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Bug 1401666 - Adjust sandbox policy to allow Mesa 12 to use libudev for device identification. r=gcp, a=ritu MozReview-Commit-ID: JRRI9nd83TP

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<!DOCTYPE html [
  <!ENTITY % htmlDTD
    PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"
  <!ENTITY % netErrorDTD
    SYSTEM "chrome://browser/locale/netError.dtd">
  <!ENTITY % globalDTD
    SYSTEM "chrome://global/locale/global.dtd">

<!-- This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
   - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
   - file, You can obtain one at -->

<html xmlns="">
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="chrome://browser/skin/aboutNetError.css" type="text/css" media="all" />
    <!-- If the location of the favicon is changed here, the FAVICON_ERRORPAGE_URL symbol in
         toolkit/components/places/src/nsFaviconService.h should be updated. -->
    <link rel="icon" type="image/png" id="favicon" href="chrome://global/skin/icons/warning-16.png"/>

    <script type="application/javascript"><![CDATA[
      // The following parameters are parsed from the error URL:
      //   e - the error code
      //   s - custom CSS class to allow alternate styling/favicons
      //   d - error description
      //   captive - "true" to indicate we're behind a captive portal.
      //             Any other value is ignored.

      // Note that this file uses document.documentURI to get
      // the URL (with the format from above). This is because
      // document.location.href gets the current URI off the docshell,
      // which is the URL displayed in the location bar, i.e.
      // the URI that the user attempted to load.

      let searchParams = new URLSearchParams(document.documentURI.split("?")[1]);

      // Set to true on init if the error code is nssBadCert.
      let gIsCertError;

      function getErrorCode() {
        return searchParams.get("e");

      function getCSSClass() {
        return searchParams.get("s");

      function getDescription() {
        return searchParams.get("d");

      function isCaptive() {
        return searchParams.get("captive") == "true";

      function retryThis(buttonEl) {
        // Note: The application may wish to handle switching off "offline mode"
        // before this event handler runs, but using a capturing event handler.

        // Session history has the URL of the page that failed
        // to load, not the one of the error page. So, just call
        // reload(), which will also repost POST data correctly.
        try {
        } catch (e) {
          // We probably tried to reload a URI that caused an exception to
          // occur;  e.g. a nonexistent file.

        buttonEl.disabled = true;

      function toggleDisplay(node) {
        const toggle = {
          "": "block",
          "none": "block",
          "block": "none"
        return ( = toggle[]);

      function showCertificateErrorReporting() {
        // Display error reporting UI
        document.getElementById("certificateErrorReporting").style.display = "block";

      function showPrefChangeContainer() {
        const panel = document.getElementById("prefChangeContainer"); = "block";
        document.getElementById("netErrorButtonContainer").style.display = "none";
        document.getElementById("prefResetButton").addEventListener("click", function resetPreferences(e) {
          const event = new CustomEvent("AboutNetErrorResetPreferences", {bubbles: true});
        addAutofocus("prefResetButton", "beforeend");

      function setupAdvancedButton() {
        // Get the hostname and add it to the panel
        var panel = document.getElementById("badCertAdvancedPanel");
        for (var span of panel.querySelectorAll("span.hostname")) {
          span.textContent = document.location.hostname;

        // Register click handler for the weakCryptoAdvancedPanel
                .addEventListener("click", function togglePanelVisibility() {
          if (gIsCertError) {
            // Toggling the advanced panel must ensure that the debugging
            // information panel is hidden as well, since it's opened by the
            // error code link in the advanced panel.
            var div = document.getElementById("certificateErrorDebugInformation");
   = "none";

          if ( == "block") {
            // send event to trigger telemetry ping
            var event = new CustomEvent("AboutNetErrorUIExpanded", {bubbles: true});

        if (!gIsCertError) {

        if (getCSSClass() == "expertBadCert") {
          // Toggling the advanced panel must ensure that the debugging
          // information panel is hidden as well, since it's opened by the
          // error code link in the advanced panel.
          var div = document.getElementById("certificateErrorDebugInformation");
 = "none";


        document.getElementById("badCertTechnicalInfo").textContent = getDescription();

      function disallowCertOverridesIfNeeded() {
        var cssClass = getCSSClass();
        // Disallow overrides if this is a Strict-Transport-Security
        // host and the cert is bad (STS Spec section 7.3) or if the
        // certerror is in a frame (bug 633691).
        if (cssClass == "badStsCert" || window != top) {
          document.getElementById("exceptionDialogButton").setAttribute("hidden", "true");
        if (cssClass == "badStsCert") {

