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Sat Jan 12 18:08:31 2019 +0000
c0445e5ce38871a960e29fa97a6992df24b0bd50Dan Minor — Bug 1518744 - Deregister owner in DeviceInfoIos destructor. r=jib, a=RyanVM
b295af2ecf44a671a7802d6de183a7a5a03c259dDan Minor — Bug 1439997 - Fix ondevicechange event on OS X. r=jib, a=RyanVM
9104a4e2e3a4670bb75334e3ab1994f7728362b9Dan Minor — Bug 1439997 - Remove old mac video capture code. r=jib, a=RyanVM
a902a8dcea8d2d51debed83ddf0f589ae4c88129Mark Striemer — Bug 1486507 - Record telemetry for browser language changes. r=rpl,flod,chutten, a=RyanVM
07265912b0c7eaccbe864f27f3b1ac60b4831700Dragana Damjanovic — Bug 1514688 - In case we already have a h2 connection and it does not support websockets, we should not try again to use websockets over h2. r=michal, a=RyanVM
5eeab947d0ff48e6340bbc6bedbb0f1ec774c707Tim D. Smith — Bug 1519170 - Re-renew GEOLOCATION_REQUEST_GRANTED probe. r=chutten, a=RyanVM
58340264bdac2c86845f2cb2d29877016e155c6dJames Willcox — Bug 1354200 - Exit instead of MOZ_CRASH on channel error in child process. r=jld, a=jcristau