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/* a list of style struct's member variables which can be visited-dependent */

/* This file contains the list of all style structs and fields that can
 * be visited-dependent. Each entry is defined as a STYLE_STRUCT macro
 * with the following parameters:
 * - 'name_' the name of the style struct
 * - 'fields_' the list of member variables in the style struct that can
 *   be visited-dependent
 * Users of this list should define a macro STYLE_STRUCT(name_, fields_)
 * before including this file.
 * Note that, currently, there is a restriction that all fields in a
 * style struct must have the same type.

STYLE_STRUCT(Color, (mColor))
STYLE_STRUCT(Background, (mBackgroundColor))
STYLE_STRUCT(Border, (mBorderTopColor,
STYLE_STRUCT(Outline, (mOutlineColor))
STYLE_STRUCT(Column, (mColumnRuleColor))
STYLE_STRUCT(Text, (mTextEmphasisColor,
STYLE_STRUCT(TextReset, (mTextDecorationColor))
STYLE_STRUCT(SVG, (mFill, mStroke))
STYLE_STRUCT(UserInterface, (mCaretColor))