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servo: Merge #19681 - Format parts of layout (from pyfisch:rustfmt-display-lists); r=emilio Formats the following files: * components/layout/ * components/layout/ Remove outdated options from rustfmt.toml. Configure rustfmt to place binary operators at the end of line (to match ./mach test-tidy). Rationale: I am tired of indenting my patches by hand trying my best to do it correctly and match the surrounding code. Just to be told that either my indentation is wrong or that I should switch to block indentation for this function because it looks better. The new formatting passes `./mach test-tidy`. Compared to the old formatting it is a lot more consistent but also tends to spread the code across more lines. The diff is this big because a lot of code used visual indentation. See also #8553 Source-Repo: Source-Revision: 3692f13dcbba64741e2f8d15fc1e225667437ef6

match_block_trailing_comma = true
binop_separator = "Back"