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Bug 395334, allow noautohide panels to have a parent so they that float and move with their parent, also fixes bug 395123, r=josh,roc,sr=roc

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#ifndef nsDocLoadObserver_h_
#define nsDocLoadObserver_h_

#include "nsIObserver.h"

#include <MacTypes.h>
#include "nsVoidArray.h"

	The nsDocLoadObserver is a singleton object that registers for 
	'EndDocumentLoad' events from the Mozilla browser.  It maintains a set of
	'echo requesters'.  When the observer receives an event notification, it
	forwards the event to all echo requesters.  If the forward fails (most 
	likely because the application is no longer in memory), the echo requester
	is automatically removed from the set.

		nsDocLoadObserver& observer = nsDocLoadObserver::Instance();
class nsDocLoadObserver : public nsIObserver

	virtual 	~nsDocLoadObserver();

	// add an application to be notified when an 'EndDocumentLoad' has occurred
	void AddEchoRequester(OSType appSignature);
	void RemoveEchoRequester(OSType appSignature);

	// register the observer with the nsIObserverService.  After this object
	// has been successfully registered, this method will simply return
	// immediately.
	void Register();
	void Unregister();

	// 'true' if this handler has been successfully registered with the nsIObserverService
	PRBool mRegistered;

	nsVoidArray		mEchoRequesters;

#endif // nsDocLoadObserver_h_