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Bug 1601624 - Don't suppress shrink-to-fit resize reflows on unchanged size. r=tnikkel a=jcristau As the width and height arguments to ResizeReflow are treated as constraints, not the final size, in that case. Differential Revision:

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interface FeaturePolicy {
  boolean allowsFeature(DOMString feature, optional DOMString origin);
  sequence<DOMString> features();
  sequence<DOMString> allowedFeatures();
  sequence<DOMString> getAllowlistForFeature(DOMString feature);

interface FeaturePolicyViolationReportBody : ReportBody {
  readonly attribute DOMString featureId;
  readonly attribute DOMString? sourceFile;
  readonly attribute long? lineNumber;
  readonly attribute long? columnNumber;
  readonly attribute DOMString disposition;