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Bug 1451104 - part 2 - force clang to always pick up its local GCC headers and libraries; r=glandium We want our clang bootstrap to use the GCC headers we're building with, not whatever sysroot it happens to find on the server we're building on. The -gcc-toolchain argument we specify when building clang will also be picked up by llvm-config, so we need to strip it out when building the plugin. Otherwise, we will get peculiar failures about not being able to find C++ header files. Depends on D22879 Differential Revision:

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#include "mozilla/webrender/RenderCompositor.h"

namespace mozilla {

namespace wr {

class RenderCompositorOGL : public RenderCompositor {
  static UniquePtr<RenderCompositor> Create(
      RefPtr<widget::CompositorWidget>&& aWidget);

  RenderCompositorOGL(RefPtr<gl::GLContext>&& aGL,
                      RefPtr<widget::CompositorWidget>&& aWidget);
  virtual ~RenderCompositorOGL();

  bool BeginFrame() override;
  void EndFrame() override;
  void WaitForGPU() override;
  void Pause() override;
  bool Resume() override;

  gl::GLContext* gl() const override { return mGL; }

  bool UseANGLE() const override { return false; }

  LayoutDeviceIntSize GetBufferSize() override;

  RefPtr<gl::GLContext> mGL;

}  // namespace wr
}  // namespace mozilla