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Bug 1518639: Add boilerplate support for a windows remote client and server. r=jimm,froydnj Adds build config and stubs for a windows implementation of the remote client and server. Differential Revision:

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#include "MessageEventRunnable.h"

#include "mozilla/dom/MessageEvent.h"
#include "mozilla/dom/MessageEventBinding.h"
#include "mozilla/TimelineConsumers.h"
#include "mozilla/WorkerTimelineMarker.h"
#include "nsQueryObject.h"
#include "WorkerPrivate.h"
#include "WorkerScope.h"

namespace mozilla {
namespace dom {

MessageEventRunnable::MessageEventRunnable(WorkerPrivate* aWorkerPrivate,
                                           TargetAndBusyBehavior aBehavior)
    : WorkerDebuggeeRunnable(aWorkerPrivate, aBehavior),
      StructuredCloneHolder(CloningSupported, TransferringSupported,
                            StructuredCloneScope::SameProcessDifferentThread) {}

bool MessageEventRunnable::DispatchDOMEvent(JSContext* aCx,
                                            WorkerPrivate* aWorkerPrivate,
                                            DOMEventTargetHelper* aTarget,
                                            bool aIsMainThread) {
  nsCOMPtr<nsIGlobalObject> parent = aTarget->GetParentObject();

  // For some workers without window, parent is null and we try to find it
  // from the JS Context.
  if (!parent) {
    JS::Rooted<JSObject*> globalObject(aCx, JS::CurrentGlobalOrNull(aCx));
    if (NS_WARN_IF(!globalObject)) {
      return false;

    parent = xpc::NativeGlobal(globalObject);
    if (NS_WARN_IF(!parent)) {
      return false;


  JS::Rooted<JS::Value> messageData(aCx);
  IgnoredErrorResult rv;

  UniquePtr<AbstractTimelineMarker> start;
  UniquePtr<AbstractTimelineMarker> end;
  RefPtr<TimelineConsumers> timelines = TimelineConsumers::Get();
  bool isTimelineRecording = timelines && !timelines->IsEmpty();

  if (isTimelineRecording) {
    start = MakeUnique<WorkerTimelineMarker>(
            ? ProfileTimelineWorkerOperationType::DeserializeDataOnMainThread
            : ProfileTimelineWorkerOperationType::DeserializeDataOffMainThread,

  Read(parent, aCx, &messageData, rv);

  if (isTimelineRecording) {
    end = MakeUnique<WorkerTimelineMarker>(
            ? ProfileTimelineWorkerOperationType::DeserializeDataOnMainThread
            : ProfileTimelineWorkerOperationType::DeserializeDataOffMainThread,

  if (NS_WARN_IF(rv.Failed())) {
    DispatchError(aCx, aTarget);
    return false;

  Sequence<OwningNonNull<MessagePort>> ports;
  if (!TakeTransferredPortsAsSequence(ports)) {
    DispatchError(aCx, aTarget);
    return false;

  RefPtr<MessageEvent> event = new MessageEvent(aTarget, nullptr, nullptr);
  event->InitMessageEvent(nullptr, NS_LITERAL_STRING("message"), CanBubble::eNo,
                          Cancelable::eNo, messageData, EmptyString(),
                          EmptyString(), nullptr, ports);



  return true;

bool MessageEventRunnable::WorkerRun(JSContext* aCx,
                                     WorkerPrivate* aWorkerPrivate) {
  if (mBehavior == ParentThreadUnchangedBusyCount) {
    // Don't fire this event if the JS object has been disconnected from the
    // private object.
    if (!aWorkerPrivate->IsAcceptingEvents()) {
      return true;

    // Once a window has frozen its workers, their
    // mMainThreadDebuggeeEventTargets should be paused, and their
    // WorkerDebuggeeRunnables should not be being executed. The same goes for
    // WorkerDebuggeeRunnables sent from child to parent workers, but since a
    // frozen parent worker runs only control runnables anyway, that is taken
    // care of naturally.

    // Similarly for paused windows; all its workers should have been informed.
    // (Subworkers are unaffected by paused windows.)


    return DispatchDOMEvent(aCx, aWorkerPrivate,

  MOZ_ASSERT(aWorkerPrivate == GetWorkerPrivateFromContext(aCx));

  return DispatchDOMEvent(aCx, aWorkerPrivate, aWorkerPrivate->GlobalScope(),

void MessageEventRunnable::DispatchError(JSContext* aCx,
                                         DOMEventTargetHelper* aTarget) {
  RootedDictionary<MessageEventInit> init(aCx);
  init.mBubbles = false;
  init.mCancelable = false;

  RefPtr<Event> event = MessageEvent::Constructor(
      aTarget, NS_LITERAL_STRING("messageerror"), init);


}  // namespace dom
}  // namespace mozilla