's typed units to reduce static constructors; r=kats
1193eb976c83dc635942742da192427e7bf096bdBoris Zbarsky — Bug 915368. Give dictionaries copy constructors and assignment operators when it's safe. r=khuey
64b97a7ea15be1c918195e5b3fba4c502bc479d6Mounir Lamouri — Bug 915551. Allow text-align styling on ::-moz-placeholder. r=bzbarsky
cdc22fbf554ea6d69ba5e17991d910d968a380bfWes Kocher — Merge fx-team to m-c
33fbbf1340d92a685fb8a5455743b9f2f70c48a8Margaret Leibovic — Bug 908364 - Don't show doorhanger popup while in editing mode. r=bnicholson
b1bfed7bc3125bb94dbc465d5084007c106f323eWes Kocher — Backed out changeset 6f0f765b2e1d (bug 913110) for leaking
fc0b51dc94d1ae732019d8eff4f5debed4250629Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset a0a9418e0dfb (bug 906620) for leaking
a5bbae0c7ae2de79720eb467c309ad63300a7878Wes Kocher — Bug 916283 - Uplift Add-on SDK to Firefox r=me
a0a9418e0dfbdd53b4b1d3ccec29919b05f0355bPaolo Amadini — Bug 906620 - Implement the taskbar indicator for downloads. r=enn
6f0f765b2e1d9e0806704de3faae5303c87c09f9Paolo Amadini — Bug 913110 - Add a combined summary of public and private downloads. r=enn
3de581c2760b6260e97be319ec7be384a48db84bJared Wein — Bug 914410 - Icon for mixed display disappears when the permissions doorhanger is opened on Linux. r=tanvi
bfed29c24ac571c163cac349b24a15970497f7c9Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 6dcc6fc612e4 (bug 914180) for it was intended for Aurora only.
7d0fc78efe598acfc40182c6f0664ec55561527aBrian Nicholson — Bug 896170 - Part 2: Use intent extra to trigger restore on restart. r=mfinkle
cacfd928e6dc6f671eb0d1a8550118691c500af4Brian Nicholson — Bug 896170 - Part 1: Send Session:Restore only on initial onCreate. r=mfinkle
6dcc6fc612e449c61fbd83f05d251fe174adbe00Mike de Boer — Bug 914180 - Backout moving findbar to the top. r=dao
75098ad2784b15a7710713afc443ac9ac5b548d5Chris Kitching — Bug 913890 - Remove dead action bar code, formerly associated with the Awesome Bar. r=mleibovic
0071687b2b2fc99f1a4fb26a62742ad82b0a1462J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 912889 - Add tooltips and help to App Manager. r=paul.rouget
93c39030cdb32f1abcc3eb09478b9d4d0d237ad2Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to b2g-inbound.
4932106f16e57e74983ee341f5025ee2fa9e9472Botond Ballo — Bug 914825 - Compute FrameMetrics::mCompositionBounds correctly for the root scroll frame. r=tn
5dabcacc0aa167a0c9d7d7e590d2bb0c8b2bdbe3Diego Wilson — Bug 911391 - Add Jellybean support to HwcComposer2D. r=mwu
dcb0b06893a7ef7ca16d5415e1e873fd55f7f1a4Diego Wilson — Bug 911391 - Add GetFBSurface() to GonkDisplay because HwcComposer2D will need it in Jellybean. r=mwu
36ee8fab5c598e719db2ed715c265f7add258981Diego Wilson — Bug 911391 - Remove local hwcomposer.h copy to make including the one provided by gonk possible. r=mwu
2ab943b615cd104f67e5eabcf12aa3fdf7000394Yuan Xulei — Bug 901434 - Keyboard/IME API should be exposed to privileged app. r=fabrice
3bbea4db9ac64cb9da22422980c0a8fc27a0edcfKartikaya Gupta — Bug 909881 - Rename some variables to make the code easier to read. r=botond
64751fbe352f32f13f4fd1dbddacd24939cb0729Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 909881 - Save the zoom constraints in RenderFrameParent so that TabChild can send them before the APZC is created and they don't get lost. r=botond
b28702f474ebc0e9c66df43f00fdd2563432d348Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and b2g-inbound
b3c433d488b9b829ab8827235d9e87f45f809a43Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
2981946d58f4b682a3a016a1af933c6fff7383ecMarco Castelluccio — Bug 877932 - Check if the app is locally installed in the checkInstalled function. r=fabrice
2aa1e16b67b05c67d451f99d4fd733d14351f3b3Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 2a58557adc6f and e69381450554 (bug 893800) for test_app_uninstall.html timeouts.
bfbf9d94ed1dae08fa233b193dda871061e7caa5Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
1ec1d8b042e41e42acef2aa63e24212fd64e10f4Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 7b018235edc0 (bug 877932) for test_app_uninstall.html timeouts.
9b22ed718cc806f0da5d637d76d0098e96da2740Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
fd082ae21848afd1a1ba9e1fb15d0730245413f4Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
fdb5b2fc7e54657b15b6b863aed0a1175b2da759Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
e6a9da6e6a8c07941049cc1e10306bc8cac40d13Marco Castelluccio — Bug 905881 - Move the package to the local installation directory. r=fabrice, r=myk
54fe3c932126cac0ecb4a9dd77a277bda51462a3J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 915067 - Part 2: Filter certified apps from webapps actor. r=ochameau
32fe88d6063fa0d88a6dc56dcefbdbc2312d34c6J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 915067 - Part 1: Add pref to block debugging certified apps. r=ochameau
6fbeefd180438db1a8f9f6d80d44bb813c3efb0bMarco Castelluccio — Bug 910911 - Add more application data to the webapp.json file in the installation directory. r=fabrice, r=myk
eed90fa753001967d230dcab150cb005e2e66e65Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
dc5a610965b07d08e713a652025ec1170a7a37efMarco Castelluccio — Bug 907481 - Check if localId is already used before using it. r=fabrice
7525021852e0c84e28138eaacb4dc4b16a1181cfVincent Lin — Bug 915487 - Error handling for GonkDisplayJB. r=mwu
c75276c71126f06738029556d7f1de643cdd5f24Vincent Lin — Bug 914544 - Update GonkDisplayJB to support JB MR1. r=mwu
e51fc1f3876498216f8840b725d011004ef67a54John Shih — Bug 784575 - Part 6: Testing. r=gene
94721961e6e567795e0e61237e954cba4b4e388bJohn Shih — Bug 784575 - Part 5: NetworkStatsManager Modification. r=gene
28e2d8c39283bf95f6482c6c4d655d65d03e2a2cJohn Shih — Bug 784575 - Part 4: NetworkStatsDB Modification. r=gene
3c21ed1c47a76a6c2133d0aec06af825e8acce29John Shih — Bug 784575 - Part 3: NetworkStats API IDL Modification. r=gene, sr=sicking
880d1073a70bf3f7cc1da8d77016d387fa01d1c1John Shih — Bug 784575 - Part 2: Create NetworkStatsServiceProxy. r=gene
f36e445be0a155efc70d95d4f7a689ca458b4d90John Shih — Bug 784575 - Part 1: NetworkStatsService Modification. r=gene, r=acperez
e6f0ecb2c033e432bbaf80e2e59a296ac3dcc22aGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia-central revision(s)
e69381450554e751b91dd04102a0fa3bbe07442fCarmen Jimenez — Bug 893800 - Unit tests for the Single Variant Apps. r=ferjm
2a58557adc6f56202f27c9dab0fdc6bfff085601Carmen Jimenez — Bug 893800 - Install single variant apps the first time a SIM is detected. r=fabrice
8b613f4803f643d3a7b653c6f92d801189808aa0Alive Kuo — Bug 915468 - Provide manifestURL in permission request for gaia to do localization. r=fabrice
7b018235edc0e0154bc99eaf5a060676d02bcfb4Marco Castelluccio — Bug 877932 - Check if the app is locally installed in the checkInstalled function. r=fabrice
4a550941e2a611140a5ddbfe82d4f746830028c9Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
6e7af8b5dd58c6bf95f76ffd5cfd55245a63f49bGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 3 gaia-central revision(s)
6d5cdf7fc7b14885471cb659b5610943b6cbf9f9Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia-central revision(s)
67e73bb25c75c604708461da210ce418a8d0ab2fRyan VanderMeulen — Merge fx-team to m-c.
f05991fd97e352bb24943bf5097f0f8f842ac84dBrian R. Bondy — Bug 889687 - Nightly doesn't show default browser prompt when release is default. r=jimm
a6c8ba5cc4747024c76ba4137853508eb334b858Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and fx-team
933b9f822c2b30e736a1736584e818cd8dd64761Tetsuharu OHZEKI — Bug 915096 - Remove needless prefs for `devtools.layoutview.*`. r=paul.rouget
467edd1d0e1e6bfb6667a6b1b7ef348973cfa273Brian Grinstead — Bug 893677 - Collapse data URL attribute values. r=miker
159e240fc628fea2921b51e139887f0cdd846e25Victor Porof — Bug 876633 - Explanation panel for findbox in debugger breaks textbox double/triple-click behaviours, r=rcampbell
7b74e2d12cf7fde17e00104e543485110752fc67Victor Porof — Bug 894311 - Add some tests, r=rcampbell
47cc9c07b703dfefdc990bc26b483f4ca28a9cbaVictor Porof — Bug 881219 - Add some tests, r=rcampbell
bc767637c93224ae7ac43735470713f4257a60b4Victor Porof — Bug 898199 - Disable browser_dbg_event-listeners.js on OS X for intermittent leaks, r=past
862a066d90d573b13f3157b4fd286061496bb29aVictor Porof — Bug 876277 - Cleanup remaining debugger tests, r=past
5f626c9dd0660bbbd145616119b884dcab404a37Victor Porof — Bug 876277 - Cleanup debugger location changes, sources switching and sources cache tests, r=past
39471a71749473661a0093050cf993fc2c962125Victor Porof — Bug 876277 - Cleanup debugger variables view tests, r=past
77b93e70c30a7a1a4e9d8531bae957015ef61835Victor Porof — Bug 876277 - Cleanup debugger stackframes tests, r=past
4559ea542aa9225cfd29f67cb553609a5d8b045bVictor Porof — Bug 876277 - Cleanup debugger search tests, r=past
4d259d8db441bbd6d95ba8ac53d99517e7f11550Victor Porof — Bug 876277 - Cleanup debugger sourcemaps tests, r=past
e721f3ee92bfc2c335518e69562af8eea4c2ad6cVictor Porof — Bug 876277 - Cleanup debugger blackboxing tests, r=past
0d004fdd1fdb8ce857a5aa0358bd752e23f70613Victor Porof — Bug 876277 - Cleanup debugger breakpoints tests, r=past
708bac7a4c99c320c4a5a097054ec4d95b92a3d2Victor Porof — Bug 876277 - Add more debugger tests, r=past
647b5d5dc08181d87e9181889001197f61eca866Victor Porof — Bug 876277 - Update Debugger, r=past
c55396293b49f4fc43f6380bac9c63b1b58885ceVictor Porof — Bug 876277 - Remove browser_dbg_menustatus.js because it wasn't used anymore, r=past
1f66a755177f5c0a34be410e39b4adab0590d9c1Victor Porof — Bug 876277 - Rewrite head.js to use promises and remove useless cruft, r=past
04c318f79c84e50a8a4c170e3b728b313adf956bVictor Porof — Bug 876277 - Normalize formatting for non-test files and rename them to follow a nicer pattern, r=past
0cb94386602a48e9c51fb1366866a612414e18faVictor Porof — Bug 876277 - Remove the ugly _wasToggled hack from the VariablesView that tests relied on, r=past
1757ae16bf8a50e52b588685dc9068ffadea60e7Victor Porof — Bug 876277 - Add getScopeAtIndex() to make scopes more easily accessible from tests, and fix a few inconsistencies in VariablesView.jsm, r=past
ecdd787c9eff242c0e438fea2e3b8dd1532755c5Victor Porof — Bug 876277 - Clicking on global search results lines (not matches) was broken after 877686, fix it, r=past
9cc32e5a67ea6587d53724743a7398b4e215a7baVictor Porof — Bug 876277 - Make widgets always perform a refresh operation when the selected item is changed, to prevent any consumers from dealing with such scenarios, r=past
4c1d5a059c6fd98078e6fe8974d5147ad5f2769fVictor Porof — Bug 876277 - Make widgets always return labels and values in the displayed order, to avoid tests failing because of the async way in which items could be added, r=past
b4f56e9c5f9687e8e5ef711ffb7ad4cf35cddd83Victor Porof — Bug 876277 - Convert the debugger frontend to use the EventEmitter instead of relying on DOM events, r=past
12928639d2bffd56a6196683fdb5db27b3cc2223Victor Porof — Bug 876277 - Fix webconsole and profiler accessing and relying on old debugger DOM event APIs, r=past
f45580c36618439fbbb32e796879f7dff1708964Victor Porof — Bug 894311 - Finding a string with ':' breaks scripts list, r=rcampbell
ead76fb1a864c7b411fc4fb7e162c28352079a6bVictor Porof — Bug 881219 - When filtering sources, hiding items in the sources list is redundant, r=rcampbell
c5b199404e8a8757396baedc511496c806d1796cVictor Porof — Bug 891439 - Standardize the sheduleSearch/performSearch methods, r=past
ba5df19635daf8f3e6cf16b9d70c629d098f3e4aVictor Porof — Bug 886848 - Cleanup, fix other typos, rename a few variables for consistency, r=past
628a2db4b46b063e50429e976b0631e851778332Victor Porof — Bug 886848 - Convert the editor to rely more on Promises, r=past
10b1453a6d9da71a86786b5a012fb70673c65cd6Victor Porof — Bug 886848 - Update debugger commands to use the new breakpoint APIs, r=past
a926ec1e9582408f57803901ea36e5472d21da4aVictor Porof — Bug 886848 - Convert the debugger frontend to use the new breakpoint APIs, r=past
d1ac0e8c3300e34a7ff9415ca6e840fd22cd332fVictor Porof — Bug 886848 - Remove _skipEditorBreakpointCallbacks since it's redundant after using promises when handling breakpoints, r=past
5ce1bf575b280ac3a05253b9224abc73e4e44453Victor Porof — Bug 886848 - Convert the breakpoints in the controller to use promises, r=past
114177e01bda58bfa6c8c4f4c30412c9f6d0d4c7Victor Porof — Bug 886848 - Chain promises on debugger initialization/destruction to remove some redundancy, r=past
e7c825ddd5408f05e1072c2edf882ea609ecd833Mihai Sucan — Bug 760876 - Part 4: fix broken tests; r=robcee
a4e288cfa8d3ad35b917874c2a1dd6813e73b821Mihai Sucan — Bug 760876 - Part 3: cleanup CSS class names for the console output; r=robcee
c68a3f506dbd55ed6aa145d88f5b5683288fe947Mihai Sucan — Bug 760876 - Part 2: make output links keyboard accessible; r=robcee
9d115a4053710a710291c4024761d3b76f5a7b1cMihai Sucan — Bug 760876 - Part 1: switch from XUL to XHTML for the Web Console output; r=robcee,paul
7dbdc0fbda87a40faa8d01f0d1c781c62caa6a05Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge inbound to m-c.
c36560cef1483a284a03823cfd038b7b9820ff1fStephen Pohl — Backout bug 817700 for causing various regressions. r=me
e5a9caa71a35a34010740aa6cc97e73545dc20beJoel Maher — Bug 916045 - remove default cli options from talos.json. r=armenzg
0d4a80f8e1df270e1919402ae4657075fd50f752Daniel Holbert — Bug 897105 followup: increase fuzz for reftest stacking-context-1.html a bit more. DONTBUILD
b2bb76571aa1851b2409ae5b0960991b94e501b5Daniel Holbert — Bug 916115: In StickyScrollContainer::UpdatePositions, put do_QueryFrame result in a local var before comparing it for equality. r=corey
41c637af7de9669ffa191aa7afb1e51a3edeaa55Edwin Flores — Bug 798843 - Add README for generating fonts for SVG in OpenType reftests r=dbaron
4f410931c167eaa7169c7d1d0eda2ea0d24b6ef9Jonathan Kew — Bug 798843 - Test to check that context-* attribute values are not valid when gfx.font-rendering.opentype_svg.enabled pref is false r=dbaron
fa8322c03573afc5aaa9bfc43b7218e25f713d78Jonathan Kew — Bug 798843 - Rename -moz-objectFill, -moz-objectStroke, -moz-objectValue to context-fill, context-stroke, context-value r=dbaron
13743a1f2db3b0ae4c66d2728eb4b8272e65459cEdwin Flores — Bug 798843 - Replace instances of 'object' with 'context' to match change in CSS values r=roc
0be8a65a6c697899602da4b73f62c402e3092f48Jan de Mooij — Bug 916039 - Don't wrap |this| in strict mode eval. r=bhackett
5a579b3691827c79d69f9b627a30292841c94a48Dan Gohman — Bug 915852 - IonMonkey: Add function positions to IONFLAGS=codegen output. r=jandem
295578d99074504f455e2b268c11df934b368d3aTom Schuster — Bug 666816 - Refactor findbar to use a result listener and move most of the logic into a JSM. r=mikedeboer
32b0c06568e924acb9dad8b929719f8e4a39a29dTom Schuster — backout changeset 3734bebc9bfb, because bad commit message and missed nit
13b45cdfd6edd30e7ed13b136603e8a8f14da219Nathan Froyd — Bug 906088 - part 6 - update tests to use the new API; r=kats
b90df20f637ff2c8ff264d629cfc6d048993892aNathan Froyd — Bug 906088 - part 5 - send preference requests to JS through JNI and XPConnect rather than JSON; r=blassey,mfinkle
d8ccee9586b65fa20c2bf6f0e6791d8817e65b52Nathan Froyd — Bug 906088 - part 4 - refactor browser.js's getPreferences function into a JSON frontend and a "raw" backend; r=mfinkle
460a4dccb18bd87287f80c949fe50864e632914bNathan Froyd — Bug 906088 - part 3 - add Preferences events to AndroidGeckoEvent; r=blassey
1b551b5c270fdc61b72afe4cfdc5aa1f37ede7baNathan Froyd — Bug 906088 - part 2 - factor out reading an nsString from a Java string in AndroidJavaWrappers.cpp; r=blassey
0482a7192d05e5fe98e1b077366fd74fc91b25c6Nathan Froyd — Bug 906088 - part 1b - add ArrayList getPrefs method to PrefsHelper; r=bnicholson
9de79eb78556d65cb5f9ee47e46329153b84e917Nathan Froyd — Bug 906088 - part 1 - pass String[] to PrefsHelper.getPrefs wherever possible; r=blassey
b0c24be12ddbe547f644b9010cf66adf1c7a99b0Steve Singer — Bug 913556 - Add exotic cpu archs to the list of platforms in webrtc (from bug #654056). r=jesup
01003151c3d5b1071f1cd0a73cf66de844fd4f71Cykesiopka — Bug 733644 - Make nsNSSComponent use mozilla::Preferences. r=keeler, sr=bsmith
c88b666cff54e59c9a99b84b0cb202fd9e7ab19aRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 6c097bdfc079, 51f5d900cd27, 9fdf99c07466, and b322938b37ef (bug 798843) due to intermittent Windows test failures.
ed0014600bc7473f9d5d251399ef09ba4e173624Brian R. Bondy — Bug 901002 - Add Windows 8.1 to the OS list for gfx driver blacklisting. r=bas
7e2551feeddd8b15a7c03009638a5dbbd1f09fadEd Morley — Bug 916135 - Disable webaudio tests on B2G for too many timeouts that abort the rest of the suite
29458f6c07e579a0579b7b6624eecdaa7cfeaeb1Jason Orendorff — Bug 913885 - Remove non-deterministic (and obsolete) warning when calling eval with multiple arguments, to reduce false alarms from differential testing. r=Waldo.
a45ee4ead45f903b9e02844bdd29dcc9ded470bdJason Orendorff — Bug 892671 - Specify the tolerance in each new ES6 Math test. r=jandem.
3cb16a4bf22752659a8a0dc8f4eb18e8ba68f75cJason Orendorff — Bug 897403 - "Assertion failure: !((attrs ^ shape->attrs) & 0x40) || !(attrs & 0x40)" with bound function proxy. r=Waldo.
78e5ddda2b4cc224f2fd55026436f6a5fc59a766Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 38a63dbeab37 (bug 733644) for suspicion of causing test_bug798843_pref.html failures.
3734bebc9bfbd96727c6694248d21e16f7e6b8dfTom Schuster — Bug 666816 - Support findbar in e10s. r=mikedeboer
9a8916b16e6e1071de5b97cb875d313f0657dcebDale Harvey — Bug 911195 - Properly compartment scroll event object. r=bz
017efee4dc037efbd0fae00e85fdad790fd4aeb8Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and inbound
3c7913e853b86dbe2503819145830689747ab59bChris Manchester — Bug 500388 - Don't buffer xpcshell process output, use a callback to consume output as it is available. r=ted
cd56b1bd18e3bf8cea288252125c6c2d5458ab35Corey Ford — Bug 897105 - Part 4: Build display items and layers for sticky positioned elements. r=roc
fdf8a3e61e3f5bba01f7a14980772fca6e80cbf7Corey Ford — Bug 897105 - Part 3: Keep sticky position layers fixed during async panning, within certain scroll ranges. r=roc
7bb106e846bb2589583eb7ad9868e389cf29a30aCorey Ford — Bug 897105 - Part 2: Add layer fields for sticky positioning. r=roc
6b69bc8e40dd3c20dcbcaba7c7f44e6cf6653ee3Corey Ford — Bug 897105 - Part 1: Add RectTyped::operator== to allow use in IPDL structs. r=roc
b1d65f6b9c1e431131a8deeee914d041c3c28077Douglas Crosher — Bug 880204 - Asm.js: support constant global variables and make their loads hoistable. r=luke
38a63dbeab376cf0860c7192f8efa9456bb942a6Cykesiopka — Bug 733644 - Make nsNSSComponent use mozilla::Preferences. r=keeler, sr=bsmith
ff9eb269076328467ef6f1682724e9489d170ba0David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 910523 - about:home now takes into account async startup of SessionRestore;r=felipe
699072fa930dbdcf6daafc591136f9b97d4e3806Bill McCloskey — Bug 910523 - about:home tests now take into account async startup of SessionRestore;r=felipe
dcede2379902512c7599a002b7bb0cb79cc28e44Hannes Verschore — Bug 915171 - IonMonkey: Remove bogus assertion, r=jandem
8e7f32d51a72d540d9451b30c7c7b457cc1b720aJonathan Kew — bug 906643 - fix nsTextFrame build bustage on a CLOSED TREE. r=bustage
5c3ca75fd097718a9cb36aff773b2cff87f5cf5aNathan Froyd — Bug 915848 - copy modified to satisfy; r=bustage
3c809ee6b5afe93085b92ea438fcf875ee3227b6Jan Varga — Bug 915629 - Chrome doesn't need to check the indexedDB permission. r=bent
488c99b5d53141e7d3b348c95fc84857e9bc4b2bNathan Froyd — Bug 915848 - make work correctly with git; r=njn
e0317042e011a9893062636d1881a101a18f596aNathan Froyd — Bug 915717 - reduce duplication in's emission of simple lists; r=gps
c78a87a9aa669505b9a01ed28e92cd646274f670Nathan Froyd — Bug 909922 - don't pragma pack ipc message headers; r=bent
0b516c2f2bd1c49c5e8e6daac487836b9f0d49c2Robert O'Callahan — Bug 906643. Part 7: Hook up animation support for gfxSVGGlyphs. r=jfkthame
edc896e0b128ffc79a24e6feaba1f31b3cd01884Robert O'Callahan — Bug 906643. Part 6: Add gfxFontEntry::NotifyGlyphsChanged, which calls new gfxFont::NotifyGlyphsChanged, which calls new gfxGlyphExtents::NotifyGlyphsChanged; these methods flush out existing glyph extents and notify all affected gfxUserFontGroups of the glyph changes. r=jfkthame
54a2d83b022fa58038eb41fb5dd21423bdddf778Robert O'Callahan — Bug 906643. Part 5.6: Make nsTextFrames register themselves as observers when they have animated glyphs (but only the text frames that are the start of a run of continuations using a particulr textrun). r=jfkthame
2b954ab98ea2057ee8f640efadef9fd57502aaceRobert O'Callahan — Bug 906643. Part 5.2: Add gfxFont::GlyphChangeObserver. r=jfkthame
0b462d01904e10f9bc40a9a2e4050696ddfb61f4Robert O'Callahan — Bug 906643. Part 5: Add nsIPresShell::AddPostRefreshObserver/RemovePostRefreshObserver. r=mats
ee76302ff347d2e4966c952ff7ab8a4f833aab40Robert O'Callahan — Bug 906643. Part 4: Make each gfxFontEntry track its gfxFonts with SVG glyphs. r=jfkthame
fc0c3197f74a8cfdea252ab4ebd02a81a75d959aRobert O'Callahan — Bug 906643. Part 1: Add nsRefreshDriver::Add/Remove/PostRefreshObserver so we can receive notifications when a refresh has occurred, without triggering one. r=dbaron
4a3509325a0fa8d8d51abd2f9b2b1940d0be371fJohn Hopkins — Bug 910134 - generate nexus4 builds for B2G. r=catlee
87c4a21ed1587e23e166db2a122d204ef7ed2112Ed Morley — Merge latest green b2g-inbound changeset and mozilla-central
1dbfa0155f167de3010f2c2b54ba6681153fa19aGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 5 gaia-central revision(s)
a687652e2d2ebb7032527aca63ea85bcd171c738Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 7 gaia-central revision(s)
2269d194cebb4889f5458e617fa1a3fecd5d71ceGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
c8cac0525cf7227662eedda895d5e03377c6c69aGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
1515661863ec2749e7d2ace6cd3d9ebdabba980cGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
583380303db37e9093253f93ec9b5c78c4b2a227Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 8 gaia-central revision(s)
814c6ee9b2c5613874174e60deb5369869ea7945Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia-central revision(s)
7bac73a7c9ce70410b1080f76b86626e24b5ceceGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
ca6cd144f76ad0a17819a263790612a4eef2b40bGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia-central revision(s)
fdb6bb299561714104211b10e0b9a95bd7829416Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 6 gaia-central revision(s)
ec5aab1c32e9eab8c5a2fa8dab3b930a2aca4e67Steven Lee — Bug 904025 - part2: stop MediaStream when there is incoming call. r=jesup
4a140c514375d4991b8412848fc25d3bf1bba90cSteven Lee — Bug 904025 - part1: pass phone state to child process. r=khuey
006afb699818a056d1252970c3c59a174b07f2aaGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
da3e5fec08fab0471f744438a11fe1a8c6b500f8Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
15c011e1415cb0b83dff8593692540df7b30801eGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
a633553f93e8e0bbda2481d054ba648c87733546Fabrice Desré — Bug 915881 - Allow sideloading of certified apps r=ochameau
1eb81b7b57a2e3e631525002c968967c9743519cGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia-central revision(s)
a2c4146f9688efd33c46228bac8bd3229d408ce9Fabrice Desré — Bug 915260 - "TypeError: Services.settings is undefined" error in B2G mochitest logs r=etienne
2e0c4ada66fec096b05e01d684582880d45768cbGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
b56ae6533034867fa712d26f255a8d699b90ba14Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 909887 - Initialize mLastMetrics.mDevPixelsPerCSSPixel to a sane value. r=botond
ad5600f82b59995613b512147ff5857e9dfcfb34Ed Morley — Merge latest green fx-team changeset and mozilla-central
15ba1cea7963b634705ba4cf8c20c98ca0b0f353Jim Mathies — Bug 914331 - On pointer released make sure all gecko touch events are delivered to insure dom state via accessibility is up to date. r=tabraldes, bbondy
e31427ba68784e48b6bd1619141f1abd535c0c08Darrin Henein — Bug 912929 - Updated Devtools' App Manager UI to better reflect new style guidelines. r=paul
5f7f853867cfc8c4d1dadd52784e306a57aadef9Neil Deakin — Bug 906139 - Preserve unknown fields found in downloads.json. r=paolo
00e62d664a9c61f334e60ecdfa92c9a9bbebc89eVictor Porof — Bug 884436 - Sorting by METHOD is really painful, r=rcampbell
54b8cfe36c024cb7f33c6fb04c0874e6a6ed45b0Felipe Gomes — Bug 915968 - Fix downloads' startTime serialization. r=paolo
7b85565949af4d49fcf14d104bdb9fbb330c24a2Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to fx-team.
a79989ddb366677515e70baadcc168633b4bd48dNick Fitzgerald — Bug 914930 - sometimes load source content via Debugger.Source; r=past
4160a3b1cca4381dc5948af295f5eb85521e742cRodrigo Silveira — Bug 898106 - Dim screen when autocomplete popup shows up. r=mbrubeck
57249b332b69abab1f3a8834e58aac74df18a7bfWes Johnston — Bug 690252 - Default to saving files. r=mfinkle
2b4aa0f8515ed62122754335a4c034a966cde79cJan de Mooij — Bug 913749 - Mark fallible unbox instructions as guards. r=h4writer
893512a52cfc1e97f44e05905849458a2ffca6b7Dave Hunt — Bug 811780 - Provide an option for creating a blank SD card image when running against an emulator. r=jgriffin
62f6766d63b82f155a9bbf22d16d924d5ad12a04Malini Das — Bug 915658 - Add timestamp data to Marionette touch event logging, r=jgriffin
35c594c4201a7c3eb4d4c6b2120c16539ff86bdcMasayuki Nakano — Bug 768287 Initialize key event's modifier state on GTK with next XKB state change event r=karlt
6915f7a15892d43bd3044e8087f70734fd4fb631Jonathan Kew — bug 872487 - remove fails-if() annotations from currently-disabled tests that no longer fail on android/b2g. no_r=me
47e05e8df03b3ca4cf496b83291c4f4ebd9687dcNicholas Nethercote — Bug 915482 (part 4) - Minimize vm/Shape-inl.h includes. r=terrence.
b322938b37ef87655606364b47897ca4b42ed022Edwin Flores — Bug 798843 - Add README for generating fonts for SVG in OpenType reftests r=dbaron
9fdf99c07466a28afff4e1a1182631ee478a36d9Jonathan Kew — Bug 798843 - Test to check that context-* attribute values are not valid when gfx.font-rendering.opentype_svg.enabled pref is false r=dbaron
51f5d900cd27bf875ccc24e89c39c71849b5bb57Jonathan Kew — Bug 798843 - Rename -moz-objectFill, -moz-objectStroke, -moz-objectValue to context-fill, context-stroke, context-value r=dbaron
6c097bdfc0790f22e44432b073163ea1af432fa3Edwin Flores — Bug 798843 - Replace instances of 'object' with 'context' to match change in CSS values r=roc
732bb76aad5a8dd243147946e19d89ed3c2379fdSotaro Ikeda — Bug 912134 - allocate texture per CompositableHost. r=jmuizelaar,bjacob
54247b7b87e6de61adaab87989d86b5bd8abfb42Boris Zbarsky — Bug 915419. Add support for "object" types in owning unions (so union return values and unions in dictionaries and sequences. r=dzbarsky, smaug
229879d7f5f29d1cf5b07cb94020671f698e7c63Chris Pearce — Bug 915958 - Automatically Finish() MediaQueues, so that each backend doesn't need to remember to do it. r=edwin
ae16eceedbbcd4e98103599b18e60c6f7cfd41c2Nicholas Cameron — Bug 915944. Don't set TEXTURE_DEALLOCATE_HOST for deprecated canvas clients. r=mattwoodrow
23f0185620af555fa91008c4882705fbf9285fa1Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
a84f8558ca61ff44c2cad7c69474f421d40e1b22Dan Gohman — Bug 915855 - SpiderMonkey: Clean up "const static" to "static const". r=terrence
32da64c564db95f72f0b6e7260e4d6e74954e90aBrian Hackett — Bug 915473 - Distinguish stack type sets from compiler-created temporary type sets, r=jandem.
4bdb0462804b384e4a016b99c858e7765c7800ddTerrence Cole — Bug 877658 - Exactly root tools/profiler/; r=BenWa
e64327542d6b2384d1f55e3bb6e55c8139a5c5a6Brian Hackett — Bug 915625 - Watch for NULL inner windows in AttemptAsyncScriptParse.
1b045fa71e61c087bd3234aa8b56e2cc0c1af43cOlli Pettay — Bug 915832, don't trigger a new GC if we're in middle of an iGC, r=billm
68d2ab5621f6c7b12057aab88dcd5dd1f326277dWes Kocher — Backed out changeset 492fdd7c06fd (bug 914182) for Marionette failures
87300a32ff77a345d0074a31e45052ef499ba619Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset 4b84bbad669d
339c713fcaef755d6039c9566fde6b1fc8c3f0c4Dan Gohman — Bug 915833 - SpiderMonkey: Add support for immediate addresses on x64. r=sstangl
9fac05846d6e00ba1b9c36b3c6c7d43785d70593Dan Gohman — Bug 915833 - SpiderMonkey: Make some fields private. r=sstangl
3bc4938ad49ac6378ae54f5a2c654ea6ef2d8454Dan Gohman — Bug 915833 - SpiderMonkey: Use disp_ instead of base_ for storing a 32-bit immediate address, and reorder fields for consistency between x86 and x64. r=sstangl
217c7cffc58136e9fe128ec2482dadf1db7ef9c2Dan Gohman — Bug 915833 - Prefix REG_DISP, SCALE, and ADDRESS with "MEM_" to emphasize that they are memory operand kinds, as opposed to REG which is not. r=sstangl
cd39e70ee0a59bde77055248004052d975635ec8Dan Gohman — Bug 915891 - SpiderMonkey: Miscellaneous x86 assembler spew fixes. r=sstangl
ffe6e70b0183876bde561f19b12ebe8cc38ce0bcNicholas Nethercote — Bug 915482 (part 3) - Move some functions out of vm/Shape-inl.h, jsfuninlines.h and jsinferinlines.h. r=terrence.