      function initPage() {
        var err = getErrorCode();
        // List of error pages with an illustration.
        let illustratedErrors = [
          "malformedURI", "dnsNotFound", "connectionFailure", "netInterrupt",
          "netTimeout", "netReset", "netOffline",
        if (illustratedErrors.includes(err)) {
          document.body.classList.add("illustrated", err);

        gIsCertError = (err == "nssBadCert");
        // Only worry about captive portals if this is a cert error.
        let showCaptivePortalUI = isCaptive() && gIsCertError;
        if (showCaptivePortalUI) {
          err = "captivePortal";

        let pageTitle = document.getElementById("ept_" + err);
        if (pageTitle) {
          document.title = pageTitle.textContent;

        // if it's an unknown error or there's no title or description
        // defined, get the generic message
        var errTitle = document.getElementById("et_" + err);
        var errDesc  = document.getElementById("ed_" + err);
        if (!errTitle || !errDesc) {
          errTitle = document.getElementById("et_generic");
          errDesc  = document.getElementById("ed_generic");

        // eslint-disable-next-line no-unsanitized/property
        document.querySelector(".title-text").innerHTML = errTitle.innerHTML;

        var sd = document.getElementById("errorShortDescText");
        if (sd) {
          if (gIsCertError) {
          // eslint-disable-next-line no-unsanitized/property
            sd.innerHTML = errDesc.innerHTML;
          } else {
            sd.textContent = getDescription();
        if (showCaptivePortalUI) {
        if (gIsCertError) {


        var ld = document.getElementById("errorLongDesc");
        if (ld) {
        // eslint-disable-next-line no-unsanitized/property
          ld.innerHTML = errDesc.innerHTML;

        if (err == "sslv3Used") {
          document.getElementById("learnMoreContainer").style.display = "block";
          let learnMoreLink = document.getElementById("learnMoreLink");
          learnMoreLink.href = "";
          document.body.className = "certerror";

        // remove undisplayed errors to avoid bug 39098
        var errContainer = document.getElementById("errorContainer");

        var className = getCSSClass();
        if (className && className != "expertBadCert") {
          // Associate a CSS class with the root of the page, if one was passed in,
          // to allow custom styling.
          // Not "expertBadCert" though, don't want to deal with the favicon
          document.documentElement.className = className;

          // Also, if they specified a CSS class, they must supply their own
          // favicon.  In order to trigger the browser to repaint though, we
          // need to remove/add the link element.
          var favicon = document.getElementById("favicon");
          var faviconParent = favicon.parentNode;
          favicon.setAttribute("href", "chrome://global/skin/icons/" + className + "_favicon.png");

        if (err == "remoteXUL") {
          // Remove the "Try again" button for remote XUL errors given that
          // it is useless.
          document.getElementById("netErrorButtonContainer").style.display = "none";

        if (err == "cspBlocked") {
          // Remove the "Try again" button for CSP violations, since it's
          // almost certainly useless. (Bug 553180)
          document.getElementById("netErrorButtonContainer").style.display = "none";

        window.addEventListener("AboutNetErrorOptions", function(evt) {
        // Pinning errors are of type nssFailure2
          if (getErrorCode() == "nssFailure2") {
            document.getElementById("learnMoreContainer").style.display = "block";
            let learnMoreLink = document.getElementById("learnMoreLink");
            // nssFailure2 also gets us other non-overrideable errors. Choose
            // a "learn more" link based on description:
            if (getDescription().includes("MOZILLA_PKIX_ERROR_KEY_PINNING_FAILURE")) {
              learnMoreLink.href = "";

            var options = JSON.parse(evt.detail);
            if (options && options.enabled) {
              var checkbox = document.getElementById("automaticallyReportInFuture");
              if (options.automatic) {
                // set the checkbox
                checkbox.checked = true;

              checkbox.addEventListener("change", function(changeEvt) {
                  var event = new CustomEvent("AboutNetErrorSetAutomatic",
                    {bubbles: true,
            const hasPrefStyleError = [
              "interrupted", // This happens with subresources that are above the max tls
            ].some((substring) => getDescription().includes(substring));
            // If it looks like an error that is user config based
            if (getErrorCode() == "nssFailure2" && hasPrefStyleError && options && options.changedCertPrefs) {
          if (getErrorCode() == "sslv3Used") {
            document.getElementById("advancedButton").style.display = "none";
        }, true, true);

        var event = new CustomEvent("AboutNetErrorLoad", {bubbles: true});

        if (err == "inadequateSecurityError") {
          // Remove the "Try again" button for HTTP/2 inadequate security as it
          // is useless.
          document.getElementById("errorTryAgain").style.display = "none";

          var container = document.getElementById("errorLongDesc");
          for (var span of container.querySelectorAll("span.hostname")) {
            span.textContent = document.location.hostname;


      function initPageCaptivePortal() {
        document.body.className = "captiveportal";
                .addEventListener("click", () => {
          let event = new CustomEvent("AboutNetErrorOpenCaptivePortal", {bubbles: true});



