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Bug 1581969 - Don’t activate the newSavedLogin trigger on r=jaws a=lizzard The user may be in the process of setting up Sync so prompting to setup login Sync from a CFR would be untimely. Differential Revision:


# If you want to use a custom linker with Cargo, Cargo requires that you
# specify it in Cargo.toml or via the matching environment variable.
# Passing extra options to the linker is possible with Cargo via
# RUSTFLAGS='-C link-args', but testing showed that doing this reliably
# was difficult.
# Our solution to these problems is to use this wrapper script.  We pass
# in the LD and the LDFLAGS to use via environment variables.  Note that
# we do *not* quote either MOZ_CARGO_WRAP variable:
# * MOZ_CARGO_WRAP_LD is equivalent to CC on Unix-y platforms, and CC
#   frequently has additional arguments in addition to the compiler
#   itself.
# * MOZ_CARGO_WRAP_LDFLAGS contains space-separated arguments to pass,
#   and not quoting it ensures that each of those arguments is passed
#   as a separate argument to the actual LD.
# $@ is doubly quoted for the eval. See bug 1418598.