7d020f55e9fcdfc1807a75e85cba181a3efd0a55Brian Hackett — Bug 915687 - Watch for type objects with lazy protos when merging off thread parses, r=billm.
c7ccd2f2d4a4c30ee6c02549e59ed2dca8ebebe4Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 915608: Convert Float32 to Double at the right place in alwaysBoxAt; r=efaust
13568a3576cd58fcd71fb1d085a6cf3607a3f4c8Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 915301: Check Float32 coherency; r=sstangl
4b84bbad669dde2f0ef059f2e3bc641804e54254Masatoshi Kimura — Revert accidentally commited files in 492fdd7c06fd. r=backout
8af98453b5119e118aeb3381feb536a8228d2dc8Seth Fowler — Bug 910881 - Do not call RasterImage::DoError off the main thread. r=jdm
e1cf000a73c8e59f4c95af4a2a331140eae1f007Martin Törnwall — Bug 801921 - IonMonkey: Set range of Length MIR nodes. r=nbp
0fd770edf3296b42fdfe91d0ca20bcd72657bb65Nathan Froyd — Bug 915796 - update telemetry submission server name; r=vladan
492fdd7c06fd78984c07aaccc637eaec0339250cMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 914182 - Hide Telephony API from regular Web pages. r=vyang,khuey
f9068e71ea04d2d09d0ca0c83a8f4df481efc559Tom Schuster — backout changeset 966df39694c2 for crashing xpcshell on a CLOSED TREE.
e375ecffbc986d7b94af9d2cb0d3a4fb84634fefStephen Pohl — Bug 817700 - Fix animSVGImage test. r=roc
d7e6132566f72a1bcdbab32843c70e5d1202d7aaStephen Pohl — Bug 817700 - Fix test_toBlob canvas test. r=roc
48222214bf2bb9dc1666425fb9f5f7537b6b1c3aStephen Pohl — Bug 817700 - Fix test_mozGetAsFile canvas test. r=roc
32c28228ab2acbb6dcc92c0d10b6f345fa58f917Stephen Pohl — Bug 817700 - Make <canvas>.toBlob run asynchronously - canvas changes. r=roc,bz
f7bfa3ed149b17114823817b62bd9afff90bc26dStephen Pohl — Bug 817700 - Make <canvas>.toBlob run asynchronously. r=seth,roc,bz
5b89a959713be90d9fbad0127db1c25093e87d3cBrian Hackett — Bug 915485 - Set compileAndGo when parsing scripts off thread for an Evaluate, r=luke.
5063ebfa5609a8db0dc04ba69b5922a7c04a4497Joey Armstrong — bug 888009: Move HOST_CPPSRCS to mozbuild (batch #4). r=mshal
7f683b01fb4f7f91c8e38e6878fe065ca92be3b9Bobby Holley — Bug 891891 - Back out crash diagnostics. r=me
77c6426ee2583a596edb5f23948ceb258355f5edTom Schuster — Bug 915822 - Make GetTabChildFrom a class method on TabChild. r=smaug
d8d3bc67971a19f1cbf643468fa3fd2856a462ebTom Schuster — Bug 913598 - Electrolysis: Remove failing calls in remote-browser detructor. r=felipe
966df39694c25507ef690c8e2570bca82d09363eTom Schuster — Bug 910436 - Electrolysis: Pass PBrowser to the PExternalHelperAppParent so that we can get a window for the download box. r=jdm
394c53ce3e362b0cf6128686f0c8b87e7e48b29bTom Schuster — Bug 913155 - Electrolysis: Add a submit crashreport box on the tab crashed page. r=felipe,smaug
b9029b1de41096eebd6808f169464a5ee38215a4Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to b2g-inbound.
1c54974d338d1ca1e5e2db29cc004bb03da4455fGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
6481fc5418041488a1a33f973a2f864b66e9bfa1Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia-central revision(s)
848f179a68e28d9c685dc0c30ae92856ef38abb9Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
b4c41406c20268bd2ee84e18f83d8fb86f9282b0Benoit Girard — Bug 914815 - Support profiler options when starting the profiler with a signal. r=jld
ed734d586569a814f333c22d5784fc330fcc981cBenoit Girard — Bug 915857 - Check-in r=vladan
ac358468967bbc47c6cb790f6be5535041467c96Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
8863624225d5a275e2dd6e004061eb9dd5deb090Benoit Girard — Bug 914348 - Name the SamplerThread on linux. r=jld
473d96e16c4fcd1bf6879c52f75eeb4b185e29a7Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
c74f2c18ee874b420e734a86f252015c4d4a06b1Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
41a4362c5e8df35c1b997cd25d003b526cf20fd0Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
9a70b1360b8f5d7435da99d7e4bf3f23880c33ddJan Jongboom — Bug 912951 - Implement supportsSwitching in inputMethod based on content events from gaia. r=yxl
1b97fd52ae261c9bc96a7fa577f1474efd6528f3Vasanthakumar (Vasanth) Pandurangan — Bug 911294 - Fix FM UI showing previously tuned frequency. r=pzhang, r=mwu
9a3fcdf6cd361a0e134eb14d6c2c8fd447df60b3Shelly Lin — Bug 911009 - Add error handling for state of ChannelError when opening a ProcessLink. r=cjones
b3cb8e3122032506a8e8f72810f47af34eb6b907Chuck Lee — Bug 906631 - 0002. Check state in queued command callback. r=vchang, r=mrbkap
8ff506c57197f5dfbf87d937f77730936822d2d6Chuck Lee — Bug 906631 - 0001. Refactory request queue. r=vchang
4cfaef826ee6ac3dff53d2429c68ace4129657f7Marco Chen — Bug 855655 - [AudioChannelManager] Add New Attribute for Setting Default Control Volume Channel. r=baku
58cbc13f9f2171927a0605387e96cfb256d8db55Marco Chen — Bug 855655 - Part 1: Add new attribute - volumeControlChannel into AudioChannelManager. sr=sicking
36e923dfb6c4a63406da7c1107fa04c5d1ea0bbcGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 3 gaia-central revision(s)
ae84498769ebae061bd6b521f796045caa00402eGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
8eaa41d5da300903d1bda6ad47b5d2f909e88416Michael Wu — Bug 870113 - Switch GetFontImpl to Fira Sans, r=jfkthame
6238b37f4ecb6bb06af9192462139272cfe4b57aGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
e1cbb7b7d0c730f54159dc5c4fd887ac8e7b888fGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
da534ba9582e49129474be6d1539bd7c97fa2433Chris AtLee — Bug 913992: Remove unused configs. r=rail DONTBUILD
3774136f32b09d2fe27a22ace7f7350dbae4e0f9Gina Yeh — Bug 915207 - Failed to get connected devices of A2DP, r=echou
5ed86c6db4fc442d18d9f2a2528d574a528000eaGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia-central revision(s)
7abd87a029b837fbe5dc2fc9cd91f9caeb7e841fGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
815e30163bbe8f90c7082bbc36ad8ea1f33bebd5Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
ef0f45f28196f70c50eb0f9c92760ad3325633caGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
08b48fded7bb395a997f61786d1de624e94852e4Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
3a2267219f35162863bdf8c8a78b6e3788140e62Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 622c510957bb (bug 915260) in the hope that it is responsible for the B2G mochitest-7 failure, rather than the external repo changes CLOSED TREE
54401d0bc1dab5ffa65a2b62940c98e806efe4d2Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
f3f4f2759417298252c444deca5385b14046cb82Michael Henretty — Bug 915450 - [Web Notifications] allow to inspect notification properties. r=bz
c8e442fa6801f24013b87d3f7cacd7d7020ee658Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
f6e8095600ab62dbb2efec8464443f59c01d5e22Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia-central revision(s)
f8d888ce8a8f2fd83ac556f443e4b65993bc4450Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
4f01c85af38f2032f5b995c15a49117096df0777Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and b2g-inbound
a1b55625e4590fae50d64a6dea7e7f2d0d5f3a81Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
8a860c1dbd3844d852b53385238c20992669756dGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
8a792def0fe274c6886a29b8e7d7e73ccef26e88Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 3 gaia-central revision(s)
2ed5def7ae57dac70ea7efeceb9af1f605482f60Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 6 gaia-central revision(s)
4fc92e3e3ce0d3dc9d3d235ce4d497bc83212f9aGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
91d00574540191ef40fc7e9b7b348ca57e79ec75Sotaro Ikeda — Bug 871364 - Support GonkNativeWindow on gonk-JB r=jmuizelaar,mwu,doublec,mikeh,glandium
4ab45ab4f80b5962348cc9bc6d24d794f94d9735Sotaro Ikeda — Bug 871364 - Add base source for GonkNativeWindow on gonk-JB r=jmuizelaar,mwu,doublec,mikeh,glandium
1e2c0acdd83dcbda5c9160c5e632533f8d48871bGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
7781e35dec69cef287bcc8397ebfc101a3b3a400Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
622c510957bb22a3b3e826f4fa0181c0bc18acfeFabrice Desré — Bug 915260 - "TypeError: Services.settings is undefined" error in B2G mochitest logs r=etienne
9db3049be9ec15998e86fedb9f87e0abc6c80f4aGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
cdfeb4aaea9ca1bcb3e208e743c0d0c37ae38ba8Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge inbound to m-c.
cc0af9e0a324f7e04762737005bcca7e8431e169Sid Stamm — bug 836922 - disable new multiple CSP policy tests on b2g because the observer service is not working. r=ryanvm
6991d8efb98bbd8701e1c19dfe81341eaf643d86Daniel Holbert — (no bug) fix a few s/it's/its/ typos in nsIFrame.h header-comments. DONTBUILD
a904ad651bffa32c135dba955cfd7a20add73c78Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 800347 - Try clearing RPCChannel in the destructor so that the dequeue task is cancelled properly, r=dvander
742d5330f0c32afccffa420f0e38f7733471dfbeBobby Holley — Bug 914521 - Hold a stack reference to mScriptGlobal when dispatching sync events. r=bz
8c1931a68abc7f11da09e1504ef12df29b29d2dfDan Gohman — Bug 910807 - IonMonkey: Change Nobe to Node, to fix inconsistencies, both with the places that still said "beta node", and with the widely-used phrase "phi node". r=nbp
2f41b8eb22b566cdca02952786c519e81fb2a6d9Joey Armstrong — bug 888009: move HOST_CPPSRCS to mozbuild (batch #2) r=mshal
ac1bcd6c981dd02d66b0bf0092e4d2e1405c32d7Daniel Holbert — Bug 914078, attempt 2: Increase Android-only max-fuzzy-difference from 5 to 6, for "position-sticky/top-3.html" reftest. r=corey
1a475fdee12b899962f76fd92b763686c7e349b5Sid Stamm — bug 836922 - (CSP) remove intersectWith once multiple policies are supported. r=grobinson
5e4b386dc081977cd40bc1d58d82f6d72ed16d5cSid Stamm — bug 836922 - tests for report-only and regular policies at the same time. r=grobinson
1d23736e3779e38e38f2b81126872d449763f5a2Sid Stamm — bug 836922 - support mulitiple CSP policies at the same time. r=jst,grobinson
b86d7ce8d1ebd1e44e6a8c28134b90d294dcfd4dMike Hommey — Bug 915642 - Allow simple variable references in includedeps files; r=gps
79d504af18f6ca2aed025ec1915f8efa4a1b8fa3Mike Hommey — Bug 915508 - Change the order of space and comma in the mach status line when several directories are built at the same time; r=gps
4473d84c6ab6e2190d92aab9fbe09c08117bd612Boris Zbarsky — Bug 899296 - Restore bytecode-level constant folding in lazily compiled functions. r=jorendorff.
67a98b765933163049203aab43cefb5b722eb93aGene Lian — Bug 876397 - Inter-App Communication API (part 9, new promise). r=nsm
11cc413aad1c3b7ac09e170fb49690b878273b89Masayuki Nakano — Bug 911951 part.4 Clear the wrong clause information and the caret information at failing to dispatch event r=smaug
cbaab4e2562d69958b1fd22d168c9d211194fc1dMasayuki Nakano — Bug 911951 part.3 Reimplement CompositionManager.setComposition() and CompositionManager.endComposition() r=yxl
bf88b54e5db42eea362ef5a217103228aab83910Masayuki Nakano — Bug 911951 part.2 Reimplement synthesizeText() in EventUtils.js and remove nsIDOMWindowUtils.COMPOSITION_ATTR_* from all tests r=smaug
50a2ec396387d6f8fd27e00142fcf9dd974941c7Masayuki Nakano — Bug 911951 part.1 Redesign nsIDOMWindowUtils::SendTextEvent() with nsICompositionStringSynthesizer r=smaug, sr=roc
96e921ddc1fd6003792c849941ecf97c3b4b42a4Jed Davis — Bug 915129 - Don't link in epoll_sub.c from libevent on Android or B2G. r=bent
3d5ec876edb3421e2ccc671c6319ba0311b4937fJerry Shih — Bug 911730 - Only dump layer tree(using MOZ_LAYERS_HAVE_LOG). r=mattwoodrow
cedb0b0bdd79ab641b80f31600f08ccaa70ac0bbGuilherme Gonçalves — Bug 911595 - Avoid shutting down geolocation request twice. r=jdm
3eec9be9fcd01461d43abaec8e3b5e699ba3ae72Frederik Braun — Bug 909241 - Move console logging out of sendReports() and into its own logToConsole() function. r=grobinson
a018e914cca3f0541b9c1b4be84009aa01026618Nathan Froyd — Backout 6a09266fa0ed:c789a0ddda51 (bug 915228) for failing spidermonkey style checking
040019b27c8daf453c8811aa31271dd923bef99bGeoff Brown — Bug 912784 - Simplify utility-path handling in; r=jmaher
f49d97642d4c4ad1a6f83bdd159453cc68e8b525Nicolas Silva — Bug 913821 - Conservatively ensure that TextureClients/Hosts are removed at the end of a video. r=sotaro
855f1df4acfba65b66621636256fbd1162ac0a3cNicolas Silva — Bug 901224 - Postpone deallocation of shared data to the end of the next transaction. r=sotaro
c789a0ddda51c028d715bbd651ecd36695fd5b14Nathan Froyd — Bug 915228 - part 2 - make DoubleEncoder's table statically defined; r=mjrosenb
6a09266fa0edc0a587254d7e636761a5088f4ebeNathan Froyd — Bug 915228 - part 1 - make DoubleEntry and field types MOZ_CONSTEXPR; r=mjrosenb
9527d405ceea8dc4135b15da25067417f117f534Christian Holler — Bug 871862 - Handle OOM properly in JSObject::makeLazyType. r=bhackett
c1780559f076ed3f6b114855c407b864fb6cbe78Gene Lian — Bug 876397 - Inter-App Communication API (part 8, follow-up). r=bent
fb5ba2a8e03922610f245a6ea4de36038b961411Shao Hang Kao — Bug 874771 - Implement SNTP support (Gecko end). r=gene
4bb0264815a7488dd5b7486cb1fa1caf9a50a1e8Luke Wagner — Bug 914814 - IonMonkey: regularly use ImmPtr for addresses, ImmWord for non-addresses (r=jandem)
369671e481059adaedb581b14bdb6221b9d750baGene Lian — Bug 876397 - Inter-App Communication API (part 7, refine). r=bent
fb5b644a18f179286d83a28e0093e5d73a860f5eGene Lian — Bug 876397 - Inter-App Communication API (part 6, post message). r=nsm,bent
be0f689b0b2b02142cf29fca93a5eaee8932e164Gene Lian — Bug 876397 - Inter-App Communication API (part 5, connection wrapper). r=nsm
0a8204fc47c43d17ab99b0803d39215d1e9a1a30Gene Lian — Bug 876397 - Inter-App Communication API (part 4, getConnections()). r=nsm
722489f93ea6a5c183f7f16a95cabfeb33520a37Gene Lian — Bug 876397 - Inter-App Communication API (part 3, connect()). r=nsm
7987756e88e86cdfdea9804569d46cbcef3d2c0bGene Lian — Bug 876397 - Inter-App Communication API (part 2, manifest registry). r=nsm
f473c47457f5e6e74d3870c9aad42ab93a7b6432Gene Lian — Bug 876397 - Inter-App Communication API (part 1, Web IDLs). r=nsm,ted sr=smaug
e2977628a9d505c64e8d03de98c66d4d40247577Jan de Mooij — Bug 911369 - Don't specialize binary ops if one operand may be an object. r=bhackett
1a65e666ccbed76fb5abee096a32cf61281b3c7bMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 915202 - Remove a hack enabling DOMException in xpcshell. r=khuey
fbf06a627656a27b29d5d26638a8543668065212Alexander Surkov — Bug 834138 - Intermittent states/test_doc_busy.html | Test timed out, r=tbsaunde
78f20a417a5a88971c27e53380626721b4f6fcb8Dave Hunt — Bug 902679 - Store specified device serial in marionette. r=jgriffin
03299b97544330eaabd21972fc85dfb82f7f1729Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and inbound
e621399eb90f077cf46b5f2dd6071267b8128d75Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 915482 (part 2) - Minimize gc/Barrier-inl.h includes. r=terrence.
aca02ab3f2d39c16cf36fd5b7b77edd884270998Jan de Mooij — Bug 914341 - Fix BC to wrap primitive |this| in eval scripts. r=djvj
6d93007abf58519fe158a6cf176b5bf6dad61004Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 912165 - Remove the Linux-only smaps memory reporters. r=mccr8.
71b3fa2eb87d128d642e40175a223ab4ea0e514dArpad Borsos — Bug 914251 - Autoscroll does not work properly in certain case;
6d0aeb76987988454a80929ed8664b257f4358f4Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset e62454ab7c04 (bug 893677) for mochitest-bc timeouts.
7b346620c74354b1adc932cd119ea4eecce4a660Shane Caraveo — bug 915835 fix leak of event handler, r=felipe
b47e5a0b7704072009884e11ad4a2cd99cfc7408Dão Gottwald — Bug 821687 - Status panel should be attached to the content area without overlapping surrounding chrome. r=mdeboer
21b501262dda44d5060312385888a226d26657d5Marina Samuel — Bug 908068 - Specifically check for successful login before displaying the 'connected' screen for sync. r=ally
40650f156e918ef3cd8adb43b624d4eaeb7fa076Mihnea Dobrescu-Balaur — Bug 915798 - Bad indentation in r=ahal
1b2aa92e9b91162df1101e87877ad5b48b73680eBrian Grinstead — Bug 913509 - [rule view] Papercuts - Inconsistent behavior when modifying CSS declarations. r=miker
e62454ab7c0421cac581b50905a8f6425cc27367Brian Grinstead — Bug 893677 - Collapse data URL attribute values. r=miker
4ede1a360fc637f3b9418ed1f5a6a4875f105bdfRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 914603 - Update pdf.js to version 0.8.505. r=bdahl
a5bd86bfdef7dd0bf367dfcf4866e48ef5a456d3Felipe Gomes — Merge m-c to fx-team.
4bfa3faced7ffc41011289908672e0469bede016Paolo Amadini — Bug 913118 - Add a combined list of public and private downloads. r=enn
a23d608fb89309382a1f2cc01002bf5a82b3da26Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 9157ea42ff41 (bug 914925) for Android/B2G test bustage.
906d83601f146ce7c04dcfee15154cb7b017386aChenxia Liu — Bug 897571 - [Fig] Urlbar resize for entry is incorrectly rendered. r=sriram
735fa3a52510dbd8eed0c1ad74819c37327f5945Jim Mathies — Bug 915385 - Add a hidden pref for disabling apz zoom. r=kats
9157ea42ff41b276ffef8a896bd6cdf6fd314595Ted Mielczarek — Bug 914925 - Fix --debugger for reftest/mochitest on OS X. r=jmaher
b6336472574b3656d8213a0200ecfe910cec7aa6Francesco Lodolo — Bug 915556 - Replace multiple dots with single unicode character … in project.installing. r=paul.rouget
819f70cfe94ca786ff3c74741adcb1c93c22d699Paul Rouget — Bug 915388 - Remove 'my' from the panels name in index.xul. r=ochameau
662396e19e60d577cada7bebf68bfca1760db189Alexandre Poirot — Bug 915204 - Add a JSM to allow addons to register devices to the app manager. r=paul.rouget
e86f8332bab16a0d1451a926bb2d0fac8ed37e09Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset c24ba14732cd (bug 907734) for Android bustage.
1c6591c69b5a0b399afbbde0ca56b63dc937d498Sahil Chelaramani — Bug 908283 - Don't attach onStep hooks to frames without scripts; r=fitzgen
4f25eb972870702d898c4745260995d3e24cd27bJonathan Fuentes — Bug 897050 - Prefer displayName instead of name; r=fitzgen
55b3a19125d0f0f6ffe240a7439e2559e0bdf6ccDrew Willcoxon — Bug 906615 - Background thumbnail service shouldn't overwrite existing thumbnails, and foreground service shouldn't capture when thumbnails are fresh. r=markh
c24ba14732cd31279a1941680870a28c16773e68Adrian Tamas — Bug 907734 - Create the DataBaseHelper and StringHelper classes. r=margaret
aa733d4fc507183157f14c2335a5c851e598f1b8Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 902587 - Part 1 follow-up: Remove include of deleted file.
0b9155aa5c76dc495a1b7529f9ad44ea8e1278b4Chris Kitching — Bug 888326 - Part 6: Prevent a corrupted Favicon from causing us possibly to leak an unclosed InputStream. r=mleibovic
1fe12c9597f45c54ae2d1bb0e7faa84e0e374a3cChris Kitching — Bug 888326 - Part 5: Make the FaviconView able to resize strangely sized inputs to more appropriate sizes, if enabled. r=mleibovic
84992b91dc391223a6ea354035df9c10e0fd3bbcChris Kitching — Bug 888326 - Part 4: LoadFaviconTask's use mNextFaviconLoadId is now thread safe. (Use AtomicInteger instead of long.) r=mleibovic
856365a2e58b3a36ef4d909923d4949449aab364Chris Kitching — Bug 888326 - Part 3: Factor the inner classes of Favicon into their own files. r=mleibovic
26e40024ee852fffbe986a2094e6fe4459c1eb12Chris Kitching — Bug 888326 - Part 2: Refactoring Favicons to be static, not a singleton - the singleton instance was staticly assigned and never cleared. r=mleibovic
8e02a09e5ec5ecdbf71e736e49324a01bbb982d2Chris Kitching — Bug 888326 - Part 1: Move the favicons class into its own package and, while we're at it, get rid of unused imports in the touched files. r=mleibovic
11f0b6f6618c3fcce59792e6360b697d025c21d8Alexandre Poirot — Bug 894990 - Expose mochitest data file URL via SimpleTest.getTestFileURL. r=jmaher
edee3e148f47b0cda301ffb5e6c3a0a3ed198ce2Patrick Brosset — Bug 855523 - Markup-view lines are easier to expand/collapse. r=miker
1c51ccfe0243139566bbcd7a30272733b55f569bCykesiopka — Bug 909107 - Replace use of (obsolete) strres.js in test_bug292789.html. r=dveditz
3526f3e8eb7b4f229a14e660983d9470cb86fecfJonas Finnemann Jensen — Bug 902587 - Part 1: Refactor IO Interposer with filename support. r=aklotz
ed9f0499230dcf5b8ce1a67a6aa8a03fbd217313Raymond Lee — Bug 908246 - Private downloads should be finalized when the last private browsing window is closed. r=paolo
ef225215ef97522ffc4cd00d93cd53793dd9de75Raymond Lee — Bug 908244 - When a download is launched automatically, the target file should be deleted when the browser is closed. r=paolo
e97b405792013e43461a7f625d49e39289e83b1cJim Mathies — Bug 914829 - MetroInput should forward touch input to apz first, then to content. r=kats, tabraldes
29a87d8049b0279f630a958e49bebeecac199740Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and fx-team
9df00be7eb58450852fa7073ff89b1ebf632e1ffAdrian Tamas — Bug 896557 - Split testWebContentContextMenu to make it more reliable (r=margaret)
1f8240fcc47ad23cef4c37d4f6b057abef7d9649Mark Hammond — Bug 915506 - ensure AeroPeek is fully disabled with e10s. r=dao
d5fc994ca2ed8a7be9627e9b0198b867105fcd1fGijs Kruitbosch — Backing out 2a19516ee700 (bug 912908) for causing bug 915536, rs=ttaubert over IRC
7f28b6fac8bd84e0c257843582db9b4aa9987844Ed Morley — Backed out changeset c6d7c7739056 (bug 906134) for too many intermittent failures
bea6fbdc8d6c50f56929e634cdb455ffc20a22d1Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 270d7ca88c31 (bug 906134)
92bea49b46b49c4d159a63291b69a07d5bade2c1Neil Rashbrook — Bug 914560 - Package XPI extensions during tools phase so that all required files are in place when running the packaging step, r=glandium
ca8fd217b83639254d906e0184d68c6efcd79a6aEd Morley — Merge latest green fx-team changeset and mozilla-central
23708fab4a390389063e3d644a42db84178499f0Dão Gottwald — Backed out changeset d45a33d0fc2e
7f4cecc6b53c4523f928cc0e2dbd60a0039a5f78Mark Hammond — Bug 915511 - prevent SessionStore.getWindowValue failing with e10s. r=felipe
d45a33d0fc2e5e61d24a7a105213dedcdb4b11fcMark Hammond — Bug 915506 - ensure AeroPeek is fully disabled with e10s. r=felipe
32f916dd9329222fb1b34137d5cd08edfc072166Jonathan Wilde — Bug 904417 - Adjust spacing and font sizes on start screen and autocomplete popup to more closely match comps. r=sfoster
a9d76ddf0ee2caeee5ccfb7fa4e2f40a11cb6d94Ed Morley — Merge latest green b2g-inbound changeset and mozilla-central
bf9034be6a6480e0e826158c68799c49f9b6fb65Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
b8c3080fc0e5bcb09af7d8043260adc1b05e2441Jessica Jong — Bug 821579 - B2G 3G: Add Marionette test for Data Connection. r=vicamo
144f672e64d1f9e0c5f2d058ad31f9698481dd75Szu-Yu Chen [:aknow] — Bug 909638 - Part 2: Remove token in callError/dataCallError message. r=vicamo
dbf7b8418bd2a73d70727a763583f34cfd70db65Szu-Yu Chen [:aknow] — Bug 909638 - Part 1: Add test case for dialing in radio off. r=vicamo
7579426b08f7d8bb3ff1af8341d7ad6baa0f7ad3Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
b83f6d80af5fe8fef0a7718eae9741153d4dbfe0Ed Morley — Merge latest green inbound changeset and mozilla-central
749739c77f735172976c1daf9a077af3db60dc01Ed Morley — Backed out changeset cc9df767c70b (bug 914521) for Android timeouts during crashtests
3a27531afc85b22031e1ba6b7febdb9951b75a0bJonathan Kew — bug 915093 - don't ignore the context matrix when getting stroke pattern for SVG glyphs. r=roc
bf930e7d61d388f864f9e22d5446d672dc0b5870Corey Ford — Bug 911786 - Part 2: Reapply relative positioning when moving frames without reflowing them. r=dholbert
f304767ded19005e9d08c2e427a001b22006f381Corey Ford — Bug 911786 - Part 1: Store computed relative position offsets. r=dholbert
5a4bb20926182672204818cd5e30461a6521bd60Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 915482 (part 1) - Move most of gc/Barrier-inl.h into gc/Barrier.h. r=terrence.
cc9df767c70b7007b0243aaf6fd340d8376e4503Bobby Holley — Bug 914521 - Hold a stack reference to mScriptGlobal when dispatching sync events. r=bz
ad386a1ca2d223515ef1c85cdedfadcf77be248fEdwin Flores — Bug 899420 - Disable accidentally enabled Android media tests r=bustage
8334dcf9e3952a806ebfd84c33ffc490b0fad2c7Matt Woodrow — Bug 907926 - Use the ClientArea when initializing the draw target in nsWindowGfx. r=Bas
3eb3561451c317fc63541d985915524fce086bf3Matt Woodrow — Bug 907926 - Avoid pushing a group if we can in DrawTargetCairo::DrawSurface. r=Bas
15e9e36b7abc5554575bed56d4abb57e191d134cMatt Woodrow — Bug 907926 - Don't ignore the composition operator in the Azure paths through ThebesLayerBuffer. r=roc
7502c616895dfe1016d9ac47a330dcd45fb5effaMatt Woodrow — Bug 907926 - Add support for windows surfaces in DrawTargetCairo size lookup. r=Bas
771e3bbcd72126a43ee5267b8d6e01281ad75b20Matt Woodrow — Bug 914505 - Make sure that ThebesLayerBuffer::SupportsAzureContent is correct for the first frame. r=nrc
3c13601b792428dba422c2d23426a402cef965ceKarl Tomlinson — b=914030 don't keep alive used AudioContexts from the window r=ehsan,bz
18a21a1b330b7b57e078b1636646a28dbe789ba7Karl Tomlinson — b=914030 keep a self reference on destination while offline context is rendering r=ehsan
976ea2dba9184ad3b61ee4f46d4cf048c2a5362dKarl Tomlinson — b=914030 shutdown an OfflineAudioContext when it has completed r=ehsan
86c85d70255687bccfa47a114dc709751fe7c9ccKarl Tomlinson — b=914030 shut down an AudioDestinationNode's graph on destruction, if not already r=ehsan
8edc48525bc698e1120c7b7122cd167c6ce90628Karl Tomlinson — b=914030 remove MediaBufferDecoder::Shutdown(), no longer necessary since bug 900711, as part of making AudioContext::Shutdown() idempotent r=ehsan
c5e3442b758e2c7959bdecfe2ab7740d6d51fddeKarl Tomlinson — b=914030 update AudioNode ownership comment r=roc
78c1e956df7505f799a21e61d9f1450e745599ffKarl Tomlinson — b=914013 tighten detection of end of buffer playback r=ehsan
a587982db74f4587a33ba54f422a646f5f35b0d0Karl Tomlinson — b=911777 collect cycles before getting maxChannelCount to release some cubeb streams r=padenot
e5e75d914d5bcd0b9c021a6851fa75f4aa6c806cGeorge Wright — Bug 899672 - Change default location to /data/local/tmp r=kats
ca94c896778d5d4585006c24300120ae676c4c62Brian Smith — Bug 909152: Factor out generic logic from OCSP stapling tests to make it reusable, r=keeler, r=cviecco, r=gps
3aa2a28398e297fcc446119d603263a89500a135Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 5ec98e8b1be9 and 0f67033f26f0 (bug 877437) for jit-test bustage.
a1509b9ca551a625ff2abbbb1f5b60c497aa9350Boris Zbarsky — Bug 915100. Make sure to actually include the headers we need in UnionTypes.h. r=khuey
be78e31dbc2042ca2802e227a5e49fa8e3630d02Boris Zbarsky — Bug 914438. Prevent propagation of SSTabRestored events in tests when we close the relevant tab. r=dao
855e0295dfdf4e0a09c3dc4c13ea381827a96228Boris Zbarsky — Bug 914985. Adjust browser_tabopen_reflows test to deal with a shorter stack to the reflow and log more information when it fails. r=ttaubert
9fd3e98cf2f8e8b06c1458873e8214b7d26de361Edwin Flores — Bug 899420 - Kill more b2g bustage, real and potential on a CLOSED TREE r=bustage
647c88c759c5aa09ab3d04ac4154cd347aab2515Edwin Flores — Bug 899420 - Annotate intermittent test_playback_rate assertion failures on linux64 on a CLOSED TREE r=bustage
5546db13122e4206e94a033836e445cd82aa3a21Edwin Flores — Bug 899420 - Annotate b2g test_buffered.html failures on a CLOSED TREE r=bustage
03535a095116bf932c9987faf57f6c6d1538b28dEdwin Flores — Bug 899420 - Annotate assertion failures in test_played on linux64 on a CLOSED TREE r=bustage
348fe4a17158840dcaf0d5b67c977a872dd7ba19Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 915301: Prevent MPassArg from receiving a Float32 as an input; r=terrence
306bb31682d243064e515eac81f28c9db1f13e98Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
feea0997db3669060dc3991bae0a69a29dd85beaMike Hommey — Bug 914482 - Allow overrides from the command line for variables defined in r=gps
82d94735ba7f2d4f03fce39a03b453dd5c1f5ce3Corey Ford — Bug 914891 - Bail gracefully on sticky positioning with no scroll container. r=dholbert
5ec98e8b1be9f619dca62e255bf22e46a96fb1e4Terrence Cole — Bug 877437 - Followup to fix test bustage; r=themaid
00c58bce0d2d1e0d13ee29656c8c26d7d9ce70bfNicholas Nethercote — Bug 911641 (part 2) - Prefix some reporters with "redundant/", and make about:memory ignore them. r=johns.
21e1bf789adde5ee3a5ed39f1b2e89131df55a9dNicholas Nethercote — Bug 911641 (part 1) - Remove about:compartments, and show the compartment and ghost window lists into about:memory. r=johns.
0f67033f26f0b92d7e19a2cadfca041cf3357e5fTerrence Cole — Bug 877437 - Handle OOM when ion compiling; r=jandem
57a03f46e0b2897c154a73421139a4f13729a64fBrad Lassey — bug 887819 - Investigate using the tiled layers backend, turn on tiles for b2g r=gal,benwa
eaf8acdace58b717ce69fe0a6d0b43fa16b9b9baEitan Isaacson — Bug 791916 - Make label tag a label accessible regardless of frame type. r=surkov
1c9fc8a6e7078ff449aa63be1ab69e514978b804Seth Fowler — Bug 912514 - Don't release nsIURIs off-main-thread. r=jdm
b9552f5d4476f4f079c80a8ff4f4c8312fe71b3dMike Hommey — Backout changeset 237c32279481 (bug 914482) for bustage
3ca22e239a1dbdb25993a49a7bba63ad4143e832Brian Hackett — Bug 906371 - Use off thread JS parsing when loading async scripts, r=bz,billm.
