author Gregory Szorc <>
Fri, 03 Jun 2016 21:20:59 +0000
changeset 324569 df1c841aaf625881d9215b45d02c4f70afc54361
parent 252208 19cfe4f9c9ec3d8bf363bee9742193d788c1f59b
child 274096 e09e6eb08f509cd15cf3d7a930025abbb359b46b
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Bug 1249802 - Close old branch GECKO400b1_2015070214_RELBRANCH

The source from this directory was copied from the nestegg
git repository using the script.  The only changes
made were those applied by and the addition of build files for the Mozilla build system.

The nestegg git repository is: git://

The git commit ID used was 17ae8cd3cb5d87c2ebdcd48cae4910f5dd86ae93.