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Bug 977991 patch 1 - Expose variant of RulesMatching on nsHTMLCSSStyleSheet that is less work to call. r=birtles This allows nsStyleSet::RuleNodeWithReplacement to call it without constructing an entire (and unnecessary) ElementRuleProcessorData, which will happen in patch 3.

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 * */

/* rendering object for CSS "display: ruby" */

#ifndef nsRubyFrame_h___
#define nsRubyFrame_h___

#include "nsContainerFrame.h"

 * Factory function.
 * @return a newly allocated nsRubyFrame (infallible)
nsContainerFrame* NS_NewRubyFrame(nsIPresShell* aPresShell,
                                  nsStyleContext* aContext);

class nsRubyFrame MOZ_FINAL : public nsContainerFrame

  // nsIFrame overrides
  virtual nsIAtom* GetType() const MOZ_OVERRIDE;
  virtual bool IsFrameOfType(uint32_t aFlags) const MOZ_OVERRIDE;
  virtual void AddInlineMinISize(nsRenderingContext *aRenderingContext,
                                 InlineMinISizeData *aData) MOZ_OVERRIDE;
  virtual void AddInlinePrefISize(nsRenderingContext *aRenderingContext,
                                  InlinePrefISizeData *aData) MOZ_OVERRIDE;
  virtual void Reflow(nsPresContext* aPresContext,
                      nsHTMLReflowMetrics& aDesiredSize,
                      const nsHTMLReflowState& aReflowState,
                      nsReflowStatus& aStatus) MOZ_OVERRIDE;
  virtual nscoord GetLogicalBaseline(mozilla::WritingMode aWritingMode)
    const MOZ_OVERRIDE;
  virtual bool CanContinueTextRun() const MOZ_OVERRIDE;

  virtual nsresult GetFrameName(nsAString& aResult) const MOZ_OVERRIDE;

  friend nsContainerFrame* NS_NewRubyFrame(nsIPresShell* aPresShell,
                                           nsStyleContext* aContext);
  explicit nsRubyFrame(nsStyleContext* aContext) : nsContainerFrame(aContext) {}
  void CalculateColSizes(nsRenderingContext* aRenderingContext,
                         nsTArray<nscoord>& aColSizes);
  nscoord mBaseline;

#endif /* nsRubyFrame_h___ */