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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIChannel;
interface nsIProxyInfo;
interface nsICancelable;

 * This interface serves as a closure for nsIProtocolProxyService's
 * asyncResolve method.
[scriptable, uuid(fbb6eff6-0cc2-4d99-8d6f-0a12b462bdeb)]
interface nsIProtocolProxyCallback : nsISupports
   * This method is called when proxy info is available or when an error
   * in the proxy resolution occurs.
   * @param aRequest
   *        The value returned from asyncResolve.
   * @param aChannel
   *        The channel passed to asyncResolve.
   * @param aProxyInfo
   *        The resulting proxy info or null if there is no associated proxy
   *        info for aURI.  As with the result of nsIProtocolProxyService's
   *        resolve method, a null result implies that a direct connection
   *        should be used.
   * @param aStatus
   *        The status of the callback.  This is a failure code if the request
   *        could not be satisfied, in which case the value of aStatus
   *        indicates the reason for the failure and aProxyInfo will be null.
  void onProxyAvailable(in nsICancelable aRequest,
                        in nsIChannel aChannel,
                        in nsIProxyInfo aProxyInfo,
                        in nsresult aStatus);