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Bug 1518639: Add boilerplate support for a windows remote client and server. r=jimm,froydnj Adds build config and stubs for a windows implementation of the remote client and server. Differential Revision:

#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface mozIDOMWindow;
interface nsIPrincipal;

[scriptable, uuid(9cf3b48e-361d-486a-8917-55cf8d00bb41)]
interface nsIWorkerDebuggerListener : nsISupports
  void onClose();

  void onError(in AString filename, in unsigned long lineno,
               in AString message);

  void onMessage(in AString message);

[scriptable, builtinclass, uuid(22f93aa3-8a05-46be-87e0-fa93bf8a8eff)]
interface nsIWorkerDebugger : nsISupports
  const unsigned long TYPE_DEDICATED = 0;
  const unsigned long TYPE_SHARED = 1;
  const unsigned long TYPE_SERVICE = 2;

  readonly attribute bool isClosed;

  readonly attribute bool isChrome;

  readonly attribute bool isInitialized;

  readonly attribute nsIWorkerDebugger parent;

  readonly attribute unsigned long type;

  readonly attribute AString url;

  readonly attribute mozIDOMWindow window;

  readonly attribute nsIPrincipal principal;

  readonly attribute unsigned long serviceWorkerID;

  void initialize(in AString url);

  void postMessage(in AString message);

  void addListener(in nsIWorkerDebuggerListener listener);

  void removeListener(in nsIWorkerDebuggerListener listener);

  // Indicate whether the debugger has finished initializing. By default the
  // debugger will be considered initialized when the onRegister hooks in all
  // nsIWorkerDebuggerManagerListener have been called.
  // setDebuggerReady(false) can be called during an onRegister hook to mark
  // the debugger as not being ready yet. This will prevent all content from
  // running in the worker, including the worker's main script and any messages
  // posted to it. Other runnables will still execute in the worker as normal.
  // When the debugger is ready, setDebuggerReady(true) should then be called
  // to allow the worker to begin executing content.
  void setDebuggerReady(in boolean ready);