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Bug 1425906: Rename LINK to LINKER throughout the build system. r=glandium Windows linkers give special meaning to getenv("LINK"), which makes `export LINK=...` in mozconfigs do unexpected things.

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#include "mozilla/Attributes.h"
#include "nsSMILAnimationFunction.h"

// nsSMILSetAnimationFunction
// Subclass of nsSMILAnimationFunction that limits the behaviour to that offered
// by a <set> element.
class nsSMILSetAnimationFunction : public nsSMILAnimationFunction
   * Sets animation-specific attributes (or marks them dirty, in the case
   * of from/to/by/values).
   * @param aAttribute The attribute being set
   * @param aValue     The updated value of the attribute.
   * @param aResult    The nsAttrValue object that may be used for storing the
   *                   parsed result.
   * @param aParseResult  Outparam used for reporting parse errors. Will be set
   *                      to NS_OK if everything succeeds.
   * @returns true if aAttribute is a recognized animation-related
   *          attribute; false otherwise.
  virtual bool SetAttr(nsAtom* aAttribute, const nsAString& aValue,
                         nsAttrValue& aResult, nsresult* aParseResult = nullptr) override;

   * Unsets the given attribute.
   * @returns true if aAttribute is a recognized animation-related
   *          attribute; false otherwise.
  virtual bool UnsetAttr(nsAtom* aAttribute) override;

  // Although <set> animation might look like to-animation, unlike to-animation,
  // it never interpolates values.
  // Returning false here will mean this animation function gets treated as
  // a single-valued function and no interpolation will be attempted.
  virtual bool IsToAnimation() const override {
    return false;

  // <set> applies the exact same value across the simple duration.
  virtual bool IsValueFixedForSimpleDuration() const override {
    return true;
  virtual bool               HasAttr(nsAtom* aAttName) const override;
  virtual const nsAttrValue* GetAttr(nsAtom* aAttName) const override;
  virtual bool               GetAttr(nsAtom* aAttName,
                                     nsAString& aResult) const override;
  virtual bool WillReplace() const override;

  bool IsDisallowedAttribute(const nsAtom* aAttribute) const;