        // When the portal is freed, an event is generated by the frame script
        // that we can pick up and attempt to reload the original page.
        window.addEventListener("AboutNetErrorCaptivePortalFreed", () => {

      function initPageCertError() {
        document.body.className = "certerror";
        for (let host of document.querySelectorAll(".hostname")) {
          host.textContent = document.location.hostname;


        document.getElementById("learnMoreContainer").style.display = "block";

        let checkbox = document.getElementById("automaticallyReportInFuture");
        checkbox.addEventListener("change", function({target: {checked}}) {
          document.dispatchEvent(new CustomEvent("AboutNetErrorSetAutomatic", {
            detail: checked,
            bubbles: true

        addEventListener("AboutNetErrorOptions", function(event) {
          var options = JSON.parse(event.detail);
          if (options && options.enabled) {
            // Display error reporting UI
            document.getElementById("certificateErrorReporting").style.display = "block";

            // set the checkbox
            checkbox.checked = !!options.automatic;
        }, true, true);

        let event = new CustomEvent("AboutNetErrorLoad", {bubbles: true});


      /* Only do autofocus if we're the toplevel frame; otherwise we
         don't want to call attention to ourselves!  The key part is
         that autofocus happens on insertion into the tree, so we
         can remove the button, add @autofocus, and reinsert the
      function addAutofocus(buttonId, position = "afterbegin") {
        if ( == window) {
            var button = document.getElementById(buttonId);
            var parent = button.parentNode;
            button.setAttribute("autofocus", "true");
            parent.insertAdjacentElement(position, button);

      /* Try to preserve the links contained in the error description, like
         the error code.

         Also, in the case of SSL error pages about domain mismatch, see if
         we can hyperlink the user to the correct site.  We don't want
         to do this generically since it allows MitM attacks to redirect
         users to a site under attacker control, but in certain cases
         it is safe (and helpful!) to do so.  Bug 402210
      function addDomainErrorLinks() {
        // Rather than textContent, we need to treat description as HTML
        var sdid = gIsCertError ? "badCertTechnicalInfo" : "errorShortDescText";
        var sd = document.getElementById(sdid);
        if (sd) {
          var desc = getDescription();

          // sanitize description text - see bug 441169

          // First, find the index of the <a> tags we care about, being
          // careful not to use an over-greedy regex.
          var codeRe = /<a id="errorCode" title="([^"]+)">/;
          var codeResult = codeRe.exec(desc);
          var domainRe = /<a id="cert_domain_link" title="([^"]+)">/;
          var domainResult = domainRe.exec(desc);

          // The order of these links in the description is fixed in
          // TransportSecurityInfo.cpp:formatOverridableCertErrorMessage.
          var firstResult = domainResult;
          if (!domainResult)
            firstResult = codeResult;
          if (!firstResult)
          // Remove sd's existing children
          sd.textContent = "";

          // Everything up to the first link should be text content.
          sd.appendChild(document.createTextNode(desc.slice(0, firstResult.index)));

          // Now create the actual links.
          if (domainResult) {
            createLink(sd, "cert_domain_link", domainResult[1])
            // Append text for anything between the two links.
            sd.appendChild(document.createTextNode(desc.slice(desc.indexOf("</a>") + "</a>".length, codeResult.index)));
          createLink(sd, "errorCode", codeResult[1])

          // Finally, append text for anything after the last closing </a>.
          sd.appendChild(document.createTextNode(desc.slice(desc.lastIndexOf("</a>") + "</a>".length)));

        if (gIsCertError) {
          // Initialize the error code link embedded in the error message to
          // display debug information about the cert error.
          var errorCode = document.getElementById("errorCode");
          if (errorCode) {
            errorCode.href = "javascript:void(0)";
            errorCode.addEventListener("click", () => {
              let debugInfo = document.getElementById("certificateErrorDebugInformation");
     = "block";
              debugInfo.scrollIntoView({block: "start", behavior: "smooth"});

        // Initialize the cert domain link.
        var link = document.getElementById("cert_domain_link");
        if (!link)

        var okHost = link.getAttribute("title");
        var thisHost = document.location.hostname;
        var proto = document.location.protocol;