6d30f146c472553eae0881024c9504cdf1f0670aGregory Szorc — Bug 913965 - Don't use build-dep for installing dependencies; install modern Mercurial on Ubuntu; r=glandium
0192ffffc63382260fda859d9074874e8694e91bEdwin Flores — Bug 886181 - Pref on gstreamer backend r=cpearce
4a6c1e976e78f0860de8292bd343fdcfa8f87f97Edwin Flores — Bug 899420 - Re-enable test_seek, test_buffered, test_bug493187, test_playback_rate, test_bug465498, test_played on Linux r=cpearce
e9ee43da0c16f04c18505048c7846bc07173e69eJoey Armstrong — bug 882908: move OS_LIBS to mozbuild (logic). r=gps
237c3227948158d41d6c6dd3ea2bf915681e352fMike Hommey — Bug 914482 - Allow overrides from the command line for variables defined in r=gps
895784bef7fd3464860f5d8a7102d8ae89da604aMike Hommey — Bug 914935 - Fix pymake handling of colon in includedep files. r=gps
3a9f27b2a213ad7a5424f3c19b1db3924d87c365Mark Hammond — Bug 914902 - remove printf as child process closes. r=cjones
28aa5abe0efb6802bc335635231bf550c589f1e4Eric Rescorla — Bug 915420 - Use foundation address instead of relay address to determine priority r=bwc
2494c41c421fbb7275b90fbb6316584773762298David Zbarsky — Bug 856373 - WebIDL-ify Gamepad events r=smaug
84e4c20ddd860b1ca89068f4d7e795fa017c7935David Zbarsky — Bug 915248 - Convert DeviceProximityEvent to webidl-only r=smaug
8be6a45beadb511024eac1c33ef222bc459ca20bDavid Zbarsky — Bug 911575 - Convert canvas callbacks to WebIDL r=bz
a627aef2087e224613af9193b5d5b8eae5dffbb2David Zbarsky — Bug 914944 - Move PowerManager to mozilla::dom r=Ms2ger
b209fd2aced8319a081845d3dbcdbb86e7ff072eNicholas Cameron — Bug 894497. Weaken the assertion in GetAnimationRule. r=dbaron
c10263f35b2c8b85691a1611f35af322157ad07fDaniel Holbert — Bug 896050 followup: fix some nits in the filter animation mochitest code. (test-only, no review)
4eee1c589bb0fa20cf99b1b01535c69cf4631b43Dirk Schulze — Bug 896050 - Implement animation of CSS filter property. r=dholbert
0be65c045f1321042ea043bfccda97632b019cf8Bobby Holley — Bug 914325 - Leave ourselves some room to make the call into chrome. r=luke
c05f8dce65ca6546c4ddd5ad7363c98aa00232a6Shu-yu Guo — Bug 914899 - Reinstate the OOL double truncation path in truncating values to int32. (r=jandem)
45fab5569c958ca828285e02f870bd1696e4b618Andreas Gal — Follow-up fix for bug 915342 (pushed the original patch without fixing a nit).
67032cf58c3158c43084b76b6215f2f1addd4d1fAdam Roach [:abr] — Bug 880067 - Part 4: Video Conduit configuration for RTCP feedback r=ekr
6be52ab5df74fe62a9dbc7ebdd549a843ea07e67Andreas Gal — Display fill ratio when showing FPS counter (bug 915342, r=bgirard).
0c5226d187b474ad97ad6164aad2ac9878519240Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 914498 - Minimize the #includes in accessible/src/base; r=tbsaunde
050debae43a65922cee5d9748d4df343de39edf8Olli Pettay — Bug 912874 - New API to enumerate mutation observers, r=peterv
38bcba92aa14603204ced5378995c122e7e6a517Till Schneidereit — Bug 914601 - Remove non-required, crashing-on-oom assert in GlobalObject::getIntrinsicValue. r=terrence
4268c777e3c5dcdd727fb0d2d9202f431aba0060Jim Blandy — Bug 913848: Attempt to fix intermittent test_unix_domain.js timeout with MOAR ASYNC. r=mayhemer
66356497565aa61e63b5332c54903e7570de9851Daniel Holbert — Bug 915344: Make variables 'SAMPLES' and 'numSamplesReadFromInput' unsigned, to fix build warning in mediaconduit_unittests.cpp. r=jesup
02a38c5972873675bd98cf496ea94c228e981f8eDaniel Holbert — Bug 914937: Remove nsFlexContainerFrame::GetSkipSides, now that we can inherit a useful impl from nsSplittableFrame. r=mats
a4e9c9c9dbf94494b508ca9108f30f1941a70d4aDoug Turner — Bug 912347 - Prevent already registered protocol handler info bar. r=jaws
a98569f21abe10fc486631e4ad40e20999ea5d25Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge fx-team to m-c.
bdf495121827fb5a7de36b3cf9896c1da7652151Jim Mathies — Bug 914889 - Remove noisy LogFunction call in MetroWidget's GetDPI(). r=bbondy
4be36d56d323c513874c19c6e1827cf067394cbdRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 9fb279a95ce1 (bug 914829) and changeset 414c46543931 (bug 914331) for intermittent mochitest-mc crashes.
f2ee3eca887eeecc15a2a9a9a2d31c6d8c6f39c1Mark Hammond — Bug 915421 - split social frameworker test into 2. r=mixedpuppy
8a3f175f8d75580744817397405ee31f4094db7eDrew Willcoxon — Bug 913171 - Fix intermittent browser_thumbnails_background.js by finishing captures only after thumbnails are written. r=markh
b7a8703a187dea4e96945675fbd1b41b5ec3a4cfTim Taubert — Bug 911146 - Add nsIAppStartup attribute to tell whether the app was restarted; r=bsmedberg
03ef2b08f65ae82c0626cd187a89d84dacf1c1edTim Taubert — Bug 915173 - Don't invalidate the whole tab state when setting/deleting tab values; r=yoric
40290b0fa14a28787d29c36e22cad3da32972f4bMarina Samuel — Bug 906772 - Adjust infobar location above navbar when infobar appears after navbar. r=mbrubeck
4fb8c9f55c46c501dc00109dcc53b6cf206fb220Michael Comella — Bug 913713 - Part 1: Use optString to get search engine identifier. r=rnewman
acf64cb2a23cc5f51759f958853567b4e9388974Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 63aa3bb1a0dd (bug 896565) for Android 2.2 robocop failures.
270d7ca88c31b07840dcb1d3f99348aa28740104Felipe Gomes — Bug 906134 - Implement tests for the DownloadImport module. r=paolo
c6d7c7739056a826f6638db521fc72c879cd0b88Felipe Gomes — Bug 906134 - Fix downloads' startTime serialization. r=paolo
6b98e5ee513b4e158f35070775435d8e932d7f5aAlexandre Poirot — Bug 914239 - Enable app debugging r=paul
2a0b716e7be492516af6133775cd5eae2db45934Patrick Brosset — Bug 914079 - Pseudo-element header can be used to toggle rules; r=mikeratcliffe
e19b14609e526b718e340b85837b38d106087d88Alexandre Poirot — Bug 912213 - Fix conflicts between two ContentTabActor classes r=paul
9fb279a95ce179bd283f230a38962f984a9e1287Jim Mathies — Bug 914829 - MetroInput should forward touch input to apz first, then to content. r=kats, tabraldes
3d36387df33f40a858bcd1bf5daa316070001772Wes Johnston — Bug 842037 - Try harder to find a mimetype of the media scanner. r=blassey
9929cf38b486956b530650ad2998d811218f510aNick Fitzgerald — Bug 762761 - add prettyPrint request to the remote debugging protocol server/client; r=past
0b479df9a59a0a3acb7fbdccedd4b3e5dbba00c3Wes Johnston — Bug 906030 - Don't create profiles when checking if they're locked. r=bnicholson
63aa3bb1a0ddb36ee4781a4faa9525c3a0cac2aeLucas Rocha — Bug 896565 - Update testAwesomebarSwipes for new about:home (r=margaret)
92b84e142f38cea863ff2ab3595588f70cb574ebRodrigo Silveira — Bug 913229 - Snapped displays cropped multi-column tiles after touch scroll r=mbrubeck
35a772328e246abec98b50226213514ce9d5fe43Marina Samuel — Bug 910618 - Clear progress on download cancel and on interaction with infobar. r=jmathies
a1a846de1a8aff4c1bd00f7e72e2c912222f108fMartijn Wargers — Bug 914940 - Remove some enablePrivilige calls. r=jgriffin
7fa0fd335e9f78d21d2b7c22d30884e26e9b695aFrancesco Lodolo — Bug 913826 - New social bookmark button: rename entities to reflect string changes. r=mixedpuppy
169a0df8cdb4c0616ce2f9a1813be9b1e8083bffPatrick Brosset — Bug 913641 - Execute test steps off the main reload event loop. r=miker
947a298ea5bb90af2c2d7ba4e2630ff61ae97052Mike Hordecki — Bug 898559 - Add metadata API for add-on globals. r=bholley
2a18454f0aa33f03aca93fba340c0b1bc0a25ea2Robert Bindar — Bug 912103 - Tests for about:networking - http, dns, sockets, and websockets. r=valentin.gosu
d4d34d4d06e762abafea07aa1c83c32704defe70Carsten "Tomcat" Book — merge mozilla-central to fx-team
414c4654393196cfee6e1a43d521ce4b886d0175Jim Mathies — Bug 914331 - On pointer released make sure all gecko touch events are delivered to insure dom state via accessibility is up to date. r=tabraldes
19c8f5a267fae5fda3b8a0a55b9b77ee9bb149a6Paul Rouget — backed out 1892b204f836 (orange) bug 855523 - CLOSED TREE
16dc352b8c52d992075adbc34e034f0703833042Paul Rouget — Bug 913945 - [app manager] Turn it on. r=ochameau
1892b204f83687ad70543f436e40622c1c19cb38Patrick Brosset — Bug 855523 - Markup-view lines are easier to expand/collapse; r=mratcliffe
956b5e35b7b757fbb68c6927de3713a3891c1f98J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 905103 - Add about:app-manager. r=gavin
24270cebb090d0b992bc36197e0d7a9f5caea9b0Alexandre Poirot — Bug 911785 - Implement a webapps actor front to ease app install r=paul
f4f0334971aea6659b186d7d2982f239e23b5aaeAlexandre Poirot — Bug 911785 - Allow installing local apps from the app manager UI r=paul
22d47b7958707551a10011d262784c839deed0daBrian Grinstead — Bug 912543 - [rule view] Alignment for warning icon is bad. r=mratcliffe
d9b79f9842c15cc966820f46bebad5b43903ad29Paul Rouget — Bug 912892 - [app manager] simulator launch UI. r=ochameau
99f92e712d48c6df8087020530c2405bf9ce3a20J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 913234 - Close toolboxes on disconnect. r=ochameau
22374252348314a0c9d8db01312323e322c026bfJ. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 913717 - Fix placeholder text for hosted apps. r=paul
dc1cc7a33ec99248a914249d39aeb6414ee39462Paul Rouget — Bug 913947 - this.elementStyle is undefined. r=mratcliffe
3a1473495b2f3d4edf41d41a07f82b83c919f36dPaul Rouget — Bug 913949 - this.touchEventHandler is undefined. r=mratcliffe
60a1b9e1762574098a5ac25315a5004933496a4cPaul Rouget — Bug 914110 - Land Simulator.jsm r=khuey
481195916b0ebdade2e3ad67b63b7a9064ab9e23J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 914729 - Use new URL with App Manager menu item. r=paul
2f11fad2f3070b0d1ea93d8585dbe1261d713d2cRyan VanderMeulen — Merge b2g-inbound to m-c.
988953e0c2080e3e829666239e2455015a6b6e27Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 912144 - Use the composition bounds instead of the viewport for hit testing. r=BenWa
ce483735e803a650b37b8a334271b304bca93c1dKartikaya Gupta — Bug 912806 - Special-case the resolution behaviour on Fennec to work around other bugs. r=tn
1002b028b6c4dbed76528685ff649d9327ea1cc1Botond Ballo — Bug 912806 - Store both cumulative and non-cumulative resolutions in FrameMetrics and use whichever is appropriate. r=kats
10275ce5c76e4e6e1991a7d3978058ce04b7d976Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
2d38a1453c3d7e3ee6cb4dc54b5220fa5049356bVicamo Yang — Bug 910568 - WebTelephony: move DOM classes to namespace mozilla::dom. r=khuey
db0a833aee39db7c72f266a193d1583a388a08b3Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 914327 - Mach command for b2g mochitests should handle test_path better, r=jgriffin, DONTBUILD, a=NPOTB
fa066cc5c1f99157656baa3610941348631cf91cVicamo Yang — Bug 875013: Eliminate VPATH usage in dom/mobilemessage. r=joey
6e5cdc0ba2e7753fbb1787bb46a45026bb279dc9Jed Davis — Bug 810526 - Add an implementation of ARM EHABI stack unwinding for the profiler. r=BenWa r=huseby
887e6d05d1d55210fc3e033daa2ee066c2dcda60Jed Davis — Bug 810526 - android-signal-defs.h must include signal.h for stack_t. r=bgirard
2946b16d28524e71a3fdf50a5e6542f1e1d99117Jed Davis — Bug 810526 - Add multiple-include guard to android-signal-defs.h. r=bgirard
75f5cb9165605ae976bb8e1af3b11d614158f3ceJed Davis — Bug 810526 - Factor out native/pseudo stack merging. r=bgirard
a1ec4f620cfe421b38608c28e0a63cb5d4ae2bb9Jed Davis — Bug 810526 - Add stack top to Thread{Info,Profile}. r=bgirard
4e104eb0e38198d7de054512c27642a67a15e707Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
e20f0978e31e8806bd1348b07cbcde1505b3a58eBenoit Jacob — Bug 912725 - Do the registration of the TextureHost with the mBuffer exactly when we overwrite *mBuffer, so that in particular we don't do a bogus registration in the single-buffered case - r=nical
4bfa4535f72de82bf72c7bf8caba50b0fe1a68e1Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia-central revision(s)
4711cf3dac2d48561ddd16672a3d5495be9b2669Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
787feb7772d259c6c65133ef475c0c1307ff4882Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
c46812da6058a2a4b089be733abe6ffd491f72b8Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 3 gaia-central revision(s)
bf49534381e08a8ba499f490d8e77bfd3b9f21fcGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
cd1db63862bc788f7f3b7e3bc932b73adc5ef1f3Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 3 gaia-central revision(s)
d980531c46bc9255c4efb3fe7b2a615151f82b03Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
62d7bb5181313995039d7db4adf07d278a545f98Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
b9a2db91cfb23b3e6ef322fc4224c41345285b6eGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
1f3062a59abb61102177a5f0f7d5888b979e9c1fGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
6372efd4b8356b4e113adbef6adf01f69eea598fSzu-Yu Chen [:aknow] — Bug 914571 - Avoid overwriting the marionette loglines. r=jgriffin
cfb005bc3debb8dd99e4eb13eda14ce22c9525d4Martijn Wargers — Bug 914089 - b2g.json cleanup and reorder, part 3. r=jmaher
ecc322e666c8074294ff3febd6e9177e0bfcc78aAntonio M. Amaya — Bug 900553 - Close the file after hashing. r=fabrice
56ec76b4037bf7b99ec15609ed8026b75c5216e1Antonio M. Amaya — Bug 900553 - Unit tests for updating apps. r=fabrice, r=ferjm
e00feb59df108fa2576a333d70db6732575de85dAntonio M. Amaya — Bug 900553 - Install the modified manifest when updating a packaged app with an unmodified package. r=fabrice
a96f92dc00881f9d78e4c81504c2a77909c4b61eAlan Huang — Bug 914728 - Make ProcessPriorities/OomScoreAdjusts and KillUnderMB two different sets and enlarge OomScoreAdjusts. r=gsvelto
0ca11e6227504f5a32c3306c67390fac3e009eb5Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 6 gaia-central revision(s)
c7f55c753f1aecee82795ffac07690b048d1bf1dGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia-central revision(s)
7b7a30d10bda8ce1bd87556e6ca1a126f8d4f4e7Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
2f896264f9690850bf95c6ce511a07295aa5acd8Gina Yeh — Bug 900880 - Remove unused system messages, r=echou
45cc2a754f496af026eaf623380bba606d246123Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 3 gaia-central revision(s)
9fd351ee50b7126921371bbd79b94611865678cdGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
7940f317643d59a1db5f08c9fd7d8a6d0e1eb742Yuan Xulei — Bug 912340 - Add the manifest's 'role' property to mozIApplication. r=fabrice
3e66d6106662dc93fa4230441c2877c96c1957eeChuck Lee — Bug 882985 - 0002. Test case for CDMA information record decoder. r=vicamo
cccdb7f084a40ce98d927e40a2560569378148ffChuck Lee — Bug 882985 - 0001. Receive CDMA information record and send system message. r=vicamo
564f0718eefe0f22949bcb28df74eec588a6eb9aFabrice Desré — Bug 912612 - Add a timer dedicated to apps update when system updates are disabled. r=etienne,vingtetun
2ba79e21c3ca8d5ba1824298804e3aa62358cef2Ed Morley — Bug 897009 - Mark 488685-1.html as now passing on Android; r=jfkthame
b13198d878cd48dc8e96a33a41ba4ba3f0f540a2Carsten "Tomcat" Book — merge mozilla-central to b2g-inbound
0dadc8a76f272afd60976e1f1cebda9c7d01a797Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 7 gaia-central revision(s)
b4db1fd8fe7ef09abdf0feebe0c467f1ab8f607dGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia-central revision(s)
902b43c8d95efa8befd557c29885756b81628278Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
78ddef44e87185b4e13fcdd455b48fdf59322aa4Michael Wu — Bug 897009 - Update default Gonk fonts, r=jfkthame
a2ad883067755bce1d5a20d6d59273e1d460d6edGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia-central revision(s)
b254e487f19ecd7791b47fbb93da47658e77dcc6Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
8ca9a823fc2c74e047121e6d358fb32d7e2bfb92Gina Yeh — Bug 914175 - Reply error when no profile is connected, r=echou
162f05aec17a2b535e5f68aa752781ae84aecbe4Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge inbound to m-c.
c5fd139db7816f91eaa83b35dc0eb227d12d90cbRyan VanderMeulen — Backout changeset 2766d0ee65c5 (bug 903802) to fix bug 906378.
67646b378722991ff609e79b0f7d8a091b54bc74Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out 7 changesets (bug 906088) for robocop failures on a CLOSED TREE.
a253c1d6429358471558b3cf261cbeb2a82c52b6Wes Johnston — Bug 903327 - Use device pixels per css pixel when calculating default font sizes. r=kats
add6b8c0a28f522b4042cb00599145451fe49df4Bobby Holley — Bug 856437 - Remove same-compartment permissive Xray machinery. r=gabor
b8d0c4f361271213b7f52afa53307479a24aab12Bobby Holley — Bug 856437 - Remove lookupMethod API. r=gabor
f15dd36f13bf665a970701c4f697acc6884dcc30Bobby Holley — Bug 856437 - Remove LookupMethod test coverage. r=gabor
e5c5ed79a6187d5cc4bc86e975fa94142407c6bdWilliam Chen — Bug 903285 - Add referent count reporting to pref service memory reporter. r=njn
1707044faf4b5e3e4ae8a57bbb2c8c77594d703aNeil Rashbrook — Bug 914547 Ensure the DirectX headers can be found when necessary r=jgilbert
727213fcc7474832d144f1f8b742ca4d85473823Ethan Hugg — Bug 901560 - Interim fix of datachannel ICE components to be compatible with old and new versions r=abr
86ffabbadeb66a7918ea6da7a465797b335f7b57Luke Wagner — Bug 915167 - Don't create helper threads when GetCPUCount() == 1 (r=bhackett)
4299c9aa391bb3e4f3cb25fbe04f998605eb1b7eJim Blandy — Bug 914792: Remove ignored 'new-compartment' argument to newGlobal JS shell builtin. r=luke
a368b28a51e945bd9d35be276383ae3ffc967f0cVladan Djeric — Backed out changeset 78f1f02b6b36 (bug 907926) for TART regressions
1eede7e170a7c74ed141f296e1a6db917a306561Vladan Djeric — Backed out changeset a2f85a996314 (bug 907926) for TART regressions
e42f0bf501e02c559a2d50890a736d9b456e6065Vladan Djeric — Backed out changeset b5d9ee3b3538 (bug 907926) for TART regressions
1aaa574b386378b21c44b6541e1fccfd8c5a1568Vladan Djeric — Backed out changeset a8e569516f31 (bug 907926) for TART regressions
ea9ee28a3654decf5dc1e3bdc8f1aad8ba4988b2Vladan Djeric — Backed out changeset 091d82cb377e (bug 907926) for TART regressions
a84c41a86bc43a7c45f918fb83cb6968558cd8e2Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 909281 - Add some strongly-typed conversion functions for margins and use them in RecordFrameMetrics. r=BenWa
4ae62dbb782bfe59fae7700a15c2dae3b7cde063Eddy Bruel — Bug 906963 - Add extra tests and review suggestions from jimb that I missed
c5b4781bd9187cf4877f867146bef4df917009afNathan Froyd — Bug 906088 - part 6 - update tests to use the new API; r=kats
a498d1641c16572cd4cefcb4c179d416c911ee59Nathan Froyd — Bug 906088 - part 5 - send preference requests to JS through JNI and XPConnect rather than JSON; r=blassey,mfinkle
fcff9ef5cf7df6e2ff84de94fe6bc08162fc38d9Nathan Froyd — Bug 906088 - part 4 - refactor browser.js's getPreferences function into a JSON frontend and a "raw" backend; r=mfinkle
cf1603d47f6c83f41d661a6f7979aa51fc16cafbNathan Froyd — Bug 906088 - part 3 - add Preferences events to AndroidGeckoEvent; r=blassey
8671264a5aaad843a4330cd15e991f51b45f17beNathan Froyd — Bug 906088 - part 2 - factor out reading an nsString from a Java string in AndroidJavaWrappers.cpp; r=blassey
01d6b977021f32b9607728a986b1b252d9449bf3Nathan Froyd — Bug 906088 - part 1b - add ArrayList getPrefs method to PrefsHelper; r=bnicholson
2910cc092c19c915fb87817b06bd9d2beb09779cNathan Froyd — Bug 906088 - part 1 - pass String[] to PrefsHelper.getPrefs wherever possible; r=blassey
94b0dd8ead0fcf07c20ae384003e4490156e4674Alexander Surkov — Bug 899433 - Accessibility returns empty line for last line in certain cases, r=tbsaunde
496b55259bbbb5989f1188df220e3b26b4349448Terrence Cole — Bug 912813 - Do not store an unrooted object in CompartmentOptions; r=bholley
09861acec08eb272564b540bec59ead3f853f352Joey Armstrong — bug 869135: move ASFILES to mozbuild r=gps
07dafead9048be8c3be1e9a37211c0bf56c1d4b5Andrea Marchesini — Bug 911213 - Implement new promise constructor, r=bz
e0da7141fa0470a444d31b2900516465ec0b8ee6Soumya Deb — Bug 914713 - change default timeout for wait_for_port to 30 seconds, r=mdas
db83498e31f030c93579d019b628e0b8ce803d62Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out 10 changesets (bug 914944, bug 871445) for mochitest failures on a CLOSED TREE.
3d9f3a2e90f4085844108ff59711cc0420cd35d5Dan Gohman — Bug 910796 - SpiderMonkey: Micro-optimize clampIntToUint8. r=mjrosenb
14ade51fe8bae470a023aca6b97961e7fc81de3fJoel Maher — Bug 914228 - remove rafx suite from talos. r=armenzg
a840638b5b1828ddb716ca191e2a5605d9c21985David Zbarsky — Fix wrong include paths for Bug 914944, r=me
f40c7d5790bd2f7e03a85c29d51985c938e30746David Zbarsky — Bug 914944 - Move PowerManager to mozilla::dom r=Ms2ger
bc729c5726bb7f07071e38be62dd8135dbfd4f3dJonathan Griffin — Bug 915014 - Define Ci if needed, r=jmaher
5f4d6a6d849f9ec86f5442693f6d0a5bf4a16673Nathan Froyd — Bug 914293 - ensure can cope with a nonexistant DW_AT_ranges; r=glandium
b713e1beae2273dc02863adc9f44787ba156bd67Brian Hackett — Bug 914098 - Add needed unknownObject() call, r=jandem.
2a19516ee70081fb9fee8799c08243513815c6b5Kaizhen Li — Bug 912908 - Build xpcom/sample as shared library. r=joey
e08f432b9bab78e024595d3021df278b3714b349Patrick McManus — bug 903484 - dont close spdy sessions with preferred entry if they can't actually coalesce yet r=hurley
83075b26f91b7dc0207f837c79c175154e5dfb44Andrea Marchesini — Bug 848294 - Update MessageEvent to be compatible with the spec, r=bz
e1b288e29663599e4979415210b08e7d538681f2Andrea Marchesini — Bug 871445 - patch 8 - DataStore: disabled by default, r=ehsan
6242ddf7b6c7d2078d870625ca2c4d9cd79fe5b5Andrea Marchesini — Bug 871445 - patch 7 - DataStore: WebIDL porting
7679185a8cf33567184fcb0e9b8d651c44852255Andrea Marchesini — Bug 871445 - patch 6 - DataStore: getLength and arrays in get(), r=ehsan
639ec7a627f89c9fa287537137418fc8c6ec2933Andrea Marchesini — Bug 871445 patch 5 - DataStore: onchange, r=ehsan, r=bent
93b050a79db4b5b18598ddc9be2927becde21d8cAndrea Marchesini — Bug 871445 - patch 4 - DatAStore: permissions, owned/access, r=mounir, r=ehsan
ec3382ceef99f527916f270e95ba0a58af8ddbe2Andrea Marchesini — Bug 871445 - patch 3 - DataStore: getChanges + revisionID, r=ehsan, sr=mounir, r=bent
51c0d52303062436f39440ccee6fc28d244c8f82Andrea Marchesini — Bug 871445 - patch 2 - DataStore: basic functions, r=mounir, r=bent
76c9069bdb56ce4619e8607fc3e5f596291185a4Andrea Marchesini — Bug 871445 - patch 1 - DataStoreService and getDataStores(), r=mounir, r=fabrice, r=ehsan
03174045ef8d72ab2a0486e656c988bb3644951dDan Gohman — Bug 910823 - Constify static js::Class/JSClass instances. r=waldo
fed748b27845500f2fcf35d8b0fcde767b53d843Dan Gohman — Bug 910823 - Factor out the code for casting from a JSClass* to an nsXBLJSClass* into a helper function. r=waldo
42a4dec61095504a0287a80741e6a5dfb83e5b9aDale Harvey — Bug 900638 - Specify input source when generating mouse events. r=kats
7dd0ddad04601d33a36d1ccc9d7740abcc642952Axel Hecht — bug 907146, update for metro, f=flod
e6a358389a6064b454e373324fe933f9fe16de3bTed Mielczarek — bug 913173 - fix xpcshell-test --debugger on OS X. r=gps
ab26dc7677f9437cec4802f5291a3cf3159d03c1Carsten "Tomcat" Book — merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
bf6bfb9a52aa13423390bcf5295929e266e752f6Dan Gohman — Bug 885169 - Reverse the default register allocation order so that low registers like eax on x86/x64 are preferred over high registers. r=h4writer
211b9c5a464d1d1fadbae033d42c8f5e97cf8b87Jan de Mooij — No bug - Fix Ion bug exposed by followup patch for bug 913424. r=efaust on IRC
6203c90cab31d5042fafaa9998ed4023723228e4Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 913253: assertFloat32 function + tests for IonMonkey; r=nbp
8621bdc408416276a715164dc7c7f7f14cfaaaf4Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 900257: Inline Math.fround in IonMonkey; r=sstangl
c5d3d7e8a990ae5fa32e1a0dfb5b049f1bfad65bJan de Mooij — Bug 911370 part 2 - Don't leak an invalidated IonScript when handling an exception. r=djvj
ab1b3bfa01d7e63d5adc29ff398ca73754fa6bcbJonathan Kew — bug 915019 - enable support for SVG-in-OpenType fonts by default. r=roc
ab7da1011bf23a3011e2d842ac83cfb0204508e3Jan de Mooij — Bug 913424 followup - Fix ComputeThis result typeset to fix sunspider browser crash. r=bhackett
9fbdf3af5febe125108f48e3cbe2870fc43f27edJason Duell — Bug 898156 - crash in thumbnail generation @ mozilla::net::FTPChannelParent::OnStartRequest r=mcmanus
6f22b81ed9b44458fc19951b3a448fd802395cb6Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 914508 (attempt 2) - Move more stuff out of inlines.h/-inl.h files, and remove some unnecessary #include statements. r=terrence.
aa3655d26fcef0da62cc89e2a8aea4fb0aea4094Neil Rashbrook — Bug 914609 Consistently use plugin placeholder anonymous element anonids r=jaws
4cf68e5c75ca54cabc3a2b182b2c7bda0c1baafeJonathan Kew — bug 875329 - reftest for use of transforms within SVG-in-OT glyphs. r=heycam
fd077e283f6a22e024ab2076963b1e6967ec3996Jonathan Kew — bug 875329 - don't ignore transforms when rendering SVG-in-OT glyphs. r=heycam
3fe9649ebd84b0a4bdefc1321172ada924cb4372Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 910517 (3rd attempt) - Remove nsIMemoryReporter, and rename nsIMemoryMultiReporter as nsIMemoryReporter. r=mmcr8.
6b80e6b1fea2fdd81a73dd74984f8561d51fb861Wes Johnston — Bug 914381 - Implement MozGetFullPathInternal for multipart files. r=khuey
51e53d9ad8f3c8cb4ae088a9fe96af0864b2d81cNicholas Nethercote — Bug 914464 - Update used by Talos. r=jmaher.
246ad6d960f4527f5a400c794a3d2fcebef04278Jan Varga — Bug 785884 - Trying to fix Windows XP Opt build bustage by clobbering the tree.
ecfd306e73fc0f22783cdf8d3f0411984c93b292Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset 45975a811207 (bug 914508) for Android 2.2 NoIon build bustage
b04f8cdcd8f430a15b6661b363eaf7948ab83433Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 914981: Inline Sqrt even if the input is a Float32; r=mjrosenb
f948eaac8cfa508e76828b2a31a497904407a852Boris Zbarsky — Bug 914434. Pass a function to a method that expects one instead of passing undefined. r=ehsan
d378ffc8749215232fe89f73ad5613d9b645dbc8Boris Zbarsky — Bug 914444. Deal with groupItem() being called after our GroupItem has been uninitialized. r=ttaubert
9e1c03f7953a4135db1660640bfd887ca18ed49cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 914450. findElementWithViewId can throw if it finds nothing, so be careful to catch that exception. r=bbondy
091d82cb377ec83bcd661c4fdbb889c3da7cce28Matt Woodrow — Bug 907926 - Enable azure cairo content for windows. r=nrc
a8e569516f3199dbe85f7c09fe4e1b367746623eMatt Woodrow — Bug 907926 - Use the ClientArea when initializing the draw target in nsWindowGfx. r=Bas
b5d9ee3b353897324fb5c0b84c8710025f9e9a9bMatt Woodrow — Bug 907926 - Avoid pushing a group if we can in DrawTargetCairo::DrawSurface. r=Bas
a2f85a996314529e2054e0a9bb1353244aa5104fMatt Woodrow — Bug 907926 - Don't ignore the composition operator in the Azure paths through ThebesLayerBuffer. r=roc
78f1f02b6b360a537451274aa1a7f95284a77cd2Matt Woodrow — Bug 907926 - Add support for windows surfaces in DrawTargetCairo size lookup. r=Bas
8734ea74053b8cbcce4085cd1b6972e80b30b600Jan Varga — Bug 785884 - Implement support for temporary storage (aka shared pool). r=ehsan, r=bent
45975a8112078e3a80c57de34f3bcfebdd2ef031Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 914508 - Move more stuff out of inlines.h/-inl.h files, and remove some unnecessary #include statements. r=terrence.
5b9ad615d2e1b47011dd28a1fbdad4a8eced5e01Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 52218c11ec89 (bug 887819) for reftest failures.
