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Bug 1518639: Break out the remote server pieces from nsRemoteService and deCOMtaminate. r=jimm This code is only ever used from c++ so does not need to be an XPCOM component. Broken out a single nsRemoteService that is responsible for choosing the server implementation to use. Differential Revision:

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#ifndef __nsDBusRemoteServer_h__
#define __nsDBusRemoteServer_h__

#include "nsRemoteServer.h"
#include "nsUnixRemoteServer.h"
#include "mozilla/DBusHelpers.h"

class nsDBusRemoteServer final : public nsRemoteServer,
                                 public nsUnixRemoteServer {
  nsDBusRemoteServer() : mConnection(nullptr), mAppName(nullptr) {}
  ~nsDBusRemoteServer() override { Shutdown(); }

  nsresult Startup(const char *aAppName, const char *aProfileName) override;
  void Shutdown() override;

  DBusHandlerResult HandleDBusMessage(DBusConnection *aConnection,
                                      DBusMessage *msg);
  void UnregisterDBusInterface(DBusConnection *aConnection);

  DBusHandlerResult OpenURL(DBusMessage *msg);
  DBusHandlerResult Introspect(DBusMessage *msg);

  // The connection is owned by DBus library
  RefPtr<DBusConnection> mConnection;
  nsCString mAppName;
  nsCString mPathName;

#endif  // __nsDBusRemoteServer_h__