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Sun Sep 28 14:45:57 2014 +0000
2a8947c986edfbfe0f13d2852ec6418132ebdf81Ed Lee — Bug 1062256 - Improve the design of the »What is this« bubble on about:newtab [r=adw a=sylvestre]
02da3cf365087d64d807cb0b32e5e70367f82769Ed Lee — Bug 1068181 - NEW Indicator for Pinned Tiles on New Tab Page [r=ttaubert a=sylvestre]
8dd30191477e17c1ddb94083e8b077a9c4eb348aEd Lee — Bug 1070022 - Improve Contrast of Text on New Tab Page [r=adw a=sylvestre]
d34488e0617796d511cc4168fbde791691d35e68Ed Lee — Bug 1059591 - Incorrectly formatted remotely hosted links causes new tab to be empty [r=adw a=sylvestre]
0217719f20c55406ef7a03b69c3fa8dd8301336fEd Lee — Bug 1071822 - update the learn more link in the tiles intro popup [r=adw a=sylvestre]
b58a231c328c036a6be9fc149896596c96170abfEd Lee — Bug 1064515 - update learn more link for sponsored tiles overlay [r=adw a=sylvestre]
deaa75a553ac56703807247ee6b5525bb11ec3f0Ed Lee — Bug 1058971 - [Legal]: text for sponsored tiles needs to be localized for Firefox 33 [r=adw a=sylvestre]