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Bug 1315554 - Part 2. The BMP decoder should be responsible for adjusting its size when embedded inside an ICO. r=tnikkel

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#ifndef mozilla_image_decoders_nsICODecoder_h
#define mozilla_image_decoders_nsICODecoder_h

#include "StreamingLexer.h"
#include "Decoder.h"
#include "imgFrame.h"
#include "mozilla/gfx/2D.h"
#include "nsBMPDecoder.h"
#include "nsPNGDecoder.h"
#include "ICOFileHeaders.h"

namespace mozilla {
namespace image {

class RasterImage;

enum class ICOState

class nsICODecoder : public Decoder
  virtual ~nsICODecoder() { }

  /// @return the width of the icon directory entry @aEntry.
  static uint32_t GetRealWidth(const IconDirEntry& aEntry)
    return aEntry.mWidth == 0 ? 256 : aEntry.mWidth;

  /// @return the width of the selected directory entry (mDirEntry).
  uint32_t GetRealWidth() const { return GetRealWidth(mDirEntry); }

  /// @return the height of the icon directory entry @aEntry.
  static uint32_t GetRealHeight(const IconDirEntry& aEntry)
    return aEntry.mHeight == 0 ? 256 : aEntry.mHeight;

  /// @return the height of the selected directory entry (mDirEntry).
  uint32_t GetRealHeight() const { return GetRealHeight(mDirEntry); }

  /// @return the size of the selected directory entry (mDirEntry).
  gfx::IntSize GetRealSize() const
    return gfx::IntSize(GetRealWidth(), GetRealHeight());

  /// @return The offset from the beginning of the ICO to the first resource.
  size_t FirstResourceOffset() const;

  LexerResult DoDecode(SourceBufferIterator& aIterator,
                       IResumable* aOnResume) override;
  nsresult FinishInternal() override;
  nsresult FinishWithErrorInternal() override;

  friend class DecoderFactory;

  // Decoders should only be instantiated via DecoderFactory.
  explicit nsICODecoder(RasterImage* aImage);

  // Writes to the contained decoder and sets the appropriate errors
  // Returns true if there are no errors.
  bool WriteToContainedDecoder(const char* aBuffer, uint32_t aCount);

  // Gets decoder state from the contained decoder so it's visible externally.
  nsresult GetFinalStateFromContainedDecoder();

  // Obtains the number of colors from the BPP, mBPP must be filled in
  uint16_t GetNumColors();

  LexerTransition<ICOState> ReadHeader(const char* aData);
  LexerTransition<ICOState> ReadDirEntry(const char* aData);
  LexerTransition<ICOState> SniffResource(const char* aData);
  LexerTransition<ICOState> ReadPNG(const char* aData, uint32_t aLen);
  LexerTransition<ICOState> ReadBIH(const char* aData);
  LexerTransition<ICOState> ReadBMP(const char* aData, uint32_t aLen);
  LexerTransition<ICOState> PrepareForMask();
  LexerTransition<ICOState> ReadMaskRow(const char* aData);
  LexerTransition<ICOState> FinishMask();
  LexerTransition<ICOState> FinishResource();

  StreamingLexer<ICOState, 32> mLexer; // The lexer.
  RefPtr<Decoder> mContainedDecoder; // Either a BMP or PNG decoder.
  RefPtr<SourceBuffer> mContainedSourceBuffer;  // SourceBuffer for mContainedDecoder.
  UniquePtr<uint8_t[]> mMaskBuffer;    // A temporary buffer for the alpha mask.
  char mBIHraw[bmp::InfoHeaderLength::WIN_ICO]; // The bitmap information header.
  IconDirEntry mDirEntry;              // The dir entry for the selected resource.
  gfx::IntSize mBiggestResourceSize;   // Used to select the intrinsic size.
  gfx::IntSize mBiggestResourceHotSpot; // Used to select the intrinsic size.
  uint16_t mBiggestResourceColorDepth; // Used to select the intrinsic size.
  int32_t mBestResourceDelta;          // Used to select the best resource.
  uint16_t mBestResourceColorDepth;    // Used to select the best resource.
  uint16_t mNumIcons; // Stores the number of icons in the ICO file.
  uint16_t mCurrIcon; // Stores the current dir entry index we are processing.
  uint16_t mBPP;      // The BPP of the resource we're decoding.
  uint32_t mMaskRowSize;  // The size in bytes of each row in the BMP alpha mask.
  uint32_t mCurrMaskLine; // The line of the BMP alpha mask we're processing.
  bool mIsCursor;         // Is this ICO a cursor?
  bool mHasMaskAlpha;     // Did the BMP alpha mask have any transparency?

} // namespace image
} // namespace mozilla

#endif // mozilla_image_decoders_nsICODecoder_h