        // If okHost is a wildcard domain ("*") let's
        // use "www" instead.  "*" isn't going to
        // get anyone anywhere useful. bug 432491
        okHost = okHost.replace(/^\*\./, "www.");

        /* case #1:
         * uses an invalid security certificate.
         * The certificate is only valid for
         * Make sure to include the "." ahead of thisHost so that
         * a MitM attack on doesn't hyperlink to ""
         * We'd normally just use a RegExp here except that we lack a
         * library function to escape them properly (bug 248062), and
         * domain names are famous for having '.' characters in them,
         * which would allow spurious and possibly hostile matches.
        if (okHost.endsWith("." + thisHost))
          link.href = proto + okHost;

        /* case #2:
         * uses an invalid security certificate.
         * The certificate is only valid for
        if (thisHost.endsWith("." + okHost))
          link.href = proto + okHost;

        // If we set a link, meaning there's something helpful for
        // the user here, expand the section by default
        if (link.href && getCSSClass() != "expertBadCert") {
          if (gIsCertError) {
            // Toggling the advanced panel must ensure that the debugging
            // information panel is hidden as well, since it's opened by the
            // error code link in the advanced panel.
            var div = document.getElementById("certificateErrorDebugInformation");
   = "none";

      function createLink(el, id, text) {
        var anchorEl = document.createElement("a");
        anchorEl.setAttribute("id", id);
        anchorEl.setAttribute("title", text);

  <body dir="&locale.dir;">
    <!-- ERROR ITEM CONTAINER (removed during loading to avoid bug 39098) -->
    <div id="errorContainer">
      <div id="errorPageTitlesContainer">
        <span id="ept_nssBadCert">&certerror.pagetitle1;</span>
        <span id="ept_captivePortal">&captivePortal.title;</span>
        <span id="ept_dnsNotFound">&dnsNotFound.pageTitle;</span>
        <span id="ept_malformedURI">&malformedURI.pageTitle;</span>
      <div id="errorTitlesContainer">
        <h1 id="et_generic">&generic.title;</h1>
        <h1 id="et_captivePortal">&captivePortal.title;</h1>
        <h1 id="et_dnsNotFound">&dnsNotFound.title1;</h1>
        <h1 id="et_fileNotFound">&fileNotFound.title;</h1>
        <h1 id="et_fileAccessDenied">&fileAccessDenied.title;</h1>
        <h1 id="et_malformedURI">&malformedURI.title1;</h1>
        <h1 id="et_unknownProtocolFound">&unknownProtocolFound.title;</h1>
        <h1 id="et_connectionFailure">&connectionFailure.title;</h1>
        <h1 id="et_netTimeout">&netTimeout.title;</h1>
        <h1 id="et_redirectLoop">&redirectLoop.title;</h1>
        <h1 id="et_unknownSocketType">&unknownSocketType.title;</h1>
        <h1 id="et_netReset">&netReset.title;</h1>
        <h1 id="et_notCached">&notCached.title;</h1>
        <h1 id="et_netOffline">&netOffline.title;</h1>
        <h1 id="et_netInterrupt">&netInterrupt.title;</h1>
        <h1 id="et_deniedPortAccess">&deniedPortAccess.title;</h1>
        <h1 id="et_proxyResolveFailure">&proxyResolveFailure.title;</h1>
        <h1 id="et_proxyConnectFailure">&proxyConnectFailure.title;</h1>
        <h1 id="et_contentEncodingError">&contentEncodingError.title;</h1>
        <h1 id="et_unsafeContentType">&unsafeContentType.title;</h1>
        <h1 id="et_nssFailure2">&nssFailure2.title;</h1>
        <h1 id="et_nssBadCert">&certerror.longpagetitle1;</h1>
        <h1 id="et_cspBlocked">&cspBlocked.title;</h1>
        <h1 id="et_remoteXUL">&remoteXUL.title;</h1>
        <h1 id="et_corruptedContentErrorv2">&corruptedContentErrorv2.title;</h1>
        <h1 id="et_sslv3Used">&sslv3Used.title;</h1>
        <h1 id="et_inadequateSecurityError">&inadequateSecurityError.title;</h1>
      <div id="errorDescriptionsContainer">
        <div id="ed_generic">&generic.longDesc;</div>
        <div id="ed_captivePortal">&captivePortal.longDesc2;</div>
        <div id="ed_dnsNotFound">&dnsNotFound.longDesc1;</div>
        <div id="ed_fileNotFound">&fileNotFound.longDesc;</div>
        <div id="ed_fileAccessDenied">&fileAccessDenied.longDesc;</div>
        <div id="ed_malformedURI"></div>
        <div id="ed_unknownProtocolFound">&unknownProtocolFound.longDesc;</div>
        <div id="ed_connectionFailure">&connectionFailure.longDesc;</div>
        <div id="ed_netTimeout">&netTimeout.longDesc;</div>
        <div id="ed_redirectLoop">&redirectLoop.longDesc;</div>
        <div id="ed_unknownSocketType">&unknownSocketType.longDesc;</div>
        <div id="ed_netReset">&netReset.longDesc;</div>
        <div id="ed_notCached">&notCached.longDesc;</div>
        <div id="ed_netOffline">&netOffline.longDesc2;</div>
        <div id="ed_netInterrupt">&netInterrupt.longDesc;</div>
        <div id="ed_deniedPortAccess">&deniedPortAccess.longDesc;</div>
        <div id="ed_proxyResolveFailure">&proxyResolveFailure.longDesc;</div>
        <div id="ed_proxyConnectFailure">&proxyConnectFailure.longDesc;</div>
        <div id="ed_contentEncodingError">&contentEncodingError.longDesc;</div>
        <div id="ed_unsafeContentType">&unsafeContentType.longDesc;</div>
        <div id="ed_nssFailure2">&nssFailure2.longDesc2;</div>
        <div id="ed_nssBadCert">&certerror.introPara;</div>
        <div id="ed_cspBlocked">&cspBlocked.longDesc;</div>
        <div id="ed_remoteXUL">&remoteXUL.longDesc;</div>
        <div id="ed_corruptedContentErrorv2">&corruptedContentErrorv2.longDesc;</div>
        <div id="ed_sslv3Used">&sslv3Used.longDesc2;</div>
        <div id="ed_inadequateSecurityError">&inadequateSecurityError.longDesc;</div>

