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# Tool options
# If system-rust is true, will use rustc/rustdoc from the path, or if
# rust-root is specified, will make sure that rust-root is in the path
# when building. Similarly for Cargo. This takes care of PATH as well as
system-rust = false
rust-root = "/path/to/rust"
system-cargo = false
cargo-root = "/path/to/cargo"

# Set "android = true" or use `mach build --android` to build the Android app.
android = false
# Set "debug-mozjs" or use `mach build --debug-mozjs` to build a debug spidermonkey.
debug-mozjs = false

# Android information
sdk = "/opt/android-sdk"
ndk = "/opt/android-ndk"
toolchain = "/opt/android-toolchain"