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Bug 1526801 [wpt PR 15292] - [PeerConnection] Fire signalingstatechange event at the right time, a=testonly Automatic update from web-platform-tests [PeerConnection] Fire signalingstatechange event at the right time Prior to this CL, the event was fired before the transceiver state was updated, in contradiction with the spec, which says it should be fired after the transceiver state is updated. Bug: 920200 Change-Id: I757cc0161a5da4888cd628619180e24a54dc732b Reviewed-on: Commit-Queue: Guido Urdaneta <> Reviewed-by: Henrik Boström <> Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#634609} -- wpt-commits: 0f4203743c56377734f9682abb015d56d6a1a71e wpt-pr: 15292

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#ifndef mozilla_layout_RenderFrame_h
#define mozilla_layout_RenderFrame_h

#include "base/process.h"

#include "mozilla/Attributes.h"

#include "mozilla/dom/ipc/IdType.h"
#include "mozilla/layers/CompositorOptions.h"
#include "mozilla/layers/LayersTypes.h"
#include "nsDisplayList.h"

class nsFrameLoader;
class nsSubDocumentFrame;

namespace mozilla {

namespace dom {
class TabParent;
}  // namespace dom

namespace layers {
struct TextureFactoryIdentifier;
}  // namespace layers

namespace layout {

 * RenderFrame connects and manages layer trees for remote frames. It is
 * directly owned by a TabParent and always lives in the parent process.
class RenderFrame final {
  typedef mozilla::layers::CompositorOptions CompositorOptions;
  typedef mozilla::layers::LayerManager LayerManager;
  typedef mozilla::layers::LayersId LayersId;
  typedef mozilla::layers::TextureFactoryIdentifier TextureFactoryIdentifier;

  virtual ~RenderFrame();

  bool Initialize(dom::TabParent* aTabParent);
  void Destroy();

  void EnsureLayersConnected(CompositorOptions* aCompositorOptions);
  LayerManager* AttachLayerManager();
  void OwnerContentChanged();

  LayersId GetLayersId() const { return mLayersId; }
  CompositorOptions GetCompositorOptions() const { return mCompositorOptions; }

  void GetTextureFactoryIdentifier(
      TextureFactoryIdentifier* aTextureFactoryIdentifier) const;

  bool IsInitialized() const { return mInitialized; }
  bool IsLayersConnected() const { return mLayersConnected; }

  // The process id of the remote frame. This is used by the compositor to
  // do security checks on incoming layer transactions.
  base::ProcessId mTabProcessId;
  // The layers id of the remote frame.
  LayersId mLayersId;
  // The compositor options for this layers id. This is only meaningful if
  // the compositor actually knows about this layers id (i.e. when
  // mLayersConnected is true).
  CompositorOptions mCompositorOptions;

  dom::TabParent* mTabParent;
  RefPtr<LayerManager> mLayerManager;

  bool mInitialized;
  // A flag that indicates whether or not the compositor knows about the
  // layers id. In some cases this RenderFrame is not connected to the
  // compositor and so this flag is false.
  bool mLayersConnected;

}  // namespace layout
}  // namespace mozilla

 * A nsDisplayRemote will graft a remote frame's shadow layer tree (for a given
 * nsFrameLoader) into its parent frame's layer tree.
class nsDisplayRemote final : public nsDisplayItem {
  typedef mozilla::dom::TabId TabId;
  typedef mozilla::gfx::Matrix4x4 Matrix4x4;
  typedef mozilla::layers::EventRegionsOverride EventRegionsOverride;
  typedef mozilla::layers::Layer Layer;
  typedef mozilla::layers::LayersId LayersId;
  typedef mozilla::layers::RefLayer RefLayer;
  typedef mozilla::layout::RenderFrame RenderFrame;
  typedef mozilla::LayoutDeviceRect LayoutDeviceRect;
  typedef mozilla::LayoutDeviceIntPoint LayoutDeviceIntPoint;

  nsDisplayRemote(nsDisplayListBuilder* aBuilder, nsSubDocumentFrame* aFrame);

  bool HasDeletedFrame() const override;

  LayerState GetLayerState(
      nsDisplayListBuilder* aBuilder, LayerManager* aManager,
      const ContainerLayerParameters& aParameters) override;

  already_AddRefed<Layer> BuildLayer(
      nsDisplayListBuilder* aBuilder, LayerManager* aManager,
      const ContainerLayerParameters& aContainerParameters) override;

  void Paint(nsDisplayListBuilder* aBuilder, gfxContext* aCtx) override;

  bool CreateWebRenderCommands(
      mozilla::wr::DisplayListBuilder& aBuilder,
      mozilla::wr::IpcResourceUpdateQueue& aResources,
      const StackingContextHelper& aSc,
      mozilla::layers::RenderRootStateManager* aManager,
      nsDisplayListBuilder* aDisplayListBuilder) override;
  bool UpdateScrollData(
      mozilla::layers::WebRenderScrollData* aData,
      mozilla::layers::WebRenderLayerScrollData* aLayerData) override;


  nsFrameLoader* GetFrameLoader() const;

  TabId mTabId;
  LayersId mLayersId;
  LayoutDeviceIntPoint mOffset;
  EventRegionsOverride mEventRegionsOverride;

#endif  // mozilla_layout_RenderFrame_h