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Bug 1155663 - Show animations as synchronized time blocks in animation inspector; r=bgrins This is the first step towards the animation-inspector UI v3 (bug 1153271). The new UI is still hidden behind a pref, and this change doesn't implement everything that is in the current v2 UI. This introduces a new Timeline graph to represent all currently animated nodes below the currently selected node. v2 used to show them as independent player widgets. With this patch, we now show them as synchronized time blocks on a common time scale. Each animation has a preview of the animated node in the left sidebar, and a time block on the right, the width of which represents its duration. The animation name is also displayed. There's also a time graduations header and background that gives the user information about how long do the animations last. This change does *not* provide a way to know what's the currentTime nor a way to set it yet. This also makes the existing animationinspector tests that still make sense with the new timeline-based UI run with the new UI pref on.

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BROWSER_CHROME_MANIFESTS += ['test/browser.ini']

EXTRA_JS_MODULES.devtools.animationinspector += [