52218c11ec898abadac27c163e567a174ff51cbdBrad Lassey — bug 887819 - Investigate using the tiled layers backend, turn on tiles for b2g r=gal
5417e5da2cebc0d34ccc05b16be513b5d8a01e55Carsten "Tomcat" Book — merge fx-team to mozilla-central
88a9034541fd6191d2ec741e09fc2b37fb7ce1dfMark Hammond — Bug 899908 - remove ability for a social worker to reload and reconnect ports. r=mixedpuppy
dd627cf60b9e24ad08d2ef026e571b1559b013bfWes Kocher — Backed out changesets 28df44ca24f3, 6a5406d79364 (bug 906134) for m-bc bustage
181c7727f08b9799c80cbc985d460aa817673817Mark Hammond — Bug 910563 - gracefully handle the thumbnail process crashing. r=adw
51fbc6fcec35a1a9de86d478ab2f7029e1028d12Tim Taubert — Backed out changeset 4c2ec5c33ea9 (bug 911146)
28df44ca24f34269b04060d023255bf7016920aaFelipe Gomes — Bug 906134 - Implement tests for the DownloadImport module. r=paolo
6a5406d79364e06cc7dcc8e07620cf438b8b6b0bFelipe Gomes — Bug 906134 - Fix downloads' startTime serialization. r=paolo
4c2ec5c33ea95181b2e9ae0592969aaaa28550daTim Taubert — Bug 911146 - Add nsIAppStartup attribute to tell whether the app was restarted; r=bsmedberg
df6621bc6442b37ba837b41894d7ed8dc7119c17Manish Goregaokar — Bug 767313 - Merge the Tabs category into the General category in in-content preferences. r=Unfocused
8bceed557a76fe0af34ebec67588e848ecfda13fChenxia Liu — Bug 912510 - Part 2: Update base tests to use Conditions. r=gbrown
3500cc14c4a1d5bbdded4f2342dd8d1b434ad6a8Chenxia Liu — Bug 912590 - Part 1: Update base tests to use new Robotium 4.2 APIs for View fetching. r=gbrown
150bd140c640741103e8806f934e9f7f30702355Jonathan Wilde — Bug 892240 - Add tests for trimming and formatting of the URI r=jimm,sfoster
cdc016c22761a88039747c324f42f08c47df68bbMarco Castelluccio — Bug 912301 - Exit fullscreen mode if the user navigates to an off-origin url. r=myk
8a0b5eb332ff958338e5a6bf8e57eff2ff5830feMarco Castelluccio — Bug 777428 - Make it possible to debug webapps running in desktop webapp runtime. r=past
9e9f74116749a2326dc275304871f03d0fd8a034Carsten "Tomcat" Book — merge b2g-inbound to mozilla-central
3b8ed705501ae048b3e41b120208f37426d06f29Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
f9f89c2540ce84c957f3f7d092165224e2923b1fGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
b54ac799b7f171f529367cffe74a359a9eaf7c81Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
204d98726f64ae0ac66395dc1a88c953803c7c00Dimi Lee — Bug 870704 - [Buri][Shira-49020] There is no option to configure a proxy for WiFi connections. r=vchang, sr=mrbkap
c4d0fe0b9769b4cfce1f9badd79ccea046ca3d72Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
4425ac178b1550aff395ffad8b3899cb97b23347Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
f9e8e8ce552c866f3ca3212f6c0c4fad9184021cPhil Ringnalda — Bug 522515 followup, remove the crashtest assertion annotations that are no longer true
315cc4fb111abb92e2474d6247ed2526f4a2def7Phil Ringnalda — Back out 9e5d584bc36c (bug 711180) for unexpected passes
b728368079870a57026c78df1d01f4ae87086b84Benoit Girard — Bug 914656 - Annotate the compositor thread for profiling. r=jrmuizel
6bff7c02787437de820aca17bcdb26b8a9fe0e82Jim Blandy — Bug 914753: Remove 'Mode: js2' markers from DevTools JavaScript files. Emacs has better ways to select the file's mode. DONTBUILD r=dcamp
8598b710e416f879a16cd1717ed19e937dd4c90eMakoto Kato — Bug 914567 - Cannot build directshow code by VS2013RC. r=cpearce
3a838a676e7c9c8f89d9737243e6a5180c593de4John Daggett — Bug 522515 - omit null urls from inclusion in userfont src descriptor array. r=dbaron
385b4f188abde6357b73fcfeab53db72d10eb339John Daggett — Bug 901845 - add a pref to specify the max entries in a word cache. r=jfkthame
f0b437a5bb5a2746c10530214f291e76b88ee4abJohn Daggett — Bug 901845 - add a pref to specify the length limit of words in word caches. r=jfkthame
98a74c28ee4d5c4aa90c16e662d12868f2325bbfSteven Michaud — Bug 892547 - Sheets on Mac don't have a default option selected. r=enndeakin
4f571670f8645d7392365cd75d3f035513f20a51Chris Kitching — Bug 914760 - Generate less debugging code. r=rnewman
5f5b6750d49d6b90dad066966f16d49221dcb812Chris Kitching — Bug 914760 - Delete existing generated uncessary debugging code. r=rnewman
ea05a04019d8a3484c7f8e489c6ca38713b176f1Benoit Jacob — Bug 912974 - Add two missing include guards. r=bjacob
9b69c26b9dc24fd94efbe7ec3f897635a0fe3207Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 908740 - Reject obviously bogus STUN and TURN candidates. r=ekr
9e5d584bc36c0c09d9298ae05c9a6b9a53fbbcaeMichael Shuen — Bug 711180 - Ignore whitespace in atob. r=Ms2ger
9b4a6ac7f7e729d64260e31b5c0e866d56ce623fRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
aa67ba538e9f92b3c55700c35d058f145cbead58Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset 7412a3a5f4cc (bug 914498) for bustage
0f03efa6263d7c1d76c9725e4e0d94f6e51e90f9Mark Finkle — Bug 888335 - Remove support for iGoogle/Reader from feed subscriptions r=bnicholson
c856007f844e5793077dc1e4cf62d8e875ea0682Geoff Brown — Bug 912519 - (2) Minor refactor of testSettingsMenuItems; r=liuche
380a028c1a60edc10bab98fb8fef1bc857014d95Geoff Brown — Bug 912519 - (1) Update robocop testSettingsMenuItems to allow for partially obscured menu item; r=liuche
057ef596d743e8de54ad812462edebbe98813652Gregory Szorc — Bug 913276 - Only install terminal-notifier on OS X 10.8+; r=ted
322e3797b68bfa76bf2866879b29f301209ad59bGregory Szorc — Bug 914704 - Add WebIDL headers to dist/include install manifest; r=glandium
3f2c2521a7ae4c9a46bf1ef783027a7b0d4aeb0aGregory Szorc — Bug 914500 - Upgrade virtualenv to 1.10.1; r=mshal
4fdd3cddee3ae16f85f96071d1e4252d686069dcWes Kocher — Backed out changeset bdcd192bda52 (bug 880067) for bustage
20de45e5a35e55a51fc3f54996824c327624d544Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset d0a0127e099e (bug 880067)
e370a6d8e8cec9d3f35764f7cc110ac6b595b10aDaniel Holbert — (no bug) fix comment typos: s/incompete/incomplete/, s/th/the/
5766073a1f62fb95b04e6067ef144560a4c10ef9Andrew McCreight — Bug 913666, part 5 - Rename aListener to aManualListener. r=smaug
8d949fc41ef17ade910f6e58761e35e4f88a9d83Andrew McCreight — Bug 913666, part 4 - Sink free floating code from nsCycleCollector::Collect into BeginCollection. r=smaug
1dab5dad3be9b4b92c66661286627fcbfda8c438Andrew McCreight — Bug 913666, part 3 - Sink cycle collector listener selection into Collect. r=smaug
b7fb9b9c128340e13ff18b8816ed88b77bf6209dAndrew McCreight — Bug 913666, part 2 - Log cycle collector garbage at the same time we log roots. r=smaug
f083909509aedc2716ee94ee5b7f2ec777f21f53Andrew McCreight — Bug 913666, part 1 - Move cycle collector root logging into ScanRoots. r=smaug
4cb81ac52275ed9c819b001ceacd15d78b7b9db9Mike Hommey — Bug 912914 - Preserve targets and dependencies order when creating Makefiles with r=gps
55b09bed41221497e739830045a6ddf63a9532e0Brian Hackett — Bug 912719 - Notify debugger about scripts compiled off thread, report parse errors/warnings for scripts in XUL documents, r=billm.
d0a0127e099e03a7ff9ad32b8616260b19a09429Adam Roach [:abr] — Bug 880067: Fix bustage r=me
a512b89b44ebe2c006f40deb1a0dd59f4e73d485Eric Faust — Bug 913716 - Properly check for undefined setters in SetPropertyIC. (r=djvj)
7412a3a5f4cceea99d3677fd2526975f9198fd83Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 914498 - Minimize the #includes in accessible/src/base; r=tbsaunde
708477a47e2595878192c142a0376999b0d5aa6aDavid Zbarsky — Bug 912555 - DOMSVGPathSeg and subclasses don't need to inherit nsISupports r=Ms2ger
3f5a70095b1db19032848449ae40e0d53051643aDavid Zbarsky — Bug 911603 - Convert MozPowerManager to WebIDL r=Ms2ger
6db45ff38334372feacb051363f45c1180da90e9Olli Pettay — Bug 900904 - Support webidl-only generated events, r=khuey,gps
abf37dafb08ca9f89fb71d3ec9d281d2ba492265Olli Pettay — Bug 910910 - Enable Event ctors in workers, r=khuey
bdcd192bda52c7fceab99be7fe86eb63caabecc3Adam Roach [:abr] — Bug 880067 - Part 4: Video Conduit configuration for RTCP feedback r=ekr
f73bed2856a8eeae0dbeb395f50718cf7ec23942Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge inbound to m-c on a CLOSED TREE.
5a2ab286a97723a5000d45a1453243a746c78cadRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound on a CLOSED TREE.
3116abfc2f9578022809c2a555cd763ddbd73b7dChristian Holler — Bug 914174 - Fix nit in previous ASan patch. r=luke
4f3fe05d6dc8e151680efeed99149d9fd81e3104Christian Holler — Bug 914174 - Ensure JS standalone builds have the right ASan options. r=luke
efb5dda07b745080ba814af0544e29dc9b9edb58Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 508a916a482a (bug 914348) for suspicion of causing Linux mochitest-bc perma-orange.
1585fa81edfc8e8aa4880ec470efd12e5f2919f4Andrea Marchesini — Bug 913761 - Something is wrong when transferring MessagePort object via MessageChannel. r=smaug
03dbb211fd6b89f61c6e7dfd44d8545d178d741fMilan Sreckovic — Bug 913614 - When the input is invalid, skip the work as we won't get anything useful anyway. r=jmuizelaar
e77fba8de25f7a722aa2eda7a39f93380351f08dJames Kitchener — Bug 912981 - Make parser aware of view-source srcdoc status. r=hsivonen
9e473e727e962c5b0e70d794838101436479fc42James Kitchener — Bug 912981 - Expose srcdoc status in nsIViewSourceChannel. r=bz
67dfa713bd14f3b1b3fe061f0195c970f3765a78ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 912935 - Initialize mWALModeEnabled to false upon creation of DOMStorageDBThread::DOMStorageDBThread() and also reorder of access in an if-expression. r=mayhemer
4e8db3422a37c2a99de9941599e3b6a68433c81cRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 1a413186fb49 and 0f7c370491bf (bug 914174) for Linux debug mochitest-bc bustage.
db3e565b758635cc85b82069839b36afe444d05bNathan Froyd — Bug 912197 followup - fix B2G breakage, round 2; r=bustage
a405e2e0bef8d0edb12d22c15289aaaab3ad0579Daniel Holbert — Bug 911451: Refactor nsStringBuffer-to-nsString code into a helper-method, and invoke it instead of nsCheapString in one other place. r=dbaron
5f52bbf813be121c857176759d8a5299ba664829Nathan Froyd — Bug 912197 followup - fix B2G breakage from a bad rebase; irc-r=Ms2ger
7284c374c28d1333edd1b22873ef7d482d9ea6baKannan Vijayan — Bug 913978 - Fix over-tight assertions after enabling Baseline getter/setter calls for GETELEM/SETELEM ops. r=efaust
12141799ef109e6d03d47398d647d0f609c51183Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 914621 - #include OwningNonNull.h in BindingDeclarations.h; r=bzbarsky
08977d6b4bf19163ce52e6870156787c988af231Gregory Szorc — Bug 914394 - Handle WindowsError on non-Windows; r=ted
fb46afe7f48b31e86a5a78f2c0b7fa6ce25c9f2aAndrew McCreight — Bug 913881, part 6 - Measure weak map representations in the cycle collector graph. r=njn
a36c944c929ed44a0ca361743cab150eca1be7c6Andrew McCreight — Bug 913881, part 5 - Assert for freeing snow white during cycle collector scanning. r=smaug
d722282fdc4dde056610a04cb4db82c16e018aacAndrew McCreight — Bug 913881, part 4 - Change nsCycleCollector::ClearGraph to GCGraph::Clear. r=smaug
8ac551efe4e110a439212a70002807fa1b7e9bacAndrew McCreight — Bug 913881, part 3 - Fix argument name for GCGraphBuilder::AddNode. r=smaug
50f93200b17607796f95476e4e251310335af888Andrew McCreight — Bug 913881, part 2 - Make a bunch of nsCycleCollector methods private. r=smaug
431aa2871160c2498b0d6ee6bb84f74e5eb5aaa0Andrew McCreight — Bug 913881, part 1 - Remove unused method nsCycleCollector::Runtime. r=smaug
33e3cbca04379cc6c52356c5e10c4f8331790f0dAndrew McCreight — Bug 913527, part 3 - Check for collection in progress in Collect. r=smaug
41888e2e355d03b369e14a59084b01a44450fdaaAndrew McCreight — Bug 913527, part 2 - Remove empty CC graph optimization. r=smaug
c65a5025b50a820e9d438244d4e014e080d2119dAndrew McCreight — Bug 913527, part 1 - Get rid of FinishCollection. r=smaug
f937dc17e5ac87d6df73ff66b64293acccf839d8Brian Hackett — Bug 912152 - Improve mechanism for bailing out from Ion compilation of scripts with try-finally, r=jandem.
0979fdfd27176db326a7dd1afd9e41bc7ef1bc88Brian Hackett — Bug 913558 - Improve GGC store buffer threadsafe assertions, r=terrence.
2b76eb674066a5182e9be5e47365e41e70277636Andrew McCreight — Bug 914260 - Add review requirement to the error message in test_interfaces. r=bz
a90d8624e03ddc14e1cfe60b9b981aa8811e91f3Andrew McCreight — Bug 911829 - Separate main thread and worker cycle collector telemetry. r=smaug
f4804e82856f82089e9457b61dc3ee305c2ba535Andrew McCreight — Bug 911333 - Remove customTrace from bindings codegen. r=bz
21ffa9b97b6422df01fc6c0a40521bc1c95af298Andrew McCreight — Bug 909436 - Inline CycleCollectedJSRuntime::OnContext. r=bholley
69e2cfaac25eb1a174ffa5807eadab976e91d102Andrew McCreight — Bug 912747 - Change nsCycleCollectionHoldDrop.h to mozilla/HoldDropJSObjects.h. r=khuey
1a413186fb491eaf4de542356d10f45266cb7b29Christian Holler — Bug 914174 - Fix nit in previous ASan patch. r=luke
0f7c370491bf44c2434049972ac28010d5c0a4edChristian Holler — Bug 914174 - Ensure JS standalone builds have the right ASan options. r=luke
508a916a482a53d789477ce866e7cf2aeed0e2aeBenoit Girard — Bug 914348 - Name SamplerThread on linux. r=jld
e90fe3a1e259297b94bfcc63dee64dca574b50f2Nathan Froyd — Bug 912197 - part 5 - move over to; r=khuey
5b8391be568d48b5e8633977a8cf936ebf4945feNathan Froyd — Bug 912197 - part 4 - write out lists of WebIDL source files for dom/bindings/; r=gps
91ba20da3b79909dd5c8130a37517c6d9ab9eb88Nathan Froyd — Bug 912197 - part 3 - emit WebIDL objects during traversal; r=gps
1272d731770cc082aa98d6146f1d0aaefb3ac7abNathan Froyd — Bug 912197 - part 2 - add WebIDL variables to the sandbox; r=gps
dc86c80d01c05309daada4b95283dbf748fa35cbNathan Froyd — Bug 912197 - part 1 - add classes for WebIDL source files; r=gps
3ade0212edd0ecb9fedde60740a6c9202384d49bLuke Wagner — Bug 912589 - have JSRuntime::helperThreadCount() return GetCPUCount(), not GetCPUCount()-1 (r=bhackett)
074ec56640f6e1c213ce432831fd56fe1ef29b1cGeoff Brown — Bug 913627 - Update androidx86.json for a clean x86 run; r=jmaher
9aa9c1113d5e671c44db5675d33d6ac1b7b84566Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and inbound
e112a8245e294e13071e95d8fd06e29620f49c52Jan de Mooij — Bug 914132 part 4 - Fold |typeof object| if possible. r=bhackett
8c452ca6d4165f69c4dc0901fc6bf9753e58afb2Jan de Mooij — Bug 914132 part 3 - Inline |typeof object| if the input is known to be non-callable and does not emulate undefined. r=bhackett
61824642543ad2d21365f8a8e368686f452f9f69Jan de Mooij — Bug 914132 part 2 - Optimize typeof OOL VM call. r=evilpie
5fd5f21d4663d636fdcfdfba8dd10c268142048fJan de Mooij — Bug 914132 part 1 - MTypeOf should never be effectful. r=evilpie
ab0a4b4b9b1fd684cc38fe144782b5adb73a9985Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 6776e4836c04 (bug 907048) for marionette-webapi failures on a CLOSED TREE
19918a47a06f299b8a47f983db0eedde1d535c5eNicolas Silva — Bug 913821 - Fix the TextureHost linked list. r=sotaro
255093e2f430a62554a139327f479c5e9cbc9ce4Shu-yu Guo — Bug 914478 - Fix checking for error in setElemTryCache. (r=jandem)
4ab57d0318fff7d71ac795724939b6faeccf16a8Jonathan Watt — Bug 909467 - Put the StringBuilder in Element.cpp into the anonymous namespace to prevent anything outside that file from accidentally being linked against it. r=bz
ac51f4fe929947da50270ee743ab1387860301a2Jonathan Watt — Bug 907767 - Make HTMLInputElement::OpenDirectoryPicker dispatch progress events. r=smaug
0452b5b504d09cdb1882bd22effbdb960c84dde0Kannan Vijayan — Bug 905523 - On windows, incrementally touch large baseline frames before using them. r=efaust
2f406d02bf24557af3d463d885d1551da7eccf90Nicolas Silva — Bug 913821 - TextureID should be uint64 in the ipdl code. r=sotaro
097fd1744dfe0bc0670caee7dcd5846b38a268a9Carsten "Tomcat" Book — merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
d660739f74981545b16aeee25fae6a4bcb10bc8aJan de Mooij — Bug 913424 - IonMonkey: Handle JSOP_THIS primitive this case. r=bhackett
a2013b29212c12e298c6ca56895056a53b59be39Robert O'Callahan — Bug 907048 - Skip colorlayer if other opacity layer just covers the colorlayer region, r=roc
8ddd8c297814d7e928547ca0e97d3476cf2d584dPeter Chang — Backed out changeset 6776e4836c04
6776e4836c045ca1dc9125a0b815436f71a67470Robert O'Callahan — Bug 907048 - Skip colorlayer if other opacity layer just covers the colorlayer region
77cd72a836e60548db0ae4013fca6786f5ac8c8fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 913851 - Minimize the #includes in js/xpconnect; r=bholley
32e968bcba07e2296ea6ab9f9a7c20a939f5b025Gregory Szorc — Bug 914411 - Option to force mach build to use pymake; r=glandium
bd53e981282f9ed59ca35ce59776c2f94e9f6e7dWes Johnston — Bug 826325 - Handle preventDefault on mozbrowserwindowopen events r=bz
c38b60b9063e0c8d9121e9793ab669f20c260cd8Mike Hommey — Bug 914894 - res/values/strings.xml only depends on the res/values directory. r=gps
5e8290749d6079fd9bff462d9c37fde9704f60afMike Hommey — Bug 914374 - Fix buffer overflow in BCJ_X86_filter when the given buffer is too small. r=nfroyd
ccd82434a1fc51e077910da392a81b4cba2a1cfbRyan VanderMeulen — Merge fx-team to m-c.
bfb6901822f6c80b56634e79db50239769b43c08Mihnea Dobrescu-Balaur — Bug 912235 - Run exthandler xpcshell tests sequentially to get rid of intermittent failures. r=ted
86594e931122e6f3cd6f7555938df44ce5b8177eGuilherme Gonçalves — Bug 902145 - Ignore all speech events while aborting. r=smaug
27785ee9e9e0b7b5a7807e9ed82ed7f382bccd56Guilherme Gonçalves — Bug 902145 - Remove priority events, which were unused. r=smaug
c3384a3b42801dfecb3ea01e18dff554354a594cISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 914066 - Function declaration needs to be at the top-level. r=bsmedberg
6d8738e8dc7118fef4855c98127e58075a320b94Michael Comella — Bug 912524: Do not reinflate SuggestionOptIn ViewStub. r=bnicholson
2ea8259f7e39bbb3ca673e4c796d0a4e47e2c03eMihai Sucan — Bug 864152 - Fix for intermittent browser_webconsole_network_panel.js | uncaught exception - TypeError: imageNode or elem is null at resource:///modules/devtools/webconsole/network-panel.js; r=me
e7a6c3232f14630f9e868599eb10c7d1e02a75afMihai Sucan — Bug 902385 - Fix for intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | browser/devtools/webconsole/test/browser_bug_869003_inspect_cross_domain_object.js | This test exceeded the timeout threshold; r=me
ff8887d3a938d4f992d870b0cd59c02ce53fc39eMihai Sucan — Bug 902816 - Fix for intermittent browser_console_private_browsing.js | This test exceeded the timeout threshold; r=me
6f6bf27de9b51c7d96a69a7b8190468caee77797Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and fx-team
27d9c8816436bea08e5e6a2fcb6bf8251dc84f5cPaolo Amadini — Bug 908240 - Fix rounding bug in the test by adding a one second margin.
86fb0f0330c848ddf4ed81e8830575231718b9a1Paolo Amadini — Bug 908240 - Legacy downloads not executed by nsIHelperAppLauncher should be added to history. r=enn
94e489c3dc98f53b46235b5b8490e0481e9f4ef4Paolo Amadini — Bug 909022 - Mark all executables as coming from the Internet zone on Windows. r=enn
ce127f081ebff9025736174b467d04a277fc8eb0Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge b2g-inbound to m-c.
55425ee954861e1ff8a59711b7455501d98515bcGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
ae47eb6c9114d1fd1d9bfc77dd5ad837fc61757fGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
511d7aa49409a6f18f5199d20d6036947b9b3b3dAlexandre Poirot — Bug 893848 - Manifest properties aren't updated when installing apps multiple times. r=fabrice
6a8d3277faaf0a7dcc073075e8b3a14e9651153dAlexandre Poirot — Bug 832000 - Use unix domain socket file for devtools remote connection. r=jimb, r=vingtetun
16af6a5074b4506465a679c49d2f50d74f0eb03bpzhang — Bug 913343 - Rename ReplyRunnable -> FMRadioReplyRunnable. r=khuey
38d48d8323e3e8cc00bf4f5e23465109fb367442David Clarke — Bug 864621 - Create mochitests for the mozCamera. r=mikeh
980c155d507ead3929b3a67a379db8b4a041da82Hsin-Yi Tsai — Bug 908012 - B2G RIL: Add telephony marionette tests for conference call. r=vicamo
566aa5309ecc4b06588766e8dc4d2143e588ed8aVicamo Yang — Bug 909658: B2G emulator-x86 has no __NR_{recv,msgget,semget}. r=kang
2ddb84c86e88115afe9b3acde1d91539c46cd012Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
f304249f2cb2503d6932bf7b78fde007f14f3f43Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 6 gaia-central revision(s)
b952c1662ddc8531cbe1cf9bd243b8fc8c7fe9aeDave Hylands — Bug 883768 - Don't auto reboot when a pin-lock is active for a sim card. r=fabrice
c8c2895284fe43a6a5dd0c8dd6ebb0ca64d9a641Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia-central revision(s)
3eb0b1c660188dadaa97a227e1f5f04ec829e326Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
576142cafac3c94029f2c19b7e88469f7abf3fa9Kyle Machulis — Bug 910915 - Add capabilities for new notifications to B2G shell/alertservice; r=fabrice
114983525d73140b24380fee85bf3e32bea34174Kyle Machulis — Bug 910915 - Add notification ID field to AppNotificationService; r=fabrice
0e994d38fb3daaf18c54e710cfe0deb3f1e53e70Gene Lian — Bug 913777 - [Buri][SMS]When receive an SMS during handset locked,there is no notification. r=vicamo a=leo+
35eddbec2e4f295d3f8fddfe44651f5cae640348Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
2069cd16f42ef9be725f9c6e73a89c2a43b1c6dcHsin-Yi Tsai — Bug 914631 - B2G RIL: convertRILCallState is not defined. r=vicamo
ee527ae73c7bfad113e60e076e2efa9efb8a00adGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
d077a3c5720ef5ba024de09276cbe123d416c6cfGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
8193b16436123b2294aed787cca2c3fd2bbfd540Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
a7f6aea8fd9e8cd5e37c4e30baf82f0b9b9b61a2Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia-central revision(s)
54deb3e1d3961c88d5a355532b7f66dbf921eabfGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
efc53394043e9f6492a3ae75640c5c5e2bbcfe26Brad Lassey — bug 887819 - Investigate using the tiled layers backend, create pref to enable tiles r=BenWa
4d152d0220bea5f414c391231fbf2e28d77d8880Brian R. Bondy — Bug 893784 - Metro update shutdown sometimes doesn't respawn Nightly after update. r=jimm
a51560342d14604aa7505211e42c749eac77b9e4Brian R. Bondy — Bug 882142 - _postUpdateProcessing is not run after updates from Metro when Metro updates are disabled. r=rstrong
282aa46c82d145a91c9cbc227f59950cc28ebfc2Brian R. Bondy — Bug 882142 - Add an interface attribute to determine if the app is restarting. r=jimm
42411ca90ef300c5e80fd43896d78de974e2f2f2Brian R. Bondy — Bug 882142 - Initiate Metro app update requests via retarting the app like Desktop Firefox does. r=jimm
f8f04499e62a0acc9801655d35c3ca844e1322dcBrian R. Bondy — Bug 882142 - Respect app restart requests in Metro Firefox. r=jimm
2cf4ecefa258051a4aa87580a936a00e215cdb08Brian R. Bondy — Bug 882142 - Add support to CEH to restart Metro Firefox when it isn't running. r=jimm
225eb3f0434917485a84874148a5a2cb9063fc95Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
412c63a7c4be0dd27f4ee9ccdd304c19f604bacfGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia-central revision(s)
fb8d0088dde415ebe47a78599ce3610a5401ce89Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
3350d9e588bec225ab8c3f32ef1a9d502007a46eGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
5ff3a9163875f4dbe0936d1aab2c118474d0a8a2Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
14692f600f99f030e1a872c82cddf022d11f87c6Chris AtLee — Bug 913535: Update blobs for Leo builds. r=nthomas
e33614e3aea08388206b2636cf390921092d5ecdGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
36d500768a21f315e64988c204c10cb5393cdcc3Carsten "Tomcat" Book — merge mozilla-central to b2g-inbound
f353bb8650e7b937b2c4cf71ec1d9978466b4e10Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
d4ffdb3c2b076fec7118c955e63f133558ac1352Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
fb9818d0299bbd4d5910ecab6d566881452989faGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia-central revision(s)
2fa4379c691a8278a006899ad8f5cff52d4c6515Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
6a2fdd5ed6db06abdbb396b441c710e1818ef661Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
9e86eb0768bcc2b2aeeea671ab37c9b42a95a2ffGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
cc5b600110d1911ca70ce216ce893164ec06bb6eGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
680c89c761007e26015ac3450820d28463b97dffCarsten "Tomcat" Book — merge b2g-inbound to mozilla-central
28c292c41cb72a6c86b8a0c17dddfbb84e9e36feBen Tian — Bug 911986 - [HFP] Implement RilListener for voice connection and ICC info change, r=echou
d5802977fc329cf6df1a58ff6099cc55e1978017Gina Yeh — Bug 914076 - Send play status change event after pausing music, r=echou
9f9733d4c20eadae1a3246bd7684c1fcd48b23c6Carsten "Tomcat" Book — merge fx-team to mozilla-central
0fb2827d0d0af77843d63fef91be271227b6f3b8Phil Ringnalda — Bug 910563 backout followup, remove the other removed file from the makefile
a66653f84ac7de34db4f94c72b5db93a11517c30Mark Hammond — Backout b8a5df436404 (Bug 910563) for b-c failures
67329f8dfe7a138a20dda21c931cb3d6fcd95ec2Drew Willcoxon — Bug 912763 - Disable background thumbnails on Beta. r=markh
87f7da1e96632d6099c127bf5859417dd6a59865Sam Foster — Bug 909889 - Add guards around drag property access in CrossSlide. r=mbrubeck
b8a5df4364044fc83529005d87e798b6c9e0392eMark Hammond — Bug 910563 - gracefully handle the thumbnail process crashing. r=adw
dedfb60795aab1b72cf6264e2d1bd3f1011fba70Margaret Leibovic — Bug 911828 - Treat clicks on SearchEngineRows differently than clicks on TwoLinePageRows in BrowserSearch. r=bnicholson
41539c7111e0cebc2e0e8a2c66b4d5c2410ff3ceMark Hammond — Bug 913950 - close all existing ports on worker termination. r=mixedpuppy
23e8350ce32c4ef3d14e6955336360c8d21eef6dSam Foster — Bug 893763 - Notify of resuming downloads at startup. r=mbrubeck
ae42fd34f89300896906b6f568b3284e2975b4b0Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset 7d73a40c6ee9 (bug 909022)
94d10f159d3a42c636532a44fba7eb06fd1e2571Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset 493dd25e60c2 (bug 908240)
20b0a55f4f17c013b6eef5f5eeeb4abef28d2688Nick Fitzgerald — Bug 906249 - Refactor ThreadActor.prototype.onResume into a bunch of helpers so it isn't hundreds of lines long; r=jimb
2dc3f0600dce510dd29ecc5e98bc84502a08834bMark Capella — Bug 913756 - Text Selection Handles displayed from position in previously navigated screen, r=margaret
25bfaa9538928bc70683aea449dc25b6ece6d4d1Ms2ger — Merge last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
ea33604f6232a07d3e4be77718226d569490407fNicholas Nethercote — Bug 914032 (part 3) - Move a bunch more stuff out of -inl.h files. r=terrence.
ea1af870680c7ec875f0bce61c8541cc37a3b9d6Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 914032 (part 2) - Move a bunch of stuff out of -inl.h files. r=terrence.
c8175c00be1e28f7e4321d0f4caea8b5740a7b38Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 914032 (part 1) - Invert the dependency between vm/Shape.h and vm/ObjectImpl.h. r=terrence.
10cf3802dd80bc6e1b7e9688186d1a46470ff892Boris Zbarsky — Bug 914334 followup to make it build on Windows. r=bustage
3387d9c1005c36874687e339ae7c89d6606508a3Luke Wagner — Bug 913977 - OdinMonkey: mark modules as linked at the start of linking (r=dougc)
9ff0b038942a744de8737dfec091a5deebab6457Boris Zbarsky — Bug 913670. Give scripts evaluated via evalInSandbox 1-based line numbers. r=bholley
3524ab324d7c636cf19d9de1c9ac7b6c33811939Boris Zbarsky — Bug 914334. Change codegen to reflect EventListener as a WebIDL callback on workers. r=khuey
bdee33450e309d2c66bc4f45ff76fd49804d44d0Boris Zbarsky — Bug 912948 part 2. Add support for [Clamp] and [EnforceRange] on writable attributes. r=khuey
6355b308f147d1d05c754f462e87147256340e13Boris Zbarsky — Bug 912948 part 1. Add support for [Clamp] and [EnforceRange] on dictionary members. r=khuey
a3abf85dee117766589134c5ab61b66fde090b4aShu-yu Guo — Bug 899139 - Part 4: Refactor lowering byte registers for x86. (r=jandem)
8c7d2ec92d8b0a691e92f8caac72d74d6b8c28b8Shu-yu Guo — Bug 899139 - Part 3: Install SetElementIC for typed array writes. (r=bhackett)
12657c2feb9c73ab8a0a8e3e75014c301b9ca4e2Shu-yu Guo — Bug 899139 - Part 2: SetElementIC typed array stubs. (r=jandem)
e9370865aae020dd07f00216f17787d7b6288d85Shu-yu Guo — Bug 899139 - Part 1: Refactor value-to-int logic into IonMacroAssembler. (r=jandem)
afa6f48ffe9cad472abf4d40d498576152ed2345Jeff Walden — Bug 897678 - Make worker code stop using propertyops, as a step toward removing propertyops altogether. r=mrbkap
4db58a9366f1e71984a0f53cfccb6abdeb44e27cDouglas Crosher — Bug 913867 - OdinMonkey: correct heap access index folding of bitwise-and of zero, r=luke
1e15819af724ae710cfdfa9fa1ef408bcab4bfe6Chris Pearce — Bug 910897 - Use MP3FrameParser in DirectShow in order to calculate the duration. r=padenot
9f7c4970b7610607979c9081a8e07b5dcbed0662Neil Deakin — Bug 907062, resolve the promise if the popup is already open so that the test doesn't occasionally fail, r=paolo
5ec8ad37ff9637b9c20e8ef6dc6028004ed9e007Chris Pearce — Bug 913974 - Don't export moz_cairo_win32_printing_surface_create when printing disabled, to fix build error with ac_add_options --disable-printing. r=ted
97ee6915d2f4caa97153b9677ec11a259690c6a9Eric Faust — Bug 912316 - Ensure that Ion get ICs don't incur unwanted lookup-based side-effects. (r=djvj)
1b8cee26584d4093140ce4992010c08c80a54958Eric Faust — Bug 911708 - Check non-object Ion-specialized types statically in ICs. (r=bhackett)
dcd4c1b60d7fc976891db22f036d8f54db768f2bEric Faust — Bug 911707 - Don't cache JSPropertyOp setter calls on unwritable shapes. (r=Waldo)
39d27a8b3b3ae44416fe7819a1492ad1b186cf61Benoit Girard — Bug 913329 - Use CopySurface to draw to the screen using OMTC basic. r=mattwoodrow
a9010c9e50713353ff38bdff46391f8570bccb79Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 913853 - Remove enablePrivilege usage from tests for prompt. r=bholley
e9a2e269aa9e34fff22d6f1a71a2e281fb908304Tanvi Vyas — Bug 912817 - Add a new class for mixed display content loaded / active content blocked to differentiate it from the mixed display content loaded / no active content case. r=jaws
a43cf13bd6a653461d3987f775a4d1060d8d912fBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 888109: Float32 general optimizations for IonMonkey: framework and arithmetic operations; r=sstangl,nbp
4a6ac4c0ab583efad5e4854876e6088b37a2be38Tanvi Vyas — Bug 912817 - Backed out changeset 690752e6d8a3
9e90a0bf43fcdae7f98d00a933427db7832a2ddcWes Kocher — Backed out changeset 88fd66b4944c (bug 897221)
690752e6d8a336a55d5c86ab3328fa551edcc2efTanvi Vyas — Bug 912817 - Add a separate class for mixed display with active content blocked.
f33f92d540df9943d67a542febf83cd0c9b31c7fDan Gohman — Bug 910829 - IonMonkey: Include position numbers in the debug output for Phi nodes, to make them consistent with regular nodes. r=bhackett
81be63a2e9b118017488435347322a04995fb295Dan Gohman — Bug 910829 - IonMonkey: Print register allocation debug messages to stderr instead of stdout. r=bhackett
f2d3df7c6056e412e0c445a7d0085e0a03183c0dDan Gohman — Bug 910829 - IonMonkey: Misc regalloc code cleanups. r=bhackett
a9ccc26e524b000b6dbd6219d00129294e7961c6Daniel Holbert — Bug 914324: Add missing declaration of variable 'SocialStatus' to fix JS strict warning. r=mixedpuppy
2eb63267254ca6bc694a2f7f02ae612feeff46e5Nikhil Marathe — Bug 901291 - Get WebIDL callbacks working on Workers. r=khuey
57b393ac2cb4acf5dfbb24e458276a86cdb6ac08Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound on a CLOSED TREE.
