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Backing out 826ef2970e19 (Bug 790739) due to bustage

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#ifndef mozilla_dom_bluetooth_BluetoothUnixSocketConnector_h
#define mozilla_dom_bluetooth_BluetoothUnixSocketConnector_h

#include "BluetoothCommon.h"
#include <mozilla/ipc/UnixSocket.h>


class BluetoothUnixSocketConnector : public mozilla::ipc::UnixSocketConnector
  BluetoothUnixSocketConnector(BluetoothSocketType aType, int aChannel,
                               bool aAuth, bool aEncrypt);
  virtual ~BluetoothUnixSocketConnector()
  virtual int Create() MOZ_OVERRIDE;
  virtual bool ConnectInternal(int aFd, const char* aAddress) MOZ_OVERRIDE;

  BluetoothSocketType mType;
  int mChannel;
  bool mAuth;
  bool mEncrypt;