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Bug 1498624 - pt2 - Implement Win sandbox for RDD process. r=bobowen Differential Revision:

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#include <stdint.h>
#include <windows.h>

#include "build/build_config.h"
#include "mozilla/ipc/EnvironmentMap.h"
#include "nsXULAppAPI.h"

namespace sandbox {
  class BrokerServices;
  class TargetPolicy;

namespace mozilla {

class SandboxBroker

  static void Initialize(sandbox::BrokerServices* aBrokerServices);

   * Do initialization that depends on parts of the Gecko machinery having been
   * created first.
  static void GeckoDependentInitialize();

  bool LaunchApp(const wchar_t *aPath,
                 const wchar_t *aArguments,
                 base::EnvironmentMap& aEnvironment,
                 GeckoProcessType aProcessType,
                 const bool aEnableLogging,
                 void **aProcessHandle);
  virtual ~SandboxBroker();

  // Security levels for different types of processes
  void SetSecurityLevelForContentProcess(int32_t aSandboxLevel,
                                         bool aIsFileProcess);

  void SetSecurityLevelForGPUProcess(int32_t aSandboxLevel);
  bool SetSecurityLevelForRDDProcess();

  bool SetSecurityLevelForPluginProcess(int32_t aSandboxLevel);
  enum SandboxLevel {
  bool SetSecurityLevelForGMPlugin(SandboxLevel aLevel);

  // File system permissions
  bool AllowReadFile(wchar_t const *file);

   * Exposes AddTargetPeer from broker services, so that non-sandboxed
   * processes can be added as handle duplication targets.
  bool AddTargetPeer(HANDLE aPeerProcess);

   * Share a HANDLE with the child process. The HANDLE will be made available
   * in the child process at the memory address
   * |reinterpret_cast<uintptr_t>(aHandle)|. It is the caller's responsibility
   * to communicate this address to the child.
  void AddHandleToShare(HANDLE aHandle);

  // Set up dummy interceptions via the broker, so we can log calls.
  void ApplyLoggingPolicy();

  static sandbox::BrokerServices *sBrokerService;
  static bool sRunningFromNetworkDrive;
  sandbox::TargetPolicy *mPolicy;

} // mozilla