3e5420f524254fbfb69e5942a585db1e9f17e7b0Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 39bba9d8dbac (bug 912589) for Android NoIon jsreftest crashes.
bc0791879342331cd92eff58d281ff6e1c153e60Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 913830 - Remove more unneeded #includes from the xpconnect IDL files; r=bholley
12690cda01487dbf72e628a1970d7855b7047bd1Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 910830 - Do not try to access a non-existent member of the test array in browser_observableobject.js; r=paul
ec56bbf4c57c55c9a5ff0fb7463d09732dcc9d31Scott Johnson — Bug 794693, part 2: Perform parent reflow state calculation at the box-block interface before setting up child reflow state to prevent crashing when a parent reflow state is assumed to be non-null. [r=dbaron]
ee3ddbc1a590af0fbbf567c29b9971e3aff4f389Scott Johnson — Bug 794693, part 1: Refactor nsHTMLReflowState constructor to allow initialization to be done by caller. [r=dbaron]
f8619c29da25146e46076e09d31576f150cbaeacPhilipp Wagner — Bug 913908 - Fix typo in about:license. r=gerv
44c54f58ce7dc69b70f15f7499e8b601df20419bJim Chen — Bug 897221 - Include nsIUpdateTimerManager in Fennec and B2G; r=fabrice r=mfinkle
a085fcd7822c65133982e3a4abd9bd675aa2d5c1Jim Chen — Bug 897221 - Schedule in main process and notify content processes of updates for B2G; r=fabrice
88fd66b4944c215a02e1974e0f59259d2ccc138aJim Chen — Bug 897221 - Add test for UserAgentUpdates.jsm; r=fabrice
a8711da4abee6109bd8d7aa1c8981b7bd0c2f51bJim Chen — Bug 897221 - Initialize UserAgentUpdates.jsm inside UserAgentOverrides; r=fabrice
d0938d3591a94c7bb3e222cf34c03246d2fc7a7aJim Chen — Bug 897221 - Add UserAgentUpdates.jsm; r=fabrice
59214bd5b8942e5024710685fe9e45f659bf1e56Jim Chen — Bug 897221 - Support JS objects and avoid negative delay in nsUpdateTimerManager; r=rstrong
8dc5604a4a880179fb4bf4f2e5e98a036561d936Gregory Szorc — Bug 913231 - Allow mach commands to easily dispatch to other mach commands; r=jhammel
bbb2f32dd205766763c9d38e8668062f7285027fGregory Szorc — Backout 2b3846b0c06c for bad bug number in commit message
8f055452c4d9eea4897dd2a9ea0ea9be58721592Gregory Szorc — Bug 860839 - Initial implementation of |mach test|; r=jhammel
84c2750c87366009a51a073306b2be442c0dbbb3Gregory Szorc — Bug 913241 - Support chunking mochitests from mach; r=jmaher
39bba9d8dbac46ba46285ee16aaf5cf638d61bacLuke Wagner — Bug 912589 - have JSRuntime::helperThreadCount() return GetCPUCount(), not GetCPUCount()-1 (r=bhackett)
12d7c0e889d150081d4b5baf6394a77532e078e6Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 908726. Add AppUnits.h so we don't need nsDeviceContext.h for AppUnitsPerCSSPixel(). r=ehsan
2fce3bcfb3c83e922f652175daa8ec0f292a8738David Zbarsky — Bug 767926 - Implement unions as member types of sequences or dictionaries for WebIDL r=bz
6bfbf7c7160eb9dabdec4013a36c9cd89029ebc1Neil Rashbrook — Backout of changes inadverently checked in with previous commit for bug 910899
ebebb890be3b87dfe0e7c977e3b42614be464964Neil Rashbrook — Bug 910899 followup to add an anonid overlooked the first time around r=jaws
a1bd3bb5a0ba0b09fdae8df4731ab426bb42bf5eHannes Verschore — Bug 909717: IonBuilder: Introduce typed typebarriers, r=jandem
057cd362da6900707ebf942839485deb8f772646Till Schneidereit — Bug 914162 - initialize lazy scripts before accessing their properties in jit::AnalyzeNewScriptProperties. r=bhackett
efc4235dd32d3adbc17163277437326f5558d806Kyle Huey — Bug 888347: Block worker creation at xpcom-shutdown. r=bent
b4fb1e007050550c8989b8a966c0a5b74390a816Daniel Holbert — Bug 914078: Increase Android-only max-fuzzy-difference from 4 to 5, for recently-added "position-sticky/top-3.html" reftest. r=corey
a38cf622cdc853fa0b399fdf0e955547aaf8d0f4Askeing Yen — Bug 891766 - Add gecko's git commit info in B2G build. r=gps
6318aa6aa84ac24e7664d15d3f7eda3bad98dd5fDaniel Holbert — Backed out changeset 1eaaa2592938 (Bug 891766) since it landed without a reviewer noted
1eaaa25929385ef20f03ffb145823c2ff91ebd25Askeing Yen — Bug 891766 - Add gecko's git commit info in B2G build. r=?
3ffdc887c562d791d1d509ca9aadbd0923cfdfa5Jim Blandy — Bug 847405: Ensure that evalInGlobal never creates frames with the 'FUNCTION' flag set. r=jorendorff
be1053dc223b5ee70f0ad2ab0cb7cfea9635ba7dMs2ger — Bug 914309 - Factor out fromMarkedLocation calls in Parser::objectLiteral() into a helper function; r=jorendorff
4fd64fc80694b08e2d7b309339a21a8f92aa1092Ms2ger — Bug 914048 - Reduce includes in CanvasRenderingContext2D.cpp; r=dzbarsky
e6a8b40cb9bd530608de816fa005ab464c7bbf55Ms2ger — Bug 913923 - Part c: Stop including BindingUtils.h in UnionTypes.h; r=dzbarsky
c762fde381a843b839b3be15a8f9c5821642e8e2Ms2ger — Bug 913923 - Part b: Move OwningNonNull into its own header; r=dzbarsky
e73983f4a10802a5f2e637422d40b69d743ba43bMs2ger — Bug 913923 - Part a: Move UnionMember into its own header; r=dzbarsky
6c061b718a6de40463866b1be41a80629cafdbabMs2ger — Bug 913953 - Part ab: Remove unused WriteInto function; r=ehsan
6d3ca3b813539bbd93dfca68a003e8b2ec393775Ms2ger — Bug 913953 - Part aa: Remove unused GetNonClientMetrics function; r=ehsan
7daf2ec505cda7b734565a52731db84e5176c6f7Ms2ger — Bug 913953 - Part z: Remove unused GetServicePackLevel function; r=ehsan
f4f37a20c5e5d830318aa716b5c2809e0dba949fMs2ger — Bug 913953 - Part y: Remove unused AddAccessToKernelObject function; r=ehsan
1b5ecb6ba471e4c37c732f9ff9b8f529c65fa116Ms2ger — Bug 913953 - Part x: Remove unused GetUserSidString function; r=ehsan
ad2cf63c716f26734166d5fe4f957adef7544576Ms2ger — Bug 913953 - Part w: Remove unused GetLogonSessionOnlyDACL function; r=ehsan
3c5cf284cbb2801d157541103bd462fa22a74f99Ms2ger — Bug 913953 - Part v: Remove unused HWND subclassing functions; r=ehsan
f3fbd500d4760feba2f5c3d3febaff32e8ebdc7cMs2ger — Bug 913953 - Part u: Remove unused HWND user data functions; r=ehsan
3f44070cab660500c2c6f23bd31113ade161b57aMs2ger — Bug 913953 - Part t: Remove unused HWND creation/destruction functions; r=ehsan
1bdcbc9cd60cd41d714e0f40281bb58f4698c65eMs2ger — Bug 913953 - Part s: Remove unused UserAccountControlIsEnabled function; r=ehsan
424b6a293ad696d11eaa3c7b3a63bc6071a6db86Ms2ger — Bug 913953 - Part r: Remove unused GetClassName function; r=ehsan
ad53eef2175a1a2ef12084f16ce29bdca9640610Ms2ger — Bug 913953 - Part q: Remove unused MatchPattern function; r=ehsan
9d8cdcdc2c0b26901d29bf5034ebb4fe94011f1dMs2ger — Bug 913953 - Part p: Remove unused GetPagefileUsage function; r=ehsan
e66af6d88af5b611b14a870e28decd7c0c4396b8Ms2ger — Bug 913953 - Part o: Remove unused GetPeakPagefileUsage function; r=ehsan
7eaf68ee0c253846a5dcb881a5e8be0665f2bdc1Ms2ger — Bug 913953 - Part n: Remove unused GetWorkingSetSize function; r=ehsan
af2f22246cd7a75a712a9acf85bc73c587fd8aedMs2ger — Bug 913953 - Part m: Remove unused GetPrivateBytes function; r=ehsan
d5040d300dbaa1a8191a1a711c6947c4d78a5a5cMs2ger — Bug 913953 - Part l: Remove unused FreeMBytes struct; r=ehsan
734c93da99102a0033aa35c5e4ea9574b3a845adMs2ger — Bug 913953 - Part k: Remove unused GetCommittedKBytes function; r=ehsan
c00ba1829ba42ed1f06c641cc59d39c5c1d54514Ms2ger — Bug 913953 - Part j: Remove unused GetWorkingSetKBytes function; r=ehsan
2e9624b9aec15dc9fad811507e230d9fa645aba2Ms2ger — Bug 913953 - Part i: Remove unused ReduceWorkingSet and UnReduceWorkingSet functions; r=ehsan
02d635ad7b7c70f214e7b0a669bf3ea9481180eaMs2ger — Bug 913953 - Part h: Remove unused WaitForExitCode and GetAppOutput functions; r=ehsan
22c979082c03f5dd0e3d1aaae91abf11f75cadb5Ms2ger — Bug 913953 - Part g: Remove unused GetProcessCount function; r=ehsan
22000376331f563164af1899382ee9776436a505Ms2ger — Bug 913953 - Part f: Remove unused process cleanup code; r=ehsan
a5f01ace41b138f5d2b86154d53311dc3be826c1Ms2ger — Bug 913953 - Part e: Remove unused conversion code from CFStringRef and NSString; r=ehsan
5316beb6adb079670a57626ad9ef1b0021e11690Ms2ger — Bug 913953 - Part d: Remove unused conversion code to CFStringRef and NSString; r=ehsan
e6eadf6177a9f2185ee1f08a8060d85cd3391152Ms2ger — Bug 913953 - Part c: Remove unused FSRef code; r=ehsan
3d5ec64ea71d7951117729adafb996f892fbcf76Ms2ger — Bug 913953 - Part b: Remove unused override app bundle code; r=ehsan
e59f853e6c2699639acb99ac9d4f0c0839758c70Ms2ger — Bug 913953 - Part a: Remove unused JavascriptDoubleQuote functions; r=ehsan
e5ca10a2b3d06ad1ffa9b94ce0c6120afe13504dMike Hommey — Bug 913842 - Avoid recursing under mobile/android/base/locales when rebuilding gecko.ap_. r=ted
4c431a91973730c6d97805517a98e0b4d82d017aMike Hommey — Backed out changesets b1b292d8e383 and 24af5272b52f (bug 913842) for Android bustage.
b1b292d8e383959cbd403a9b739f86e429ce8aabMike Hommey — Fixup for bug 913842. r=me
740094c07328b57ade70fb279022641eafb02ba3Mike Hommey — Bug 913968 - Don't link nspr libraries until the libs tier on non-MOZ_FOLD_LIBS builds. r=khuey
24af5272b52f75bb44116fa46b81c3ea013f11bdMike Hommey — Bug 913842 - Avoid recursing under mobile/android/base/locales when rebuilding gecko.ap_. r=ted
a468b2e34b043362715ea032ca204d35bd99fc9fRyan VanderMeulen — Merge fx-team to m-c.
14eb0d5731d64b657282f9e94107f6e65aa5a529Jim Mathies — Bug 907098 - Don't send input events to apz if touchstart or the first touchmove get cancelled. Also filter touchmoves that don't change position. r=tabraldes
f583bcbb5e82affa7895b0b65d2a0794c47b6cfaJim Mathies — Bug 907098 - Prevent scrolling of chrome content using apz. r=mbrubeck
5b664dac677c05dcd2a0ccb080c3792cfee3f4f6Andre Miranda — Bug 910085 - The netmonitor sidepane resize should redraw the waterfalls, r=vporof
bbddba8cc6e61b6a7a2f04308697b4ce481ddf77Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 904172: Block content for thumbnails even before the cursor returns. [r=mfinkle]
4d0f4b412d32131bddfb4c47fd158203d285c072Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 872528: Password doorhanger is not shown in GB. [r=margaret]
cca2a6def878aa90a9b69160fda4422ef45da250Nick Fitzgerald — Bug 907278 - only attach breakpoints to offsets that are entry points to their line; r=past
493dd25e60c2a89ba9630089487453c9a74eb9ecPaolo Amadini — Bug 908240 - Legacy downloads not executed by nsIHelperAppLauncher should be added to history. r=enn
7d73a40c6ee92f5bbc9975eee13b046554583135Paolo Amadini — Bug 909022 - Mark all executables as coming from the Internet zone on Windows. r=enn
3d50a4b732af31f5d607be382b26c70bb5092913Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and fx-team
f667bfe86c211736d286a75d98774277bec16b1bPaul Rouget — Bug 897960 - walker should support mozbrowser iframes. Patch E. r=dcamp
03649632d78286a5a94f91164ade037bbc640f72Paul Rouget — Bug 897960 - walker should support mozbrowser iframes. Patch D. r=dcamp
96342fad4321e90f63b7636eaaa79e4a2889f40ePaul Rouget — Bug 897960 - walker should support mozbrowser iframes. Patch C. r=dcamp
d16b6b1b953e539536a7b259b412500db0d2f807Paul Rouget — Bug 897960 - walker should support mozbrowser iframes. Patch B. r=dcamp
a160246e2f61a8df9d629530ed5442e8b37a2c45Paul Rouget — Bug 897960 - walker should support mozbrowser iframes. Patch A. r=dcamp
f320b8c034bd81f0a1ff29d0dd1fe6247ce42a32Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge inbound to m-c.
77841a0ee5309a54b64806fc5ed96bbada6dd66bEddy Bruel — Bug 906963 - Add a "ignore caught exceptions" checkbox to the UI; r=dcamp
2898a7f3853bf0a539b6c09f340b91eee4fc341eTom Schuster — Bug 912629 - Electrolysis: Use page icon for tab crashed page. r=felipe
7cadc7e21f5628c31722107a11958d641a578d24Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 5c9f3fb14995 (bug 910517) for Android talos failures
3931b9652326cf3ac5ad520d9503444c69643c3aMs2ger — Merge backout.
a5e8a4e466bc970d850f978bc1cdb47087e9fe9aMs2ger — Backout changesets 194d051724a8:89e680f30d31 (bug 817700) for insufficient review.
07ff0d3d9c403a3e804c14da528af113b5416f5bMarco Zehe — Bug 914050 - Main window announced to VoiceOver as unknown, r=surkov
486b61c42838c754203a46b3615751bf11c3f2faRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset c3b01d22caa9 (bug 912959) for Windows bustage.
682977ca05de68d6af5e94c09536157e153376b0Gene Lian — Bug 913436 - Gecko needs to return a proper error code when sending messages to non-FDN receivers. r=vicamo a=koi+
5b5b2b8f57f8cbccffb4a1f30b260776911f1474Gene Lian — Backed out changeset 9f377abbf13e
9f377abbf13e9749811e45a6650538d5de669222Gene Lian — Bug 913436 - Gecko needs to return a proper error code when sending messages to non-FDN receivers. r=vicamo a=koi+
aa991b7afb094c0a6b6f628461a80c4825e28306Marco Castelluccio — Bug 899353 - Show progress while installing apps. r=felipc
c3b01d22caa9c7ddd8472333dbdba3e4f1ffe353Martin Stransky — Bug 912959 - Sync the declarations of ToNumberSlow() in jsnum.h. r=luke
66c4c1a9b69709466f10038b3cd73235c7ad8404Stephan Schreiber — Bug 910845 - Add a wrapper for mmap() in order to keep the high 17-bits of JS pointers cleared on IA64. r=billm
dbe8e0e7c25070c06b16e5383286dede0f06502bMichael Harrison — Bug 908031 - Remove Geolocation::PendingRequest. r=jdm
ea578c504f72e2de356bfaaebea991792d689443Chris Kitching — Bug 794981 - Part 8: Add an annotation processor to the build process to generate the contents of part 5. r=kats, r=glandium
130635e9a2c1003ecc34098758cde63004bd31d1Chris Kitching — Bug 794981 - Part 7: Storing a void* for mThread instead of a pthread_t is both nonportable and dangerous. r=kats
6e49ee30a8e11f673f9e25972473b7575f15749dChris Kitching — Bug 794981 - Part 6: Refactor AndroidBridge to make use of generated code. r=kats
78aa104740c16f54551b1ba7a918bdb7a193020fChris Kitching — Bug 794981 - Part 5: Add the generated code files to version control. r=kats
dd937e69cd401157c54b36697e1007210b371b57Chris Kitching — Bug 794981 - Part 4: Consistently pass nsAString into the JNI methods, instead of the veritable smorgasbord of string types previously used. r=kats
402235f97f68330b75f5c8c7daf29b363a944927Chris Kitching — Bug 794981 - Part 3: Make use of the existing macros to simplify JNI code in all applicable places, and relocate them. r=kats
83220e4b96ec0f181d23a414fab5706b07afc2b9Chris Kitching — Bug 794981 - Part 2: Don't pass GeckoAppShell class to Init as a parameter - find it in the usual way. r=kats
f8a559f4f741b933e1d85ce96be15283e9b574f8Chris Kitching — Bug 794981 - Part 1: Annotate Java methods that are to have JNI wrappers generated. r=kats
be8536d49a60e1449437b024837f10eb5b7f0742Yaron Tausky — Bug 676739 - Part 3: Rename js_NumberToString to js::NumberToString. r=luke
3f272348bb63bcf92f615ec80d026968c16db50fYaron Tausky — Bug 676739 - Part 2: Migrate from AtomizeString to ToAtom. r=luke
9cbd48387451e8cb14769eddecba4aedb41c594dYaron Tausky — Bug 676739 - Part 1: Suppress unnecessary temporary strings in js::ToAtom. r=luke
5c9f3fb14995931208c04d29ad4f6cc6616616acNicholas Nethercote — Bug 910517 - Remove nsIMemoryReporter, and rename nsIMemoryMultiReporter as nsIMemoryReporter. r=mmcr8.
11abb5d7d409884e5df82889f7f24d9636919493Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and inbound
2b26501fd20357d4dc10dd39fa36c47f5baf2ef3L. David Baron — Bug 906378: Make the test for transitions not being supported in test_transitions_per_property.html only use about 50 values for each property to avoid the O(N^2) case blowing up. r=dholbert
279c6aca048aef638dd52acaee524adfc796e4edL. David Baron — Bug 900783: Make HasAnimationOfProperty return false in the refresh driver tick in which the transition completes. r=nrc
b560ee360b68cc543a8aa38e721bbc9a4ea3c9eaL. David Baron — Bug 847275 patch 2: Temporarily disable failures from checking of assertions in browser-chrome mochitests so that we can annotate the expected assertions before enabling. r=dao
12d4dea8cdfb2cd3fbeec30cdd2775900ef168e5L. David Baron — Bug 847275 patch 1: Make assertions cause test failures in browser-chrome mochitest. r=dao
4f9563af1fa1274bbfde1466a44a9253e1a2a32cEhsan Akhgari — Forward declare mozilla::dom::Nullable as a struct everywhere so that the MSVC linker can pick up the correct symbol name
3e1dd474a575b5ced0bbf7ac4d7f15a8f51bf6b9Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 910771 (part 5) - Move tons of stuff out of inlines.h/-inl.h files into .h files. r=terrence.
17fcd21b3d3a84bc2982ac386df340a05594264aNicholas Nethercote — Bug 910771 (part 4) - Move all the methods of EncapsulatedValue, HeapValue, RelocatableValue, and HeapSlot from gc/Barrier-inl.h to gc/Barrier.h. r=terrence.
f3bd74c444d99cda051343ccdbfc20966bca144cNicholas Nethercote — Bug 910771 (part 3) - Include gc/StoreBuffer.h in gc/Barrier.h. r=terrence.
10e767f5eb9eb5e413f7d40b2a0b248edd90b389Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 910771 (part 2) - Move some stuff from JS::Zone to JS::shadow::Zone, and from JSRuntime to JS::shadow::Runtime.h. r=terrence.
830a850a6af6476b15c2d69eaf2f614acbaed9f6Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 910771 (part 1) - Create js/Tracer.h and gc/Tracer.cpp. r=terrence.
9edc229b7d09c689d870ca6be7a8a3dd655d6088Patrick Wang — Bug 784816 - Adding upgradeToSecure() to support startTLS in MozTCPSocket. r=mayhemer sr=sicking
687e3a6868bf803ab7efefb0fa807a7821a446adHenry Chang — Bug 909786 - Use incremental id as the hash key of |controlCallbacks|. r=vchang
bc0aba8051440881f3aba0ac59cdc549b929b136Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
f8af564a6565bb843dda34c5cbc6441130eb4e46Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia-central revision(s)
770f15ecd6b1acf0007ea0139e167988164314d5Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia-central revision(s)
c796acdd2457e322ca2fcafce7967d4ceec0ecc3Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
ffb7f33ee1a9d114dd2521142f86cc8d7c0a954cGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 3 gaia-central revision(s)
820790024cdaf504fb255d3695e50b1d5c21fe17Ms2ger — Backout changeset 89258d090059 for lacking review.
abd036b70cc873815d72de0d9d5b8f5a04d4da6dGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
55c50eb06f7fa7a8f09e66e86d83aa3e46e14e1eGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia-central revision(s)
50d74ec857f5a5cac89e01053a3e84c9d9bd29c9Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 7 gaia-central revision(s)
a6b5f4fa89e083e73c9846de845477c822dcce1cGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
a466675aa4b8102e23b40ed6aa088537611a49dbGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
b1f2748e657cb7e72de1c6b91f930b5ea1faac24Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and b2g-inbound
2dd351292f7cc21f6e657bb285b5b98b3984d28bAskeing Yen — Bug 912890 - [Marionette Client] Add shuffle for tests. r=jgriffin
035ce07737626ce7fa3b5651d0b63b7e30798e05Szu-Yu Chen [:aknow] — Bug 912884 - Part 2: Update test case. r=hsinyi
f7ac432b38b5d1d15e58ae41d80fe4d209ac280aSzu-Yu Chen [:aknow] — Bug 912884 - Part 1: Always send out emergencyCbModeChange event when received from ril. r=hsinyi
fe975eaab49719076f42d4c6909846f5c40cc75cRandy Lin — Bug 910903 - Add logging to test_mediarecorder_avoid_recursion.html to help find out the timeout issue. r=jsmith
0c394a31900415601f2e4410e832b68c2d3d47e6Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
f05f3234d638371b38dd25c8003bcdd7533e42aeGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
89258d090059f8bd5cbba81b1c72a8232b3e16c0Michael Henretty — Bug 914085 - Enable Promises in B2G. r=gwagner
a21b7c9973e09a46d010d13fe2df61fd44744467Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia-central revision(s)
2f6f420c05539ecbd71aff08fec5f061c5639f15Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 3 gaia-central revision(s)
8e2aef1ce87ee474b58a956ac50ff10c3aac477cGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
b58034e5d781a2fcf149c1811276a0ed879876b9Gregor Wagner — Bug 913267 - Don't use settingsService in settings.js. r=timdream
491a98fa85fbe2059f428452c55330306745a600Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 5 gaia-central revision(s)
218d4334d29e5d55bcb70498bb66228d8b4463c5Ed Morley — Merge latest green fx-team changeset and mozilla-central
81f13346eb7ca2ea12d046230eab8e6ad82ab544Mark Hammond — Bug 875986, part 4 - check no thumbnail file before capture. r=adw
5fa36cd1823d85e98ff906f6b1d1ddb6bc557d9aMark Hammond — Bug 875986, part 3 - remove thumbnail file after capture. r=adw
968d0083e7d7488d1bde70b9a6fcfbe0cc37970aBlair McBride — Merge backout, a=bustage fix
78128ed0ce263b1d51076c15cb5e0f247a59fa36Blair McBride — Backout 86b5d8778fc4,fab07b9d6dee,89a059433037,bbb54cde82c3 (bug 897960) due to orange
6bee20c2e0c6e2f7ddcdd9bebc0c9b6d7a3d0895Mark Hammond — Bug 875986, part 2 - additional test that no cookies are stored by pages captured in the background. r=adw
b152bdd937ebdcd13b77bd4308e14ebf86093c05Mark Hammond — Bug 875986, part 1 - use custom docShell flags instead of private-browsing for b/g thumbnails. r=adw
e89edb607559cd9cd0ae32e5fb24f0791ca02c96Mark Hammond — Bug 906713 - reset default capture timeout earlier to prevent oranges. r=adw
84caf75159b2505779228b0dc71bd3de1b915f1fJ. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 912646 - Part 2: Leave client of remote tab open. r=dcamp
bd1111b18be1147eaf1b6222b586481e4a216c35J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 912646 - Part 1: Refactor debug targets for more reuse. r=dcamp
bbb54cde82c33ad1aa657ff69c9a4557e2908ddfPaul Rouget — Bug 897960 - walker should support mozbrowser iframes. r=dcamp
89a059433037889ef254dd7f587546be126ca3c9Paul Rouget — Bug 897960 - walker should support mozbrowser iframes. r=dcamp
fab07b9d6dee1b52ede6e8049e8c904369512c15Paul Rouget — Bug 897960 - walker should support mozbrowser iframes. r=dcamp
86b5d8778fc4a5dc978351962c1ce8da096a01b3Paul Rouget — Bug 897960 - walker should support mozbrowser iframes. r=dcamp
944426b6b680b85c66ad929d303cdc572e0b1c89Srinath N — Bug 897697 - The start button in the profiler needs a label or at least a tooltip, r=anton
3fd62a46f15489c1b5d2870b3ba914bf8b6e995cVictor Porof — Bug 913961 - Breakpoints checkboxes in the sources list should always be the same size, r=paul
5b97d9cfe8900634acfcd4448237ecf9b7b87e61Ed Morley — Merge latest green b2g-inbound changeset and mozilla-central
0e3bc7b2cb862cc7e7c95bb50eb2f691ba4a662dGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
ec8d6143385c3501c71fa06c9297ee94e85b15cdGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
bf683913baa9864ae5de9d619dd22367c86457e9Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
97e8ffd5d27f3d1263d4c8891cb8a735178f3a08Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
bc48bf0c1af2feb08cfd34c92d8aea3b4d6839daGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
e5ff11d87af5f7c49548ce83324a31402e08889fGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
9846f07d5867f66d282c790d9f5adc8bce622424Kyle Huey — Bug 911258: Part 6 - Fixup tests. r=me
4127ebc547fdf569b326ab0fdb0e7fca94086fc2Kyle Huey — Bug 911258: Part 5 - Use the unified exception handling mechanism on workers. r=bz
3f4223fab461f9a4e5b4fe646db5a0625cedd31eKyle Huey — Bug 911258: Part 4 - Refactor exception implementations. r=bz
16cf9da0d24282153c9ea53e49439dcb3aac194fKyle Huey — Bug 911258: Part 3 - Convert exceptions to WebIDL. r=bz
c04e927b631b053fc9e8d26840bac101869c550eKyle Huey — Bug 911258: Part 2 - Kill the exception service. r=bsmedberg
7a9cc2c01bd0857d96a3939002ddd2f400023c11Kyle Huey — Bug 911258: Part 1 - Remove nsIExceptionService/Manager usage. r=bholley
aa8d73a7b08a9ad9ad8da214e1d6131f1f4e72adKyle Huey — Bug 910924: Give workers an nsIGlobalObject. r=bent,bholley
e47089ae214d177d909b0d712bad1c36b6fba7cbKyle Huey — Bug 910937: Remove xpc_UnmarkGrayObject and use JSAPI directly. r=mccr8
353aa004fed8365c64a5203df6fe73799c3422caMatt Woodrow — Bug 912173 - Always AddRef and Release the GLContext when sharing a SurfaceStream to avoid mismatches. r=nrc
acc75d3ef7c0f668cd890788d62d5fcdbf831159Chris Pearce — Bug 910966 - Bustage fix for 48a66737dc5c. Forgot to qref. r=bustage.
48a66737dc5c222270c1aaf23284536dc1d9cb30Chris Pearce — Bug 910966 - Use MP3FrameParser in DirectShow's SourceFilter, to more accurately determine the offset of the first MP3 frame. This enables us to only pass the MP3 data into DirectShow, which can't handle large ID3v2 tags. r=padenot
a20a9a8793479fd4372c795b0d391d8ff44fdca0Chris Pearce — Bug 910996 - Move MP3FrameParser out of B2G specific code, so it can be used on other platforms. r=padenot
feb1791602731b52a9c72bdf0cc8442656309a44Nicholas Cameron — Bug 912352. Do an async composite as soon as we get a WM_PAINT message. r=roc
e8be00af7e2cdb7956bb9ab4af49b692b0894e13Nicholas Cameron — Bug 909607. Check if we are minimised before compositing. r=Bas
08144be95a5c45e9290a5b30077abb5abf7715e7Nicholas Cameron — Bug 913298. Remove AddMaskEffect and RemoveMaskEffect declarations. r=nical
ca1ff26fc797d4ae44b8655b890f6a12f724de71Nicholas Cameron — Bug 906445. Some speculative fixes to guard against dereferencing nullptrs. r=Bas
c4a605e6da428aab746a032d9ad29144d314d78aNicholas Cameron — Don't include mozilla-config.h in gfx.layers. No bug. r=me
ac968ae7cb1ef16445658901336a495e2f1ad71cDaniel Holbert — (no bug) Fix comment typo: s/frames/frame's/ DONTBUILD
c7cc85e13f7ab547bcf062985d5ddb2eb09f2e6aPhil Ringnalda — Merge b2g-inbound to m-c
789594eff47b38d0cb6e835f61c3f00f2c0900c9Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
0b719ae93f4e3ed325b36bb9df9c63521d0109e2Fabrice Desré — Bug 912898 - B2G: Don't kill adb (or lock the screen) if a debugger client is connected r=past
97570ed1ad80224f15f55fdacc947d9535d8a928Vicamo Yang — Backout bug 907585, break B2G Mnw test cases
0fadd373bf9985d33b385127f829c7ead8100d88Vicamo Yang — Backout bug 873351, break Mnw test cases.
2a22b79edf4d44cacbff18426ba000aee1d643b6Vicamo Yang — Bug 873351 - B2G SMS: move SMS code out of RadioInterfaceLayer to SmsService. r=gene
76a3fe16c9e24f416f04051a205f3dbd61613ecbVicamo Yang — Bug 907585 [3/3]: some small refinements. r=yoshi
4390128c42bf4a66b19cb190a97d79bc91257e20Vicamo Yang — Bug 907585 [2/3]: Re-implement message listener registration. r=yoshi
3d41fb8801aa0f2b902dd92f6675c04b89acf204Vicamo Yang — Bug 907585 [1/3]: B2G RIL - share RilMessageManager. Move to RilMessageManager.jsm. r=yoshi,hsinyi
b119d237e59c19245bd0593913052b093db9add1Vicamo Yang — Bug 864485 - 3/3: Gonk backend specific. r=hsinyi
7105ab97280117841886b4c6524126ce218ed8e6Vicamo Yang — Bug 864485 - 2/3: DOM & IPC. r=khuey
6e322f9d3e5388069afe0e7bcf62f5a03a9d9d7dVicamo Yang — Bug 864485 - 1/3: B2G Telephony - move to IPDL. Interface changes. sr=sicking, r=hsinyi,khuey
36880bc561d6e0c9ddcde317d4c7c1324842ca19Fabrice Desré — Bug 894927 - Use xhtml instead of xul for b2g main window. r=ochameau
2b4628ad4f5bee3c3a970cc7cb83ead32d2b8549Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
a67532a34e35d9d9edab54db9b0f760a94c1fb5fRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to b2g-inbound.
667cca91930339524d1440261687af2a8c1b8db3Dave Hylands — Bug 910808 - Remove call to retrieve preference while not on the main thread. r=khuey
0899b763a06608d2ecab5f2e2b96b437e828de32Phil Ringnalda — Merge fx-team to m-c
7015fcdd43a24c5dcdc53e166e3ec7294dfb74bfPaul Rouget — Bug 912915 - Implement a simple generic highlighter. r=jwalker
e2bf999b88570725efd0736a5ed57c4e74974fd0Paul Rouget — Bug 913440 - Implement a pseudo class to highlight element easily. r=bz
7bf2b6cf8d730cc9d36d1cbfb627d1674b725f14Andrew Sutherland — backout Bug 784816 for breaking multi-process TCPSocket SSL connections
9e839e0432ebed639ed1af98601d70e4913e8eaaJan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 903741: Use new DOMError approach in PeerConnection to get error messages out + unittests r=jesup
69e78915fc92cb08b22f29eeaaa87971787a291fRandell Jesup — Bug 904784: use a separate critical section for the recording callback r=mwu
6f837a184a9066f43f7bb962d97236cc9d5614ddMats Palmgren — Bug 911283 - Introduce nsTArray::SetLengthAndRetainStorage which unlike SetLength does not deallocate/reallocate the internal storage. Use it in NS_FillArray. r=bsmedberg
29bbbd1de60b5cc3eea4d031ba95a597d59e6e52Scott Johnson — Backout 8f09d30d3571 for crashtest orange. [r=me]
de783698c0abe127e57c178b8ca34a9a47a3d882Scott Johnson — Backout dfe69eabbe47 for crashtest orange. [r=me]
61a6c74ce93eddbb99f06bd6d4b7de54891055baPhil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to m-i
8f09d30d35715b349d783b715ddae25e17e15b41Scott Johnson — Bug 794693, part 2: Perform parent reflow state calculation at the box-block interface before setting up child reflow state to prevent crashing when a parent reflow state is assumed to be non-null. [r=dbaron]
dfe69eabbe477ee77e481833995862370a180f74Scott Johnson — Bug 794693, part 1: Refactor nsHTMLReflowState constructor to allow initialization to be done by caller. [r=dbaron]
4ca898d7db5fa31399a3cd040f410c02e50b105dPhil Ringnalda — Merge m-i to m-c
a2c84945e1ef23bd8ae19e52d2f93b1d3acf2cf6EKR — Backout changeset df244fde6aa4 (bug 870420). Temporarily allow older versions of python because people are having trouble getting upgraded. r=bsmedberg_on_irc
0d651ed131b355f653453597b9b5addfa7147cd6Mark Hammond — Bug 912139 - Intermittent browser_social_errorPage.js | is now on social sidebar page, r=mixedpuppy
e2be9740720f87ecb46d0abcc1dc5219b78ab9c7Dan Gohman — Bug 885169 - Spidermonkey: Alleviate register allocation constraints in ICGetElem_Arguments::Compiler::generateStubCode. r=nbp
26006e5cefdcd37bc68aa4ad4aaa55fe68d8abb6Dan Gohman — Bug 885169 - Spidermonkey: Fix ARM trampoline code to inform its RegisterSet of its use of a context register. r=nbp
d6b0a8afb4675f12148e37487dc2c80a7b13aba4Dan Gohman — Bug 885169 - Spidermonkey: Fix x64 trampoline code to inform its RegisterSet of its use of a context register. r=nbp
de8f83fde39482118e4e9b5249d7d1fd36b1d793Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 913619 - Minimize the #includes in image/src; r=jrmuizel
b143f103d54ef43d45e3bca3ee9a157d4a72f38cMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 913510 - Remove vestigial capability.principal prefs usage. r=bholley
4551a70c2fcfc5772302e2b68428fb1974eda648Douglas Crosher — Bug 911254 - Odinmonkey: (ARM) use the 'compare immediate' instruction for bounds checks. r=mjrosenb
ca38bd9ec80a215151259bc1f3db0e048b2c8b85Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 35575118c650 (bug 912794) for asserts.
5c2a0f1510bcada4acb0f123b75a647616a4869aJason Orendorff — Bug 895223, part 1 - Change perf/jsperf.cpp to use JSNative getters rather than PropertyOps. r=jandem.
