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Thu, 16 Jan 2020 17:41:25 +0000
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Bug 1609466 - offer 'open with' options even when Windows is clueless about the mimetype, r=bzbarsky a=RyanVM We currently fail to offer 'open with' options for application/zip mimetype .zip files, because out of the box, the Windows registry does not contain mimetype entries for application/zip. In fact, it contains comparatively few entries, and right now we bail out with an empty mime info object if we cannot find the server-provided mimetype in the registry (or cannot find an associated extension for that mimetype). Prior to the changes from bug 1597985, we would first try to find a handler based on the default extension for the mimetype, and used the file extension if that failed. The changes in this commit will cause us to fetch the default file extension for the mimetype, but continue with the provided extension if no mimetype information is available, restoring functionality in the case where Windows has no mimetype information. Differential Revision:

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#include "SurfaceCacheUtils.h"

#include "SurfaceCache.h"

namespace mozilla {
namespace image {

/* static */
void SurfaceCacheUtils::DiscardAll() { SurfaceCache::DiscardAll(); }

}  // namespace image
}  // namespace mozilla