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Mon, 25 Feb 2019 22:20:53 +0000
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Bug 1529606 - Add Copy Rule button to Changes panel. r=pbro Adds a button that shows up when hovering selectors in the Changes panel. When clicked, it invokes the same Copy Rule behavior implemented for the context menu: copies the full content of the rule with changes applied. The added/changed CSS class names use BEM notation. I intend to refactor the Changes panel stylesheet to BEM in a follow-up patch. Differential Revision:

use std::env;
use std::io::Write;
use std::process::{Command, Stdio};

fn main() {
    if probe("fn main() { 0i128; }") {
    } else if env::var_os("CARGO_FEATURE_I128").is_some() {
        panic!("i128 support was not detected!");

/// Test if a code snippet can be compiled
fn probe(code: &str) -> bool {
    let rustc = env::var_os("RUSTC").unwrap_or_else(|| "rustc".into());
    let out_dir = env::var_os("OUT_DIR").expect("environment variable OUT_DIR");

    let mut child = Command::new(rustc)
        .expect("rustc probe");

        .expect("rustc stdin")
        .expect("write rustc stdin");

    child.wait().expect("rustc probe").success()