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Wed, 20 Dec 2017 09:07:46 -0500
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Bug 1425906: Rename LINK to LINKER throughout the build system. r=glandium Windows linkers give special meaning to getenv("LINK"), which makes `export LINK=...` in mozconfigs do unexpected things.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<bindings id="testBindings" xmlns=""
  <binding id="testAllowScript" bindToUntrustedContent="true">
       <property name="someProp" onget="return 2;" readonly="true"></property>
       <method name="someMethod"><body> return 3; </body></method>
       <method name="startTest">
           // Make sure we only get constructed when we're loaded from a domain
           // with script enabled.
           is(, 'allow', "XBL should only be bound when the origin of the binding allows scripts");

           var t = this;
           doFinish = function() {
             // Take a moment to make sure that other constructors don't run when they shouldn't.
             if ( == 'allow')
               setTimeout(SpecialPowers.wrap(window.parent).finish, 100);

           onTestEvent = function(target) {
             ok(true, 'called event handler');

             // Try calling event handlers on anonymous content.
             var e = new MouseEvent('click');
             ok(window.calledEventHandlerOnAC, "Should invoke event handler on AC");

             // Now, dispatch a key event to test key handlers and move the test along.
             var k = document.createEvent('KeyboardEvent');
             k.initEvent('keyup', true, true);

           // Check the implementation.
           is(this.someProp, 2, "Properties work");
           is(this.someMethod(), 3, "Methods work");

           // Kick over to the event handlers. This tests XBL event handlers,
           // XBL key handlers, and event handlers on anonymous content.
           this.dispatchEvent(new CustomEvent('testEvent'));

        win = XPCNativeWrapper.unwrap(window);
        SpecialPowers = win.SpecialPowers;
        ok = win.ok = SpecialPowers.wrap(window.parent).ok;
        is = = SpecialPowers.wrap(window.parent).is;
        info = = SpecialPowers.wrap(window.parent).info;

        info("Invoked constructor for " +;

        var t = this;
        window.addEventListener('load', function() {
          // Wait two refresh-driver ticks to make sure that the constructor runs
          // for both |allow| and |deny| if it's ever going to.
          // See bug 944407 comment 37.
          info("Invoked load listener for " +;
          window.requestAnimationFrame(function() { window.requestAnimationFrame(t.startTest.bind(t)); });
        }, {once: true});
      <handler event="testEvent" action="onTestEvent(this)" allowuntrusted="true"/>
      <handler event="keyup" action="ok(true, 'called key handler'); doFinish();" allowuntrusted="true"/>
    <content>Anonymous Content<html:div onclick="window.calledEventHandlerOnAC = true;"></html:div><html:b style="display:none"><children/></html:b></content>