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Bug 1527977 - Share XUL prototype cache with XUL and XHTML. r=smaug Create a new parser (PrototypeDocumentParser) and content sink (PrototypeDocumentContentSink) that can be used by both XUL and XHTML. The new parser moves the code from XULDocument that handles creating and loading a nsXULPrototypeDocument from either the cache or the source file. Once the parser has finished loading the prototype it notifies the content sink. The parser is largely a stub and would be better suited for use as a nsBaseParser, but nsHTMLDocument unfortunately needs an nsIParser. The new content sink has the XULDocument code responsible for the prototype traversal that creates the DOM (XULDocument::ResumeWalk and friends) and fires off various events. To unify XUL and XHTML, the XHTML readystate event sequence is used in XUL. However, the layout path of XHTML loaded from the prototype cache more closely follows XUL, where frame initializers and layout don't start until the entire DOM is built. Differential Revision:

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with Files('**'):
    BUG_COMPONENT = ('Core', 'HTML: Parser')

DIRS += ['expat', 'prototype', 'xml', 'htmlparser', 'html']