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Bug 1127115 - Make MP4 parser assertion non-fatal. r=ajones, a=sledru

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#pragma once

#include "prio.h"
#include "nscore.h"

 * OpenAnonymousTemporaryFile
 * Creates and opens a temporary file which has a random name. Callers have no
 * control over the file name, and the file is opened in a temporary location
 * which is appropriate for the platform.
 * Upon success, aOutFileDesc contains an opened handle to the temporary file.
 * The caller is responsible for closing the file when they're finished with it.
 * The file will be deleted when the file handle is closed. On non-Windows
 * platforms the file will be unlinked before this function returns. On Windows
 * the OS supplied delete-on-close mechanism is unreliable if the application
 * crashes or the computer power cycles unexpectedly, so unopened temporary
 * files are purged at some time after application startup.
NS_OpenAnonymousTemporaryFile(PRFileDesc** aOutFileDesc);