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Bug 589306 - mozconfig* files shouldn't be hgignored. r=ted, a=npotb

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

 * The nsIMetricsCollector interface is implemented by any object that collects
 * data on behalf of the MetricsService.  When the configuration file reequests
 * collector "foo" in namespace "http://www.mozilla.org/metrics",
 * the contract id
 * "@mozilla.org/extensions/metrics/collector;1?name=http://www.mozilla.org/metrics:foo"
 * is instantiated (using getSerivce).  The collector is responsible for
 * calling nsIMetricsService::logEvent() when it has something to log.
[scriptable, uuid(be965c17-848a-43d1-a9f6-b3f1c1bd8faa)]
interface nsIMetricsCollector : nsISupports
   * Notification that this collector should be enabled.  The collector
   * should register itself for observer and event notifications as
   * necessary.
  void onAttach();

   * Notification that this collector is no longer enabled.  The collector
   * should unregister itself from observer and event notifications so that
   * the object can be freed.
  void onDetach();

   * Notification that the MetricsService is starting a new event log.
   * This happens after any onDetach() notifications that result from parsing
   * the new configuration.
  void onNewLog();