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Bug 1638173 - Setup WNP for users coming from <77.0 and receiving the 77.0 release: Add en-US to locale list for release. a=jcristau-on-Slack

/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 4; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 4 -*- */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/. */

#include "nsISupports.idl"

%{ C++
#include "nsMargin.h"
#include "nsTArray.h"

 * Native types
[ref] native nsNativeIntMarginRef(nsIntMargin);
[ref] native IntegerArray(nsTArray<int32_t>);

interface nsIPrintSession;

 * Simplified graphics interface for JS rendering.
[scriptable, uuid(ecc5cbad-57fc-4731-b0bd-09e865bd62ad)]
interface nsIPrintSettings : nsISupports
   * PrintSettings to be Saved Navigation Constants
  const unsigned long kInitSaveOddEvenPages   = 0x00000001;
  const unsigned long kInitSaveHeaderLeft     = 0x00000002;
  const unsigned long kInitSaveHeaderCenter   = 0x00000004;
  const unsigned long kInitSaveHeaderRight    = 0x00000008;
  const unsigned long kInitSaveFooterLeft     = 0x00000010;
  const unsigned long kInitSaveFooterCenter   = 0x00000020;
  const unsigned long kInitSaveFooterRight    = 0x00000040;
  const unsigned long kInitSaveBGColors       = 0x00000080;
  const unsigned long kInitSaveBGImages       = 0x00000100;
  const unsigned long kInitSavePaperSize      = 0x00000200;
  const unsigned long kInitSaveResolution     = 0x00000400;
  const unsigned long kInitSaveDuplex         = 0x00000800;
  /* Flag 0x00001000 is unused */
  const unsigned long kInitSavePaperData      = 0x00002000;
  const unsigned long kInitSaveUnwriteableMargins = 0x00004000;
  const unsigned long kInitSaveEdges          = 0x00008000;

  const unsigned long kInitSaveReversed       = 0x00010000;
  const unsigned long kInitSaveInColor        = 0x00020000;
  const unsigned long kInitSaveOrientation    = 0x00040000;

  const unsigned long kInitSavePrinterName    = 0x00100000;
  const unsigned long kInitSavePrintToFile    = 0x00200000;
  const unsigned long kInitSaveToFileName     = 0x00400000;
  const unsigned long kInitSavePageDelay      = 0x00800000;
  const unsigned long kInitSaveMargins        = 0x01000000;
  const unsigned long kInitSaveNativeData     = 0x02000000;

  const unsigned long kInitSaveShrinkToFit    = 0x08000000;
  const unsigned long kInitSaveScaling        = 0x10000000;

  const unsigned long kInitSaveAll            = 0xFFFFFFFF;

  /* Print Option Flags for Bit Field*/
  const long kPrintOddPages     = 0x00000001;
  const long kPrintEvenPages    = 0x00000002;
  const long kEnableSelectionRB = 0x00000004;

  /* Print Range Enums */
  const long kRangeAllPages           = 0;
  const long kRangeSpecifiedPageRange = 1;
  const long kRangeSelection          = 2;

  /* Justification Enums */
  const long kJustLeft   = 0;
  const long kJustCenter = 1;
  const long kJustRight  = 2;

   * Page Size Type Constants
  const short kPaperSizeNativeData  = 0;
  const short kPaperSizeDefined     = 1;

   * Page Size Unit Constants
  const short kPaperSizeInches      = 0;
  const short kPaperSizeMillimeters = 1;

   * Orientation Constants
  const short kPortraitOrientation  = 0;
  const short kLandscapeOrientation = 1;

   * Output file format
  const short kOutputFormatNative = 0;
  const short kOutputFormatPS     = 1;
  const short kOutputFormatPDF    = 2;

   * Set PrintOptions
  void SetPrintOptions(in int32_t aType, in boolean aTurnOnOff);

   * Get PrintOptions
  boolean GetPrintOptions(in int32_t aType);

   * Get PrintOptions Bit field
  int32_t GetPrintOptionsBits();

   * Set PrintOptions Bit field
  void SetPrintOptionsBits(in int32_t bits);

   * Get the page size in twips, considering the
   * orientation (portrait or landscape).
  void GetEffectivePageSize(out double aWidth, out double aHeight);

   * Makes a new copy
    nsIPrintSettings clone();

   * Assigns the internal values from the "in" arg to the current object
    void assign(in nsIPrintSettings aPS);

   * Data Members
  [noscript] attribute nsIPrintSession printSession; /* We hold a weak reference */

  attribute long    startPageRange;
  attribute long    endPageRange;

   * The edge measurements define the positioning of the headers
   * and footers on the page. They're measured as an offset from
   * the "unwriteable margin" (described below).
  attribute double  edgeTop;     /*  these are in inches */
  attribute double  edgeLeft;
  attribute double  edgeBottom;
  attribute double  edgeRight;

