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Bug 1642630, explicitly copy l10n dictionaries to l10n merge dir. r=nalexander, a=jcristau Hunspell dictionaries are interesting, as we don't ship the en-US dictionary in repacks. Thus we can't use the merge logic from compare-locales, which would add en-US.dic and en-US.aff to the merge directory. Copy them to the merge dir, if exist. The repackaged app can still decide on whether to package them or not in `libs-%` and `chrome-%`. Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D77863

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#include "nsIUnicharInputStream.idl"

interface nsIInputStream;

 * A unichar input stream that wraps an input stream.
 * This allows reading unicode strings from a stream, automatically converting
 * the bytes from a selected character encoding.
[scriptable, uuid(FC66FFB6-5404-4908-A4A3-27F92FA0579D)]
interface nsIConverterInputStream : nsIUnicharInputStream {
     * Default replacement char value, U+FFFD REPLACEMENT CHARACTER.

     * Special replacement character value that requests errors to
     * be treated as fatal.
    const char16_t ERRORS_ARE_FATAL = 0;

     * Initialize this stream.
     * @param aStream
     *        The underlying stream to read from.
     * @param aCharset
     *        The character encoding to use for converting the bytes of the
     *        stream. A null charset will be interpreted as UTF-8.
     * @param aBufferSize
     *        How many bytes to buffer.
     * @param aReplacementChar
     *        The character to replace unknown byte sequences in the stream
     *        with. The standard replacement character is U+FFFD.
     *        A value of 0x0000 will cause an exception to be thrown if unknown
     *        byte sequences are encountered in the stream.
    void init (in nsIInputStream aStream, in string aCharset,
               in long aBufferSize, in char16_t aReplacementChar);