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Bug 1369282 - Update the close button style in the onboarding overlay to fit the spec;r=Fischer,mossop,rexboy MozReview-Commit-ID: 6uLfRFf6GB5

# Onboarding

System addon to provide the onboarding overlay for user friendly tours.

## Architecture

Everytime `about:home` or `about:newtab` page is opened, onboarding overlay is injected into that page (if `browser.onboarding.enabled` preference is `true`).

## Landing rules

We would apply some rules:

* Avoid `chrome://` in `onbaording.js` since onboarding is intented to be injected into a normal content process page.
* All styles and ids should be formated as `onboarding-*` to avoid conflict with the origin page.
* All strings in `locales` should be formated as `onboarding.*` for consistency.