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Bug 897452 - Part 1 - Implement the PTexture protocol - r=mattwoodrow

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include LayersSurfaces;
include LayersMessages;
include protocol PCompositable;
include protocol PCompositor;
include protocol PGrallocBuffer;
include protocol PLayer;
include protocol PRenderFrame;
include protocol PTexture;

include "mozilla/GfxMessageUtils.h";

using struct mozilla::layers::TextureInfo from "mozilla/layers/CompositorTypes.h";

 * The layers protocol is spoken between thread contexts that manage
 * layer (sub)trees.  The protocol comprises atomically publishing
 * layer subtrees to a "shadow" thread context (which grafts the
 * subtree into its own tree), and atomically updating a published
 * subtree.  ("Atomic" in this sense is wrt painting.)

namespace mozilla {
namespace layers {

sync protocol PLayerTransaction {
  manager PRenderFrame or PCompositor;
  manages PLayer;
  manages PCompositable;
  manages PGrallocBuffer;
  manages PTexture;

   * Only the parent side has privileges to allocate the buffer.
   * Allocation may fail (pmem is a scarce resource), and if so null_t
   * is returned.
   * |format| is an Android PixelFormat (see PixelFormat.h)
   * commonly used PixelFormats are:
   * Note that SurfaceDescriptorGralloc has a "isRBSwapped" boolean
   * that can treat the R/B bytes as swapped when they are rendered
   * to the screen, to help with matching the native pixel format
   * of other rendering engines.
   * |usage| is a USAGE_* mask (see GraphicBuffer.h)
   * commonly used USAGE flags are:
   *     - used for software rendering to a buffer which the compositor
   *       treats as a texture
   *     - used for GL rendering to a buffer which the compositor
   *       treats as a texture
  sync PGrallocBuffer(gfxIntSize size, uint32_t format, uint32_t usage)
    returns (MaybeMagicGrallocBufferHandle handle);
  async PLayer();
  async PCompositable(TextureInfo aTextureInfo);
  async PTexture();

  // The isFirstPaint flag can be used to indicate that this is the first update
  // for a particular document.
  sync Update(Edit[] cset, TargetConfig targetConfig, bool isFirstPaint)
    returns (EditReply[] reply);

  sync GetOpacity(PLayer layer) returns (float opacity);
  sync GetTransform(PLayer layer) returns (gfx3DMatrix transform);

  // We don't need to send a sync transaction if
  // no transaction operate require a swap.
  async UpdateNoSwap(Edit[] cset, TargetConfig targetConfig, bool isFirstPaint);

  // Drop any front buffers that might be retained on the compositor
  // side.
  async ClearCachedResources();

  async __delete__();

} // namespace layers
} // namespace mozilla