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Bug 1209812 (part 1) - Remove casts between cairo_format_t and gfxImageFormat. r=nical. cairo_format_t and gfxImageFormat have their equivalent constants in the same order, so you can just cast between them, which is kind of nasty. This patch replaces all such casts with explicit conversions via calls to new conversion functions. These functions will be removed in a subsequent patch.

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/* Implements (nonstandard) PRI{ouxX}SIZE format macros for size_t types. */

#ifndef mozilla_SizePrintfMacros_h_
#define mozilla_SizePrintfMacros_h_

 * MSVC's libc does not support C99's %z format length modifier for size_t
 * types. Instead, we use Microsoft's nonstandard %I modifier for size_t, which
 * is unsigned __int32 on 32-bit platforms and unsigned __int64 on 64-bit
 * platforms:

#if defined(XP_WIN)
#  define PRIoSIZE  "Io"
#  define PRIuSIZE  "Iu"
#  define PRIxSIZE  "Ix"
#  define PRIXSIZE  "IX"
#  define PRIoSIZE  "zo"
#  define PRIuSIZE  "zu"
#  define PRIxSIZE  "zx"
#  define PRIXSIZE  "zX"

#endif  /* mozilla_SizePrintfMacros_h_ */