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 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
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#include "nsISupports.idl"

[scriptable, uuid(b5fd5629-d04c-4138-9529-9311f291ecd4)]
interface nsICaptivePortalServiceCallback : nsISupports
   * Invoke callbacks after captive portal detection finished.
  void complete(in bool success, in nsresult error);

 * Service used for captive portal detection.
 * The service is only active in the main process. It is also available in the
 * content process, but only to mirror the captive portal state from the main
 * process.
[scriptable, uuid(bdbe0555-fc3d-4f7b-9205-c309ceb2d641)]
interface nsICaptivePortalService : nsISupports
  const long UNKNOWN          = 0;
  const long NOT_CAPTIVE      = 1;
  const long UNLOCKED_PORTAL  = 2;
  const long LOCKED_PORTAL    = 3;

   * Called from XPCOM to trigger a captive portal recheck.
   * A network request will only be performed if no other checks are currently
   * ongoing.
   * Will not do anything if called in the content process.
  void recheckCaptivePortal();

   * Returns the state of the captive portal.
  readonly attribute long state;

   * Returns the time difference between NOW and the last time a request was
   * completed in milliseconds.
  readonly attribute unsigned long long lastChecked;

 * This observer notification will be emitted when the captive portal state
 * changes. After receiving it, the ContentParent will send an IPC message
 * to the ContentChild, which will set the state in the captive portal service
 * in the child.
#define NS_IPC_CAPTIVE_PORTAL_SET_STATE "ipc:network:captive-portal-set-state"