1a9a72fbdc59c632184c0c9170cedb2b4c7a0145Jason Orendorff — Bug 913445 - Print something less confusing than "null" for non-stringifiable values in the shell. r=luke.
b4b1369c759540b56e4ba1528a136913d61ebb31Jason Orendorff — Bug 905774 - Make Reflect.parse play better with proxies. Remove GetPropertyDefault. r=bhackett.
eb9ce350a4adde7b645b30d2a6faaf80b5e62b85Benoit Jacob — Bug 913603 - Avoid needlessly including nsRect.h - r=jrmuizel
d39afeecef6602ecb8704e82fd4661d1a8e9a594Benoit Jacob — Bug 913603 - Trim nsRect.h - r=jrmuizel
e2f23b6aaf7530ca242aecb52b20f81f280b89cbBenoit Jacob — Bug 912974 - Split two classes out of GLContext.h, and remove many #includes in GLContext.h - r=jrmuizel
59d8b8c4f9f650470525e0871e13747b46fbe249Benoit Jacob — Bug 912042 - Remove the last occurences of #include "GLContext.h" in remaining headers - r=jrmuizel
b1f633d56b19fd60644a4715d036e07138bdbb0cPhil Ringnalda — Back out c8687e99dc75 (bug 913510) for Android bustage
50b1942a2bce1bab5fb6af7fb1fb68b4c4dc6630Phil Ringnalda — Back out a615811b12e4 (bug 888109) for not actually building
49986ca301b50f4dc46a7af3ee1b91d83bd89f40Stefan Mirea — Bug 887518 - Move loadAddonManager() to test_provider_addons.js. r=gps
35575118c650874ab87b5b8bc573e740a287fb38Milan Sreckovic — Bug 912794 - Separate out the CMS globals and prefs into a singleton gfxColorManagement. r=ncameron
8c564bfcd0ece3c9fc694e3f9cc489ec18789988Valentin Gosu — Bug 622728 - Add NS_NewRunnableMethodWithArg. r=bsmedberg
a615811b12e4bb5736b7d14f95c6c8ab9547c5cfBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 888109: Float32 general optimizations for IonMonkey: framework and arithmetic operations; r=sstangl,nbp
bc76d8a21d903debe30ddb58761c500515af5b65Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to mozilla-inbound.
c8687e99dc75981160f4f9f01ac96742d957c2a7Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 913510 - Remove vestigial capability.principal prefs usage. r=bholley
55e14139d90916b996071cc99e34ac5a50385a12Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 913494 - Remove enablePrivilege usage from tests for password manager. r=bholley
356866ae2f6885933451a92aae838af00d659679Jeff Gilbert — Bug 883478 - Update ANGLE to pull from 13-08-02. r=upstream,bjacob,bas
2be3551a5d8040c76b92302eb14cdb0852da393dMonica Chew — Bug 904607: Add protocol parser for -digest256 lists (r=gcp).
5e861b43ebf1a6d63b5621c41a6047ef3bec5120Andrew McCreight — Bug 913130, part 4 - Replace body of ShutdownCollect loop with Collect. r=smaug
0896b8c0f616524dec0d8e6954cc73d2b49a35e4Andrew McCreight — Bug 913130, part 3 - Run {PrepareFor,CleanupAfter} every iteration of ShutdownCollect. r=smaug
ed3d4d7d678c74655487c28411b27118e7b0bbcfAndrew McCreight — Bug 913130, part 2 - Give Collect and ShutdownCollect more consistent ordering. r=smaug
9d23a05bd9d614ae2174382687c21633f5810afdAndrew McCreight — Bug 913130, part 1 - Modify nsCycleCollector::Collect to allow it to be used at shutdown. r=smaug
655ac375b1c7b03a1530ff6832d4c0753c566dbfffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-ec2-142 - a=hsts-update
096801f3b9735c495d7401a82081c79f9dc585c7ffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ec2-097 - a=blocklist-update
3697f962bb7b6f395ca47eca4396921861633118Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge inbound to m-c.
8cad45f03f6aefd3cf27fe2c955fd6826bd867f8Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
842a3da6e311a8fca3734a8ecbfd37cf571da63fEthan Hugg — Bug 844071 - Patch 3 - DTLS role negotiation unit test r=ekr
55d6779a2cc640854299f5d18fa5968c72f31b9cEthan Hugg — Bug 844071 - Patch 2 - Reset DTLS role on SDP negotiation r=ekr
f4a9b805c3139d872d792a9a06414de0aa2653a7Ethan Hugg — Bug 844071 - Patch 1 - handle building and parsing of setup and connection attributes r=abr
97f0b439860060d61fabef50d5c62ccf0bbb3ae9Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 45c336307136 (bug 910845) for bustage.
d75c702f3a43828927467abc29754029efef7082Daniel Holbert — (no bug) Broaden fuzzy-if() annotation slightly, for reftest position-sticky/top-2.html. r=corey
fc3a3227fc829020bffb883985f2e6a6bfb20df5Michael Harrison — Bug 909768 - Replace idl::GeoPositionOptions with dom::PositionOptions. r=jdm
45c33630713688d19d83f52b600c3488b7123b9cStephan Schreiber — Bug 910845 - Add a wrapper for mmap() in order to keep the high 17-bits of JS pointers cleared on IA64. r=billm
f98b323128d97321cd1896a25aa5a12710c434feAndrew McCreight — Bug 913080 - Make GCGraphBuilder's hash table initialization infallible. r=smaug
3705115c7dd9fe2b3fd739b10a9d89190549b504Andrew McCreight — Bug 911233, part 3 - Add more CheckThreadSafety calls to the cycle collector. r=khuey
82d6de15d08a4bc4f86865bd0e7600595d65af4cAndrew McCreight — Bug 911233, part 2 - Inline SelectPurple. r=smaug
74b3812bad143d0e62573cb691928cf793ef2bd1Andrew McCreight — Bug 911233, part 1 - Minor cycle collector cleanups. r=smaug
e2796e169e2834986d2c341ecca63e42de81e333Seth Fowler — Bug 912299 - Make RefCounted's refcount field mutable. r=waldo
cdb9d968f5573f5138dbce26a6395ff0122abbe2Ethan Hugg — Bug 907353 - Disable second component when rtcp-mux r=ekr
e87c91815713a09729ef5b89fa184f0e18799cf1Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 913531 - Remove the unnecessary #includes from nsIXPConnect.idl; r=bholley
5184488ec31a293dc4afe4e27b28967ac9b118efJeff Gilbert — Bug 912606 - Test that mismatched webgl context request ids fails. - r=bjacob
5eec009b30209fb559e8ea89b07d4af0278886a4Jeff Gilbert — Bug 912606 - Warn on webgl context requests with mismatched ids. - r=bjacob
e1b943e64032194d5eb43e892e74e82313885eccBobby Holley — Bug 905364 - Stop using the SafeJSContext in nsScriptSecurityManager::Init. r=mrbkap
56d1c3a7fd4e42546b910dfa96902b1527d3afd9Bobby Holley — Bug 905364 - Force the SafeJSContext to fire up in xpcshell. r=bz
5b1ca7188e8477f5b7007b27c448feea73e8ddeeBobby Holley — Bug 905364 - Don't call into AllowXULXBLForPrincipal during SafeJSContext initialization. r=bz
1699c4e7afdc3cc6e347412c59ace7a6f8ab17c3Kannan Vijayan — Bug 909764 - Fix IonBuilder to properly propagate exceptions raised during compilation. Make getTypeOrSingleObject (and any of its infallible callers) into fallible methods. r=h4writer
94e1942ba37883e0bc20dd512b48cafb2ed45489Daniel Holbert — Bug 913247 followup: Remove superfluous call to imagesToRefresh.Clear(). rs=bz
3f316248eb01203d495914f71e3d20c1d39b6db3Chris Peterson — Bug 912748 - Only call GsmCellLocation.getPsc() on GB+. r=blassey
77e2eaaf2fbb93bbfe086703d5125eb9584668ecJason Orendorff — Bug 893186, part 5 - Delete JS_GetPropertyAttributes and many similar APIs; remove half a dozen methods from JS::Class. r=Waldo.
9515bf89bc4ad94bb67fa385f00fe9555c30f49cJason Orendorff — Bug 893186, part 4 - Replace a use of JS_GetUCPropertyAttributes in JSD with a call to JS_GetOwnPropertyDescriptorById. r=luke.
5b8f4f23d53e570124ae0b80a5905ef0b6d273dcJason Orendorff — Bug 893186, part 3 - Add JS_GetOwnPropertyDescriptor. Migrate a test from JS_GetPropertyAttributes to the new thing. r=njn.
5a5583d59e3f440bb076cacd434e9693ba544f58Jason Orendorff — Bug 893186, part 2 - In Interpreter-inl.h, use JSObject::getGenericAttributes instead of JSObject::getPropertyAttributes. r=njn.
2c19e0a8d53ea1429d59a8599065559764cc282aJason Orendorff — Bug 893186, part 1 - Fix some code in xpconnect to use JS_HasProperty instead of JS_GetPropertyAttributes. r=bholley.
3d72fcbf22a5d561844f1dd78a149bf18cf42c9bTom Schuster — Bug 913280 - Electrolysis: Refactor RemoteWebProgress to use a Manager that owns the toplevel and all the sublevel WebProgress objects. r=felipe
ba0ecbba9addbfc268fc05ccebe211b01d6e182cRyan VanderMeulen — Merge fx-team to m-c.
d12c27cb09ff2b4c0d8063bd04642e90c5e69a47Margaret Leibovic — Bug 907192 - Update tab count while in editing mode on tablets. r=lucasr
106d7014a45a1005673d5758c3571dce1d9d2849Margaret Leibovic — Bug 909455 - Replace FHR recordSearch calls in new URL entering logic. r=rnewman
88cf05e6b82644808a62ea5926e18ab5b9d089b3Wes Johnston — Bug 878418 - Move positioning of Open with context menu item. r=mfinkle
1b8afdbb8cf112e90eaab17533e85e16de2275cbRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to fx-team.
471064addd39902c32b250bf7011ccb133f5487dJim Mathies — Bug 913114 - Fix ref counting in winrt widget's GeckoContentController. r=bbondy
4b03903fb8f5c888d2c273c4e3e26dfd04b81db9Jim Mathies — Bug 912931 - Fix for double click events with apz enabled. r=bbondy
74b5507fbd66a930b2035747853b6e1a3d1c4a7aJim Mathies — Bug 898055 - Disable some apz debug output. r=bbondy
8a73c481e49e7a9d7ac95d6666182d0b79b63519Brian Bondy — Bug 898055 - Enable apz in metrofx. r=jimm
aac620f1deb15f5e5798d3f2f928f82e550ae665Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge b2g-inbound to m-c.
d3c0933d379d3a19dffa3d55c65b970544870c3aGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
312d21ee124afad4f57c32e0e35eccb74afac9a9Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to b2g-inbound.
b917d0b96b6fcd5a74b11e7f6b14e6e33e579b23Fabrice Desré — Bug 912149 - [Buri][1.2][Homescreen] Packaged apps don't display correct content when launched from homescreen r=ferjm
dc4758d44b11816832b1bb0d7e5e81cbe35bc149Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out 7 changesets (bug 907585, bug 873351, bug 864485) for making phones unbootable.
742dd2b24c3e5ff3fa62b39be65fcaf9b88bc310Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
243b2b649da10e004473ac4a4faed4bdcadaf1adGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 3 gaia-central revision(s)
c121de451dbcb09d16d631cd533af577e24b56deGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
0b914f0e61ab8de73120047bfa8bdf55abf98acdMichael Wu — Bug 908797 - Update libui to the latest input code from JB MR2, r=m1
cf0548c2a0dd2f914518e216016e846ffc3879f8Fabrice Desré — Bug 906824 - Fix System JS : ERROR in green Gaia UI test runs. r=vingtetun
3b9b584fbf080bb5f03a671e934b110b6e782761Marco Castelluccio — Bug 912164 - Timestamp property is no longer set for app.launch(). r=fabrice
03aa4df3b944b1fd351a1b4437337eda52c54c59Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and b2g-inbound
020854d958e11c88acd617e55406c8268aaceb82Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
a55529cf28a6be64634434e2c78778d4e34129dfGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
c4d78e3f9ec1ef8bedb84d97326fcdb66429b404Botond Ballo — Bug 913205 - Compute offset of FrameMetrics::mCompositionBounds correctly. r=tn
da84b8b1bf7778ee119ffdb485dc20e7bb321ea4Shih-Chiang Chien — Bug 912960 - Use nsString for mDeviceName and mUniqueId. r=rjesup
cd4715bff79442fca8cdaaa78187a9979a24fc21Jed Davis — Bug 908907 - Fill in gaps in seccomp-bpf whitelist for b2g. r=kang, r=bsmith
ca8ed6d8ad247193cb32b6fc8361e952d6fb9e77Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
d94501c6b8a3283507e3e89e625e644d1666ef08Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
3204b7fc7636bbf69f29fb47af6652bcde30b433Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
6f94b6a991471f8147833b94da9382f16c6f85a7Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
79c8b5e214a97f1aa682df3cce3ab14b2bfb385fBenoit Jacob — Bug 905227 - Adjust WebGL reftest.list for UNEXPECTED-PASS - r=nical
8e91e51a5c192d40a808941c970e9b47d3aab615Benoit Jacob — Bug 905227 - On Android Emulator, assume that OES_rgb8_rgba8 is available even though it's not in the GL_EXTENSIONS string - r=nical
d9e41df7445c87aeed208d02374d7407a235ae4eBenoit Jacob — Bug 905227 - Turn on Skia/GL on B2G - r=nical
2f0686edebb53c445f86d10e524d2bbb05af4548Benoit Jacob — Bug 905227 - Introduce 128 px threshold for Skia/GL, overridable by gfx.canvas.min-size-for-skia-gl preference - r=nical
c05c85147c4bed0beda302afb69dc1dd9c4483d0Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
62ac395d5f0ba328e2f8e91c3d2747881553149fMatthew Noorenberghe — Backout 2255560d9b6c (bug 912054) for breaking PGO builds on the UX branch (bug 913251)
bdbdeda69f0534a1a255a510eb1dcd939de55130Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge inbound to m-c.
55d63d4b07e294eea26b8aae6ab3e77ad144896fNicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 912108 - Rename BinaryData to TypedObject r=sfink
68e2b5b1ab99ba0bf9e03c32acfa660e77b78233Fernando Jiménez — Bug 818317 - Expose debug messages in navigator.mozPay() for debug enabled profiles. r=fabrice
89e680f30d319fd927d79527628a4327349c5723Stephen Pohl — Bug 817700 - Fix animSVGImage test. r=roc
9f0f85aea756e714d2b6a481cc470b981e0fafaeStephen Pohl — Bug 817700 - Fix test_toBlob canvas test. r=roc
a59753a4cb13cd0db81627ad5c2a038163632146Stephen Pohl — Bug 817700 - Fix test_mozGetAsFile canvas test. r=roc
db43e949245c84a3ae96938db282a1abf920afb1Stephen Pohl — Bug 817700 - Make <canvas>.toBlob run asynchronously - canvas changes. r=roc
194d051724a80e676eaa47a975827678f885bb02Stephen Pohl — Bug 817700 - Make <canvas>.toBlob run asynchronously. r=seth,roc
b70ce5b872c1c9470a897629a685c3e09c8f4f73Bobby Holley — Bug 912322 - Stop making XBL methods available to the web. r=bz
cc6d2facb9874908f6d4aa22e4b5b5e40c23e509Bobby Holley — Bug 912322 - Fix tests. r=bz
b0d98d8b93e5ff35c76d767b24aaf12bf165f0deBobby Holley — Bug 912322 - Update semantics of IsChromeOrXBL to return true for remote XUL. r=bz
895d667ae80187f1e218d1af8db170f3d360f4b3Bobby Holley — Bug 912322 - Sync pref from reftest-cmdline.js to bootstrap.js. r=jgriffin
5db8f833435f1a5bc9e17d5683077722004ceb25Nicolas Silva — Bug 912939 - Rename LayerTransaction.ipdlh into LayersMessages.ipdlh. r=kanru
36cc6b1669b42d2992fbdaace04f535718829893Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and inbound
c0a79b1e60b1eb99db1844e7220de6d8492dcf4eJim Blandy — Bug 892114: Add support for Unix domain sockets to nsIServerSocket.idl and;1. r=mayhemer
028b937786cbd0f27ca097efea81dd4fbac58c49Jim Blandy — Bug 892114: Whitespace and spelling fixes encountered while working on Unix domain socket support. r=mayhemer
645e832547c09f40eee4c0a535916d2ec49c60e6Jim Blandy — Bug 899757: Make nsServerSocket::InitWithAddress provide more detailed error results. r=mayhemer, r=ted
d9d740e7a3a01ec7096ebe77ba349b1caf29986bJim Blandy — Bug 899757: Distinguish PR_ADDRESS_NOT_SUPPORTED_ERROR from other network failures. r=mayhemer
5eb5741ec1ccfe059533cb657fc673641eab301dRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 865516 - Fix ordering of includes in MIRGraph.cpp. r=themaid
5da8f0c08bd0c512e112d8d1dfa06dfbed2caf0aHannes Verschore — Bug 909717 - Backout due to orange + style nit orange fix on a CLOSED TREE.
4cdf51fda8d5d9f3f3029cb184b8bf74c96f4006Axel Hecht — bug 911745, sync browser/locales/all-locales with build configs, r=gavin
7e003256ff7c038aed5b8321e8468578da3e8a4cNeil Deakin — Bug 875616, disable titlebar paneltop test on Linux due to unreliable window positioning timing
8645694e9c37353456a518a304b7f1c0c3dd6c4cNeil Deakin — Bug 621399, modal dialog focus tests sometimes fail on Windows 8 so disable them there
11b68cbcab1d004081cfda36112ca276216a5debHannes Verschore — Bug 913415: Tracelogging: Add support for logging multiple threads + initial support for ion background thread compiler, r=till
bb399c38e3b684d56ad595f9ca1bbb59c0e09555Corey Ford — Bug 886646 - Part 7: Reftests for sticky positioning. r=dbaron
63a55ac51f7fff7d34027ccd0533e0dc94bb3e0dCorey Ford — Bug 886646 - Part 6: Implement sticky positioning, calculated on reflow and scroll. r=dbaron, r=dholbert
05c2da42c84ef4e7cee5f836710670a774760996Corey Ford — Bug 886646 - Part 5: Always build a stacking context for sticky positioned elements. r=dbaron
90d700eaeac0043b42daeedf6f35bb4f120a0f81Corey Ford — Bug 886646 - Part 3: Compute sticky positioning offsets for getComputedStyle(). r=heycam
d65d4436d3a6de25b5897056d3f2c465ae5b85bbCorey Ford — Bug 886646 - Part 2: Include sticky positioning in nsStyleDisplay::IsRelativelyPositionedStyle. r=heycam
cc50ede322393576f832a0992b34e46c234432abCorey Ford — Bug 886646 - Part 1: Support position:sticky in the CSS parser, enabled by a preference. r=heycam
9c34952d655b3a95184f23c0e2dd61f947c0573dJed Davis — Bug 912820 - Make --disable-content-sandbox* configure flags work. r=gps
9f988f6ee6dff3f61bc17a42b050d742466d4241Douglas Crosher — Bug 865516 - Optimize access to the heap with a constant index. r=luke
9fa7a3f9e4d60d194e08d49cef512e79452f5600Peter Van der Beken — Bug 905392 - Need way to throw web-console-visible exception-message from JS-implemented webidl object - bustage fix on a CLOSED TREE.
94d54fe84c7719350b18640f563a4eb37fc93e1fHannes Verschore — Bug 909717: IonBuilder: Introduce typed typebarriers, r=jandem
6c7c1a5007a4c4599c98ef2985cb61d692911440Peter Van der Beken — Bug 905392 - Need way to throw web-console-visible exception-message from JS-implemented webidl object. r=bz.
d65841c24ab2b1a6a89402a395d37d076a63f765Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset eb46f1ed8c8c (bug 897113) for mochitest-mc failures.
78e80324dabadcd1eee745b99bac8fcd53371f02Dave Townsend — Bug 913591: Uplift Add-on SDK to Firefox. r=me
9dacb5c8b2552cca94e475413507bba80feb7e20Shane Caraveo — bug 891219 new social bookmarks, part 2, new implementation, r=markh
87000f7e915861eb58c97edc3cb675c284a30473Shane Caraveo — bug 891219 new social bookmarks, part 1, remove old socialmarks code
eb46f1ed8c8c0831b74c1ec0b8efc5cd80cb525bAllison Naaktgeboren — Bug 897113 Tiles on auto-complete screen should not be selectable.r=sfoster
b0d20b693b41d3f0d8ef8d22690fbcbe4e96d475Brandon Benvie — Bug 913115 - Make Task.jsm support ES6 generators. r=paolo
34aeae66ccd45390d21476bc920faf5513a68004Stefan Mirea — Bug 887081 - Attach healthreporter to global object. r=gps
b5eae5bcf096869baf8f35384b6ba36d05b4ca69Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 913228 - Fix floating point math to not round to zero accidentally. r=autra
163308fe32da7060cd8988dc182c19d36239d81fRobert Strong — Use update-staged notification and only copy files that are necessary - Fix for Bug 909489 - Intermittent test_0202_app_launch_apply_update_dirlocked.js | Test timed out | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 1). r=bbondy
8105a07af65888b0eab2222c51bc4a6e9d475259Stefan Mirea — Bug 887580 - Properly export object in profile.jsm and policy.jsm. r=gps
802f4d5b710694e6fc9872ce23895f57cae9a6a4Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and fx-team
8a10f68680726caa615ef7346f3fe0a7cf9621b2Bill McCloskey — Bug 908955 - Eagerly dump coding exceptions raised in Promise/Task callbacks. r=paolo
108a505b0a733436414d504892720b6bb9b939a7David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 874435 - Round dates given by stat() up/down more generously in tests. r=froydnj
e18393335796c7923d7676305116249604e38f6dFrancesco Lodolo [:flod] — Bug 913366 - Improve strings and l10n comment in r=paul.rouget
ef16fa7bff3844296c7028d2caa218580065b856David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 913310 - Fix TabStateCacheTelemetry initialization. r=yoric
1fbc0073fcf474ca476d6bf2106107c79398b376Stefan Mirea — Bug 904954 - Request longer timeout on intermittent test browser_healthreport.js. r=gps
1e80d8e1784154b88ce48b85e3c4374fd92bda27Jim Mathies — Bug 907410 - Winrt async input - rework shutdown logic. r=bbondy
eaad370c10c1eb0d398f2e9f2b5d30f4ca2bfd79Jim Mathies — Bug 907410 - Winrt async input - startup param activation testing. r=me
26e59fb638d7e7e03e719c1c8255be8cec5414c1Jim Mathies — Bug 907410 - Winrt async input - keyboard input. r=masayuki
3fd442a0902632958a12a9dfe5c5179b7b752396Jim Mathies — Bug 907410 - Winrt async input - mouse wheel input. r=masayuki
14a18873de49f4731c83cb917fd7997a1167aa91Jim Mathies — Bug 907410 - Winrt async input - touch input. r=tabraldes
3eae4002443568b82e187e870e12ceb9bd823aa4Jim Mathies — Bug 907410 - Winrt async input - simple gesture input. r=tabraldes
c5935a71fc672b5348dc07825177c4b04749a4d4Jim Mathies — Bug 907410 - Winrt async input - mouse input. r=tabraldes
461e637d51c9b13e2805dd974a4752fc2aa5f258Jim Mathies — Bug 907410 - Winrt async input - remove unused apz param in input dispatch methods. r=bbondy
b013eb44b2f5f797ba2cf3dc90b241e96c51a29aJim Mathies — Bug 907410 - Winrt async input - rework initial startup logic. r=bbondy
b818c7222968bac799e19d056aa8098cdb0cd213Ed Morley — Merge latest green fx-team changeset and mozilla-central
565a5a52eeed7b3299cec98018286dd2979eaa4fEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central and fx-team
1c7b17c72cfd053f106869dc0cefc4fe92d67f48Lucas Rocha — Bug 911295 - Use empty URL if entering editing mode on startup with no tabs (r=mcomella)
ead32b24b522a2d5749b67e68e8835bf92c5210dLucas Rocha — Bug 912298 - HomePager's stub and view should not share the same id (r=rnewman)
bf671d77bdadb5428898870dca2381ba6a24ea9cPatrick Brosset — Bug 879578 - Re-select last selected node when page is reloaded; r=paul
b12a19b0e5008f630d3dc30c9488f461ab0187c0Mark Hammond — Bug 903299 - don't log errors if the prompter declines to show a modal prompt. r=adw
c3b4537fb2287290966e2908ecee801cd241514eMatt Brubeck — Bug 891056 (part 1) - Code cleanup for autocomplete CSS [r=rsilveira]
3194bc73870e1467a4e5eb01dd082349b3f7c9ccMatt Brubeck — Bug 909019 - Rename and simplify BrowserUI new tab API [r=ally]
5f00d7c95791c7a0607c68fbc03087235eb3ff27Nick Fitzgerald — Bug 908337 - add getFrameLocation(frame) function and use it wherever we get frame locations in the debugger server; r=jimb
d40157f3fef6f11c3f19d2fc9ee34c1b49136ad0Nick Fitzgerald — Bug 878307 - When stepping through source mapped code, we should continue stepping until we are at a new location in the original source; r=jimb
35b6dd9ef4cf1bf9d4d82f38bdd7cd1082621643Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 907175: Wrong tab selected on tablets. [r=lucasr]
012934880e76d9abdedf818fa3ac6c93268cb196Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 898646: Hocus-pocus, add the focus on history tab. [r=margaret] [r=shilpan]
fd09414385c4bf8f5ae527398a059907b8a2cf3eSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 911830: Blank about:home on a new profile. [r=margaret]
47293f729adc72fad87992be50bea0f342cc487dRaymond Lee — Bug 912876 - Remove the downloads file in common_test_Download.js for test_platform_integration(). r=paolo
238ff32d423bfdeaa3a8a2795832e5ca42c3d024Catalin Iordache — Bug 910942 - Don't include unnecessary things in netwerk/.../Dashboard. r=mcmanus, r=valentin.gosu
bdb479f06bb1bbb73139ef353012984ed657dd3dRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to fx-team.
4f076c424cd94d2aaba717efd3936c1e27967ea2Wes Johnston — Bug 901426 - Don't overwrite passed in profile args. r=mfinkle
df7970b032f6e444315192471139a0ccc505836aMihai Sucan — Bug 907332 - Intermittent browser_webconsole_bug_594477_clickable_output.js | Timed out while waiting for: network message displayed; r=me
434147e2f000045b12aa78100a20e5f4f6fb5ee7Mihai Sucan — Bug 888558 - Intermittent browser_webconsole_bug_646025_console_file_location.js | Timed out while waiting for: console API messages; r=me
c70f74b72e32f4a0bb47691523e048d18a5e54caRobert Strong — Make test_0202_app_launch_apply_update_dirlocked.js as similar as possible to test_0202_app_launch_apply_update_dirlocked_svc.js - Bug 909489 - Intermittent test_0202_app_launch_apply_update_dirlocked.js | Test timed out | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 1). r=bbondy
09e0f4967a8968a248026fedf5d2063854f09ab8Robert Strong — Move symlinkUpdateFilesIntoBundleDirectory to - Bug 879612 - Move app update common xpcshell test code into r=bbondy
201d6846b30853da9002a45dc1d5edb3b4b56eddMark Capella — Bug 912523 - Give bookmark thumbnails a context menu header, r=sriram
c4c7fd98ba6ac4a97d22feeac09a441907ab9b8eEd Morley — Merge latest green b2g-inbound changeset and mozilla-central
94450f79761a66a57874cd7bc9afe9ba95dbfe89Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and b2g-inbound
76f5a8b7342047ad1dc46373e1ea28081d5cc89aGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
abaf0fa5fd0de6a556a2a62f10e56ca96954796eGina Yeh — Bug 906305 - Patch 7: Fix BluetoothHidManager, r=echou
141a21a230d2bdcb2e53ce4246e99ce882e152b8Gina Yeh — Bug 906305 - Patch 6: Fix BluetoothA2dpManager, r=echou
066ddde89edf0e5bb16108bae1cefe2904c9a3bcGina Yeh — Bug 906305 - Patch 5: Fix BluetoothOppManager, r=echou
a79e09ef9e0b7bda44ebb6109e43eb9aa4ada7b0Gina Yeh — Bug 906305 - Patch 4: Fix BluetoothHfpManager, r=echou
585da14f78e27c3f9b7180d6c5c651b074eb786eGina Yeh — Bug 906305 - Patch 3: Remove BluetoothReplyRunnable in SendInputMessage. Error handling for dbus error, r=echou
ef9b729c38a1253accb6baa87f402046994bb40cGina Yeh — Bug 906305 - Patch 2: Make parameter service UUID of Connect() optional, r=echou, sr=mrbkap
ffd9e8e157dd50d3aec572adc8a2be658d56da9aGina Yeh — Bug 906305 - Patch 1: Implementation of BluetoothProfileController, r=echou
8c7b45e8adc907f9a81809bbd5190799d58f1775sasikala.paruchuri — Bug 912517 - [Message] Crash occuring in MMS when killing the application while the MMS is sending. r=vicamo
69ed85dce64b04fc2ffc969038d281dd1aa968abGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
d6d2dc4e01cbae96d8c0f552996e08aa399e5358Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 6 gaia-central revision(s)
58c995f3a0c70b8404e96b403603d437bccba90eGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
5174b38b4153c732b599076706f591997e95041cNicolas Silva — Bug 907745 - Enable the new textures on B2G
af7a69606aa8a4ac8aafc7ce3a68c37be8591620Nicolas Silva — Bug 912040 - Make sure deallocating shared texture data doesn't race with TextureClient access. r=sotaro
949ea52cb8ed85b31b35bdfea08a89bd7961f2cdNicolas Silva — Bug 911941 - Prevent TextureClients to be shared by several ImageLayers. r=Bas
8a03f671fd11cd61b57bf8e8b6f4ea253c9cf805Thomas Zimmermann — Bug 912996: Remove memcpy when reading from Unix socket, r=qdot
329b5c56525acbda7d7d77326193830dec5468aeThomas Zimmermann — Bug 912996: Fix whitespaces, r=qdot
5f4e71c25a9b77f92b572386dae9a676ab58ee1cGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
001a849303ded1b8efafdf75b66fb9b51aa54ee8Vicamo Yang — Bug 873351 - B2G SMS: move SMS code out of RadioInterfaceLayer to SmsService. r=gene
8020b30136185269fd2ba61b3dc16f060a549c5aVicamo Yang — Bug 907585 [3/3]: some small refinements. r=yoshi
9039460e09c58ce94e85865eca87c8cb3699700dVicamo Yang — Bug 907585 [2/3]: Re-implement message listener registration. r=yoshi
9464e393a501faa53f29ccf77f35cb03305ae75fVicamo Yang — Bug 907585 [1/3]: B2G RIL - share RilMessageManager. Move to RilMessageManager.jsm. r=yoshi,hsinyi
d6920653de69f76ef3cdda22835a42d65b903e18Vicamo Yang — Bug 864485 - 3/3: Gonk backend specific. r=hsinyi
20ef446b27cd6b4826c72d5e0edddc35199325a3Vicamo Yang — Bug 864485 - 2/3: DOM & IPC. r=khuey
e27c780e1ef5b269c664c3b3f894df83c01063bdVicamo Yang — Bug 864485 - 1/3: B2G Telephony - move to IPDL. Interface changes. sr=sicking, r=hsinyi,khuey
5727983904d08a9a7fb7e6431ef0454a9051cf68Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
bf0314df60e4b37e4757562e316f0831fd5c091dGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
73b10caa66883acf04db550cee08a6c3d52b20fbGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
c0de94a959776ef04129c0062d178ec84dc242b7Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
fa58dd2a50a9c963c846946188d5cc6e6fa9b9f9Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
63c37b807f21ed76f9302fb76e3ac7e02fc977c3Chia-hung Tai — Bug 911690 - Fix the forever spinning circle icon when sending SMS under no service. r=vyang
33d7577f289deb87a923cdddcd4e81b1d3bb5ee5supadennis.lee — Bug 900595 - Once always send a report has been selected, selecting any other option is ignored with system crashes r=fabrice
5190ed318e71f088593c6e6b6ab5c8a2c26f01a0Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
b54b18d93530d16a7753c5726f0a04af8bf82bbeGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
93158ab9f33db8fe22b0742bd2cce27d4b10ccc1Fabrice Desré — Backout bug 798353 for... not actually working properly
c2e5fd62134ea499773633786e93f77fa9fde9ceYuan Xulei — Bug 902847 - Don't trim spaces before newline for contentEditable. r=hsivonen
fff320870b20578db3e582eb63b6a2e834f52304Mark Finkle — Bug 880118 - Dynamically pull resource IDs to avoid reordering r=kats
2a9bde2ff860e23a1ad0ad39b82a47dde4787d54Mark Finkle — Bug 880118 - Add support for disabling geckoview packaging r=glandium
b7396ea8f5482f786d99a3cc864eb85bb27e6228Mark Finkle — Bug 880118 - Disable geckoview packaging in l10n builds r=glandium
cb3a85808d774c3ed97c6c7c4a2474788540d22bShane Tully — Bug 880118 - Integrate the GeckoView library into the build system r=cpeterson r=glandium
0fa38163e3bf0b70c6cc571b5fd805dd482d334eMs2ger — Merge backout.
feffc2cf422e2f2000b77bad961412231dfc09fdMs2ger — Backout changesets 997672af6fc8:cfcf5b7edc53 (bug 880118) for missing build peer review on changeset 9ff14d43346d.
7884c58c28a873d2bcd009247c4b82387e959b6dMs2ger — Merge m-c to inbound.
