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#include "nsICacheInfoChannel.idl"

interface nsIFile;

 * A channel may optionally implement this interface to allow clients
 * to affect its behavior with respect to how it uses the cache service.
 * This interface provides:
 *   1) Support for "stream as file" semantics (for JAR and plugins).
 *   2) Support for "pinning" cached data in the cache (for printing and save-as).
 *   3) Support for uniquely identifying cached data in cases when the URL
 *      is insufficient (e.g., HTTP form submission).
[scriptable, uuid(dd1d6122-5ecf-4fe4-8f0f-995e7ab3121a)]
interface nsICachingChannel : nsICacheInfoChannel
     * Set/get the cache token... uniquely identifies the data in the cache.
     * Holding a reference to this token prevents the cached data from being
     * removed.
     * A cache token retrieved from a particular instance of nsICachingChannel
     * could be set on another instance of nsICachingChannel provided the
     * underlying implementations are compatible.  The implementation of
     * nsICachingChannel would be expected to only read from the cache entry
     * identified by the cache token and not try to validate it.
     * The cache token can be QI'd to a nsICacheEntryInfo if more detail
     * about the cache entry is needed (e.g., expiration time).
    attribute nsISupports cacheToken;

     * The same as above but accessing the offline app cache token if there
     * is any.
     * @throws
     *      NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE when there is not offline cache token
    attribute nsISupports offlineCacheToken;

     * Instructs the channel to only store the metadata of the entry, and not
     * the content. When reading an existing entry, this automatically sets
     * Must be called before asyncOpen().
    attribute boolean cacheOnlyMetadata;

     * Tells the channel to use the pinning storage.
    attribute boolean pin;

     * Overrides cache validation for a time specified in seconds.
     * @param aSecondsToTheFuture
    void forceCacheEntryValidFor(in unsigned long aSecondsToTheFuture);

     * Caching channel specific load flags:

     * This load flag inhibits fetching from the net.  An error of
     * NS_ERROR_DOCUMENT_NOT_CACHED will be sent to the listener's
     * onStopRequest if network IO is necessary to complete the request.
     * This flag can be used to find out whether fetching this URL would
     * cause validation of the cache entry via the network.
     * Combining this flag with LOAD_BYPASS_LOCAL_CACHE will cause all
     * loads to fail. This flag differs from LOAD_ONLY_FROM_CACHE in that
     * this flag fails the load if validation is required while
     * LOAD_ONLY_FROM_CACHE skips validation where possible.
    const unsigned long LOAD_NO_NETWORK_IO = 1 << 26;

     * This load flag causes the offline cache to be checked when fetching
     * a request.  It will be set automatically if the browser is offline.
     * This flag will not be transferred through a redirect.
    const unsigned long LOAD_CHECK_OFFLINE_CACHE = 1 << 27;

     * This load flag causes the local cache to be skipped when fetching a
     * request.  Unlike LOAD_BYPASS_CACHE, it does not force an end-to-end load
     * (i.e., it does not affect proxy caches).
    const unsigned long LOAD_BYPASS_LOCAL_CACHE = 1 << 28;

     * This load flag causes the local cache to be skipped if the request
     * would otherwise block waiting to access the cache.
    const unsigned long LOAD_BYPASS_LOCAL_CACHE_IF_BUSY = 1 << 29;

     * This load flag inhibits fetching from the net if the data in the cache
     * has been evicted.  An error of NS_ERROR_DOCUMENT_NOT_CACHED will be sent
     * to the listener's onStopRequest in this case.  This flag is set
     * automatically when the application is offline.
    const unsigned long LOAD_ONLY_FROM_CACHE = 1 << 30;

     * This load flag controls what happens when a document would be loaded
     * from the cache to satisfy a call to AsyncOpen.  If this attribute is
     * set to TRUE, then the document will not be loaded from the cache.  A
     * stream listener can check nsICachingChannel::isFromCache to determine
     * if the AsyncOpen will actually result in data being streamed.
     * If this flag has been set, and the request can be satisfied via the
     * cache, then the OnDataAvailable events will be skipped.  The listener
     * will only see OnStartRequest followed by OnStopRequest.
    const unsigned long LOAD_ONLY_IF_MODIFIED = 1 << 31;