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Bug 1193547 - Fallback to software decoding explicitly if the GPU doesn't support decoding the current resolution in hardware. r=cpearce, r=jya, a=ritu

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#if !defined(WMFVideoMFTManager_h_)
#define WMFVideoMFTManager_h_

#include "WMF.h"
#include "MP4Reader.h"
#include "MFTDecoder.h"
#include "nsRect.h"
#include "WMFMediaDataDecoder.h"
#include "mozilla/RefPtr.h"

namespace mozilla {

class DXVA2Manager;

class WMFVideoMFTManager : public MFTManager {
  WMFVideoMFTManager(const VideoInfo& aConfig,
                     mozilla::layers::LayersBackend aLayersBackend,
                     mozilla::layers::ImageContainer* aImageContainer,
                     bool aDXVAEnabled);

  virtual TemporaryRef<MFTDecoder> Init() override;

  virtual HRESULT Input(MediaRawData* aSample) override;

  virtual HRESULT Output(int64_t aStreamOffset,
                         nsRefPtr<MediaData>& aOutput) override;

  virtual void Shutdown() override;

  virtual bool IsHardwareAccelerated() const override;


  bool InitializeDXVA(bool aForceD3D9);

  TemporaryRef<MFTDecoder> InitInternal(bool aForceD3D9);

  HRESULT ConfigureVideoFrameGeometry();

  HRESULT CreateBasicVideoFrame(IMFSample* aSample,
                                int64_t aStreamOffset,
                                VideoData** aOutVideoData);

  HRESULT CreateD3DVideoFrame(IMFSample* aSample,
                              int64_t aStreamOffset,
                              VideoData** aOutVideoData);

  HRESULT SetDecoderMediaTypes();

  bool MaybeToggleDXVA(IMFMediaType* aType);

  // Video frame geometry.
  VideoInfo mVideoInfo;
  uint32_t mVideoStride;
  uint32_t mVideoWidth;
  uint32_t mVideoHeight;
  nsIntRect mPictureRegion;

  RefPtr<MFTDecoder> mDecoder;
  RefPtr<layers::ImageContainer> mImageContainer;
  nsAutoPtr<DXVA2Manager> mDXVA2Manager;

  RefPtr<IMFSample> mLastInput;

  const bool mDXVAEnabled;
  const layers::LayersBackend mLayersBackend;
  bool mUseHwAccel;

  enum StreamType {

  StreamType mStreamType;

  const GUID& GetMFTGUID();
  const GUID& GetMediaSubtypeGUID();

} // namespace mozilla

#endif // WMFVideoMFTManager_h_