96472e9e9373fa16d842afd598d86f17df1268c5David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 913310 - Fixing TabStateCacheTelemetry initialization;r=yoric
eca7b6459131b7b6205d9562219caa69d19a02abJon Coppeard — Bug 911368 - Fix assertion since LSoftUDivOrMod can be generated for MMod r=mjrosenb
992102e6d2d2187b665db30902b8520d976ea154Jan de Mooij — Bug 912958 - Remove slow IonContext lookup from AutoFlushCache constructor. r=h4writer
ee8ed9d3e90dd798c8312d4ff605298c7554867bMarkus Stange — Bug 912953 - Protect against empty rects causing invalidation due to rounding in nsSVGFilterFrame.cpp. r=roc
7d460dd7724fbe6d4b873480c4f408bc521a7759Markus Stange — Bug 912953 - Protect against empty rects causing invalidation due to rounding in nsSVGIntegrationUtils::AdjustInvalidAreaForSVGEffects. r=roc
801f91eeb1a13bc22362edf91f20c1bcbd8fdf4bMarkus Stange — Bug 912953 - Don't fluff out the invalidation region from the inactive layer manager. r=roc
b072e77cd90774fbac4d9db286d63de40c416d7aMarkus Stange — Bug 912953 - Use consistent rounding for the scroll offset transform. r=roc
10464d3d16cb64e335a154c6709ee0157ef10cf8Markus Stange — Bug 912953 - Apply the scroll offset transform to inactive layer managers for LAYER_SVG_EFFECTS, too. r=roc
2a15f832f616761df9e79935ac1aca88e9ff53f6Marty Rosenberg — Bug 913216: Mark the entire heap to be flushed as soon as we start modifing bounds checks. (r=luke)
547d6f20ecb20ef1301a01188c79adef482031c0Daniel Holbert — Bug 913247: Don't call imgIContainer::RequestRefresh during hashtable enumeration. r=jwatt
59926e3b88a07110eeacdc92f54c6fc34169fe0cMark Hammond — Bug 909218 - test defaultLoadFlags make it to all requests. r=mayhemer
9e289a69522688993eae847ab240b4b68a570059Mark Hammond — Bug 909218 - add defaultLoadFlags to nsILoadGroup and have the docShell set them. r=mayhemer
1cd87c75e8406287c07992af55cf48128d264686Mark Hammond — Bug 909218 - add defaultLoadFlags to nsIDocShell. r=bz
906d05d7d8e0d62f282d6e645090a302a1b2b63aMatthew Gregan — Bug 911051 - Fix some namespace/type name related potential build errors in content/media. r=doublec
9c2f3fa9cd5c3bf060db90fde950efd9b35d333cMatthew Gregan — Bug 911050 - Use mfbt/Endian.h rather than a local version in WaveReader. r=doublec
c9985bea4d215c7acbac2e1e7ec34f2e2b75d878Makoto Kato — Bug 911893 - cannot use --enable-android-libstdcxx configure option. r=glandium
98656b5a9e6b0ebd93e4967ab9200a926ed293c9Phil Ringnalda — Back out 39bcc4b7efc8+e268996cb988 (bug 912299) for Android build bustage
c6412aa5cc28aefdc926a878dde03493f59efcebMike Hommey — Another fixup for static analysis builds after bug 912832. r=jcranmer
39bcc4b7efc8e3a0b36508e501750f1859dd4426Seth Fowler — Bug 912299 Followup - Update RefCounted specializations in ElfLoader.h. r=me
5eb75e2bab0a4863f9ea0ab950bce1f08f7ade38Phil Ringnalda — Back out b817abcebadf (bug 888109) for unexpected assertions
e268996cb9889250a7d6c55054b55e8e0cde7a5eSeth Fowler — Bug 912299 - Make RefCounted's refcount field mutable. r=waldo
f43fed6391f716f5a20094a41433069f763e8b64Chris Peterson — Bug 905221 - sizeof(nsEventQueue::Page) should be a power of two to avoid heap allocation slop. r=bsmedberg
b0f89cf3ede646438396c417953e3d173486a1f1Edwin Flores — Bug 752796 - Stop MediaDecoderStateMachine::SendStreamData from trying to A/V sync unnecessarily r=roc
73dff4338b06405080f8b235ab44d97e58186a7fEdwin Flores — Bug 884651 - Stop gstreamer from trying to sync video and audio for us r=cpearce
1b29c0885eb54c8a5a73b5693aa6eef6abcf91d8Mike Hommey — Bug 913246 - Fix configure with relative MOZCONFIG. r=gps
c76b5ba14102942f41439f3d416eb87ad83d15d3Mike Hommey — Fixup to the fixup for bug 912832 busting static analysis builds. r=jcranmer
b817abcebadf7eb913ae1fdd8dd39eacdad6475fBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 888109: Float32 general optimizations for IonMonkey: framework and arithmetic operations; r=sstangl,nbp
bb7959840ea52cd746ab1e91f48fd2387720ac5cMike Hommey — Backout changeset 9c78c5ac85a8 (bug 907683) for Android bustage
e197b9e71614f2af7805ecb1bb13d6ba6b56d1bfMike Hommey — Fixup for bug 912832 busting static analysis builds. r=me
fdea282eb31d3e8535baae5fdb2887a39607cdcfMike Hommey — Bug 912832 requires a clobber. r=me
1441bfd631067ac30c5cb5f18de15b75913faad9Patrick McManus — bug 904590 - useless settimeout call in test_prompt_async.html test r=jduell
8b4a47eb12176d11f7f8688fd34983107cc06935Jonathan Griffin — Bug 908356 - In-tree reuqirements files for marionette and mozbase, r=aki
6cb722cd3f7cd98c3237b7de7d02e640b2df63e6Mike Hommey — Bug 913134 - Avoid some build races in mobile/android/base. r=gps
20a4b8ad2107aa23f9aae1aa7e63f03edcd7b0e5Mike Hommey — Bug 913005 - Avoid overwriting unchanged stl_wrappers. r=ted
e078b4d207f6415230ba0c9d0f40dc8f5896cc76Mike Hommey — Bug 912980 - Don't use VPATH in content/media/webspeech/recognition. r=gps
ef653664ef989b954ecc3105c8ac24b0579d4b91Mike Hommey — Bug 912971 - Strip ./ from targets given to pymake on the command line. r=ted
c9da7671a0a9495476fec6ce6fb7933415745cc2Mike Hommey — Bug 911902 - Build ffi and icu during the compile tier instead of export. r=gps
2375fae8e78f1c3563f5d5722ed1762a92a57455Mike Hommey — Bug 912856 - Add a compile 'tier' to build OBJS and HOST_OBJS. r=gps
0c3e37bb0973e094f0c8b364642f6eb43e987171Mike Hommey — Bug 912862 - Cleanup some wrong assignments in r=ted
9993d1e6185e2f6f61ae296142119930992e62f7Mike Hommey — Bug 912832 - Inverse tiers and subtiers for build traversal. r=gps
9c78c5ac85a8218b3442c0c9cce52879b5fee84eMike Hommey — Bug 907683 - Cleanup ipc/chromium/ r=bsmedberg
ef3fb1cc922e49ddac0b5b05243aab3a0475ed2cSteve Workman — Bug 913151 - Always call nsInputStreamPump::OnStateTransfer on the main thread r=jduell
c1262e2db2912441cc4f7326e2c1ab161c8b947cNicholas Nethercote — Bug 912411 (part 3) - Remove lots of jsapi.h includes in SpiderMonkey. r=luke.
053f6a2c5e293a0c34618591f02dd58e7ce56381Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 912411 (part 2) - Move JSID_{VOID,EMPTY}HANDLE from jsapi.{h,cpp} to Id.{h,cpp}. r=luke.
5414483004cfa0bd1af49428305f59328b43a806Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 912411 (part 1) - Removed some jsapi.h includes in Gecko. r=bz.
55cdc3eef81539800a5929336cc929ef41037007Daniel Holbert — Bug 913124: Put ASTSerializer into anonymous namespace, since one of its member-vars is in anonymous namespace (& to silence GCC warning). r=Waldo
e7bd5af466abd029d9af297136bc4684b7c1f60dTom Schuster — Bug 910838 - Electrolysis: Don't update browser information with non-toplevel WebProgress notifications. r=felipe
cd2e84ff64ddd150c428ba07e1e085ceede7ed65David Dahl — Bug 882467 - Mixed Content Telemetry - How many times do users click Disable Protection r=dolske
cca8f2b78300e3d736ac7a1a2f1bb52decb5a577James Lal — Bug 912809 - Use false instead of true in scrollIntoView, r=jgriffin
20287656b048ba6bccb9a9682615e02e1f0fc408Seth Fowler — Bug 908514 (Part 2) - Fix "variable may be used uninitialized" warning in nsICODecoder.cpp. r=jrmuizel
1f846fad9b0f4b7e5145ac32d67ced1de06cabdaSeth Fowler — Bug 908514 (Part 1) - Replace imagelib endian macros with MFBT's endian functions. r=jrmuizel
1da522b9214b777ec1635418efa8491c8c180fa0Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 912863 - Update Talos version. r=jhammel.
2b3846b0c06ce40658f50a84e79ab931cb82c831Gregory Szorc — Bug 912231 - Allow mach commands to easily dispatch to other mach commands; r=jhammel
76634fb95c411f079ec16b427adc788ff1fc5dadJonathan Kew — bug 911849 followup - avoid reftest glyph-positioning discrepancy on OS X, and remove fuzzy-if() annotation from the manifest.
68dd49745b2e129df916a20c1ed4cfde329115c0Olli Pettay — Bug 911162 - Fix default value for aWantsUntrusted on Workers, r=khuey
882c6a6b3b35ca20b44d19e7e76a758924524f23Adam Roach [:abr] — Bug 906843 - Shorten sleep period for ASSERT_TRUE_WAIT from 200ms to 10ms; change traffic checks to count packets rather than wait 10 seconds r=ekr
963ee7a9b46cc5cefb1c8ba76262067a27b094b2Ethan Hugg — Bug 909179 - Fix warning from previous patch CLOSED TREE
85b39648b037e8cb8375a9a515f25c69e24b51e8EKR — Bug 909179 - Add ability to disable ICE components r=abr
df244fde6aa4db4f2cdbee64d202799874d24469Gregory Szorc — Bug 870420 - Require Python 2.7.3+ to build; r=ted
e0d08a8a1c045db566d3b1a6c6ea9a413fb291cfDavid Zbarsky — Fix an include guard in gfx/2d, no bug, r=me
610bbc0fcf01a4279326237208ebf8cacb278072Patrick McManus — bug 910518 - check httpchannel for listener release on redirect callback r=jduell
cb8146788ab19f8c95ae7e22d32f211d35eefd47Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 912702 - Minimize the #includes in content/media; r=roc
6f37f834802fff3dbe12ed227114e3fc65b5ea20Christian Holler — Bug 901908 - Mark a jit-test as slow. r=h4writer
5de2c664c0febc57484c6ea5f40ceebed786c0adRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
a058786a8080dd4acf48399c66989ee302a122dcRandell Jesup — Bug 899159: clean up record issues in webrtc OpenSLES code + wallpaper r=padenot,derf,mwu
5acaf91e82183e92fae9bfca2deb889a8fbd355dRandell Jesup — Bug 897981: access ViEReceiver::receiving_/receiving_rtcp_ under lock (in upstream r=mflodman)
6f60ba64a890fbe095776a23d0dc2e1a72738c26Wes Johnston — Bug 896350 - Use the event queue when adding notification observers. r=blassey
4ada3a288106d93da4258dbd5b29224629e89e45Randell Jesup — bug 912613: remove last vestige of WebRTC_Word* types in big-endian builds only r=padenot DONTBUILD
11e825ffbe54ec9bac1bc589a7b8257681fc5b7dDaniel Holbert — Bug 883514: During block reflow, check floats after reflowing bullet frames, instead of before. r=dbaron
080a54213c6eb3c0eb2300127c6bc0082ab745a2Boris Zbarsky — Bug 909642. Don't include nsNPAPIPluginInstance in headers so much, since it pulls in lots of gunk. r=bsmedberg
ab5f2982323626fc77caae739c1c1533c7f4d55bMs2ger — Bug 909003 - Part g: Remove some includes in workers; r=bz
528bc7fbebb5441dd9e4985a928354919d3640aaMs2ger — Bug 909003 - Part f: Remove some includes from IDBFactory.h; r=bz
c60685a09dd20a371f8b54d59cb19be76bfe3b00Ms2ger — Bug 909003 - Part e: Remove some includes from SpeechGrammarList.h; r=bz
ab4e4e5c501a8121e80f6bc729c2eeb6a7ad15a9Ms2ger — Bug 909003 - Part d: Remove some includes from nsHistory.h; r=bz
10055975c7c4e21a80b81a9d5ddb7f7a804ae959Ms2ger — Bug 909003 - Part c: Remove some includes from WebSocket.h; r=bz
4811bd5aea435972c745c657ca52efa19327148aMs2ger — Bug 909003 - Part b: Sort includes in WebSocket.h; r=bz
e5469d8c3a5652c6c981e57e00717df4d50828e7Ms2ger — Bug 909003 - Part a: Add missing includes to TypedArray.h; r=bz
2faa6e031add81eea8ba514b6990403c45b65a17Ms2ger — Bug 903772 - Add a license header to AtomList.h; r=khuey
baa61f505393abb1359eec90cd7d626e87835f57Ms2ger — Bug 909028 - Remove dead chromium code; r=ehsan, rs=bent
4a89871f5c4b657eb47de4809d2d451b2e6690f2Ms2ger — Bug 909953 - Introduce a HTMLAllCollection class; r=smaug
8d77363afb16ec53f3d91637307bd9228753c61eMs2ger — Bug 903080 - Move CSP tests in content/base/test into a subdir; r=ddahl+mshal
f5a455dce72a4a29eb7e9fa5f2f0c4d067e83d41Ms2ger — No bug - Remove a stray semicolon
321142426accb098c20211fe08d3f9ca1dfe4dabMs2ger — Bug 910253 - Part b: Move conditional LOCAL_INCLUDES to in accessible/; r=mshal
56fe70596574acf75139db1be04dba086edf602cMs2ger — Bug 910253 - Part a: Move unconditional LOCAL_INCLUDES to in accessible/; r=mshal
f6b8188dfed9cb6745479076cdb03a0ca88a559bMs2ger — Bug 910251 - Support LOCAL_INCLUDES in; r=gps
8f6dcb01666100e9d6f94e4f9989ebccd2a63d45Ms2ger — Bug 910238 - Part c: Remove content dirs from LOCAL_INCLUDES in accessible/; r=tbsaune
297b9822b0546d87ddb98a58ee77afce6dde8d5cMs2ger — Bug 910238 - Part b: Export nsImageLoadingContent.h; r=bz
dabe2b54a50b02864611bdea12bfa3ec2ffb0a0dMs2ger — Bug 910238 - Part a: Remove some includes from HTMLInputElement.h; r=bz
8beb34543e7b431c256dafc7356645f9f75d8028Ms2ger — Bug 870407 - Move final batch of CMMSRCS to and disallow it in makefiles; r=khuey
511fbeed2a3b1d7e2b77b00f061ecc78555a7b8eMs2ger — Bug 906696 - Start moving to; f=gps r=mshal
90a17a78cf796bdad22513e2f842b44c3a93ed39Ms2ger — Bug 774124 - Part c: Include nsContentUtils.h in HTMLSplitOnSpacesTokenizer.h; r=dzbarsky
8ee0b6427a6fddebc3c8d51db67fceae21713a16Ms2ger — Bug 774124 - Part b: Add include-what-you-use annotations to nsDisplayItemTypes.h and nsDisplayItemTypesList.h; r=roc
db4c9548a30423d4c9aa92d079f1251227468234Ms2ger — Bug 774124 - Part a: Include nsAttrValue.h in nsAttrValueInlines.h; r=dzbarsky
d35342e7bcd052ea82cad16316e9859f1963c562Phil Ringnalda — Back out 997672af6fc8:8a34b197be1d (bug 885169) for Win64 bustage
df8f342e9a6bffffabbe54dc87a21f52fc7804d4Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge inbound to m-c.
2e67cbcf632286210b6dd80226c26f52931e1bf6Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 2f15518f566e (bug 912702) because of B2G JB Emulator build bustage
49a194c84ab0fbf8c4a20122c111810d20798322Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 663567 - Verify that content added by XSLT stylesheet is subject to document's CSP - test update. r=sstamm
ee0964953b2583398a353d2ad629c1faa0938a9dJosh Matthews — Bug 906813 - Make private image channel test relying on cache wait until the cache is cleared. r=ehsan
d92272c6731b06d3221db5908aa58e37e0138a2dGeoff Brown — Bug 912779 - Improve error handling in mochitest; r=jmaher
d66d26298e85620b15888be6b66fc48fabe1b649Geoff Brown — Bug 908275 - Use mozlog in mochitest runtestsremote; r=jmaher
32295eb3041cacd746a828c808fd5012be9923afRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 842344 - Disable dom/workers/test_xhr_timeout.html on Windows.
4d2b2fac577f1a9a3e6679582a339b09cdd1e026Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 911849 - Add fuzz to the new reftest on OSX.
d818d731bd7e98d456ef6e9ec699050234817406Chris Peterson — Bug 883727 - Fix -Wsometimes-uninitialized warning in xpwidgets/PuppetWidget.cpp. r=bz
4e6f9d2589dcbfaed2c891713138c5391a96a4d9Kannan Vijayan — Bug 906805 - Implement Baseline JSOP_GETELEM handlers which invoke getters. try 2. r=efaust
93dd8e2c8d30fffc54842dea864e2305187827deJeff Muizelaar — Bug 897007. Implement ScaledFontMac::GetFontFileData. r=bas
2f15518f566e95dc039af87ed8ee2c2e3455326dEhsan Akhgari — Bug 912702 - Minimize the #includes in content/media; r=roc
c747fd285dfa33e8c792547c22ffeaf8c8726daeEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central and inbound
5ed972e07d6afbcfa5268a07c863b08c204e845cHannes Verschore — Bug 897926: IonMonkey: Fix execution difference in code refactored by previous patch, r=jandem
73be965472ba42c09b737d09e610ec3040652f3cJonathan Kew — bug 911849 - reftest for use of ZWNBSP/WJ to inhibit line-breaks in CJK text. r=masayuki
2e7256075903ff62ae3f62f03cb95885db467f28Jonathan Kew — bug 911849 - Unicode characters U+FEFF (zero-width no-break space) and U+2060 (word joiner) should inhibit line-breaking. r=masayuki
4880f320522131843c7b7fd302c47b75c32e0eebAndres Hernandez — Bug 905123 - Move prompts from DownloadIntegration to DownloadPrompter. r=paolo
2f2a91e0445a27128dd27049f1e8e386ed9c2db2Steven Lee — Bug 902856 - Generate fake audio data in MediaEngineDefaultAudioSource. r=jesup, r=derf
58305759794a4ca91d7b14ef03d81ebebc83f233Frederik Braun — Bug 607067 - Improve CSP violation messages for base restrictions and fix affected testcases. r=imelven, r=sstamm
89d4dc9f19d8d4ebe6a8bc7d5210fb71ee40498bDave Hunt — Bug 911196 - Bump marionette_client version to 0.5.37. r=jgriffin
809ec333407e4a7cf71cbf08252bf89703a67a1cRobert Longson — Bug 705584 - Improve/increase use of nsCharSeparatedTokenizerTemplate in nsSMILParserUtils. r=dholbert
ba28223861b15de428639cd7f74d77500d8e504cTill Schneidereit — Bug 912496 - Store source file names and info strings (identified by pointer) only once in tracelogging.log and refer to them by auto-incrementing id after that. r=h4writer
e725385400a67a4cc3eebe7fdd26d76bdca026abHannes Verschore — Bug 897926 - IonMonkey: Don't add osr typebarriers for aliased vars, r=jandem
00d15571bb8628ec533e32253f92822f3e57af61Robert Longson — Bug 911310 - Only raise an nsChangeHint_UpdateOverflow for filters. r=dholbert
002694f6c9d60b8fec2045f1411fe606e6b0a402Jan de Mooij — Bug 911989 - Compile JSOP_DELELEM with IonMonkey. r=h4writer
af2e93b2f712866e8560ea456a9c3d6a7f27a483Neil Rashbrook — Bug 910899 Plugin placeholder XBL anonymous elements need anonids r=jaws
c265760f8b9ba168355927d8de9d4306a107dedfMike Hommey — Bug 912846 - Bump pymake parser MRU cache to 50 items. r=gps
ca1ed4b9940ce02ea0d64400360569fe2900dccdMike Hommey — Bug 912845 - Fix typo in js/src/ making some headers exported during make libs instead of make export. r=gps
0413092be43dfdd5649f715db88e6226460257bfMike Hommey — Bug 912292 - Always traverse sub-directories after executing rules in the current directory. r=gps
fc9fb405796e0e17a4734ae633c434abe0e7f7f3Mike Hommey — Bug 912292 - Fix a few rules relying on being executed after traversing subdirectories. r=gps
84290b641e24da21476ddfadac0642b9a06b6fabMike Hommey — Bug 912801 - Avoid defining PROGRAM in top-level Makefile. r=gps
1f5999955661b10576949419a0826102d5588afdMike Hommey — Bug 912795 - make export doesn't handle install/purge manifests. r=gps
901804d26f9f0917e5c522cd82f08e3e639761acMasayuki Nakano — Bug 910978 part.20 Test calls of getModifierState() of all events not causing crash r=smaug
bc427f5ec61be794e33a5df279368c39f40b6bddRobert O'Callahan — Bug 910989. Remove nsTHashtable::Init, fallible allocation, and MT hashtables. r=ehsan,bsmedberg
d5ee3f89e12b81974eb071af1277656349b03a7bRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 9d9e289013de (bug 899213) due to various regressions caused by it.
f7e2011ba093c4bf3c6a7540086af29fb6f98071Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge fx-team to m-c.
ba3799c9da861068504bf2d9dc34078db8c315b2Paul Rouget — Bug 913045 - getWallpaper doesn't work. r=ochameau
fa45b62aaa24a0f16e10cbe34442e6cc2348e686Paul Rouget — Bug 912910 - [app manager] add a menuitem to the devtools menu. r=mossop
b6756fb5d78dafc77cee06f19f797b30880a65a0Andre Miranda — Bug 912743 - [responsive mode] Vertical resizer is missing its tooltip. r=paul
d4e22cde2adfe9b5ce3b1e76228ec2305c23f09fBrian Grinstead — Bug 911671 - [markup view] Holding up/down on a number value should update preview while number changes r=mratcliffe
52d436a29df0b617fb3085f3518bdf325b2c5e8bMichael Ratcliffe — Bug 910155 - Rule view does not keep changed rules marked after inspecting other nodes r=dcamp
45ad3919056e191b7cd0235607e73236e06b16d7Alexandre Poirot — Bug 908205 - Allows to install an app via the webapp actor without having to push file with adb. r=past
668d5c3eec49a533182661719ed61bb50ea23851Nick Fitzgerald — Bug 889530 - Don't permanently cache source maps; r=vporof
a72b2b8b82dfef753dc9e507107478b721826327Nick Fitzgerald — Bug 912699 - improve load source error messages; r=past
fb3a60e0fedad0376c3116c209b2fde91b141aecHubert B Manilla — Bug 884484 - Don't show Loading... forever if loading a source fails; r=fitzgen
efe592efe709a33193a8dad0f921117e218a0accEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central and fx-team
b92cf59aa9d77522b83bd65180436cf2ab63f341Paul Rouget — Bug 911781 - Implement a module to validate the app manifest. r=paul
ac59fd15fbcbe0b7bc9eb653de81e26614bb7606Paul Rouget — Bug 912447 - [app manager] land the app manager front end. r=poirot.alex r=mratcliffe
1ada033f80f1b47e7477cf4c13a54bdf435db83fRyan VanderMeulen — Merge b2g-inbound to m-c.
1aa8ec1e44d37db7fed1c5c51a09ba95462ee6d7Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
f9c2d58be3438561270b3ec6b2dd418013a2557bGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
aed1b56f9ff96c34ae08caf899cb263053f99307Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia-central revision(s)
3ff6264aead114328c367febf1d97d1393191826Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
ba5b2970ceb525f8f9fb6e2aef6cfa021125e1aaFabrice Desré — Bug 912065 - tapping the" Change wallpaper" icon has no action in the settings app r=vingtetun
6aa8e0796b992c15db8d05b06a5590efc2ed1ac3Fabrice Desré — Bug 912840 - Preload the appcache manifest properly in OfflineCacheInstaller.jsm r=ochameau
71a97e39dba973dee96e5825531102b810a837b1Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 8 gaia-central revision(s)
2bb912bd94656b74ae7a54357e73c95c44b43540Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
090cf53c9c5a994de63c3a68b8001ebc6c96d20bGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
10d28291bf825ffd79ed2acb71ab060da021780cEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central and b2g-inbound
90a9eda4e34f3c51aecd7e224a84b6efb6b329d2Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 3 gaia-central revision(s)
f639fb295eb158985fe830d1b845153ee0c9928cGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
353c380d8a174792442126ba72e312390082b463Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
86200cf602db5450909eb9c2aca3a8746d44090cGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia-central revision(s)
745aef6fe389622442abd85c99ea1456279c96f8Shawn Ku — Bug 911006 - B2G RIL: Improve the flow of requestNetworkInfo in ril_worker.js. r=hsinyi
c45e24c1798bc17ab52b0793822eec592ed19359Yuan Xulei — Bug 904530 - endComposition should commit text before cursor. r=masayuki
5033980115faf63df1273d7c6fca0299d55942c4Askeing Yen — Bug 891766 - Add gecko's git commit info in B2G build. r=gps
57b01dc1c59b84fe488277b061757ba93da50131Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
e42374f83509299ab8232fe7a7ebe1b14471bcfcNick Alexander — Merge m-c to s-c.
2c7fecacbdc1a5a12d24666f3a4e317b6ce1d50dRichard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
9e834d0decc26f3be3b57b4ee4d7ade862ce85afRichard Newman — Bug 908461 - Protocol deprecation indicators for Sync: client support. r=gps
f8f67a668be9349a55e3fcf9ef88470bc1160367Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
103b99d2a719b6f1550e17f434dda57f353de649Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
1d485cb2ee20af5c63c9ab2e4fcc0d1253fd2493Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
8ec404c1275f067b88021d49537a949c0ce38a44Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
d4b94879db2603e0e96a29e0f36e5400d71fd9b5Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
0608a3b4c9d92738b3bca824af1f4a3ff7672beeNick Alexander — Merge m-c to s-c.
429dd1e02857848f9d53c1ad5e71a9223f1dea59Nick Alexander — Merge m-c to s-c.
1555f551eff6f584fc42224e59e64e1b3818b8c1Nick Alexander — Merge m-c to s-c.
aa9ec17cf91233ceda582935327e29bdf15bf7d8Ed Morley — Merge latest green b2g-inbound changeset and mozilla-central
d545f426a57f3e45b7ac20802497c84ab1e1cca3Ed Morley — Backed out changeset a638e7261ac3 (bug 864485) for not having build peer review
e273e39089cb81480e6a28c959151c645131012bEd Morley — Backed out changeset 5f709b46eebc (bug 864485)
c1ea56013ce9fc179cc53a0fc09be591ade1b4e7Ed Morley — Backed out changeset f6b637a621ac (bug 864485)
2c9350e98076a7a132968ee182015b3af636e2f6Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
7eaa89b23caf8d4333c39ea5824cdb14f0d1c184Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
171fea9deb23da6baf8f8594bb4e0f8ba1586eabGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
cd4ad58d29b4e7f0154250daec36417a55c234e7Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
84bc315628ba6b7ed62cf1be7c37845c442f677aGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
bfeee504577a2b76cf42df6c0b4818a600a4439dGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
4c2e8d77bae74e94f88b0dd2dac272b69cd251c5Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
11c4755b33105d00af89c81f364fc2c877d824c9Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
6f67e6224cb1b8740f91531127051bacf9079df8Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
d3387e7a0311641c91d634f44df1fc96b7db5c40Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia-central revision(s)
284963d2b7ee0cd4b5d29926c903461d5fbcda24Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
bfce4740431c78e6e65c7adcc6941a90031b1053Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
bdc733ce66b9beced7f1bae3861e80915cfa674eGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
4fffd0f9a19818a6bb7799d08a96275e21494867Wes Kocher — Merge m-c to b2g-inbound to fix a CLOSED TREE
59417b7613c7c84e66671107735dbc94ae7d3056Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
a9cbf450dde5e9a2485996655cb6feadbeabca2dGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia-central revision(s)
0b16e8a81a3f98309f436b163d843a754915b465Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
f6b637a621acdd6d9be188a0d5834f828a0f007cVicamo Yang — Bug 864485 - 3/3: Gonk backend specific. r=hsinyi
5f709b46eebcd921ee07c8eeb9183a21ac985d1eVicamo Yang — Bug 864485 - 2/3: DOM & IPC. r=khuey
a638e7261ac3766dc79c32c87c8e4f6944141232Vicamo Yang — Bug 864485 - 1/3: B2G Telephony - move to IPDL. Interface changes. sr=sicking, r=hsinyi,khuey
ccf8763b169429130d1733b9bf7c53a950257c3dGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
67c9ec0da9492656b3cb20e51986053af28e39cfEd Morley — Merge latest green fx-team changeset and mozilla-central
5744bc7c930e5ddf97a488fd29d5097b633900ffLucas Rocha — Bug 897481 - Update testShareLink for new about:home (r=margaret)
16dd444184ca8f3405163ae0d6f0325fdfb45f2fWes Kocher — Bug 912698 - Uplift Add-on SDK to Firefox r=me
d35a123d53ea825fc7909ef7ece24de13278fc88Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 911510 - Add a pref to override the dead zone threshold. r=bnicholson
b3cf6b53a99046007905c14ce7d6dfbc2bfc38d4Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 911510 - Refactor the dead-zone-threshold code for gamepads to facilitate preffing. r=bnicholson
676322e0166cc3970b1467b796260b4219a60078Phil Ringnalda — Back out 4537337759b7 (bug 910517) because nobody expects the talos inquisition
f6d0b53da118af96a5a59879d33d440c671841e7George Wright — Bug 903722 - Only demote to a software canvas if we're a GL-backed Skia canvas r=bjacob
b2730cc16df13d50feb7722dd4e088366929d0cePhil Ringnalda — Back out e46601eb7279:533dc9ea3301 (bug 912322) for Android reftest bustage
470293fe677c7d4442199cffa8cb5d3bcd6d5f34Mark Finkle — Bug 911018 - Call HardwareUtils.init in GeckoView r=bnicholson
cfcf5b7edc53d88982e51d28fc95307db7f1ad7eMark Finkle — Bug 880118 - Dynamically pull resource IDs to avoid reordering r=kats
9f3ef3de56172cadda8803c21bafa3eb5129859fMark Finkle — Bug 880118 - Disable geckoview packaging in l10n builds r=glandium
965457d9bc1e27925f196406a472e01023feb36eMark Finkle — Bug 880118 - Add support for disabling geckoview packaging r=glandium
9ff14d43346dd6b92d8c863d63c28bcf7e55ce5fShane Tully — Bug 880118 - Integrate the GeckoView library into the build system r=cpeterson
997672af6fc8750c7dcee69595ec1d40e82d50f1Dan Gohman — Bug 885169 - Reverse the default register allocation order so that low registers like eax on x86/x64 are preferred over high registers. r=h4writer
7a887cc385cb4250ab9199641db1a592ca57dd2bDan Gohman — Bug 885169 - Spidermonkey: Alleviate register allocation constraints in ICGetElem_Arguments::Compiler::generateStubCode. r=nbp
8a34b197be1d7b298afcd6d8a347ccfb7bf222f9Dan Gohman — Bug 885169 - Spidermonkey: Fix ARM trampoline code to inform its RegisterSet of its use of a context register. r=nbp
4537337759b73a894a7c6b4c1d4b2b1d4d68010dNicholas Nethercote — Bug 910517 - Remove nsIMemoryReporter, and rename nsIMemoryMultiReporter as nsIMemoryReporter. r=mmcr8.
