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Bug 551254: Allow reviewed+approved STL headers to be included through <foo>. (<algorithm> and <vector> are provisionally in the list because of their use in libpr0n, but need to be reviewed in followup bug 556700 and bug 556701). r=ehsan,ted,zwol

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#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "nsIRDFDataSource.idl"
#include "nsIRDFResource.idl"
#include "nsIRDFNode.idl"
#include "nsISimpleEnumerator.idl"

// A wrapper for manipulating RDF containers
[scriptable, uuid(D4214E90-FB94-11D2-BDD8-00104BDE6048)]
interface nsIRDFContainer : nsISupports {
    readonly attribute nsIRDFDataSource DataSource;
    readonly attribute nsIRDFResource   Resource;

     * Initialize the container wrapper to the specified resource
     * using the specified datasource for context.
    void Init(in nsIRDFDataSource aDataSource, in nsIRDFResource aContainer);

     * Return the number of elements in the container. Note that this
     * may not always be accurate due to aggregation.
    long GetCount();

     * Return an enumerator that can be used to enumerate the contents
     * of the container in ascending order.
    nsISimpleEnumerator GetElements();

     * Append an element to the container, assigning it the next
     * available ordinal.
    void AppendElement(in nsIRDFNode aElement);

     * Remove the first occurence of the specified element from the
     * container. If aRenumber is 'true', then the underlying RDF graph
     * will be 're-numbered' to account for the removal.
    void RemoveElement(in nsIRDFNode aElement, in boolean aRenumber);

     * Insert aElement at the specified index. If aRenumber is 'true', then
     * the underlying RDF graph will be 're-numbered' to accomodate the new
     * element.
    void InsertElementAt(in nsIRDFNode aElement, in long aIndex, in boolean aRenumber);

     * Remove the element at the specified index. If aRenumber is 'true', then
     * the underlying RDF graph will be 're-numbered' to account for the
     * removal.
     * @return the element that was removed.
    nsIRDFNode RemoveElementAt(in long aIndex, in boolean aRenumber);

     * Determine the index of an element in the container.
     * @return The index of the specified element in the container. If
     * the element is not contained in the container, this function
     * returns '-1'.
    long IndexOf(in nsIRDFNode aElement);

NS_NewRDFContainer(nsIRDFContainer** aResult);

NS_NewRDFContainer(nsIRDFDataSource* aDataSource,
                   nsIRDFResource* aResource,
                   nsIRDFContainer** aResult);

 * Create a cursor on a container that enumerates its contents in
 * order
NS_NewContainerEnumerator(nsIRDFDataSource* aDataSource,
                          nsIRDFResource* aContainer,
                          nsISimpleEnumerator** aResult);