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Bug 1431533: Part 5a - Auto-rewrite code to use ChromeUtils import methods. r=florian This was done using the following script: MozReview-Commit-ID: 1Nc3XDu0wGl


Debugger.prototype.makeGlobalObjectReference should dereference WindowProxy
(outer window) objects.
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  <title>Mozilla Bug 914405</title>
  <script type="application/javascript" src="chrome://mochikit/content/tests/SimpleTest/SimpleTest.js"></script>
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<pre id="test">
"use strict";


window.onload = function () {

  let iframe = document.createElement("iframe");
  iframe.src = "iframe1_makeGlobalObjectReference.html";
  iframe.onload = iframeOnLoad;

  function iframeOnLoad() {
    let dbg = new Debugger();

    // 'o' for 'outer window'
    let g1o = iframe.contentWindow;
    ok(!dbg.hasDebuggee(g1o), "iframe is not initially a debuggee");

    // Like addDebuggee, makeGlobalObjectReference innerizes.
    // 'i' stands for 'inner window'.
    // 'DO' stands for 'Debugger.Object'.
    let g1iDO = dbg.makeGlobalObjectReference(g1o);
       "makeGlobalObjectReference does not add g1 as debuggee, designated via outer");
       "makeGlobalObjectReference does not add g1 as debuggee, designated via D.O ");

    // Wrapping an object automatically outerizes it, so dereferencing an
    // inner object D.O gets you an outer object.
    // ('===' does distinguish inner and outer objects.)
    // (That's a capital '=', if you must know.)
    ok(g1iDO.unsafeDereference() === g1o, "g1iDO has the right referent");

    // However, Debugger.Objects do distinguish inner and outer windows.
    let g1oDO = g1iDO.makeDebuggeeValue(g1o);
    ok(g1iDO !== g1oDO, "makeDebuggeeValue doesn't innerize");
    ok(g1iDO.unsafeDereference() === g1oDO.unsafeDereference(),
       "unsafeDereference() outerizes," +
       " so inner and outer window D.Os both dereference to outer");

    ok(dbg.addDebuggee(g1o) === g1iDO, "addDebuggee returns the inner window's D.O");
    ok(dbg.hasDebuggee(g1o), "addDebuggee adds the correct global");
       "hasDebuggee can take a D.O referring to the inner window");
       "hasDebuggee can take a D.O referring to the outer window");

    let iframe2 = document.createElement("iframe");
    iframe2.src = "iframe2_makeGlobalObjectReference.html";
    iframe2.onload = iframe2OnLoad;

    function iframe2OnLoad() {
      // makeGlobalObjectReference dereferences CCWs.
      let g2o = iframe2.contentWindow;
      g2o.g1o = g1o;

      let g2iDO = dbg.addDebuggee(g2o);
      let g2g1oDO = g2iDO.getOwnPropertyDescriptor("g1o").value;
      ok(g2g1oDO !== g1oDO, "g2's cross-compartment wrapper for g1o gets its own D.O");
      ok(g2g1oDO.unwrap() === g1oDO,
         "unwrapping g2's cross-compartment wrapper for g1o gets the right D.O");
      ok(dbg.makeGlobalObjectReference(g2g1oDO) === g1iDO,
         "makeGlobalObjectReference unwraps cross-compartment wrappers, and innerizes");