    <!-- PAGE CONTAINER (for styling purposes only) -->
    <div id="errorPageContainer" class="container">
      <div id="text-container">
        <!-- Error Title -->
        <div class="title">
          <h1 class="title-text"/>

        <!-- LONG CONTENT (the section most likely to require scrolling) -->
        <div id="errorLongContent">

          <!-- Short Description -->
          <div id="errorShortDesc">
            <p id="errorShortDescText" />
          <p id="badStsCertExplanation" hidden="true">&certerror.whatShouldIDo.badStsCertExplanation;</p>

          <div id="wrongSystemTimePanel" style="display: none;">

          <div id="wrongSystemTimeWithoutReferencePanel" style="display: none;">

          <!-- Long Description (Note: See netError.dtd for used XHTML tags) -->
          <div id="errorLongDesc" />

          <div id="learnMoreContainer">
            <p><a href="" id="learnMoreLink" target="new">&errorReporting.learnMore;</a></p>

        <!-- UI for option to report certificate errors to Mozilla. Removed on
             init for other error types .-->
        <div id="certificateErrorReporting">
          <p class="toggle-container-with-text">
            <input type="checkbox" id="automaticallyReportInFuture" role="checkbox" />
            <label for="automaticallyReportInFuture" id="automaticallyReportInFuture">&errorReporting.automatic2;</label>

        <div id="prefChangeContainer" class="button-container">
          <button id="prefResetButton" class="primary" autocomplete="off">&prefReset.label;</button>

        <div id="certErrorAndCaptivePortalButtonContainer" class="button-container">
          <button id="returnButton" class="primary" autocomplete="off">&returnToPreviousPage.label;</button>
          <button id="openPortalLoginPageButton" class="primary" autocomplete="off">&openPortalLoginPage.label2;</button>
          <button id="advancedButton" autocomplete="off">&advanced.label;</button>

      <div id="netErrorButtonContainer" class="button-container">
        <button id="errorTryAgain" class="primary" autocomplete="off" onclick="retryThis(this);">&retry.label;</button>

      <div id="advancedPanelContainer">
        <div id="badCertAdvancedPanel" class="advanced-panel">
          <p id="badCertTechnicalInfo"/>
          <div class="exceptionDialogButtonContainer">
            <button id="exceptionDialogButton">&securityOverride.exceptionButtonLabel;</button>

        <div id="certificateErrorDebugInformation">
          <button id="copyToClipboard">&certerror.copyToClipboard.label;</button>
          <div id="certificateErrorText"/>
          <button id="copyToClipboard">&certerror.copyToClipboard.label;</button>

    - Note: It is important to run the script this way, instead of using
    - an onload handler. This is because error pages are loaded as
    - LOAD_BACKGROUND, which means that onload handlers will not be executed.
    <script type="application/javascript">