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 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
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#include "nsIStreamListener.idl"

interface nsIFile;
interface nsIDownloadObserver;

 * nsIDownloader
 * A downloader is a special implementation of a nsIStreamListener that will
 * make the contents of the stream available as a file.  This may utilize the
 * disk cache as an optimization to avoid an extra copy of the data on disk.
 * The resulting file is valid from the time the downloader completes until
 * the last reference to the downloader is released.
[scriptable, uuid(fafe41a9-a531-4d6d-89bc-588a6522fb4e)]
interface nsIDownloader : nsIStreamListener
     * Initialize this downloader
     * @param observer
     *        the observer to be notified when the download completes.
     * @param downloadLocation
     *        the location where the stream contents should be written.
     *        if null, the downloader will select a location and the
     *        resulting file will be deleted (or otherwise made invalid)
     *        when the downloader object is destroyed.  if an explicit
     *        download location is specified then the resulting file will
     *        not be deleted, and it will be the callers responsibility
     *        to keep track of the file, etc.
    void init(in nsIDownloadObserver observer,
              in nsIFile             downloadLocation);

[scriptable, uuid(44b3153e-a54e-4077-a527-b0325e40924e)]
interface nsIDownloadObserver : nsISupports
     * Called to signal a download that has completed.
    void onDownloadComplete(in nsIDownloader downloader,
                            in nsIRequest    request,
                            in nsISupports   ctxt,
                            in nsresult      status,
                            in nsIFile       result);