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Bug 1147207 - Add a ComposedFinder class that acts like a FileFinder proxy over multiple FileFinders. r=gps, a=sledru

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#if !defined(MediaInfo_h)
#define MediaInfo_h

#include "nsSize.h"
#include "nsRect.h"
#include "ImageTypes.h"
#include "nsString.h"
#include "StreamBuffer.h" // for TrackID

namespace mozilla {

struct TrackInfo {
  void Init(const nsAString& aId,
            const nsAString& aKind,
            const nsAString& aLabel,
            const nsAString& aLanguage,
            bool aEnabled,
            TrackID aOutputId = TRACK_INVALID)
    mId = aId;
    mKind = aKind;
    mLabel = aLabel;
    mLanguage = aLanguage;
    mEnabled = aEnabled;
    mOutputId = aOutputId;

  nsString mId;
  nsString mKind;
  nsString mLabel;
  nsString mLanguage;
  bool mEnabled;
  TrackID mOutputId;

// Stores info relevant to presenting media frames.
class VideoInfo {
  void Init(int32_t aWidth, int32_t aHeight, bool aHasVideo)
    mDisplay = nsIntSize(aWidth, aHeight);
    mStereoMode = StereoMode::MONO;
    mHasVideo = aHasVideo;
    mIsHardwareAccelerated = false;

    // TODO: TrackInfo should be initialized by its specific codec decoder.
    // This following call should be removed once we have that implemented.
    mTrackInfo.Init(NS_LITERAL_STRING("2"), NS_LITERAL_STRING("main"),
                    EmptyString(), EmptyString(), true, 2);

    Init(0, 0, false);

  VideoInfo(int32_t aWidth, int32_t aHeight)
    Init(aWidth, aHeight, true);

  // Size in pixels at which the video is rendered. This is after it has
  // been scaled by its aspect ratio.
  nsIntSize mDisplay;

  // Indicates the frame layout for single track stereo videos.
  StereoMode mStereoMode;

  // True if we have an active video bitstream.
  bool mHasVideo;

  TrackInfo mTrackInfo;

  bool mIsHardwareAccelerated;

class AudioInfo {
    : mRate(44100)
    , mChannels(2)
    , mHasAudio(false)
    // TODO: TrackInfo should be initialized by its specific codec decoder.
    // This following call should be removed once we have that implemented.
    mTrackInfo.Init(NS_LITERAL_STRING("1"), NS_LITERAL_STRING("main"),
                    EmptyString(), EmptyString(), true, 1);

  // Sample rate.
  uint32_t mRate;

  // Number of audio channels.
  uint32_t mChannels;

  // True if we have an active audio bitstream.
  bool mHasAudio;

  TrackInfo mTrackInfo;

class MediaInfo {
  MediaInfo() : mIsEncrypted(false) {}

  bool HasVideo() const
    return mVideo.mHasVideo;

  bool HasAudio() const
    return mAudio.mHasAudio;

  bool HasValidMedia() const
    return HasVideo() || HasAudio();

  bool mIsEncrypted;

  // TODO: Store VideoInfo and AudioIndo in arrays to support multi-tracks.
  VideoInfo mVideo;
  AudioInfo mAudio;

} // namespace mozilla

#endif // MediaInfo_h