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Bug 1243675 - Part 3. Add mask-position property reftest. r=dbaron MozReview-Commit-ID: 5ViQaPZ5BI

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 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
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#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "domstubs.idl"

interface mozIDOMWindowProxy;
interface nsIEditor;

[scriptable, uuid(24f963d1-e6fc-43ea-a206-99ac5fcc5265)]

interface nsIEditingSession : nsISupports
   *  Error codes when we fail to create an editor
   *  is placed in attribute editorStatus
  const long eEditorOK = 0;
  const long eEditorCreationInProgress = 1;
  const long eEditorErrorCantEditMimeType = 2;
  const long eEditorErrorFileNotFound = 3;
  const long eEditorErrorCantEditFramesets = 8;
  const long eEditorErrorUnknown = 9;

   *  Status after editor creation and document loading
   *  Value is one of the above error codes
  readonly attribute unsigned long editorStatus;

   *  Make this window editable
   *  @param aWindow nsIDOMWindow, the window the embedder needs to make editable
   *  @param aEditorType string, "html" "htmlsimple" "text" "textsimple"
   *  @param aMakeWholeDocumentEditable if PR_TRUE make the whole document in
   *                                    aWindow editable, otherwise it's the
   *                                    embedder who should make the document
   *                                    (or part of it) editable.
   *  @param aInteractive if PR_FALSE turn off scripting and plugins
  void makeWindowEditable(in mozIDOMWindowProxy window,
                          in string aEditorType,
                          in boolean doAfterUriLoad,
                          in boolean aMakeWholeDocumentEditable,
                          in boolean aInteractive);

   *  Test whether a specific window has had its editable flag set; it may have an editor
   *  now, or will get one after the uri load.
   *  Use this, passing the content root window, to test if we've set up editing
   *  for this content.
  boolean windowIsEditable(in mozIDOMWindowProxy window);

   *  Get the editor for this window. May return null
	nsIEditor getEditorForWindow(in mozIDOMWindowProxy window);

   *  Setup editor and related support objects
  void setupEditorOnWindow(in mozIDOMWindowProxy window);

   *   Destroy editor and related support objects
  void tearDownEditorOnWindow(in mozIDOMWindowProxy window);

  void setEditorOnControllers(in mozIDOMWindowProxy aWindow,
                              in nsIEditor aEditor);

   * Disable scripts and plugins in aWindow.
  void disableJSAndPlugins(in mozIDOMWindowProxy aWindow);

   * Restore JS and plugins (enable/disable them) according to the state they
   * were before the last call to disableJSAndPlugins.
  void restoreJSAndPlugins(in mozIDOMWindowProxy aWindow);

   * Removes all the editor's controllers/listeners etc and makes the window
   * uneditable.
  void detachFromWindow(in mozIDOMWindowProxy aWindow);

   * Undos detachFromWindow(), reattaches this editing session/editor
   * to the window.
  void reattachToWindow(in mozIDOMWindowProxy aWindow);

   * Whether this session has disabled JS and plugins.
  readonly attribute boolean jsAndPluginsDisabled;