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Thu, 21 May 2009 00:27:31 +0200
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Bug 455070 - Make sessionStorage object conform the WHATWG spec, r+sr=jst

<html xmlns="">
  <title>Test for Bug 372769</title>
  <script type="text/javascript" src="/MochiKit/packed.js"></script>
  <script type="text/javascript" src="/tests/SimpleTest/SimpleTest.js"></script>
  <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/tests/SimpleTest/test.css" />
  <bindings xmlns="">
    <binding id="test1">
        <field name="one">1</field>
        <field name="two">9</field>
        <field name="three">3</field>
        <field name="four">10</field>
        <field name="five">11</field>
        <field name="six">this.four = 4; 6;</field>
        <field name="seven">this.five = 5; 7;</field>

    <binding id="test2">
        <!-- Tests for recursive resolves -->
        <field name="eight">this.eight</field>
        <field name="nine">this.ten</field>
        <field name="ten">this.nine</field>
        <!-- Tests for non-DOM overrides -->
        <field name="eleven">11</field>
        <field name="twelve">12</field>
        <!-- Tests for DOM overrides -->
        <field name="parentNode">this.parentNode</field>
        <field name="ownerDocument">"ownerDocument override"</field>

    <binding id="test3-ancestor">
        <field name="thirteen">"13 ancestor"</field>
        <field name="fourteen">"14 ancestor"</field>
        <property name="fifteen" readonly="true" onget="return '15 ancestor'"/>

    <binding id="test3" extends="#test3-ancestor">
        <field name="thirteen">13</field>
        <field name="fifteen">15</field>
        <field name="sixteen">16</field>
        <field name="sixteen">"16 later"</field>
        <field name="seventeen">17</field>
        <field name="eighteen">"18 field"</field>
        <property name="eighteen" readonly="true" onget="return 18"/>
        <property name="nineteen" readonly="true" onget="return 19"/>
        <field name="nineteen">"19 field"</field>

    <binding id="test4">
        <field name="twenty">for (var i in this) ; 20;</field>

      <binding id="test5">
        <field name="twenty-one">for (var i in this) ; 21;</field>
<a target="_blank" href="">Mozilla Bug 372769</a>
<p id="display1" style="-moz-binding: url(#test1)"></p>
<p id="display2" style="-moz-binding: url(#test2)"></p>
<p id="display3" style="-moz-binding: url(#test3)"></p>
<p id="display4" style="-moz-binding: url(#test4)"></p>
<p id="display5" style="-moz-binding: url(#test5)"></p>
<div id="content" style="display: none">
<pre id="test">
<script class="testbody" type="text/javascript">

/** Test for Bug 372769 **/
addLoadEvent(function() {
  var d = $("display1");
  is(, 1, "Should be able to read field");

  d.two = 2;
  is(d.two, 2, "Should be able to write field");

  is("three" in d, true, 'Should have a property named "three"');
  is(d.three, 3, "Should be 3");

  is(d.four, 10, "Unexpected value so far");

  // Save "five" for now

  is(d.six, 6, "Should be 6");

  is(d.four, 4, "Now should be 4");

  d.four = 9;
  is(d.four, 9, "Just set it to 9");
  var found = false;
  for (var prop in d) {
    if (prop == "seven") {
      found = true;
  is(found, true, "Enumeration is broken");

  is(d.four, 9, "Shouldn't have rerun field six");
  is(d.five, 5, "Should have run field 7");
  is(, 7, "Should be 7")

  d = $("display2");
  is(typeof(d.eight), "undefined", "Recursive resolve should bail out");
  is(typeof(d.nine), "undefined", "Recursive double resolve should bail out");
  is(typeof(d.ten), "undefined",
     "This recursive double resolve should bail out too");

  // Get .eleven so it's resolved now
  is(d.eleven, 11, "Unexpected value for .eleven");
  var newProto = {};
  newProto.eleven = "Proto 11";
  newProto.twelve = "Proto 12";  
  newProto.__proto__ = d.__proto__;
  d.__proto__ = newProto;
  is(d.eleven, 11, "Proto should not have affected this");
  is(d.twelve, "Proto 12", "Proto should have overridden 'twelve'");
  is(d.parentNode, undefined, "We overrode this, yes we did");
  is(typeof(d.parentNode), "undefined", "This is a recursive resolve too");
  is(d.ownerDocument, "ownerDocument override",
     "Should have overridden ownerDocument");

  d = $("display3");
  is(d.thirteen, 13, "descendant should win here");
  is(d.fourteen, "14 ancestor",
     "ancestor should win if descendant does nothing")
  is(d.fifteen, 15,
     "Field beats ancestor's property, since the latter lives on higher proto")
  is(d.sixteen, 16, "First field wins");
  is(d.__proto__.seventeen, undefined, "Shouldn't have this on proto");
  is(typeof(d.__proto__.seventeen), "undefined",
     "Really, should be undefined");
  is(d.seventeen, 17, "Should have this prop on the node itself, though");
  is(d.eighteen, 18, "Property beats field");
  is(d.nineteen, 19, "Property still beats field");

  d = $("display4");
  is(d.twenty, 20, "Should be 20");

  d = $("display5");
  found = false;
  for (var prop2 in d) {
    if (prop2 == "twenty-one") {
      found = true;
  is(found, true, "Enumeration is broken");
  is(d["twenty-one"], 21, "Should be 21");