bf286f1d5489d2b2985cccfbf32f917124058e2fDan Gohman — Bug 910782 - SpiderMonkey: Add an explicit scope aroud the InvokeState object's lifetime. r=luke
0e876da27431beceee6027b3cc4ece46086189b0Dan Gohman — Bug 910782 - SpiderMonkey: Use jsbytecode instead of int for the switch mask variables, and name the magic opcode used to enable interrupts. r=luke
7792dc26b3e1c71c02072295966d88c9c4b24e2eDan Gohman — Bug 910782 - SpiderMonkey: Remove the for(;;) surrounding the interpreter loop, as it isn't needed, and adjust indentation for consistency. r=luke
d09951d9e0c01f9c92890100b364ded52c1c328cDan Gohman — Bug 910782 - SpiderMonkey: Inline check_backedge, which is only used in one place. r=luke
6df80a4fdb06a24ba5b83c71d2e49731c7598e51Dan Gohman — Bug 910782 - SpiderMonkey: Simply uses of BRANCH. r=luke
ebb5b0609fe601da56ea5500381f79d8fe7d8d85Dan Gohman — Bug 910782 - SpiderMonkey: Delete obsolete comments. r=jorendorff
e46601eb7279c2896af0f178f30dddebe86fae02Bobby Holley — Bug 912322 - Stop making XBL methods available to the web. r=bz
d15d14b1e637f751d3fdeeb092129ad0e8ac3532Bobby Holley — Bug 912322 - Fix tests. r=bz
533dc9ea33010db8ea822a84b7212728a2a9297aBobby Holley — Bug 912322 - Update semantics of IsChromeOrXBL to return true for remote XUL. r=bz
75bd62bdd4a0a27763e9c03470db0e377c0a4c34Patrick Wang — Bug 910990 - prevent from build failure with older version of ethtool in linux. r=abr,ekr,khuey
20658bd801b1c94d8a8f85107e93c213ca25d38cBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 912294: Fix pre increment operator in InlineListIterator and InlineListReverseIterator; r=dvander
a40169f091ea751e074d6cc21015500b38036fceWes Kocher — Merge m-c to inbound
7035eecefd2565b822e9f236926b7c5b33a129c0Brian Birtles — Bug 912305 - Fix documentation of RadialGradientPattern constructor; r=bas, DONTBUILD (comment-only)
12e4307ff333c9f8bb93fa73bc3a6fd2109d6f8eYaron Tausky — Bug 911553 - Trap Proxy calls from ToPrimitive. r=bholley
6c0117fbfe6951225ffa503bee4c1fcba53b00edYaron Tausky — Bug 793212 - Refactor IonBuilder::TestCommonPropFunc. r=efaust
c8dffd55eeeff68d14e55fe0c86c207984b0bed1Nicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 910777 - Add JSCLASS_IMPLEMENTS_BARRIERS to the Binary Data classes with custom trace r=sfink
0016284ded203e24f5fcad2cf9277e1c9477435fMike Hommey — Fixup for bug 911634. r=gps
d9ad02ac2fcb9371aa177112c50d9058ca4cee79Jonas Finnemann Jensen — Bug 910658 - Add "qnew = -U" to defaults section in mach mercurial-setup; r=gps
45097bc3a57898f22a4f3b74f8f8cf7511f5d0a4Mike Hommey — Bug 912293 - Remove now redundant boilerplate from r=gps
92ee006ec0a59d93557d8197ad020ed226faa65dMike Hommey — Bug 912293 - Add a generic header and footer to generated Makefiles. r=gps
595ef28d3cf1d60ffe70d6f76f4effbbb7021504Mike Hommey — Bug 912368 - Set relativesrcdir in config/tests/src-simple/Makefile and adjust so that it works. r=gps
c2ef6df8c8d69398d99fafa85d88e6a354fb3ea0Mike Hommey — Bug 911936 - Kill make depend. r=gps
34ca46861c2839621576b4f24231458504303c77Mike Hommey — Bug 911634 - Create a in the objdir when starting a build, and include it from r=gps
88f62538d582fd57e6e478b0575c96389d5de7f6Mike Hommey — Back out changeset 6fe5a446b775 (bug 903118)
2c0ffcf95bcbf1350e3f3e7f5f45d6dac0843f82Mike Hommey — Bug 911924 - Remove MAKE_DIRS leftovers. r=ted
ba4acc701c7eba41836a681babc05ded9136bd5fGregory Szorc — Bug 908977 - Generate XPIDL-derived headers directly into dist/include; r=glandium
95e4b6b44eebb9ab0fdf4389f13eb2f3ea527ec1Adam Roach [:abr] — Bug 906843 - Instrument signaling for isolation of system delays r=ehugg
7509132548d925670b3051c919f901b9b96dd619Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset 365e150efda0 (bug 910899) for multiple test failures on a CLOSED TREE
5a86fde943e62e8656b8e5174e10de3ed1f3519aBobby Holley — Bug 899367 - Followup bustage fix for some functions that were renamed out from under me. r=me CLOSED TREE
746266548b657302dc9fab8f49ba84581e61e5b3Boris Zbarsky — Bug 911771 followup. Just nuke the broken code. r=CLOSED TREE
4db34d255ed0070b9f8a7eacc67a1e35b0c78aa9Botond Ballo — Bug 904533 - Compute FrameMetrics::mCompositionBounds correctly for subframes. r=tn
6537b89b9063bfc48dec8fbb9bad2af11d0d6e98Robert Longson — Bug 906601 - filter processing memory allocation should be fallible. r=jwatt
1e63861a73d93b45284379c5fe1bcb279aa2e995Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 902075 - Add telemetry for plugin click-to-activate doorhanger UI, r=vladan
eb82f789664b509ecb6f66094c5e0dd657b2035bGeorg Fritzsche — Bug 899080 - Test fixup part 7 - accessible. r=surkov
1c3c7005f6af6f078def0533ae6a1890fdc48df4Georg Fritzsche — Bug 899080 - Test fixup part 6 - widget. r=roc
1332d461d52ec7febce82c286011b5933ad7216dGeorg Fritzsche — Bug 899080 - Test fixup part 5 - layout. r=roc
af8b8c91286c2279b5f3b4fd37466f1cedb0f1fbGeorg Fritzsche — Bug 899080 - Test fixup part 4 - content. r=smaug
4b9221731b0e413c9b0bf55336823833b55f196cGeorg Fritzsche — Bug 899080 - Test fixup part 3 - toolkit. r=bsmedberg
3bcbfbc9591bda8c4de01d18371bc70cbe9a763fGeorg Fritzsche — Bug 899080 - Test fixup part 2 - dom/plugins. r=bsmedberg
46a5c7cf1ec40ee749f2c1c913d3f45902759bd9Georg Fritzsche — Bug 899080 - Test fixup part 1 - Always enable test-plugins for reftests. r=jmaher
0e9fc39801fc88c3d649967320459a2919239f35Georg Fritzsche — Bug 899080 - Let all plugins except Flash default to click-to-play. r=bsmedberg
dd6d206a9a8a87b3f8eed20a9b78f2afdd080715Bobby Holley — Bug 899367 - Make GetNativeGlobal consumers call GetWindowProxy and rm the former. r=mccr8
156e8e401a833f3281c8a9e7b8d5b96f80e5e464Bobby Holley — Bug 899367 - Remove check for non-WindowProxy objects on an scx. r=mccr8
32c995dfd0806a0ee44f5f3a739d3c900a723286Bobby Holley — Bug 899367 - Remove xpc_UnmarkGrayContext. r=mccr8
cd8526f29c2f807f7a1170a74be453c7bdad7434Bobby Holley — Bug 899367 - Remove JSOPTION_UNROOTED_GLOBAL. r=luke,mccr8
6a1f5a4594aed54de19f95d093ab090daecdcb9bBobby Holley — Bug 899367 - Stop storing the window proxy on the JSContext. r=mccr8
8e4bd1c50df4797665d2b056b3117220de3af10bBobby Holley — Bug 899367 - Have nsGlobalWindow go through nsJSContext to access the outer. r=mccr8
14df512b792aeb64e3608f4e4de70151a411f354Bobby Holley — Bug 899367 - Stop depending on the default compartment object for DOM JSContexts. r=mccr8
6ca662ba7c557d378bd2641dc737c5c031ba9e58Bobby Holley — Bug 899367 - Add an API to opt out of default compartment objects. r=luke
bb9646daf4c382ba31f91df5acd20a6e62a5fb38Bobby Holley — Bug 899367 - Explicitly traverse outer windows, rather than doing it via JSContext iteration. r=mccr8
c800b53263d221923333191d3e1933af1bac6112Bobby Holley — Bug 899367 - Explicitly trace outer windows, rather than doing it via JSContext iteration. r=mccr8
001f423a94e8fedf82591e2f7cb9e225cf679cd6Bobby Holley — Bug 899367 - Add an API to determine if we're marking gray. r=billm
6490e2abb8b3a3aec14cdf39f657b60b7052cb32Bobby Holley — Bug 899367 - Only use JSOPTION_UNROOTED_GLOBAL for DOM JSContexts. r=mccr8
7ccebf05488c23702234daffaae17676aa3af4a7Randell Jesup — Bug 912450: remove WEBRTC_EXPORT to avoid exporting webrtc symbols from xul.dll r=ted
8628391a5a8bd2eafede7e31257be60ff9c661baPatrick McManus — bug 912582 - false start rc4 and rsa accomodations need exact principal matches r=dkeeler
b5d62f5c733c1b2da7e1f79979303c45fb37dc57Benoit Girard — Bug 907544 - Pass the D3DSurface9 down into Cairo for LockRect. r=jrmuizel
365e150efda033ec762f658877354ea0622fc006Neil Rashbrook — Bug 910899 Plugin placeholder XBL anonymous elements need anonids r=jaws
4a5e5f94a4f7de1fbe460620a68f5fbf6df1ee93Daniel Holbert — Bug 859807: Request longer timeout for test_transitions_per_property.html. r=dbaron
8790cc20505b55680fb9de88a20019eedd6cbe1fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 911771. Remove uses of MOZ_DEBUG in .cpp files, since there is no such thing there. Use DEBUG instead. r=glandium
3e07ffec398e5116c080b48ac819f03f637d6b81Boris Zbarsky — Bug 910795 part 2. Use the new Rebind() setup to avoid creating string copies for variadic string arguments. r=smaug
d42f8528d09f8b41bd8b15efe878eed35694a201Boris Zbarsky — Bug 910795 part 1. Add a way to Rebind() an nsString to be a dependent string. r=bsmedberg
0783c819410df43f5dd5caa6b1db64e3ad31f109Patrick McManus — bug 907800 - only retry http 408 when it is suspected of being a persistent reuse race r=jduell
15a71c6cb0d3ab794fee0b4307ef108162e66f05Karl Tomlinson — b=906966 limit ScriptProcessorNode input channel count through channelCount and channelCountMode r=ehsan
4d5107aea7080cbc0e7e4ac11e37da2f81caeffeKarl Tomlinson — b=906966 limit ConvolverNode and PannerNode input channel count through channelCount and channelCountMode r=ehsan
2ee662f747a2194cf28a7678aa3b1f8555f26e6bKarl Tomlinson — tests for convolver and panner channelCount b=906966
c2bfb5b08f75e6bbe246271170f200b2ece5158aKarl Tomlinson — b=907986 remove unused ThreeDPoint::Distance() r=padenot
1100a5bc013b541c635bc42bd753531e95c952e4Karl Tomlinson — b=907986 handle zero front-right plane projection without NaNs r=padenot
1eaccb673d334e5fcf3c8f62ce86a7ec98a02a1dKarl Tomlinson — test equalpower panning effect with panner directly above b=907986
86c9a90d8408b9c364bf1eebc9aadfddf0dcb7c9Karl Tomlinson — b=907986 normalize orientation vectors early and keep existing state if directions are undefined r=padenot
084b01d1b6b381c82606e3a4f7b9e4ef2548aa4aKarl Tomlinson — b=907986 avoid under and overflow in Normalize() r=padenot
845d86b48e8525e792bae94b7e8b63493dcfa80fKarl Tomlinson — b=907986 don't calculate upProjection twice r=padenot
18e8eadef06fa025613b81b9d8eb87cc85e4b4e9Karl Tomlinson — crashtests for bug 907986
0343a9d0f208a20d97d2eb2b40bc54df870e679aKarl Tomlinson — revert 3171b6ad0055 b=907986
743278b7340f88d6d5071bbd1b4fd79bf35c21f8Gregory Szorc — Bug 896797 - Part 3: Use install manifests for managing dist/include; r=glandium
a895979d4c8ba4aaa51f6be40e37df076b6646a2David Burns — Bug 912244: Correct screenshot with element highlighting in Marionette; r=jgriffin
77ed46bf4c1a98ebdd79e45ffce947d3a92642c3Wes Kocher — Merge b2g-inbound and mozilla-central on a CLOSED TREE
01085e7665c524e3a23571c51576a1340c91c460Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
a49a03e03df57a93cc1a9175f25d17097653417aEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central and b2g-inbound
bf19195498545541b84e4773ee34bbe07f4c787dRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 008139ec2abb (bug 906096) for Gaia UI test and B2G mochitest-4 failures.
bc5a5f9e9f2a33da0c33d30aa3d7a446625f9cf6Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
9dcc96e4133029105ca48075db0a33eeb6199487Edgar Chen — Bug 869778 - Part 7: Marionette tests for iccinfo. r=allstars.chh
7d47a1885014770b56b8c817775fec02d2c69da3Edgar Chen — Bug 869778 - Part 6: Bluetooth changes for msisdn. r=echou
1eebc1edf40a4cd2be3cff8f75d34d43b99d8e9cEdgar Chen — Bug 869778 - Part 5: GPS changes for msisdn. r=kchen
65938897536e4f6a39568ebe442e5f2eafe49f08Edgar Chen — Bug 869778 - Part 4: PhoneNumberUtils changes for iccInfo. r=gwagner
2d4c400127af9d432cd3cefb874479784a9b5017Edgar Chen — Bug 869778 - Part 3: RIL implementation for CDMA MIN. r=allstars.chh
ff5b29debc08c6fb3823afa70e0cbe8db65e2e10Edgar Chen — Bug 869778 - Part 2: Move mbdn to iccInfoPrivate. r=allstars.chh
50a1947a8edea051e9a605ea2d6e30ab039244d3Edgar Chen — Bug 869778 - Part 1: Expose CDMA MIN to MozIccInfo. r=allstars.chh. sr=sicking
d2cd2346681b7e6bd792ad0187af271ff0cb9ca3Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
ea5b085ba0a912525b71c884bb17fd81b21bee7cGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
13ae92616a188e6a26201b75b1adccde6077981fGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
c8c55f0fbd7411b250a6aba052a6e9571667ef66Szu-Yu Chen [:aknow] — Bug 909669 - Part 2: Change error code to InvalidParameter (ril, test). r=hsinyi
3cb18fbc1eff5248c0399858e0b0b55faa5f120cSzu-Yu Chen [:aknow] — Bug 909669 - Part 1: Change error code to InvalidParameter (idl). r=hsinyi
9dc1fcc1964eb4fd71e562148cdcf78aa1c6211dGene Lian — Bug 903403 - [sms][mms] Make getSegmentInfoForText() Asynchronous to Improve Typing Performance. r=vicamo, sr=mounir
e92a979238640641475862420bac820117d493e2Anthony Ricaud — Bug 889717 - Do not send focus when the user taps to stop scrolling. r=vingtetun
008139ec2abb425e1bc4c978e793bb7f1e2a618eJan Jongboom — Bug 906096 - Move InputMethod API behind a pref instead of build option. r=kanru, r=sicking
8e0c14f835917b9bd59c04a590ceeb0cf47c8b5fTim Chien — Bug 798353 - Make SettingsListener reuse the lock. r=fabrice
ff2e4d8cb650a4eb55d54df683fc1295d4cc819cGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
6c6bf65089b6d2a1bc6148c97ad6e1afe5e87658Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
8f545f56d6918f237308722b6cd25c7852e01054Vicamo Yang — Bug 911341 - 2/2: Seperate the parcel header handling. r=yoshi
862a062456b0200a0a9f3206048e4977685b655cVicamo Yang — Bug 911341 - 1/2: B2G RIL - refactor worker_buf. r=yoshi
7cb9cde92db35760e50f9831c3e6800c77e927c9Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
603699058e1bec6277bab22dc7effafb5bc7f62fEd Morley — Backed out changeset 9a72765987b8 (bug 864485) for mochitest-3 failures on a CLOSED TREE
833118c167e780f0f3c25284d4abbf26f2d55d2eEd Morley — Backed out changeset 9bd4fcd6d084 (bug 864485)
6eca1326ff3fa61e686a293ad34e76b82e43d93cEd Morley — Backed out changeset 89113a5b091e (bug 864485)
d486094c1c6f401ab879fa3cba39d6f018978bf3Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 0b45d07ccdee (bug 907585)
84ee1aab7cd8277b02fc5b34434cf0c7c9610915Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 0a1f354d13a0 (bug 907585)
57a3b3ea1f5ea5a910b93bb8d897748d6a25748bEd Morley — Backed out changeset 21b97e0e5a10 (bug 907585)
66c66282afef82386062e800d2fb334abc7f31f4Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 8b6235d4c2ac (bug 873351)
c77424d651ee77c6ba70f1ad9b2ed44672247bd8Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 679f571996e8 (bug 907585)
f551128d430ccd2d103e545554f18529498bb0c8Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
e6cad4679624828aa11e4bf99432ae160ac26d9bGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
9d22ff450bfdfe58a2bc2098b93fc1d0c18c88bbThomas Zimmermann — Bug 853550: Replace Bluetooth command thread, r=echou,gyeh
50e6aad45b406ebdf9148855b7cc34e73bb3d354Thomas Zimmermann — Bug 853550: Cleanup DBus thread handling, r=qdot
8ad04b673163fedc0dfdd2d56140b7b7d194f280Thomas Zimmermann — Bug 853550: Fix whitespace errors, r=echou
50b4c1c1cc058997ccad92cdc090b4271bdcccc8Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
679f571996e8a7c172195764e6ffab37053bdc7dEd Morley — Bug 907585 - Touch clobber file due to IDL file change
66870fbe0a8ef1572a38b46590df5d5883dc3ff5Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
c9a5a622b27bea181a19f94dca8842da3d8ce203Chia-hung Tai — Bug 907140 - [B2G][MMS] Block sending email from MMS until we supported this feature. r=vyang
80dccbfde2e8f947bb2112640b3108bc6db2a47aGaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia-central revision(s)
8b6235d4c2acdf0f31b64cfbb237353d3ae061f8Vicamo Yang — Bug 873351 - B2G SMS: move SMS code out of RadioInterfaceLayer to SmsService. r=gene
21b97e0e5a10b181bd74a9453992ce9e77268013Vicamo Yang — Bug 907585 [3/3]: some small refinements. r=yoshi
0a1f354d13a08fe64e6d259df1b3e85ea55a247fVicamo Yang — Bug 907585 [2/3]: Re-implement message listener registration. r=yoshi
0b45d07ccdeeb6785c0ab99a9ee830ff75eca641Vicamo Yang — Bug 907585 [1/3]: B2G RIL - share RilMessageManager. Move to RilMessageManager.jsm. r=yoshi,hsinyi
89113a5b091e8525e855288252875f0ac8ec2759Vicamo Yang — Bug 864485 - 3/3: Gonk backend specific. r=hsinyi
9bd4fcd6d08494629d61d2a92f4aa809bd89a159Vicamo Yang — Bug 864485 - 2/3: DOM & IPC. r=khuey
9a72765987b80ff8a7629a1f9070aec13c755972Vicamo Yang — Bug 864485 - 1/3: B2G Telephony - move to IPDL. Interface changes. sr=sicking, r=hsinyi,khuey
99bd249e5a2063029f1527cc9a68e9fac09e107eWes Kocher — Merge fx-team to m-c on a CLOSED TREE
f13c3491c9c82f259d72d0d160c7ffabd0790cc1Augustin Trancart — Bug 711959 - Make FlingRenderTask time-based. r=kats
0fb65049cb956db14f3bf604b4c3b78010ea6b46Augustin Trancart — Bug 711959 - Making BounceRenderTask time-based. r=kats
f746195f55957d694a7aa45c5560cf0641acf843Augustin Trancart — Bug 711959 - Adapt JavaPanZoomController to use the RenderTask mechanism. r=Cwiiis, kats
05c2d7b68a229d4221c25e1052689e6473ecd51fAugustin Trancart — Bug 711959 - Adapt LayerMarginsAnimator to use the new RenderTask mechanism. r=kats
d6515c4d6cf852624deff2be262cfe9e948f5ebfAugustin Trancart — Bug 711959 - Add RenderTask and the necessary mechanisms to use it. r=kats
6366f575b4c623a06c110cc81334047a9623970aShilpan Bhagat — Bug 899560 - Set an explicit width on Button:Toasts for tablets. r=wesj
7fd6c2e59b65fcc6727f403f0941771c173d3faeWes Johnston — Bug 909853 - Include overridden handling strings. r=mfinkle
58a67d0f50bcde0e65e1c5d7f5d07422233a41d2Shane Caraveo — bug 891225 implement new provider status buttons, r=markh
00209f73f7b636ae7ad780b86c6eaf831cb0092faceman — Bug 677912 - Follow-up to bug 136556 - change the string ID for localizers. r=bz
617107cdc0f91a2fcde3af013e53b4df77a541bbDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 911109 - Statement::internalFinalize now doesn't cause finalization if the connection is already closed. r=asuth
31d86f50d43786c44ed6b8ec728442a66306490fChris Kitching — Bug 911604 - Add null check to SearchEnginePreference to prevent NPEs when corrupt Favicons encountered. r=mleibovic
e56e7c0e83f2de1c4ca6a52a61c1a5c6e4405806Catalin Iordache — Bug 912259 - about:networking DNS Lookup Diagnostic Tool - patch over backend. r=mcmanus
cff37b5ea5fb7da9d737981d959c63318b562b13Nick Fitzgerald — Bug 906640 - add a pretty print button to the scratchpad; r=anton
e4ca2c1ba7c3adf9c21195b4f46fcb2aa504181cEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central and fx-team
4b65dc0a16cd164079203213b455d747f1da3273Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 694019 - we should be able to highlight and inspect a :pseudo element r=mratcliffe
d1d0a3fdbfe9bb9e2fcc28dd27e30f2937058b37Rob Campbell — Bug 912120 - Debug spew in the console output when adding style properties via the Inspector; r=dcamp
7848c8ff7608b8e055660219461341c1821ea584Lucas Rocha — Bug 899183 - Update testBookmarklets for new about:home (r=margaret)
1793358348cfa500eb06e4a5cf8321f8c356a794Sam Foster — Bug 898650 - Simplified scroll direction heuristics using scrollMaX/Y then document aspect ratio. r=mbrubeck
7e00c3ed09c1c82f0e7252c8281aaaf0c9ff4fb0Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 884047 - Add some diagnostic logging to help investigation. r=blassey
dffedf20a02dce00267ba25ad39d3aab371e54b3Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 9e282f0c00b8 (bug 906805) for suspicion of causing intermittent mochitest-bc crashes on a CLOSED TREE.
4dceda951fba9ce5e9cf546449493177ca682fc5Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 750436 - Add new test to xpcshell manifest. r=WhoNeedsTryAnyway
12bc29fc5d3445ff03d531c7d6f1431931d8b92cRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 902248 - Disable test_nsINavHistoryViewer.js on all platforms due to intermittent timeouts.
5f7da9fe6cf568e6edca38d10b50c5da89736fe6Frederik Braun — Bug 750436 - Tests for the HTML sanitizer. r=hsivonen
12da6e8f148d376da26f338b231d5e02eb10e124Andrea Marchesini — Bug 912086 - Several Workers methods do not set their return value. r=mrbkap
86114140b7973b8032684daf778efb7e3f32125fMike Hordecki — Bug 909672 - Make cross-compartment cloning possible with JS_StructuredClone. r=jorendorff
02b05f0a72278ab527d5b12ee7a76ad2218ae1b0Andy Wingo — Bug 907744 - Implement iterator result boxing in ES6 generators. r=jorendorff
1f401bf37ef400bcd98fefa243a5fc726dcfab8eDan Gohman — Bug 910814 - SpiderMonkey: Document that js_strtod_harder doesn't actually report overflow errors, and clean up its callers accordingly. r=waldo
cb07c1c976f0ce7c624e72dda9dc8eecd6d82b84Mihnea Dobrescu-Balaur — Bug 911249 - Make sure harness does not block if killing a process hangs. r=ted
ecd7cbc7c1790fdc8e74d7db98c27c7f53549803Ted Mielczarek — Bug 910363 - Make gdk-screenshot take an optional filename parameter. r=karlt
c5fda7e3b3f42c3fc8ea4fe12f9dc0c0a79d4f10Andrea Marchesini — Bug 887364 - URL API for Workers. r=khuey
f2199d73aef6c7d68fe54ba360a676d2b2108b3fAndrea Marchesini — Bug 887364 - URL API for main thread. r=ehsan
907989350527f6f73e5b107cce519453afd34006Andrea Marchesini — Bug 887364 - Update URLUtils interface. r=ehsan
7850adf40329e17565cab0a26e7f93e1f7ef3100Douglas Crosher — Bug 893363 - Ionmonkey: improve support for the Linux perf performance tool. r=bbouvier
48952adc1a955e189aa7586a3242f3c4785ef564Chris Peterson — Bug 911428 - Fix -Wunused-variable warning in rdf/datasource/src/nsFileSystemDataSource.cpp. r=bsmedberg
a79c01a10fcb6a40a9784cbc2c4fc397462e2e41David Keeler — bug 912204 - properly clear HSTS state in browser_bug627234_perwindowpb.js r=cviecco
2eec82741eb88be718fdd642df7bbd90c3ec88b8Kannan Vijayan — Bug 909764 - Test case for catching rebinds of eval in strict mode. DONTBUILD.
fb8dac49d9dca3f4079bc2b866029eb96c0c9d8fMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 911573 - Stablize the pointerlock test. r=smaug
45446ab0c72656eaa3afd505db47d94a686fa301Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 911573 - Mochitest fixup to prepare removing Components-in-content with UniversalXPConnect. r=bholley
d1737d0cb67557d8e22fddb933ca3f0e461fab16Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 911573 - Enable and use specialpowers in jsreftest. r=terrence, bholley
fc2cc0467984c300603656bd9c0bc605c98a2713Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and inbound
92594a9fdda0d1adaff02c541242a8c54bdbf0a7Terrence Cole — Bug 906236 - Sweep DeclEnvObjects in the background; r=luke
7cae068e6b3f8d0948b6896990fc0f1d24a33431Terrence Cole — Bug 906243 - Handle shrinkSlots correctly for nursery things; r=jonco
b67be84c58e2bf08b78c1bc10a526721a689e3feTom Schuster — Bug 910431 - Electrolysis: Permission code followup. f=felipe
0f3ed33fd5f24add3db2dbefc9d57870a4d6651aKannan Vijayan — Bug 906781 - Test case for JSOP_FUNAPPLY with arrays. DONTBUILD. r=jandem
36aacf27a24ef7ab2ffd85352053a38c47d46c52Benoit Jacob — Bug 912255 - traverse/unlink mDefaultVertexArray - r=smaug
39a388613446cdbb6b5b8256c3cfadd01248bb3cBenoit Jacob — Bug 839452 - Add helpful logging of DOM calls resulting in reboot/poweroff - r=sicking
5c04fad82d85d30b88b11a72fab787b91d188d29Benoit Jacob — Bug 912042 - Avoid including GLContext.h in headers that don't need it - r=jrmuizel
b8a27424be7fdba315c337a207ffc39af934e602Benoit Jacob — Bug 911879 - Give WebGLContext.h a good round of removing unneeded inline method bodies - r=jgilbert
cafd5d260e660cd249a7f52929b3f5fb359b829eBenoit Jacob — Bug 811371 - Remove nsISupports inheritance in remaining (i.e. new) WebGL classes - r=continuation
4e538175f5e843b7ede0097b52f09c72f508d033Benoit Jacob — Bug 911857 - Move CheckedBufferData to WebGLContextBuffers.cpp - r=jgilbert
dc6759deb5e1feb35ab0b032be47cc0b9eb0fd13Benoit Jacob — Bug 911856 - Remove the custom concept of "stable context" in favor of the standard concept of "lost context" - r=jgilbert
f40f6fb9d98cffdefa4ef92c0313e2d8608ab1aeBenoit Jacob — Bug 911855 - Remove redundant WebGL integer typedefs - r=jgilbert
104a75d724dd99220949900c4eb3567f9f4e7c70Benoit Jacob — Bug 911853 - OpenGL types should be explicit-size integer types - r=jgilbert
6326e7096fd8f7e6e0454931e294c85df49c6e7eBenoit Jacob — Bug 911851 - Check WebGL sizeiptr arguments - r=jgilbert
49daf6b00b8f3026a649e7225b1c9d6128bb9c58Benoit Jacob — Bug 911850 - BindBufferRange should check for out-of-bounds range - r=jgilbert
e7486d3f5ce818916127b6a92fee5ac20f0be6a4Benoit Jacob — Bug 911848 - WebGLBuffer's mByteLength should be a WebGLsizeiptr - r=jgilbert
5a5948b148fc6d35637fec9a4fa72f9b81f15497Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 912195 - Minimize the #includes in docshell/shistory; r=bzbarsky
1faf7273eaae20e57906eb5227362922497640a6Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 8090e534656a (bug 896797) on suspicion of causing bug 912451 on a CLOSED TREE
2c25d2bbbcd6ddbd45962606911fd429e366b8e1Yaron Tausky — Bug 911954 - Add forward declaration of JSScript to TraceLogging.h, r=h4writer
1250c160eaec3d19764d0dc7ab32d81dc320c106Jonathan Kew — bug 906646 - glyphs with an SVG representation should never be considered "contained". r=roc
b48f9c8d7aff27f9b072a59a1fd3694cfde29f06Robert O'Callahan — Bug 909157. Invalidate rendering observers when an image changes. r=mattwoodrow
43566dc5dfbbdc3d31653623ac131d9461854c97Robert O'Callahan — Bug 904926. Remove unnecessary lock. r=cpearce
f186c97c90117a68f1dc91793e5a9e6e8f07b1a4Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 892203 - TextEncoder and TextDecoder for sandbox. r=bholley
365f2aca45cf51fc85184c09ed844744ee68ab46Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 892203 - DOMConstructors for SandboxOptions. r=bholley
f5743e7da43667013c15cb3796cffebd5c723fe0Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 892203 - Minor cleanups in sandbox.cpp. r=bholley
bb1d06db46ebc7a1f9e114c11f99172ffb4a5fe8Till Schneidereit — Bug 912302 - Slim down TraceLogging output by shortening entry keys and timestamps. r=h4writer
1c690d9998f7dfd50cce7129432d9f6ee9f267a5Jonathan Watt — Bug 907503 - Test that invalidation works for SMIL animation in SVG-as-an-image. r=longsonr
8d8c2ce395a10f9dc7927332c2ba8bfc502044c6Jonathan Watt — Bug 907503 - Fix invalidation for SMIL animation in SVG-as-an-image. r=roc
f12a3d9e4cd6426ad9579b572281aa6327d99527Jonathan Watt — Bug 911862 - Make VectorImage use the refresh driver to send out frame change notifications. r=dholbert
e1976a0ce384ed6601cfbf2903dfc6f5aa638547Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 69be1a2ffd39 (bug 912244) for Marionette failures on a CLOSED TREE
47b8ffe6ecc4b344655ed7be9a408d2970a736c4Jonathan Kew — bug 909264 - control characters in the location bar should be %-encoded for visibility. r=gavin
5371262398a0c4d194832052ca932c1e44279758Christian Holler — Bug 910486 - Disable a slow jit-test under ASan+debug. r=h4writer
1a046ece14db3801ab5ebaa3bb85b196ed3bbae3Jonathan Watt — Bug 912385 - Include a trailing slash in File.path. r=sicking
f88c529008d024cbb21ed87808ba55b250f3039dJonathan Kew — bug 910376 - don't risk leaving mSharedBlobData uninitialized. r=karlt
69be1a2ffd39f85f0fad378d86c539e89453ba53David Burns — Bug 912244: Correct screenshot with element highlighting in Marionette; r=jgriffin
1791f7250a6c2617c1cc30632cdc42f52b358c55Makoto Kato — Bug 911741 - ICU doesn't use optimize flag. r=gps
8090e534656ae573a7623ef6afee8fa2b3ec51c1Gregory Szorc — Bug 896797 - Part 3: Use install manifests for managing dist/include; r=glandium
3cf5058f6296272089460ffd710173a8d05abae4Gregory Szorc — Bug 896797 - Part 2: Don't list autogenerated files in EXPORTS; r=glandium
4b5789932294d850b002b41a01564596dbcf54daMike Hommey — Bug 912377 - Fix build without MOZ_ENABLE_SZIP. r=ted
44b0383e1063e764e090865a1b2b188b47742aeeEd Morley — Merge latest green inbound changeset and mozilla-central
28c308fbc854689e8d9a650de78bc10714875839Phil Ringnalda — Back out ce03cc2994aa:ae9f95fc1136 (bug 896797) for SpiderMonkey shell build bustage
b23aae5cb0c2a110006db5fbed53e0099464ec4dRobert O'Callahan — Bug 911889. Updating reftest manifest; the tests that were passing due to 894773 being fixed are now failing again since we've backed off on that fix .... on a CLOSED TREE
ce03cc2994aa65f52659354c2816c14cb1ec6ac4Gregory Szorc — Bug 896797 - Part 3: Use install manifests for managing dist/include; r=glandium
ae9f95fc113658570613ede2924602f81d38ed69Gregory Szorc — Bug 896797 - Part 2: Don't list autogenerated files in EXPORTS; r=glandium
6baf14826ea3a157ff2c8e6b5ffd0c16ae55d27fGregory Szorc — Bug 911957 - Handle build output between BUILDSTATUS events; r=glandium
5298dd852af0556dee14053f50616532e398c0c8Gregory Szorc — Bug 911375 - Part 1: Add support for optional existing files; r=glandium
49c8cb0df3378b6301db79b632ca145429148ec6Phil Ringnalda — Back out cc6f66e761d8 (bug 896797) for Windows build bustage
82570baff149d22c5edba3fb9dd7d54ef1aa8b52Robert O'Callahan — Bug 909603. Remove invalid assertion. r=tn
e9df5541b113397f456fdd47f525a6bad085a3aeRobert O'Callahan — Bug 911889. Part 1: Fix mutationUpdate mutation count for first as well as subsequent mutations. r=benwa
77f91c65d1627541870906df804800b7be4b454eRobert O'Callahan — Bug 877135. Remove leftover test. r=doublec
cc6f66e761d86fc1f4b89e08eb8413fd95b56110Gregory Szorc — Bug 896797 - Part 2: Don't list autogenerated files in EXPORTS; r=glandium
d5b67c93e1a0e0f951500a1d31388961127689f4Matthew Gregan — Bug 911059 - Move WebAudio's BufferDecoder to its own file so it can be shared with MSE. r=cpearce
122fae1d279ee743c25cc457eac990f7de7f7534Matthew Gregan — Bug 911052 - Use decoder's IsDataCachedToEndOfResource instead of resource's version. r=cpearce
7bd607173a2d08e1f8c531eabc358bb649533014Gregory Szorc — Bug 911362 - FileCopier support for not removing unreferenced files; r=glandium
9e282f0c00b862f8ffc9778fabff5a7da92d5a74Kannan Vijayan — Bug 906805 - Implement Baseline JSOP_GETELEM handlers which invoke getters. r=efaust
f4858cb48e2d3799e31a9771bed84a64aca910faEhsan Akhgari — Bug 912129 - Minimize the #includes in docshell/base; r=bzbarsky
7af0a1d83403a51a375828887ffa3f24723fa862Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
98c209ce24081449952d9bbecfc2651ddecb319dKamil Muszynski — Bug 896737 - Limit the length of Slow SQL statements reported to Telemetry. r=vdjeric
40b6e77191019a552bcf5848d120cfe3e63a911fAndrew McCreight — Bug 883920 - use templates for {Hold,Drop}JSObjects. r=peterv
810c464191d4686eaede172cacefb50fe091e2ebSimon Lindholm — Bug 885277 - Fix animation timing and resetAnimation in the presence of changing animationMode. r=seth
06dad82dbb36199a93a90d77a8d2815712390363Ed Morley — Merge latest green fx-team changeset and mozilla-central
c50dc9643c47a69a05d044ce500c28c70d70ed00Margaret Leibovic — Bug 908344 - Fix bookmark keywords. r=wesj
021cf0a2602aef810c9f4706576615f2a81d3a12Margaret Leibovic — Bug 908344 - Test for bookmark keyword. r=wesj
7d8523c3dc5740aa4e5119089e750d8eff41bfaeFelipe Gomes — Bug 899348 - Make reload of the about:tabcrashed work as expected. r=jaws
7298863a7a28d239dc8f4025aeb25ec75e74e53cFelipe Gomes — Bug 899348 - Implement about:tabcrashed page. r=jaws
04aa8c1ab6bb7f715ae7334a074d882f54ae25d5Felipe Gomes — Bug 899348 - Dispatch an event when an out-of-process browser crashes and display an error page when that occurs. r=bz
75a6b6b6bf429d455e3975d6621a2228fbcdca61Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
f24c690e00451c0640ddd297245ba6a8faea0253Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia-central revision(s)
4caf4f5a6b5e915c5511e3cd3e916eed307e8ee5Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia-central revision(s)
6549d28b705dd49040539d8fa91579cb00254137Gaia Pushbot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia-central revision(s)
d13335b3265938c9ff8661a76fd35bbbf7ad3a0dPhil Ringnalda — Back out ed63ede44a82:db85ebf