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Bug 375469: new test framework to run tests in the browser window scope, r=sayrer

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DEPTH           = ../..
topsrcdir       = @top_srcdir@
srcdir          = @srcdir@
VPATH           = @srcdir@

DIRS		= standalone

MODULE          = embed_base
LIBRARY_NAME    = embed_base_s
XPIDL_MODULE	= embed_base

include $(DEPTH)/config/autoconf.mk

REQUIRES	= xpcom \
		  intl \
		  embedcomponents \

ifdef MINIMO
# For minimo, we would really like to treat this as a LIBXUL
# library so that we can get the correct export defines.


SDK_HEADERS         = \
                nsEmbedAPI.h \
                nsEmbedCID.h \

                nsIWindowCreator.idl \

SDK_LIBRARY     =                        \
		$(LIB_PREFIX)embed_base_s.$(LIB_SUFFIX) \

                nsIWindowCreator2.idl \
                nsIWindowProvider.idl \

include $(srcdir)/objs.mk


# we don't want the shared lib, but we want to force the creation of a
# static lib.

include $(topsrcdir)/config/rules.mk