   * The margins define the positioning of the content on the page.
   * They're treated as an offset from the "unwriteable margin"
   * (described below).
  attribute double  marginTop;     /*  these are in inches */
  attribute double  marginLeft;
  attribute double  marginBottom;
  attribute double  marginRight;
   * The unwriteable margin defines the printable region of the paper, creating
   * an invisible border from which the edge and margin attributes are measured.
  attribute double  unwriteableMarginTop;     /*  these are in inches */
  attribute double  unwriteableMarginLeft;
  attribute double  unwriteableMarginBottom;
  attribute double  unwriteableMarginRight;

  attribute double  scaling;      /* values 0.0 - 1.0 */
  attribute boolean printBGColors; /* Print Background Colors */
  attribute boolean printBGImages; /* Print Background Images */

  attribute short   printRange;

  attribute AString title;
  attribute AString docURL;

  attribute AString headerStrLeft;
  attribute AString headerStrCenter;
  attribute AString headerStrRight;

  attribute AString footerStrLeft;
  attribute AString footerStrCenter;
  attribute AString footerStrRight;

  attribute boolean isCancelled;         /* indicates whether the print job has been cancelled */
  readonly attribute boolean saveOnCancel;        /* indicates whether the print settings should be saved after a cancel */
  attribute boolean printSilent;         /* print without putting up the dialog */
  attribute boolean shrinkToFit;         /* shrinks content to fit on page      */
  attribute boolean showPrintProgress;   /* indicates whether the progress dialog should be shown */

  /* Additional XP Related */
  attribute AString paperName;     /* name of paper */
  attribute short   paperData;     /* native data value */
  attribute double  paperWidth;    /* width of the paper in inches or mm */
  attribute double  paperHeight;   /* height of the paper in inches or mm */
  attribute short   paperSizeUnit; /* paper is in inches or mm */

  attribute boolean printReversed;
  attribute boolean printInColor;  /* a false means grayscale */
  attribute long    orientation;   /*  see orientation consts */
  attribute long    numCopies;

  attribute AString printerName;   /* name of destination printer */

  attribute boolean printToFile;
  attribute AString toFileName;
  attribute short   outputFormat;

  attribute long    printPageDelay; /* in milliseconds */

  attribute long    resolution;     /* print resolution (dpi) */

  attribute long    duplex;         /* duplex mode */

  /* initialize helpers */
   * This attribute tracks whether the PS has been initialized
   * from a printer specified by the "printerName" attr.
   * If a different name is set into the "printerName"
   * attribute than the one it was initialized with the PS
   * will then get intialized from that printer.
  attribute boolean isInitializedFromPrinter;

   * This attribute tracks whether the PS has been initialized
   * from prefs. If a different name is set into the "printerName"
   * attribute than the one it was initialized with the PS
   * will then get intialized from prefs again.
  attribute boolean isInitializedFromPrefs;

  /* C++ Helper Functions */
  [noscript] void SetMarginInTwips(in nsNativeIntMarginRef aMargin);
  [noscript] void SetEdgeInTwips(in nsNativeIntMarginRef aEdge);
  /* Purposely made this an "in" arg */
  [noscript] void GetMarginInTwips(in nsNativeIntMarginRef aMargin);
  [noscript] void GetEdgeInTwips(in nsNativeIntMarginRef aEdge);

   * We call this function so that anything that requires a run of the event loop
   * can do so safely. The print dialog runs the event loop but in silent printing
   * that doesn't happen.
   * Either this or ShowPrintDialog (but not both) MUST be called by the print engine
   * before printing, otherwise printing can fail on some platforms.
  [noscript] void SetupSilentPrinting();

   * Sets/Gets the "unwriteable margin" for the page format.  This defines
   * the boundary from which we'll measure the EdgeInTwips and MarginInTwips
   * attributes, to place the headers and content, respectively.
   * Note: Implementations of SetUnwriteableMarginInTwips should handle
   * negative margin values by falling back on the system default for
   * that margin.
  [noscript] void SetUnwriteableMarginInTwips(in nsNativeIntMarginRef aEdge);
  [noscript] void GetUnwriteableMarginInTwips(in nsNativeIntMarginRef aEdge);

   * Get more accurate print ranges from the superior interval
   * (startPageRange, endPageRange). The aPages array is populated with a
   * list of pairs (start, end), where the endpoints are included. The print
   * ranges (start, end), must not overlap and must be in the
   * (startPageRange, endPageRange) scope.
   * If there are no print ranges the aPages array is cleared.
  [noscript] void GetPageRanges(in IntegerArray aPages);