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Bug 1401666 - Adjust sandbox policy to allow Mesa 12 to use libudev for device identification. r=gcp, a=ritu MozReview-Commit-ID: JRRI9nd83TP

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#include "gfxASurface.h"
#include "gfxImageSurface.h"

/* include windows.h for the HWND and HDC definitions that we need. */
#include <windows.h>

struct IDirect3DSurface9;

/* undefine LoadImage because our code uses that name */
#undef LoadImage

class gfxContext;

class gfxWindowsSurface : public gfxASurface {
    enum {
        FLAG_IS_TRANSPARENT = (1 << 2)

    explicit gfxWindowsSurface(HDC dc, uint32_t flags = 0);

    // Create from a shared d3d9surface
    explicit gfxWindowsSurface(IDirect3DSurface9 *surface, uint32_t flags = 0);

    // Create a DIB surface
    explicit gfxWindowsSurface(const mozilla::gfx::IntSize& size,
                               gfxImageFormat imageFormat = mozilla::gfx::SurfaceFormat::X8R8G8B8_UINT32);

    explicit gfxWindowsSurface(cairo_surface_t *csurf);

    virtual already_AddRefed<gfxASurface> CreateSimilarSurface(gfxContentType aType,
                                                               const mozilla::gfx::IntSize& aSize);

    void InitWithDC(uint32_t flags);

    virtual ~gfxWindowsSurface();

    HDC GetDC();

    already_AddRefed<gfxImageSurface> GetAsImageSurface();

    const mozilla::gfx::IntSize GetSize() const;

    void MakeInvalid(mozilla::gfx::IntSize& size);

    bool mOwnsDC;

    HDC mDC;
    HWND mWnd;